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UFGZ Recalls All Deployed Naval Forces

Germanische Zustande
28-08-2004, 07:19



ooc: General Order #3 is essentially a recall order. All deployed Federal Ships will return to Federal Systems for repairs, and then will take up positions around the Federation for defense. All ships at the Battle for TFU and the Battle for the Goraguthka System will immediately fold from the battles. Except for the science ship and frigate escort that are scanning the Indran Prime Battleships...
Germanische Zustande
28-08-2004, 07:47
Happy Mekanta?
Germanische Zustande
28-08-2004, 16:27
28-08-2004, 19:36
Yes, for two reasons.

One, I just won the battle at Gorugathka because you overextended yourself.

Two, because now when the ESUS fleet proceeds to rip you into a thousand pieces, everything is in one nice package so we don't have to go hunting you down. ^_^

OOC, I think you're fine aside from your political views, but everyone is entitled to thier view. You can come across as a bit of an ass at times, but other than that you're okay.

It's just, IC as Neo-Mekanta, you need to die a slow, horrible, painful, firery death for attacking me at Gorugathka. And IC as Mekanta, you need to die a slow, horrible, painful, firery death for accusing Mekanta of something they didn't do and attacking a Mekantan fleet, though the Mekantan death will be much less slow, painful, horrible, and firey.
Germanische Zustande
28-08-2004, 23:15
lol. You didn't win, we didn't loose. It's a tie. We did more damage to you. We had to recall the fleet. BTW, Has the ESUS decided to aid Mekanta?
Industrial Experiment
28-08-2004, 23:20
OoC: Hmm, if I can manage to finish my RP in which I discover we aren't quite as alone in the galaxy as we previously thought, I'd be glad to back you in any attacks that should befall your territories, Germanische. I haven't been able to talk to you much, but from what I've seen of yours, and the limited contact we've had, I like you, and I'm sure that would reflect upon the Business Council's decision should we stumble across this conflict in time.
Germanische Zustande
28-08-2004, 23:25
Well, you'd better have good tech, 'cause my tech is the only thing keepin' me alive...
Industrial Experiment
29-08-2004, 00:15

Don't know if that counts, but I've already set events in motion that will lead to me discovering this conflict. I most certainly won't fight against you, and I assure you I will send humanitarian, non-military, and financial aid regardless, whether I get involved militarily is the only thing yet to be seen.