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THe Nuclear Age

29-08-2004, 20:05
The Peoples Republic of Zhongnanhai with it's Uranium mining industry will begin contuction of 3 Nuclear reactors. Rest assure Zhongnanhai has no intentions to build WMDs. This is simply to improve the environmental issue in Zhongnanhai.
To find more about these reactors
29-08-2004, 20:16
Official Statement, Imperial Government

We are pleased to see Zhongnanhai choose to adopt nuclear power, the only sensible power solution. In addition we are pleased that your uranium mining industry is developing well, and it should be known that the Democratic Imperium has no problem with nations developing WMD programs. On the contary, we scorn those who attempt to impose their own, usually hippocritcal ideas upon sovereign nations.
Adaptus Astrates
29-08-2004, 20:39
I like your website, especially how you've modelled after the Chinese armed forces. I must remember to do my own freewebs site. God luck with your nuclear age.