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teh Ninjas Invades African Country (earth 2)

Teh ninjas
29-08-2004, 03:35
Secretary of Commerce Eric Klem looked at his watch. The Representative was late, as usual. The Representative speaks for the CEO of TN Corporation, who holds enormous power in the Ninjian government, of course this is all unknown to the Emperor. Finally Representative Michael Phelps walks into the small conference room. He sits at the head of the oak table, and looks out at the other Cabinet Members.

"Good day gentlemen, sorry I'm late I had business."

He motions with his hand for a nearby guard to hand out papers to the cabinet members.

"These papers show the industrial potential of Africa Burundi, which has been ravaged by civil war, and viruses, more specifically AIDs. The nation has an under-developed manufacturing sector but Mr.Glenn can change that."

"How does this exactly involved the government?"

Secretary Reynolds called out from the end of the table.

"Glad you asked. Our requests for business in their nation has been denied, and they have even insulted Mr.Glenn. So we want you to seize control over Burundi. Now, this is a must, we cannot stress this enough. If this isn't completed their will be reprecussions.

This shocked the Cabinet Members. The CEO had never demanded such an action as to invade another nation. Secretary of Defense Thomas Halbert spoke first.

"Why can't your Solaris boys do the job?"

"Simple they don't have the mobility, the naval power, or the numbers to successfully gain control of the nation. Plus we need them for other operations."

Solaris was a private military contracting company owned by TN Corporations. It boasts a large force of ex-military soldiers from teh Ninjas Colonies. They were professional killers, and could be ordered to kill any cabinet member if the CEO wished to. Phelps continued speaking.

"Listen if this goes smoothly we can gain some enormous amounts of profit, which means a huge payoff to all of us. The economy will prosper and the people will be happy."

Secretary Eric Klem looked up.

"What right do we have to invade this nation?"

"Let's see, we won't technically "invading" the nation. We'll simply send a naval battlegroup, a couple Peacekeeping divisions, and say we're distributing food, and medicine, and help securing our interests. We rigg the voting booths, and setup a puppet, it's flawless. To make things better the minority is in control of the government, so we'll have the backing of the majority of the people in Burundi."

Everyone was silent in the room. They had to do it or them and their families would be dead before morning. Phelps spoke again.

"Do you all understand?"

Everyone slowly nodded.

"Good. Meeting has ended."

Phelps nodded to a Solaris bodyguard who opened the door, they all walked out and returned to their vehicales.

OCC:This is just a little RP for my claim in the thread. I also am going to go into Rwanda after Burundi is finished.
Teh ninjas
30-08-2004, 18:48
Emperor's Office; 0130
The Emperor quickly scanned a large bundle of papers on his desk to confirm that his days work has been finished. He put the papers in a box within his safe, and locked the safe door. As the Emperor was about to leave his intercom came on.

"Emperor, Your Cabinet is here to discuss some matters with you."

The Emperor recognzied the Captain of the Royal Guards voice, and replied.

"Very well let them in."

The Emperor sat back down on his black leather chair. Within a couple of minutes the entire Royal Cabinet was before him. They exchanged brief handshakes and went to business.

"What can I do for you gentlemen?"

Secretary of Defense Charles Reynolds spoke first.

"Well Emperor, we need you to immediately sign this act. We have all voted in favor of it, and believe it can greatly stimulate our economy."

The Emperor grabbed the Official Document and quickly scanned it. He quickly scanned through the medical distribution, the aid, and the peacekeeping soldiers noted.

"What are we really going to do?"

Reynolds took command again.

"Well, we want to practically invade the nation, topple the government and set up our own. The minority is currently controlling the government, so we should have the majority of the people backing us. Also if we setup businesses we can provide jobs for the people, and increase our industrial output."

"Why should we go to war over such a simple matter? We can solve any economic problems here."

"I'm not sure you uderstand Emperor. This is our chance to establish a foothold in Africa where we can send financial aid, or military aid to any nation in that continent. Any rebellion can be easily put down by our forces. Plus it'd give us a better look to the world helping a small helpless nation."

