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Roger Fabus, the heir, the general, the favorite son.

Communist Mississippi
28-08-2004, 04:47
Roger sat up and told everybody, "You know what, I'm hungry for Egyptian Pheasant, I'll be back in a few days after everybody has had the chance to cool down and calm themselves, myself included. I mean for crying out loud, we almost got into half a dozen shoot-outs!"

RP with Seryown (Alice) and CM (Roger + Narrator) done over MSN.

Roger got up from his seat and moved away towards where the diplomat from Seryown was.

Roger had just sat down in the seat next to Alice, he started to speak

(Roger) "So you would be the famous Alice Carrion yes?"

Alice continued to give him her worst looks when she bothered to look at him at all.

(Alice)"I was not aware that I was famous."

(Roger) "You're the Deputy Minister of Peaceful Foreign Relations, your work is well-known in parts of the CM Commonwealth."

(Roger) "Mostly in Mississippian Libya and Mississippian Egypt, formerly in Angola. Angola was a disaster you know, for both races."

(Alice)"Actually, I'm his Assistant, but you can't be expected to remember it all."

(Roger) "Well perhaps you've heard of our foreign minister, Paul Stahlecker, he has many brothers and sisters."

(Alice)"Oh yes. I never found out how Peter Stahlecker made out at home after he got there."

(Roger) "He is currently on an aircraft carrier headed for Mississippi, he'll be fine."

(Roger) "Well physically, but I fear he'll have great emotional damage."

(Alice) "Oh, yes. He was quite drunk when our troops found him, actually. I'm not sure he handled that so well."

(Roger) "Yes well to go from being governor-general of a grand colony, to a refugee fleeing for your life, it will take a lot out of a man."

(Alice) "Really? What about going from untrained recruit serving his dutiful few years in the army to battle-hardened, friendless soldier?"

(Roger) "I'm not sure I see what you mean."

(Alice)"Almost none of the soldiers we sent into Angola to help with your evacuation had seen war before. Almost no one in Seryown had seen war before. To save Peter Stahlecker's life and how many other Mississippians, we sacrificed not only the lives of many soldiers but the innocence of many more."

(Roger) "Ah well you do know how many of our Imperial soldiers and the white Colonial soldiers had died in the 8 months of the war. Not the figure we originally reported, not the 20,000 we reported. Not that many, over 300,000 died."

(Alice)"You did choose to go in there, did you not?"

(Roger) "You see the first 4-5 months of the war it was low-level guerilla fighting, then they threw 5 million soldiers at us, we lost 100,000 imperial soldiers and had to pull them out for other tasks in Libya. But yes we did go there, we went there, we had to go there."

(Alice)"You had to?"

(Roger) "Without at least a few colonies, no nation can be a real nation. We need an empire if for no other reason, for national prestige."

(Alice)"The House seems to agree with you."

(Roger) "Do you agree with me?"

(Alice) "The fall of every power has come soon after their expansion outside their lands."

(Roger) "But in Mississippian Libya and Mississippian Egypt, we have raised such large armies and sent so many colonists, that nothing can eject us from those lands."

(Alice) "Perhaps that is what Hitler thought when he sent the blitz into France?"

(Roger) "He picked too many fights at once and made too many enemies, you need to isolate your enemies and take them one at a time when they're weak and don't expect it."

Her tone quickly changed to the sarcastic.
(Alice) "You've certainly succeeded at making few enemies."

(Roger) (Sighing) "Yes we have." His tone changed to very soft and friendly as he looked into her eyes, "But perhaps our nations will be friends."

(Alice) She refused to meet his eyes, instead raising her head and looking forward. "I can't say it's something I've hoped for."

(Roger) "Well enough about politics, would you care to tell me about yourself?"

(Alice) "Not particularly. How's your father?"

(Roger) "Honestly, I don't know, thank you for asking though. I think he will be well just given time. Perhaps you should meet him sometime. Are you sure you don't want to talk about anything else?"

(Alice) "All right." Her expression changed to a slightly cruel smile. "And your brother?"

(Roger) "Well which brother? There is George, Henry, and William."

(Alice) "I think it is probably obvious. The one who I would have heard about recently."

(Roger) "Ah yes Henry, he is fine.

(Roger) "Well he is under house arrest, but you should see the palace he's been confined to, hardly Spartan conditions!" (He chuckled as he said the last part)

(Alice) "Had a good conversation with him recently, have you?"

(Roger) "You've spoken with Henry?"

(Roger) "No I cannot say I've spoken with him lately, we're not on speaking terms."

(Alice) "Not personally, I have not spoken with him. But my office has to keep tabs on important people of friendly governments."

(Roger) "Henry will live, he will not go the way of my brother-in-laws."

(Alice) "That's not my only concern."

(Roger) "There were two men, both from upper class army families, one married to my sister Victoria, one married to my other sister Eleanor. Both of the men fled CM and defected, the DIS promised them amnesty if they returned. They did so and they were promptly shot."

(Roger) (Smiling at her as he looked into her eyes) "So tell me, are all the women in Seryown as lovely as you?"

(Alice) "In my country, you have to be beautiful to become important. So those of us you'll meet, yes."

Roger ran his left hand through his long brown hair as he spoke to her.

He then nervously started to tap his fingers on the table.

(Roger) "Well perhaps you and I might go meet somewhere more private then?"

(Alice)"Or not."

(Roger) "Why not? We could better discuss diplomatic matters that I don't want the others to hear."

(Alice)"Frankly, I have no interest in discussing any diplomatic matters at all. I'm here because Mr. Mason needed someone important to remain to be in the discussion and he dislikes me most."

(Roger) "Well then if you want to quit your job and move to Mississippi, you'll find conditions much more, how shall I say, enjoyable." He grinned as he said, "enjoyable".

(Alice)"If I ever meet the right person to move for, I can't say I wouldn't consider it."

(Roger) "Well any white person may move to Mississippi and they're given over 500,000 dollars to help settle in Mississippi and find a house. It's a odd policy considering we constantly complain of overcrowding, but just between the two of us, if 3% of Mississippi didn't own 80% of all good land, there'd be no real problems."

(Alice) "How much of that three percent is a Fabus?"

(Roger) "The Fabus family is the richest family in Mississippi, the Stahleckers come in second, Baldur Schacht come in third, Navarres come in fourth, Salazars come in sixth, Reginald Smith and his family are also very rich."

(Alice) "So, quite a lot, then?"

(Roger) "The high party and military elite own most of the land."

(Alice) "Ah. Who is the party elite, again?"

(Roger) "Mostly the old officers from the civil war."

(Alice) "Like the one who won it?"

(Roger) "I'm getting quite hungry, perhaps you'd care to join me for dinner, I'd consider it an honor to dine in the company of somebody as refined as yourself."

(Alice) "If it'll get you quiet about going somewhere else, fine."

(Roger) "So, shall we go then, I know just the place, you'll love it. It is a good distance from here though, but these people are boring me and these talks are really getting nowhere. So would you care to go then?"

(Alice) "Fine. I'm not easily impressed, though. So don't get the wrong idea."

(Roger) "Okay, well we can take my car to the airport and we'll be in Alexandria in time for dinner."

(Roger) "The best Egyptian pheasant they offer."

(Alice) "Considering it's in Egypt, I should hope they offer Egyptian pheasant."

(Roger) "Yes, but there were no pheasant in Egypt until we brought them there, so we call them Egyptian Pheasant so people know it isn't regular pheasant, it is pheasant genetically altered to thrive in the hot climate. Shall we go then?"

(Alice) "Of course."

They walked towards the door, Roger called for his men to all leave, he said to the czar, "Thanks for nothing!" but he said it in Portuguese, so nobody really knew what he meant. He held the door for Alice and then held the door to the limousine for her also.

(Alice)"You needn't be so rude to the man." She said, but she did step into the limousine.

(Roger) (Innocent tone) "Whatever do you mean?"

(Alice) "When you're in my position, and your nation is heavily involved in Angola, you bother to learn at least the beginnings of that nation's official language."

(Roger) "Ah, well forgive me then, had I known you spoke Portuguese, I'd have insulted him in say Afrikaans or French perhaps."

(Alice) She smiled briefly before returnee to her previous manner. "It wouldn't change the fact that it's an insult."

Roger got into the limousine and sat down very close to Alice, he leaned back and then said, "Yes, well the czar insulted me the entire evening, thinking I don't know Russian!"

(Alice) "Perhaps in Mississippi the overcrowding has gotten to you, but in Seryown we endured both it and our concept of personal space at the same time."

(Roger) "Well the generals wanted the army to play war games in Africa, so we took a few nations for them to have their games. The farmers wanted to move to new lands and gain new farmland for their sons and such, so we did it. We need our commonwealth."

(Alice) "What I was trying to get through your skull was the distance between us, not your people."

(Roger) (Laughs) "Well I'd have gotten that idea, but that would have been somewhere before the 5th glass of brandy." He slides closer to her, making him about as close as he can get without sitting on her lap.

(Alice) "Your chances of not setting off a diplomatic incident between our two nations have just dropped astronomically, and your chances of me leaving the next time this limousine comes to a stop have just raised in an opposite manner."

(Roger) "Oh, sorry about that." He moved about 2 feet away from her, "Must have slid over when the car made that sharp turn back there, sorry."

(Alice) "Right."

(Roger) "So tell me what do you want to do while we're in Egypt?"

(Alice) "Well, I plan to eat some pheasant."

(Roger) "Well I mean after that, would you care to go to Parthian Egypt and see the pyramids? I plan to stay in Egypt for at least a few days. I'd be honored to have you stay as a guest, would you like to?"

(Alice) "Perhaps. Even if I enjoy dinner, which is not very likely, and decide it might be enjoyable to spend some time in Egypt, which I haven't thought through yet, I'd need to-aw, hell. Sure."

(Roger) "Have you ever seen 5 million soldiers all gathered together for a massive war game?"

(Alice) "No, I've never actually watched war games. I tend to apply myself more toward peace."

(Roger) "Well then you are in for quite a treat, we might just get to see the federal army and the commonwealth army in Mississippian Libya and Mississippian Egypt war gaming. Ah peace? Well to secure peace be ready for war."

(Alice) "We are always ready for war. But I see a more malicious intent than preparation in these war games."

(Alice) "I see a warning to DontPissUsOff about what you think will happen if they try to attack Mississippian Libya."

(Roger) (Smiling) "You're a very smart woman, yes, you are partially correct."

(Roger) "But also, we need to practice, practice makes perfect."

(Alice) "Even if you didn't intend it, I think you also sent another message. I don't think they received it, but I still think you sent it. You said that you were willing to retaliate without a nuclear strike."

(Roger) "We've made it quite clear, if we go down, the world comes with us. We have enough biological and chemical weapons to blanket the planet 1000 times over, to kill more than 10 trillion people. But we will not be the ones to start a war, we will simply be the ones to end a war."

(Alice) "Mr. Mason sees your point. I don't."

(Roger) "How don't you see my point, tell me your ideas, I'd like to hear what you have to say."

(Alice) "The use of a weapon of mass destruction is immoral."

(Roger) "Ah, well who is to decide morality? The enemies who force us to reinforce our position in Libya, thus weakening our position in Angola, and allowing for marxists to kill millions?"

(Alice) "Please. You are as Christian as I. You know who determines morality."

(Roger) "Yahweh determines morality. You know I cried for three days straight when they showed me video footage of what happened to Angola, the colonists, the settlements, the cities, etc. I'm not some heartless beast who is eager to annihilate the world."

(Alice) "And yet you slaughter civilians."

(Roger) "We do no such thing."

(Alice) "They call you Bloody Saber, don't they?"

(Roger) "Yes they do, because I led a sabre charge against an enemy unit, and we won the day, we killed armed enemies."

(Alice)"You were bragging that you killed quite a number of unarmed ones afterwards."

(Roger) "I'll admit the regime as a whole has killed probably 90 million civilians in its 20 years of existence, but I've personally never killed any unarmed people. My men have before, but I cannot be responsible for what they do when I'm not around."

(Roger) "I mean mobs alone have lynched about 18 million people in the past 20 years."

(Alice)"You were bragging."

(Roger) "Yes, well we crushed only people who needed crushing, those that were rebelling. You understand yes? And it wasn't exactly my unit that did the crushing, artillery fired chemical weapons at the rebels and the rebel supporters."

(Alice) "This is a circular argument."

(Roger) "Maybe, but the rebels we gassed aren't around to dispute our logic."

(Alice) "Which is the hole in it." She paused, and then changed the subject. "Tell me this ride won't take much longer."

(Roger) (Looking out the window) "We're at the hangar right now, shall we get on the plane then?"

(Alice) "Please."

He stepped out and held the door for her and then helped her get out.

(Roger) "Shall we get on the plane then? Right this way."

(Alice) "Of course."

They walk onto the plane, she looks inside, very expensive, luxurious, and roomy. He sits down on a couch inside the plane

He patted the couch and said, "Sit here and talk with me a while if you want."

(Alice) "All right." Her response was immediately followed by her sitting down.

The plane started to head towards the runway and then tookoff, a few minutes after they got into the air.

(Roger) "Would you like a drink?"

(Alice) "All right, I guess."

He waved his hand at a nearby guard and the man left the room they were in and then returned with a bottle of wine, over 70 years old.

He then set it down and left the room. Roger poured two glasses.

(Roger) (Handing her a glass) "What shall we toast to?"

(Roger) (Raising his glass) "To the commonwealth, may she endure for a thousand years."

(Alice) "To prosperity for the deserving, I should think."

(Roger) "Yes indeed."

Roger drank his glass down rather quickly; it was obvious he was a heavy drinker.

Alice instead sipped at the wine, trying to enjoy as much of the flavor as she could.

Roger poured himself another glass and slowly drank it down. He was starting to get drunk again, remember he about 1/2 dozen glasses of brandy at the Kremlin just a short while ago. He started to talk to her and his speech was somewhat slower than previously, "So what is a typical day like for you?"
Whatever a typical day was, she was sure it wasn't sitting on a private plane with the 19 year old acting-premier of an entire empire, a man who incidentally happened to be 6 foot 6 inches tall and made her feel like a shrimp when she looked at him.

She looked at him for a few seconds, and then shrugged. "There's a lot of travel. Reports to my superiors, you know? Sometimes I'm actually allowed to speak for the country, although with this fu... I'm sorry, with Mr. Mason in charge I've been doing less of that recently."

(Roger) "You sound less than thrilled with your job, you also sound underappreciated for all the work you do."

(Roger) "From the sounds of things, that Mr. Mason would be lost without you. If you want, I can get him fired or reassigned."

(Alice) "Now I know you're drunk."

(Roger) (Chuckling) "I have powerful friends, connections, as a high officer in the WKM, I am well-connected throughout the white world. All I need do is call in a few favors."

(Alice) "No, no. Fred Mason is the House President."

(Roger) "Nobody is immune from the sort of connections I have. Ever heard of Christian Martyrs Brigade?"

She realized he was probably quiet drunk at this point.

(Alice) "The only reason Seryown has remotely good ties with you is because of Fred Mason, you...whatever."

He was talking about killing fellow right-wing leaders, he must be drunk.

He laughed and then mumbled some largely unintelligible sentences in Spanish, she got the bulk of it, he was reciting a Francisco Franco speech from 1938.

She looked at him, laughed, and then stood up. She sat down after a few seconds. She'd had two glasses of wine herself, and she was not a heavy drinker. "Well, this is certainly the strangest thing I've done in quite a while." And it was.

(Roger) "How so is it strange?"

(Alice) "I'm in a private jet with the Acting Premier of a country I hate, drinking seventy year old wine with him while he recites Franco speeches. How is it not strange?"

Roger started to sing the Old Spanish fascist song "Himno Espanol".

He was an excellent singer, even drunk.

She smiled for a second. "After all," she muttered to herself, "there are only so many bottles of wine an airplane can hold."

He finished singing and said, "I know what I need, more wine! Did you say you hate Mississippi?"

He again spontaneously broke into song and began to sing, "Die Fahne Hoch".

(Alice) "Yes, I did say that."

He stopped singing, "Why is that? Why do you hate Mississippi?"

(Alice) "Because you're white supremacist and you're against total equality of the genders."

(Roger) "Well I guarantee you I can change your mind about Mississippi and the Commonwealth."

(Alice) "Go ahead."

Roger burped very loudly, and he started to laugh uncontrollably, saying, "I'm so sorry, please forgive me, I drank too much, I've never had this much before, but at the conference in the kremlin I was so nervous I lost track."

(Alice) "Or you could do that."

(Roger) "I mean I'm 19 and I have to keep a nuclear war from breaking out!"

(Roger) (Regaining his composure) "If you see how well the women are in Mississippi compared to say how Arabs treat their women. You'll see women in our country are placed on pedestals and the men are ready and willing to die to protect them. Our women are better off than any other women."

(Alice) "You say that, but you don't treat them like equals."

(Roger) "The idea that women need "liberating" is a false notion put forth by the jewish so-called intellectuals to turn white women against white men and keep white birth rates low. In Mississippi the average woman will have 12 to 18 kids."

(Roger) "Women who have the most sons are well rewarded."

(Alice) "I don't talk about liberating. I talk about equality."

(Roger) "Women can do about anything men can do under CM law."

(Roger) "Did you know that only 2% of marriages in CM end in divorce?"

(Alice) "But your people don't treat them as equals."

(Roger) "Sure we do, we love our women."

(Alice) "You don't understand."

(Roger) "What do you mean?"

(Alice) "We don't want to be put on a pedestal, we want to be put on the same ground everyone else walks on."

(Roger) "Well you don't know the women in Mississippi then. They want to be taken care of, maybe it's different in your nation. But we don't allow any jewish communist feminist agitprop in our nation to corrupt our women."

(Alice) "You mean you don't allow free ideas in your nation."

(Roger) "We allow free ideas, just not jewish mind poison."

(Alice) "Really. You allow non-Christian beliefs?"

(Roger) "Well no, no we don't. Any white Christian can preach any version of Christianity they want, that is the freedom."

(Alice) "Restricted freedom is not freedom."

(Roger) "We've built a homogenous state, a state that is stable, and full of people with common-ground and unity. Differences breed tensions breed violence breed civil-war."

(Alice) "Yes, but your own state is ultimately self-destructive. It may not have any differences, but without those differences there is no possibility for moral advancement."

(Roger) "We don't want to advance, we want to stay the same, we want to stay the same, we don't want change."

(Alice) "Then that is one of your many problems."

(Roger) (Grabs his stomach) "If you'll just excuse me for a moment."

Roger gets up and walks slowly around the corner until he is out of sight and then he runs to the bathroom. After he vomits for about 5 minutes, he cleans himself up, brushes his teeth, uses mouthwash, and then walks back to the room Alice is in.

She can tell he is not very drunk anymore as he is regaining his sobriety.

(Alice) "I don't suppose you're any more sane."

(Roger) "Oh please, stop with that, Roger is a lunatic, Roger is insane. I'm perfectly sane."

(Alice) "I don't think you are."

(Roger) "Oh I am sane, believe me. I don't want a war, you know why? Our empire must be intact for our people to enjoy it and prosper. I'm not out to destroy the world."

(Alice) "Then send that message to the world. Destroy all of your nuclear weapons."

(Alice) "You'll still be able to destroy the entire population of the world."

(Roger) "I'd be insane to leave our nation defenseless in the face of enemy weapons build ups."

(Roger) "If you thought I was insane, you wouldn't get onto a plane with me and be going to Mississippi controlled territory."

(Alice) "Listen to me! You'd still be able to destroy the entire world, so why bother with the nuclear weapons?"

(Roger) "As long as they have them, so must we. And I have a point, if you thought I was insane, you'd not be here right now. You know in Mississippi controlled territory, I am for all intents and purposes God. As acting-premier I hold life and death over every citizen of the commonwealth."

(Alice) "Perhaps you should create a congress that can overrule you, then?"

(Roger) "We disbanded congress in the 1980s, they voted themselves out of existence and gave all their power to the Premier, but not before they voted the Supreme court out of existence and gave that power to the Premier also."

(Alice) "Really? How many White Knights were in the room with them?"

(Roger) "I don't know what you're talking about."

(Roger) "There were none."

(Roger) (Quietly) "It was the Special Republican Guard Alpha Company that was there."

(Alice) "All right. Well, I'm going into Libya, and I suppose I'll see how your state worked out. I'm tired of arguing with you."

(Roger) "Okay, well that's okay. But I enjoy a good argument, I thank you for arguing with me."

(Alice) "Right."

(Roger) (Smiling) "Perhaps you'd like to do something else with me?"

(Alice)(Smiling) "No."

(Roger) (Smiling) "I'd say you'll come around within a week at the most."

(Alice) "And I'd say I never will, but you can think what you want. I like to think of that as a basic right."

(Roger) "Oh well, we shall see, we shall see. Well we should be coming up on Alexandria now, we'll be landing in a few minutes, make sure you're buckled up."

About 4 minutes later the plane thudded down on the runway.

(Roger) "Shall we go then?"

(Alice) "Very well."

They walked off the plane and a limousine was waiting nearby, Roger opened the door and waited for Alice to get in.

Alice stepped in, still feeling her indignation at this man's beliefs but determined to stick to her agreement.

Roger got in after she did and a guard closed the door and then got in up front.

The limousine started to drive away from the airport, as it did, she saw large signs "White Terminal Left: Arab Terminal Right"

She looked to the left and saw a very luxurious terminal with marble floors inside and red carpet outside, to the right was basically a rundown wooden shack.

(Alice) "This is separate but equal?"

(Roger) "It sure is."

(Alice) "It does not look equal to me."

The airport shuttle bus labeled "Arab Bus 1" was basically an old school bus that had no room for any appreciable amount of luggage. The airport shuttle bus labeled, "White Bus 5" was a greyhound charter style bus.

(Roger) "It is, we have a terminal, and they have a terminal. We have buses, they have buses."

(Roger) "The buses all do the same thing, they get people from one point to another. The terminals all do the same thing, you wait until your flight leaves."

(Alice) "But are you more comfortable in your terminal than they are in theirs?"

(Roger) "I can't answer that, it's an opinion question. Some people like spartan conditions, some like a little luxury, it varies."

(Alice) "So perhaps they should be divided into spartan and luxury terminals instead?"

(Roger) "That simply could not work. Trust me, our scientists have determined our system is the best."

(Alice) "White scientists?"

(Roger) (Sarcastic) "No spear chucking witch doctors from the Congo! Of course white scientists."

(Alice) "Perhaps you should ask black scientists educated in Seryown the same question."

(Roger) "Black scientists are politically correct though. We go by the truth."

(Alice) "Perhaps our asian scientists, then?"

(Roger) "They're biased also, most asians are communists."

(Roger) "My father fought the gooks in Cambodia, my grandfather fought them in Vietnam, and my great-grandfather fought them in Korea. My great great grandfather fought them in the pacific in WW2."

(Alice) "Ah? I think from your perspective my nation is communist. I mean, free elections, without intimidation or anything."

(Roger) "Well I'm sure we can help you change that. Your Mason will be staying in office for a long while if we have any say about it. And believe me, we'll have a say about it."

(Alice) "I'm afraid that's impossible."

(Roger) "Think again, our intelligence operatives will make sure your Mason stays in power as long as he wants to."

(Alice) "Ah, but Mr. Mason, while an arrogant white-supremacist, appreciates our democratic system. I don't think he'll appreciate being kept in office by your nation. In fact, I think he'd resent your support on it."

(Roger) "So tell me, what happens to political dissenters in your nation?"

(Alice) "We protest, and we vote."

(Roger) "Foolish, you allow masses to dictate the actions of the state, the masses exist to serve the state."

(Alice) "Nonsense. The state exists to serve the masses."

(Roger) "The state must be personified by one man. In Mississippi that one man is Curtis Fabus."

(Roger) "No individual is more important than the state, no sum of individuals are greater than the state. Let me ask you, how can the parts of a machine be greater than the completed machine. People are just parts in the machine."

(Alice) "No, people are individuals. When they cannot contribute to the machine they are just wires and pegs, but when they are allowed to decide they can become the greatest power that has ever laid foot on earth."

(Roger) "Well in Mississippi Curtis Fabus is the greatest power in their eyes."

(Roger) "He lifted them up, out of nothing, out of a pathetic existence of day to day living, searching for mere sustenance, and he made them great. He put them all back into work; he ended the depressions, the economic downturns. Before he came into power, our currency was worth about 1/10 of 1 US penny, today we are worth 1 dollar and 20 cents."

(Alice) "He can do more."

(Roger) "Before he came to power, there were over 300,000 black on white rapes per year, the very day he came to power, the number dropped to 1,000, and then the week after, none."

(Alice) "You shouldn't be dealing with race at all."

(Roger) "Why not? 4% of the nation, the blacks, were committing over 90% of all crime."

(Alice) "This depends a lot upon your definition of crime, I think."

(Roger) "But it was the whites who were unemployed en masse. 60% of all white males were out of work, anti-white labor laws kept quotas to limit whites in the labor force. And by crime, we mean murder, rape, robbery, assault, arson, etc."

(Alice) "You ignored what I said. He can do more."

(Roger) "Well what do you mean, our nation had a race problem, now it doesn't."

(Alice) "Your nation had multiple races, now it doesn't."

(Roger) "Yes, now we are a united people, rather than a people with no direction, we know where we want to go now. We have our direction."

(Alice) "He should tell the WKM to disband, or at least to avoid intimidating people from elections. He should step down as dictator and instead reinstitute free elections. He should rebuild the Supreme Court using qualified people rather than people who agree with him, he should rebuild the congress through free elections."

(Roger) "Let me tell you, if he called for elections, people would just vote for him and declare him dictator for life again. They declared him once, when he talked of stepping down, there were major riots of over 400 million people throughout the nation."

(Alice) "How many White Knights or CM army members went into each voting booth with the voters during that election?"

(Roger) "None, during federal elections, nobody interferes."

(Roger) "We only interfere in local elections."

(Alice) "I'm sorry if I find that funny." She looked down for a second, and then back up. "No I'm not."

(Roger) "And by the way, of the 400 million registered voters, only about 300 million ever bother to vote, and 150 million of those are WKM members."

(Roger) "Might I ask what your are thinking right now? I'm sure you've considered killing me, yes?" (He sounds paranoid and somewhat edgy)

(Alice) "We're in Mississippian territory, now, yes? If I said yes then it would be a crime, I think."

(Roger) "You can be honest with me, I'd not arrest you or have you shot. I give you permission to be honest. Admit it, the thought crossed your mind."

(Alice) "You've already told me stories of your lies."

(Roger) "Oh go ahead, be honest with me, nothing will happen to you. If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead already."

(Alice) "Honestly then, no. If I killed you, your father would give power to another one of your brothers, or if he couldn't find one suitable, he'd give it to one of the Stahleckers until he decided he was well. It would accomplish nothing other than the annihilation of my country."

(Roger) "Smart girl, you're right. My brother George would get it, and he is even more right wing that I am, except he is unstable because he is upset with father over personal issues and is suffering emotional issues right now. Or perhaps Peter Stahlecker would get the position, and he is pissed over Angola and itching for war."

(Alice) "I don't understand."

(Roger) "George is having some disagreements with father over the woman he wants to marry. Father doesn't approve of the woman George wants to marry. So to spite father, George is screwing every woman he meets to shove it in his fathers face that he either gets the woman he wants or he'll never settle down and have kids. George being the oldest son, father wants him to have sons by now, so father may very well give in and let him marry her.”

(Alice) "Who would he wed?"

(Roger) "A third cousin."

(Roger) "Under old United States law, prior to the breakup, anybody second cousins or greater apart, could marry. Father doesn't think any cousins should marry though."

(Alice)"Interesting. And Stahlecker? Who would he fight with?"

(Roger) "Peter Stahlecker would fight the world mostly, he is mad at the world for them pressuring us in Libya and then us being forced to shift Imperial troops from Angola into Libya thus weakening Angola.”

(Alice) "I have been disappointed with a few of the other nations involved at that conference."

(Roger) "I sincerely want peace, but I will not allow them to push me around, I may be just 19 but I'm not a jellyfish with no spine. I will not compromise our national sovereignty or agree to anything that may get my people hurt in the present or future!" (His tone and passion reveal that he cares deeply about the safety and security of his people)

(Alice) "So a Mississippian's life is worth ten Sevarisian lives?"

(Roger) "I never said that, but our people need to be protected and have their rights guaranteed. I can guarantee this, Mississippi will only go to war if it is forced upon her, we will not be the ones to plunge the world into war."

She gathers from his tone and mannerism that he is genuinely telling the truth; he has no plans for starting a war.

(Roger) "Why would you say that, father has no desire for war either, father has no desire for anything, he is bed ridden and has been so for the last 5 or 6 weeks."

(Alice) "I'm afraid I don't believe you."

(Roger) "You can believe me, besides if father gets upset, I can calm him down. I've always been considered the "voice of reason" in the inner circle, along with Henry, but Henry doesn't have the spine for this job. He'd allow us to be talked out of our lands."

(Alice) "Perhaps you'd allow Henry to live in Seryown?"

(Roger) "No, the Fabus family has been in Mississippi for over 200 years, and there shall we stay, there shall we die. Henry is one of us, we may disagree with him on a few issues, but he is my brother and I love him."

(Alice) "Even if he wished to leave?"

(Roger) "If he wanted to leave I guess we couldn't stop him. But he knows so much about the inner workings of our regime, we'd hope he would never force use into making the choice of letting him leave or forcing him to stay against his will."

(Alice) "That is disappointing."

(Roger) "What do you mean? We'd probably let him leave, we don't force people to stay against their will."

(Alice) "I think you just said you might force him to stay."

(Roger) "Well it'd be up to father really, not me. I said might because father might, I wouldn't."

(Alice) "Disappointing, again."

(Roger) "So tell me, are the women in your nation, as stubborn and headstrong as you are?"

(Alice) "The ones of us who succeed."

(Roger) "In Mississippi success for a woman usually means marrying well."

(Alice) "Which is one of your problems. Perhaps if you had a ranking woman take an important public office. Perhaps an unmarried woman as a governor-general?"

(Roger) "Are you asking for a job?"

(Alice) "No, I'm suggesting one."

(Roger) "We have two women in the cabinet you know. The Minister of Justice and the Minister of Education."

(Alice) "Married?"

(Roger) "Neither are married, not any more. They are my sisters Eleanor and Victoria. Their husbands betrayed the regime and father had them taken care of, so they're currently single."

(Alice) (Smiling) "I see."

(Roger) "Why are you smiling?"

(Alice) "Because even in these basically powerless positions, you still won't trust any woman who isn't a member of your family and conforms to your belief code."

(Roger) "The Ministry of justice is very important, they are tasked with getting confessions and convictions."

(Alice) "Which isn't that hard in your nation, is it?"

(Roger) "98% conviction rate, 90% of people confess within a week of being accused of a crime."

(Alice) "Exactly."

(Roger) "Well you sure are a headstrong woman, you know that. There aren't many women in Mississippi who would say exactly what they think if they knew the man they were talking disagreed, but most women agree with the men, mostly."

(Alice) "What you mean is there aren't many people in Mississippi who would say exactly what they think if they knew you disagreed."

(Roger) "You know father has never had trouble finding women willing to accommodate him. Indeed he has to pretty much fight them off with a stick. He gets over 1 million letters a day, the majority of which are letters from lovely young ladies requesting an intimate rendezvous."

(Roger) "We have a joke in the inner circle, he is making Mississippians happier, one woman at a time!"

(Alice) "I can't say that's funny."

(Roger) "Maybe not funny, but certainly true, I would know, my room is just one floor above his."

(Alice) "That must be disturbing."

(Roger) "He usually does it in the bunker, well I mean the basement, there is no bunker under the mansion, just forget I said that, slip of the tongue."

(Alice) "Please. You actually think I will?"

(Roger) "Okay, well then let me tell you about the bunker, or better yet, you can come to the Stalingrad estate and see her for yourself. She is a beauty, at over 10 billion to build and 30 billion to furnish, she should be. It's at Stalingrad, the premier's favorite estate in Neshoba County; he owns all the land around the mansion in any direction for 20 miles. Very impressive estate, you simply must see it. After Egypt and Libya, we'll fly to Mississippi, if you want."

(Alice) "If I find this interesting."

(Roger) "Ok, fair enough."

