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Le Serpent se Situe dans L'attente

Napoleonic Empire
14-09-2004, 02:40
[OOC: This is the first part of a joint RP between OK and NE done over MSN.]

A small group of men in black suits and sunglasses exited the propellor plane in Paris International Airfield. They had a mission. To meet with Sophia Bin Bashir, known here as Empress Sophia Josephine Marie Bonaparte.

One of them spoke up as they congregated in a secluded part of the terminal

"Well we going to met a bloody Brotherhood agent... Right Agent Darius?" said the first, Agent Mentho.

"Ah yes this grand brotherhood we heard so much about in the the Directorate."

Agent Duncan MacLeod, another one of the group, spoke up: "So when does our contact meet us?"

Connor MacLeod responded, "Soon.. We are here on a fact finding mission..."

A young, rather pale woman with start, short cut black hair casually reads a magazine, the name something in French. By the look of it, its probally some sort of fashion magazine. She looks at the congregation of MiBs from above her magazine, blowing up her gum and letting it pop, before pulling in back in as her sunglasses fall down her nose. She watches them from a distance, a grin creeping on her face.

She sighs and mutters "Amateurs."

Metho was the first to take notice.

"Ah here is our contact.. Connor."

"Let go and meet her.."

Soon the four agents began to make their way towards the leather clad woman. Her eyebrow raises as they take notice and start to come. She calmly puts down the magazine and watches them come to her.

"Bonjour, comment est-ce que je peux vous aider?" says the young French lady.

"Hello Agent Z of the Brotherhood!" was Connor MacLeod's response in Latin

After he mentions the Brotherhood, her brow raises again.

"Brotherhood? You must be the Ottomans that Ducheski told me about."

"Don't bullshit us.. Agent.. We know. Just don't bullshit us.."

[i]"Know what? I'll have you know I am the top agent of the FED, I don't bullshit. What do you know about the Brotherhood? We have been searching for the names of them for years, but its hard to smell when your nose is cold from the wind."

She stood up, her sleek frame fitting rather nicely in her leather outfit.

Duncan responded ominously. "We are everywhere...we have eyes and hears everywhere..."

"You are not God are you?"

A hint of sarcasm was within her biting tongue

"Heh.. Trying to be sarcastic eh? Now where is Y and X?"

"Those two? In Alabama no doubt, Ducheski ordered them to infiltrate Decisive Action. For what, I'm unsure..."

Duncan exclaimed "They heading to DA!"

"Black man in I can see the sight of the local shotting them up..." was Duncan's cynical response.

"Decisive Action laws will allow Agent Y to go through the country with little problem. They are going to see Agent X's 'great aunt.' We have already made preperations for them."

"Oh, I see."

"This air field is not a safe place to talk. Have you any more bright ideas?"

"We here to have little talk to the Sultan younger.. Sister.."

"You can just say the Empress. She isn't in Paris, she is still in Quebec with the Emperor."

"No shit.. We know.. When will she be back?"

"The Emperor nor the Empress haven't made official plans. They could be here tommorow, or a century later rotting in a body bag. Its no difference to me. We in the FED were under the impression that you were going to talk with us instead of Ms. Bashir."

"We have our orders.. To meet the Sophia Bin Bashir not no bloody FED.. Yet we can meet.. The FED."

"Only the British say bloody anymore. Don't expect to make any friends with that attitude. By the way, I 'am' the FED, excluding Gregorio, we run the organization. How about this, you go see your 'dear' Sophia in Quebec, we will wait here in Paris at the Security Ministry."

"We are British, and take great pride in that."

Their accents were very thick and noticable.

"I know."

"We will not go to your Security Ministry!"

Her rich French accent turned bitter. They say French people either sound like they hate you, or they love you. You could guess which one it turned to.

"Very well, Briton. By the way, this Brotherhood thing, unless you have some hard evidence, the FED has proved them to be a false organization. Only one man has ever declared himself publically a member of it. He is clinically insane."

"We know.. That for a fact. We do not want to destory this 'Brotherhood'. We want to work with it.."

"Really? Thats like trying to work with the Illuminati. Or any of those "secret soceities" under our feet as we speak, in the catacombs. This airfield in fact is atop part of the infamous "Nercopolis" as some call it."

"We know that.. The Directorate see a chance they take it.."

"Are you going to Quebec or not? The plane is leaving in three minutes..."

She motions towards the prop plane outside. All agents said at the same time "Yes!"

Darius nodded and said "Lets go."

She rolls her eyes as they leave and blows another pop with her bubble gum. As she watches them board the plane, she is approached by an attendant.



"Telephone for you..."

She is led to the terminal telephone and picks up.

"Bishop, they know."

"Of course they do. I gave them the information."

"What are you doing? Do you know what this could do?"

"Patience Julia. Patience. The serpent lies in wait."

The phone line is cut, and Agent Z, frustrated, slams back on the phone and storms off, heading for the Security Ministry.
Decisive Action
14-09-2004, 02:43
Napoleonic Empire
18-09-2004, 20:49
They arrive at Montreal, Quebec, looking around intently. They realized that they had no way of contacting or knowing where Sophia may be. They would have to contact the Quebec Security Ministry.

