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A series of explosions rock Kolgujev

28-08-2004, 07:05
At 17:34 today, a series of 7 car bombs exploded in the Oologahn capital city of Kolgujev, with the last one exploding at 17:36. The men that exploded them were linked with the seperatists that have taken over the provincial government of Talala. The entire nation is now under martial law.
2 car bombs were directed at the entry gate/guardhouse into the Alfred J. Richerdson III Battlemech base. The guardhouse was completely destroyed, and the 3 guards inside were killed. Their bodies were recovered, and they will be given state funerals, and their families will be getting paid a pension of 7083.33 OGC per month, which is half of what the guards made.
1 car bomb was directed towards a crowd of children playing in a playground. No children died in the incident, but 1 was left with no mother, and 33 others were injured, with 1 being in critical condition. She isn't expected to make it through the night.
1 was directed towards the AfrikaZKorps embassy, due to their continual support of the Oologahn government. No embassy personnel were injured, but the main wall of the compound was damaged severely.
2 were directed at Jefferies International Airport, with one of them being hidden in a baggage truck. Terminal 87B.2 was completely leveled, and the search for survivors continues. The death toll in that attack is at 92 and climbing.
The final bomb that exploded was targeted at the KHSd1 vs. ClHS football classic that takes place every year.
4 players on the Claremore team were killed, and the northern set of Claremore stands was leveled.
2 bombers were intercepted and killed.
The first one was caught by Kolgujev police forces, and when told to surrender, he refused. So they opened fire on him and the car, killing him. His body was pulled from the car, then ran over by a bulldozer several times to confirm that he was dead.
The second one was intercepted by a tank that was guarding the corner of Philos and Westex. He was ordered to surrender and step out of the car, and when he reached for the firing switch, the tank shot it's 120mm cannon through the windshield. The bomb failed to explode.
The bodies of these two people were delivered to their families by government troops. In the case of suspect #1, his body was dumped from several shovels onto his family's front porch.
A third terrorist was captured by government troops. He was driving a 1993 , Ford LTD, laden with 1000 lbs of explosives.
He was offered the chance to take the easy way out of death and he took it. After much harsh treatment from Kolgujev police forces, he revealed much about the terrorist group's plans, which for obvious security reasons, cannot be revealed at this time.
As the Oologahn capital city gets more and more damaged by these attacks, our glorious General, General Steven Strawder, has issued an ultimatum. The seperatist forces of Talala can either surrender peacefully, or die cruel deaths. 1st Battlemech Division(light) has been called up to begin marching on Talala to put down the rebellion if the ultimatum is ignored.
It is believed that some of the people that helped to plan the attempted seperation of Marshbrooke have some part in this as well.
General Steven Strawder is expected to make a statement later today or tomorrow.
American Trash
28-08-2004, 07:10
29-08-2004, 05:15
OOC: apologies for anyone that cares to read this on why i'm posting this so late, my power went off for quite some time earlier today.
IC: General Steven Strawder, leader of the DDOO government is walking onto the stage. Many people are cheering.
"Ladies and gentlemen, today we have suffered a large terrorist attack, the second largest one in the history of our great nation, and the best planned one. At 5:34PM KST, 7 car bombs were exploded in several places throughout the city of Kolgujev. The death toll is confirmed to be at 294 at this moment, and it's possible that bodies are still trapped in the rubble. We managed to intercept 3 of the terrorists, killing 2 of them, and capturing the 3rd. He has been mistreated harshly, as is the custom for terrorists and traitors that are captured. We have managed to gain much information out of them, including the name of the terrorist leader. We do not know when we will release this information to the public, but rest assured that we will find him, and he shall be dealt the most painful death we can think of. I have called up 3rd Guards Armour Division and 52nd ID to support 1st Battlemechs(light) in the hunt for terrorists. This was necessary due to the Battlemech's seeming inability to target humans, motorcycles, and other small, rapidly moving vehicles with any degree of accuracy. Any help in the cleanup of Kolgujev from the international community would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and God bless."