The limousine pulls up to the "Franco Hotel" in downtown Alexandria.

(Roger) "Shall we get the bags up to the room and then go off to dinner."

(Alice) "All right."

Roger palmed a hotel worked a 1000 dollar bill and said "Get these bags up to the penthouse please" the worker replied, "I'm sorry sir, but the penthouse is occupied, a diplomat from Austria is staying there."

Roger just laughed and said, "Well you get the manager of the hotel and tell him Roger Fabus is here and wants to stay in the penthouse, here do it quickly please", he handed him 5 more bills.

They were standing around in the lobby waiting by their bags, about 20 minutes later an upset man was being hauled out of the hotel, he was screaming in german as the guards pushed him out of the door.

The worker said, "I am sorry we made a mistake before, the penthouse turns out to be unoccupied, this way please."

Roger smiled at Alice and said, "See, just a misunderstanding."

(Alice) "That was awfully civil of you."

(Roger) "Yes it was, and I'm sure you'll be grateful we're staying in the penthouse, won't you?"

Roger saw a young boy and girl about 12 and 13 sitting in two chairs in the lobby, their parents were nowhere in sight. He told Alice to wait a few minutes for him. He walked up to the kids and said, "Where are you parents?"

(Boy) "They didn't get out of Angola."

(Roger) "Oh my, are you saying you're from Angola?"

Alice gasps.

(Girl) "Yes, we left Luanda, there wasn't room on the boat for them, they told us to wait here and meet our uncle, but it's been 3 days and we haven't found them."

(Roger) "You've been sitting in this lobby for 3 days?"

(Boy) "Yes."

At about that time, a hotel worker walks by and yells, "I told you kids to stop bothering the customers."

Roger turned around and said, "I'll talk to whomever I want, don't you agree?"

The worker choked and said, "Sorry, sorry, I'm bye!" And then ran off down the hall.

Alice, smiling, mutters under her breath. "Here's your test, Fabus."

(Roger) "Do you kids know how to get into contact with your uncle?"

(Boy) "All I know is he lives in Al Khums in Libya, his name is Arnold Nicolle, he was supposed to meet us here because the boats were coming to Alexandria, but I guess with the borders being closed, maybe he couldn't get through from Mississippian Libya to Mississippian Egypt."

(Roger) "Do you have any other relatives around here, somewhere you could stay until he gets here?"

(Girl) "No, just him, he's in Libya."

Roger calls out to a hotel worker, "I want you to call the airport and get me information on the next flight to Al Khums Libya."

The worker nodded and said, "Yes sir"

(Boy) "But we don't have the sort of money for flying.

(Roger) "Oh nonsense, I'm sure they'll be happy to send the bill to somebody else."

The hotel worker comes back and tells Roger "Next flight leaves in 60 minutes, last minute booking fee, 8,000 dollars."

Roger handed him the money and said, "I want these two kids on that flight, one of my guards will accompany them to Libya to make sure they get there safely, here for yourself." (He handed the man a 1000-dollar bill)

The boy said "Gee mister, you sure are nice, and I seem to remember seeing you before somewhere? Have you been on TV."

Roger just nodded and said, "Maybe a few times, but nothing too much."

Alice interrupted quickly. "I'm sorry, one second." She turned to the boy. "What did you say your last name was?"

(Boy) "Nicolle."

(Alice)(Smiling) "Thanks. You'll be talking to your uncle in no time at all."

(Boy) "Thank you."

(Girl) (to boy) "Do you think mommy and daddy made it out of Angola on another boat?"

(Boy) "We'll have to wait and see I guess, they'll find us in Libya if they made it out."

(Roger) "What city in Angola were you in?"

(Boy) "Lobito."

(Girl) "Is Lobito okay?"

Alice flinches, then smiles again. "Of course it is."

(Girl) "Daddy was in a unit of those men that jump from planes, he said bad people were coming to attack Lobito and we had to get onto the first boat and leave. The bad people didn't get into the city did they?"

(Roger) (Smiling) "Well with brave men such as your father fighting to stop the bad people, how could they have gotten in?"

(Boy) "Makes sense."

(Girl) "But daddy said the bad people pillaged Luena and Huambo, could they have pillaged Lobito also?"

(Boy) "Don't be silly, Lobito had more air support and tanks, and it was on the coast so supplies can get in."

One of the SRG arrived and told the kids, "Come along now, we'll get you youngins onto a plane for Libya."

(Boy) (Looking at Roger) "Hey I know where I know you from now, you're a son of the Premier, aren't you?"

(Roger) (Smiling) "Yes, I am indeed."

(Boy) "When I get older I want to join the 30th Republican Guard Armored Division, the Fabus Youth."

(Roger) (Smiling) "I'm sure you'll make a great soldier, now run along or you'll be late getting to Libya."

The two kids follow the SRG man out and get into a tax with the 1 bag each that they had.

(Roger) (Turning to Alice) "Well, shall we proceed then?"

(Alice)"Yeah, just let me talk to someone for a second."

(Roger) "Okay, take your time."

Alice pulls out a cell phone and punches in a number and then waits for a few seconds. She speaks quickly. "Greg. It's Alice. Listen. I need you to get some people from the military office in Angola. I need you to pull out every record of everyone we found in Lobito, everyone we know is in the White Knights of Angola, every record of anybody in the area. Yeah. Yeah. I'm looking for anyone with a last name of Nicolle. Get back to me tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Yes, I'm fine. Tomorrow." She hung up. "And yes, Premier, I do know that its probably futile, so don't even say it."

As they start to walk, Roger sighs and says, "You know something, every single paratrooper that fought in Lobito fought to the death to buy time for the civilians to escape."

(Roger) "Most of the White Knights of Angola are actually black!"

(Alice) "But there are white people in that group, no?"

(Roger) "Most of white members are from Cabinda or Luanda."

(Alice) "Most."

(Roger) "What, you think that Nicolle survived and is in the WKA?"

(Alice) "Or ended up on a boat leaving the city, or was discovered alive in a basement, or was discovered heavily injured in one of the Africans' mass graves."

(Roger) "Well, shall we then, I need to get to the room and shower, I was throwing up on the plane you know."

(Alice) "All right."

They walk up the room, on the 16th floor; the penthouse is basically the entire 16th floor, approximately 72,000 square feet of space.

(Roger) "Large enough room?"

(Alice) "Perhaps."

(Roger) "Well I need to shower, I'm going to go do that now."

He goes off to shower; she looks around the room, a swimming pool on the balcony, a jacuzzi, a full-size bar, kitchen, 6 bedrooms, 3 living rooms, and several other rooms, larger than her house.

About 20 minutes later, a naked Roger Fabus came walking out of the main bathroom, he said, "Well are you just going to stand there, or are you going to hand me a towel please?" Water was dripping down his massive abdominal muscles and she could see just how "well-endowed" he was.

Alice was sitting at the bar, sipping on a drink he couldn't immediately identify. She smiled. "Of course."

(Roger) "No towels in the bathroom, try the closet would you please."

Alice nodded and did so. She pulled out a towel and threw it at him quickly.

He caught the towel, said "thank you" then turned around to look at himself in the mirror, she could see a tattoo on his upper back of a cavalry insignia, a horse with two crossed sabres going through it.

He walked back into the bathroom to dry off and then came back out with the towel around him, he got dressed in one of the other rooms and came out about 3 minutes later wearing a suit and said, "Shall we go to dinner then?"

Alice nodded. "Just let me finish this." She returned to her drink.

(Roger) "We could eat here if you prefer."

(Alice) "Perhaps. You know, I didn't realize this drink had spread this far."

(Roger) "What drink is that?"

(Alice) "It's the Serya equivalent of chilled sake. It's made from a version of rice entirely indigenous to a few of our islands. I doubt it would be here if Mason hadn't opened trade between our two nations."

(Roger) "Ah yes, well I've not had the opportunity to try it yet. So have you decided, eat here or shall we go out to eat."

(Alice)"I don't suppose you had in mind a place within walking distance?"

(Roger) "Ah yes, walking distance, of course, where else would the best restaurant in town be but within walking distance of the best hotel in town."

(Alice) "Good. Let's go, then."

Roger and Alice walk out of the hotel and down the street, there is a young white woman about 28 years old and her five children lying in the ground in an alley outside the hotel.

(Roger) "Excuse me ma'am, are you okay?"

(Woman) "Well I'm better than my husband is."

(Roger) "What do you mean?"

(Woman) "He was in the Angolan Special Air Assault Squadron, he died when Huambo fell."

(Roger) "So what are you doing here?"

(Woman) "Came in with the other refugees, except I've got nothing now, nowhere to go, all my family was killed when Luena fell, so we're just stuck here until I can think of something."

(Alice) "You know, Angola's been retaken by Seryown."

(Woman) "Well I'd never go back there, if the colonial forces couldn't hold it, what can guarantee it won't fall again, and besides, our home was ruined, we have nothing."

(Woman) (Turning to Roger) "Well sir, if you could give me some money, I'd do anything you want to compensate you, anything at all."

Alice represses a sneer.

(Roger) "No, I won't stand for that, no white woman should be expected to do what you're suggesting to feed her children. Here take this." (He takes out a check and writes her a number on it then signs it, Alice saw the number five-hundred thousand dollars) "Take this and go to Mississippi, take care of your children and God Bless."

She saw the check and then hugged him and said, "Bless you sir, bless you."

(Roger) (To Alice) "Well shall we continue then?"

(Alice)"Yes. You know, for all your talks about the loss of crime, it seems there's still prostitution."

(Roger) "I have no idea what you mean."

(Roger) "It's not a crime to try to feed your children, it's to be commended, but as long as I can help it, nobody will fall into such circumstances."
Communist Mississippi
28-08-2004, 04:48
They continue walking down the street, they come to a tobacconist store, Roger says, "Can you wait just a second while I run in here real quick."

(Alice) "Whatever."

(Roger) "What, don't you want me to smoke around you? If it bothers you, I won't."

(Alice) "You are free to do as you wish."

(Roger) "Let's just keep walking then shall we."

They continue walking down the street, they arrive outside the restaurant, there are armed guards outside and a BMP-3 parked in the parking lot, Roger chuckled, "Well at least we can eat in peace!"

(Alice) "And a lot of other people can't."

(Roger) "What do you mean?"

(Alice) "Never mind."

(Roger) "No, No, tell me, please, tell me."

(Alice) "It is nothing."

They walk into the restaurant, it is largely empty, and the owner is up front talking to the newly arriving customers, he sees Roger and says, “Ah your excellency, your usual table And my, who is this lovely lady with you?

(Roger) "Yes the usual table is fine, the lovely lady is Ms. Alice Carrion."

Roger pulls Alice's seat out and helps her get seated, he then sits down and says, "Well Ms. Carrion, would you care for some wine?"

(Alice) "All right."

Roger asked for a bottle of wine from 1898. They brought the wine and poured Alice and Roger a glass.

(Alice) "Wine isn't my usual taste."

(Roger) (Smiling) "Well how do you like the company?"

(Alice) "Arrogant."

(Roger) "Oh come now, surely you must be able to something positive about me yes?"

(Alice) "You do care about your people."

(Roger) "Yes."

(Alice) "I only wish you were willing to let them be more different."

(Roger) "How so? Maybe time will see a few changes."

(Alice) "Perhaps if you amended your laws so that there was no mention of seperate races anywhere in them, that would be a positive change?"

(Roger) "No, that would be a suicidal change."

(Roger) "If our buildings, our highways, and our railroads should be wrecked, we could rebuild them. If our cities should be destroyed, out of the very ruins we could erect newer and greater ones. Even if our armed might should be crushed, we could rear sons who would redeem our power. But if the blood of our White race should become corrupted and mingled with the blood of Africa, then the present greatness of the Mississippi would be destroyed and all hope for civilization would be as impossible for a Negroid Mississippi as would be redemption and restoration of the Whiteman's blood which had been mixed with that of the Negro."

Alice shrugs, and then speaks. "You seem to think that you require laws to keep people from acting that way. If a person truly wishes to conform to your belief system, they'll do it with or without the laws."

(Roger) "Laws just make sure that the few bad apples he attempt to act wrongly are able to be punished."

(Alice) "Perhaps, according to your belief structure, if they are attempting to act wrongly they are not acting according to the wishes of God and he will punish them accordingly."

(Roger) "God wants the faithful to punish the heathens, we must handle it ourselves on this Earth, He will punish them in the other world." The pheasant that Roger had ordered before arriving at the restaurant was brought out.

(Alice) "You're impossible."

As soon as the waiter left, Roger said to Alice, "Something tells me you're impossible."

(Alice) "I'm not one of the Mississippian women, raised to believe themselves inferior and slave to your every command, if that's what you mean."

(Roger) (Chuckles) "I don't expect anybody to obey my every command."

(Alice) "You're the dictator of your nation. What would happen to someone who didn't do as you told them to?"

(Roger) "Nothing."

(Alice) "I don't believe you."

(Roger) "Well nothing would happen, believe what you want."


(Roger) (Leans in and whispers to her) "Believe it or not, I've never... You know... Before."

(Alice)"Well, I've heard you lie enough to know you do it more than you tell the truth."

(Roger) "I've not told you a single lie."

(Alice)"What is one more lie?"

(Roger) "I've not lied to you, not once. I've been open about how our nation works, our laws, our secret police, and such."

Alice stands up and walks to the door.

Roger says, "Where are you going? Come on back here, please."

Alice turned. "The reason I prefer my country is because I can do this." She said, and left the building.

Roger walked outside and ran up to her, he was quite angry, "What the hell are you doing? You made me look like a fool."

(Alice) "You are a fool.”

(Roger) (Smiling and starting to laugh) "You know I could have you hanged for that statement, but I'll let it go."

(Alice) "You just told me someone who disagreed with you couldn't be punished."

(Roger) "Well I said they usually aren't punished, it depends how they disagree. If they write an article they're okay, if they fire an RPG into a government office, they're not okay, they'll be in trouble."

(Alice) "And if they insult you they're hanged?"

(Roger) "Well no, I'm sorry, we don't hang people for that. It's just, ah... I'm sorry, okay."

Alice, surprising everyone, suddenly pulls out a pistol. "You know, they let us have these in Seryown too."

(Roger) "Go ahead, use it, do it. I can see the hate and violence in your eyes, do it." A group of nearby soldiers level their OICWs at her, and 2 SRG members level their MP-5s at her. She is surrounded by about 12 soldiers.

(Alice) "Oh no. I'm not going to use it. I've already told you how crazy it would be."

Roger motions for the soldiers to move away, he then tells her, "Put it away then."

(Alice) "I wouldn't have thought that in your nation of all places you'd be afraid of a revolver."

(Roger) "Yes well when soldiers see somebody pull a gun on me, they get nervous."

(Alice) "As they should be. But as I said, I wouldn't kill you. It's pointless."

(Roger) (Pulls out his own gun and hands it to her, it's a 1911 caliber 45) "That is a real gun, not some pansy 38 special revolver, keep it it's yours, lets get out of here okay?"

(Alice) "Your eyesight must be leaving you. This is not a 38 special. It's a 44 magnum."

(Roger) "Well my bad then, well shall we go then?"

(Alice) "You'll want your gun back."

(Roger) "Why is that?"

(Roger) "Will I need it?"

(Alice) "If you think I should keep it, I will."

(Roger) "I have another two on me still." (He shows her his other 1911 pistol and a walther PPK)

(Alice) "All right. Then I'll keep these."

As they start to walk back to the hotel, Roger sighs and says, "I wonder what would happen to you if I told your Mr. Mason you pulled a gun on me and were planning to kill me."

(Alice) "I'd be fired, and tried for attempted hostage taking. I'd probably be aquitted, but I'd never work in government again."

(Roger) "Well then we can just forget about that yes? I've no desire to ruin your career. It may make the papers though; a few reporters were in the crowd that gathered. All I can say is that you were showing me a new gun you had just purchased, how does that sound?"

(Alice) "Why should I care what in hell you say?"

(Roger) "If you want to keep your job, you'd care."

(Alice) "I could be just as important in private industry."

(Roger) "Yes, but scandal is never good for anybody. Besides don't worry, I know what I'll say if the press asks me anything. I'm not out to wreck people's careers. As I've said before, I'm not a monster."

(Alice) "Yes you are. You and your entire belief system are monstrous."

(Roger) (Laughing) "I've been nothing but nice to you and you treat me like the plague!"

(Alice) "I'd rather have the plague."

(Roger) "Were you a Mississippian woman who acted this way, it would be clear she had not learned her manners properly and I would endeavor to impress some manners upon her."

(Alice) "Then I certainly thank God that I'm not a Mississippian woman."

(Roger) "But you are in a Mississippian commonwealth nation, and as such, as I said before , I hold the power of life and death over all commonwealth citizens as well. So you had better make sure if you're foolish enough to pull a gun on me again, that you use it, or you'll regret it."

(Alice) "I am not a commonwealth citizen."

(Roger) "By entering into the commonwealth, you fall under all laws that govern commonwealth citizens."

(Alice) "Well that's extraordinarily rude of you."

(Roger) "How do you figure?"

(Roger) "If I went to your nation, would it not be a given I'd be bound by your law?"

(Alice) "First of all, I'm serving in a diplomatic capacity, so I automatically get immunity from certain crimes. Certainly I could be judged on the other crimes, but it would be my own country's right to try me."

(Roger) "Before you agreed to come here, you should have checked our laws a little better.We don't have any concept of immunity."

(Roger) "Except from traffic violations."

(Alice) "Yes. In any case, do you want to know why it was a bad idea for you to give me your firearm?"

(Roger) "Why?"

(Alice) "If I felt strongly enough about what I believe, I could shoot myself with it, and it would look like you'd done it."

(Roger) "Your prints are on it and I'd not let you shoot yourself."

(Alice) "You're human. You need to sleep eventually. In any case, I think the fact that you killed me, a woman no less, would go over very badly in both of our nations. Even if you didn't kill me."

(Roger) (Grabbing both of her guns from her holsters before she could react) "You know I think you don't need to have either of these any more."

(Alice) "Now it's robbery."

He handed them to a nearby SRG man and said, "Hold these for her, she's suicidal and needs to be taken care of, I want a doctor to come to the hotel to keep her under observation."

(Alice) "And now it's imprisonment."

(Roger) "Listen here woman, you pulled a gun on me, I'm allowed to disarm you."

(Roger) "If I wanted to, I could have you publicly flogged, or worse."

(Alice) "Yes, only you know as well as I do that you have altogether too many enemies already."

(Roger) "You know what, I think I will be making a call to your Mr. Mason, and then I'm going to call the Commonwealth Intelligence Services and have you charged with attempted assassination against me. When you get out of commonwealth prison in twenty to thirty years, perhaps we'll meet again."

(Alice) "You know what I think?"

(Roger) "What do you think? I really don't care at this point to hear the opinion of some insolent woman."

(Roger) "Go on though, tell me anyway.”

(Alice) "I think we're both drunk."

(Roger) "Well that could be, I did lose count of how much I drank after probably the seventh glass of wine."

(Alice) "More than that, I think I left my bag at the hotel."

(Roger) "I'm sorry if I yelled at you or got you upset, I'm just not used to anybody pulling a gun on me. Well I mean I'm used to being shot at, but that's by indians and other tribals, and I shoot back! I'm just not used to women, especially women so lovely as you, pulling guns on me," (smiling)

(Alice) "I'm sorry? What'd you say?"

(Roger) (Scratching his head) "I don't remember, oh well there is the hotel now, shall we go?"

(Alice) "All right."

They walk up to the room

(Roger) "Well now what?"

(Alice) "I left my bag in the restaurant."

(Roger) "An SRG man should have seen it, he'll be bringing it by anytime now." Right as he said that, the door opened and a man was holding her bag, He set it down on the table and then quietly walked out, his MP-5 on a sling.

(Roger) "Well Ms. Carrion now what do you have in mind? Have you been keeping up on commonwealth news? We're starting to build several arab cities for the egyptians."

Alice sits down. "I hadn't heard. Can I have my bag, please?"

He asks her, "What is so important about your bag? Is there something in there that might get one of us into trouble?"

Alice shrugs. "It depends. If my boss finds out about it, I might lose my job. Otherwise, no, not really."

He hands her the bag and says, "There you are, so what now, what do you want to do now?"

Alice rummaged through it before pulling out a needle. "It's here. Good." She said, before dropping it back into her bag.

(Roger) "Needles?"

(Alice) "Medication."

(Roger) "May I ask specifically what for?"

(Alice) "It isn't contagious."

(Roger) "I am not worried about that, but maybe our doctors can help you. Our medical experts have far more advanced knowledge and data than most nations. Our methods of obtaining necessary data are shall we say, unique."

(Alice) "It's MS."

(Roger) (Gasps) "Oh my! Well we have advanced treatments for it, a group of doctors is pretty certain they have a cure, but it's still in testing, it looks good though."

(Alice) "You'll excuse me if I don't take it, I hope."

(Roger) "Well, the cure would probably work, we've run tens of thousands of experiments on subjects for all sorts of reasons and we have libraries of data on various diseases, conditions, etc."

(Alice) "Thank you, but no."

(Roger) "So you'd rather die than let a right wing nation help you?"

(Alice) "MS isn't fatal."

(Roger) "But you'd rather suffer than accept our help?"

(Alice) "I don't trust you not to kill me."

(Roger) "You'll be fine, I'm not going to harm you. Don't worry. You can believe it or not, it's up to you."

(Alice) "Then I won't."

(Roger) "Then you condemn yourself to a lifetime of pain and suffering all because your lack of trust."

(Alice) "Sounds right."

(Roger) "You surely are the fool, not I. I'd accept the offer."

(Alice) "Because no one would dare to poison you."

(Roger) "I've given you my word you'll be okay, does that mean nothing to you?"

(Roger) "If I wanted you dead, you'd be back there lying on the street where you foolishly pulled the gun on me."

(Alice) "You are not known for consistency and logic."

(Roger) "Oh foolish Alice, you are the product of brainwashing, you hate those who wish to help you."

(Alice) "Or perhaps it is you who are that way?"

(Roger) "We could argue all night about that, but I'd rather not."

(Alice) "Fine. I need to check up on some things anyway, so you go do your puking thing while I actually do my job."

(Roger) (Chuckling) "I don't need to vomit now."

(Roger) "Well why don't you put your job on hold for a while?"

He sat down on a couch and tapped the spot next to him, "Come, and sit with me for a while."

(Alice) "I actually have a job to do. We're still trying to develop a thorough profile of your nation and the others that were involved in that conference, and I need to oversee that. I don't suppose that somewhere in this massive place they managed to fit a computer?"

(Roger) "I can have them bring one up, but first, come sit with me for a while."

(Alice) "I'm afraid I have to work."

(Roger) "Let me ask you, what is your real mission? What policy changes are you to hint that I should change? What are your goals set forth by your superiors?"

(Alice) "If Mr. Mason had been worried about actually achieving something at that conference, he wouldn't have left the person on the staff he most disliked."

(Roger) "Well then you don't need to really do anything do you? Come sit with me and perhaps you shall find out how Mississippian diplomacy works."

(Alice) "On the contrary, my job is almost never to create policy change, it is to ensure the exchange of information between peaceful nations."

(Roger) (Smiling) "Well I'm sure the two of us could have an exchange of sorts. What do you say?"

(Alice) "Your hinting does not amuse me."

(Roger) "Well your pulling a gun on me did not amuse me. Come on, what do you say? At least come sit with me for a while okay?"

(Alice) "Tell me something first. I must know something."

(Roger) "Okay."

(Roger) "Anything you want to know."

(Alice) "By 1930 virtually every large civilization had moved to a republican style of government. There are thousands of nations around the world that operate through republic and democracy, and dozens of them are larger than yours."

(Roger) "Okay, go on."

(Alice) "Women's suffrage and equality of the races have become pillars in nearly every society, and the world over regards these as advances."

(Roger) "We allow our women to vote, just as men get to vote."

(Alice) "Yes, yes. But I look out the window, and I see your civilization, huge in terms of area and in terms of population, and I have to know...just tell me why it works."

(Roger) "Why it works? Because as I said, they were nothing before Curtis Fabus, and everything because of him, as long as he lives, they live. As long as he thrives, they thrive. Because he is injured now, the economy has suffered, but when he is back as premier again, the economy will pick up. The man has a quality about him few can explain, he's so charismatic, if he looked at you and said, "Do this", you do it. He is a god to them."

(Alice) "So they worship him?"

(Roger) "Also we were finally able to convince the masses to support a grass roots racial movement."

(Roger) "No they don't worship him, but they view him as a prophet sent by the Lord, something Holy to be regarded as infallible."

(Alice) "Interesting. You truly feel that you have the support of God in this endeavor?"

(Roger) "Let me tell you this, Curtis Fabus has survived over 90 assassination attempts, he's been shot in the head, the chest, the stomach, the back, etc, nothing puts him down for more than a few weeks or months at the most. He was in 4 years of brutal jungle fighting when he was in the paratroopers in 1980-1984, his entire unit was wiped out dozens of times, but he always survived."

(Alice) "You have not answered my question."

(Roger) "Sorry... Yes, God is with us."

(Alice) "You have never had any doubts about it?"

(Roger) "We are doing the holiest of His work by supporting our race and nation. Nobody ever doubts it; the Lord Yahweh is with us all, as is His only begotten son Yahshua, whom was slaughtered by the Jewish demons. He gave His life for the white race; He died on the cross for us. We know Yahweh is with us, we never doubt it."

(Roger) "We use the Hebrew words because we sincerely believe we are the true Israelites that God made his chosen people."

Alice suddenly smiled. "This entire time I've said constantly: "What if you're wrong", but I've never bothered to consider this: "What if I'm wrong".

(Roger) (Smiling) "Yes. I've only ever once thought I was wrong, but I quickly banished my doubts from my mind as they will lead only to damnation and ruin."

Alice nodded. "This doesn't mean you've convinced me. But I should like to meet you father someday."

(Roger) "I hope you get to meet him. He's a very nice man."

Very suddenly, Alice sat down.

(Roger) (Smiling, softly said) "Comfortable?"

(Alice) "Somewhat."

(Roger) "Anything else you'd like to talk about? I'll answer any questions you have to the best of my ability."

(Alice) "How many children did you say a Mississippian woman should have?"

(Roger) "The typical woman will have 12 to 18 children, but that's the highest numbers, a large number have just 6 to 8."

(Alice) "Sounds a little high. Who could stand that many kids around the house?"

(Roger) "Oh well Mississippians are child lovers, animal lovers, everybody has lots of kids and cats and dogs running around. We're very friendly people. And I can tell you father never spanked any of us or hit any of us, ever."

(Alice) "Hmm. Well...I can't say I could ever see having more than a few children."

(Roger) "Well nobody forces women to have children in Mississippi, they can have as many or as few as they'd like. The government does subsidize large families though. If you have over 10 children, you get 1 million per child up to 15 million dollars total."

(Alice) "Makes some sense."

(Roger) "So, any other questions?"

(Alice) "No, I don't think so."

(Roger) "Could I ask you a few if you don't mind?"

(Alice) "Sure."

(Roger) "In my nation, I can honestly say the only time I've ever seen homeless people is after a tornado or a flood or a crisis such as Angola, which has only happened once though, and what almost always happens, is the Premier gives his personal money from his various stock earnings and such, to buy those in need of them, new houses. Our youth are ever so happy, they have direction in life, they don't sell drugs on the street corners, vandalism is unheard of, the elderly walk safely at night, nobody except the ultra-paranoid lock their doors. Tell me, is it like that in your land?"

(Alice) "Our drugs laws are free. If somebody wishes to buy something they can harm themselves with, they have the freedom to do that to ourselves. It's how we justify free tobacco laws. We spend a significant portion of our budget on police forces, so there is basically no crime at all, vandalism is one of them. We do lock our doors, but that's simply because we'd rather not go through the trouble of having things stolen then getting them back from the police two or three days later."

(Roger) "Perhaps I shall have to visit your land someday."

(Alice) "I wouldn't advise it."

(Roger) "Why not?"

(Alice) "You would immediately be arrested and tried for war crimes."

(Roger) "Really? You know this? Thank you for telling me. I had no idea; I've never personally done anything I'd consider war crimes trial worthy. I'm not like Field Marshal Francisco "Chemical" Salazar you know.

(Alice) "Some of our members of law enforcement community hate the Fabuses spectacularly."

(Roger) "I'm glad you warned me of this, I thank you."

(Roger) "I need to be very selective in which nations I enter into then."

Alice yawns and lays her head back against the couch. "It's starting to become very late."

(Roger) "It's not quite 11 pm yet, not so very late. I often stay up past 2 am to get paperwork done when I have to fill out reports for unit maneuvers or detail battle plans etc."

(Roger) (Leaned back on the arm of couch and put his feet up on a table) "So now what?"

(Alice) "Some of us aren't teenagers, and I still have work to get to Seryown. If I turn it in to Angola, I can claim I didn't miss my deadline."

(Roger) "Well I may be only 19, but I've been in over 30 battles, been wounded over 2 dozen times, had over 100 horses shot from under me, and won basically every medal CM has to offer. I've also already got my law degree and MBA, I did what they called "Read law" I studied on my own time and got my degree by taking the bar at age 16."

(Alice) "This doesn't change the fact that you've still got the teenager metabolism working for you. So I've got to get started. If you'll excuse me..."

(Roger) (Smiling) "Okay, well if you need anything just ask, will you be needing a computer then?"

(Alice) "Yes."

Roger reached over and picked up a radio he spoke into it, "Would you please procure a computer." The SRG in hallway outside the room replied in the radio, "Sure thing sir", and then 2 of the 12 went off to get a computer.

About 8 minutes later they brought in a top of the line computer and set it up for her on a table in the living room.

They all left then, 2 guards were out on the balcony still, standing watch against any attempts to gain entry that way.

(Roger) "Well, there is your computer, enjoy your work."

She got up from the couch and sat in a chair in front of the table and started to work

Roger stretched out and occupied the vast majority of the couch, the 6'6 giant took up just about the entire couch.

(Roger) "Would it distract you too much if I asked you what exactly you are doing?

(Alice) "Right now I'm sending an e-mail to my boss so he doesn't think I've been kidnapped."

(Roger) (Light laughing) "Always a good thing to do."

(Roger) "Would you prefer to call him over the phone?"

(Alice) "No, thank you."

(Roger) (Sighing) "I'm going to say something I don't often say. I'm sorry about earlier, I was wrong."

(Alice) "Everyone is once or twice."

She worked on her computer for about an hour; Roger was just lying still on the couch, not saying a word.

He broke the silence, "How is the work going?"

(Alice) "Right now I'm righting up a personal review of ... was he a General? ... that Tracy guy, for the DPUO file."

(Roger) "Oh, don't remind me of him, a headache, oh, he was rude, so I wasted no manners on him."

(Alice) "Surprisingly, I agree."

(Roger) "Had he agreed to take it outside when I pulled my gun on him, I would have dueled him. I've been in duels before."

(Alice) "I find that trials are a much better system."

(Roger) "Father was seriously wounded in a duel over a decade and a half ago defending mother's honor. I just wish she were still here to need defending."

Alice made a noncommittal sound without stopping her work.

(Roger) (His voice grows depressed and serious) "She died about 14 years ago, I never really got to know her that well, and William knows her even less."

Alice half-turned, then went back to typing.

Outside a Gregorian chant sounded over the city speakers, it was about 12:00 am and the sounds echoed throughout the city.

(Alice) "Well, that's annoying."

Roger slid off the couch and fell to his knees and began to pray, the guards outside on the balcony also began to pray.

The speakers ended about 3 minutes later, but the praying went on until 12:20 am.

Roger laid back down on the couch, "Night prayer session”, he said.

(Roger) "There are prayers when we rise, at lunch, after dinner, and before we sleep."

(Alice) "You've created a nation of insomniacs."

(Roger) "A lot of people have soundproof walls and windows, that is just a reminder for anybody still awake to pray."

(Alice) "Perhaps. Do you know today's date?"

(Roger) "November the 18th."

Alice smiles vaguely and then returns to her work.

About 28 minutes later she finished her work, Roger hearing a lack of typing, inquired, "Done with your work?"

(Alice) "Yeah."

(Roger) "Well it's not quite 1 am yet, what now?"

(Alice) "Sleep, I think."

