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New Airline

New Zambuda
13-09-2004, 22:01
Today BuisAir was officially announced. Before we activate operations we are looking for 200 Airbus AE380s and 140 Airbus wide body aircraft. Als we have aquired 340 slots at Emirate International to be are home hub. We are also looking for 6 international hubs to anchor are overseas travel. We need a minimum of 200 gates at each hub. Also we are looking to serve every airport we can.

Jet Specifications: All jets delivered need these options-
Anti Missle System
On board internet, TV, and satellite radio.
Bullet and bomb proof cockpit doors.
Bullet proof windows.
Close circut cameras.
Bomb sniffing sensors inside the plane.

We are looking for the best possible orders and hubs. We have a intial investment of 10 billion dollars making us the best financed airline startup in history so we can pay.

Thank you,
John Holmes
CEO BuisAir
New Zambuda
13-09-2004, 23:35
New Zambuda
13-09-2004, 23:59
14-09-2004, 00:07
Nutropinia Private Plane Dealers Sells the Airbus A-380 unoutfitted for 275 Million USD. We would be happy to sell these and outfit them for an extra fee. Because the order is so large we would give you a 10% discount.
Atlantis Major
14-09-2004, 00:18
atlantis majr will proundly support and help fund an airport in our territory.

John Strife
New Zambuda
14-09-2004, 22:28
Excellent we would love to put hubs in both countries and accept you order. The money will be wired.
North Koreastan
14-09-2004, 22:36
We should like to have a hub in our country.
New Zambuda
14-09-2004, 23:17
Very good just name an airport and we will purchase the slots.
15-09-2004, 01:31
Outfitted to your specs, Your Planes will cost 350 Million USD Your Price Sheet is As Follows:

200 Airbus A380's @ 350 Million Each=7 Billion USD
With 10% Discount = 6.3 Billion USD

Please Wire 6.3 Billion USD ASAP. Your planes will be ready and confirmed in one day.
New Zambuda
15-09-2004, 01:32
Very good the money will be wired upon confirmantion
New Zambuda
15-09-2004, 01:33
Very good the money will be wired. We are also seeking a additional round of financing to finish plane orders and still looking to open 4 more international hubs.
15-09-2004, 01:46
Terronian would be glad to sell the new airlines

Boeing 737
38 Million Each

Boeing 747
198 Million each

Boeing 767
123 Million Each

Boeing 777
173 Million Each

Also we will sign Master Airline Contracts allowing use of all Goverment Controlled Airports including Billerica Bay AP, Billerica is the largest tourist city in Terronian, and is sure to bring your airline commerce.
15-09-2004, 01:59
I am sorry, but i miscalculated the amount your order will cost if you would like to pull your order or reduce the amount of planes i totally understand cause this is my fault and i know it would be over your budget. But price for all 200 should be 70 billion or 63 Billion with the discount.
New Zambuda
15-09-2004, 02:53
Well it is a over budget but we are recieveing government loans so charge the order to the government of New Zambuda. Also does anyone sell Airubs A380. Also we would love to sign a master airline contract.
New Zambuda
15-09-2004, 02:57
We have applied for a government commerce loan and were accepted. We are extremely lucky because we started operations just as the government announce a 4 trillion dollar economic stimulus. So we will wire the money and repay the rest over a span of 20 years. Does that sound good?
15-09-2004, 04:10
That is fine.
New Zambuda
15-09-2004, 20:42
Okay we still need 6 hubs and we will pay 150,000,000 a hub for 200 gates at each hub and acess to regional airports inside said hubs country. We still need to order midsize planes so we need 240 120-200 person jets withe all the modifications of the larger jets. So we need bids for those.