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Always Expect the Unexpected (Limited RP)

The New Aryan State
29-08-2004, 06:34
I suspect this will be my last address to the international community. As I write, there are gunshots echoing within the halls of the Reichstag. I have a pistol beside me, given to my by the captain of the guard, with one round chambered. The few who remain loyal battle bravely, but to no avail. I have only this to say. I regret nothing

Reichschancellor Holst
NAS Reichstag, Belsin
NASBC 9 am News

*A man, clothed in black with one arm in a sling, stands upon a balcony on the Reichstag overlooking a crowded plaza*

Good morning. My name is Dieter Stahl. Some of you may recognise me, but for those who do not, I was the head of the communist party within our great country before the fascists came to power. For the last six years, I and my colleagues here have protested against the government's increasing use of force to carry out the law, and it's restriction of the rights of the working class. That struggle ceased yesterday evening with the death of the Reichschancellor. However, my brothers, think not of this as the end of an age, rather, the dawn of a new era, as the New Aryan State officially welcomes it's new, COMMUNIST! GOVERNMENT!!

*The sound of massed cheering can be heard in the background*
The Island of Rose
29-08-2004, 06:45
OOC: I just KNOW that the Facist Government is going to come back somehow. By the way, anyway I can get in that won't involve me getting attacked?
The New Aryan State
29-08-2004, 06:52
OOC: Imagine the game Freedom Fighters with Nazis. It'd be like 'Freedom Restriction Fighters'.
I dunno. There's gonna be an underground movement, like there was a commie one. Give us guns. Preferably Kalashnikovs, due to the new government's desire to fit in.
"But Comrade Stahl, we do not have the neccessary machines to manufacture these weapons"

"So? purchase them!"

"They will be expensive..."

The Island of Rose
29-08-2004, 07:09
OOC: Imagine the game Freedom Fighters with Nazis. It'd be like 'Freedom Restriction Fighters'.
I dunno. There's gonna be an underground movement, like there was a commie one. Give us guns. Preferably Kalashnikovs, due to the new government's desire to fit in.
"But Comrade Stahl, we do not have the neccessary machines to manufacture these weapons"

"So? purchase them!"

"They will be expensive..."


OOC: Heh. How ironic :rolleyes:

The Vice President looked at the recent report. He smiled, a new Communist Government a new possible ally. He gave the order, free guns, free tanks, free everything! Ah... God it's going to cost so much, but that's why we have the Presidential Fortune for...

Official Statement from The Soviet Democratic Empire of The Island of Rose:

We are happy to hear of the new Communist Government, we will donate the following for free:

5,000 HK G36s
7,000 Colt .45s
500 T-90s
700 BMP-3s
500 RF-1s (F-18s)
200 RB-1s (F-15E)

This will help you go along smoothly. May you prosper over your new Government.
-Minister of Commerce: Nikolai Geoff
The New Aryan State
29-08-2004, 07:10
This is Dieter Stahl addressing the international community. Though the revoloution in the capital was a success, much of the country is not under our control, and much of the armed forces do not support us. We ask for veteran communist nations to intervene, and help bring the NAS into the fold.
Generic empire
29-08-2004, 07:13
((OOC: Can I help out the fascist Freedom Fighters? I detest commies in charge.))
The New Aryan State
29-08-2004, 07:18
Our thanks to the Island of Rose for it's generous contribution, but the previous government's standing army of near to three million highly trained men is still a major problem.

OOC: You do what you want, but bear in mind I want this to last at least a few years. I want the commies to think they've won, first.
The Island of Rose
29-08-2004, 07:25
Official Statement from The Soviet Democratic Empire of The Island of Rose:

The Rose is too spread out at the moment. We have eight fleets spread out across the globe, and we'd rather keep our boys at home. The best we can do is provide supplies and money when needed.
-Minister of War: General Alexander Roska

OOC: Rosians only fight when allies are attacked, you are not really an ally... yet. For now, when my current conflicts are over, I'll join you.
The New Aryan State
29-08-2004, 07:31
*Tap, tap*

"Gerhardt Straus?"

