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Terronian Opening Embassy Line(Pic Warning)

12-09-2004, 10:43
IC:Needing of new diplomatic relations since there depature from The New Commonwealth, Terronian has opened an embassy row for all nations.

OOC:basically just tell me u want an embassy, and I will make it, im am using Rollercoaster Tycoon2 to make everything becuase im a wizard at it ;P. Anyway, the row is going to be on a street that crosses Terresa RD, the main by the Capitol of Terronian.

Terronian Capitol
I know its bare, but making the building look so realistic with the RCT2 restrictions took me many hours and im tired, however, i will make it look more like a city's around it, anywho about the Embassy's.

Embassy Row

When requesting an embassy, please try and describe the type of architecture of your country so I can incorporate it into your embassy's design, each time a new embassy is complete, I will post it. Or if u would like, I just design one for you using Terronian architecture. Also feel free to ask me to add extras to your embassy such as pools etc. Thank u!
12-09-2004, 13:09