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A Cloud Without A Silver Lining (OPEN RP)

The God Falltothzu
02-09-2004, 04:05
OOC: For now I'll play the terrorist group, just so I can make everything work out right. At least in the beginning, it'll require some knowledge of how my nation works, but the first couple posts should outline the stuff that someone would need to know to make it all work. Other people can be just about anything they want to, as long as it doesnt destroy the key points that need to be in place for it all to make sense. This is not planned, I figure that should keep it crazy and fun, but if someone feels they need to talk to me about something, then just post saying that, when im online and ill go on msn. I dontt have many RPs under my belt so bare with me a little here and there. Hope I didnt miss anything. For now just sit back and let me set the scene, after a few posts you all can join in.


A Slave Community on Kerguelen Island

A boat carrying slaves from what used to be Hataria had just docked within the grounds of the slave community. "Vinnious! get up we have arrived!" shouted at a gaunt man dressed in nothing but tattered rags laying in the corner of one of the lowest decks on the boat. The wall around him were covered in a reddish rust, with patches of mold on the floor and lower walls. The ceiling contiually dripped oilly water on the floor of the deck. During the day the deck was like an oven, but at night, the deck seemed to almost freeze over, with small patches of ice on the floors, and icicles hanging from the ceiling. It was no wonder that the man on the floor seemed nearly dead, but son he began to awaken. The man then stood up and addressed the short, thin, bald man who had awakened him, "Yes, yes what is it Barnaby?" said the man. Barnaby then repeated himself again, only with a little more anger in his words, "We are here it is time to go." The two men then tottered up the long staircase to the surface. Upon their arrival at the surface, armed gaurds herded them off the ship, pushing them into a massive building. This building was the processing center for all new slave, whom had been taken to the community. After several hours of waiting in a long line, Vinnious was finally at the registration desk and Barnaby was right behind him. The desk clerk then shouted, "Shirt!" at Vinnious. Vinnious then stared at the clerk with a perplexed look upon his face, and began to say, "Excuse..." When he was interupted by the now irrated gaurd, yelling, "Lift Up Your Shirt!" Vinnious did as he was told, and it was no sooner han he had pulled his shirt up revealing his stomach, when the clerk jammed the tip of a scolding hot branding iron into his chest. Because Vinnious had irked the him, the clerk held the branding iron into Vinnious' stomach, much longer than what was nessecary. Vinnious screamed out in pain, only stooping when the iron was pulled away. Now, the numbers 111905 were clearly burned into his flesh. The clerk than spoke again, "You are 111905, To whom do you worship?" Vinnious then spoke clearly and loudly, "I worship Ra". The clerk then pressed a button under his desk, and two armed guards grabbed him and took him to a containment cell off to the side of the building. Baranaby did the same as his friend Vinnious, only when he refused to scream from branding iron, the clerk held it to his stomach, until it began to cool. Barnaby was branded 111906. He anwsered the same as Vinnious and was taken to the same holding cell.
02-09-2004, 04:27
uh huh, Just a little RP help, try to seperate your paragraphs. It helps the post look more professional.
02-09-2004, 14:10
02-09-2004, 14:33
Meanwhile, on a secret observation outpost in deep space

'Aren't these humans primitive, barbaric and unworthy of owning planet earth. Look on what they do on Kerguelen Island, they have slaves. Slavery never happened in Moleland. What is the point of observing these Earthlings anyway, Svenson?'
Svenson replied, 'Because, dresden, King mole has ordered us to, so we must. I know it's boring but something interesting is about to happen, I can feel it!'
'Whatever you say' Replied dresden.
The God Falltothzu
02-09-2004, 22:50
The holding cell, 15' by 15' with a 10' high ceiling, had dull, rusty, aluminum walls. In the upper righthand corner of the room sat a single security camera, watching over the room's occupants. Inside the room was a folding metal table, with 2 icy, cold steel chairs on one side, and a single cushioned chair on the other. A single flourescent hung from the ceiling, providing the light for the room.

In those two steel, folding chairs sat Vinnious and Barnaby. Their hands were tied behind their back, and strip of ducktape, sealing each of their mouths, and preventing them from making much of a sound. The lights were out, and the room was pitchblack. The room was quite hot and very humid. The only sounds that could be heard was the sounds of the rain outside hitting the roof of the building. Suddenly that sound was interupted by a door swinging open, and then slaming shut. The lights were suddenly flipped on and both Barnaby and Vinnious were momentarily blinded. In that brief time a man cruely ripped the duct tape off their mouths, one after the other. Vinnious and Barnaby's eyes slowly came into focus to the sight of a Captain sitting in the cushioned chair, and two guards. One guard was standing to the captain's left and the other to the captain's right.

The captain began to talk, "Hello, I am Captain Liedet. You were taken here because of your false beliefs. Your god is not real. The only real God is Falltothzu. He has offered you salvation, worship him and him only. He is your God now." Barnaby then turned and spat onto the floor, yelling "Ra is God, he is our master and will protect us from all harm!" Vinnious nodded his head in agreement, unable to find anywords to say. Captain Liedet and the two guards with him began to laugh at Barnaby and Vinnious. As the laughter slowed, Liedet motioned to the guard on his right, and then continued on to say, "We'll see what you say in an hour." The guard to his right, then pulled out a bag and dropped it onto the table, allowing it to make a loud crashing sound.
The God Falltothzu
03-09-2004, 02:50
Liedet than turned to the guard on his left whispering to him, "Fasten them now." The guard on the left then conveyed the message to the guard on the right of the captain, and the two guards then walked over to Barnaby and Vinnious. A guard stood in front of each one of them. They suddenly each guard pulled out their Desert Eagle pistol and landed a quick blow to the head of the man they were standing in front of. This blow knocked both Barnaby and Vinnious on to their backs. One of the guards then grabed each of them, unchaining them from the chair and dragging them to one of the walls. They then shckled Barnaby and Vinnious to the wall, facing the wall. Liedet then stood up, and dumped the contents of the bag onto the table. What spilled out of it, was a bag of salt, a bottle of windex, and 4' long bambo sticks. Liedet picked up a bambo stick and motioned for the guards to stand back.
He then walked over to Barnaby. He then wielded the bambo stick back and began to beat Barnaby with it. The beating continued until the bambo stick finally broke into two pieces. The strong-headed Barnaby refused to show his pain, and held his screams in. Liedet, then walk over and grabbed another bambo stick and began to beat Vinnious as he did Barnaby. Vinnious was unable to hold his screams in, and moaned in agony from the beating.

