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Kunt Century International Airport Opens---Airlines Welcome.

Kunt City
29-08-2004, 11:35
The Kuntese government has announced the opening of Kunt Century International Airport (KAI) for commercial use.

KAI is accessible from every district of Kunt City with the Kunt City Underground. KAI is also serviced by city cabs and transport vans. Rental cars provided by the Seiyo Car Corporation are available.

KAI is located in the Travel District (an artificial island) of Kunt City, an island city-state metropolis in Insular Asia.
(Note: Insular Asia is a group of tropical islands off Eastern Asia)

KAI is composed of 4 ultra-huge international terminals. Each terminal can house 15 international commercial airlines. Four runways service the airport.

Each terminal contains many establishments for the purchasing of food, drink, literature, electronics, and miscellaneous accessories. The Kuntese government prides itself as being progressive, so to service travelers, KAI offers K2.00(USD$1.00) per hour Wi-Fi Access and cheap KTT Telecom 3G rental mobile phones for use in Kunt City's exclusive 3G KOMA network---all available at KAITech Kiosks!
(Note: KTT Telecom also offers 2G GSM rental handsets for outbound international travelers.)

Tourists arriving in KAI and staying in Kunt City for more than one week recieve 40% off discounts in all HighRiseHotels(4 star and up) that are members of the KAI Hospitality Program and 40% off discounts on Seiyo Car Corporation Rental Cars.
(Note: Tourist Visas last only for 30 days. You must apply for a Temporary Residence Visa to stay longer.)

Please understand that there is only enough room for 59 airlines (one slot is reserved for Kuntese Airways). So, in order to reach a farther span of the NationStates world, we require one international airline per region and one slot per airline only.

General Information:
KAI is located on an artificial island that is connected to the main island

Buying and Disclaimer:
Each slot is available at 3,000,000 Kuntmarks (K3,000,000=USD$1,500,000) and at a yearly rental of K30,000 (USD$15,000). Remember, one airline per region and one slot per airline only. If you win a license, your terminal and slot will be announced. Buyers are served on a first-come-first-served-basis. Commercial airlines only. Threats will be ignored---Kunt City is a peaceful country. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and reply.

Airline Home (Airport):
Airport Location:

License winners will be announced in one week or when the slot of 59 airlines is filled.
29-08-2004, 12:36
Ultimate aiport protection:
The Great Sixth Reich
30-08-2004, 00:09
I need a refueling and landing spot off of Asia, so I might as well purchase a slot.

Nation:The Great Sixth Reich
Region: GTA Forums (Why's that important?)
Airline: Lufthansa International (Lufthansa Cargo and Lufthansa Alliance might stop by too)
Airline Home (Airport): Hienkel City International (HCY) (main hub).
Airport Location: Germany... many flights will come from Dhabi in North America as well.
30-08-2004, 01:10
Nation: Castillanos
Region: Europa
Airline: Copa Airlines
Airline Home (Airport): Vespuché International Airport (
Airport Location: Santiago, Castillanos (RL=San Salvador, El Salvador)
Drizzts Army
30-08-2004, 01:17
Nation: Drizzts Army
Region: The Zooige Isles
Airline: Drow Internation Airways
Airline Home: Drownin International Airport
Airport Location: I think the airport name says it all