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Anti-Terror Raid

Independent Hitmen
11-09-2004, 20:00
OOC: This is closed for the while, whilst i develop a story then i will need several people to play terrorists trying to re-establish cells and another person to play counter-terror agents helping my security forces. Post below or TG me if you are interested.

The sun could just be seen coming across the horizon to the east of J City, capital of the Independent Hitmen.

In the Northern factory district of the city, some twenty miles away from the centre of town, four black vans slowly drove down a gravel track to the rear of one of the abandoned factories.

They slowly came to a halt behind a row of garages and black clad men carrying automatic weapons and wearing balaclavas jumped out.

Whilst most of the men moved quickly and quietly to the sides of the garage block, two of their number went through an open door into it.

Inside there was a buzz of activity, this was the HQ for Operation Pandoras Closet, the simaltanious take down of all known and suspected terrorist cells in the country. The commander, Major Will Farrel, was a IHIA field operator, and had made the original contact with this particular cell whilst undercover in eastern Redge several months earlier. Since then everybody who came to the building had been under constant surveillance by over a hundred members of the FBI and local police. There had been a SWAT team standing by just incase things went bad, however this had thankfully not happened and now some of the elite Delta units, on loan from the army were preparing to move into the buildings.

The commander of this unit, Staff Sgt. Dean Emmanuel was recieving his final brief as his two team commanders walked in.

"Latest intel shows 14 people present in the building at the current time. Two are on the roof, patrolling between here and here" he pointed onto the diagram of the building "another has been confirmed as being stationary at the main door. When you give the sign of being in position snipers will hit these three with killing shots, its the only way we can get in undetected. Red team will enter from the front, Blue from the back. Subsections may be deployed as the team commander wishes."

Outside, three Delta snipers were moving in next to their police equivilants who had been watching the warehouse since the sun went down. They flicked the caps off of their nightvision scopes and took up the aim with their custom made Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum sniper rifles. All three had silencers fitted, as did the assualt teams on their mix of M4 Carbines and MP5 Sub Machine guns.

Back inside Emmauel finished his briefing and headed over to his two team commanders who were doing a casual last minute study of the cameras covering the building from all sides.

Local police were establishing a net a mile from the buildings that should prevent any terrorists escaping if they somehow managed to get passed the twenty delta force operators currently assembling outside their warehouse.

The two commanders spoke with him for a brief minute and then pulled their balaclavas over their faces and fastened their hockey like kevlar helmets onto their heads, followed by a quick double check of their tactical vests and comm systems.

When they got outside they fixed their nightvision systems onto their helmets and brought them down turning them on with the familiar buzz.

With a hand signal Blue team moved off, heading towards the back door of the warehouse, whilst Red team headed off the other way past the snipers and into the thick brush that was near the main enterance.

Five minutes later the teams were in position and Emmanuel gave the snipers a countdown for their targets.

As he reached zero, three bulletts went streaking towards the men standing guard outside the warehouse. All three hit their targets, in one case blowing most of the mans head off as the round impacted squarely on the forehead. However all three targets were dead before they hit the ground as the assualt teams began moving forward.

At the rear Sgt.Edwards' team reached the door and began setting a breaching charge onto the heavy steel plated door, whilst at the front the men assembled next to the body of the dead guard to the right of an open doorway set into the large garage-like doors of the warehouse. Two of them moved the body clear after checking for vital signs and grenades. On him they found an AK-74 along with half a dozen frag grenades and as many magazines.

"Hardly a law-abiding citizen was he" remarked the team commander, Sgt.Howard into his radio mike as he pointed his camera at the possessions.

At the rear Sgt.Edwards signalled his readiness with a burst of static on the encoded radios, and the two men in the team carrying tactical shields moved forward, pistols out and ready. At the front the two with shields moved as close to the open door, from which light was obscuring their nightvision systems, as they dare with two more men with flashbangs ready behind them, followed by the rest of the team.

In the command centre Major Farrel gave a simple message to all the teams ready in the city.


A second later the rear door exploded inwards, flying across the small gap between it and a storage crate inside the warehouse, crushing a guard as it did so, his AK falling from his lifeless hands as the Delta operators came in following the explosion.

At the front flashbangs were tossed in, followed immeadiately by the Delta men, now without their nightvision systems.

A burst of AK fire was heard, followed by two suppressed shots that sounded like clicks as the MP5 that they were fired from loaded another round into its chamber. The man who had fired the AK fell to the ground, two holes in his heart as another appeared from a side room, blasting a G-3 rifle at the intruders.

He managed to get off 7 shots before being shot down by men from both Blue and Red team, however one of them hit the kevlar helmet of one of the shield men, sending him flying backwards, unharmed but unconcious.

"Man down" came the call over the radio set, as the Delta operators pressed on regardless.

They moved through the lines of large containters in pairs, searching for the bomb factory that they knew was there.

It was Edwards who found it. He signalled his partner to move forward and throw a flashbang in, as two other pairs converged on their location.

Using a fibre optic cable they looked inside the container, counting seven men inside, all holding a variety of arms, two with grenades, the rest with a mixture of AK's and G-3's.

"Two short here" reported Edwards to Howard, who reformmed his team and began moving to the top levels of the warehouse.

Outside one of the snipers spotted movement at a window, and watched as a man dressed in green carrying a pistol and large bag dropped from it, falling half a storey onto a steel roof which clanged as he landed on it. The man paused and looked back where he had come from, looking for signs of pursuit, and so the sniper fired, hitting the man just above the left shoulder blade, sending him flying off the ledge into the gravel track below where several FBI agents moved in to apprehend him.

Back inside Red team was now assembled outside the container, that was locked from the inside. They placed two more breaching charges, one on each end, and detonated them at the same time, blowing bits of metal around the container, killing or wounding all inside.

As the team moved in, five through each hole one man tried to fire his AK at them. One of the team fired three M4 rounds into his chest and the man fell back to the ground, a thin smile visible on his face.

The man that had shot him moved forward, his weapon still pointed at the man’s chest as he examined the corpse to determine the reason behind the smile. He didn’t have far to look, in his other hand was a detonator switch that had been depressed. His eyes quickly followed the wire to a timer even as he shouted a warning to his team.

“Thirty Five Seconds”

The men turned as one and quickly retreated back towards their entrance point, as did the other team that had been informed by radio.

Barely had the second team made it out and into cover when the building erupted in a massive explosion that broke windows half a mile away, completely leveling the building and taking several of the other warehouses with it.

“Jesus, that was one hell of an explosion” said one of the operators as he emerged from a small ditch, covered in wreckage and dust.

“Hell yeah” replied another. “Lets get outta here before the god dammed press turn up”

The teams retreated to the vans which drove off as soon as they were on board whilst local police and FBI agents secured the site. There was still one terrorist unaccounted for, although he mustve been killed in the massive blast.

In the command centre Major Farrel was receiving reports of the other raids that had taken place as another fireball lit up the nights sky.

Out of twenty raids that had taken place, 18 had successfully captured terrorists alive, the total was currently 21 with a further 40 killed. Another warehouse on the other side of town had gone up, as had a small building in the port city of Gillen. There two Delta operators had been wounded, one seriously although several laptops and other computers had been pulled out seconds before the explosion.

Overall this had been a good nights work, at least one terrorist ring smashed wide open and tones of weapons and equipment salvaged. The Major looked forward to his promotion that was now inevitable.