The Emperor sighed. He had to do it. It was a unanimious vote. He quickly signed the orders confirming deployment of soldiers, aid, and a naval battlegroup. The Emperor then left his office, and went to his home, escorted by Royal Guards.
Teh ninjas
30-08-2004, 21:16
Indian Ocean;Onboard the NRN Hope; Admiral Quarters
Rear Admiral Orein had just finished writing a letter home to his family when a young petty officer knocked on his door. The Rear Admiral let the man in.

"Admiral, we are receiving a message from headquarters. New orders on deployment."

Orein nodded, and followed the petty officer to the bridge. Once he entered the bridge he walked to the communications officer and stood behind him.

"What's our new orders?"

The CO handed the Admiral a piece of paper. He quickly scanned it.

"To:Rear Admiral Thomas Orein; From: Orion MHQ

"As of 1400 hours you are ordered to re-position your fleet 100 Miles from Tanzanian Waters in Africa. Once we have received the OK from the Tanzanian government you are to begin military operations in the nation of Burundi. The MEF is to assist in toppling the government, and to distributed aid. Current ROE is do not fire unless fired upon. Inform us once you reach your destination and wait for further instructions.

The Admiral recorded the order, and took a look at his watch. It was 0900 Hours. He would have a head-start in preparations.

"LT, order vessels to begin preparations for moving out at 1400. Maintain standard formation."

The LT nodded, and went to giving out the orders.

Ninjania; Orion Military Headquarters.
Four Star General Mike Hicks stood over the Fleet communication officer. The Officer turned to the general.

"The order has been confirmed sir."

He nodded, and walked towards the Head of the International Communications. He handed him a note.

"Send that to the Tanzanian Government. Put top level encryption."

He nodded and went to work, yelling out orders.

To:Tanzanian Government;From:Emperor Takenski
"Hello, We wish to be granted permission to enter your waters, and conduct airborne operations over your nation. Our goal is to topple the current government of Congo Burundi which has long ignored the common people while they live in luxury. We will also assist in distributing aid, and food to the people while a new government is being established. We assure you that if granted permission we will maintain our operations as far away from civilian centers as possible. An airbase within your border with Burundi will also assist us grately."
Teh ninjas
01-09-2004, 19:12
A small note was dropped on the Emperor's desk. He looked at the messanger, and read what it said.

The Hibernian Trinity gives Teh Ninjas permission to fly over Tanzanian airspace while they are actively involved in combat in the Congo Burundi.

"Very well, inform Naval Command"

The messanger nodded, and quickly ran off.

5th Fleet, Indian Ocean

"Admiral, Telegram from Orion."

The Rear Admiral walked hastily to the communications officer. He reads the telegram from over his shoulder.

"Permission granted for airborne operations in Tanzania. 11th Fleet is en route to assist."

"Very well. We should be nearing the Tanzanian Coast in 5 days. Begin mission briefings."

OCC:Just to show my fleet is still moving.
Teh ninjas
02-09-2004, 02:17
Onboard NRN Hope, Briefing Quarters
Colonel Hurtzing stood up from his chair. He took a glance at his men before him before turning to the map. The map showed the entire nation of Burundi.

"Ok Gentlemen, this is the real thing so listen up. A large helicopter squadron will pick you boys off the carrier. The Squadron will maintain it's course through Tanzania, until you reach Lake Tanganyika. Once over the lake the helo's will drop their pontoon boats, which you will board once you're in the water. You'll guide the pontoon boat to the city of Bujumbura. Resistance is to be light, or that's what our SpecOps boys say. So once inside the city you'll maintain your position in this abandonded factory until Joke Company arrives. Once then you'll move in and take over the main government facilities. You'll have air, and missile support."

2 Days Later, Over Lake Tanganyika
Captain Jack Fergunson checked his watch. He motioned with his fingers.

"ETA 5 Minutes."