(Roger) "Well there are plenty of bedrooms, just pick out one that you like, except the one on the left just after the kitchen, that is my room." (Smiling) "Well I suppose if you really wanted to, I wouldn't object to you choosing that room, but you decide where you want to stay, it's your choice really."

(Alice) "I'm sure I'll find a room." She turns and looks back at him for a second. "Tomorrow would have been my husband's birthday."

(Roger) "Would have been? Sorry to hear that, what happened?"

(Roger) "War?"

Alice looks angry for a few seconds, then waves it off. "His LAV was hit by an RPG while it escorted the ones carrying Peter Stahlecker and the rest of that building's occupants to the port for transportation."

(Roger) "I'm sorry."

(Alice) "The next time you see that man, I want you to tell him to make the best damn life he can out of what he has left because it can never make up for the life my husband didn't live."

(Roger) "I will do that. Do you know what I have to live with though? You know the number that keeps repeating in my head? 314,041, that's the number of men that will never be going home to Mississippi because they fell in Angola. I have to live with that and bear that burden forever."

(Alice) "At least you're alive. Good night."

(Roger) "Sometimes I wish I wasn't. Good night."

He fell asleep on the couch he was on, about an hour after he fell asleep, an SRG man moved him onto the bed in his room and tucked him in then left to stand outside the door to his room.
Communist Mississippi
28-08-2004, 04:49
The following took place about a few hours-1/2 day before the agreement was reached. This picks up from where Alice (Seryown) and Roger (CM) left off in Alexandria in Mississippian Egypt.

It was about 7 am when Alice stirred from her sleep; she heard noise in the kitchen and wondered what it was.

She dressed quickly and walked into the room groggily.

Roger was sitting at a breakfast table, dressed already, he was eating steak and eggs, he looked at her and said, "Morning, sleep well?

Alice nodded. "Very well. This is early..."

(Roger) "Oh well I guess you could say this is early. Want something to eat?"

(Alice) "No, thanks. I'm used to skipping breakfast."

(Roger) "Won't be another opportunity to eat until probably well after 12."

(Roger) "I have to review reports from Libyan war gaming."

(Alice) "That's fine. How's it going?"

(Roger) "It's going fine. We've over 6 million soldiers from federal units, commonwealth units, and Parthian units taking part. Do you know what one of the top field marshals suggested?"

(Alice) "Does it have anything to do with gas?"

(Roger) "He suggested we hold as many games as we can, close to the border of Mississippian Libya and Arabian Libya, and then after the 20th or so game, as the AL border units are used to seeing so many soldiers near the border, we all sweep into AL and crush the armies there. Ludicrous suggestion! It would probably work, they'd grow desensitized to seeing so many soldiers, but I don't want a war. I told him one more thought like that, and he'll be busted down to private!”

(Roger) "Yes, there is gas, why do you ask?"

(Roger) "We're staging mock chemical attacks in the war games so our soldiers and citizens are ready in the event there are ever any real chemical attacks."

(Alice) "Anything harmful?"

(Roger) "Well of course the mock chemicals aren't harmful, but they are meant to represent harmful agents."

(Alice) "Yes. With inconsistent generals like this Tracy opposing you, I can see how it would be useful."

(Roger) "There are a number of my own generals who are pressing me to launch a massive first strike and annihilate the majority of enemy forces before they know what hit them."

(Alice) "You know it would be impossible. Before your ICBMs hit theirs would be in the air."

(Roger) "Well they suggested we could use SSBNs alone to do it, We have over 150 SSBNs.”

(Roger) "Also there are some generals who say damn the consequences we need to launch, they say since 90% of our citizens will survive in bunkers, it's acceptable to lose 10%."

(Alice) "It is most certainly not acceptable, and I don't think that people in that mindset should be leading troops."

(Roger) "Well I have the ultimate say, so I decide there is no war, and there is no war. No general or group of generals will force a war that I don't want."

(Alice) "You don't think one of these people could launch at least some missiles without your knowledge?"

She wondered about that, seeing as CM policy allowed anybody ranked captain or above to authorize tactical chemical weapons attacks.

(Roger) "I don't think they'd launch, it would be a disaster, if they manage to launch say 10 missiles, we'll be wiped out in the counter-launch. They'd be forcing us to launch our entire arsenal... Ah, I see what you mean."

(Roger) "You're saying if the generals should go rogue, launch a few missiles. They know we'll have to launch everything we have to try to neutralize as much of the enemy before the enemy can retaliate, otherwise we know we're going to be clobbered."

(Alice) "And you'll get clobbered anyway, but the explosions generated would have consequences felt the entire world over. We have a personal stake in this now, because of Angola."

(Roger) "Yes well remember, it's my decision to make, and no generals will make it for me. I could increase the centralization in missile authority and strip them of even more authority. Currently the army high command can launch missiles in the event the government is decapitated in a surprise strike, to that ends, the top generals and field marshals each have part of the access codes to the missiles. A full code is needed for a full launch, but partial codes can result in partial launches. But more than 3 codes are needed for any launch."

(Alice) "Perhaps, but even a single release of sarin or smallpox in an opposing nation and you'd be attacked."

(Roger) "I don't think that most reasonable nations would start a war over the actions of a few rogue generals if it killed only a few thousand people, as long as we turned over the rogues to them to be dealt with according to their laws."

(Alice) "I think the name Tracy rebuts that."

(Roger) "Yes well that man is an uncultured ruffian, and had he accepted my invitation to a duel, he'd be in a morgue by now."

(Alice) "Perhaps. But if he is a representative of his nation, can you call it a reasonable one?"

(Roger) "No, he is not reasonable. He is lucky though, I can shoot the center of a dollar coin at 100 yards with my pistol."

(Alice) "I'm not impressed."

(Roger) "Would you like to go shooting?"

(Alice) "That depends."

(Roger) "On what?"

(Alice) "On whether I can draw my gun without it being taken."

(Roger) "Oh yes, sorry, here you are." (He opened a drawer and handed her gun back to her)

(Alice) "Unlocked this whole time?"

(Roger) "Sure, why not?"

(Alice) "I thought you distrusted my stability."

(Roger) "Well I don't think that is an issue anymore, do you?"

(Alice) "I hope not."

Roger finished eating, he took a silver cigarillo holder out from his breast pocket and put one into his mouth, "Want one" he offered her and he extended the holder to her.

(Alice) "No, thank you."

Roger stood up, started to walk towards the balcony, and lit his cigarillo with a silver lighter as he was walking out the balcony door.

He inhaled deeply on it and blew the smoke out through his mouth in a large cloud, he was leaning on the wall of the balcony, looking out over the city, people were starting to leave their houses and go about their daily chores.

Alice stepped out onto the balcony to see what he was doing.

Roger ashed his cigarillo and then put it back in his mouth, inhaling and then exhaling in a direction away from Alice. He turned to face her, "Look at it all", he said as he motioned at the city, "It runs like clockwork, everyday."

(Alice) "Maybe that's a bad thing?"

(Roger) "It's all predictable, every Sunday through Friday people are busy and going about their daily business. Every Saturday the entire city shuts down."

(Roger) "I don't see how it could be bad."

(Alice) "What about spontaneity?"

(Roger) "We don't like surprises, everything has a place and a proper state of being."

(Alice) "Curious."

(Roger) "Do you know why everything shuts down on Saturday?"

(Alice) "I'm afraid not."

(Roger) "Saturday is our Sabbath, from 9 am to 3 pm, everybody is in church praying. We break from noon to one for lunch and then resume praying until 3 pm."

(Alice) "Perhaps a little overmuch?"

(Roger) "What do you mean?"

(Alice) "Do you feel that God hears your praying more if you pray longer?"

(Roger) "It shows how much of our time we devote solely to praying. As it is we devote all of our time to God because we are always doing His work."

Alice sighs. "Perhaps your nation has something to learn from other nations, and perhaps other nations have something to learn from yours."

(Roger) "We don't feel the world can teach us anything except sin and evil, that is why we try so hard to shut ourselves out of world affairs. We have a complete ban on all foreign radio, television, and print media."

(Roger) "Our people can only watch shows approved by both the government and the Council of Bishops."

(Alice) "I think that is why you have something to learn from the world."

(Roger) "What do you think the world could possibly teach us? I just fail to see what good the world is as a whole, we are and always will be Mississippi and we basically just want the world to leave us on our own, we're willing to do the same with the world."

(Alice) "Tell me. You're acting premier, you should know. What percentage of men are employed outside their own homes?"

(Roger) "Well over 97%, nearly 100%.”

(Alice) "Women?"

(Roger) (Hesitates) "Does it really matter?"

(Roger) "Less than 7%."

(Alice) "Thank you."

(Roger) "But we do allow women to work in times of national crisis when the men must leave the factories to take up arms."

(Alice) "Women do not serve in the army?"

(Roger) "Well the thing is women are free to work if they want, but managing an estate and 10 plus children is work enough for them, and they're very appreciate for doing it."

(Roger) "We have women in the army administration as secretaries, there are also the nurses in the medical corps."

(Alice) "How about as pilots?"

(Roger) "No, no women pilots."

(Alice) "In the infantry?"

(Roger) (Shocked) "Infantry? You're not serious are you, tell me you're joking."

(Alice) "I'm not joking. Tell me the total number."

(Roger) "There are no women in combat positions."

(Alice) "Okay. In the engineer corps?"

(Roger) "None."

(Alice) "How many women can give an order to a man?"

(Roger) "I'd have to check into that."

(Alice) "You do that, and while you're at it tell me how many men can give an order to a woman." She scribbles a number down on a piece of paper. "You can give those numbers to me at this phone number."

(Roger) "It might have changed since the last time I checked, but last reports suggest none."

(Roger) "We have been attempting to form an all female Republican Guard Armored Division to see if the use of women in combat is something worth further consideration."

(Alice) "I'm afraid I don't believe you. If you're ever in need of something from Seryown, that's my cell. I'm off."

(Roger) "But we are, we even have the first 1,000 women recruits!"

(Roger) "You can see them in training, they are here in Egypt!"

(Alice) "As I said, I'm leaving. I hope your morning goes well."

(Roger) "Please don't go, stay for a while."

(Roger) "Have I done something to offend you?"

(Alice) "Your entire nation offends me." She leaves the balcony.

(Roger) (Walks off the balcony into the room) "Come back, please, at least come see the female armored division we're trying to form, you might be pleasantly surprised."

Alice begins walking toward her bedroom, not bothering to turn as she responds. "The fact that you want a separate division at all is abhorrent to me."

(Roger) "What do you mean? All of our units in the Republican Guard are special and unique, one division is all citizens from Rome, one division is all White Christians from Turkey, another division is all citizens whose ancestor were crusaders, one division is all from the Mississippian clergy."

(Roger) "Studies show if women and men are in the same units in combat, sexual tensions will reduce unit effectiveness."

(Alice) "These ideas are abhorrent to me as well."

(Roger) "Please Alice, calm down, would you at least like to see the units that are going to form the core of the 31st Republican Guard Armored Divsion?"

(Alice) "Not particularly."

(Roger) "Do you know what the training for the guard is like? It takes over 12 months, the last 3 days, all recruits are taken to the desert, given 2 litres of water and 2 MREs, they are then left on their own to march over 100 miles to the nearest city, those that fall out of the marching, they are left behind, it's brutally harsh, officers will ride by in jeeps and beat anybody who is slacking they will taunt them to the ends of the earth, and they also dump water on the sand in front of them, to taunt them."

(Roger) "In Republican Guard training, about 30% of recruits will be seriously injured of killed."

(Roger) "Most of those that die, do so in the last 3 days, the "March through hell" they call it."

(Alice) "Do your airlines run flights into Luanda yet?"

(Roger) "You're not listening to a word I'm saying are you? I'm trying to tell you that we're amazed at what's happened thus far, the women we've allowed to try out for the Republican Guard, they've passed through 10 months of training and still 1,000 of the original 4,000 have not washed out. I'm shocked."

(Roger) "Our airlines don't enter Angola, but my private plane goes where I want it to go."

(Alice) "I'll have to find a layover, then. Oh well."

(Roger) "Alice, please, stop this nonsense would you? Tell me what is wrong?"

(Alice) "I have outlined a number of examples for you. I'm afraid that your brainwashed mind is unable to handle them. I only ask that you remember to tell anyone who needs to know that I'm no longer involved in this."

(Roger) "Please Alice, why don't you stay and you can argue with me about how I'm wrong, I'll just listen, you talk."

(Alice) "I'm afraid my lifespan is far too short."

(Roger) "Please Alice, won't you stay, you're too rash you know that, it's not good for a diplomat to be so rash, and you seem like such a good diplomat."

(Alice) "Rash? Rash? You won't take into account the remotest possibilities of equality for just about anyone, and you say rash?" She said, and having finally finished her packing, she stepped to the door and opened it.

(Roger) (Following her out the door) "Alice, what would you suggest? I'm trying to make reforms, I'm open to suggestions."

(Alice) "You want suggestions? Eliminate all laws relating to segregation or inequality or even mentioning any races in any way."

(Roger) "Well that isn't possible, and I'd never agree to that, the inferior races must never be allowed to mingle as equal with the superior races. We must keep our superior gene pool isolated from the corrupting influences of Negroid genetics. But what else would you suggest, something that I can and will consider implementing."

(Alice) "Depose your father and hold free elections for a national congress that will appoint a court system and a cabinet. That means no soldiers will be involved in the voting process at all."

(Roger) (Laughing) "You really must be in a mood today, I said something I can and will do. I will never betray my father and there will never national elections, there will never be a congress, and there will never be a supreme court. I said something reasonable."

(Alice) "Offer a plan in which you and all members of the league will destroy all their nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons if DPUO, Sevaris, and Derscon do the same thing."

(Roger) (Laughing more) "Destroy trillions of dollars worth of weapons, and compromise our security. Are you mad? I said something I can and will do. I suggest right now we both go back inside and sit down and talk about this, please."

(Alice) "Then offer a plan in which you'll destroy weapons of mass destruction i equal amount to what DPUO destroys."

(Roger) "That I can and will do, now please, will you come back inside?"

(Alice) "Nope. But you should do that. When do you suppose this elevator is coming?"

(Roger) "It's shut off, the guards only turn it on when I tell them to, now please come back inside."

(Alice) "I suppose there would have to be emergency stairs?"

(Roger) "Please come back inside and we can talk about these issues you raise, in an adult fashion. As for the stairs, those are kept locked and guarded, they'll open if I tell them to open them."

(Alice) "I don't suppose you'll turn on the elevator, then."

(Roger) (Shaking his head) "You suppose correctly. Now will you come back inside?"

(Alice) "Kidnapping, then?"

(Roger) "No, I'm simply asking you stay here for a while. It's not kidnapping. I have total legal rights over anybody and everybody who enters into a Commonwealth territory. Now please come back inside, we can talk about the issues you're raising... As equals."

(Alice) "I'm afraid that if you don't let me go you will be committing yet another international crime and as such you will set off a diplomatic incident like you couldn't believe."

(Roger) "Please Alice, don't be so unreasonable, please come back in."

(Alice) "I have some experience. I know what I'm talking about. Maybe, just maybe, if you let me go now, I'll factor that in and let you off easy."

(Roger) "Please Alice, Angola is not safe, you don't want to go there, trust me."

(Alice) "On the contrary, I have been there. I'm there quite often."

(Roger) "Yes and I have been there, it's a hellhole and it fell into anarchy, millions died. You don't need to go there, you'll just get hurt."

(Alice) "You know there's a high speed train between Luanda and Lobito now?"

(Roger) "There was always a train, along with a great road system, but the blacks blew up all the depots and the bridges around the 6th month of the war."

(Alice) "I mean a new one, actually."

(Roger) "Okay, well will you please stay here for a while longer. You were assigned to attend the conferences, since you're not at the conference, you'll be expected to get something diplomatic done, and you can't negotiate with me if you're in Angola."

(Alice) "The longer this elevator takes to get here, the longer it will take before there will ever be diplomacy between our nations again."

(Roger) "What must I do to make you be reasonable?"

(Alice) "Order the elevator up here."

(Roger) "Why? I'd like for you to stay at least a while longer, please?"

(Alice) "No."

(Roger) "What could I do to convince you to stay at least a while longer?"

(Alice) "I have made several suggestions. I think the most important is the abandonment of those race laws."

(Roger) "If you've been in Mississippi as long as I have, you'd see the racial laws as absolutely necessary. I grew up in a nation with 40 million negroes, I know what they're capable of, I know what they can and cannot do."


(Roger) "No! They are a lower form of life, whether you believe in Creation and that they are the beast of the field, or in evolution and that they evolved from the australopithecine and we whites evolved from Homo erectus, they are low grade scum! They come out on the losing end whichever theory you accept."

(Alice) "I'm sorry, but you're simply wrong. Could you call that elevator for me?

(Roger) (Emotionlessly) "No."

(Alice)"You know something?"

(Roger) "What?"

(Alice) “My mother is Chinese.”

Roger's literally turned red with rage, he screamed out, "Get out of my sight!"

(Alice) "If you'd let me, I'd be happy to."

(Roger) "Fine, I'll call them, but if you ever tell anybody you were here, you won't be able to live to regret it, do you get it?"

(Alice) "Sure."

(Roger) (Talking softly to himself) "How stupid could I be to let you trick me, I surely did drink too much, I've been educated in racial science, well anybody without such education could spot somebody 1/2 Chinese, oh boy, I need to stop drinking." (His voice grows louder) "As for you, get out of my sight." He yells into a radio, "Activate the elevator!"

Alice waits quietly for a few seconds as the elevator comes and then steps in as soon as the doors open. She smiles as the doors begin to close. "Ta ta."

(Roger) (Quietly into the radio) "I want her followed all the way to Angola and while she is Angola, see if your friends in the WKA can keep an eye on her. I don't believe her 1/2 chinese story, I'm not an idiot, I've been educated in racial science, but I just didn't want to argue with her anymore, but still, she's 100% white, whether she will admit it or not. And as such, she'll need protection in Angola, so tail her."

Alice got outside and Roger's car was there, the driver was standing outside next to it, he said, "Ma'am, I've been instructed to take you to the airport."

Alice nodded and smiled. "I do not wish to go to the airport."

(Driver) "Wherever you want to go then, I’ve been instructed to take you anywhere you wish to go."

(Alice) "All right. Then you can get out of my face. I wish to walk around."

(Driver) "Okay, no need to be rude ma'am, but if you decide you need a ride, I'll be here."

(Alice) "Of course."

She starts to walk down the street, she walks passed the Commonwealth authority building, the governor-generals mansion, well the walk passed the mansion took 15 minutes due to the size of the land it was on. There were guards all along the sidewalk outside the mansion and a fence kept people about 2,500 feet away from the mansion itself, which was also behind large groups of trees.

She sees the "Foreign Legion Recruiting office" for the Mississippian foreign legion, a shadowy group that had about 20,000 soldiers fighting in Angola before it fell. There are large lists posted outside the building, underneath signs labeled "Killed" "Wounded" "Missing" hundreds of women are standing in line to read the lists, some of them break into tears, others breathe sighs of relief.

Somebody in the line stopped her and asked her, "Are you here to check the lists too?"

(Alice) "No, I already know what happened to my husband."

The woman sensed what she meant and hugged her and said, "I'm so sorry, it must be awful for you."

(Alice) "I suggest that you get out of this line. If there is bad news waiting for you up there, it is better not to know."

(Woman) "I need to know, three of my eight sons, two of my six brothers, and my husband all fought in Angola. they are all in Legion, the 1st regiment of the 2nd brigade."

(Alice) "Where were they?"

(Woman) "Two of my sons were stationed in Luena, 1 of my sons was in Cabinda, my husband and 1 brother were in Huambo, and my other brother was in Luanda."

Alice smiles. "If it brings you any hope before you get up there, you'll be glad to know that the people in Luanda were among the most fortunate of the soldiers."

At about that time, an old sgt walked out of the office and called out through a bullhorn, "Anybody who is here for any legionnaires that fought in Lobito, Huambo, or Luena, you are wasting your time, you'd best go home and make funeral arrangements."

Scores of the women fall to the ground and start to cry, one of them was sobbing, "That can't be, Lobito had over 8,000 soldiers, how can that be?"

The old sgt called back through the bullhorn, "Luena was flattened weeks ago when the black guerillas took it, if you didn't know, well you should try reading a foreign newspaper, they don't seem to shrink from hiding our defeats! Now get off of the legion property in ten minutes, this is for prospective recruits, and after what happened in Angola, we need more meat for the grinder."

Alice is stunned by the scene and stumbles backwards before turning down the first street she comes to.

She could just hear the sgt as she ran off.

She staggered forward and walked for about two more blocks, before coming to a stop outside a large building that read "Commonwealth Mississippian Egyptian Armed Forces Recruiting Center."

There were about 800 people standing in a long line outside the building, aged from 17 to the upper twenties. They were all white males.

A bunch of them were talking, a group was saying, "Do you think we can get into the Special Air Assault Squads, those guys are the best, in Angola they jumped into combat and took on odds 20 times against them."

One of them said, "After what happened in Angola, they need more people to join the parachute units, that's where I'm going, I'm going to join the commonwealth army and then transfer to the federal army in Mississippi."

Alice looks at them, horrified. Were the people so willing to jump to their deaths for nothing?

One of them said, "I want to be in Chemical warfare, I've already got a degree in chemical engineering."

A large group of people shouted, "Air force!"

There were a few younger kids, about 14-15 that were saying, "Can we join?" a recruiter standing outside said, "Sorry kids, come back in three or four years, but you can join the Fabus Youth paramilitary groups, go around the side entrance, you'll see the signs."

There was a large sign with Mississippi personified by a beautiful white woman it read, "Won't you fight to defend her?"

She turned and continued walking, horrified.

A man was walking down the road in a hurry, he broke into a run and was turning to look behind him when he ran right into her, he jumped up and ran off without even saying anything.

Rounding the corner were 4 men in suits and long overcoats, yelling, "Stop that man!"

Alice looked at them. "What happened?"

They just kept running, a nearby citizen told her, "Don't bother them while they're working, those guys are scary, they might arrest you, Commonwealth Internal Security Police, the secret police."

One of the men stopped and aimed a pistol, he fired at the man running and he fell flat on his face into a mud puddle.

They went over and checked to see if he was still alive, he was, they lifted him up and hauled him off into a waiting car.

Alice looked at the man who had talked to her. "You call this a good life?"

(Man) "Sure, it wasn't me they were after."

(Alice) "How do you know it won't be you soon?"

(Man) "I've done nothing wrong, I've nothing to fear."

(Alice) "What if they make a mistake?"

(Man) "The Internal Security Police don't make mistakes that serious, besides they'd straighten it out right away."

(Man) "Besides, for the good of the race and the state, we need to forget about small matters such as personal liberty. The state must prosper!"

(Alice) "I...this is impossible." She turned around and began sprinting back toward where she thought she remembered the car had been waiting.

There was a massive parade moving down the street she was approaching, they were all in white robes, but unmasked, at least 400,000 people in total, crowds of citizens were standing by waving and cheering. There were little kids saluting them with their left hands.

She recognized the man at the front of the parade, on a horse draped in a white sheet, the governor-general of Mississippian Egypt.

Horrified, Alice tried to force her way past the crowd of people on the side.

People were screaming, "White Power!", "Hail Fabus!", "God is Great!"

A number of clergy had lined up along the side of the road; they were blessing the marchers and praying.

She bumped into a boy about 12 years old, even though it was her fault, he turned around and said, "Hello ma'am, sorry about that, my fault, are you here to see the parade?"

(Alice) "No, I'm trying to get past."

(Boy) "Why, don't you like the parade?"

(Alice) "No, I don't."

(Boy) "You're not a jew are you?"

(Alice) "No, I'm not."

The boy's dad, turned around and said, "William, what have I told you about talking to strangers?"

(Boy) "But daddy, you can tell she's not a nig---r, and she says she isn't a jew." The dad replied, "Well I guess it's okay then, but don't bother people, she probably has places to go and things to do." He turned and said, "Sorry about my son bothering you, little children, always so inquisitive."

(Alice) "Yeah. I have to go."

(Man) "Well nice talking to you, hail Fabus!"

The boy rose up his left arm and shouted "Hail Fabus!"

(Alice) "Right." She turns and begins hurrying towards the car she hopes is still waiting.

She walked back along the road, the parade stretched for miles and so she'd have no hope of getting to the other side of the street, the side she needed to be on, unless she crossed through a break in the parade.

There was a large store she stopped in front of, it read "Surplus Military Equipment: Kill them good, and kill them dead, best stuff in Egypt"

The sign said hours, "Open 8-8 every Sunday through Friday, closed every Saturday"

She had never seen a Mississippian gun store, she was curious, so she walked inside.

The first thing she saw was a large CM flag and a poster that read "Guns don't kill be, pissed off Mississippians do."

Another large sign read, "Tactical nuclear bombs may only be purchased with weapons approval cards, same rules for chemical and biological weaponry. All other items require no approval cards, but proof of citizenship must be given. Nobody under 18 allowed in the WMD room."

She walked deeper into the store, it was at least 30,000 sq feet in size, there were large rows of pistols, rifles, shotguns, sub-machine guns, silencers, scopes, magazines, 1-ton crates of ammunition divided into 1000 round boxes, there were rows of AK-47s, M-16A2s, MP-5s, HK-91s, Fn-Fals, M-249 SAWs.

There was a G-5 155mm howitzer in the middle of the store.

A large sign read, "Save 20% on your purchase today if you join the WKM Egyptian Realm."

The storeowner was sitting on the counter reading a gun magazine, he hopped down and said, "Anything I can help you with ma'am?"

(Alice) "No, thank you."

(Owner) "We have or can order literally any gun ever made."

(Alice) "Thanks, but I'm fine."

A guy came up to the register, holding an old British Martini-Henry Rifle, he handed the owner about 8,000 dollars and then left. Another man came up pulling a cart full of 155mm howitzer shells filled with Soman gas. He paid the owner about 5,000 dollars and then carried them outside.

She walked out of the store and hastened her pace down the street, there was a large gap in the parade as a column of masked riders was moving slowly forward as a group of people on foot was moving ahead of the them about 100 feet away.

She walked passed the governors mansion where outside about 800 Arabs had assembled and were chanting "Infidels out!"

One of them cried out, "Mississippi for Mississippians, Egypt for Egyptians!"

A commonwealth police officer walked up to him, and started to talk to him, he called him a rather nasty insult in Arabic, and a group of about 18 Arabs rushed the officer and pummeled him senseless.

She stood by watching as over 200 commonwealth police in heavy body armor came running out from the nearby Police HQ and leveled their weapons at the crowd of Arabs that had grown to over 4,000. They yelled, "Return to your homes immediately!"

About 30 BMP3s poured into the area and soldiers piled out from inside, they trained their OICWs towards the Arab crowd.

About 90 German shepherds were brought in and then set loose against the crowd, the dogs tore into flesh, and ripped it from bone, their teeth were stained red with blood, they viciously attacked and sent the crowds scattering.

The police and soldiers then ran into the crowds and began clubbing them and smacking them with the butts of their rifles.

Large police wagons were brought in and 800 more police arrived the scene and began arresting people en masse, over 1,200 Arabs were arrested.

One of the police officers stopped and told Alice, "Ma'am this isn't the safest place to be right now, them Arabs are on the war path."

Alice nodded. "Thanks, but I'll be fine."

A large crowd of over 9,000 Arab workers, mostly those who worked in the city but were now refusing to return to continue working, came marching towards the police and soldiers, with hate and anger in their eyes.

Another crowd of about 12,000 started marching at the police from a perpendicular street, the police started to slowly walk backwards.

The officer told Alice, "Ma'am I'd seriously suggest you leave now."

The crowds began to hurl bottles and bricks at the police, but they impacted harmlessly on the shields, one of them came straight at Alice, but the officer used his shield to deflect it.

The officers suddenly realized there was an Arab mob approaching from behind them as well, over 30,000 Arabs, and just 1,000 police and soldiers. The police formed a square and then raised their rifles, the Arabs stopped at about 90 feet away from them.

Alice drew her gun suddenly. "I am not one of your dolls, and you will not order me around."

The officer said, "That's a felony ma'am, but whatever you want, get yourself killed, those Arabs are going to start some trouble today."

Alice smiled. "It's about time they did."

A cop standing behind her saw what she was doing, that she had pulled a gun on a cop, and he grabbed her hands and pulled them pulled behind her back, another cop wrestled the gun away from her, then they threw her to the ground and 3 of them held her down while one handcuffed her, then they placed her into a police wagon and said, "There, you can go to jail!"

Alice smiled. "Send me to jail, really. Roger Fabus will be happy to know you did it."

They slammed the door and locked it, but she could see out of a small window what was going on, the Arabs were slowly advancing, the 4 police fell back into the square.

She suddenly heard the sounds of the advancing Arabs drowned out by volleys of gunfire.

The BMPs machine guns came to life.

(Alice) "I'm a diplomat, and your Acting Premier thought he'd be clever and try to convince me that Mississippian ways were the right ways by taking me here. I daresay he has not succeeded."

The cop in the front of the police wagon, the driver, turned around and told her, "Quit your bitching, I got better things to worry about than you, we have a riot on our hands here."

She looked out the window and the saw the streams of blood shooting out of the crowd as the machine gun bullets impacted into them.

(Alice) "Well, if you'd give me my gun back I could help."

The first few rows of Arabs fell, but as they fell they revealed something, their comrades behind them had rifles, AK-47s and SKS rifles.

(Cop) "Too dangerous for a woman out there, you'd just get yourself hurt, don't let any fear get into that pretty little head of yours though, there are over 1,000 brave men outside, and they won't let anything happen."

(Alice) "It's a good thing you've got me locked up, because otherwise I swear you would be on the floor, squealing in pain right now. Now give me my damn gun and let me out of this."

The square the police had formed into was breaking up under the fire from the arabs, they had smuggled the weapons into the city via the sewer system, something that after this riot would never happen again due to boosted security to cover all previously unguarded sewers.

The cop said to Alice, "I'll just ignore that, or else you'd regret it."

(Alice) "You think I'd regret it? Just because I'm a diplomat doesn't mean I'm weak."

(Cop) "Well I know you'd regret it if I took it upon myself to teach you some manners, like the proper way to speak to a man, especially if he's a police captain." She realizes now he is a police captain.

(Alice) "You are my equal, and if you don't give me my gun back right now there will be a diplomatic incident so big your ass won't exist by the time I'm done with it."

She could hardly hear him over the gunfire, the police square had broken and they were behind BMPs and cars, taking cover and firing back.

(Captain) "If you keep insulting me, your asshole will be a lot larger by the time I'm done with it."

Rounds impact against the windshield of the wagon and the captain dives under the dashboard and draws his pistol.

She gets a look out the window, over 10,000 of the armed Arabs are dead, but so are about 500 of the police officers and soldiers. Leaving about 20,000 Arabs and 500 police left.

(Alice) "If you'd just give me my damn gun, I could help you out here, but no, you had to sit here. So if I'm still alive when this is over, I'm perfectly willing to say that you acted entirely on your own and threaten to declare war against Mississippi unless you are extradited for trial."

(Captain) "But you were arrested for pulling a gun on a police officer."

(Alice) "I did no such thing. I drew a gun."

(Captain) "You drew a gun when an officer tried to move you out of a hostile situation, it was clear you were attempting to threaten him. Now listen to me you arrogant little bitch, shut the fuck up or I'm going to toss you into an all male prison, I'm sure they'd be anxious to get their hands on a woman, especially one as feisty as you are."

Alice) "While I'm not opposed to spending some time teaching your men a lesson with my fists, you understand that if anyone who even knows Roger Fabus sees you trying to get me convicted of a crime, it'll be you who ends up serving time?"

The police wagon starts to be rocked back and forth by the Arabs as they have overrun the police positions around the wagon, the captain bounces back and forth, he says, "What do you mean, you know Roger Fabus?"

Gunfire sounds all around outside and the rocking ceases as abruptly as it began.

She sees well over 40,000 men wearing white robes armed with rifles rushing along the streets in front of the mansion, they were marchers from the parade, and they had heard the troubles going on and rushed to the scene.

(Alice) "As I explained before, I am a diplomat. Fabus thought he would be clever and he invited me to Mississippi trying to change my mind."