After the bambo stick had splintered, Liedet took a step back and yelled, "Were is your god now? He can not protect you now! Beg for forgivness and Falltothzu will give it!" Once again Barnaby shouted back, "Ra is all, Ra will come and smite thee who disbelieve." Vinnious was ready to collapse, he was to weak to speak. Liedet than yelled again, "If Ra were a real god then why would he let your friend die like this. You are strong, but you will fall as well, its only a matter of when." Liedet, then walked back to the table grabbing the package of salt, and the bottle of windex. He reached into the bag of salt and threw it onto the backs of Barnaby and Vinnious. He then sprayed their wounds with the windex.

Vinnious began to scream in agony. His screams made Barnaby's tough exterior deteriorate quickly. Soon Vinnious began begging for death. After hearing his best friend beg for death, Barnaby began to cry. He then yelled out, "We deny Ra. Falltothzu is our God, we will follow him to the end of the earth." Liedet then turned and walked out of the room, ordering the guards to take Barnaby and Vinnious back with the other slaves in the community.
03-09-2004, 11:48
'Oi, Svenson. Is that another prision ship approaching the island?' asked Dresden. 'Looks like it, but one isn't due yet. Lookks like something may happen after all!' smirked dresden
The God Falltothzu
04-09-2004, 02:55
Barnaby and Vinnious were sent to the salt mines. It was common practice for the guards to work the new slave, harder than the rest. Barnaby, Vinnious and about 25 other slaves all had to endure this. They were forced to work for up to 20 hours straight. They toiled shoveling salt into wheel-barrows, or pushing those wheel-barrows up the 1/2 mile incline to the surface. Guards would commonly land a quick blow from the butt of their M-14, into a slave. It was made perfectly clear, that if anyone does not work as hard as the guards think they should, then they would be beat to death, by the guards.

By the end of the 3rd day, 10 of the new slaves were dead, and more were on the brink of it. On the 4th day, Vinnious and Barnaby were working side by side, shoveling salt into a wheel-barrow, as they had done so many times. Barnaby was strong, and was managing to survive, but Vinnious was on the brink of death. He was struggaling with his workload, when a cruel guard clubbed Vinnious in the back with his M-14.

Barnaby dropped to his knees nest to his best friend, yelling, "Vinnious are you ok?" Vinnious was to weak to respond, and tried to pick himself up, to no avail. It was then that the guard said in a cruel tone, "You have 3 seconds to get up or your dead." The seconds had past, and Vinnious remained on the ground. It was at this time, that Captain Liedet had been walking through the mine, inspecting the progress when he came across this scene. The guard immediatly saluted, and said, "Sir, this one refuses to work." Captain Liedet then said, "Bring him to the surface, and gather the rest of the slave up there as well."

On the surface, all the slaves and guards gathered around a raised platform. On that platform stood Captain Liedet. Next to him was Vinnious, hunched over, barely able to stand. Liedet then drew his pistol, and began to beat Vinnious with. The first blow was to Vinnious' ribs. He dropped to the ground, as blood fell from his mouth. A guard then grabbed Vinnious and held him up, while Liedet continued to beat him. Each blow slightly stronger than the next. Vinnious lived until the eleventh blow, which was delivered to his forehead, cracking his skull. The guard released Vinnious' corpse allowing it to fall into the puddle of blood, which had formed as a result of the beating. Upon hitting the ground, blood splashed up, dousing Barnaby in his best friend's blood. At that moment, Barnaby swore revenge on those who had done this to his friend.

In a few more days, another slave ship from Hataria, had docked. Barnaby new that this was his best chance, he needed to recruit others to join his cause. The men, fresh off that slave ship, would provide the means for his revenge. He would disguise it as a group, that would attack the government into submission. He knew that this could give him the one chance he needs to get back at the man that took the life of his friend, Captain Liedet.
The God Falltothzu
04-09-2004, 02:59
OOC: I hope that will sufice for an idea of how the story should go, without posting a long OOC post explaining and detailing everything...

Anyone who wants to join in now is more than welcome, be whoever you want, and do just about whatever you want, and hopefully we can all have fun with this RP
The God Falltothzu
04-09-2004, 03:25
04-09-2004, 03:39
So that's the slave island I'm supposed to infiltrate. Certantly looks forbidding. Ian thought to himself. Seems a slave ship just arrived. This'll be a perfect opportunity to get in.

Ian quietly slid his boat into a beach and smiled. No guards for a welcoming committee. Brilliant. Now, if the Boss sent him with a good map, the entry to the mine should be right over... There. No way he could get in through that entrance. "There should be another way in. The main entrance could get clogged if there was a fire." Ian muttered to himself.

Ian then heard the sound of a gun being cocked right next to his head, and a woman said, "Of couse there's another way in, silly. That's where I'm going to take you." Ian sighed, put his hands up, and replied with, "If you just asked me I would have let you come, Andrea."