The soldiers inside the helicopter check their gear. Everything was going smooth so far. He looked out the window to see nearly half a dozen helicopters flying low on the lake. The helicopter stopped, and hovered for a moment. Suddenly the slide doors flew open, revealing that they were at their destination. The soldiers skillfully dive into the dark waters, then boarding the pontoon boat. Once the Captain had accounted for all his men he clicked on his radio.

"Company, this is leader. Rendevous at checkpoint B for hookup. Time is 0340."

The captain paddled the pontoon boat to the checkpoint, and waited for the others. Soon he accounted for all the 20 pontoon boats, and they were on their way. Keeping low the skidded on the surface of the lake, slowly reaching their destination.

"Captain, city is in view."

The Sergeant hands over his binoculars. He saw the lakeside beach, with a few buildings in the distance.

"Very well, the factory is right by the lake so we shoulding have to drag these for long. Tell the other men."

The news spread quickly through the ranks, and soon every man had their rifle ready. Once they reached the unguarded beach five men we designated to carrying their pontoon, while the others guarded them. The soldiers moved quick hoping that there were no guards lurking in the shadows. Once the Captain reached the factory door he stopped waiting for his men to catch up. Once everyone gathered around he quickly entered the factory, his men quickly cleared the factory of all hostiles, and laid down the pontoons. The Captain designated soldiers to posts, they were not to be seen no matter what until nightfall when they would make their move.

"How far are we from the beach?"

"Only about 300, 400 yards sir"

"Very well Corporal, all men accounted for?"

"All 220 men sir"

"Well done, everyone just sit tight and wait for Joke Company, time is 0540. ETA for Joke Company is 0230."

The soldiers manned their defensive posts making sure they didn't expose themselves. The rest of the soldiers setup a intelligence office, where they could call in strategic airstrikes.
Teh ninjas
04-09-2004, 01:28
Abandonded Factory, Bujumbura, Burundi

"Hurry up people get your gear on"

Fergunson yelled from the elevated platform. The airstrikes were to commence in 8 hours, and they had to get moving.

"Sir Joke, and Teller Companies are ready."

"Very well Sergeant fall in. You all know what to do. Split up in your groups, and be prepared to move."

Captain Fergunson looked on as 380 soldiers lined up into their 5 groups. Once the group leaders signaled they were ready he continued.

"You all know what to do, Keep com lines open, and watch your fire. See you at the Palace."

He jumped down from the platform and joined the ranks. Upon his command the soldiers moved quietly out of the factory. The nearest building was about half a mile away, between the two buildings was flat grassland. They quickly moved quickly, hoping noone spotted their movements. Once the five groups have reached their first objective the Captain gave the signal.

"Groups 1, 5, commence Operation New Hope, repeat commence Operation New Hope."

The Five Groups moved down their designated streets. All five streets lead to the Presidents Palace their main objective. They moved swiftly, carefully scanning the rooftops, and the street ahead. The five main streets were quickly cleared. Captain Fergunson's group was the first to reach the end of their street.

"Group 1 has reached objective. Range is 250 meters. There's... eight visible guards, I repeat eight visible outside guards."

The other four groups reached the end of their streets only a few minutes after group 1. The Group leaders reported they're in position.

"All groups, bring up expert marksman to eliminate designated targets."

Ten Snipers lay prone on the dirt street. Each are armed with silenced M40A1 Sniper Rifles.

"This is Master Sergeant Goldbern, marksman commence firing in 5 4 3 2 1, fire."

The silent "ping" sound indicated the simulantious firing of ten sniper rifles. All targets fall with a bullet in their heart. The Assualt Teams quickly move in, setting an explosive on the large wooden door. The door violently explodes, exposing the guards inside the main hall. The soldiers bring them down with fire from their M4 silenced rifles. They move quickly seperating into 20 Assualt Teams, searching every room.

Upstairs Assualt Team 7 Nears the Main Objective door. The Team leader kicks down the door, and is immediately met with gunfire. His body violently shakes, and he falls down heavily to the ground. More gunfire erupts from the room.

