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Amirain Government Convention(open)

13-09-2004, 04:02
As Amiria is recovering from the war, the first steps that the interm government is taking, is holding a world wide government covention to give Amiria ideas to establish an effective government. The convention is being held in New Petra. This convention is opened to all people that want to participate.

"Good Afternoon, I am Tyler Bostian, I want to welcome all of the delegates to this convention and the more that will join. Our first order of buisness is to present the issue of "which government" to implement in Amiria. Our citizens have voted an three have came to our attention. They are a constitutional democracy, constitutional monarchy, and a constitutional dominion.

Constitution Democracy allows free elections that will up hold the contitutional rights of the people.

Constitutional Monarchy allows a set royal family to look after the interests of the people set out by the constitution.

Constitutional Dominion allows an emperor that looks after and uphold the constitution.

Please vote on the first referendum, and we will see were the governments of the world stands.
13-09-2004, 04:24
Watertest believes that a Constitutional Democracy (with a system of checks and balances) is the best choice for any government.
13-09-2004, 04:46
The Temme diplomat votes in favour of a constitutional democracy
13-09-2004, 07:15
The Axis Assembly's Foreign Service Represenative, Krista Eastmann, will go to the Amirian Conference. The Axis favors a constitutional Democracy, we belive that this system will serve thepeople the best along with other freedoms, including the right to private property and free expression.
The South Pacific
13-09-2004, 07:18
The South Pacific supports democracy Amira.
13-09-2004, 07:20
As Vastiva is a non-lineaged Absolute Monarchy, we are most curious as to which method you will eventually settle upon. More, we are curious as to why you are opening an internal matter to international debate.

Then again, as it is your country, you most certainly can do as you wish.

As such, we will vote in support of a Constitutional Democracy, provided it is an absolute Democracy, and not a republican "neo-version".
13-09-2004, 07:31
WHittier recommends strongly that you adopt communism. Or it could bode very ill for your nation.
The South Pacific
13-09-2004, 07:35
WHittier recommends strongly that you adopt communism. Or it could bode very ill for your nation.
I strongly recommend against Brezhnekov's threatening a small nation newly emerged from war.
Just in case, we will be watching Whittier's actions and sending the 2nd fleet back to Amira to deter Whittier aggression communist aggression.
13-09-2004, 07:45
I strongly recommend against Brezhnekov's threatening a small nation newly emerged from war.
Just in case, we will be watching Whittier's actions and sending the 2nd fleet back to Amira to deter Whittier aggression communist aggression.
I didn't threaten anyone. I only stated fact.
In response to TSP provocation, the 15th fleet is ordered to the waters off Aimira.
Further, Whittier is now mobilizing for war.
13-09-2004, 08:18
OOC Great! And then Aimira along with most everyone else will be ignoring Whittier.

C'mon, Aimira! Come join the party! Makes life a whole lot easier when you ignore that sort.
13-09-2004, 20:37
The United States of Shalrirorchia advocates a democratic state, and will send a diplomat to observe the proceedings. We hope that our presence will not be divisive, considering that U.S.S. forces have been withdrawn from the region.

Our participation may be limited, based on the civil crisis that has erupted in our home continent of Morningstar. (See Thread: Shalrirorchian Civil Crisis)
Fate and Honor
13-09-2004, 20:58
The Emperor is joyous over the oppurtunity to attend Amiria's Government Convention. The Emperor wishes for you to know that he supports your government adopting a Constitutional Dominion; should you choose against it, he will not be offended. Should you choose such a government the Emperor will be willing to offer assistance in re-building Amiria's infastructure, and assist Amiria in creating their stable Constitutional Dominion. Further the Emperor is willing to offer military support/technology, exclusive trade agreements, and foreign aid if Amiria adopts a Constitutional Dominion.

Alexius Julii
Minster of Foreign Affairs, Empire of Fate and Honor
13-09-2004, 22:05
The 3 methods of government have been sumbitted to each of the former Dalooian proviences(which have not been reorganized) and the results are in:

Constitutional Democracy: 50%
Constitutional Monarchy: 10%
Constitutional Dominion: 3%
(some citizens may not have votted)

As the results were given to the delegates around the table. Tyler Bostian began explaining why the people chose the C. Democracy. "The reason people have chosen Democracy is that we were fighting a Emperor and his Army. We do not want that kind of possiblity in our mind about our Emperor. And for my allies, to honor the use of your military, when our nation is finally organized; we will give you exclusive rights for both a naval base and a military base. Along with the ratification of our democratic government, we also had our constitution ratified by our people at the same time. We model our Constitution after the U.S of America.
We will be organizing the 9 former Dalooian proviences into 25 smaller Amirian states. We have expert city planners on a plan to build a new capital on the coast. We are expecting the cost to be around 10 billion Dalos, which will be converted to Amirian Marks, Amiraks for short. The capital will be called Rhyne to honor our original liberator Denise Rhyne. In response to the communist threat from EastWhitter, we openly IGNORE such PUNY threats because we have faced great danger and plus we have great friends around the world. The Governmental Convention is now over. Please keep in contact by telegraming me at my country.
Fate and Honor
13-09-2004, 22:44
The Empire of Fate and Honor recognized the Democratic Nation of Aimira. We wish great fortune upon your nation. We are dissapointed that you have not chosen a strong, stable, and centralized government that an Emperor can provide. However, like said the Emperor is not offended by your decision. The Emperor wishes for your to know that if any occurance may befall your nation - The Empire of Fate and Honor will help our brothers Aimira.

Alexius Julii
Foreign Affairs Minister, Empire of Fate and Honor
13-09-2004, 23:14
After fighting side by side with Amiria in it's war for Independence, Amistadia would be tremendously pleased to attend the Convention and to continue to lend support to our Amirian brothers on the long, treacherous road to liberty.
13-09-2004, 23:34
"Good afternoon, I am Cindy Lohan. It has been 2 weeks since the international Government Convention here in Aimira and great changes have taken place. As of last week, the democratic government began its reign over the people of Aimiria; and Tyler Bostian was appointed by the people as the 1st president of Amiria. He will serve a 4 year term and will be allowed to run as many times as he wants. Next week, Aimira will be holding Senate elections and the following week the President will be allowed to appoint his judicial branch. As of yesterday, the 9 former Dalooian proviences was transformed into the 25 Amirian states. They have no names yet but for now they are being called by the Greek alphabet. With the rapid completion of the capital city Rhyne next week, the seat of government will be moving next month. The government has plans to hold a global festival in order to official open the Amirian doors to the world. As of now, we go live to the first state of the union speech by President Bostian."

"My fellow Aimirans, we are now a nation of the people. God has been on our side and has given us speed to stitch up our new nation. With the last of humanitarian aid leaving our shores, our people are ready to get on with their lives. There has been rapid rebuilding of our cities especially Glory Falls and Dal. There has also been rapid rebuilding of our roads, bridges, and airports. Men and women are also planting and trying to re-vegitate our country side. This project has opened up millions of jobs to those who are trying to aquire money to rebuild their own lives. I personally will be touring the country in order to help and also to view the relief efforts. However, I know how each and every one of you feel, you feel open and defenseless. That is why we are opening up the Amirian Defense Program which allows both men and women to join the army, navy, or airforce. And to those who request alliances with Amiria, we will humbly accept any alliance offers as long as we recieve it through a telegram. Then the senate will ratify it or reject it. Also, to many of the world leaders, when our capital is opened next week, we will have a international festival to celebrate it and the our new foreign policy program. Please attend! Now to my Amirian citizens, keep your spirits up and your energy going."