*Bam, bam, bam*

"Straus! We know you are in here, open the door and put your hands in the air !"

"I don't think he's coming out, comrade"

"So go get him"

"What? Me?"

"Yes you, damnit!"


"Move, move MOVE!"

*Stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp*

"He's not here"

Straus ran. His worn SS boots thudded heavily against the brick of the sewer pipes. He ran, and ran. Finally, after a quarter hour, he stopped and listened.

Straus lapsed into a walk, breathing heavily. He found a ladder to the surface, and began to climb.
The bright midday sun shone between buildings, forcing Straus to keep his hand above his face. In his other hand he held one of two possessions he had taken with him during his escape; his Iron Cross. 'Services to His Country'. Bah.
This was his country now. Another faceless slab in the Soviet Blok. Tucked into his jacket was the only other thing he owned, a Beretta 96, .40 cal pistol with two mags. This would enable him to do what he was best at. Stay alive.
Generic empire
29-08-2004, 07:34
Emperor Alexei sat hunched to one side on his ornate throne. Chancellor Alexeevich stood before him, waiting for a reply from the Emperor.

"We have had dealings with them in the past."

"This is true, your grace."

"If I did not have such a passionate hatred for the idiocy of Communist government, I would say this to be a unique opportunity to right past wrongs..."

" 'Tis also the truth, majesty."

"I suppose they think they have power?"

"Quite possibly."

"Hmmm... An interesting situation indeed. I do not think it would be wise to move militarily..yet, but there are other ways."

"Indeed, your grace."

"I suppose there would be those who disagree with the new government, as I do. It would be wise to find them."

"And what would your grace propose?"

"I hear rumors of a man who once worked under my predecessor, as an agent for the department of Imperial Intelligence. I hear that after a certain black operation, he dissappeared in the Republic of Georgia. I believe his name was Edemskoi?"

A slight tremor passed through the Chancellor's face at the mention of the name.

"Chancellor, have you heard of this man?"

A strange look entered Alexeevich's eyes briefly, but he regained his composure.

"Yes, your grace."

"I hear he was the best."

"Some would argue, your grace."

"Have you any clue to his wherabouts?"

"Not personally, but perhaps someone in the bureau does."

"Do you recall the name of the former director of intelligence?"

"I believe it was Mr. Ivan Cac, your grace."

"Then perhaps he is the man to see."

"Last I heard, Mr. Cac was in quite poor health."

"Then I suppose time is of the essence."

"Yes, your grace."

Chancellor Alexeevich turned, and exited the chamber, off to set the wheels in motion for the search for the world's greatest deciever.
The New Aryan State
29-08-2004, 08:01
It felt as though everyone in the street was looking at him. They'd seen his face on television, no doubt, but none of them expected to meet him. Straus' only defence against being recognised was the human tendency not to see what they don't want to see.
Police cars were the only vehicles in sight. Most of the Schutzstaffel having been working class themselves, and sided with the communists.
After a half hour of freedom, however, Straus was stopped by a patrol car. They asked for identification. He had none. They asked who he was, he wouldn't say. They radio'ed the station. One of the officers approached him.

"We have reason to believe that you..." He began, before Straus' fist hit him full on underside of his nose. The man reeled, his muscles spasming. The second officer reached for his gun.

"Oh shit..." and Straus shot him in the middle of the chest, having drawn the beretta after punching the first. The man had been no more than six feet away, and the bullet blew a hole four inches wide in his back.
Straus searched the bodies, revealing a pack of ready-rolled, a lighter and a mobile phone. The keys were still in the patrol car...
The New Aryan State
29-08-2004, 08:37
Getting there would be easy, getting on a ship without being spotted would be far *Beeeb, beeeb*

"What the hell?"