"This is assualt team 7, we have located entered checkpoint 6, and have encounter heavy fire. We have 1 KIA. Request assistance."

The soldiers fires his M4 rifle blindly into the room. Another soldier reaches for a flashbang grenade. He throws it into the room, it erupts with both light and noise. The soldiers move in quickly locating 4 disoriented fighters. They quickly mow them down, not forgetting the loss of their fellow soldier. They move down the large room locating two doors. One is labelled "bathroom", the other is labelled "bedroom".

A soldier lobs a flashbang into the bedroom door, and move in. Inside the President, and his personal bodyguard fire blindly. Temporarily blinded, and disoriented they are both shot in the knee caps. They are quickly disarmed.

"This is group 7 located main objective, area is secure."

Group 5, and 8 were moving together toward the armory, and barracks. They moved quickly down the narrow old corridors. They finally reach the armory door, and kicked it down. Four soldiers moved in quickly locating the waiting guards. Speratic gunfire erupted from the guards old Kalishnokov rifles, several bullets hit it's mark, on a soldier chest, and he fell. Another received bullets in his shoulder, and arm. The other two soldiers dove for cover, under the protective fire from their comrades.

The groups 6 Machine Gunners lined up against the door, waiting for the signal. One of them throws a flashbang grenade and they move in. The SAW fire made the remaing guards duck, giving time for more soldiers to enter the room. One guard exposes his head, and is quickly eliminated by a soldier armed with his M4. The remaining guards hide behind two large tables, and a stone pillar. Countless guards are dropped by the gunfire of the soldiers. All seems going well until several frag grenades land in the center of the massed soldiers. They dive for cover, but for some it is too late. The grenades explode sending hundred of shrapnel towards the soldiers. Three are killed, and seven lay wounded. Despite the losses the soldiers throw their own frag grenades, exploding behind one table ripping it to shreds. The soldiers behind the table, are imbedding with dozens of metal, and wooden shrapnel. Despite the intense fire from the Ninjian soldiers the guards continue returning fire wounding two more soldiers. Finally the Ninjian soldiers get within sufficient range to throw five fragmentation grenades.

The resulting concussion shook the entire building heavily, and the ring in the soldiers ears was intense. When the dust settled no gunfire came from the guards defenses.

Ninjian Deaths:7 Soldiers KIA
Nijian Wounded:13 Soldiers WIA

Burundi KIA:48
Burundi WIA:6 (All we captured)
Teh ninjas
05-09-2004, 01:11
Bujumbura, 1300
Colonel Riggers stared out of the window of his newly established Command Center. The streets of Bujumbura was completely empty, save for the Ninjian patrols. The entire city had been put on a strict curefew, noone was allowed on the streets. Food, and medicine was distributed by logistical support soldiers, while the combat soldiers stood watch on the edge of the city. The Colonel's brigade was now 1/3 of full size. The rest would be in by the week's end, including armor.

"Sir, communications from patrol Alpha Whiskey."

"Very well Sergeant patch them through."

The Colonel walked into teh communications room which held various large radio's. A middle aged man's voice was coming through, gunfire, and some static can be heard in the backround.

"This is Alpha Whiskey to Command to read Command."

"Read you Alpha Whiskey what's your status."

"We have engaged hostiles on Route 7. We have some WIA's. Request possible assistance."

"Confirmed, hold."

The Communcations Operator turned to the Colonel.

"We can send in some Cobra's, and Humvees to pick'em up.

He nods and turns back to the radio.

"Alpha Whiskey, hold current position, areil support is inbound. A convoy is also being assembled to assist. ETA for helo support 10 Minutes, ETA for convoy support 45 minutes. Out."

