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Open Alliance

11-09-2004, 13:14
Greetings. Now that the Militaristic Dictatorship of Terranos is under a new Government, we’ve decided that a few things need to be changed. One of these is our Alliances, or rather, a lack of them. That said, our Great Dictator, Trensta, has decided to open an ‘Open Alliance’, If you are interested in forming an alliance with our Nation, leave your details with us, and we will view your background and see if you are worthy of becoming our Allies. With an impressive population of over 2.5 Billion people, an Alliance could help if you need reinforcements in times of war. There are no set specifications for putting your details forward, and the Alliance is open to all, however we are not likely to Ally with Nations that have tiny populations. Also, if you are currently at War with anyone, the Alliance will not be Official until the War is over. An Alliance with us would involve the following, which are to be completed by both sides:

-Helping out in times of war
-Keeping a Tradelink open at all times
-Offering new technology discovered
-Additional Military Training

Other agreements may be decided once an alliance is formed, however it may stay as it is. Failure to comply with these agreements will result in the termination of the Alliance and/or you.
Have a Nice Day.

General Harbas
Terranos Military
Alliance of Nations
Mental lands
11-09-2004, 13:19
Mental lands would be interested in joining your alliance.

here are our details.

Mental lands Economic Statistics
Exchange Rate: 1 seananic = $1.6407
Gross Domestic Product: $33,589,300,917,493.37
GDP Per Capita: $31,072.43
Consumption: $25,980,764,810,000.00
Government Budget: $9,467,795,591,800.00
Government Expenditures: $7,574,236,473,440.00
Goverment Waste: $1,893,559,118,360.00
Exports: $4,314,274,287,553.37
Imports: $4,279,974,653,500.00
Trade Surplus: $34,299,634,053.37

Government Budget Details
Administration: $0.00 0%
Welfare: $0.00 0%
Health: $151,484,729,468.80 2%
Education: $0.00 0%
Religion & Spirituality: $0.00 0%
Defence: $3,559,891,142,516.80 47%
Law & Order: $2,650,982,765,704.00 35%
Commerce: $984,650,741,547.20 13%
Public Transport: $227,227,094,203.20 3%
The Environment: $0.00 0%
Social Equality: $0.00 0%

Total Population: 1,081,000,000
11-09-2004, 13:27
Mental lands would be interested in joining your alliance.
Your nation is indeed impressive, and so we shall pass on your details...We will get back to you with any information regarding this matter.

General Harbas
Terranos Military
Alliance of Nations