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The Holy Empire of Dodoma

Modern Texas
11-09-2004, 20:56
The Armed Republic of Modern Texas welcomes the Holy Empire of Dodoma.
11-09-2004, 22:43
"Thank you, Mr. President. The world shall know our story, our struggle, and our hope for the future."

Emperor Biggus Diccus has just come to power as head of the People's Front of Dodoma. After a long, bloody civil war between the PFD, the Popular Front, and the ever-hated Dodomian People's Front, Emperor Diccus' leadership and skill pummelled the government leaving the PFD in power. But for how long?

The People's Front of Dodoma accounts for forty percent of the Empire. The Dodomian People's Front holds a close thirty-five percent. The Popular Front, who split off from the People's Front last year, accounts for a mere ten percent. The remaining fifteen percent of the Empire belonged to the Constitutional Theocracy, which ruled Dodoma for centuries....until the rebellion. They will now take their place among the plebians of Dodoma, losing their elite status to the PFD.

Only time will tell if Emperor Diccus can hold this diverse and unruly population together.