Route 7, Burundi.
Master Sergeant Stratov heard the line go dead. "They better hurry with that support" Rocket Propelled grenades smash into the lines of the patrolling soldiers, forced to abandoned their HMMWV's. The fire came from concealed positions within the jungle near them. The Sergeant guessed they had setup positions near large rocks, or fallen trees to provide the best cover. He sees a man fire towards him, and he quickly fires back hitting him in the shoulder. The range was too close to use grenades. Only about 100 yards was between the platoon, and the enemy. Suddenly a RP smashes against on of the HMMWV's side, sending shrapnel from the vehicale everywhere.

Seeing their chance for victory the government forces intensify their fire. Rounds hit unsuspecting soldiers, many fall. The Sergeant puts his G-36 on full automatic and fires a long volley. Finally when all seemed lost a squadron of AH-1W Super Cobras flew towards the platoons position. They fired volley after volley of missiles, and heavy machine gunfire. In a last desperate attempt for causing deaths the government forces charge the lines of the soldiers. The soldiers responded by quickly throwing their grenades, and engaging them with their G-36 rifles.

"Don't stop shooting boys, we're bringing them down."

The Sergeant himself spent all of his rifle ammunition, he quickly transferred to his P-7 H&K Pistol. While reloading a magazine an enraged government soldier charged him with his bayonet. The Sergeant took his knife, and stuck it into the man's throat dropping him instantly. Once the firing had stopped the Ninjian soldiers stared at the bodies of their enemy. Hundreds laid dead on the now destroyed jungle. Medics run through the rows of dead men, saving those they can, shooting those that are hopeless. In the end the platoon's strength was cut in half. The Convoy arrived soon to relieve the platoon's position, the convoy would then continue driving foward into enemy held territory.
05-09-2004, 01:15
tagged in the unlikely event that another nation besides myself takes notice
Teh ninjas
05-09-2004, 04:10
OOC:Eh, I don't know if what you said is bad or good. Oh well.

Secret IC:For Top Secret Clearance Only
Total Nijian Soldiers in Burundi:24,689
Total Nijian Loses:234 KIA, 547 WIA
Total Equipment Loss:17 HMMWV, 3 UH-60 Blackhawks, 27 Mobile Medical Distribution Centers

The Current Figures Are Estimates
Total Enemy in Burundi:25,000
Enemy Losses:12,100 (KIA)
Enemy Losses:600 (WIA)
Enemy POW:421

Department of Defense

OOC:Just to update statistical numbers. Not like anyone's reading, just for my use. :-)
Teh ninjas
05-09-2004, 20:31
Skies Over Burundi
Four B-52H fly over the the province of Mwaro. Escorting them are 6 F/A-18 E/F Super Hornets

"This is bombing group 4, preparing bombing mission. Open bombay doors."

The four B-52's open their bombay doors. Inside each contain the maximum amount of free fall 500lb bombs. Previous areil recon photos have shown the deployment of around 1,000 enemy soldiers at the designated bombing area. Command figured that this group would spearhead any attack into the Bujumbura Province.

"This is lead, receiving fire from AA Guns."

Two F/A-18's break formation and lower their altitude to 6,000 ft. The two pilots see the clearing ahead, and arm their AtG missiles. Once they reach within range they release they're payload and pull up. Each aircraft release two AtG missiles, for four targets. All the missiles hit their mark, destroying the AA Guns, and killing their crew.

"Lead to All, prepare to release bombs in 5 4 3 2 1, bombs away."

The B-52's turned to return home mission accomplished. Over 650 bombs were dropped, nearly completely annihilating the spearhead attack group. Included in the destruction was one government general, who perished in his command center along half a dozen officers.

Border of Mwaro Province, Inside Bujumbura Province
Upon confirmation of the destruction of the spearhead attack group a combined force of about 700 Nijian Soldiers stormed into Mwaro province. The soldiers had little or no armored support, but can order in a powerful amount of air strikes, able to destroy an entire corp. The Government Forces were in complete surprize, as airstrikes struck their lines, destroying any sort of heavy guns they controlled. Though the soldiers managed to gained nearly 20 miles of land into Mwaro, they were drastically spread thin, trying to use unconventional warfare, bascially guerilla warfare until more reinforcements can arrive.