She smiled and lowered the gun. "Good to see you still remember me. The Boss sent me to keep an eye on you. Of course, I couldn't resist sneaking up on you. I knew you wouldn't know about the back entrance. It's this way."

Ian began to follow Andrea, and they made their way to an almost unguarded door. "We will need to get past them to get in..." Andrea whispered. "I know, I know. This isn't my first mission, you know. It's been a long time since you trained me." Ian whispered back.

They then tried to sneak slowly inside the salt mine.
The God Falltothzu
04-09-2004, 04:39
"Barnaby are you in here?" whispered a darkened figure, looking into a tool shed. "Yes, Yes, now get in here before someone sees you, Gerald." whispered Barnaby, back to the Gerald, the darkened figure. Gerald then opened the door to the tool shed and walked inside. Inside the small toolshed sat Barnaby and 10 other men.

Barnaby then stood up and began to speak, "I have gathered you all here today, because now is the time. Our numbers can not grow much larger than this, without a loyalist to Falltothzu revealing our existance. The time of our departure is now, we must sneak out of this camp and into a city, where we can begin the reighn of terror."

All the men nodded in agreement, and embarked on their journey. They would attempt something that has never been attempted, escape from a slave camp. They were probably the only slaves that did not fully believe in Falltothzu. As a matter of fact, they were probably the only people in the entire nation, that did not fully believe in The God Falltothzu.
The God Falltothzu
04-09-2004, 13:38
The God Falltothzu
04-09-2004, 17:38
One by one, the men filed out of the tool shed. The moonless night drenched the 12 in shadows. They moved cautiously and quickly, across the open ice field. They crossed these field's narrowly escaping detection several times. Some of the men were shaken up a bit, but all were prepared for what they had to do.

Finally, they had reached the guard's bathrooms. They ran around to the back of the building, were a ventilation duct sat, 10' up on the wall. Barnaby, boosted each man up into these ducts, before he himslef climbed up, with the aid a man already in the ducts. They crawled through the ducts, until they were over the main shower. The first man knocked the vent out and they dropped down into the empty shower one-by-one. The men then moved over to the central drain and removed the covering. Barnaby was the first to jump down into the sewers, and the rest were soon to follow.

They walked through the sewers for what seemed like hours. Human waste washing up against them in the waste high water. The stagnant air, mixed with the stench of methane, burned the noses of the men. The men walked along side of rats.

"Dammit, I hate rats!" shouted one of the men. Another man quicky snapped back at him, "Shut up Don, we don't need to hear your whining!" Don than turned at the other man yelling, "You want fight is that it asshole, because you just found one!" Barnaby the stepped in between the two shouting, "Don, Arthur, Stop your incessent quivelling or I'll put you both out of your misery right here and now." Both Arthur and Don nodded in agreement, replying in unison, "Yes, sir." All the men than continued on their journey.

They finally reached the exit of the sewers as the sun was rising. They came out into a small stream. "This place, I now this place." shouted one of the men. He then continued on, "We are about 2 miles from Kergen City, its to the north." "Then let us make our way into the city." shouted Barnaby. The rest of the men then celebrated with a loud, "Praise Ra!" Before continuing on their way.
The God Falltothzu
04-09-2004, 21:53
Intelligent Neighbors
04-09-2004, 22:19

OOC: I will respond tommorow, probably with a strike team to help free the slaves. Jus' so you know, I am totaly against slavery, so, after this RP, I may need to attack you... (not really a threat, just letting you know what my intentions are :D)
The God Falltothzu
04-09-2004, 22:52
OOC: just so you know, i was intending for stuff in this rp to remain within the confines of this rp. ie: if one of my cities would be nuked in this rp, then for this rp the city would be gone, but in future non-related rps or other non-related things, then that city would still be there.

You can attack me in another thread for slavery and what not, if you so desire....
The God Falltothzu
05-09-2004, 01:57
The God Falltothzu
05-09-2004, 06:08
It had been about a week since the 12 escaped from the slave camp. No one bothered to search for them, or even inquire into were they where or what had happened. After all it was not unusual for slaves to dissappear at night, only before they it was because a few guards got bored, or needed a little extra cash.

The 12 were hiding out in an old abandoned house in the slums surrounding Kergen City. The house was a single story rancher, with borded windows and grafitti(sp?) covering the house. The inside was more run-down then the outside, with furniture ripped up on the floor, and what seemed like a .25" thick layer of dirt on the ground.

"Tommorrow is the day. We will gather what we need to exact our revenge. I will finally avenge Vinnious. I will bring his murder to justice...." slowly murmered Barnaby, before he was interupted. "Hey Barnaby, who are you talking to?" shouted Arthur. "Oh, no one never mind." replied Barnaby.

The next day, the 12 set out to aquire the means for their future attack. Barnaby lead the group into a nice suburban neighborhood on the opposite side of the city. They finally reached the house in an hour or two. The house was quite luxourious, with a white pickett fence and being 3 stories high. They went around back, where they found a unlocked back door, into the kitchen.
Intelligent Neighbors
05-09-2004, 16:20
OOC: Oh, I 'aint gonna nuke anybody, it is the cowards way out.

I look forward to a good RP with you... I am impressed with your RP skills, but am worried about your sig.?!
05-09-2004, 16:34
Ian and Andrea were able to without incident sneak into the salt mine. The guards never saw them, and if they were seen, the guard didn't live to chat about it. Finally, they reached a safe place to hide.

"I didn't get to hear what our orders were, Ian." Andrea whispered. "We are to rescue the slave 'Lillian Douglas' at any cost. She's supposed to know something important." Ian replied. "Do we know where she is?" Andrea asked. "Now, what would be the fun in that? All I know is the general section she works in." Ian said with a smile.