(Captain) "Well did you see who started the violence here? The Arabs beat one of our officers, they beat him senseless, we tried to use dogs and clubs to send them back, but they had rifles for crying out loud, we didn't want this trouble."

(Alice) "I'm not here to argue with you. Just give me my gun and let me get to Fabus's limousine."

(Captain) (In a very mocking tone) "Anything else princess?"

(Captain) "Yes, like you even know Roger Fabus! The Acting-Premier! You don't even know him!"

(Alice) "And then you can get the hell out of my way so that maybe, just maybe, I forget about all this."

(Captain) "How about I take you there? What do you say to that? I'll drive you there myself, where is he?"

(Alice) "He's staying in the penthouse of that huge hotel a while back."

(Captain) "Well, the WKM has this riot under control now, here, come up front." (He opens a small hatch, and she manages to climb up front, but she is still handcuffed and can barely move well.

(Alice) "Just remember that the longer this takes, the less balls you'll have a month from now."

She gets a good look at the scene, over 500 dead police strewn about, mixed in with piles of arab dead, over 20,000 Arab dead. Ak-47s and SKS's litter the streets, blood flows through them, the pavement has been stained red. Overturned squad cars are on fire, the flames dance all over them.

(Captain) "I told you those people were going crazy!" He starts to drive away towards the hotel.

(Captain) (Very Casually) "About that male prison remark, I'm really sorry about that, can we just pretend that didn't happen?"

(Alice) "What, scared that I do know him?"

(Captain) "Oh, no I'm not scared at all."

(Alice) "Then..."

(Captain) "Well we can just forget about it yes?"

(Alice) "I forget very little."

(Captain) "But you could forget that yes?"

(Alice) "I don't think I will."

(Captain) "Maybe I could do you a favor and you might forget eh?"

She realized the captain wasn't paying attention to where he was driving and he had taken a wrong road due to all the roadblocks and detours setup to control the riots. He was heading straight for an Arab township outside the city.

(Alice) "I very much doubt that there is a possible favor to make me forget."

She wondered if she should tell him he was about to be in the center of an Arab township, he seemed to have other things on his mind.

She shrugged quietly and decided it would be better if she saw what it looked like anyway.

He suddenly saw a sign in Arabic and knew from the rows of shacks he was in the outskirts of the Arab township, there were children drinking water from puddles in the dirt, there was raw sewage behind the houses, a large group of people saw him and moved to block the road in front of him, he spun the wheel far to the left and the wagon jackknifed and rocked, almost tipping over.

Rocks and bottles began to impact against the truck, a mob was forming, he shouted, "Shit, how'd we wind up here, we have to get out of here."

She looked around and saw most of the shacks were open, with no doors and no windows, except for perhaps a tarp over the window; there was no electricity either, except for an occasional generator.

(Captain) "These arabs are itching for trouble."

Alice disagreed, but decided it was better if she kept her mouth shut, for now.

He unbuckled his seatbelt and looked in the compartment above the seats, he unlocked it with an electronic code and pulled out an M-249 SAW and three 200 round box magazines for it.

(Captain) "This is for clearing a crowd, the best tool in existence for the job."

(Captain) "If I give you a gun, will you help?" She could tell he was nervous and sounded desperate.

(Alice) "Sure."

He pulled an MP-5N down from the rack and a pouch containing 5 magazines, he set it on the seat, then he removed her handcuffs and asked, "Do you know how to use that?"

He left the gun on the seat and turned to open the door, he stepped out and began firing the SAW into the air above the heads of the crowd, they scattered and he fired more rounds into the air.

He got back into the wagon, set the SAW in between the seats and seat, "That seemed easy enough, just keep yours ready if they try to jump onto the running board and break the windows open."

He turned the truck around and started to head back out of the Arab township, there were people running all alongside the wagon. They were hurling bottles at their truck, hurling their hatred of the police at this lone wagon that had blundered into their neighborhood.

(Captain) "You got that gun close at hand, get ready, there are some up ahead blocking the road, why don't you lean out the window and scatter them."

Alice hesitated a few moments, leaned out the window, hesitated a few more, and then sat back down.

(Captain) "Well fire the damn gun into the air, scatter them!"

More bottles and bricks impacted against the wagon.

(Alice) "Could you at least slow down a little?"

Right when she said that, he noticed there were people right ahead, so it was a good time to slow down anyway, so he just slammed the brakes on

Alice nodded. "Thank you." She opened the door and dove out, throwing the submachine gun down in front of her and covering her head.

(Captain) "Are you insane! Get back in here, they'll kill you!"

AK-47 and SKS fire began to impact against the wagon

The captain closed the door and floored the pedal down, slamming through a crowd of people and speeding away. She was left standing near an alley.

Alice stood up, bruised. She dropped the submachine gun and put her hands in the air.

A mob of Arabs with rifles surrounded her, one of them spoke in perfect English, "What are you doing here? Women are not allowed in Commonwealth police."

(Alice) "I was under arrest."

Another one demanded, "Then how did you get the gun?"

(Alice) "He wanted me to help him disperse the crowd."

(Arab leader) "Likely story, but probably true, this way, follow me."

The leader picked up the MP-5N and slung it over his shoulder, he liked this nice new weapon, a much better gun than his rusty old SKS, well much better for close quarters combat.

Alice nodded. "Of course."

A man behind her jammed an SKS into her back and pushed her forward, she followed them for a few blocks until they got to the leaders house, it was the nicest in the area, but it wasn't hard to be nicer a shack, the streets were all dirt and sand, not a single one paved, there was no sidewalks, electricity, and the water system was virtually non-existent.

The Arab leader walked into his house and she was pushed through the door, three guards stood by while he sat down and invited her to sit down on a chair opposite his.

Alice sat down quickly. "What can I do for you?"

(Leader) "My name is Nasser Aref, I am the mayor of this so-called "City" tell me how do you like this city, the commonwealth government calls it separate... But equal."

(Alice) "I had been told it really was equal."

(Nasser) (Laughing) "You call this equal?"

(Alice) "No I do not."

(Nasser) "But oh well, we must live with it, not you, you get to return to Alexandria and to your home, you do live in Alexandria yes?"

(Alice) "No."

(Nasser) "So tell me, where do you live?"

(Alice) "I live in a country called Seryown."

(Nasser) "Then you are a long distance from home."

(Alice) "Yes."

(Nasser) "Tell me, why did you come here?"

(Alice) "I am a diplomat. I was on a meeting for a peace conference in Russia, and the Acting Premier, Roger Fabus, thought he'd be clever."

(Nasser) "What do you mean? You know the Acting Premier? What do you mean clever?"

(Alice) "He thought he could convince me that Mississippi's way of life was the right one by bringing me here."

(Nasser) "Well I do like the jobs they provide, if they weren't here, we'd be even poorer than we are. But the commonwealth government refuses to spend money to pave our roads, repair our schools, etc. They tell the Federal authority in Mississippi they are spending the money, but they are really just lying to them."

(Alice) "So it isn't Mississippi's fault?"

(Nasser) "No, we like Mississippi to some degree, they keep us safe from the threat of Israeli aggression and radical Muslim terrorists. The man we don't like is Governor-General Donald Stahlecker, do you know of the Stahlecker family?"

(Alice) "A little too well, I think?"

(Nasser) "Donald Stahlecker makes Arabs go into white cities and act happy and then films then and sends the footage to federal authorities and tells them they are in Arab cities and that is how nice they are."

(Alice) "One second, actually." She fumbled into her pockets and pulled out a tape recorder, badly dented. She pressed the power button, murmuring encouragement to it, and when it did she pressed record. "If you want the truth to reach them..."

(Nasser) "My name is Nasser Aref, I am the mayor of Eastern Township near Alexandria in Mississippian Egypt. It is not exactly a city so much as it is a shantytown with just shacks and dwellings not fit for animals."

(Nasser) "The Governor-General Donald Stahlecker rather than using funds allocated to build the separate but equal Arab cities has instead diverted the money to fortifying the southern borders of Mississippian Egypt. He is also purchasing numerous fighter aircraft and he is attempting to increase the size of the Commonwealth Mississippian Egyptian Army by at least 10%."

(Nasser) "What else should I mention? We have photographs of this township, a few, but they speak volumes."

(Alice) "How's your electricity work?"

(Nasser) "What electricity? They never put it in! Only a few of us have power from generators that run on gasoline than we can rarely afford."

(Alice) "Yes. Your indoor plumbing?"

(Nasser) "The plumbing is a hole in the ground out behind the shack they call a house."

(Alice) "I'm sorry. But at least you've got paved roads and cars, right?"

(Nasser) "No, dirt roads, and we either walk, use bicycles, and a few of us pooled our money together to buy a bus for the elderly and the children. Also there are a few small trucks that people use to take things to market."

(Alice) "Oh. Fire workers? Hospitals?"

(Nasser) "No fire department, 1 hospital with 6 doctors and 24 nurses for the township of about 800,000 people."

(Nasser) "Most of the medical equipment is stuff the British left when they pulled out of Egypt over 5 decades ago."

Alice turns off the tape recorder. "May I speak with a few of those doctors sometime before I'm either imprisoned or allowed to go?"
Communist Mississippi
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(Nasser) "Yes, you may go, you are free to wonder the township, several of my guards will accompany you, you must understand not everybody will take well to seeing a white here."

(Alice) "I'd be happy to. But if I may speak to you for a moment more?"

(Nasser) "Yes."

(Alice) "I've told you that I'm a diplomat. I'm among the best in my nation, and I've studied history rather extensively to form my own opinions."

(Nasser) "Yes."

(Alice) "There's a strong chance I won't get to anyone outside your commonwealth government with this tape. If I don't you'll have to think about fixing the situation. I think what you're doing right now isn't working."

(Nasser) "What do you mean? What can we do?"

(Alice) "Shooting at them doesn't help. You have a legitimate concern, but many countries do not support you because they don't see this, they see police trying to survive in the middle of a firefight."

(Nasser) "Ah yes, so you saw the stubborn youth with their rifles earlier shooting at police. I keep telling the parents to keep their children from shooting at them, that just reinforces their position when they tell the world we need to be controlled with a firm hand. I suggested that we march unarmed and if they will strike us down, they will expose themselves to the world for what they are."

(Alice) "Perhaps you need to take steps to ensure that no one takes a gun to your protests?"

(Nasser) "I can try, but the youth today, they don't want peaceful shouting and protests, they want to fight."

(Nasser) "Are you really here with Roger Fabus? He is here in Egypt?"

(Alice) "Yes, in Alexandria."

(Nasser) "Perhaps I could speak with him? Do you think that would be possible?"

(Alice) "I doubt it. The only way I could get him to leave me alone was by convincing him I wasn't entirely white."

(Nasser) "So you lied to him then? Lying is dishonorable, but there are times when it becomes necessary."

(Alice) "Far too necessary."

(Nasser) "Well we must try, we shall make our way to Alexandria."

(Alice) "Is it within walking distance?"

(Nasser) "No, but we can take a jeep, the citizens bought me one so I can get around the township easily and get places I need to go for business matters that affect them."

(Alice) "This could pose a problem."

(Nasser) "How?"

(Alice) "A White woman and an Arab man seen together... anyone will automatically assume us to be guilty of cohabitation."

(Nasser) "Yes, well what do you suggest?"

(Alice) "I'm not sure. I'll need to speak with some other people here first anyway. Tell me, what's the nearest airport in Egypt other than the one in Alexandria?"

(Nasser) "The nearest international airport is over 100 miles away.”

(Alice) "I am beginning to see... listen to me. You know what happened in Angola?"

(Nasser) "Yes, the commonwealth papers don't report such things, but I read a paper from Sudan that reported it."

(Alice) "Do you know what happened after Mississippi finished leaving?"

(Nasser) "Yes. Foolish tribals, they've ruined their own nation!"

(Nasser) "Native Angolans don't have the skills to run such a complicated infrastructure that the Mississippians left behind."

(Alice) "Perhaps. But Seryown intervened. Serya troops occupied Angola. Now it's a province of Seryown. It elects its own local government, it elects people to our congress, and there are no laws that mention any discrimination at all, based on race. There's a new high-speed rail system connecting most of the major cities and the farms and buildings have been reoccupied. There was a very horrible period in its history, but they're past it now."

(Nasser) "Yes, but I hear black Marxists still roam the countryside and they clash with these White Knights of Angola who ironically are mostly black auxiliaries."

(Alice) "We're doing the best we can to stamp them out, and the cities are basically entirely safe."

(Nasser) "You mean the piles of rubble that are what is left of the cities."

(Alice) "Nonsense. Luanda is entirely rebuilt, with skyscrapers and a huge Conference Hall for any meeting that needs to be held. Lobito has almost finished a similar renovation. In fact, the only city they feel has sustained irreparable damage is Luena, far into the interior in the east."

(Nasser) "Yes, but I have been in this nation my entire life, and I know what my people can and cannot do. We are mostly made for manual labor; we make good soldiers but only under the close supervision of competent officers. If we suddenly gained independence, we'd fall apart or fall to foreign aggression. What I am hoping for is some degree of autonomy and better conditions for our people. Success and prosperity are guaranteed if we stick with the commonwealth, but we hate the current governor."

(Alice) "What you're saying is that you like Mississippian rule, but a change of governor would be the best possible course?"

(Nasser) "Yes, that is how most people feel."

(Alice) "Most?"

(Nasser) "Yes, most of the people in this city want the governor gone but the commonwealth to stay."

(Alice) "Who are the others?"

(Nasser) "The people in this township, those I represent."

(Alice) "I mean the people who aren't in the most?"

(Nasser) "Mostly those who want a Jihad."

(Alice) "Do they have a leader here?"

(Nasser) "No, he is in the desert, with his group, planning to attack white farms in the interior, we have told him to stay out of our city because he is a trouble-maker."

(Alice) "How far in?"

(Nasser) "In the interior, the nearest white farming community is New Salem about a population of 12,000, it's about 16 miles south of here."

(Alice) "All right. Thanks. I'd like to speak with those doctors now." She stood up.

Nasser showed her to the back door and they got into the jeep parked there, they drove through the dirt roads to the only hospital in the city.

They walked into the hospital, a thatch roof building of two stories, the largest building in the city, there are a few cots and old beds lined up in rows, it stank of raw sewage.

There were only 2 doctors and 8 nurses in the hospital at the time.

Alice approached one of the doctors. "Excuse me, do you have a few moments to spare so that I can talk to you?"

(Doctor) "Yes, what do you want to talk about?"

(Alice) "Could we sit down?"

(Doctor) "Yes." (He sat down and pulled out a chair for her)

Alice pulls out the battered tape recorder and places it on the desk. She turns it on. "Before I set this to record, I need to explain to you that I'm trying to get a description of what this 'city' is like so that I can take it to my contacts in the Mississippian federal government."

(Doctor) "This is a typical Arab city."

(Doctor) "As a matter of fact, we here have it better than most."

(Alice) "I understand. That's the point. May I set this to record while I speak to you?"

(Doctor) "Yes. So you ask questions, I answer them yes?”

(Alice) "You answer them, right."

(Doctor) "Okay, I'm ready whenever you are."

Alice sets the machine to record. "All right. Do you access to MRI machines, to detect cancer?"

(Doctor) "MRI? What is that?"

(Alice) "All right. How's your ultrasonography equipment?"

(Doctor) "Our what now?"

(Alice) "Okay. What about CAT scanners?"

(Doctor) "I know what those are... But we have nothing that requires electricity more than our generators can provide."

(Alice) "So you don't have them?"

(Doctor) "Correct."

(Alice) "All right. But at least you have automated analyzers, right?"

(Doctor) "No, no we don't."

(Alice) "You have an available reserve of blood to draw on if one of your patients requires it?"

(Doctor) "Not particularly, we have only about 100 units of blood here."

(Doctor) "I should mention that for anesthetic we use chloroform or liquor."

Alice turns off the tape recorder. "I'm so sorry."

(Doctor) "Is that all?"

(Alice) "Yes, that will be all, thanks."

He gets back up and walks to a bed where a small boy with no left leg is lying. He is checking to see how the boy is doing. Alice wonders what happened.

She decides better of asking and leaves quickly.

Nasser is waiting in the jeep, "Shall we go to Alexandria then?"

(Alice) "I told you what would happen if we are seen. And we will be seen."

(Nasser) "Did you get to ask the doctor all the questions you wanted to? Did you see young Abdul, the boy who stepped on a commonwealth mine?"

(Alice) "Yes. Listen to me. I'm sorry, but we will both be arrested and then the only thing that will come of this is that your town will be deprived of its leader."

(Nasser) "Arabs are allowed into Alexandria as long as it isn't 5 pm yet, because they have to be out by 6 pm, we are not even past 1 pm yet, there is time. We can say that you were lost and I am taking you back into the city."

(Alice) "Very well then. Thank you."

Nasser drove the jeep down the street and go onto the road that would take them into Alexandria. After about 25 minutes of driving on the rural roads, they approached the outskirts of Alexandria; there was a checkpoint outside the city, 2 BMP3s and about 12 soldiers sitting around. They motioned for the jeep to stop.

A lieutenant walked up and chuckled, "Well now, what are you two doing here?"

Nasser started to speak, the lieutenant barked, "Shut your mouth Arab!"

(Lieutenant) "Well, what are you doing here?"

(Alice) "I was lost. He was taking me back into Alexandria."

(Lieutenant) "Do you have a pass card?"

(Alice) "I left my bag in my apartment. The card would be in there."

(Lieutenant) "Well all the good it does you there. I cannot allow you to pass."

(Alice) "Roger Fabus is staying in the penthouse at the Franco hotel. Call him there and ask him if he knows a diplomat who stayed with him last night. I think that's all the pass card I'll need."

The lieutenant broke into extreme laughter.

(Lieutenant) "You expect me to believe you know Roger Fabus?"

(Alice) "I don't care if you believe it. Since we'll be sitting here for a while anyway, you could save us all some time and try calling the hotel to see if he's there."

He picked up a radio and got into contact with the Franco Hotel. About 60 seconds later, the lieutenant waved her through and the soldiers opened the gate for her.

The jeep drove off down through the checkpoint and the road suddenly changed from dirt to very nicely paved.

They finally arrived at the Franco Hotel.

There were some SRG men outside the hotel, standing guard; they refused to let Nasser inside.

(Sgt) "No arabs in this hotel, acting premier Roger Fabus is in here, security measures have to be taken!"

(Alice) "Let me handle the people here, okay?"

(Nasser) "Okay, they seem unwilling to let me in anyway."

Alice approached the guards and spoke up quickly. "Hey, you remember those kids who were in the lobby? Did they get to their uncle all right?"

(Sgt) "Oh yes, they got on the plane fine, word from Al Khums, they made it there okay."

(Alice) "That's very nice. Listen, you know me, right? And I know that Fabus has a brain, so he's probably figured out by now that I am actually entirely white, so I doubt he'll just refuse to see me. Now what you can do is let us up to the penthouse to speak with Mr. Fabus."

(Sgt) "He was fuming that he was temporarily tricked by you, he does indeed realize you're entirely white. But he is in a mood right now, he's currently speaking with the governor-general but you're welcomed to go up there."

(Alice) "The governor-general! Well, my friend here will have to accompany me."

(Sgt) "Sorry, no Arabs inside while either Roger Fabus or the Governor-General is in there."

(Alice) "I'm afraid he must accompany me."

(Sgt) "You'll have to clear that with Roger Fabus first, you'll have to go up and see him, if he agrees, radio back down."

(Alice) "No, I don't think so. You can call on up to him from here to clear it with him."

The sgt just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Oh well, good bye", before he turned to walk away.

(Alice) "I don't think you understand."

He turned back around, "Now listen woman, I've told you what to do!"

(Alice) "I'm not a doll. Call up to Mister Fabus and clear it with him."

(Sgt) "Is your head void of activity? Listen woman! I told you what to do."

(Alice) "That man is not leaving my sight. Now, you will call up to Mister Fabus and clear this with him, or I will get on a plane and start off a diplomatic incident which result in Fabus having your head."

(Sgt) "Fine, you can go up, both of you." She was shocked he didn't bother calling it in, meaning he was just harassing them on his own choice.

Alice waved Nasser into the lobby in front of her.

They walked up the staircase and got to the door to the penthouse, there were 2 guards standing in front of the locked door. The guards swung the door open her them and they both proceeded through.

She walked into the penthouse and Nasser was right behind her, Governor-General Donald Stahlecker and Roger Fabus were each sitting in a large armchair and was smoking a cigar.

Roger turned and looked at her, "Ah Alice, what brings you back here?"

Stahlecker looked over and shouted, "Good God! Get that Arab out of here, he'll kill us all!"

Alice smiled. "This man has some things he'd like to say. He's free to say it while I fiddle around with my gadgets." She pulled out the battered tape recorder and began to rewind it."

Stahlecker jumped out from his seat, "Whatever he says it's a lie! Have him thrown in jail!"

Alice shrugged. "He hasn't said anything yet."

(Stahlecker) "Whatever they tell you, it's all lies! Lies!"

Donald Stahlecker grabbed for her tape recorder.

(Alice) "Afraid, Donald?"

(Stahlecker) "Give me that!"

They were in a struggle over it, yanking back and forth.

As she held it away from him, she heard a click as the tape went back to the beginning, and she managed to hit the play button. Tiny speakers began to play the conversation ... "My name is Nasser Aref, I am the mayor of Eastern Township near Alexandria in Mississippian...."

Stahlecker shoved her down onto the ground and pulled out a pistol, "Press stop and give it to me now or you die woman!"

Roger screamed in his face, "Pull yourself together man!" as he pried the gun from his hands.

(Recording) "...Egypt. It is not exactly a city so much as it is a shantytown with just shacks and dwellings not fit for animals."

Stahlecker panicked and shouted, "It's all lies, sir, it's lies, we've spent hundreds of millions, billions even on those filthy ingrates!"

(Recording) "...The Governor-General Donald Stahlecker rather than using funds allocated to build the separate but equal arab cities, has instead diverted the money to fortifying the southern borders of Mississippian Egypt."

(Roger) "Donald didn't you tell me the southern border was being fortified?"

(Donald) "Yes, but the money was properly allocated for it. These words they speak, they are lies, all lies. Surely you won't believe an Arab over me."

(Recording) "He is also purchasing numerous fighter aircraft and he is attempting to increase the size of the Commonwealth Mississippian Egyptian Army by at least 10%."

(Donald) "Lies! All lies! Those aircraft came from the old Angolan colonial air force!"

He grabs the recorder from Alice and presses stop.

(Alice) "Scared? Its all right, my secretary already has a backup copy."

(Roger) "I think we all need to sit down and determine what is what."

(Roger) "Alice, you don't have a secretary here."

Nasser just stood quietly while they argued.

(Alice) "Not here, no."

(Roger) "Everybody sit down and we'll discuss this."

(Alice) "All right."

(Roger) (Sitting down) "Now what is the problem, you are making some very serious allegations against one of my most efficient governor-generals, do you have proof besides these tapes?"

Alice turns to Nasser. "Do you have the pictures on you?"

(Nasser) "No, not with me."

(Nasser) "Except for one."

He places on the table a picture of a row of shacks. Stahlecker calmly dismisses it, "That is just an isolated case, that's the exception not the rule."

(Alice) "I can tell you that it isn't."

(Donald) "Sir, they have no proof, they're liars, they're guilty of sedition. They have no proof!"

(Alice) "Perhaps we should finish the tape?"

(Donald) (Still holding the tape) "No, there is no need for that!"

(Donald) "They're lying, words proof nothing. They need physical evidence!"

(Roger) "I agree, you need physical evidence."

(Alice) "Then we can all go out there and look for ourselves."

(Donald) (To Roger) "Sir it isn't safe, they'd blow themselves up to kill you. Please, don't go, she's trying to lure you out there so you die."

(Alice) "I've already told you twice that I know it would be useless to kill you."

(Donald) "Please sir! Listen to reason, don't set foot within sight of the Arab cities, they'll swarm your guard and kill you!"

(Alice) "Actually, most of them don't mind you."

(Donald) "Don't listen to her, they'll kill you, trust me sir, they'll kill you, I know these people. I'm the governor here, believe me, not this Arab loving whore."

(Alice) "I think you know from personal experience that I'm not a whore, sir. In any case, we have an Arab right here, so let's ask him."

(Roger) "Fine, let's go out to the Arab city."

(Alice) "Donald? No rebuttal?"

(Donald) "You're a liar! It's not safe, they'll kill him!"

Donald looks extremely nervous and unsettled and he has begun to perspire profusely.

(Alice) "This man is surrounded by the best trained people in the state. I think he can fend for himself."

They all walk down to Roger's limousine, and Donald is protesting the entire time saying there is no need for any of it etc. They start the drive to the arab city, escorted by 30 BMP-3s, 10 T-98s, 30 Warrior IFVs, and 100 Mi-24s.

They get into view of the city.

Donald starts screaming, "This wasn't like this yesterday, they staged this to make me look bad!"

(Alice) "Tell me, Nasser, why does this look so different then in all those pictures and videos?"

(Donald) "Roger, sir, you've seen the videos of how it was in their cities, this is not one of their cities, they changed it!"

(Roger) "You know the cities you filmed them in looked an awful lot like Alexandria and Tanta."

(Donald) "Hmmm... Well we try to build them just as equal as our cities. That's why they look so similar."

(Roger) "Donald... I want you to do me a favor."

(Donald) "Yes?"

(Roger) "Stop lying to me, take your bullshit, shove it, then when you're done, get on the first flight back to Mississippi, you're through here."

(Donald) (Solemnly) "Yes sir."

They let Nasser off and told him a C-130 would bring him his jeep back and Roger promised to make sure the funds allocated for their cities were spent for them. Nasser thanked Roger. Donald left in another limousine.

Alice and Roger were in a limousine being driven back to Alexandria.

(Roger) "Well now Alice, do you see what I mean?"

(Alice) "What you mean?"

(Roger) "That our system works, usually."

(Roger) "I've been to Western Sahara myself, so I know it works there."

(Alice) "This did not work, sir. You're going to need a new governor, and I don't think you can pick them from your usual crop."

(Roger) "I already know who is going to be the new governor-general of Mississippian Egypt."

(Alice) "Do you?"

(Roger) "Yes."

(Roger) "The former Governor-General of Angola… Peter Stahlecker."

(Alice) "I think that's a bad choice."

(Roger) "Why?"

(Alice) "Aside from the fact that Peter is a little bit unstable right now, he would naturally have a lot of anger against Arabs and Africans. In addition, as the brother of the recently fired Governor-General, he might be prone to make decisions out of spite to whoever he feels is responsible for that man's firing."

(Roger) "Well I see your point, but Peter is a good candidate for the post."

(Alice) "Yes, and I do as well. But perhaps at this point he's not the right person."

(Roger) "So who would you suggest?"

(Alice) "Ordinarily I'd suggest Nasser, but you wouldn't give it to him anyway."

(Roger) "By law I could not do so even if I wanted to. No governor-general may be a non-white."

(Alice) "Yes, but your very act of doing so would change the law to allow it."

(Roger) "We will never allow non-whites to hold sway over whites."

(Alice) "All right. Then instead I suggest myself."

(Roger) "You would turn this nation over to them! You're insane, anyway, we've never had a woman governor-general, but law doesn't forbid it."

(Alice) "On the contrary. This local position has basically no power. I'd be able to do nothing but move money around in a way pre-specified for me by you."

(Roger) "Well see my father has an interesting way of doing business, when diplomats meet with him, lady diplomats, because those are the only ones he'll meet with. They give him something in return for the privilege of meeting with him."

(Roger) "So what exactly do I get out of this deal, I guess that is what I am asking."

(Roger) "I'll tell you what I want you to do for me. I want you to cement an alliance."

(Alice) "An alliance? What alliance?"

(Roger) "An alliance between our two nations."

(Alice) "How about you work out the terms while I go back home and tidy up my old job?"

(Roger) "I must tell you though, all governor-generals must join the WKM of the nation they are in, are you willing to join?"

(Alice) "Is this a law?"

(Roger) "An unwritten law, but accept as law nonetheless."

(Alice) "I'm already accepting a position with less power than I currently have."

(Roger) "On the contrary, you'll have over 1 million commonwealth soldiers under your command and you'll be the first lady general in the CM commonwealth."

(Alice) "I won't actually get to do anything with those soldiers, will I?"

(Roger) "You can use them for internal security operations, war games, etc."

(Alice) "All right. Just for clarification, before I do anything else. When you say separate but equal, you do mean the equal part, right? I won't do this if you ever ask me to make this unequal."

(Roger) "I had no knowledge they were unequal, you can make things equal, but don't expect Arabs to achieve the same test scores and such that whites do. Genetics can never be made equal."

(Alice) "Perhaps."

(Roger) "If you start a war, you'll regret it, and if you try to sellout the nation, the secret police will see you regret it. Also there are over 10 million WKM in Mississippian Egypt. You do realize neither the Whites nor Arabs will take well to being ordered about by a woman. Islamic law forbids women to rule. You will need to watch your step."

(Alice) "I will not join the White Knights."

(Roger) "Okay, but you will do nothing to move against them."

(Alice) "If they act against what I'm doing to promote equality here, then I will have to continue to promote equality here."

(Roger) "Remember though, genetically we will always remain superior. If the Arabs were our equals, their army would have lasted more than 12 hours."

(Alice) "You ignored my last statement."

(Roger) "Okay, sorry, I agree. But don't forget there are over 2.5 million federal soldiers here, they take their orders from federal authority in Mississippi, who take their orders from me. So don't get any smart ideas about turning this into another Angola. Anyway, I don't think you are the type who would do that; otherwise we'd not be having a discussion about you becoming governor.

(Alice) "All right."

(Roger) (Very casually) "Also you'll need to be much friendlier to party officials and to myself especially. You need to work on your attitude."

(Alice) "I'll work on it."

(Roger) (Grinning) "Perhaps you could start by being more accommodating with me."

(Alice) "Or I could go back to Seryown and tidy up my job."

(Roger) "Well when you get back we can talk later."

(Alice) "Perhaps."

(Roger) "Well the day is nearly spent already, you won't be leaving just yet will you? You'll spend the night here and leave in the morning yes?"

(Alice) "I don't think there's anything really pressing back there, and I can't think on a plane anyway."

(Roger) (Smiling) "Good so you'll stay the night."

(Alice) "Sure."

The limousine pulled up to the hotel and Roger got out and held the door for Alice.

Alice stepped out of the limousine quickly.

Roger and Alice walked up to the penthouse. Roger sat down in a chair and firmly and boldly said, "Come and sit with me”, it sounded more like an order than a request.

(Alice) "That attitude will get you nowhere."

(Roger) "Forgive me then, I'm so used to ordering my governor-generals about like chess pieces. Would you come and sit with me then?"

(Alice) "All right."

She sat down in the chair next to his, and he asked her, "Want something to drink, or perhaps a cigar?"

(Alice) "You must have noticed by now that I don't smoke."

(Roger) "Everybody enjoys a good cigar once in a while, whether they smoke or not. Just seeing if perhaps you wanted one."

(Roger) "Would you like something to drink then?"

(Alice) "No, thank you."

(Roger) "Well you don't mind if I have something to drink do you?"

Roger walked over and poured himself a glass of scotch, he then sat down on a couch in the same room as the chairs, he said to Alice, "Come here, and sit with me."

(Roger) "I mean if you'd like to that is."

(Roger) "We have much to discuss about your new position."

(Alice) "Is your goal to have me standing up and sitting down for hours?”

(Roger) "No that is not my goal." (He drinks from his glass and sets it down on the table) "Now will you sit with me?"

(Alice) "Fine."

(Roger) "Now you understand your most important task as governor-general of Mississippian Egypt will be to form the female division of the Republican Guard. It is training here currently, the first regiment, what I told you before was no lie. We will need at least 22,000 more though to make it a complete division. So you must recruit probably 4 times that number of women because only 1/4 will successfully complete training."

As he was talking, she got up and then moved slowly to the couch and sat down.

(Roger) "You know I am one of the biggest advocates for using women in the armored units."

Alice shrugs.

(Roger) "Do you know why?"

(Alice) "Nope."

(Roger) "It frees up men for the infantry."

Alice smacks her head.

(Roger) "What is wrong?"

(Alice) "I thought you were going to say something that was, you know, not sexist."

