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UE Storefront, Biological Weapons

Unimaginable Evil
12-09-2004, 13:21
My fear goo problem is resolved and i now offer 3 different types of goo for your military needs.

type 1
Attack goo

once its master is identified it will attack any person you wish, results in paralysis and liquification of the internal organs.

Price $20,000 per tub

type 2
Defence goo

once a master is identified this goo will stretch itself to cover buildings and military installations to give almost double the structural integrity. On vehicles it triples strength and aides in movement.
1 tub usually can protect around 20 buildings or 250 vehicles
Price $25,000 per tub

type 3
Intelligence goo (or geoff as he likes to be known)
Hyper intelligant all knowing goo which can infiltrate enemy bases and feed information to a host. Requires a willing host.
*possible death for host*
*agonising death for host*

Price $95,000 per tub

All tubs are 1 litre and can self replicate if fed toenail clippings.
12-09-2004, 13:34
You have 24 hours to stop selling these products, or actions will be taken.
12-09-2004, 14:52
If any actions are taken we will help Unimaginable Evil.
12-09-2004, 14:59
We are not affraid of you two.
The Mighty Quin
12-09-2004, 15:09
We shall help UE also, a nation has the right to do genetic engineering as it pleases.
12-09-2004, 15:10
We do not fear you, I can crush you all.
12-09-2004, 15:12
Camewot, explain your reasons for preparing to use military might to stop production of this "goo" and maybe i'll think twice about atomizing your nation.As for now, we are neutral.

OOC: I have over 2 billion.
12-09-2004, 15:13
We do not fear you, I can crush you sound like that of a godmod......Not sure, but only time will tell.
12-09-2004, 15:13
These weapons are a direct danger to mankind and should be stopped, it are also the perfect weapons for terrorists etc...
This must be stopped.
12-09-2004, 15:14
These weapons are a direct danger to mankind and should be stopped, it are also the perfect weapons for terrorists etc...
This must be stopped.True......But he still has the option to produce them. He just needs to sign a treaty stating that he will not sell these to any form of terrorists.
12-09-2004, 15:15
Yes, and untill he does that the ultimatum stands.
The Mighty Quin
12-09-2004, 15:16
I don't see how he is godmoding if in my case it is true :(

I will give thought on purchasing the attack goo
Collectable Knicknacks
12-09-2004, 15:16
We would be interested in purchasing two tubs of attack goo.
12-09-2004, 15:17
OOC: I dident say it was godmodding


Any nation purchasing this product will be screened and spyed on by the Camewottian government.
12-09-2004, 15:18
By the way UE, could you explain more on your goo. Like how exactly does it work, break it down and so forth.
12-09-2004, 15:19
Give me three tubs of geoff. :gundge:
The Mighty Quin
12-09-2004, 15:21
Any nation purchasing this product will be screened and spyed on by the Camewottian government.

Should we choose to buy this , we will absolutely NOT be spyed upon, we do not have plans on using this as a weapon.....we have other plans for it......
Unimaginable Evil
12-09-2004, 23:42
blimey so many replies, first of all *sold* to all buyers, please wire your money before the end of next week, no hurry.

secondly, terrorist nations will not recieve any goo, besides geoff refuses to be used by terrorists, he considers them rather unsanitary.

third, i'm not here to fight anybody and i offer my utmost apologies to anybody who is offended by my offer and extend my hospitality to them by inviting them to a tour of my nation and full bed and board at my palace with english breakfasts and plump concubines to satisfy your whims.

fourthly, this is not 'genetic engineering' merely a natural resource being put to good use, geoff as the most intelligent goo ad therefore the spokesman is happy with me selling them as long as he gets his toeail clippings.

p.s. i will offer a 10% reduction on purchases if you can provide 1 metric ton of toenail clippings with your order which my modified oil tanker will collect free of charge.


Goo is around 3cm tall and like liquid it can fill any container it resides in. However it also has the same properties as a stretch armstrong (and his arms stretch til next week!!) in that it can be stretched a vast amount and is elastic enough to return to its original state. The goo is a translucent grass green colour with darker green blobs.
These blobs are the powerhouse behind the goo, seeking nutrients and hosts through a 'hive mind' system.
The blobs attatch themselves to the surface of the skin and interrupt brain waves, causing the effects i described before.
The most interesting aspect is its durability, it seems as if it can withstand great punishment even artillery and large explosions, i have yet to test nuclear weapons as i dont own any (yay for world safety). Eventually it breaks down on a molecular level, leaving a snot like substance that is very useful for licking, rolling and flicking in girls hair.

p.s. I'm not really that evil, the name and title are hereditary.

p.p.s sorry about the lateness of the reply i was at work all day
The Mighty Quin
12-09-2004, 23:53
We wish to buy one tub of the attack goo.