They continues to sneak through the mine. Eventually, they reached the area where Lillian was supposed to work. "This place is swarming with guards. How the hell are we going to be able to break her out?" Andrea whispered. "That's what these little gadgets are for." Ian said, holding out several small bombs. "All we need to do is place these in the right spots on the roof, and....". "And we'll kill everyone here, including ourselves. Real brilliant." Andrea shot back.

"There's a small fault that runs through two of the exits. If we place one bomb on the fault. we could collapse most of the area without collapsing it all. All we need to do is make sure that Lillian is on the safe side when we blow it. Simple, right?" Ian explained. "That sounds great. Which one is Lillian?" Andrea replied.

"That's the one problem. I... didn't get a picture..." Ian said sheepishly. "You didn't get a picture. Great. Does this place have a speaker system? You know, so that they could contact the entire staff all at once in case of fire, or something?" "I think they do. That gives me an idea....." Ian said.

Ian explained his idea to Andrea and then they planned their next move.
The God Falltothzu
05-09-2004, 19:34
OOC: Oh, I 'aint gonna nuke anybody, it is the cowards way out.

I look forward to a good RP with you... I am impressed with your RP skills, but am worried about your sig.?!

I wasnt implying that you were, it was just meant to be an exaggerated example.

Thank you, I'll take off the sig...its from the end of a pink flyod song...
The God Falltothzu
05-09-2004, 20:10
"Ok, you two stay here and watch the door." whispered Barnaby to two of the 12 men. The two nodded in agreement and the rest of the 12 moved on into the kitchen. Immediately Barnaby started opening the cabinents, quickly, but silently. He went on doing this until he found where the knives where kept. He passed out the steak knives to his men, keeping a long 8" knife for himself.

"Hey whats that?" frantically whispered Arthur to Barnaby. "Quick its coming from behind that door!" replied Barnaby. He then positioned himself with his back up against the wall, next to the door. The door slowly opened, a beautiful lady, stepped out. She had long blond hair, and was about 5' and 5". As she got a few feet away from the door, Barnaby grabbed her, pressing his knife up against her neck.

She let out a quick scream, but Barnaby quickly silenced her. "When is your husband getting home?" he whispered into her ear. She replied, half crying, "In a half hour." Barnaby then said, "Where is his office?" She than replied, "Down the hall, last door on your right. Its at the bottom of the stairs, in the basement." Barnaby then turned to his men, "Arthur, you take her up stairs into the bathroom. As for the rest of you, go her husband's office, I'm sure hes got guns down there. Get them."

Barnaby then stood up against the front door, as he did, to the door before. Soon the door knob began to turn. Through the door walk a military officer. Barnaby grabbed him the same as he did to the officer's wife. "I've been waiting for this moment for so long, Captain Liedet." whispered Barnaby into Liedet's ear. Barnaby then delivered a quick blow to the back of Liedet's head, rendering him unconscious.
The God Falltothzu
06-09-2004, 01:00
When Lieddet awoke, he was tied down, in a stiff wooden chair, in the bathroom. In front of Liedet sat his wife, tied to a chair in the same fashion. Barnaby stood next to Liedet's wife, holding Liedet's Desert Eagle, the same one that was used to kill Vinnious.

"Liedet, you killed my best friend, and now you will feel pain worse than what I did." shouted Barnaby at Liedet. Barnaby then began to beat Liedet's wife, right in front of Liedet. Barnaby then took out his knife, and cut a large gash in Liedet's wife's stomach. She would surely bleed to death in a few hours from the wound. Both Liedet and his wife screamed in horror simaltaniously. Barnaby then bound the wife, to the point where she could not even move. He then threw her in the bathtub, and turned the water on to a trickle.

It was nearly 30 minutes before the wife began to drown in the bloody water which engulfed her body. Liedet was forced to sit, and watch the entire incident. He tried to be strong, but he was simply crushed. The entire time, Barnaby sat back and laughed.

"Shes dead Liedet. I should let you live, so you can know the pain of which I must feel everyday I wake. But I shall be kind, and grant you death." grimly said Barnaby to Liedet. Barnaby then beat Liedet with the Desert Eagle. He beat Liedet, until he was a bloody pulp. When Barnaby walked out of the room, Liedet wasn't moving at all.

The 12 then fleed back to their hideout in slums, now with a small cache of weapons.
06-09-2004, 05:53
OOC: Yipes, Barnaby sure is vicious. Wouldn't want to get on his bad side, that's for sure.

Ian and Andrea snuck their way to what seemed to be an office for one of the guards. When they got there, they quietly broke in, and were confronted by an officer holding a shotgun. "I've been following your progress. Please, take a seat." he said, showing them into his office. "I should shoot you, but I'm curious. Why are you here?"

Ian said, "We're looking for a woman, Lillian Douglas. We were told to kidnap her at any cost and bring her to a safe place. That's all I know.". The officer said, "Who sent you? Where were you supposed to take her? Tell me, or you die!". "That's all I know. I was hired over the phone. I was to take her somewhere I knew to be safe and activate a GPS bead. That's all." Ian said.

"Well, if you came for Lillian Douglas, you're too late. We recently transported her. One of the guards was using her, and he moved, so she went with. Thanks for the information, but now you die." he said, bringing the shotgun level with Ian's head.

Before he could fire, however, Andrea hit him in the head with a large plaque. His eyes unfocused, and he dropped the shotgun. Ian then kicked him in the chest, and he fell unconcious. "Good job. Stupid soldiers forget there are two of us. Morons." Ian said with a smile. "So, what do we do now? If Lillian isn't here, then shouldn't we leave?" Andrea said.