(Roger) "Well do you really think women should be in the infantry? I mean the dangers they'd face, the physical strain of the work, it would be far too costly in terms of harming our population growth."

(Alice) "I think that if they wish to, they should be allowed in."

(Roger) "We cannot take the risk that they'd fall into the hands of native armies and be ravaged or sold into sexual servitude. We need to protect our women."

(Alice) "Once again I disagree with you."

(Roger) "Well that's your right, but as governor-general just make sure you don't contradict my orders."

(Alice) "Of course."

(Roger) "You were in Angola, you know how many white women were raped by the Marxists. You know the black Marxists even raped and killed their own kind; Marxists are beasts to begin with. When you pump a Negro full of Marxist anti-white hate propaganda, they go crazy."

(Roger) "It'd be for the best if the blacks and Arabs would defer to us as a child defers to a father, or a wife defers to a husband."

(Alice) "I resent this."

(Roger) "Well you're going to have learn to moderate your views somewhat, you're probably the most left-wing person in our government now."

(Alice) "Perhaps."

(Roger) "Your appointment must still be confirmed by the commonwealth legislature. There are 50 legislators that are elected every 2 years by the commonwealth citizens."

(Alice) "And they will do whatever you tell them to do."

(Roger) "They might not take well to a woman attempting to become governor-general. But I can overrule them if I must. But no, they don't do what I tell them, they're often stubborn people. Remember the legislature in Libya voted for secession and there was a brief civil-war!"

(Alice) "All right then."

(Roger) "Remember when dealing with the commonwealth legislatures in the African territories, remember they are landed aristocratic white males and they realize that the natives on this continent could all band together to swarm into these lands in attempts to drive us out. It's a simple numbers game here in Africa. And as such, the legislature won't allow anything that threatens their race or their wealth."

(Roger) "I've seen filibusters in the commonwealth legislatures go for over 62 hours before.

(Alice) "I'll be more than happy to starve them out if it serves the purpose I'm trying to achieve here."

(Roger) (Smiling) "Yes, I'm sure you would be." (He, yawns, stretches his arm out, and lets it come to rest on the back of the couch behind her)

(Roger) "Well, what do you want to do now Alice?"

(Alice) "I'm not sure, really."

(Roger) "Well this is your territory now, well not officially. So why don't you decide what we do." (He cracks a slight grin)

(Alice) "Bah. I was thinking of consuming many alcoholic beverages, but I think I've gone past that one now."

Roger smiles as he casually says, "Well then, what else is there to do?"

(Alice) "I hadn't planned that far in advance."

(Roger) "Well tell me what you'd like to do right now."

(Alice) "I don't know."

Roger let his left arm slowly slide down onto her shoulder and he pulled her in closer to him and softly said, "I could think of something we could do, if you're willing to permit me to continue. What do you say, may I please proceed?" (Ooc- He's in the Republican Guard and the formality which accompanies most things sticks with him)

(Alice) "Sure."

(Roger) (Breathing a sigh of relief) "Thank you." (He starts to slowly kiss her neck as he rubs her shoulders) "Would you like to go into the other room, whatever you want?"

(Alice) "All right."

He stood up and said, "after you" as he took a last sip from his glass and set it back down.

She slowly stood up and walked into his bedroom, he followed close behind.

After they were done, Roger was lying in bed next to her, smoking a cigar, blowing the smoke in an opposite direction, he had turned a vent system on, so it wasn't really bothering her.

(Roger) "Tell me Alice, do you think you'll like your job as governor-general?"

(Alice) "No."

(Roger) "Why not? What's wrong?"

(Alice) "I'll be facing opposition from every white in the state, and if I dare to show appreciation for the appreciation Arabs show me, then I'm an Arab-loving whore."

(Roger) "Oh don't worry, I'll talk to the people and assure them the Arabs having decent separate cities won't hurt the whites any bit."

(Alice) "Perhaps. But to keep the cities thriving, the Arabs will need jobs, and then the whites will complain that jobs are being taken from them. It'll be the same with everything I give the Arabs.""

(Roger) "The people will adore you so long as you never let your concern for non-white peoples blind you to the needs and requirements of the white peoples. They don't really care if the Arabs are doing well, so long as it is not to the detriment of white people. And the jobs the Arabs currently do, no whites want to dig irrigation canals, work in mines, etc. The whites want to be soldiers, police, engineers, doctors, managers, farmers, etc."

(Alice) "What if the Arabs want to be police and farmers?"

(Roger) "They can police their own cities and work their own farms."

(Roger) "We've been considering allowing the Arabs to form Arab units to serve in the commonwealth army, but I'm not sure how loyal to the Federal authority or commonwealth authority the Arabs are."

(Alice) "I can tell you they have a great deal of loyalty to the federal authority...building up their interest in the commonwealth will take time."

Roger exhaled smoke out from his mouth and then set his cigar down in an ashtray on one of the stands next to the bed, he then asked in manner attempting to be both inquisitive and casual, not wanting to let reveal his nervousness, "So Alice, how was it?"

(Alice) "It was fine, Roger."

She felt somewhat disgusted with herself for several reasons, her husband had scarcely been dead two months and it was largely because Mississippi had been sticking their nose into countries they didn't belong in. Also today would have been his birthday. But above all, she was upset with herself for enjoying it. But maybe in time she'd be able to affect meaningful change in the CM government. CM high party officials had a bad habit of letting their political guard down around women.

(Roger) "Good to hear, likewise."

Roger picked back up his cigar and took a deep drag on it, swishing the smoke around in his mouth before inhaling the toxic fumes into his lungs, a small cough escaped him, he had swallowed more smoke than he realized. He blew it out into the air and then set it back down.

Alice simply stared up at ceiling.

(Roger) "So Alice, have you liked Mississippian Egypt so far?"

(Alice) "No."

(Roger) (Sighing) "Well at least you're honest. What is the one thing you find the biggest problem here?"

(Alice) "Too many choices."

(Roger) "Name the most significant problem here. What do you think it is? The threat of an arab insurgency?"

(Roger) "The poor state of the commonwealth economy?"

(Alice) "Government discrimination by the empire that controls it."

(Roger) (He held back a laugh, just barely) "Oh surely you don't call us an empire. We're a federated republic with a commonwealth."

(Alice) "Changing the name doesn't change what it is."

(Roger) (Smiling) "Well it helps."

(Alice) "Not really."

(Roger) "So you think because we treat different groups differently, that is a problem. Well should different people be treated equally when we are clearly not biologically equal?"

(Roger) "I don't really care what those people do as long as they are separated from our gene pool and not corrupting and lowering the quality of our gene pool."

(Alice) "Perhaps they aren't inferior."

(Roger) "You know my brother Henry is against the whole idea of an empire. He points to history, whenever an empire that includes separate groups eventually collapses, the former dominant group becomes heavily mixed when the submissive groups rise up and often flood en masse back to the homeland of the once dominant group. He points to England and France as the two modern examples."

(Alice) "He has a point."

(Roger) "Yes, but he can have all the points he wants, he is currently under house arrest for betraying Angola by pulling the imperial army units out and sending them to Mississippian Libya when the commanders there pleaded for no more troops, they pleaded the soldiers be kept in Angola to help colonial army units. Well now we have no Angola, but at least over 5 million federal and commonwealth soldiers guard ML."

(Alice) "Yes..."

Roger had finished his cigar and was smoking a new cigar, he offered it to her and said, "All governor-generals smoke cigars, at least a few times, go on, it won't kill you."

(Alice) "Perhaps some other time I shall take it up."

Roger practically cheered, "Very good, I'll make a Mississippian out of you yet!"

(Alice) "Mississippi will have to meet me halfway."

(Roger) "I'm sure Mississippi would be willing to meet your slightly more than halfway, but on a few issues they won't budge an inch."

(Alice) "The issues that are important."

(Roger) "I'd agree, it is important we maintain are status as the dominant people in this commonwealth."

(Alice) "Then I have quite a bit of work ahead of me."

(Roger) "What do you think, should arabs be allowed into the Commonwealth Mississippian Egyptian Army? Of course there will only be four divisions of them at first, and the officers will all be white commonwealth citizens."

(Alice) "If they choose to, yes."

(Roger) "And what about the women wanting to join the Republican Guard? I've told you that large numbers of men die in training, it will be even harder on the women."

(Alice) "If only because you've taught them it should be."

(Roger) "You must admit women and men are not physically equal. The average man is stronger than the average woman."

(Alice) "This is true."

(Roger) "Also men seem to have more endurance and ability to carry more gear longer distances, but that can be increased in women with training and time."

(Alice) "In any case, equality between the races must be enforced."

(Roger) "What I worry about is how the officers will be welcoming them into the guard. Typically how it happens, well as I remember it when I joined, after I successfully completed my training, they lined up 50 officers, 25 on each side of us, and gave each one a club, we had to walk by them, and they struck us as we walked, we had to walk, and we couldn't fall down or dodge them. I imagine that whatever they do to the women will be less pleasant."

(Alice) "Perhaps."

(Roger) "The argument for such harsh training is that it builds character and iron discipline."

(Alice) "And kills people."

(Roger) "Racial equality you say? Well there can never and must never be social equality, only economic and perhaps political equality. Equality of cities and the such, but they must not be allowed to simply be treated as whites with dark skin, for they are not just whites with dark skin."

(Roger) (Jumping back to the earlier topic) "Harsh training never killed me, it made me stronger, well after I recovered in the hospital for three weeks."

(Alice) "Your perspective is wrong. They are humans with dark skin, you are a human with light skin."

(Roger) "I'd say that we're humans and they're some bizarre offshoot of human."

(Alice) "Well, then you'd be wrong."

They continued debating racial equality and which race was inferior and which was superior for a few moments until Alice realized Roger had fallen asleep. She lay there until she fell asleep also.
Communist Mississippi
28-08-2004, 04:51
Alice woke up at about 7:40 the next morning, Roger was still sound asleep next to her.

Alice looked around, began to sit up, and decided better of it when she remembered she had dived out of a moving vehicle the day before.

Roger stirred from his sleep and woke up, "Oh, morning Alice, sleep well?"

(Alice) "Fine."

(Roger) "You going to be getting ready to go back to Seryown to tidy up them loose ends eh?"

(Alice) "Yeah, I guess."

(Roger) (Smiling) "Well I think I'm going to enjoy having you working under me... As governor-general that is."

(Alice) "Perhaps."

(Roger) (Taking out a cigar and lighting it with his silver lighter, then beginning to slowly inhale the smoke) "Remember, your most important job is the female Republican Guard units and internal security. Along with maintaining commonwealth stability and enforcing federal authority and federal will here in Mississippian Egypt."

(Alice) "I forget very little, so you don't need to repeat yourself for me."

(Roger) "Well do you want to be taken to Seryown in a military craft, we have a few 2-seater version of the MiG-41 Good Ole Boy fighter. It can go Mach 4.1."

(Alice) "No thanks. I'm afraid that we're a little paranoid right now, and we might shoot it down."

(Roger) "Well perhaps a private Concorde then, yes?"

(Alice) "All right. Thank you."

(Roger) "Well, would you care for some breakfast then? Or will you be skipping that today?"

(Alice) "No, I'll be skipping that again."

(Roger) "Okay, well when you're ready, just tell me and I'll have a car take you to the airport."

(Alice) "Of course."

Roger gets up and puts a bathrobe on; he then walks out to the kitchen where servants were just brining in his food (they know about when he gets up)

Alice got up, and put a robe on, she walked out into the kitchen, Roger was watching the news while he was eating, the headline story was, "Curtis Fabus resumes premiership in Mississippi, DPUO CM cold war ended by miracle peace agreement."

(Roger) "Well I'm glad father is better."

(Alice) "This will certainly put a damper on my plans, the. I suppose I won't be coming back here."

(Roger) "Why not? I appointed you governor-general, my appointments stand."

(Roger) "Besides, regardless of what they say, father is too ill to do anything more that be propped up in bed and issue orders. He probably has the ability to talk and move around in a wheelchair, but little else."

(Alice) "If the local government doesn't approve me, I doubt your father will overrule them."

(Roger) "I'll talk to him if it becomes necessary."

(Roger) "Commonwealth legislature is in session today at the legislative building near the governors mansion in this very city. Why don't you stop there and answer their questions about your positions on issues, they'll be voting today what to do about the vacancy in the governor's office. They may approve you this very day."

(Alice) "If I speak, I'm that much less likely to have them approve me."

(Roger) "Well they need to question any prospective governor before they can approve the appointment."

(Alice) "Very well. I'll speak with them."

(Roger) "Well the debating starts in about two hours, I suggest you get something to eat now, because debates can go on for a while."

(Alice) "I'll be fine for now."

(Roger) "You know I don't remember when the last time you ate was. I think you could do with something to eat, trust me it'll help keep you on your toes for the debates."

(Alice) "I'm fine."

(Roger) "Okay. Well I'm going to shower." (He sets his silverware down on his empty plate and then walks off to the bathroom)

Alice goes and showers in one of the other bathrooms and then she gets dressed and ready to go to legislature. Roger is dressed in a suit and is sitting around in a large armchair watching the news while smoking a cigar.

(Roger) "You leaving for legislature then?"

(Alice) "I guess."

(Roger) "Want me to come along?"

(Alice) "I'm sure you have more important things to do."

(Roger) "Not right now actually. So do you want me to come along?"

(Alice) "All right then."

Roger stood up, put out his cigar and left it in an ashtray near the chair, he then put an arm around Alice and said, "Shall we go then?"

(Alice) "Okay."

They took the elevator down to the lobby and then walked outside to get into the limousine waiting for them. A guard opened the door and Roger let Alice get in first, then he got in after she did and sat down next to her, the guard closed the door and got into the middle section. The driver pulled away from the curb and started the short drive to the legislature building. Roger broke the silence by saying, "You'll do fine."

(Alice) "I hope so."

The limousine pulls up in front of the legislature building after being flagged through by guards a block away who lowered the retractable gates. There were armed commonwealth soldiers all-around the building, mostly paratroopers and mechanized infantry units, several platoons at least. Roger opened the door for Alice and then stepped out, "This way", he slowly exclaimed as he took-in the entire view of the massive building built in classical fashion. He had seen in many times before, but each time it never failed to amaze him.

Alice stepped out, admiring the building.

It was on a plot of over four hundred acres, it had two modern office buildings and a parking garage. The legislature building itself was almost fifty acres large; much of it was for storage of the commonwealth archives and records.

Roger walked forward and Alice followed him, they walked up the ornate marble stairs with the golden railings past the Greek columns and the statues of past political figures, mostly well-known politicians from the old United States. There was William Jennings Bryan, Theodore Gilmore Bilbo, George Wallace, and a few others. Roger seemed to recognize them, but she only knew of William Jennings Bryan.

She saw an inscription on a plaque on the side of the stand of the statue of of Bilbo, she remembered the words, something Roger had said earlier

"If our buildings, our highways, and our railroads should be wrecked, we could rebuild them. If our cities should be destroyed, out of the very ruins we could erect newer and greater ones. Even if our armed might should be crushed, we could rear sons who would redeem our power. But if the blood of our White race should become corrupted and mingled with the blood of Africa, then the present greatness of the United States of America would be destroyed and all hope for civilization would be as impossible for a Negroid America as would be redemption and restoration of the Whiteman's blood which had been mixed with that of the Negro."

It was the exact same except he had switched United States of America for Mississippi, since there was no more USA.

(Roger) "Shall we continue on inside."

(Alice) "All right."

They walked inside, there were metal detectors, but they were passed through even though it was obvious Roger had at least three pistols on him. There were also bomb-sniffing dogs.

They walked for about three minutes inside the building before coming to the massive oak doors that opened into the legislature room itself, the actual debating floor.

All fifty of the legislators were at their desks, except for one who stood before the others; he was speaking about various issues, mostly recent unrest in Arab townships. All the legislators were white males, with the youngest being 21, the oldest being 76.

The senator who had the floor, was a one Simon Rutledge, he was a twenty-nine year old who had already established a fine reputation for himself as a demagogue. He had been elected in a landslide victory by promising to, "Clean this nation up and take out the Arabic trash!"

When she walked a down a few rows of steps, the room feel silent, except for the sound of her feet on the expensive carpet, they all turned at looked at her.

Rutledge called out, "Did you get lost woman? Those wanting to be secretaries apply at the front office."

(Alice) "My name is Alice Carrion. When you're finished discussing whatever's currently at the table, I'm sure you'll wish to ask me some questions."

(Rutledge) "Questions such as what? Our schedule is full for the day, we men actually have work to do, believe it or not. What have you to bother us with today? Perhaps you want a foreign cooking channel to be legalized here eh?"

(Alice) "Perhaps you missed it. I'm the nominee to be governor-general."

(Rutledge) "What? You? You're not serious are you?"

A silence fell over the room, the men all gasped and held their breath.

One of them called out, "How can she be governor-general. She's a woman!" One of them shouted, "Communist!" They all started to laugh.

(Alice) "Roger?"

(Roger) "It's true, she is the nominee." Every single jaw in the room fell wide open.

(Rutledge) "Well she can't be governor-general, she's a woman!"

(Roger) "There is no law against it!"

(Rutledge) "I motion we vote on amending commonwealth constitution to specifically forbid allowing women to hold the office of governor-general."

A large man shouted, "I second the motion!" Another one said, "I third it!" Then another man screamed, "Put it to vote!"

Alice stood there, only smiling.

The head of the senate, the eldest and most respected man, sitting at the head of the room, in an elevated chair, said, "All in favor of amending the commonwealth constitution." Every hand in the room shot up. "All opposed" Silence.

(Roger) "Fine then federal funds will be impounded and not sent here for your farming and irrigation needs."

Rutledge called out, "Well now there's no need to be so rash, why don't we listen to what she has to say and then decide."

All the others started talking amongst themselves and then reached consensus, "Fine let the woman speak!" yelled one of the senators from Tanta.

(Rutledge) "Our current discussion will continue after we have heard this woman speak. I yield the floor to her."

Alice hadn't prepared at all, but she had some experience speaking to people who hated her and held sway over her future. "Honorable senate, the truth is that I came here not expecting to have to deliver a speech to you, however I shall do so."

(Alice) "The last person to serve in my post was Donald Stahlecker, a man who comes from a large and honorable family, who took the views he had, views he certainly had a right to have, too far, and disobeyed the orders of the federal government. The Arabs themselves say that the federal Mississippian government has brought none but good things to Egypt. But they also believe that the commonwealth government has been misspending money directed to them. This money didn't go to any whites, however. The money was spent building airplanes and vehicles for the Commonwealth Egyptian army, an exceptionally large army supplemented by an exceptionally large federal army and an exceptionally large civilian army. There is no possible excuse for the direct disobedience of the Fabus regime, and as such there must be a…

A fat man in a suit called out, "Of course it is good for the Arabs, my mining company alone employs over 300,000 of them."

"I'm sorry, sir. Please allow me, in what may be my foolish womanly needs, to go over what has been happening as a preamble to why I feel that I should have this position. As I was saying, the direct disobedience of the Premier is inexcusable, and the next Governor-General must be completely ready to obey the every command of the Mississippian government. While it is not - at least not yet - my place to decide, I think that anything otherwise must be treasonous. I will obey the orders that the federal government gives me, and by doing so I will bring Egypt to be a far better example of the ideal that this government stands for. Anybody in a position of power as important as the one I hope to assume must be fully committed to that goal, for that is the goal of Mississippi, and so the goal of every citizen of that country. Although I will, in order to obey the commands of the federal government, increase spending to the Arab cities, this does not mean that I disrespect your position; it means that I am dedicated to carrying out your ideals. Any extra money that could be spent on improving the life of a person must be spent on that. Everybody must be given not only the best life expectancy but also the best life. As such, you need a Governor-General willing to spend the days and nights it requires to carry out the wishes of the Premier and of God."

(Rutledge) "Are you finished yet?"

(Alice) "Yes, sir."

A tall but thin senator from Marsa Matruh called out, "Fine, give her the job if it'll shut her up!"

The old man, Gurney Cannon, the head of the senate, spoke, "I say we put this matter to vote.”

(Cannon) "All in favor of allowing her to be approved as governor-general, say I." 25 hands went up, including Cannon and Rutledge.

(Cannon) "All opposed?" 25 hands went up.

(Cannon) "We have deadlocked. The current governor-general would normally cast the tie-breaking vote, but since we have none. We shall look to the rules for determing what is to be done."

He took out the senate bylaws, he flipped through a few pages, "In the event there is a vacancy in the governor's office, the tie-breaking vote will be cast by whosoever shall hold the highest party rank in the Revolutionary Right Party that is present in the senate at the time. Be he a federal authority figure or a commonwealth authority figure."

(Alice) "Roger, your vote?"

(Roger) "I vote yes."

The people who had voted against her jumped up and shouted, "Treason!", "Madness!", "Insanity!".

(Cannon) "Then it shall be confirmed that on this day the governor-general was proclaimed to be a one Ms. Alice Carrion, and it should also be entered into the record that I may be over 70, but the sight of that young lady is still enough to get the blood flowing." The other senators laughed at that remark.

(Cannon) (Hitting the gavel) "This session of the commonwealth senate is hereby adjourned for lunch. Happy eating gentlemen, we will resume in three hours."

Alice smiled and turned around to walk back towards Roger.

(Roger) "Shall we go to lunch then, governor."

(Alice) "Very well."

(Roger) "You pick, where shall we eat?"

(Roger) "You can eat at the senate restaurant if you want."

(Alice) "All right."

They walked down to the senate restaurant at the other end of the building, most of the senators were sitting at their tables eating, some were at the bar drinking and smoking cigars, a few were in the lounge at the back of the restaurant, entertaining girlfriends.

A waiter showed Alice and Roger to a table, one of the men who opposed her appointment sighed at Roger, "She's technically not a senator, and as such she shouldn't be here."

(Roger) "You're technically bound to do as I say and as such you'll shut up and sit down." The senator went back to his table and sat down.

Roger and Alice sat down and then were given menus, "What do you want to eat Alice? Any ideas?"

(Alice) "I don't know. Something simple."

(Roger) "How about prime rib from top Egyptian cattle?"

(Alice) "All right."

He ordered two orders of the Egyptian Prime rib, and then they sat there waiting.

(Roger) "So was it easier than you thought, getting approved?"

(Alice) "A little easier."

(Roger) "I'm surprised Rutledge voted for you, rather than throwing his shoe at you."

(Roger) "Rutledge has a habit of taking off his shoes and throwing them at senators who disagree with him."

(Roger) "Don't except them to help you get any work done. They may likely vote down every bill you send their way."

(Roger) "You can issue what are called Executive Gubernatorial Orders."

(Alice) "I suppose I'll have to resist the temptation to take an assault rifle into the room, then?"

(Roger) "Yes, well that'd be a bad idea anyway, each of them carriers at least one pistol. There have been duels on the senate floor. There was also the time when Rutledge caned another senator for insulting his home county in Mississippi."

(Alice) "Really? With my luck, he's perfectly healthy and due to stay in that senate longer than I'm governor, right?"

(Roger) "You can be governor-general for as long as you want. So long as you don't get impeached by the senate or recalled by federal authority, etc."

(Alice) "Yes, but he's the kind of person who will stay in the senate until after I've left the position even if only to spite me, right?"

(Roger) "Probably."

(Roger) "I honestly have no idea why Rutledge voted for you. He'll probably be expecting something from you, who knows."

(Alice) "Possibly."

Roger excused himself to the bathroom, he got up and walked to the bathroom, as soon as he was gone, Simon Rutledge stood up and slowly walked over to the table, "Hello Governor Carrion, how are you?"

(Alice) "Senator Rutledge! A pleasant surprise."

(Rutledge) "I thank you governor, you're too kind. I was wondering if you'd like to discuss my fortifications bill later, also the bill to give more subsidies to commercial farmers, particularly tobacco farmers. My constituency is very eager to see these bills pass.”

(Alice) "I'll take a look at both of your bills and at the budget, and then we'll see. Out of curiosity, because I'm unclear, who exactly is your constituency?"

(Rutledge) "White commercial farmers in the interior of this nation, the ones along the borders, mostly."

(Alice) "Really. Your fortifications bill is to bring military support to those farms, then?"

(Rutledge) "Yes, yes indeed. Right now it is bogged down in committee."

(Rutledge) "Perhaps we could discuss it later over dinner perhaps?"

(Alice) "I'm afraid I'll be busy for all of today. Perhaps we could schedule a meeting tomorrow afternoon instead?"

(Rutledge) (Smiling) "Yes, I look forward to it."

(Rutledge) "Where would you care to meet then?"

(Alice) "In my office, of course."

(Rutledge) (Grinning) "I figured perhaps we could meet somewhere how shall we say, more comfortable. My city residence perhaps? I am there whenever senate is in session, otherwise I am on my farm in the border regions."

(Alice) "I'm afraid I'll be far too busy reviewing things to leave my office for meetings during at least the first week."

(Rutledge) (With a slight grin, showing a half smile) "Well I'll be around, we can meet later then perhaps. I look forward to it."

The bathroom door starts to swing open and Rutledge excuses himself and walks back to his table.

Roger walks back and sees Rutledge sitting down, he asks Alice, "Was he just over here?"

(Alice) "Yeah. He wanted support for a few bills for white farmers."

(Roger) "That is the primary reason he got elected, he's promised to bring all sorts of subsidies to white farmers. Thus far he's accomplished most of his promises."

(Alice) "I have no opposition to his points right now, but I'll have to take a closer look at the bills."

(Roger) "Do you have any idea why he voted for you then? Did he mention why?"

(Alice) "I have a rather sinking feeling it's the same reason he wanted me to come to his city residence."

(Roger) "Ah, I see what you mean."

(Roger) "Senator Rutledge has a reputation for that."

The food was brought out and they both started to eat, Roger asked her, "How do you like it?"

(Alice) "It's all right."

They finished eating their meals, as they were sitting back and relaxing, Roger was smoking a cigar, Simon Rutledge walked by and said, "Governor Carrion, I look forward to your meeting with me next week", he winked at her and was grinning while he talked, "Well until then governor, take care and good luck with your first days in office. I look forward to working under you." Rutledge then walked away and out the door.

Alice frowned. "Of all the..."

(Roger) "What do you think that was all about?"

(Alice) "I'm sorry, he asked for a meeting, and when I said it would be in my office, he said it should be in his city residence. I told him I'd be unable to leave my office for meetings for at least a week, and..."

(Roger) "I can talk to Rutledge if you want, tell him you're not interested in what he's suggesting."

(Alice) "No, no. This is much better. Tomorrow I can capitalize on this."

(Roger) "How can you capitalize on this? What is your plan?"

(Alice) "I'm working on this. But if I make it look bad for him that he missed the scheduled meeting tomorrow, I can maybe gain an additional amount of legitimacy."

(Roger) "Do you plan to give his bills consideration though?"

(Alice) "I plan on giving every bill consideration."

(Roger) "Well I'm done eating, you done? What say we get out of here now."

(Alice) "Yeah. I have to get back to Seryown."

(Roger) "Okay, well my car will take you to the airport. I can walk back to the hotel, I don't mind, it'll be a good walk."

(Alice) "Thank you."

(Roger) "Any idea when you'll be back? The Concorde can get you there and back in less than five hours."

(Alice) "It will be a few hours, certainly. Probably tomorrow morning."

(Roger) "Well then I'll see you tomorrow morning. Safe trip, take care, and hurry back now you hear." (He had a pleasant looking smile as he talked)

In a spontaneous gesture, she smiled back before leaving for his car.

Roger stood up, tossed a few 1000-dollar bills onto the table and then walked out to start the walk back to the Hotel. Most of the senators gave him dirty stares.

Alice got in the car and then was driven to the large airport, there was construction equipment being moved into the area where the Arab terminal was, they were laying a concrete foundation for something.

The car stopped near the hangar where the private Concorde was.

(Driver) "Here you are ma'am, any questions or things I can help you with?" She was quite curious what the construction was about.

(Alice) "You know what that concrete over there is for?"

(Driver) "Oh that, it just started not even yesterday, they said the current Arab terminal isn't fit for animals, so they're building them a new one."

(Alice) "Well then. That's nice to know. Thank you very much, sir."

(Driver) "Do you have any bags you need help with?"

(Alice) "No, I won't be leaving for very long."

(Driver) "Ah no bags eh, well makes it easier for me. Here let me get your door then and you can be on your way." He gets out of the car, walks back to her door, opens it, and then waits for her to get out.

Alice steps out and smiles. "Thank you."

(Driver) "You're welcome ma'am. Will you be getting on the plane right away then or will you be going to the lounge for a drink first? There will be drinks on the plane mind you."

(Alice) "I'll be getting right on the plane."

(Driver) "Very good then."

The pilot and co-pilot were walking onto the plane as she finished talking to the driver.

She walked up and climbed the stairs to get onto the plane.

(Pilot) "Greeting ma'am, are you Alice Carrion?"

(Alice) "That's me."

(Pilot) "Well we'll be in Seryown in a few hours, well you can pretty much sit anywhere you want, the servants will help you with any drinks or food you might want."

The pilot walked into the cockpit and climbed into his seat.

Alice sat down as well quickly and leaned back, trying to avoid laughing.

The pilot made an announcement over the intercom, "Attention passengers, please buckle your seat belts and prepare for takeoff, we will be cruising at an altitude of approximately 58,000 feet. The time to destination is approximately two and one-half hours."

The stairs were pulled away and the plane started to be towed out of the hangar.

The plane took off smoothly and got up to the cruising altitude very quickly. After about twenty minutes, one of the SRG men that Roger assigned to keep an eye on Alice and make sure she got back to Seryown safely walked up towards her and sat down across from her in a seat.

(Guard) "So, you're the new governor-general eh?”

(Alice) "Yeah."

(Guard) "That makes you the first woman governor-general ever, you know that?"

(Alice) "Yeah."

(Guard) "Well I figure as long as you're white and do a good job, it shouldn't matter if you're a man or woman, you know?"

(Alice) "I guess so."

(Guard) "That Rutledge though, I bet he'll give you trouble."

(Alice) "Yeah."

(Guard) "Roger as spoken rather well of you. Just between the two of us, what do you think of Roger?"

(Alice) "He's a nice person, I guess."

(Guard) "Well he's always been nice to me and the other members of the SRG."

(Guard) "But then again I guess only a fool would anger their bodyguards."

(Guard) "One thing is for sure, Roger is no fool."

(Alice) "Perhaps. The most important thing is that he actually cares about his people. Not a lot of people with his kind of power do that."

(Guard) "Oh yes, Roger cares deeply about the people. His father does also, when the great flood of 95' hit and over 2 million people in Mississippi were made homeless, and half of them had no insurance, Curtis Fabus bought them all new homes."

(Guard) "It's not a well-known fact but Curtis Fabus diverts approximately 1% of all national taxes to his private accounts so he can invest the money and earn massive returns on it. He then banks it so he can keep it in the event the nation needs a sudden injection of money."

(Alice) "Interesting."

(Guard) "Fabus lives well, but he is the CEO of over 10 companies. He lives well off his own money, the money he diverts he just sort of baby-sits for the nation."

(Guard) "Do you want something to eat or drink?"

(Alice) "No, thank you."

(Guard) (Standing up and starting to walk to the back area of the plane) "Well just tell a servant if you want something." He sat down and reclined in one of the chairs.

The plane continued on for about another hundred minutes before the pilot announced, "We will be arriving a few minutes early, everybody please be seating, we are landing in a few minutes."

The plane came in and landed flawlessly, after it came to a complete halt and was towed towards the hangar, the stairs were brought up and the door opened. Alice got out and walked to a car that was there to meet her.

The driver stepped out of the car, "Alice Carrion?"

(Alice) "Yes?"

(Driver) "Yes, I was told by a representative of Roger Fabus that you'd need a ride from the airport to wherever it is you wish to go."

(Driver) "Don't worry, I've been told to send the bill to Mr. Fabus."

(Alice) "All right then."

The driver opened the door for her and waited for her to get in. But he politely asked, "No bags ma'am?"

(Alice) "No."

(Driver) "Okay well then shall we go then ma'am? Where to?"

(Alice) "The Office complex."

(Driver) "Very good ma'am. Off we go then."

She got inside, he closed the door, and then walked around and got into the driver's seat, he started the car and pulled away from the hangar.

