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All Retaliatory Guard Armies Activated

02-09-2004, 15:58
LNS. Tollan, Ilek-Vaad

Command General General Adan Ring today actiavted all Retaliatory Guard Armies, and twelve Velite Support Armies. It seems that after a two year hiatus the annual war games first instituted by Supreme Republican Commander Vaikov have been organized and and will be taking place in the lush jungles South of the mountain city of Tollan.

According to the office of Command General Ring, nearly three million soldiers will be taking part in the war games in four different theatres of operation. The main games will be in the jungles surrounding Tollan, secondary games will be held in the forests North of Lassic, the beaches of Coventry and the Southern mangrove swamps. These mock battles will simulate week-long running battles in the various different type of terrains.

Naval Guard and Air Guard units will also be mobilized to practice co-ordinating movements with the other units of the Retaliatory Guard, and to maintain stepped up patrols.

"This active, battle conditions training is what keeps our Retaliatory Guard the best fighting force in the world. It is absolutely amazing to see modern armies in other nations still utilizing infantry charges, siege tactics and using tactics that were outdated even the 1950's. The Retaliatory Guard are bar-none the best trained and most effective fighting force on the planet, during the Haven Conflict they racked up kill ratios of 94-1 and humiliated our enemies, training like this is the reason." Stated the Minister of Defence.

The War Games will be led by Command General Adan Ring in the abscence of the Supreme Republican Commander who has been deployed on a 'peace-keeping' mission to the United Republics of Tanah Burung. Command General Adan Ring is the hands down favorite to succeed the Supreme Republican Commander when he retires in February.

LNS , World Service News

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