*Beeeb, beeeb*

Straus stopped the patrol car and fumbled through his pockets. The mobile was ringing.

"Who is this?" he asked.

"That is not important, Gerhardt"

"How did you get this number? This isn't even my phone!"

"We know what you're doing, Gerhardt. And believe us when we say it won't work. They will hunt you down"

"Who the fuck are you?"

The voice on the phone sighed, "We are a part of the last government. We were created by the Reichschancellor during the latter days of his 'Term in office'. We are the failsafe"

"Why do you care what happens to me?"

"You are important, Gerhardt. You are a part of our history, and a useful part"

"What do you want?"

"You must return to the capital. I will phone you again when you reach the outskirts and guide you to us. Do not worry, Gerhardt. We are the only people in the world now who can keep you safe"
29-08-2004, 08:58
"Anyway we turn this to our advantage." THe Emporer was reading the report of the new regiem in The New Aryan State.

Matt was uneasy, "I don't know sire."

"Of course we are anti-communist arn't we."

"We are sire."

"How about a assination? Shoot there leader and while there distracted raid a few villages, take a few slaves and get out,"

"genius, sire. I shall get on it straight away."
29-08-2004, 09:15
Helveticuz wishes that the new government will give stability for your nation, and equality. We support the communist government to 100%, but we cannot engage in combat or any peacekeeping mission, as most of our forces already are in combat.
Therefor, Helveticuz will donate following:

- 5000 M16A2

- 3200 Glock 17L

- 1400 Bulletproof Vest's (NATO)

- 400 Kevlar Helmet (Helvetian Standard)

- 10 boxes of AA missiles (each box contains 10 missiles)

We hope that this will help you in the fight against fascism.
You have our support, remember that.

Helvetian Ministry of Foreign Relations
The New Aryan State
29-08-2004, 09:30
To the Esteemed Government of Helveticuz;

Our most prolific thanks for your donations. Though far larger than our own, the remnant forces are thinly spread over the entire NAS and your gift will enable us to expel them from the immidiate area around the capital.
The New Aryan State
30-08-2004, 00:17
A wild cry in the night, "CHARGE!!" and two thousand armed civilians burst from the trees into the Remnant camp. There were five thousand soldiers in the area, but no orders were given. Panic ensued and the civilians, who bore a mixture of G36 and M16 rifles, Colt .45's and Glock 17's and all manner of protective equipment fired into the half-naked men. Hundreds were gunned down, a few had enough sense to surrender, and the rest fled into the darkness.
Morning. Fires were being stamped out, weapons stockpiled, prisoners counted, and the butchers bill drafted.

"Premier Stahl!" said the communist commander, a fat, ageing Captain, "An honour to see you among us, sir!"

"You are alive and well, Captain?"

"I am sir, but that's more than I can say for some of us"

"I'll have the hospital send you some ambulances. Congratulations, Captain, on your victory"

"Thankyou, sir!"
30-08-2004, 09:10
Aust had wasted no time in sending in the sniper, or preparing there ASS squads.

The assassin, Codename 43, stood on the edge of the wood, vcamaflarged. He raised his gun, a sniper rifle. Taking careful aim at the targets head, the man was talking to a fat captain. He pulled the trigger....
The New Aryan State
31-08-2004, 01:42
The new government is pleased to announce the overwhelming success of last week's attack on the fascist remnant forces. Every day they weaken, whilst we are strengthened. Sadly, we must report the death of Captain Hans Frederickson, the leader of the attack, who fell in battle with his rifle in hand.
Straus pulled onto the kerb. This is it? he wondered, What a shithole. And it was. The building was all rotted wood, most of the windows had been smashed, and there was a burned-out car in the front garden.
Straus got out of the police car and walked to the door.