Soon their plane landed, and as they got off they walked through the brisk winter air. Methos mused as his breath was clouded in the cold air.

"That would mean we would have to find the Ministry, no?"

Darius almost grumbled as he looked at the grey sky.

"Oh great their Security Ministry!"

"Remember if they try anything...use the pill"

Duncan nodded.

"Yes, never give anything to them..Death before dishonor."

"To the Dune we give our lives!"

"Never we will give the Dune!"

Crazy nuts.

"Its been a long time since we last saw Sophia.."

"Ah yes why did she quit in training to become a OI agent?"

"She change her mind, who knows."

"Better start now.. Lets call the ministry..."

Methos nodded and pulled out his rather clunky, old fashioned cell phone.

"I'll call"

A secretary answered.

"Bonjour, c'est le Ministère de Sécurité. Comment est-ce que je peux vous aider monsieur? Or, if you speak English, then how may we help you?

"English.. I need to know where... Grand Empress Elect Sophia Josephine Marie Bonaparte is."

Darius was amused.

"This should be fun.."

"That is classified information. What clearence do you have?"


"You don't seriously expect me to believe this? Please state your name and identification number, or, if you are a foreignor, please report to the nearest embassy, unless you have a diplomatic ID card so we can clear you for this. Or, if you have a complaint, I can wire you to the Provincial Minister or the Security Minister."

Connor nodded.

"Oh goodies,they didn't fall for it.."

Methos continued.

"I would like to talk to Security Minister.."

"Very well sir. Monsieur Ducheski may be very busy, please hold."

As they were put on hold, the French anthem played softly in the background. Duncan mused on their previous information on the Minister.

"Ducheski remind of that Sicilian Godfather I know of.."

"Any minute now!"

18 minutes pass by very, very, very slowly. You have heard that anthem at least a thousand times. Finally Ducheski got on the phone.

Yes, who is it I am speaking to?'

He had a very strong Corsican accent, very Italian.

"Yes another Brotherhood member.. Its Agent Methos.."

"What the hell are you talking about, Brotherhood? Have you been taking the hash? We need to outlaw that apparently, with all this conspiracy floating around. Agent Methos? Never heard of you. Please state the four digit ID number on your diplomacy card, and state why you are here."

"I am friend of Grand Empress Elect Sophia Bin Bashir, If you don't believe me put her thought."

"I see. We will be monitoring the conversation. Transfering."

Someone picks up the phone and answers groggily.

"What is it? I thought this line was private?"

Sophia woke up and said Who is on the phone, dear?"

Frances shook his head and placed his hand on the transmitter.

"Not sure."

He takes off his hand.

"Who is this?"

"Its a friend of Sophias. Tell her its Nox Noctis"

"A friend of Sophia?"

He looks to her.

"What is it?"

"Its probally a prank caller, don't know how they got on the line, some Nox Noctis is what they want me to tell you."
Sultan of Ottoman Empire and Emperor of Earth Empire says:
"Him?,give me the phone now!"

He steps to the side and nods as she grabs the phone. He stands there for a few seconds before he walks off to prepare a bath.

"Hello Methos!"

"Hello Sophia,we need to talk..I have Darius,Connor and Duncan here..we need to talk soon.."

"Where are you?"


"I'll see what I can do..good bye.."


She hung up the phone

"Charles...could we go to Monteal?"

He walks out of the bathroom.

"Why, exactly?"

"To met my old friend..My friend is in Monteal for short time.I have not seen my friend in years.."

"Oh... Very well, we can go there, but I am going with you."

"Fine,when can we go?"

He smiled and he put his arms around her.

"Do you want to go now? If your friend went through all that trouble to find this number, he must be anxious."

"Yes now!"

His face came closer to hers.

"Very well.."

He then steps back and looks around.

"It would be probally best to get dressed, no?"

"Yes..better do.." She went to her suitcase and pull a blue dress and black raincoat..then she went to restroom and got dressed..

"Well how do I look?" she asked Frances.

He smiled at her as he fit on a simple winter outfit.

"Could you be anything less than beautiful?"

Sophia smiled and turned red.


He looked to her.

"Rather bashful aren't we? You look redder than at our wedding night."

He kept good taste in the humor, not trying to provoke her. But her smile went off her face and she said

"Don't you remind me!"

His smile came off and he looked away nodding.

"I am sorry."

"Just don't remind me that's all ..."

He then fastens the last button. His rather simple outfit looked rather warm. He looked to her with a small smile.
"I could probally not match you, but this seems a casual occasion? Do I look presentable? Or should I comb my hair again?"

"You look good enough.."

She looked at her watch..

"Lets go now."

She put on her black gloves on. He nodded and opened the door for her. Their small automotive was located at the mountain road down the steps from the mountain side.

"After you."

She walked out and waited for him to come to the car. He came down rather quickly and opened the door for her. As he got in and turned on the engine, they drived down to Montreal, going at a comfortable 50 mph.

"So where are we meeting your friend?"

"At the Montreal Night Cafe"