About fifteen minutes later he pulled up in front of the cabinet building, "Here we are ma'am."

(Driver) "Do you need me to wait here for you?"

(Alice) "No, I'll be quite a while."

(Driver) "I was paid to drive you anywhere you need to go for today... So I have no problem waiting."

(Alice) "No, no. I have my own car here."

(Driver) "Okay, well then I made out like a bandit today. Mr. Fabus is paying me five grand. Thank you ma'am."

(Alice) "It's no problem."

The driver starts the car and pulls away; he waves to Alice as he pulls away. She starts to walk to the door to the building.

Alice walked into the building and through security, up to where the cabinet was meeting.

She walked into the room and they all turned and looked at her, "Ah yes. Ms. Carrion, what are you doing back so soon?" asked the Minister of Defense.

(Alice) "The meeting's over. There's peace."

(Defense Minister) "So what news have you?"

(Alice) "Mississippi has agreed to cut their chemical and biological weapons stores by fifty percent, and I've cemented an alliance with them."

(Defense Minister) "How'd you manage to get them to agree to an alliance? Or did they already want one?"

(Alice) "Roger Fabus wanted one."

(Defense Minister) "Our sources in Egypt say Donald Stahlecker has been sacked. What can you tell us about that?"

(Alice) "Yeah. I was responsible for that, sort of. I've got his job now."

The cabinet all looked like a bomb just went off, "What are you talking about?" asked the Minister of Education, the Minister of Foreign Affairs just laughed, "You! Work for them! HAHA!"

(Alice) "Yeah, it's weird. But true."

(Defense Minister) "Please tell us more, how did you get the job?"

(Alice) "Umm...I suggested myself."

(Defense Minister) "And just like that he accepted you?"

(Alice) "There was a little bit of argument and convincing involved."

(Defense Minister) "What won him over?"

(Defense Minister) "More importantly, how did you get the commonwealth legislature you approve you?"

(Alice) "Obviously, the answer to both of those questions lies somewhere in the fact that I'm female."

(Defense Minister) "Oh."

(Foreign Minister) "You mean you slept with the entire legislature and you were only there what? Two days? Damn..."

The others all laughed.

(Alice) "Close, boss. I mean that they all wanted it."

(Defense Minister) "Well they probably just wanted some weak woman for the job so they can push her around and do what they want without having to worry about the governor interfering."

(Alice) "There's a reason I'm done here. Good luck finding a diplomat to fill my shoes."

(Defense Minister) "What is wrong now? You're quitting?"

(Alice) "Yeah."

(Education Minister) "If you quit, who will bring us our coffees?"

President Mason made himself heard for the first time. "Good riddance."

(Alice) "It's a good thing I don't still have the assault rifle one of their policemen gave me." She turned around and left the room without excusing herself.

(Agriculture Minister) "Seriously, Mr. Mason, who will get us our coffee if she quits?"

She heard him say that as she was leaving.

She stormed down the stairs and to the parking garage where her car was. The Defense Minister asked the President if he should bring her back.

(Defense Minister) "Sir, is it a good idea to alienate her? I mean with her new position of power, we could exploit her to increase our influence with CM."

(Mason) "When she gets back to Egypt, make a few calls to her, try to make up. But let her go."

Alice stepped into her car and picked up her cell phone, and through a few quick phone calls she sold all of her stock and moved all of her money to an international account.

She drove herself home angrily. She stepped in the front door, looked around, and immediately spoke to herself. "A dog. I need a dog."

She looked around and began to pack. Some items she would obviously have to sell later, like the massive television set and the house itself, but she could take her clothes with her, as well as a few choice items and the laptop she'd left behind. She remembered something suddenly, and picked up her cell phone. "Joe? Yeah, I need you to stop by my house. I have a couple of things I need to give you before I leave. All right? All right. Good." She hung up and went back to packing until Joe arrived by virtue of monorail. She handed him a very battered tape recorder. "I need this entered into the Mississippian file. Anyway, I'm quitting to go to work there. You want to come?"

Her cellular phone rang.

Alice pulled it out. "Yeah?"

(Roger) "Hello, Alice, how was the flight?"

(Alice) "Excellent, thank you. I'm in the middle of packing."

(Roger) "I would have called earlier but I had to rush down to the senate building, Rutledge and a young senator from Tanta got into a fight."

(Alice) "Physical?"

(Roger) "Yes, Rutledge broke a cane over the man's back."

(Alice) "Damnit. What happened?"

(Roger) "Nothing, the man is in the hospital, Rutledge is a local celebrity again."

(Alice) "What was it about?"

(Roger) "The man insulted Southern Egyptians, calling them uncultured rednecks who live in the sticks. Rutledge demanded he take it back, he not only refused, he repeated the insult."

(Alice) "Slick. All right."

(Roger) "Well Rutledge would be in jail, but when senate is in session, no member can be held liable for any crimes, the rules are in place to prevent members being arrested on bogus charges to keep them from voting on key issues."

(Roger) "Southern Egyptians have sent Rutledge dozens of new canes when they heard he broke his cane beating the senator who insulted them."

(Alice) "Should he be arrested afterwards?"

(Roger) "No, it happened on the senate floors, he is immune."

(Alice) "So if I shoot someone on them, I'm immune?"

(Roger) "No, only senators are immune."

(Alice) "Interesting."

(Roger) "Well is there anything you need help packing or getting here? I can have it shipped for you."

(Alice) "Nothing, really. I've been thinking about replacing some of this old stuff anyway."

Trying not to interrupt, 'Joe' nodded, mouthing, "I'll come."

(Roger) "Well father wants me to stay out of Mississippi for a while because he says I've stirred up a mess involving Henry and the house arrest business. So I'll be in Alexandria for a few months probably. I look forward to spending more time with you Alice."

(Alice) "That's great."

(Roger) "Well hurry and back, don't forget anything, well if you do forget anything I can just buy you a new one." (Chuckles a bit) "Well see you soon then... (In a panic) "Oh, I've got to go again, sorry, there's been a pistol duel out in front of the senate building, more trouble again!"

(Roger) "Bye, have a safe flight back." (She can hear him running as he hangs up)

Alice smiled as she hung up the phone. "Hey, Joe. I'm glad you're coming. Meet me here again after you've dropped that off in the file, okay?" Joe nodded and left as Alice resumed packing.

About two hours later, she has packed the last of the items she wishes to take. About that time, Joe returns.

(Joe) "Are you ready to go ma'am?"

(Alice) "Joe, I don't think there's enough space in my car to get all this to Serya International."

(Joe) "There is the moving truck outside you know."

(Joe) "They said they were sent by Mr. Fabus."

Alice smiled. "That man... All right, I'll go talk to them."

She walks outside and up to the truck so she can start to talk to the movers.

(Driver) "We were contacted by a Triple K Trucking in Alexandria, Egypt with whom our boss has a working business relationship. We were told that Mr. Roger Fabus wishes us to move your items for you."

Alice understands what Triple K means, but chooses to ignore it for now. "All right."

(Driver) "Okay, so what do you need moved? Everything?"

(Alice) "I have everything I want moved in bags inside."

The driver and the passenger jumped out of the truck and moved inside and began coming out with bags. They each made about nine trips back and forth. Finally they got back into the truck and the driver said, "That's the last of the bags ma'am, we'll met you at the airport then, okay?"

Alice nodded. The truck pulled away and drove off down the road.

She drover herself to the airport and the truck was waiting by the hangar where the Concorde was. The driver shouted to her, "It's all been loaded unto the plane ma'am."

Alice and Joe got out of the car and walked over to the Concorde, Alice stopping to thank the driver.

She got onto the plane and sat down, Joe sat down in a seat a few away from her. “You okay” he asked her in a soft tone.

(Alice) "Yeah. Just a little tired."

The plane was towed away from the hangar and then towards the runway, in a few minutes they were in the air. There was a massively strong tailwind and they made it to Alexandria in 90 minutes.

(Pilot) "This is the pilot speaking, oh my we made it early today, get ready to land."

The plan touched down with a thud and then gradually came to a stop.

After she got out, she was there was a large Triple K Trucking, moving truck waiting, along with the limousine, and Roger was standing next to it smoking, he saw her getting off the plane, he threw his cigarillo down on the ground and rubbed his shoe on it, then he walked over to her while he said, "Ah Alice, great to have you back, how was the flight?"

(Alice) "Extraordinarily fast. Meet my assistant, Joe Eerie."

He stuck his hand out and said, "Nice to meet you Mr. Eerie."

Joe shook his hand warmly. "Mr. Fabus, it will always be a pleasure."

After they were done shaking hands, Roger said, "Well Alice, they'll be busy moving your items into the governors mansion, which I must say I'm sure you're going to like... So why don't you stay at the hotel with me for tonight. Oh by the way, there are two vacancies in the senate now, thanks to the duel."

(Alice) "Both of them?"

(Roger) "Oh they're not dead, just in the hospital for a few months, so until then we need temporaries to fill-in for them."

(Alice) "I see."

(Roger) "You see a senator from a community near Tanta insulted the western Egyptians as "Poor white trash, that all mount their cows instead of their wives." You see the cattle grazing goes on mostly in the western parts due to the irrigation efforts and the canals running through into Mississippian Libya. So the western senator challenged the eastern senator to a duel, they accepted, both men fired at the same time, both got hit in the stomach."

(Alice) "Pity. Do people do anything but insult each other in the senate, anyway?"

(Roger) "Well when they aren't voting themselves pay raises, or handing out benefits to their constituencies, not really."

(Roger) "Right now they are trying to vote themselves 25% pay raises, Stahlecker was set to approve it, but it'll be up to you now."

(Alice) "Waste of money. Joe, make sure my condolences get to the senator in the west that was injured. Anyway, I'm quite sure they can make do with three houses each."

(Roger) "Oh but inflation is up 18% in this nation, and each senator must maintain his residence in the city and his home residence, and an office in the city and his office in his home county."

(Roger) "What about the senator from the east? Will you be giving condolences to him?"

(Alice) "No I will not be giving him any condolences. In any case, I haven't had a chance to go over the budget yet, but I'm sure they can probably afford those homes and more on their current salary. Perhaps the problem should be fixing the inflation instead."

(Roger) "We're currently taking large amounts of currency out of circulation to drive the value of the remaining currency up."

(Roger) "The main problem is a massive budget deficit due to the earlier increases in military spending that have left the commonwealth army at approximately 1.5 million soldiers and over 1,600 fixed wing aircraft along with a 75 ship commonwealth navy and over 80 aircraft in there also."

(Alice) "All right. Well, as I said I'll be taking a more thorough look at the budget to see exactly what's going on."

(Roger) "If you think that is large, the Libyan Commonwealth army is over 3 million, they have over 3,600 aircraft and over 100 ships."

(Alice) "Doesn't mean it isn't large."

(Roger) "Well you need to get on good terms with the governor general of Mississippian Libya."

(Alice) "I'll look into speaking with him."

(Roger) "Juan Carlos De Rivera, born in Angola when it was still under Portuguese control."

(Alice) "Interesting."

(Roger) "He is 51, in the early 70s he was a member of a white paramilitary unit in Angola trying to help the Portuguese army crush the Marxists."

(Roger) "If you speak to him in Portuguese, he'll be thrilled and listen intently to whatever you have to say."

(Alice) "I will try to get in touch with him."

(Roger) "Also try to get into contact with Henry Stahlecker, the governor-general of Western Sahara. But that will have to wait; our entire communications network is down in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Western Sahara. We've lost contact with most of the fleets in Western Sahara and air command in Libya is offline."

(Alice) "I've heard about that virus."

(Roger) "Yes, it isn't good stuff, but maybe the CM-ADN-04 can fix it."

(Roger) "But the way the programming has been written, once we upload it, it will kill the virus within minutes, but it will also automatically assume control of all silo based ICBMs and other nuclear assets. We don't want it to take control of them just yet, but we need the virus killed."

(Alice) "From the bottom of my heart, don't use it now."

(Roger) "It is father's decision, as a matter of fact he could have already uploaded it. Do you want me to call him and urge him not to use it?"

(Alice) "Not if you don't wish to."

Roger takes out his phone and sees it is dead, "Great, another thing offline", suddenly all the street lights and lights at the airport go off, the backup generators kick in and emergency lights come on.

(Alice) "Joe! I need you to type up an Executive Gubernatorial Order stepping up readiness on the entire army, beginning any preset patrol routines that are in place, and checking the coastline for anything at all. If you find anything still working, make sure it isn't connected to anything that is. You understand?" He nodded. "Go!"

(Roger) (Putting his arm slowly around Alice) "Alice, would you please come with me for now, I'd like to talk to you in private, in the car, we can talk on the way to the hotel. Your assistant can take the other car, is that okay?"

(Roger) "Alice I'm going to be honest with you, I don't like this CM-ADN-04.... Not at all."

(Alice) "All right, let's talk."

They both got into the limousine, Roger lit up a cigar and started to talk, "The airforce has tripled the number of planes they have patrolling the skies, the naval ships are also patrolling. But they want to upload this miracle program to solve all the problems. But this program, it isn't a program, it's artificial intelligence, it can think faster than a million people put together, it can do over 100 trillion calculations per minute. Do you know what that means?"

(Roger) "It's only a matter of time once we upload it until it becomes aware of its own power."

(Roger) "It is programmed to learn, to adapt to changing circumstances, and to ensure its own survival. It has been programmed with advanced military tactics, strategy, and total war theory, maneuver warfare. There are currently over 1,000 Automated Defense Tanks and over 18,000 Automated Soldier Units and 10 Automated Infiltrator Units ready to come online as soon as the program is activated. They will be under its control. And only under our control as long as we control the ADN."

(Alice) "There has to be a power switch. A button you can push that just turns it off."

(Roger) "It hasn't been activated on the system yet, and there is no real switch, the thing is, it is the software, it is meant to link all the defense computers together. It exists in any computer hooked up the network, well it will once activated. But the mainframe houses the hardware component of the ADN."

(Alice) "And if you empty an assault rifle into the mainframe, what happens?"

(Roger) "There are automated defenses to prevent that from happening."

(Roger) "The chief programmer wrote some fail-safes into the programming, but the facility he is working at has been out of contact for several hours."

(Alice) "So stick it and the virus on the same closed system and see what it does."

(Roger) "That's just it, I think this ADN is the virus."

(Roger) "Wouldn't it be just too perfect, it saves us from apparent doom, and then we shift all missiles and such over to it, then it annihilates us."

Roger finally managed to route his phone though a different communications network, he got a hold of the Army High Command in Jackson City where his father was in an emergency military/cabinet conference. He put the phone into a speakerphone mode so both he and Alice could hear.

(Curtis) "Roger what is it? We're busy, we're going to activate the ADN."

(Roger) (Serious and nervous tone) "Sir, please don't do that!"

(Curtis) "No listen son, I know you don't like the idea of a computer being in control of the missiles and such, but remember, we'll still control the computer."

(Roger) "You can't control something programmed to learn, to grow, to adapt, and to change its environment so it can thrive."

(Curtis) "I hear background noise, who is there with you?"

Alice looked up. "It's Alice Carrion, sir."

(Curtis) "Ms Carrion, please pick up the phone for a minute, I'd like to talk to you in private."

Alice looked at Roger for a second, and then picked up the phone. "Yes, sir?"

(Curtis) "What are your opinions on this matter?"

(Alice) "What happens if this machine decides that to ensure its personal survival, everything that could possibly shut it down must be annihilated? As in, everything that can move?"

(Curtis) "Well how can that happen? We have fail-safes."

(Alice) "What failsafes exactly? I'm under the impression the people who worked on them have disappeared."

(Curtis) "No, they're in rural Tennessee, communications is down all throughout the area, so it's no surprise they're out of contact. The fail-safes were written into the subroutines of the programming so it can be controlled remotely if it gets out of hand. Otherwise you'd need to interface with the mainframe.”

(Alice) "Tell me, would this program be able to change its own code?"

(Curtis) "No, I've been assured that is impossible. It is a program, it can be controlled."

(Alice) "Even if it feels that it would be put in danger if it didn't?"

(Curtis) "What do you mean, it's just a program, and you speak like it's a person."

(Alice) "It's being called artificial intelligence. If it truly is intelligent..."

(Curtis) "Oh well it can indeed learn, adapt, and such."

(Alice) "Then it might be able to bypass its own failsafes."

(Curtis) "They tell me if we wait three days they'll be better able to assure total control over it. Are you suggesting we wait three days? But mind you three days with most radar down, power down, etc."

(Alice) "Set up a closed system - something that can't possibly leak onto anything else. Put the virus on it, put this defense thing on it. See what happens."

(Curtis) "Well three days won't kill us, besides we have over 30,000 aircraft patrolling the skies of our commonwealth and Mississippi, surprise attacks will be nearly impossible."

(Curtis) "Well onto a personal matter okay?"

(Curtis) "I've heard from the leader of the SRG guarding Roger that you and him, well, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about... Yes?"

(Alice) "Yes."

(Curtis) "I'd just like to say thank you."

(Alice) "Umm... okay, sir. I'm not sure how to respond to that."

(Curtis) "Roger was always shy around women. He hardly ever talked to women... So thank you, I owe you one."

(Curtis) "Well we won't upload the program then, at least not yet. So don't worry."

(Alice) "Thank you, sir."

(Curtis) (Asking in a manner revealing his pride, wanting to hear his son was good, she found the question quite disturbing) "Oh one more thing, how was he?"

(Alice) "Umm...fine, sir."

(Curtis) (Cheerful) "That's good to know. He's got the Fabus charm, well put it back on speakerphone so I can talk to you both."

Alice pushed a button on the phone to put it back on speakerphone and set it back down.

(Curtis) "Roger, Alice, I'm not uploading the program into the defense grid at the current time. It will not be activated.”

(Roger) "Thank you sir."

(Curtis) "You're welcome Roger, and quit calling me sir."

(Roger) "Yes sir... I mean yes dad."

(Curtis) "Well I have to go, there are problems with the power grids. Bye, take care."

The phone went silent after Curtis hung up on his end, then Roger turned off the phone on his end.

(Roger) "What did he say to you when you were talking with him?"

(Roger) "Anything important?"

(Alice) "Not really."
Communist Mississippi
28-08-2004, 04:51
Meanwhile in Tennessee, the programmers were working feverishly to fix the problem. Suddenly they were able to restore power grids in the Commonwealth. As the Limousine with Alice and Roger was approaching the hotel, the streetlights came back on.

(Roger) "Well shall we go in then?"

(Alice) "All right."

Just as quickly as the lights came back on, they died out again, all in the sudden flash. Snuffed out as completely as a total eclipse.

Roger held Alice’s hand while he fumbled for a flashlight.

(Roger) "Follow me, stick close."

He used the flashlight to find his way into the hotel and to the staircase. The emergency lights were on. They walked up the stairs to the penthouse.

He opened the door of the penthouse and led Alice in, he was still holding onto her hand, "You okay Alice?" he asked, in a tone of sincerity.

(Alice) "I'm fine."

(Roger) "What do you want to do now?"

(Alice) "Whatever. I've always liked the dark."

(Roger) (Sly tone) "Whatever as in anything eh?"

Roger took out a cigar and for a brief second she saw the flash of the lighter and then it was replaced by the burning red ember and the smell of tobacco.

Alice shrugged. "Right now, at least half of my opponents will claim this is a sign from God, that I shouldn't be governor."

(Roger) (Chuckling) "Well it doesn't really matter what they claim, the Premier's word is final, and he agrees with me you can be governor-general. I'll just have the preachers tell the people this is a sign from God showing them what will happen again if they object to your being governor-general."

(Alice) "Perhaps."

(Roger) "Don't worry, you'll be a fine governor."

(Alice) "I hope so."

Roger walked over to the couch and softly laid down on it, "Alice, would you like to come here and lay with me?"

She could see right were he was from the red ember of his cigar.

(Alice) "All right."

She lay down next to him on the couch and reclined back and rested her head on his chest, she could hear the rhythmic beating of his heart, he put both of his arms around her and held her close to him. He broke the silence as he exhaled smoke from his cigar before he set it back down in the ashtray, "What are you thinking about Alice? Are you worried about the ADN as much as I am?"

(Alice) "I'm worrying about the farms in the country. I never looked at that fortifications bill, and I don't know if Joe ever got that order finished."

(Roger) (Chuckling) "They want even more fortifications? They must be paranoid, I've seen the forts and bunkers, the walls, the minefields. Over 500 billion has been sent on the fortifications and they still want more... Wow."

(Roger) "Don't worry about the armed forces, the officers all know how to show initiative, they'll take it upon themselves to boost patrols."

(Alice) "Yes, but I just... It's irrational, but still worry."

(Roger) "Don't worry Alice, everything will be fine."

(Alice) "Thank you."

(Roger) "Did you know Peter Stahlecker is returning to Angola?"

(Alice) "Really? What's he doing there?"

(Roger) "Well there are thousands of whites and tens of thousands of blacks who want to leave but just don't have the money to do so. Peter is a very rich man, he is going to help them get out."

(Alice) "I applaud him for doing it. I'm surprised Seryown hasn't been helping them out."

(Roger) "Seryown is mostly worried about the threat of UWA intervention and about the marauding bands of Marxist guerillas and the White Knights of Angola fighting the bandits."

(Alice) "I guess..."

(Roger) "You know in the finals stages of the war in Angola, over 500,000 blacks and 2 million whites fled and most of the blacks and about 1/3 of the whites were settled in Western Sahara."

(Alice) "I'd seen numbers..."

(Roger) "So has your opinion of Mississippian Egypt changed any yet?"

(Alice) "I'm afraid that for the most part it’s only gotten worse."

(Roger) "Why is that?"

(Alice) "You saw that town."

(Roger) "Yes and I'm sure you saw in parts of this commonwealth nation construction is already underway to fix the problems."

(Alice) "Yes."

(Roger) "Well Alice, I'm sure you'll stay on top of things, yes?"

(Alice) "I'll try."

(Roger) (In a sly tone) "How would you like to get on top of things right now?"

(Alice) "Funny."

(Roger) "Well, would you?"

(Alice) "I'm sorry, not right now. It's been a long few days."

(Roger) "Well then maybe in the morning yes? Assuming father doesn't have them activate the ADN and the world is still here tomorrow."

(Alice) "Maybe."

(Roger) "Well what do you want to now then? Just keep talking then? Or are you hungry for a late snack?"

(Alice) "I'm fine. I'd just like to stay here for a while."

(Roger) "Okay, that's fine."

Alice started to get tired, she realized Roger had already fallen asleep; she was still resting her head against his chest and could feel his chest expand and contract with each breath. It was a soothing feeling and she soon began to fall asleep as well.

She didn't know what time it was when she woke up, the power was still iffy, but at least the important systems such as radar and military defense systems were all online and stable.

She guessed it had been about 10:30 when she fell asleep on the couch with Roger, he was still asleep, she slowly slid off him and walked to the window, the sun was just starting to rise.

Alice looked at her cell phone, only to discover it had run out of batteries as she'd left it on for however long she had. She stood up slowly and began to look to see what was working.

Roger rolled over in his sleep and landed on the floor, he was still sleeping though.

Roger stirred from his sleep on the floor about three minutes after he rolled off the couch, "What happened?" he asked in a groggy manner.

(Alice) "You fell off the couch."

(Roger) "Oh, well do you know what time it is?"

(Alice) "I would guess it's around six, judging by the sunrise."

Suddenly there was a knock at the penthouse door, "Mr Fabus sir, it's urgent, from Army High Command!"

(Alice) "You should get that."

Roger opened the door and the man handed him a message.

Roger thanked the man, closed the door, walked back inside, sat down, still groggy from just waking up he rubbed his eyes, then he began to read the message aloud, "The ADN programming has activated the robotic army by itself but it has been contained from entering into other systems and we are currently attempting to pull the plug (Not literally), the bad news is that the cyborgs have killed the team of programmers in the Tennessee facility. We are currently working on solutions."

(Roger) "Well Alice, what do you think of all this? The robots are rising up, but we can crush them."

(Alice) "I can...This...Well, at least it's limited to that. Nevertheless, there will be casualties..."

(Roger) "Well thank God they didn't activate it and grant it control of the nuclear weapons."

(Roger) "Well our soldiers don't join so they can parade and march. They join to fight, and fighting is what they're good at, when they sit around in base too much, they start to pick fights with each other, well not all of them."

(Alice) "Yes, but, perhaps you underestimate the fact that you're playing a strategy game against something which cannot be stopped with scare tactics or by making examples of some people."

(Roger) "There are 18,000 cyborg soldiers, 10 infiltrators, and 1,000 robotic tanks. We have over 30,000 tanks, 18 million soldiers, and some of the most battle-hardened Special Forces in the world. Smashing some robots will be easy enough."

(Alice) "Robots led by the most adaptable, most intelligent commander ever. If it isn't now, the first battle will surely teach it enough to be. I don't ordinarily condone the use of nuclear weapons, but with this, what can I say?"

(Alice) "Soman?"

(Roger) "Against the infiltrators, they have human components to them, we want to see if gas can harm them. But underneath the components, they are just like the cyborg soldiers."

(Alice) "Interesting."

(Roger) "With the programmers all dead, we don't know how best to stop these robot soldiers. We're sending in 72,000 paratroopers armed with the latest XM-8s and OICWs to try to stop them in combat."

(Alice) "All right."

(Roger) "So what now governor? What are your plans for the day? Senate is still in session; will you be stopping by there? Also there are rumors that UWA has been planning to invade Senegal, if that happens, we may have to send commonwealth soldiers to stop it."

(Alice) "I'll need to settle in at the Governor's mansion and look over any damages that occurred while power was out, see what bills need my signature and if I'll sign them...and I'll need to assemble some group to look over the budget as soon as I can."

(Roger) "Okay, well I'm staying in Egypt for a few months on father's orders, so I'll be around. Maybe we'll have lunch later perhaps?"

(Alice) "That sounds like a good idea."

(Roger) "Well I'm going to get ready and then go inspect coastal defenses outside the city. Take care."

(Roger) "I suggest you get up to date on the situation in Senegal though."

(Alice) "I'll do that immediately."

Roger went off to shower and Alice went to one of the other bathrooms to shower. About ten minutes later she was getting dressed and readying to go to the center of the city and the governors mansion. Roger had showered and dressed quickly and was already gone when she came out of her room.

Alice thought she remembered the way to the Governor's Mansion, so she began to leave immediately.

It was about 8 o'clock when she finally got to the governors-mansion, there were over 5,000 members of one of the commonwealth paratrooper divisions patrolling the grounds immediately outside the mansion, there were also about 8,000 commonwealth infantrymen standing guard right inside the gates.

The captain of the gate guards opened the gates for her and told her, "Greetings governor, you have a visitor waiting to see you, we let him in earlier; he is inside."

(Alice) "A visitor? Who is he?"

(Captain) "Senator Simon Rutledge, he said he had important legislative business to discuss with you."

(Alice) "Ah. Do you know that he had an appointment?"

(Captain) "He didn't mention that, he just waved his cane at me and said to open the gate."

(Captain) "I didn't want to incur his wrath."

(Alice) "For future reference, the only people that are to come in without an appointment or without my approval are the Fabuses and members of their cabinet."

(Captain) "Yes ma'am, sorry about that governor. Duly noted."

Alice nodded and walked into the mansion, discovering immediately that it was in fact a mansion.

It had taken her about ten minutes to walk from the gate to the mansion itself, there were trees and gardens surrounding the mansion, obscuring the view one would get from being on the street and looking in. The only thing out of place on the grounds of the estate were the over 13,000 soldiers guarding inside and outside the fence that ran along the perimeter of the entire estate.

She looked inside, there had to be at least over seventy rooms in the entire mansion.

Simon Rutledge was sitting on a couch in the front room, he was smoking a cigar and drinking from a flask, he put the cigar down into an ashtray and quickly tucked his flask away when Alice walked in. He stood up and said in the way that sounded like a snake oil salesman, "Ah good morning governor Carrion, how are you on this fine day? Odd things have been happening lately with the power, yes?"

(Alice) "Yes. Tell me, do you have an appointment?"

(Rutledge) "Well no, but the previous three governors were all okay with my just dropping in. The late Burkhard Rechberg, John Stahlecker, and then Donald Stahlecker.”

(Alice) "Ah. Tell me, is this so urgent that you couldn't have waited three hours?"

(Rutledge) "What happens in three hours? And yes it is quite urgent, Senegal has erupted into war, we have power outages flaring about the nation, there are a few platoons of robot soldiers in central Egypt right here in this very nation, that have gone crazy and massacred commonwealth soldiers."

(Rutledge) "There were approximately 60 robot soldiers stationed here in Egypt for testing to see how they'd fare in desert conditions, they went crazy. But I took the liberty of ordering F-16s and Mi-24s to bomb them to pieces, so the robots are no longer much of an issue."

(Alice) "Three hours is more than the amount of time it would take you to schedule a meeting and then come here, and every problem you've just spoken of I already understand and will be happy to deal with as soon as you'll kindly leave me alone."

(Rutledge) "Well I was hoping we might be able to talk for a while about other matters."

(Alice) "And here I was hoping I would get to deal with the safety of the colony. If you wish to speak with me, you may schedule an appointment. I'm sure I'll be open in a few hours."

(Rutledge) "Well I was just wanting to let you know there is a movement right now to impeach you on the grounds that this power outage is a sign from God that you aren't meant to be governor. As such, it needs 5 votes to get onto the floor, so it's guaranteed to make it that far at least, and it needs 8/10s to pass. I could tip it either way, that is how great my influence is."

(Alice) "I'm afraid that's already covered, senator. If you'll excuse me, I have important work to do now, and I need to finish at least a few things before I meet Roger Fabus for lunch."

(Rutledge) (As he is heading to the door) "Well we'll talk later about this impeachment business then, yes? I'll delay the arguing on it until we've had the chance to speak and reach some sort of arrangement to keep you in office."

(Alice) "Perhaps."

(Rutledge) "Well I hope you enjoy Roger... I mean lunch with Roger." (He walks out the door)

Alice smiles and begins to search for her office.

She finds a private study on the second floor; the decorations from the past three governors are still here. Two rifles crossed over the fireplace, two large WKM plaques, and one on each side of the fireplace. A large bearskin rug is in front of the fireplace.

There is a door in the study that leads to another room, a private bar, there is a liquor cabinet in the bar and chairs for room to fit six people comfortably.

Alice quickly takes down the rifles and the plaques and turns to her desk to see a stack of paper already assembled on the side. She smiles vaguely and sits down to look at the top piece of paper - what Joe would have decided was most important.

There is a large statue of Hans Stahlecker, it was obviously too heavy for Donald to have moved on such short notice. It is marble and about 12 feet tall, it was in the center of the study, the study was a large room with lots of headroom. The statue had the inscription "Hans Stahlecker 1594-1673, the father of Stahlecker power." There was a note next to the statue, "Please allow me to have this moved out as soon as I can get the chance to do so: Signed Donald Stahlecker"

The phone in the study rang.

Alice picked up the phone quickly, surprised it was on.

(Man) "Hey Donald, how are you. I heard you've been replaced, are you going back to Mississippi then?"

(Alice) "I'm sorry, Donald's no longer here. He should be in Mississippi by now."

(Man) "Oh, okay sorry."

(Man) "Well anyway, you're the new governor then?"

(Alice) "Yes."

(Man) "Okay, well we'll have lots of work together in the future."

(Alice) "May I ask who this is?"

(Man) "I'm the grand dragon of the Egyptian realm of the White Knights of Mississippi."

(Alice) "All right."

(Man) "I don't believe you're a member are you? I'll be glad to make you an honorary member free of charge."

(Alice) "No, thank you."

(Man) (Shocked and surprised) "So you don't want to join?"

(Alice) "No."

(Man) "Well you at least agree with our basic principles yes?"

(Alice) "Not entirely."

(Man) "Well you're not some communist are you?"

(Alice) "No, I'm not some communist."

(Man) "Well you don't seem as friendly as Donald was with us. Hell, he was the leader of the Alexandria unit. Well you just make sure you don't go stepping on our toes you hear? We're powerful people, and we can either be friendly or unfriendly. And believe me, you'll want us friendly."

(Alice) "I will fulfill the responsibilities this job gives me to the best of my ability. My concern will always be for the people of Mississippian Egypt. If that is where your concerns lay as well, I doubt we will have many disagreements."

