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Rebels executed in public

14-09-2004, 02:23
~As shown on the Government run television network~

*At eighteen-hundred hours, Pacific Standard Time, all channels switch to the DF News Agency’s Breaking News graphic. Moments later, the graphic is replaced with live footage from the Common Square in the capital city of Dale. Set dead center of the Square is a row of gallows, hastily erected this afternoon. While the rebels who were captured after the assassination attempt earlier this morning are being lead to the positions on the gallows, the Supreme Chancellor’s first born, Franklyn Merritt Jr. is shown standing below the gallows in front of a microphone, linked the city wide Public Address System.

He looks over his shoulder as the traitors are being strung up and turns back to face the crowd, grinning. He clears his throat before delivering his brief speech.*

Ladies and gentlemen of this great land….this morning scum tried to end the life of our Supreme Chancellor, and my father, by blowing up a bomb after ramming his home with an explosive laden dump truck. Thirty of these rebels were killed in the fighting that ensued and the five you see behind me were capture in a raid. Nine others remain in custody and will be dealt with promptly. Trials were already held for these traitors and all have been convicted. The four men and one woman behind me have been condemned to hang until dead…..where their bodies shall remain until the health of the public is at risk as a warning to anyone who wishes to replicate these attacks.

Let the World know that the Armed Republic of Dirtyfrank will not tolerate rebels or traitors and justice will be served promptly.

*Franklyn turn to watch the five convicted rebels drop three feet as the floor below them is pulled away. The bodies come to a sudden stop as the rope pulls taught. All but two die instantly; the two who don’t die writhe for the next minute and a half before coming to rest. The crowd applauds and parts as Franklyn Jr., flanked by armed guards, heads for his armored limo. The breaking news graphic once again appears and programming returns as scheduled.*
14-09-2004, 02:45
OOC: you see, someone pulls something like this and no one pays attention to it. But when someone says "MALE GENDER NOT ALLOWED," everyone yells human rights violation.

What's wrong with public executions?
Japanese Antarctica
14-09-2004, 02:47
OOC: you see, someone pulls something like this and no one pays attention to it. But when someone says "MALE GENDER NOT ALLOWED," everyone yells human rights violation.
14-09-2004, 02:56
IC/OOC: Well, you see, in my opinion executing rebels and terrorist are fine, in public they get the message across, and in all sense, I believe teaching people a lesson like that will keep their wits about them!
14-09-2004, 03:03
The Nation of Almendrastan congradulates your accomplishment at flushing out the rebels. Anarchists are enimies of the state and must be dealt with accordingly. Bravo DirtyFrank we salute you.
14-09-2004, 04:06
Chairman Goric: "The Peoples Republic of Sovick would love to congradulate you for your splended job of executing such scum from the world!!! Terrorists are but petty, pethetic humans who have no place in civil society."
"I have been trying to get rid of the proclaimed anarchists and terrorists in the great Sovick nation, sadly, when I proclaim execution will be immediate and my regime preforms it, many UN nations get upset!!!...If they only understood that these liberal enthusiasts (anarchists, and terrorists) were a threat to civilization and government, things would be alot better. But sadly Im afraid many of these nations dont share the same thought!!"

"Again, the Sovick nation throws full support behind your actions!!!"
Soviet leaders
14-09-2004, 04:22
I am a UN nation but i say good job i my self do puplic exicutions like not to long ago i killed 100 Multi-Killers by thanks it was shown on national tv so i have no problem with it. (I AM UN ONLY By THE UN MEMBER.)
Clan Hells Horse
14-09-2004, 05:05
Executions are so primitive

why not instead do what we do in Clan Hell's Horse

that is challege them to a trial of refusal in which one person chosen by state fights the the accused. One warrior choses the weapons (mechs,pistols, etc) while the other chooses the location. Who ever wins gets to lives while the other dies in the arena

In our society the warrior, the strong is the only one who deserves to live.
Raven corps
14-09-2004, 05:59
i say kill them all
Slavers Point
14-09-2004, 06:10
To whome it may concern: If you find anymore scum feel free to let us have them. They will be put to good holy work.
Raven corps
14-09-2004, 06:23
no let us have them we need test subjects to find a cure for our Nemesis-9 virus
14-09-2004, 07:52
~As sent to each individual supporting nation~

To: Governing Councils
From: Foreign Affairs Office
Dated: September 13, 2004 1900hrs

To whom it may concern;

We greatly appreciate the support for our cause. This scum that is attempting to spread like a grassfire must be snuffed out before gaining a foothold. If, at any time, you are in need of Military or Arms support for your cause, please do not hesitate in asking. Thank you again for your support…..

Franklyn Merritt Jr.
Director of Foreign Affairs
The Water Cooler
14-09-2004, 08:22
...dead center...

14-09-2004, 08:36
OOC: pun intended....that was jus one of them