"If we leave, then this guy will eventually wake up and tell the rest of the guards that there are spies in the base. If we kill him, someone will know almost immediately. Sure, we could get out alright, but we should still do SOMETHING to justify the cost of this little trip." Ian said, annoyed. Andrea replied with, "Well then, why not blow up the mine? We have those bombs of yours, we would be able to blow up large chunks of the mine easily. We could deprive these religious fools of a salt mine. Why not?"

"I hate to say it, but that's a good idea. Even though it means we will be killing all the slaves, it should end this disgusting practice. We can justify it to the Boss later. Lets go." Ian said with a sigh. "Wait a sec... How many bombs do you have anyway? It would take hundreds to take down the whole mine. What if we just blow all the exits except one, and have the army free all the slaves that come out? They could also kill these horrible guards. Ask HQ if it would be ok." Andrea said.

*Crackle**Crackle* HQ, Yogi here. The bird's flown the coop. Requesting a smoke-free picnic. Over. *Crackle* This is HQ. Which side of the park will be smoke-free? Dawn or Dusk? Over. *Crackle* Dusk sounds like a lovely time. Over. *Crackle* The Boss loves the idea of a picnic at Dusk. Permission granted. Have a nice, safe picnic. Over and out. *Crackle**Crackle*
The God Falltothzu
06-09-2004, 18:11
"Sleeping on the job!!??!!" Shouted a Captain, who just happened to enter the office a few hours later. "huh what the?" replied the guard laying on the floor. "You have failed your God, and now you must be punished!" shouted the Captain. "No,no, wait! Theres something very, very, important I have to tell you!" frantically shouted the guard. "Silence" shouted the captain pulling out his 8" cerimonial knife.

The Captain then plunged the two blades of the knife into the stomach of the guard. The guard screamed in horror, as the Catain slowly twisted the knife, snagging several parts of the guards intestines. The Captain then jerked the knife out of the guard, within, coming the intestines of the guard, now hanging half in and half out.

The guard looked down at parts of himself, that should be inside of him, and then dropped to the ground, screaming in pain. The way the procedure was done, the guard would stay alive for a few more hours, in horrible pain. The Captain the stomped on the guards adam's apple, crushing it in an effort to muffle the screaming.

"Know you have been purified by pain, and punished by death. You may now die well." grimly said the Captain.

Later some guards came in and dragged the dying guard out in the open for all to see.

OOC: that is military discipline in my nation....
The God Falltothzu
07-09-2004, 03:51
The God Falltothzu
07-09-2004, 06:12
07-09-2004, 22:54
"Well, that's the last one. I hope that no one sees any of the bombs. Let's get somewhere safe." Andrea said. "Sure, the safe exit is just this way. Let's blow the mine to Kingdom Come." Ian replied.

They wound their way through the mine, when they finally reached the surface. Seeing that there were now two guards at the gate, they silently crept up behind them and shot them, point blank, in their respective heads.

After killing the guards, and leaving the mine, Ian was about to blow the mines when Andrea smacked her forehead and said, "Wait, Ian. What proof do we have that the guard was telling the truth? Lillian could still be in there!". Ian turned to her and replied with, "Damn it, you're right. But I've already told the Boss that the mine is blowing up. And you know how fast the strike team can arrive. As much as I would like to, we can't spare the time to go back in there. Plus, who knows how much time we have until the guards decrypt the message I sent to the Boss, figure out what I said, and de-activate the bombs? I'm not going to take the risk. Bye bye mine."

Just before Ian pressed the button to blow the mine, Andrea said, "Wait. Give me one hour to find her.". Ian said, annoyed, "Why?". Andrea answered with, "I remember who Lillian Douglas is. Remember that huge story in the paper a few weeks ago? How the Head Scientist had his niece kidnapped, and some slavers said they wanted 100 million dollars to return her safely? Her name was LILLIAN DOUGLAS.". Ian looked at her, and exclamed, "I know how to I.D. her, if this Lilian is the one from the paper. She has wavy blond hair, and is missing her middle fingers. The slavers sent them as a token of their determination. Sick bastards. All right, if you think you can find her within, say, two hours, I'll wait. I'll set the timer to go off in two hours. If you can get her out in two hours, then good. If not, then I'll assume you to be dead, and blow the mine. Please hurry."

"I'll hurry. You stay here to guard the timer. Wish me luck!" Andrea said before slinking back into the mine. "Good luck....." Ian whispered, long after she was gone.

2:00:00 until the mine blows up.
Seneca falls
08-09-2004, 02:30
"Damn slavers I think we shouold be allowed to send in the army and shoot them all face to face.....To bad the government doesn't have the resources to send soldiers out here all they can spare is 15 fighters jeez." Squad leader Mendez of the 33rd fighter squad flying a AV-8B Harrier II

"Roger that sir a bloody shame......I heard these guys even kisdnapped some science wiz's niece and cut her fingers off....brutal eh." Was the reply from privet Litkins flying a Harrier GR.7. like all the rest of his squad mates.

"I think we should blow 'em all to hell that way we don't have to dispose of the corpses.....Too bad we have to kill all the slaves too....." Adds private Rayner.

"Meh tough luck for them they got sleep lost on my part."

"Litkins you are a heartless bastard you know that?"

"Yeah I know."

All 15 of the planes bearing the markings of the Seneca Falls Air force

"well boys ETA of 2 hours should be fun blowing this shit hole up. But we've got to cut radio contact so keep your thoughts to yer selves. Mendez over and out"

The 15 fighters flying cruise speed and at low altitiude head towards the salt mine run by slavers. Their objective blow shit up.

