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13-09-2004, 03:07
SOVICK NEWS REPORT: Yesterday in the Sovick Peoples Assemblage, Chairman Goric gave a last ditch effort speech on television, to get his proposal of "Illegalizing Anarchists" pushed through UN legislation....sadly, for him it didnt help much. Few seemed to back the Chairmans proposal.
It appears that many UN nations are up in arms over the Chairmans recent outbursts in the Sovick Peoples Assemblage; and by his governments acts at defying certain UN Bills. Other acts, such as, imprisoning "anarchists" in the hundreds of thousands has only fueled many nations hatred for the Chairman and his regime; causing tension to mount against the Sovick state.
Although the Chairman states he is guilty of only trying to make the world safer and better many see him as a loose cannon with nothing to back up his words but ignorance and hatred; and others see nothing more than a sociopath trying to slaughter the “wonderful institution of democracy”. All these nations concerns have tarnished Chairman Goric's global reputation and possibly the whole Sovick nation.
In compliance to many nations backlashs toward his “brutal acts and speeches”, Chairman Goric stated today that he would not bring such proposals before the UN again, seeing that most of the nations arent willing to adopt his proposal!!!
The Chairman also made it very clear that all Sovick population evacuation to the land of KELSSEK and all other nations will be stopped at once!!!
By order of Chairman Goric, the Sovick Nations boarders are to be such down from emigration, immigration, and tourism until further notice. He stated “…the Sovick Nation needs to sort its issues out, before going on the global platform again…it seems to be for the better...”
It seems that for now the Great Peoples Republic of Sovick will take a back seat on the global front!!!
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