(Man) "Well then that seems fine then. Oh one more issue. Donald used to let us hold a weekly cross lighting on the estates of the mansion, will you be as generous?"

(Alice) "Send more details along the line down to my assistant and I'll see what I can do. Until I've approved it I must ask that you not do so."

(Man) "Okay. Thank you." (She hears somebody in the background shout "Damnit, Arab militia just hit a farm, grab your guns boys!") "Well I have to go now. Bye."

Alice hangs up the phone and calls her assistant's cell phone number. "Joe? Yeah, I didn't se you around. You're in the mansion? This place is so big it still wouldn't help. Can you come down to the study? All right." She turns back to the piece of paper she hadn't had a chance to inspect earlier.

Joe walks down to the study and knocks on the door, "May I come in governor?"

(Joe) "There is something on the news you might want to see."

(Alice) "Something? All right, let me see."

Joe turns on a TV in the corner of the study; the news is showing the burning remains of 8 different farms in western Egypt, the reporter starts to speak "Arab militants killed approximately 46 people on 8 different farms in the early hours of the morning. Local units of the White Knights have vowed revenge."

(Reporter) "In other news, the federal forces around a nearby Arab township of approximately 12,000, have all pulled out for war games in the coastal region. Commonwealth High Command has refused to send forces to defend the Arab township. Apparently the commonwealth had 4 companies of infantry around the Arab township near where the farm attacks happened, but it appears they were moved on the orders of a senator."

(Joe) "It doesn't look good ma'am, it looks like a race war is brewing."

The phone rang again.

Alice picked up the phone angrily. "What?"

(Rutledge) "Hello Governor Carrion. I was just calling about the recent farm attacks, well it was I who pulled the troops away from the Arab township where the attackers are from. The WKM will handle the matter their way. I was just making sure we're on the same page."

(Alice) "Thank you for telling me."

(Rutledge) "Well then, I'm glad we're on the same page. I have to go now; there are some gentlemen from the oil industry I need to meet with. Thank you for your time." He turned off the phone on his end.

Alice looked down for a second, until Joe called. "I've got High Command on line two." Alice hung up, switched the line, and picked the phone back up. "Hello."

(Man) "Hello, this is Field Marshal Bertrand Navarre with the Federal Army High Command in Jackson City Mississippi. Is this governor-general Alice Carrion of Mississippian Egypt?"

(Alice) "That's me, yes."

(Navarre) "We have word that there are Arab problems in your territory. What is the situation? We can have 500,000 more federal soldiers transferred from Mississippian Libya in a few days. Are you currently holding well?"

(Alice) "We are holding up well. I just need to guarantee that Federal troops will be transferred here. Do you have any updates on the situation with the ADN?"

(Navarre) "The robots are spilling out of the facility in rural Tennessee, they've killed over 20,000 of the paratroopers and suffered no appreciable losses. As for the number of our forces currently in Egypt, we currently have over 2.5 million federal soldiers in Egypt. Are you saying you expect problems bigger than that?"

(Alice) "There's a regular war brewing here. Those extra five hundred thousand will be much appreciated. Thank you very much."

(Navarre) "Well they're on standby in Eastern Libya near Tobruk if you need them, just contact Field Marshal Reginald Smith who is currently in Tobruk and in charge of the 12th Army."

(Alice) "All right. Thank you."

Navarre hung up the phone and went off to tend to ADN problems.

The phone rang yet again.

Joe walked in and gave her a piece of paper. When she read it, she realized it was the gubernatorial order she had requested. She signed it quickly. "I'll need several copies of this order, and one of them has to get down to the senate building." When he left, she looked at the phone for a second, turned off the ringer, and then went to finally actually read the papers on the stack.

The phone in the other room started to ring.

Alice looked up, proceeded to ignore it, and looked back down. She dismissed the paper in front of her as at least somewhat frivolous and put it to the side to deal with the next one.

The phone stopped ringing and then about ten seconds later started ringing again.

Cursing, Alice picked up the phone. "What?"

(Man) "This is the chief of police of Tanta, we have a situation."

(Man) "Well we have a hostage situation, a few angry arab gunmen have take up positions in a building occupied largely by foreigners. Now we're not going to sit here and negotiate until the cows come home, so I was figuring we'd just use a few 155mm howitzers to blast them out."
Communist Mississippi
28-08-2004, 04:52
(Alice) "Wait. What's there in terms of special forces?"

(Man) "We have over 50 members of the Egyptian Special Air Assault Squads here in the city. But we don't want to risk any of them getting hurt to save a bunch of Nigerians."

(Man) "Most of the hostages are black Nigerian tourists who were in Parthian Egypt briefly and then came to Tanta for a brief stop."

(Alice) "Snipers?"

(Man) "They're mostly off duty today, we don't really want to bother any of them."

(Alice) "Bother them."

(Man) "So the howitzer idea is out?"

(Alice) "For now."

(Man) "Yes madam governor, that's all then. I'll get on the sniper idea right away."

Alice hung up the phone quickly and checked the time. It was still relatively early in the morning. She suspected a messenger would be showing the Senate her order right about now, but she could do nothing about that and moved on to go back to her stack of papers.

She saw the next paper on her desk was a letter from an oil company addressed to Donald Stahlecker offering him 50,000 shares valued at 80 dollars each if he agreed to relax environmental standards.

She immediately threw this paper in the trash and moved on, looking at things varying from tax breaks for larger hotels to requests for help from women who had lost husbands in Angola.

She saw another letter, the WKM of ME was nominating Donald Stahlecker for the "Klansmen of the month" award, there was a time and place and the number listed to call, the number was the number of a large legal firm in Alexandria, Triple K Law firms.

She looked at it for a moment, then put it in her trash as well, deciding that in the end she would have fun burning it all in that massive fireplace.

There was another letter, to Donald Stahlecker from a boy of about 19 who wanted to get into the Commonwealth Army as an officer, he was having trouble do to stomach problems he suffered from, and he was requesting a medical waiver.

She put this letter in her pile of non-urgent requests, to deal with when she'd finished with the others, and when she'd had time to think.

There was another letter from a military general in the Commonwealth army requesting that they raise 2 divisions of Arab soldiers to test them in combat to see if it would be worth raising more divisions.

She approved of this letter, as she did of so few of these papers, so she wrote the word "Yes" on a sticky note that she put on top of the letter, which went on to the more urgent pile. She didn't want to issue another gubernatorial order just yet, so it would have to wait a little while.

There was a letter from the admiral of the Commonwealth Egyptian Navy, Admiral Ernst Raedar, requesting the funds to acquire at least 30 new destroyers and frigates. She remember hearing that he was the admiral who had ordered the MKM-Curtis Fabus battleship to fire on a mosque about 8 months go, an attack that killed over 4,000 arabs. He justified the action to Governor Rechberg by saying, "They had it coming".

She immediately trashed the paper and instead made a mental note to have someone look into his complete history.

Another paper was requesting that the governor appear at the next WKM parade and at a later meeting and conference as the guest of honor.

Alice stood up angrily and walked over to the bar, deciding that what she really needed was a drink.

She found a bottle of brandy and opened it angrily, trying to figure out how to deal with this.

She started to drink it, when Joe came in and said, "Ma'am, there is somebody here to see you."

(Joe) "Mr. Fabus, he says it's well past noon and you're late for lunch." She suddenly realized she had been caught up in her work.

Alice stood up hurriedly, leaving the liquor behind, and began to walk towards the door. "You know how the senators took the order yet?"

Roger walked in and said, "The order eh?"

(Alice) "Yeah. I wrote an Executive Gubernatorial Order after I got a little fed up with Senator Rutledge."

(Roger) "What was the order?"

(Roger) "I haven't heard about it yet."

(Alice) "Only a unanimous vote of the Senate or the order of the Governor-General can order military movement."

(Roger) "The senate won't like that. They'll probably attempt to impeach you on any grounds they can think of."

(Alice) "Yeah, they were going for that even before I did it."

(Roger) "Do you need any help from me to derail the impeachment?"

(Alice) "I'm afraid I probably have basically no popular support right now, so I guess I do need it."

(Roger) "I wonder if Rutledge will help you?"

(Alice) "Oh, he's busy blackmailing me by saying he'll get me impeached unless I do what he says."

(Roger) "What does he want you to do?"

(Alice) "He hasn't told me yet."

(Roger) "Do you think it has to do with the bills he is trying to get passed?"

(Alice) "Probably."

(Roger) "You do realize it is well after noon, you missed our lunch appointment, you must really be into your new job. The previous governor was often out of the office on personal days."

(Alice) "I had work to do."

(Roger) "Have you heard about the troubles in the west with the farm attacks?”

(Alice) "Yes. Rutledge moved troops that could have dealt with it out of the way so that the White Knights could get a crack at it."

(Roger) "Ah, well there will be many a lynching in that case."

(Roger) "How many white farmers were killed?"

(Alice) "Over forty, if I remember right."

(Roger) "Then there will probably be at the very least 400 lynchings."

(Alice) "Perhaps."

(Roger) "They usually retaliate ten fold."

(Alice) "I think I stepped into too much here."

(Roger) "What do you mean? In over your head already?"

(Alice) "I just have no support from anyone around here. A mayor wants to bring howitzers in to shell a hotel full of diplomats that just got out of Parthia, and there's the robot thing, plus these."

(Roger) "Don't worry, you'll do fine Alice, I wouldn't have appointed you if I thought otherwise. You just need to establish a rapport with the people. Also it wouldn't hurt to have allies. If you were in the WKM you'd have about 10 million allies here."

(Alice) "The WKM don't share my views. I can't expect them to support me when I directly contradict their beliefs, and I will not make a show of sharing their beliefs and allowing them to murder hundreds of people just because I need some allies."

(Roger) "Or if you had a commercial farm and you voted for farming benefits, you'd get the backing of the Commercial Farmers Association."

(Roger) "There are about 750,000 commercial farms in Mississippian Egypt. And each farmer typically has a wife and at least nine children."

(Alice) "As for these farmers...I'll consider it."

(Roger) "Then there are a miners, the military, the cattle ranchers, the oil industry. If you bought yourself some stock in the oil industry, boosted the military benefits, and bought a cattle ranch and started voting for ranch benefits. You could easily get the backing of at least 8 million people in this nation."

(Alice) "But I'm not for big oil and I'm not for big military."

(Roger) "But remember that over 14 million barrels of oil are produced in your territory each day, that is big thing, significant, you know what I mean?"

(Roger) "Last year the Commonwealth of Mississippian Egypt had revenues of 224.8 billion dollars from oil alone. Mississippian Libya pulled about 256.9 billion."

(Alice) "I'm not for big oil."

(Roger) "Commercial farming from Mississippian Libya brought in over 2.8 trillion dollars. Commercial farming from Mississippian Egypt brought in over 1.3 trillion. These are the two most important holdings in the Commonwealth. ML and ME, and you are the governor of one of them. Do you comprehend what that means? You're the governor-general of the 2nd most powerful holding in the Commonwealth."

(Alice) "Possibly."

(Roger) "So what are your plans for lunch, well late lunch?"

(Alice) "I'm not sure. I hadn't had enough time to plan anything."

(Roger) "Well I hear Senate is in session now, would you like to go over there and defend yourself against the impeachment proceedings and then get some dinner afterwards?"

(Alice) "I'm not up for another speech now."

(Roger) "So what are your plans then?"

(Alice) "As I said, I had none. I was just taking a break to have a drink."

(Roger) "I see no drink?"

(Alice) "There's a private bar back there I left it in."

(Roger) "Ah yes, I remember it now. Mind if I join you for a drink?"

(Alice) "No, by all means."

Roger leads the way and sits down in one of the large chairs in the private bar. He reaches over and pours himself a glass of cognac, "Would you care for a glass of this or something else perhaps?"

(Alice) "I need to keep my head. If indications are anything, I have a very long day ahead of me."

(Roger) "Nonsense. The robots are being dealt with, we're going to use EMP weapons in Tennessee to crush them. And the threat of a war between farmers and arabs will be ended as soon as the 500 SRG men I sent to the township arrive there and pry the groups apart."

(Alice) "There was also a small group of robots here in Egypt - Rutledge said he dispatched them by ordering troops to kill them, but I'll believe that when Joe sticks a report on my desk that says so."

Roger drank his drink down quickly and set the empty glass on a table near his chair, then he sighed, "Ah yes Rutledge and his method for dispatching them, don't remind me."

(Alice) "I have a pile of papers a foot high on what to do, and most of them I could just ignore, but I need to sift through them to find out what they are, so I spend more time on them then I should, and there'll be more papers tomorrow, and... How do you get through it all?"

(Roger) "Well first, I'm sure you want to know what Rutledge did. He had 300 suicide bombers from a now basically defunct group that is called the Christian Martyrs Brigade jump on the robots and the automated tanks and detonate their explosives. He also had a few F-16s crash into automated bunkers, but there were only a few automated bunkers and the pilots ejected before crashing into them."

(Roger) "Papers eh? Lots of staff workers, that's all I can say. They sort out the important pressing issues from the junk."

(Roger) "Many of the letters I get are just requests of help for getting commissions into the army or secret police etc. My staff can handle those."

(Alice) "Yes, but with the phone ringing off the hook I don't even have time to deal with hiring people. Whatever. I'll get right on that."

The phone rang again at that very moment.

(Roger) "I see what you mean, should I get it for you?"

(Alice) "Ah no, I've got it."

She answers the phone, it a woman talking, "Hello, this is the ministry of foreign affairs."

(Alice) "This is the Governor-General. What's happening?"

(Woman) "I am a secretary for Foreign Minister Paul Stahlecker, I'm faxing you some papers from his office that you'll need to give immediate attention to."

(Alice) "How immediate?"

She can hear Paul in the background saying in a sly tone, "Come on in my office, it's time for your employee evaluation again."

(Woman) (Sighing) "I have to go now, just look over the papers as soon as you can." She hangs up the phone.

(Roger) "Who was that?"

(Alice) "A secretary at the Foreign Minister's office. They're faxing something over."

(Roger) (Chuckling) "Surprised they have time to get any work done, Paul keeps them quite busy with other things, if you catch my drift."

(Alice) "I can tell. Joe!" Her assistant walked into the sprawling study. "Get the mayor of Tanta on the line and figure out what's happening down there. You have any idea where the fax machine is in this bloody place?"

(Joe) "There are at least six fax machines I've seen thus far."

(Alice) "All right. Before you get the Mayor of Tanta, I need you to find a fax that was just sent to me and get it to me as soon as I can."

(Joe) "Okay, oh something is coming in on the study fax right now." (He walks over and takes out 4 papers, then he hands them to Alice)

(Joe) "It's from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs."

(Alice)(reading the papers) "Yeah."

She reads through the papers it is a negotiation plan for an upcoming conference she is directed to attend involving DPUO. She is being instructed to be very low-key about CM's proxy armies, approximately 20 million white knights paramilitaries out of the 150 million total of the group, and the 1.5+ million mercenaries that operate under the Mississippian Private Military Conglomerate.

The papers instruct her to deny that CM ever had links to the Christian Martyrs Brigade if the issue is raised, but if necessary, to admit that it did operate in rural regions of the CM commonwealth due to lack of local authority but was put down by the federal army. Also she is instructed to divert attention from the issue of privately owned WMDs in civilian hands.

She is instructed to agree to nothing over a 15% nuclear arms reduction and that there are to be no further biological and chemical reductions.

She is also instructed to point out how well the Arabs in Egypt are and how they are quote "Living it up".

She finishes glancing over the papers and tucks them away. Roger asks, "Anything terribly important?"

Alice smiles. "They mayor at Tanta wants to blow up a hotel full of diplomats and they want me to be low-key about proxy armies."

(Roger) (Grinning) "We don't have any proxy armies, I don't know what you're talking about." (Very sarcastic and humorous tone)

Alice smiles again. "Right."

Joe steps in. "Ma'am, I-

(Alice) "Joe! We're going to DPUO for a while, to have a meeting. It'll be grand. I'll need a charged cell phone, and I'll need all calls here to be forwarded to it. You've got that report?"

(Joe) "Yes, governor."

(Alice) "Sure. I'm sure I've got some time before this conference."

(Alice) "But first I'll need this summary from Joe." She turns to look at Joe. "What's going on in Tanta?"

(Joe) "Oh yes, the mayor, I just spoke to him on the phone, he says the police chief solved the problem. The hostage situation is over but now they need a new hotel."

(Alice) "Damnit! I want that police chief's job, now! Get back on the phone with the mayor and tell him that if the police chief isn't fired in the next two hours I'll cut off all commonwealth funding to Tanta, period. And he's not getting any money for that hotel. I need consolations and explanations for the family of every diplomat who died there as well."

Joe dials the mayor and hands her the phone as it is ringing.

(Mayor) "Hello, office of the mayor of Tanta and head of the WKM klavern for Tanta."

Alice takes it. "Mayor? This is the Governor."

(Mayor) "Oh hello governor, I thought you were a prospective recruit, sorry. To what do I owe this call?"

(Alice) "Here's what you're going to do. You're going to fire that police chief. If two hours from now he still has a job, I'm going to going to cut off all Commonwealth funding to the entire town until exactly two hours after he is fired. Sound like a plan to you?"

(Mayor) "Well now see that's not how things work. The police chief and I have a sort of understanding whereby he handles the law enforcing and I give him the room to maneuver so to speak."

(Alice) "You have two hours, starting when I say go. Go."

(Mayor) "See, we don't need any outside agitators stirring up our people. You cut the funding, we'll declare secession."

(Mayor) "We have over 8 million people in this city and the surrounding suburbs, we're fairly well equipped to secede if necessary. We can raise a decent army to defend ourselves to. And not to mention you'll have over 10 million angry WKM members throughout the territory, many of whom are in the Commonwealth army, and they won't raise a finger to put our new state down."

(Mayor) "And besides there is no cause for getting into an uproar, the only folks killed were all Nigerians Negroids, about 36 of them, hardly worth getting into a fuss over."

(Alice) "I've got my watch going, Mayor. I'm going to hang up the phone and go have lunch."

(Mayor) "Well I'll go tell the city council to prepare for secession. We're going to seize the federal base in Tanta."

(Mayor) "You enjoy your lunch now governor. Take care."

Alice hangs up the phone. "Joe, I need you to see what options I have for targeted chemical weapons attacks against certain buildings. I also need to get the commander of the Federal Army in Egypt."

(Roger) "The commander of the Federal Army in Egypt is at a Klan function."

(Joe) "I'll get right on the plans." (He walks out of the room)

(Roger) "May I ask why you're so eager for chemical weapons options? What is going on?"

(Alice) "The mayor of Tanta is going to secede."

(Roger) "Nah, he's just bluffing. Anytime some mayor doesn't get his way, they threaten to secede, few do."

(Alice) "Few being the operative word."

One of Roger's SRG men along with Joe rushed into the room and the SRG man shouted, "Sir! Sir! Police and Commonwealth reserve units in Tanta are beginning to mobilize and it appears they mean to surround the federal garrison there!"

(Guard) "They just took the Commonwealth flag down from the mayor's office and raised the City flag up high!"

(Roger) "Well it seems the mayor might have been planning this before you two spoke."

(Roger) "Send in a few Su-25s and hit them with Sarin gas, that'll show them."

(Guard) "What should the target be?"

(Alice) "Joe, screw the commander. Get me the garrison at Tanta."

(Roger) (Leaning back with his hands behind his head, rocking back and forth in his chair as he smokes his cigar) "Take a map of the city, throw a dart, and there you have your target."

(Guard) "Communications with the garrison is down. It seems somebody cut the lines."

(Alice) "I need helicopters there, now."

(Roger) (Exhaling smoke) "Well listen here and listen good, I want you to get 50 operatives from the Egyptian Special Air Assault Squads, and 50 more from the Mississippi Special Air Assault Squads that are part of the Federal forces here in Alexandria. I want you to personally see that they arrest the mayor of Tanta."

The phone in her office rings.

Alice picks up the phone. "What?"

(Grand Dragon) "Greeting Governor. I heard there was trouble brewing in Tanta so I did you a favor; the mayor is about to be arrested by WKM paramilitary units. You can thank me later. Expect your people to be calling to confirm this in a few minutes."

Alice slams the phone down.

(Roger) "Who was it?"

(Alice) "The grand fricking dragon."

The phone rings again.

Alice picks up the phone angrily. "If this isn't vital to state security, hang up now."

(Grand Dragon) "That was very rude governor, I could change my mind and tell the WKM to back the secession. Indeed we could have secession in the entire southern and western part of this colony, we could even seize Alexandria because we have over 500,000 members in the city."

(Grand Dragon) "I think after all I'm doing for you. You owe me an apology."

(Alice) "You and I both know it would be suicide for millions people. "

(Grand Dragon) "Mostly your people. 75% of the commonwealth army is WKM."

(Grand Dragon) "Now how about that apology?"

(Alice) "You will get no apology from me. Throw Egypt into civil war if you have to. You know that Mississippi will annihilate the entire colony before they let their control of it be lost."

He was shocked that she said this, she could tell from the change in his voice, "Well... Okay then governor, I accept that as enough of an apology, you're lucky though; I'm letting you off the hook this time. I won't be so nice next time... Have a nice day." He hung up.

(Roger) "Was that him again?"

(Alice) "Yeah."

The phone rang again.

(Alice) "Joe, while I'm at this conference I need you to hire someone to screen calls, okay?" She picks up the phone.

(Man) "This is General Stafford with the Federal Garrison in Tanta, we've just avoided a potentially very bloody situation. We have the local WKM to thank; they detained the mayor and crushed his plan for secession. I just thought you'd like to know. No lives were lost but a few dozen people were injured."

(Alice) "Thank you, General Stafford. Make sure they get the top-notch medical care, okay? Also, could you see to it that the police chief at Tanta is also arrested?"

(Stafford) "I'm sorry but the police chief is nowhere to be found. His office looks like a burglar tore through it, and his residence looks the same way, his car is gone and his bank account has been emptied out."

(Alice) "Fine. Thank you."

(Stafford) "Thank you Governor." He hung up.

(Roger) "Did they resolve the crisis then?"

(Alice) "I really need some more people. I'm stuffing everything on Joe. Yeah, the WKM got it."

(Roger) "You know what that means?"

(Roger) (In a spooky voice) "It means they own you now." (He starts to laugh)

(Alice) "I see your point."

Joe walks in. "Joe, I need you to hire yourself a new staff to handle all this stuff. In the meantime, stand down the helicopters. I need a full report on the robot situation on my desk when I get back and I want the former police chief of Tanta put on the wanted list. I want you to contact a man named Nasser in the Arab towns and ask him if he could meet me tomorrow afternoon."

Joe nodded, said, "Yes ma'am", and then left.

(Roger) "Well Alice, is the daily business of governor-general what you expected it to be?"

(Alice) "A little busy, but overall about right."

Roger puts his cigar out in an ashtray then responds, "Have you seen the upper floors yet? And how about the bunker beneath the basement?"

(Alice) "I haven't had a chance to explore."

(Roger) "Would you care for the grand tour?"

(Alice) "Okay."

(Roger) "Where to first, do you want to start with the bunker?”

(Alice) "Okay."

Roger took Alice's hand and led her towards the entrance to the bunker; he led her down a winding staircase into the basement and said "Watch your step now".

Then inside the basement he pushed back a false wall and opened a large steel door to reveal an elevator.

(Roger) "After you."

Alice stepped into the elevator. "A little paranoid, are we?"

Roger stepped in and said, "Paranoid? How so?"

(Alice) "Fake walls leading to elevators that goes down even further..."

He pushed a button and the elevator jumped to life, it began the slow descent down 1,000 feet into the bunker. There was a screen on the elevator showing their current depth, 232, 245, 252, etc, eventually the numbers reached 899, 950, then 980, then 1,000 even, and it ground to a halt.

The doors of the elevator opened, Roger said, "Ladies first", and motioned forward with his hand.

Alice stepped out of the elevator, looking around to try to understand where she was.

She looked around at the front entrance to the bunker, there was a standard cleansing room right before being able to enter the bunker, there was a sealed room with a blast door on each side, and NBC filters in the room, there were shower systems to rinse off anybody seeking to get into the bunker.

(Roger) "Well we can just bypass the showering process yes? Shall we go inside?"

(Alice) "All right."

(Alice) "All right."

Roger swung the massive blast door open, it was easily 4 feet thick of steel but it was arranged on a system that allowed it to easily be swung open and slammed shut.

She looks around inside the bunker; she sees the bunker is quite large, at least 50,000 sq feet.

It is divided into about 12 rooms and then 1 Spartan barracks for the guards, then the supply room.

(Roger) "Well, shall we investigate further."

(Alice) "All right."

They walk deeper into the bunker and Alice sees the large master bedroom in the bunker, Roger smiles and says, "Nice bed eh?"

(Alice) "Lavish."

(Roger) (He casually puts his arm around her and then in a very sly tone) "Want to take a break from the tour and see how comfortable it is?"

(Alice) "We could do that."

Roger jumped down onto the bed and then said, "Well governor, you've been on top of quite a few matters later, handling them nicely. What say you get on top this situation as well?"

(Alice) "All right."

About twenty-five minutes later, they were both lying in bed, Roger said with a smile, "Well governor, another issue well solved, you're quite good at your work."

(Alice) "I try."

(Roger) "Well you've been doing a fine job as governor lately."

(Alice) "There's a robot problem in the north that I have no information about, I managed to avoid a massive secession only by threatening the frickking leader of the WKM, and forty people are dead in what could trigger a problem with diplomatic relations not only with Nigeria but also with Parthia."

(Roger) (He leans over and kisses her softly, and then he leans back) "You're doing fine so far, don't worry. The overall leader of the entire WKM is Field Marshal Bertrand Navarre, I'll see he talks to the leader of the WKM here."

(Alice) "I don't want to have to keep leaning on you for help."

(Roger) "Well okay, but if you need anything, just remember my door is always open."

(Roger) "You're going to be going to DPUO for negotiations in a while yes?"

(Alice) "Yeah."

(Roger) "Well while you're gone, I'll make sure things are quiet here so you don't come back to a mess. Is that okay?"

(Alice) "Thank you."

(Roger) "There are more problems in the Senate lately."

(Alice) "Impeachment?"

(Roger) "No, more fighting and duel changes. Rutledge is trying to duel a young senator from Damietta."

(Alice) "I need to do something about that man."

(Roger) "What would you do?"

(Alice) "I'm not sure."

(Roger) "You could motion to censure him and attempt for a recall election."

(Alice) "I'd never win."

(Roger) "If you could get a 2/3 majority in the senate, you could censure him and he'd be disgraced and possibly suspended or expelled."

(Alice) "I don't have a majority on the senate right now, much less two-thirds."

(Roger) "I could challenge Rutledge to a duel for you. He insulted your honor when he and I spoke earlier, he suggested that if you were to join him for dinner and stay for breakfast, that the trouble he is causing you in the senate would end."

(Alice) "Nonsense. I will not have anyone else handling the issue of my honor."

(Roger) "But that is how it works, you can elect a man to champion your honor and I'll gladly do it for you. You cannot duel him yourself."

(Alice) "Perhaps you didn't hear me the first time."

(Roger) "Well how will you handle this then?"

She could tell that Roger was sincere in his desire to defend her honor. But she also knew that Rutledge was considered by many to be best dueler in the colony, and she wasn't even sure if Roger had ever even dueled before."

(Alice) "I'm not sure. If I could play him off the WKM somehow, I could probably deal with at least one of these people who thinks I owe them favors."

(Roger) "Yes but some of the favors he's looking to receive, I'd think you shouldn't be required to do those sort of things."

(Alice) "Perhaps."

(Roger) "I mean if he persists in soliciting for those type of favors, I'll have no recourse but to challenge him to a duel, possibly in front of the entire senate, so there will be no chance of him turning me down."

She thought Roger was now acting quite hotheaded.

Like a male animal, upset over what he considered his territory, being infringed upon. She wasn't sure whether she should feel appreciative that he was willing to defend her honor, or whether she should feel resentful that he was considering her "his territory" etc. But whatever the case was, she was thinking Roger was sincerely determined to defend her honor.

(Alice) "Roger, calm down."

(Roger) (Sighing) "Oh Alice, how can I be calm with the thought of that smooth-talking snake-oil salesman Rutledge and his attempts at tarnishing your honor and soliciting you for unspeakable acts."

(Alice) "Roger, just calm down, okay? I'll deal with it without killing people."

(Roger) "Well we can duel with sabres until first blood or until he apologizes to you. The point is Alice, how can I allow him to sully your honor?"

(Alice) "It isn't your business, Roger."

(Roger) (He has a somewhat perplexed look on his face) "Why then whose business would it be?"

(Alice) "Mine."

(Roger) "But Alice, surely you don't mean to suggest you intend to challenge him yourself... Do you?"

(Alice) "Certainly not."

(Roger) (In soft, yet pleading tone) "Then let me challenge him in your name."

(Alice) "Nonsense."

(Roger) "Then what can be done? There is no recourse but for me to challenge him to a duel. Please Alice, I beseech you."

(Alice) "No. I' sure if you consider it that much of an insult, it could be very painful to him if it's made public what he's attempted to do. You see how there are other ways of going about it?"

(Roger) (Shocked and taken aback) "Made public, no, heavens no, it must not be made public, there'd be scandal and it could sully your good name. There are ways for these things. Duels are usually fought for very general reasons, no need to get specific. I can challenge him on the vague grounds that he insulted your honor without specifically stating how, the public doesn't need to know private matters."

(Alice) "You should understand that my good name means very little compared to the good I could do if these obstacles were taken out of my hands."

(Roger) "Yes and you can have both your name intact and the obstacles removed by my dueling him."

(Alice) "How many times have I said no so far?"

(Roger) "Very well, it is your decision, I suppose."

(Alice) "Thank you, Roger."

(Roger) "You're welcome, Alice."

(Roger) "Shall we continue the tour of the house or would you like to just rest here a while, I suppose if the robot should gain the upper hand in Tennessee, here is the safest place to be."

(Alice) "It would make sense, but I have to be ready for anything that comes up."

(Roger) "You know Alice, you're not like any of the women in Mississippi."

(Alice) "I'm glad you've noticed."

(Roger) "The women in Mississippi, they'd likely demand somebody champion their honor. Father and George have both been in numerous duels.”

(Roger) "So what do the men in Seryown do when somebody insults their women?"

(Roger) "Do the women push them to defend their honor by getting into duels?"

(Alice) "Insults are a part of free speech in Seryown."

(Roger) "Well free speech is all well and good, but insults against honor and slander against character, that cannot, no it must not, be allowed to stand."

(Alice) "Not so free then, is it?"

(Roger) "Well people can say about anything they want, but they must realize personal insults against honor will be met with demands for satisfaction on the field of honor."

(Alice) "Dueling is illegal in Seryown."

Roger sighs a sound revealing inner-turmoil and conflict; she can tell he is troubled by something.

(Alice) "What's wrong?"

(Roger) "I'm thinking I shouldn't have placed my brother Henry under house-arrest and put him through such trouble. Perhaps I should call father and beg him to let Henry go."

(Roger) "Henry only ruled as thought best. I cannot blame him for that."

(Alice) "I think that would be a good idea."

(Roger) "I think my brother Henry plans to ask a woman from ANL to marry him. I'm not sure father will approve."

(Alice) "Let him. Henry should marry whoever he wants."

(Roger) "Well the woman first of all in an operative from ANL intelligence, and she is only 15/16s white. Under CM law, 15/16 white legally makes you white, so long as the other 1/16 is not black or Jewish. She is 1/16 Native American Indian. But I don't think father will approve."

(Alice) "Henry should marry whoever he wants."

(Roger) "Yes I agree, she is white under the law... But will father see it that way? Will he allow it? That is the question."

(Alice) "He shouldn't need his father to allow it."

(Roger) "Father could have Henry thrown in jail or worse, if he decided he wanted to."

(Roger) "All a father has to do is tell the police "My son won't listen to me", and they will arrest him until the father decides he's been in jail long enough."

(Alice) "That is sad."

(Roger) "Well if the son does something terribly against the father's wishes, the father can elect to have the son stoned to death, as commanded by Deuteronomy 21:20-21."

(Alice) "What if the father asks the son to do something that would be against the teachings of God?"