OOC: If this is one of those PG 13 RP's (I doubt it is.) I'll stop the swearing.
08-09-2004, 03:05
OOC: Im guessing your somewhat new.... and since this is all just for fun, I wont go crazy on you.... and 15 planes isnt something you miss on a radar screen...

and just some tips for you in future rps:

sending in planes like that openly bareing your nations name on them, is crazy. It would basically give the nation your attacking (in this case me) more than enough of a reason to declare war on you. Im in no way a large nation, but you are very small. I mean I have more than twice the total population of your nation, in my military...and im in know way a large nation. (no offense meant) So giving much larger than yourself, a reason to declare war on you isnt a good idea. If your gonna attack a larger nation, make sure you do it discretely, so it cant be traced back to you.

Next, just sending planes like that isnt smart, because most nations have defences, and sometimes military concentration near the coast. Example. On that island, I have well over a hundred thousand military planes. I also a lot of coastal defense that would do some damage to your planes...flak cannons, Missle Batteries, and tactical lasers on my shores...paired with an extensive radar array.... What im saying is expect most other nations to have some kind of defences......

Since your new, and this is for fun, im not gonna put up that much of a fight....and just say that it couldn't be determined from where they came

I'll make an IC response in a bit

PS: This is The God Falltothzu's future Tech puppet, and the message above is from the perspective of The God Falltothzu
08-09-2004, 03:06
OOC: no its not PG-13, say what you want, it really doesnt bother me...
Seneca falls
08-09-2004, 21:58
OOC: true true point taken....I was assuming that there wouldn't be too much defenses put inplace on a slave island....I mean clearly slaves aren't much value to your people......and the 15 was a typo I meant 5 (no it wasn't but I'm gonna pretend it was) I was also thinking that the complete destruction of the installation would mean no living witnesses and therefore it couldn't be traced back to me.....I'll keep the advice you gave in mind for future RP....I had a reltivly large nation awhile ago but I started over and I suometimes forget my nation is teeny and throw my weight around a wee bit sorry. How about I change the 15 fighters to one small trasnport copter and drop in a small commando team instead can I do that??? I don't RP often enough....
The God Falltothzu
08-09-2004, 22:04
OOC: Yea that works too, but you can do whatever you want. No need to apologize, I've done much crazier things when I was you size.

Yea I could understand why you would think it to be a slave island, but my entire nation rests on small islands all over the place, so I just split my army up evenly and sent the parts to my islands....
Seneca falls
08-09-2004, 22:25
OOC: ohhh kool. ok...the one transpo copter I'm using is a MH/UH-60L Black Hawk
And there are 10 well trained Cammando's on board they all have M4's with silencers and the sniper has a FN SPR A5 Sniping Rifle w/ optional Silencer. I'm a stickler for the new post will be:

"Are we there yet?"

"Shut the hell up Gerald! You sound like me 4 year old kid."

"I just wanna know if we're gonna be there yet I wanna shoot stuff...Jeez."

"Your sounding more like him every minute."


The unmarked matt black helicopter flew towards the small island it was known that there was an extensive slave salt mine on it and they we're gonna get in and try to find and rescue a scientists niece...The 10 Cammando's had been on the chopper for a few hours and were getting restless.

"Only 2 hours guys then we'll be there.....So calm down!" The pilot announced the ETA and the cammandoes buckled up and tried to get some sleep.
10-09-2004, 02:02
1:55:23 Time left

Andrea snuck in, making sure to stay in the shadows. She was able to rather quickly identify about twenty people who could be Lillian. She was about to give one of the slaves a closer look when she felt a boot press into the small of her back, pushing her to the ground.

"Captain! I found one!". "One of the spies the Gnomes sent to get that woman? Great. Message the Gerudans that we have one of their spies, and that unless they pay up now, we will march on Geruda. Oh, and tell them to increase payment by 15%.". "Yes sir!".

Time left: 1:40:43

*Crackle**Crackle*Ian, come in! Come in, dammit!*Crackle*Boss! What's the need for direct transmission? I might get caught! Over!*Crackle*You have been compromised. Andrea was caught, your mission is done. Get the hell out of there. That's a direct order. Over and Out!*Crackle**Crackle*

I've got to rescue her. I know what these barbarians do to those they capture. They will learn to fear an angry Gnome. Ian thought. He picked up the detonator, his pistol(silenced), and his grenades. He then descended into the mine. The Boss wouldn't tell me to abandon Andrea unless she was in serious trouble. Time to kill guards, rescue a friend, and get that damn girl out of harm's way. She and I are going to have a nice, long talk about her learning to protect herself, he thought sourly as he shot a guard in the head.

Time left: 1:30:53

Ian was beginning to think that he would never have any clue where Andrea had gotten to, when he saw her through a window, about to be excecuted. The guard's eyes widened at the sight of the 'crazy gnome' he had heard about breaking in through his window, and he almost was able to make it to the alarm before dying. Once he had killed the guard, he saw that there was another woman lying dead in the corner. He also saw that they looked very similar, apart from one thing. The dead woman's face had been blown to bits.

"A...Are you here to rescue me too? That woman said that she was trying to rescue me too, before she... died..." the woman managed to say before throwing up. At closer inspection, he saw that the woman in front of him was not, in fact, Andrea. "So you aren't Andrea. Who are you?" Ian said, helping her to her feet. "Did you say Andrea? So, you're her partner? She talked about you before she... well, you can see their handiwork on her yourself," she said, pointing to the body in the corner.

"By the way, I'm Lillian. She said you were sent to rescue me. I don't want to see another human for a long, long time. Sorry, I'm anxious to get the hell away from people who want to kill me." Lillian said. "You're right. Good thing this room is near a fault line, means she will get buried. Let's get out of here." Ian said.