Onboard the RNN Glory, Yorktown Class Carrier
The Marine battalion onboard the carrier was scrambling to board the transport helicopters. The current force in Burundi was too small in numbers to effectively launch a large attack. The process would be slow but within two weeks the whole Marine Division would be in Burundi ready to fight.
Teh ninjas
06-09-2004, 19:52
Mwaro Province
Lieutenant Davidson walked among his resting men. They had been moving non-stop for 4 days, losing four men in the process. They were preparing themselves to be relieved by a new company that just got in from the sea.

"Hurry up, everyone make sure you got everything, we can't leave anything."

Once the soldiers lined up, ready to move out the lieutenant took point.

"Ok, LZ is 3 clicks away, let's move."

The soldiers spread themselves out in a large line, giving them enough room to see each other, but not close enough for a grenade to take out 5 guys. The area they were walking in was secured yesterday of all hostile forces, but the lieutenant didn't trust the reports. They continued walking, almost at the LZ now, all the soldiers were laid back even the lieutenant. When the platoon was only 500 yards a RPG slammed into the ranks of the soldiers. Several soldiers were dazed, and slightly injured but no deaths.

"Everyone down."

They dropped down, their rifles in the ready. Shouting can be heard, then all hell broke loose. Massive amounts of rifle fire came from the jungle, grenades, and mortar rounds landed only yards away from the soldiers. The lieutenant rolled over to the Radio Operator.

"Get my base, we need support now. Get anything you can."

A furious battle broke out, several Nijian soldiers were shot dead within minutes. Bullets richocheted off trees, and mortar fragments spread dangerous pieces of metal everywhere. Finally some artillery support came in, though only 105mm howitzers they managed to give the soldiers time to breathe. The mortar fire however was coming in closer and closer. One round direcly hit a tree, sending pieces of wood everywhere hitting 2 soldiers. The Radio Man rolled over to the lieutenant.

"Sir, the helo's still coming, they're going to try to provide us with soe MG cover."

The lieutenant nodded, and continued firing his rifle. He looked up and saw a the helicopter through the canopy, the next he saw shocked him. Several objects moved quickly to the helicopter striking it, the helicopter started slowly falling down, finally a large thud confirmed that the helicopter was downed. He yelled for Gunnery Sergeant Hill through his radio. The Sergeant arrived slightly out of breathe.

"We have a downed helo NorthEast, about 200-300 yards away. Take 2nd Squad and secure the area, if possible got to LZ."

"Yes Sir, but we won't leave you guys here."

The Sergeant quickly moved to 2nd Squad. The lieutenant yelled through hs radio.

"Throw smokes, and provide cover fire for 2nd squad."

Half A dozen smoke grenades were thrown, as 2nd squad quickly ran off to the downed helicopter. Once they were out of view the lieutenant ducked down for cover reloading his rifle. Where's our air support, he wondered, hoping they'd arrive soon, they wouldn't last that much longer, especially with 1/4 of his men off to the downed helicopter. As the fire quieted down, he could hear shouting in the enemy lines. They were re-directing soldiers to their rear, the lieutenant saw his chance. He gave the order is advance. The soldiers stayed low while advance, making sure to fire a burst every now and then. The soldiers then ran into a near full sprint, hoping to catch the enemy surprized.

They reached the enemy lines, stabbing the enemy with their bayonets before continuing foward. They killed the four mortar crews who were re-positioning them to the rear. The lieutenant thought that that was strange, could Base of brought further reinforcments to attack the enemies rear? They continued their attack not stopping for anything other than killing the enemy. They finally reached the enemies rear, the lieutenant himself had ran out of ammunition for his rifle when they attack the mortar crew he only had his SIG pistol. The soldiers stopped advancing to aim, and shoot at the enemy. The government forces didn't have time to turn their backs to return fire, they were all cut down in a matter of seconds.

"Cease fire Cease fire!"