"Hello?" he shouted. No answer.
"HELLO?" he tried again. Nothing.
Straus took a few steps back, before kicking the door in at a run. The wood shattered under his boot, and his foot became stuck in the frame.
"Oh, shit" he grumbled, hopping on one foot. He punched in a bit more of the door to allow him to free his leg, before opening the door from the inside, and feeling for a light switch. He found it, but there was no power.
"No surprises there" , mumbled Straus, feeling his way forwards in the dark. Through a rotted doorway, there came a faint glow. He tried the handle, and it turned. He opened the door, revealing a flight of stairs. Straus slipped his Beretta into his hand as he descended, but stopped at the sound of footsteps. A man turned the corner to the stairs, only to be faced with a gun pointed at his forehead.

"Gerhardt Straus, I presume?"

OOC: Straus has met with the resistance movement, and I can't be bothered to make up some rp between them, but suffice to say he joined them. Also, soon enough the resistance should be recieving a large amount of small arms from a storefront I went to a day or so ago.
The Horned Rat
31-08-2004, 01:46
IC: During this, the council had not been inactive. Not really favouring one goverenment type over the other(as you are all man-things to me), they had edcided the old would be supported. An entire battalion of gutter runners were operating in NAS underground. Several pockets of resitance fighters were located, and concealed packages of assorted ammunition(pretty much all side arms, or rilfe ammunition), several OICWs, and M203 Sniper rifles were left for the fighters, but meeting had not occured, for fear of discovery(well, not fear, it would just be annoying to my opperations).

A triad had a much different mission. Useing their stealth and infiltration techniques, they trailed Gerhardt. Keeping distance close enough to help, but far enough to avoid suspision. They had observed him killing the policeman, and had already saved him from some other threats. A few dozen teams of gutter runners were on call for the triad, and a few civillians disappeared when they attempted to contact the police and alert them of the fugitive.
OOC: Is this level of help okay? Or too much?
The New Aryan State
31-08-2004, 01:55
OOC: Perfect. I like the idea of you having been looking out for Straus. I must admit, he'd not been to careful.
31-08-2004, 02:31
Pele Kawau considered this situation. It was really too bad, the huge backlash towards all socialists, yet they did nto seek to ynderstand it, and had little actual reasoning behind their hate. No matter. He slowly walked to the window and looked down as the vibrant city of Mandoli. Industrious, Hadula was, but not economically powerful, as they did not has as much reliance on currency, being self-sufficient and rather isolated in trade. Kawau slowly placed the cigar to his mouth, breathing in deep.

What to do, what to do...

The smoke escaped through his nostils, wisping up in the clouded air. His khaki uniform, a sure sign of the Nativist Hadulan Party, was rather worn. He thought for a moment. Since the Libyan situation was over, the Dominion's army was at its maximum, and its numbers had swelled. If the new regime was threatened, then a quick retaliation force may be created. However, with the rebellion in the Northwest and the invasion from the Southeast, he had two fronts to protect, and also the borders of the Hadulan Island chain. He thought. He could spare some Dominion soldiers to keep the peace, and also, he could send parts of the LJFA with additional PANDEMIC support to help solidify the new regime. Instating propoganda, quiting the dissenters, and keeping the peace through force is often neccescary during the young stages of a sudden regime change to socialism.

Quitely, he began to write the letter he would enclose to the NAS Communist regime.

[OOC: Before I begin, are you going to give the Communists a chance or are you just going to give the fascists an auto win?]
The New Aryan State
31-08-2004, 02:57
OOC: I might stick with the commies for a couple of weeks after the full liberation of the country. I want them to succeed as fully as possible, before I *break* them...
The New Aryan State
02-09-2004, 04:31
OOC: Due to a previously unforseen event soon (Hopefully) to take place, which I am not allowed to tell you about, this thread will no longer be needed. My apologies, Hadula, for requesting your help when it would be so quickly discarded, and my thanks for your response, but it is not neccessary any more.
02-09-2004, 04:41
OOC: I might get involved, but not right now, I am in a war.