Time left: 0:50:42

Ian and Lillian made their way up to the safe exit far slower than Ian would have liked. However, Lillian didn't have any training in moving fast while quiet. When they made it to the surface, they saw that the strike team from Geruda was not there yet. "They should BE here. The Geruda strike team has never been more than an hour when Geruda's tunnels are so close to here."

Just then, Ian heard a voice say, loudly, "Drop the gun and place your hands on your head, Ian. You're under arrest for treason.".

Ian turned to the speaker. It was the Boss.

Time left: 0:48:00.
Seneca falls
10-09-2004, 21:40
"Oh my god......We've been on this chopper what 6 hours I mean really couldn't I just walk around a wee bit?"

"Back to the 8 year hold huh gerald?"

"This is your pilot speaking...hehehehe always wanted to say that.....any way in about five minutes we'll be within visual range."

"Good to know"

--5 minutes later--

"Uhhhhh sir?"


"There's choppers already there sir...Did we send a team ahead a while ago?"

"no.....I don't think so...strange." presssing the intercom button Sgt. Fitzsimmons is able to talk directly to the pilot..."Can we speed up and see what going on down there?"

"Sure thing ETA:30 minutes."


"Whats goign on sarge?"

"Shut up.'
11-09-2004, 03:20
"Boss, what's this about? I'm no traitor! I went back in to save Andrea! The bombs couldn't be deactivated, so I knew that there was no reason to wait. I went in and was able to save Lillian! I'm not a damn traitor!" Ian said. The Boss smirked and replied with, "One problem. You disobeyed a direct order. That makes you a traitor. You know the punishment for treason. Come quietly."

Ian's mind was racing. What is wrong with him? I'm not a traitor, and he knows it! He then saw something odd. The Boss had a scar on his lower left chin. He had seen the same scar on at lease twelve guards inside the mine, and the others he hadn't looked too hard at. Lillian then screamed, "That's the man who kidnapped me! Look out!"

The Boss's gun shifted to silence her, but before he could shoot Ian's hand shot out and grabbed hold of the gun. They struggled, but the Boss hadn't done a mission in years, while Ian was on a new mission every other week. When Ian took the gun, he shouted at the Boss, "Who are you, really? You certantly aren't the Boss I know. What have you done with him?"

The man chuckled and said, "I've done nothing to him. All I heard was that he took a long cruise... without a boat. As for who I am, you can call me Dopple.". Ian frowned, and said, "Dopple, eh? Alright, 'Dopple' tell me your leader's name. Or I could make you take a long dirt nap. You choose."

Dopple's choice was lunging at Ian. He died within a second. "What're we going to do?" Lillian asked. Ian responded with, "We can't go back to the command ship; who knows how deep this goes? I know! I have a few friends everywhere. If I can get you back to Geruda, I can take you directly to the Head Scientist. Nothing can touch you if he puts up his defences. Well, nothing short of a nuclear bomb or an army of decoders. Gimme a sec while I call one of my friends."

Brring.....Brring..... "Hello?""Hey Dirge, it's Ian. I need a safe route to Geruda pronto. Here are my co-ords. Please be prompt, and I might forget how much money you owe me.""Wow, is it really you, Ian? Sure, I'll be fast. Go to the beach at point 15 and dig in. I'll be a few minutes.""You're a lifesaver, Dirge. Normal dig in?""Would I put you through anything else? Enjoy." Click.

"He'll be a moment. Let's dig in. Come with me." Ian said. When they got to the beach, he took out odd-looking digging tools. "Watch this.".

Ian digged for only five minutes before there was a meter-long, meter-deep hole in the sand. "We'll need to both fit in there. Ladies first.". After they had gotten into the hole, Lillian asked, "What good does an open hole do?". Ian replied with, "Be patient. The machine will fill it back in. Take this," he said, handing Lillian a small oxygen tank and a face mask. Almost immediately after they had their oxygen supplies secured, Ian pressed a button, and the dig tool filled the hole again before shorting out.

They settled down to wait.

Time Left: 0:40:23
The God Falltothzu
11-09-2004, 04:58
"Sir, they got away." yelled an guard to a nearby captain. "Rally the men, they don't escape, I dont care how many die." replied the officer.

15 minutes later, 100 guards and 10 captains stood in the center of camp. A voice of the loud speaker then broke the silence, "Thanks to a thermal imaging satalite, we have determined their location. Attach the bayonets to your rifles, and prepare to charge. Follow, the Captain Hilts, his is wearing the orange helmet. As we speak, measures are being taken to wipe them out. As to the traitor, surrender now, the really is know escape."

As the speech was going on, 5 guards, under the supervision of 3 captains, were pulling a howitzer into a place, on a hill, not to far away from the beach.
One of the captains was carrying a metal brief case along with him.

"Sir, whats in the briefcase." inquired one of the guards. "If you must now, it is the traitors end."

The Howitzer will be in place in 20 minutes.
Seneca falls
11-09-2004, 16:37
OOC:My guys'll be there in 7 minutes

"We're almost there gerald calm down"



"What jenkins?"

"Looks like they've got alot of guards looking for something or someone..."

"Awww nuts...Boys this is gonna be harder than I thought so your gonna need your knifes...and grenades I know you don't like how they clink and stuff but we're gonna need 'em."

"Yes sir"
11-09-2004, 21:25
Time Left: 0:33:12

Ian heard a hoverboat pull up to the beach. He thought, That's odd, Dirge usually isn't this fast. He must really want me to forget a lot of his debt. I'll get it all back next time we play poker, though.

He heard someone dig them up, and smiled when it was Dirge. "Thanks buddy, you're a gift to the world. Get us out of here," he said.

Just when they were about to leave, Dirge said, "Oh shit. We've been seen. Hurry, I have another hover somewhere else. We need to MOVE!". Ian saw why he was so worried. Coming over the hill were about 100 soldiers, and he could see a howitzer being set up.

