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Nation of Cracoon descends into...

13-09-2004, 08:35
Radion Carcoon FM Live:

The newly established nation of Carcoon has descended into chaos as a successful assasination of the nations leader took place this morning in front of the congress of the Carcoon peoples house. witnesses claim it was a nail bomb or of some sort of shrapnel bomb... The hardline party of "Peoples law"...has denied responsiblity...

Quote(taken from radio broadcast): Humbold richard: People of Carcoon, the parliamnet has been retaken (temporarily) by PL of carcoon and the old ways will be eliminated. changes in world affairs have forced us to take your well being into account. the previous government of the " carcoon first party" had failed the people and allowed the country to descend into anarchy, we will restore Carcoon. A new strong government will rise in this new age to tackle the terrorism that attacks our countrys borders and allows our people to live in fear... The "Peoples law" party will stop this from ever happening again.

Carcoon known regionally as a country of superb human rights and liberal governement has lately been under attack by internal hardliners , who advocate a strengthening of laws and inhibiting human rights in light of new world changes.S ince independce the country of Carcoon has struggled with the traditionalist party " peoples law" and smaller groups.

The bomb that exploded in front of the Carcoons Peoples House CPH , killed the top leader and several of his aides , several journalists were killed , with the death toll standing at 6 and wounded at 24 .

demonstrations have taken to the streets and riot police stationed around the city. No violence has been reported as of yet and all seems realtively calm, except for the ring of tanks and armed soldiers around the CPH buildings. No businesses have been closed nor a national state of emergency declared.

*now for a commercial* some signing and boink boink sounds.

This just in, Richard Humbold of the Peoples law party has taken control of the CPH and dissolved the old leaders party, claiming it an internal matter...investigators from peoples law party , have also found that the assasination was an act of from inside the old leaders own party CFP ... PL has calmed the situation and previous demonstrations around the citys have subsided , with many people returning to work. humbold has called for elections in 3 months.

and now for sports, carcoon raiders from savolt hills brought the cup back to its birthplace with a 4-1 win over the Humbold heavies. with furious playing from richard selter and tom ronny, with hat trick by richard selter in the third quarter , sending the crowd into a frenzy... more on golf scores after this message.

*slow motion shot of a guy doing a backflip into a strange looking net on the ceiling*

and now you see it now you dont, Mrs.holin from south carcoon found squirrels nesting in her bedroom drawers, after searching for her wedding ring, she opened the drawers and found the ring inside, along with many other household items, the squirrels have been evicted by the local fire departement and sent to a local park... and now for the weather.

dry with patches of clouds no rain expected this week, but be ready and wear your masks for dusts storms by next thursday.

*closing music* dun dun dun dundudndudndun dundunndnndud
13-09-2004, 09:05
*watches with interest*