The lieutenant ordered his men to stop firing. They slowly advanced through the jungle, to the lieutenant's surprized he met up with second squad. Sergeant Hill walked towards the lieutenant wounded in his arm.

"Sir, we rescued the crew, save the pilot and co-pilot, they're dead."

"How'd you make split their forces?"

"We took extra weapons from the helo's, MGs, grenades, LAWs anything we could get. They probably thought they were facing atleast another platoon."

"Well done Sergeant. Let's setup a perimiter and get our casualties out of here."

The soldiers were later pickuped and relieved, by a company of Maruaders who continued to push foward into enemy territory.

Ninjian KIA:11
Ninjian WIA:15
Ninjian equipment destroyed:1 UH-60 Blackhawk

Estimated Enemy KIA:87
Estimated WIA:42
Teh ninjas
09-09-2004, 01:59
Mwaro Province, Mwaro City
Captain Isaac Farrel looked out of his Humvees window. Noone was on the streets. The city was cleared last week of all hostile forces and there hasn't been an incident yet. All was going good. Supplies from the sea was coming in, and more and more soldiers arrived to bolster the ranks. His company was the only unit in Mwaro City, for patrol duties.

Suddenly the lead Humvee came to a stop. He looked out the window towards the front of the vehicale. Several wooden wagons seemed to be burning in the middle of the street. He sighed.

"See what's the hold up Corporal."

The Corporal quickly exited the vehicale, and ran off to the site. Once he arrived he took a long down the two intersecting streets.

"Sir, there's noone around, I think we should be care-"

A large explosion shook the vehicale. The Corporal flew five feet into the air before landing on the ground. His body was motionless imbedded with dozens of pieces of shpranel. Suddenly a loud explosion was heard behind the Captains Humvee. The machine gunner manning the .50 shouted.

"Car two is destroyed, their at the rooftops!"

He went to work firing heavy machine gun rounds at the roof. More explosions were heard.

"Drive Sergeant!"

The Driver floored the gas petal, they went off down the street. Gunfire and RPG fire bellowed down on the Marine Soldiers. The driver then turned hard, down the street only 500 yards away was a mass gathering of rebel supporters and rebel fighters all armed. The Captain noticed the Sergeant wasn't firing.

"Engage them Coporal."

He yanked at the soldiers leg and he came toppling down. Rifle fire peppered through his chest. The captain then motioned the Private to man to machine gun as he shot from the windows. The crowd started firing when the Humvees where within 300 yards. Rifle shots ripped through the front of the Humvee, luckily the extra armor upgrade stopped the incoming bullets. Now the next turn was only 100 yards away, with the rebels 100 yards behind that road.

"Sergeant get on that radio and call in some reinforcements and air support."

The assistant driver nodded and got to work. The humvee was getting closer now only 20 yards away, suddenly the gathered crowd started lobbing grenades, and RPGs, anything to disable the humvees. A RPG round hit the left tire of the Captains Humvee making the Humvee swerve to the right before crashing into an unused house. More grenades and RPGs impacted the Humvees making 4 crash into the side houses. The remaining 3 Humvees halted and took defensive positions. The Captain looked around the Humvee. The front was completely destroyed, the driver and assistant driver sat dead. The only person alive other than him was the private who had a head injury. Intensive gunfire surrounded him as he exited his vehicale. Finally reinforcements arrived via Stryker vehicales. Tweleve Stryker's formed up infront of the damaged Humvees. Their gunfire gave the soldiers the oppurtunity to gather the wounded, and return to base to regroup.

The soldiers gathered all the dead and wounded into the surviving Humvees. The humvees then quickly drove off back to base. The remaining soldiers quickly boared the Strykers and had time to take a short breathe. They would soon be in action again, the large gathering of rebel fighters now held the central part of the city. They would have to re-take it with force.
Teh ninjas
12-09-2004, 17:22
OOC:I no longer have the time to finish this RP. But under Earth II Congo Burundi, and several other small nations are now under control of teh Ninjas. I've updated the stats to show current miliary numbers. meh