"Why the hell are they so dead-set in killing you?" Dirge said while they were running toward a forest. Ian explained the situation. "Andrea's dead? Shit, man. These guys are serious. Anyway, the hover is the fastest model I could grab on such a short notice. I think that we will need to fight." Dirge said.

"Fight? Are you mad? Sure, in perfect conditions, I could kill these guys. But, all at once, with a liability along, in a terrible area? Do you have a death wish?" Ian said furiously. Dirge laughed and said, "You sounded so worried that I messaged the Gerudan barracks. The strike team hadn't even heard you were outside of Geruda! I pulled a few favours. They'll be here within 10 minutes. If we can hold out for that long, then we can escape while the team pulls fire. AND I found the perfect place for the defence. Come see."

When they reached the second hoverboat, Ian could barely hold back his laughter. It was the ideal choke point. They could defend that place for a full day if they had to.

Time Left: 0:28:05

They finished laying down mines, and got to safely. "Dirge, get the hover running. If we can get them thinking that we're holed up in here, then we could leave without them thinking that anything's happened! Perfect!" Ian said.

They prepared to fight.


"So, where are we going?" Strike Team Member 3 asked.

"Some slave island. We're supposed to help Mr. Dirge get a hostage out." Captain Gren answered.

"Well, what's the prey?" Strike Team Member 7 asked.

"I dunno... Quiet! I'm getting a transmission!" Captain Gren said.

*Crackle**Crackle*It's Dirge! Your target is the army chasing us. 100-odd strong. Hold 'em off till we can retreat! Once we're outta there, pull out! Over and Out!*Crackle**Crackle*

"You heard the man. This'll be a good fight. Everyone, hold on! We're landing!" Captain Gren said.

"What's that? Looks like another team is coming in by helecopter... Hope they're friendlies." Strike member 12 said.

Time Left until the mine blows up: 0:20:13
Seneca falls
13-09-2004, 22:58
"My god there must be a something really important they've got sloldiers artilery another chopper and a hover boat...what the hell is going on down there?!"

"Sarge? Maybe we can contact that other chopper they might not be working for the slavers?"

"Gerald you've had some pretty dumbass ideas before but this is pretty good... Pilot...try to get a link with that other chopper..."

14-09-2004, 03:10
OOC: The strike team took a hoverboat too. I don't mind too much, but Geruda has no airplanes, as we are 100% underground.

Captain Gren was, as usual, arguing with one of his dumbass soldiers when he heard the reciever turn on. He frowned, and turned the reciever to Personal Mode. After he heard the transmission, he replied with, "Yes, we are against the slavers too. We have a team stuck on the island, and we could use some help getting them home. Over."..."Good. Thank you. Over and Out."

He turned to his soldiers, smiled, and said, "Guess what, boys? That chopper is a friendly! This should be much easier, now that we have help. And for PETE'S SAKE, STOP FIGHTING you two!". At his words, two of the soldiers immediately shut up, giving Gren some time to think about how he was going to arrange this battle.

Time Left: 0:18:23


Dirge handed out several odd-looking weapons. "These are some of the things I've been working on recently. They're called Unstable Energy Generators. When you pull the three switches, it charges up. Once it charges, it has enough energy to fire one Unstable Energy Shot. About 5 seconds after shooting, the Shot explodes in an area about three meters wide. Everything in that area is treated to around 12 000 degrees Celsius. That's hotter than the surface of the sun. There's only enough energy for one shot from each weapon, but the damage is devastating. It's too expensive to mass-produce these babies, but they're perfect for fighting in choke points, like tunnels, or this place. The passage that gets shot is far too hot to pass through for about an hour. Lovely weapons, if impractical."

Lillian stared in amazement at Dirge. "What do you DO for a living?". Ian saw the look on her face, and, laughing, said, "He's the Defensive Weapons Head Developer. We call him the Crazy Weapons Guy. He gets about 5% of the entire military budget to play with. He's patented almost half of all the military patents for the whole country, too."

Dirge sighed. "Oh, come on. I'm not all that amazing. And anyway, it's closer to two thirds the patents. In any case, if we wanna use these toys, we will need to find somewhere to hide from the massive amount of heat. Heat can turn corners too." Lillian said, "What about on the water? If we go on the hoverboat and put up the heat shielding, then the shielding will take all the remaining heat without a problem."

Ian looked at her, and asked, "Where did you learn about the heat shields? It's the big secret about our hovers! No one knows about that, except for the heads of scientific departments, and...". "The inventor, me. Do you really think the government would send you out to rescue ANY old kidnapee?" Lillian said, smiling.

"Well, let's get prepared. I'll stay here and fire the weapon once I hear enemies come. You two get the hover readied." Ian said. "Yessir!" the other two said.

Time Left: 0:15:01
Seneca falls
14-09-2004, 22:46
OOC: A hovercraft eh? cool.

"Looks like it's a friendly sarge."

"Sweet. Alright boys looks like we're the 3rd party here...We're droping onto the island and getting picked up in 6 hours we're going to move in and hit the howitzer with some gren's at the same time the sniper'll get into position and start picking off the most imprtant looking people...we're going to harrass them from behind but we stay hidden there are 10 times the number of them than us...I want Jenkins and Rupurt to cover the snipers ass...At the green light jump."

The chopper drops to 3 feet above the ground. The green light turns on and the men split and start as ordered.

Three grenades explode around the howitzer and at the same time a soldier takes a shot to the head as a fourth and fifth grenade go off slightly but not critically hitting the howitzer. small arms fire erupts from varius locations behind the enemy killing several and then stops a few seconds later it erupts from other locations and stops as suddenly as it began.