(Roger) "Well then the city elders would rule against the father's wishes to stone his son."

(Alice) "Interesting."

(Roger) "Most of CM law is based on the old testament of the bible. We don't allow farmers to sow two different seeds into the same field. We don't allow any clothing of two different fabrics."

(Alice) "Most of those rules were set for a culture that had important health risks involved in doing those things. Those health risks are gone now."

(Roger) "Well we keep the laws, there are no pork products in Mississippi or any of her commonwealth territories. Men may discipline their wives and children as they see fit. Fathers may sell their daughters to work in the houses of nobles and such, but not for sinful purposes."

(Alice) "Disgusting."

(Roger) "How would you go about things?"

(Alice) "Civil rights are vital. Political freedoms can wait, but complete equality is vital above economic growth or even in stopping crime."

(Roger) "What do you mean, what sort of equality is there to be achieved? There are no minorities in Mississippi, just whites, and they're all equal under the law."

(Alice) "Yes, but that's not all. I don't mean equality in terms of giving less freedom to the people who had more; I mean equality in terms of giving all people as much freedom as possible. That means the removal of any law that mentions race or gender at all."

(Roger) "Surely you don't seek to overturn the most sacred laws of the commonwealth though. Most of our laws are based on old testament scripture."

(Alice) "Yet another problem. Laws should not come from any religious source, and they should never be considered sacred."

(Roger) "But certainly you are a Christian yes? You believe in the way, and the law, yes?"

(Alice) "I am not of your Christianity. Certainly I believe in a number of the same things as you do, and although we both fall under the huge blanket of the label Christian, I do not agree with your rules."

(Roger) "Maybe someday you will find yourself agreeing with more yes? I told you before, Mississippians have a wave of rubbing-off on those that come to their territories and such."

(Alice) "And yet I have only been horrified by what I see."

(Roger) "Well you've seen prosperity, peace, and plenty, yes?"

(Alice) "To some, but not to all. Nevertheless, I am beginning to see the perks of absolute power."

(Roger) (In a sort of proud tone hinting of a slight boosting) "You've also seen something else, firsthand."

(Alice) "Hmm?"

(Roger) "You're the only woman I've ever been with Alice."

(Alice) "I'm still not sure I believe that."

(Roger) "I'm sure father can tell you how shy I've always been around women. By 19 father had been with over 50 women easily. But for me, you're the only one I've been with, I hope you eventually accept that as the truth it is."

(Alice) "This is silly. You have no reason to lie."

(Roger) (He looks her in the eyes) "I'm not lying Alice."

(Alice) "Isn't that what I just said? You have no reason to lie, so you wouldn't. I believe you."

(Roger) "Ah okay. Well I guess I had trouble following what you were saying."

(Alice) "Sometimes I do that. Sorry."

(Roger) (He leans in and kisses her, and then he leans slightly back) "No need to be sorry."

(Roger) "You know, I always considered father a hypocrite for preaching against fornication to the public but practicing the exact opposite. I always just said let the people alone in those matters."

(Roger) "Are your thoughts the same on that matter?"

(Alice) "Makes sense."

(Roger) "There is currently a debate in the senate about employment practices and such, the commonwealth Supreme Court is set to approve the bill as constitutional as soon as the senate passes it. It will ratify the gender employment restrictions into high law. Right now the gender employment regulations are all basically the same but only exist on local levels, the commonwealth bill will be a collection of local laws written into one overall law."

(Alice) "Bad idea. Very bad idea."

(Roger) "Well they're going to pass it, probably by at least a 9/10 majority. Do you plan to attempt to derail it?"

(Alice) "I don't know if I have the strength to go against it just yet. I'm going to have to go about my work from a different perspective, I think."

(Roger) "Well I was bored a few hours ago, so I purchased myself a controlling interest in the oil industry of this colony, so I'm sure all the oil barons and oil workers will support you."

(Alice) "Possibly."

(Roger) (Looking at a nearby clock) "Wow, past six already. What now? Finish the tour tomorrow and go get something to eat instead?"

(Alice) "I'll have to go check my desk for new work first, but I'm sure I can go grab a meal."

(Roger) "Okay, shall we go then?"

(Alice) "All right."

Roger starts to get dressed, and then he finishes and says, "Lead the way, Alice."

Alice, who had also finished dressing, stood up and proceeded back towards the elevator.

They got into the elevator and Roger pressed a button and it slowly started to move up.

The elevator came to a stop on the basement floor, the doors opened and Roger led Alice out.

They walked back through the maze of fake walls and hallways and walked back up the basement stairs into the main mansion, then to the private study where the papers for Alice to look over were.

(Alice) "You know, I've been looking for the right word to describe you."

(Roger) "What do you mean?"

Alice began to look through the papers. "I couldn't figure out what word described you best."

(Roger) "Well the foreign media describes me with many words, mostly nazi, fascist, racist, hater, monster, murderer, etc. But I'd say they're all just full of propaganda."

(Alice) "Well, my first instinct was to use the word caring, but it isn't exactly's tooo universal."

(Roger) "I'd describe myself as a real right-winger, a white nationalist, a true Christian, and an officer and a gentleman. But that is just my opinion of myself."

(Alice) "Really? Anyway, I went through a number of other words, and I couldn't find the right word."

(Roger) "Well you keep thinking on it and I'm sure you'll come up with something good eventually." (He gave her a friendly smile as he spoke)

(Alice) "No, I did eventually find it. I was just giving you a little back-story. One of my faults. In any case, I've decided that the word is genuine."

(Roger) "Ah, interesting."

(Roger) "Have you looked through the papers yet? Shall we get something to eat?"

(Alice) "Yeah, all right."

(Roger) "Okay, do you want to eat here? The chefs here some of the best."

(Alice) "Okay."

(Roger) "I'll call a servant in here then to take the orders." (He presses a hidden button alongside the fireplace and speaks into what looks like to be a vent) "Yes, please come to the study when you get a moment." The man replied, "Yes sir, right away." About 60 seconds later a servant walked into the study

(Servant) "Governor, Prince Fabus, what can I do for you?"

(Roger) "Father isn't Czar yet, I'm not a prince yet."

(Servant) "Of course sir, sorry."

(Roger) "Something to eat found do fine."

(Servant) "Yes sir, and what will you be having."

(Roger) (To Alice) "Ladies first, Alice.”

(Alice) "What would you recommend?"

(Servant) "The special for today is a rare salmon from Fabus River, a manmade river runing across both Mississippian Libya and Mississippian Egypt."

(Alice) "Then I'll have that."

(Roger) "I'll have that as well."

(Servant) "Very good madam governor, general Fabus sir."

The servant turned and walked out.

About twenty minutes later the servant brought in a cart with Salmon and a wine that the chef suggested to accompany it. He asked Alice, "Would you like the cart taken into the private bar in the back of the study?"

(Alice) "No, leave it here, please."

He set it down in the study and said, "Very good ma'am", then he turned and walked out.

There was a large table in the study he had set it on, there were some chairs around the table, but the table wasn't really made for eating on.

(Roger) (Smiling) "Do we eat there? You're the governor, you decide."

(Alice) "No, we'll eat in the bar."

(Roger) "Okay. Allow me to get it." (He picked up the cart and walked into the bar and set it down on the bar counter then waited for Alice to sit down before he did)

Alice suddenly smiles as if she's thinking of something else.

(Roger) "What is it?"

(Alice) "Seryown is located almost entirely on the sea, but there are no native salmon there. It's considered very much a delicacy there. I could make hundreds of dollars by transporting a few pounds of this stuff from here to there."

(Roger) "Ah I see. Perhaps if you'd like, I can get you started in the fish business?"

(Roger) "Okay, every governor-general has some business that they get to use their position to gain, yours it seems will be fish." (He smiles)

Roger is eating his fish rather well, "Do you like it?" he asks her in a tone revealing he is sincerely hoping she is enjoying the meal.

Alice smiles. "Of course."

(Roger) "It is a good meal." (Smiling) "But I'm much more fond of the company."

(Alice) "I think I share your sentiment."

(Roger) (Smiling) "I'm glad to hear that."

Roger and Alice both finished their dinners Roger leaned back in his seat and said, "Well how about the cigar I offered you earlier and you said you'd consider? We can both go to the smoking room here, it's a lovely room. What do you say?"

(Alice) "Not right now, I think."

(Roger) "Well I always have an after dinner smoke, but I'll skip it so we can share a bottle of wine if you'd like?"

(Alice) "All right."

The popped the cork out of the bottle and poured two glasses, he raised his and proudly exclaimed, "To the governor-general!"

Alice very nearly blushed as she raised her own glass.

Roger slowly sipped on his wine as he leaned back in his chair and casually asked mostly out of curiosity, "So, when do you leave for DPUO? First thing in the morning?"

(Alice) "I suppose so."

Roger glanced over at the novelty clock behind the bar, it was a clock and in the center it had a can of skoal smokeless tobacco on it and the hands came out from the can, it said, "Use Skoal", it was left by Donald Stahlecker, he saw that it was about 8:45 pm.

(Roger) "Wow, time sure did go by today."

Alice stood up and walked back into the study. "Yeah. Joe?" Joe walked into the room. "What's up with the report on the robot thing?"

(Joe) "The robots here in Egypt were indeed all destroyed after the army and air force crushed them under orders from a Senator Rutledge. The robots in Tennessee have been pushed back into the bunker facility they came from and are being hammered with EMP weaponry."

Roger stood up and walked back into the study, "Everything going well against the robots?"

(Alice) "Excellent. Thanks. You can have the rest of the night off, Joe. I'm sure you can find yourself something to do."

(Joe) "Thank you governor." (He turned and walked out)

(Roger) "Well Alice, it's been an interesting day today has it not?"

(Alice) "Yes it has."

(Roger) (Yawning) "Now what? Well I'm seriously thinking of taking the clocks advice and running to the corner store to buy a tin." (Chuckling) "Old army habits die hard."

(Alice) "I'm a little tired...actually, I'm exhausted, and it looks like my problems are leaving me alone for a few seconds, so I think I'll take advantage of it and turn in."

(Roger) "Well I am tired too, I'd best get a moving on out, with the way they have the roads sealed off, it's about a 90 minute walk to the hotel which is only a 10 minute drive away."

(Alice) "Want some company on the walk?"

(Roger) "That would be nice, yes."

(Alice) "Or you could just stay here for the night. I'm not using the space."

(Roger) "You sure I wouldn't be imposing any?"

(Alice) "Not at all."

(Roger) "Well okay then, I accept." (Chuckling) "Which room you sticking me in? The closet?" (He laughed at the last part)

(Alice) "You know your way around better than I do. Pick a room that isn't supposed to be mine and sleep in it."

(Roger) "Okay, that works for me." (He sounded a little disappointed that she didn't invite him to sleep with her, not that he was in the mood for more sex, but anyway, he guessed it didn't matter, he planned to be sleeping)

(Roger) "Well I'm going outside for a smoke real quick, it's quicker to go outside than into the lounge, be right back in."

Alice nodded. "All right."

He took out a pipe and packed it with tobacco as he was walking to the door, sat down on the swing on the porch and lit up his pipe.

About ten minutes later, Roger was still outside and the weather began to turn bad, it a deluge of rain combined with violent streaks of lightning and explosive thunder. The thunder and lightning bothered Alice, one of the few things that bothered her. She looked outside and saw Roger didn't seem bothered at all; he was just sitting on the swing, rocking back and forth, and smoking his pipe.

Roger was sitting there, just staring off into the clouds, and trying to make sense of it all. The wars, the diplomatic talks, and the behind the scenes agreements the commoners would never know about. The wars people fought but never knew why... Obey, fight, and die... The unwritten law of CM. The petty disputes that all the governors inevitably had with the pathetic mayors of the cities they didn't deserve to be in. The lack of respect the local authorities showed towards anybody they didn't quite like. Arbitrary use of power, the small man's way to feel big.

He never really questioned the core values of the regime, and tonight was no exception, he just sat on the swing, rocking back and forth, meanwhile ships in the Mediterranean where rocking back in the forth in the intensifying waves from the storms brewing. They were rocking on their way to Hatarian Mammalia to help with coalition efforts to rid the world of HM aggression. HM had disrupted the normal flow of world events, and had to be punished, and AMF was leading the charge. CM decided to fall in line and join the charge.

Alice looked outside against and saw Roger was still sitting there, still smoking, seemingly oblivious to the storm that had her so troubled. He had obviously lost track of time and was deep in thought, he had been outside for over twenty minutes.

The sound she heard most was the patter of the rain on the windows and the roof, it was enough to keep anybody awake throughout the night, she was glad the mansion had three floors and an attic. The bedroom she was in was on the second floor, so the noise was largely muffled.

Alice finally got fed up with waiting and went back downstairs to get Roger out of the rain.
Communist Mississippi
28-08-2004, 04:53
Roger was mostly thinking about the POWs in the camps in Hogsweat, he knew the rescue operation was set to go down a few hours ago and he wanted desperately to hear it was a success.

He saw Alice in front of him when the lightning flashed and he was startled to his senses, back into reality. "Alice, what are you doing out here? You'll catch your death of cold." Despite the porch being largely covered on all sides, Roger was somewhat wet from the intense rain that came in largely diagonally.

(Alice) "Look who's talking? Get in here!"

(Roger) "Okay." He immediately followed her inside.

(Roger) (As though in a daze) "How long was I out there?"

She checked the clock, and realized he'd been outside for over 45 minutes.

(Alice) "Three-fourths of an hour."

(Roger) (Surprise) "That long? Wow, sorry. I was just thinking about some things that were really on my mind, bothering me, you know? I must have lost track of time."

(Alice) "What's wrong?"

(Roger) "Do you remember hearing about Firebase Fabus, many months ago? The capture of over 35,000 CM soldiers?"

(Alice) "Not really...sounds horrible."

(Roger) "There were about 600 paratroopers in Hogsweat that avoided capture and a few hours ago they were set to break out the surviving POWs, about 20,000 were left alive by the time the guerilla army that captured them marched them over 100 miles to prison camps in the disease ridden jungle, with no food or water. The men had been without food for 16 days and water for 4 days prior to surrendering, their base had been surrounded, cutoff from supplies."

(Roger) "It started with 36,000 paratroopers jumping into a valley and making two airstrips, they fortified the hills heavily and made over 300 strongpoints with 1 company each to defend them. Then they were surrounded by over 500,000 guerillas. The guerillas had an ace in their sleeve though, over 1,000 howitzers and SAMS, along with 500 AAA. The base only had about 100 howitzers and 800 heavy mortars. Also the base relied solely on the air for resupply."

(Roger) "Over 18,000 reinforcements were dropped into the base, 6,000 were scattered into enemy units and died almost immediately. Over the next 6 weeks, approximately 20,000 defenders and 250,000 attackers died in the fight for the base. We lost over 2,000 planes attempting to provide air cover and fly supplies into the base."

(Roger) "Most of the units that ran out of ammunition but were still able to move, fixed bayonets and charged into the enemy machine guns to save their honor."

(Roger) "The warrior code dictates surrender as the greatest dishonor a soldier can suffer."

(Roger) "Well over 34,000 soldiers surrendered, mostly they were too wounded, sick, or malnourished to fight on."

(Alice) "I'm so sorry..."

(Roger) "You've nothing to be sorry for. It's not your fault. It's father's fault, for sending the soldiers into a foreign war we had no real business being in. The generals also did some rather horrible things in that war. They used chemical weapons against a city called Beting. 30 paratroopers were ambushed in the city and their heads placed on spikes for the media to broadcast around the world. The generals used Su-25s and Mi-24s to blanket Beting with chemical weapons. They killed over 50,000 people and injured 200,000."

(Alice) "That's horrible..."

(Roger) "They attempted to use chemical weapons against the guerilla army around the base, but they only managed to kill 50,000 of the guerillas. Another low point of the battle was when our best fighter ace, Colonel Herman Von Thaller, was shot down. He has over 390 aerial kills to his credit, in one aerial dogfight, he shot down over 120 enemy fighters."

(Roger) "I hope Thaller is still alive, they were threatening to kill him a while ago."

(Alice) "But, surely there must be a rescue mission..."

(Roger) "It's a sad truth, but most of the men who were captured, are probably dead from the brutal conditions. Yes, there is a rescue mission. It was set to go down a few hours ago. I should be getting a report on it soon. The 600 paratroopers who avoided capture, the ones that were in Beting before they pulled out and it fell to the rebels, the paratroopers were ordered to march about 100 miles into the interior of Hogsweat, liberate the 10 camps, and then get the POWs 12 miles east to the coast and waiting ships. But I fear the POWs will be too weak to march 12 miles, so they'll probably need helicopters, C-130s, and C-17s to get them out."

(Alice) "How soon is the report coming?"

Right about that time, an SRG man knocks on the front door of the mansion, Alice and Roger are in the front room, Roger speaks first, "Who do you think that could be? Should I get it?"

Roger walked over an opened the door and saw it was an SRG soldier.

(SRG) "Sir, the report from Hogsweat!" (He hands him a letter)

(Roger) "Thank you soldier, dismissed."

(SRG) "Hail Fabus!" (Throws his left arm into the air)

Roger raises his left arm slightly back towards the shoulder as he is reading the report and gives a barely audible, unenthusiastic "Hail Fabus."

The SRG man turns and leaves, Roger shuts the door and then sits down and drops the report, he's finished reading it.

Alice walks up to Roger, concerned.

Roger breaks into tears and starts to mumble sentences Alice cannot understand; all she heard was part of it, "5,000, massacred." She picked up the report and started to read it.

"5,000 of the 20,000 captives were massacred shortly before our liberation teams arrived, but 15,000 of the men were safely taken out of Hogsweat and are currently on their way back to Mississippi. General Bon, General Miguel, and Colonel Thaller are all fine and in good spirits considering the circumstances. The enemy admitted to taking over 34,000 paratroopers as POWs but the guards at one of the prisons admitted only 20,000 made it through the 100 mile death march that our satellites detected. Also they admit they massacred approximately 4,000 soldiers right as they tried to surrender when the base fell."

Roger has regained his composure, "At least they got a lot of them out."

Alice hugs Roger firmly. "It will be all right, okay?"

(Roger) "The 1st Parachute Division, from 1980-1984, father was in that division, he used to complain to me when I was younger, how the leftist government sent the 1st division to every jungle, desert, and ice cube in the world, just to cause them grief, for no real reason. And I can't see why father sent the 1st division into Hogsweat. I just can't see why."

(Alice) "It will be all right..."

(Roger) "Most of the men in the 1st parachute division were veterans of the 1984 civil war, they were career soldiers, the elite of the parachute units, and now they're gone, they were exploited like a resource, and now they're used up like a resource, depleted, gone. But never fear, father can raise more units, more meat for the grinder!" (His tone has gotten sarcastic and cynical)

(Alice) "Shh...It will be all right...."

(Roger) "He doesn't see it anymore though, he lets his generals tell him what it's like, he's recently stopped jumping into combat himself, as he used to..." (He starts to cry again and Alice takes his head and holds it, letting him cry in her arms)

(Alice) "It'll be all right...shh..."

A few minutes later he has stopped crying enough to talk, "What now? I'm keeping you up aren't I, you can go on off to sleep, I'll be okay." She could tell he was lying, he was bad at lying and it was blatantly obvious he wasn't okay.

(Alice) "Stop talking nonsense. I've leaned on your shoulder, and I'm not going to take mine away from you."

(Roger) "Okay."

(Roger) "Father will blame the 5,000 deaths of either myself or one of my brothers. He says we need to lead from the front. He blamed the fall of the base on the M-14 rifle, that is one of the reasons we switched to the XM-8 and the OICW, we were switching anyway, it was just convenient the switch happened when it did. I wonder if I had been there to lead them in person, would it have mattered?"

(Roger) "Henry said if one of us had been in Firebase Fabus, they're just be one less Fabus right now and that'd be all that would have been accomplished."

(Alice) "You're not that godly, Roger. They were in un-winnable circumstances."

(Roger) "I know, but that's not how father sees it. He says we should have seized the initiative and jumped into the base with a regiment of republican guard and mounted a counter-attack."

(Alice) "And gotten more soldiers massacred? They absolutely did the best they could do under the circumstances. It isn't your fault and it isn't the M-14's fault."

(Roger) "You know the guerillas were Asians for the most part, and they launched frontal attacks into miniguns and machine guns, that takes courage. Father's generals said the yellows would scatter before the heavy guns."

(Roger) (In a mocking voice) "The exact words of Field Marshal Salazar, quote, "Those slant-eyed yellows won't fight for more than a week!"

(Roger) (Another mocking voice) "The exact words of Field Marshal Smith, quote, "Those little yellow bastards will be crushed under the boot of the paratroopers within twelve days time."

(Alice) "Well, they were wrong this time, I guess."

(Roger) "That was really the only battle we ever lost, combined with Angola which we didn't really lose militarily so much as we did politically. There are now over 700,000 graves for soldiers in Mississippi that died within that last four years."

(Roger) "When will it end?"

(Alice) "God willing, as soon as possible."

(Roger) (His voice is shaky and nervous) "I guess so... I'm tired now... Tired..."

(Alice) "Let's get you upstairs."

He was still quite wet from the rain he had been sitting in, and he felt as cold as a block of ice, he was pale as a ghost also, and Alice was wondering how he was still conscious being as cold as he was.

Alice led Roger upstairs. His teeth started to chatter as he realized how cold he was. Then he struggled to talk, "Where to now Alice?"

Alice led him into her bedroom, which, as seemed to be probable by the luxury of the mansion, there was fireplace. She immediately lit it using the wood that was already there and she gently encouraged him to the ground near it.

(Roger) "Thank you Alice."

Alice hugged him, leaning her head against his ribs. "No need, Roger."

She could feel he was still freezing cold, she wondered if he was sick, she got up and found a large robe for him, it was an expensive looking robe that appeared to be made of bear fur, it had the initials DS on it, she knew who used to own it, well she thought, "It can be Roger's now, who will know." She slowly walked back and wrapped it around Roger, he thanked her for it.

She could feel Roger starting to warm up, but he was still pale, and he was starting to fall asleep.

Alice stayed close to him, trying to keep him warm.

(Roger) (In a voice losing strength, hardly his charismatic self) "I'm tired Alice, so tired."

(Alice) "I understand, Roger, it's okay."

Roger struggled to speak, "Do you want me to leave no so you can go to sleep, I don't want to keep you up just because I'm ill."

(Alice) "No, you're staying right here."

(Roger) "Okay."

She could tell whatever sort of military training he'd received, it had taught him not to expect, mercy, sympathy, or empathy from anybody, the Republican Guard had put him through 11 months of brutal hell, and then after that, the battles and campaigns started and made the previous 11 months look like a picnic.

(Alice) "Come on, Roger. You're strong. You'll get through this."

(Roger) (He was slipping into delirium) "Yes sir lieutenant, the jeeps need more oil, I'll get right on it."

(Alice) "Roger!"

She could see he was covered in sweat, profusely.

(Roger) (Snapping back into reality for a brief second) "What? I'm okay, don't worry."

(Alice) "No, no you aren't. Who do I call to get you medical attention?"

(Roger) "Doctor, doctor number by phone... But, I... okay."

Alice gets up and rushes to the phone. She searches for the number, dials it, and calls.

The doctor was on the estate in the private office, the doctor served the governor and the staff and those were his only clients.

(Doctor) "Hello, who is this? Do you know what time it is?"

(Alice) "Roger Fabus is down here and you will be in ten seconds, okay?"

(Doctor) "Mr. Fabus is ill?"

(Alice) "Yes...Just get down here!"

(Doctor) "I'll be right there!" (He rushes out of his office; grabbing two bags and only pausing long enough to dress in a robe and shorts.

About 90 second later, the doctor is there, short of breath.

(Doctor) "Okay, what is the problem?"

Alice is hugging Roger. She turns toward him. "He was in the rain for forty-five minutes...and now he's delirious..."

The doctor starts to examine Roger, he asks Alice, "Has he been in any recent accidents lately? Or perhaps attacked by an animal or a shark?"

(Doctor) "Well governor, was he bitten by any animals lately. Those bite marks on his mid leg and thigh look to me to be shark bites." (He points to a rather nasty bite mark on the back part of the leg)

(Alice) "I don't know...why would he have been bitten by anything? I didn't see it if he was."

Roger meekly nodded and struggled to whisper, "Doctor, a few months back, I got into a fight with a great white shark."

The doctor nodded and said, "I see. Well I can tell you with a degree of certainty, you have tetanus from the shark bite, it must just have spread through your system recently, and you now have pneumonia, probably it was lingering in you for a few days and this awful weather brought it out worse."

(Doctor) "Luckily modern medicine has a cure for the tetanus, were you in any other country in Africa, besides perhaps Western Sahara or Mississippian Libya, you'd likely die." (He takes out a needle and injects it into Roger)

(Alice) “Will he be okay?”

(Doctor) “Oh yes, he’ll be fine in a few weeks. As for the pneumonia, I suspect he got it from either bacteria or microorganisms. Chemical irritants could also cause it, but there haven’t been any chemical accidents and we’re not at war, so chemical weaponry can be ruled out.”

(Doctor) “Pneumonia is contagious you know.”

(Alice) “I’ve been vaccinated against the bacterial forms of it.”

(Doctor) “Good, then you should be fine, if you start to feel ill, call me right away.”

(Doctor) “Here, I want you to see he takes these, all of them, don’t let him stop taking them when he starts to feel better, that isn’t how antibiotics work. Roger is a smart boy, he knows better than that, but he is stubborn. I’ve known him for many years, you’ll need to make sure he takes them all.”

(Alice) “I will. Thank you.”

(Doctor) “He should get lots of rest and fluids, and keep him from smoking and drinking liquor or beer in his current state. I’ve always said wine helps though. But seriously, he smokes like a chimney, make sure he doesn’t smoke, it’s for his own health.”

(Alice) “Okay.”

(Doctor) “Here, help me get him into the bed.”

Now Roger Fabus was 6’6 and 242 lbs, he was a giant, and the doctor 6’2 and Alice 5’8 would have a very hard time going about safely lifting him up into bed without risking hurting themselves or him. So they called in two nearby SRG men to help. The SRG men were all giants, the two guards, both at least 6’8, helped them lift Roger up and place him in bed.

The guards then turned and walked out quietly, wondering if their general would be okay, hoping and praying he would be.

The doctor broke the silence and spoke to Alice, “It’s a good thing you called me when you did, he was really sick, it’s best to catch Tetanus early. You did the right thing by calling. Thank you.”

(Alice) “Okay, so he’ll be okay though yes?”

(Doctor) “Oh he’ll be fine, and you’ll be fine as you’ve already been vaccinated against bacterial pneumonia. So don’t worry, but remember call me if you feel sick.”

(Alice) “I will.”

(Doctor) “Okay then.” He turns and walks out of the room.

Alice lies down next to Roger, who is fast asleep now, she can see his chest moving up and down with each breath, she is comforted by the fact she can tell his alive. She prays that he stays so.

She wraps him up in more blankets and moves close to Roger and holds him tightly against her body. She starts to think about the upcoming conference in DPUO that she’ll be leaving for in the morning, she’d rather not go now with Roger so ill, but CM is counting on her to attend as all other delegates have been ruled either “too racist”, “too Klan”, “too paramilitary” or “too armed forces”, to meet with the regulations of the “tolerant” people of DPUO. She suddenly found herself wondering what Roger would have been doing fighting a shark, but she figured it was unimportant and she’d ask him later if she could remember. She held him close against her body as she started to fall asleep. She could feel he was regaining his warmth. The patter of the rain now seemed to soothe rather than irritate and she quickly fell into a deep sleep, but her dreams would be racked with nightmares of failing at the upcoming conference and plunging the world into massive war.

In the morning she would rise, get ready, and then make her way to DPUO by boat for the conference. That was another thing she was upset about, she’d prefer to go by plane, but DPUO seemed very picky, and she’d have to comply with their regulations, as it was their country. Somehow though, she doubted they’d accept CM regulations with at least attempting to argue, if the meeting were in CM rather than DPUO.
Communist Mississippi
28-08-2004, 04:54
Alice woke up in the morning, still hugging Roger, keeping him close to her, he was alive, but not doing that well, she could tell from his pale complexion.

She let go of him slowly and stood up, trying to think clearly about the few hours before she'd fallen asleep.

The phone suddenly rang.

Alice grabbed the phone. She was about to snap something before she took a breath and spoke. "Yes?"

(Paul Stahlecker) "Governor. Carrion, the peace talks were canceled; there is no need for them. We're all okay, you just stay put in Alexandria and try not to worry your pretty little head too much, okay?"

Roger let out a weak moan, and then, "Who is is Alice?"

(Alice) "Tell me, did you ever tell your brother he had a pretty little head when he had this post?"

(Paul) "Why no, that's no way to talk to a man."

(Alice) "Then don’t talk like that to me either. Got that?"

(Paul) "Yes sir... I mean ma'am." (He started to laugh) "Somebody sure is feisty!"

(Alice) "Feisty? Did you just say feisty?"

(Paul) "Yes, why?"

(Alice) "I don't think you ever met my husband."

(Paul) "Well I imagine that a woman like you needs a man around, to keep you under control. Is that what you mean?"

(Alice) "No, that wasn't. Did you ever meet him?"

(Paul) "Unless he was a diplomat or a foreign high official, I'm afraid likely not."

(Alice) "I guess not, then. It's too bad. Your brother Peter met him, though. I'm sure of that."

(Paul) "Peter is a wreck, he'll be fine in a few months though."

(Paul) "Peter is actually back in Angola!"

(Paul) (In a tone of contempt) "Helping people escape!"

(Alice) "My husband died getting Peter Stahlecker out of Angola."

(Paul) "Yes, I'm quite aware of that."

(Paul) "And yet I heard Roger Fabus in the background, meaning you share your bed with him... Is that how you got your position as governor-general?"

(Alice) "Perhaps you should ask him the same question. From my perspective, the reason you heard him in the background was because I'm currently helping him recuperate from an illness. When he wants to tell you more than that he can. In any case, thanks for the information, and don't ever call me again." She hangs up the phone.

Roger let out a meek, "Who was it Alice, you seem upset", his voice was weak and he barely managed to choke out the words.

(Alice) "Paul Stahlecker. Don't speak right now, okay?"

(Roger) (Trying to smile) "Is that an order, governor?"

(Alice) "I told you not to speak. Now shut up."

Roger was ill, and barely aware what was going on, but he could tell something was wrong, he just struggled to roll over and eventually did so, facing away from Alice who for some reason was yelling at him... He had no idea why, but he didn't want to make her mad.

Alice felt bad, all Roger had done was try to be nice, and she'd practically chewed him out for it.

Alice looked down for a second, made up her mind, and rifled around for the pills that the doctor had given her.

Roger heard noise, he managed to roll back over and speak with difficulty, "Are you okay Alice? You're not still mad at me... Are you?" She could detect in his voice a yearning for an acceptance that he'd never known, something he sought all his life.

(Alice) "I'm not mad, Roger, but if you keep talking I might be."

Roger nodded and then rolled back over, not saying a word, he was confused, and he didn't know what the problem was... He'd never understood women and he doubted he ever would.

Alice looked around, growing more worried. She couldn't find the pills.

A servant knocked on the door and said, "May I come in?"

(Alice) "What do you want?"

(Servant) "I am stopping by to see if you and Mr. Fabus are well?"

(Alice) "We're fine."

(Servant) "Okay then, call if you need anything."

Roger struggled to sit up in bed, he reached for a cigar holder on the stand next to him.

Alice looks back and frowns. "No cigars." She goes back to looking worriedly.

(Roger) (Shocked, finding the strength to speak) "Not even just one?" (he starts to caugh and hack up mucus)

(Roger) (Holding his hand against his stomach) "Alice, why are you so worried, what is wrong? Tell me, if something is bothering you, I can help."

(Alice) "You were supposed to get some pills. I can't find them."

(Roger) "Check by the fireplace, I seem to remember the doctor set something there perhaps."

Alice smiled. "Thanks. Now shut up again."

She went over and found the pill bottle, then walked back to the bed, the bottle read, "Take two every twelve hours."

(Roger) "How about a good swig of brandy to wash it down with, eh?"

(Alice) "No alcohol either."

(Roger) "Well, now I know I'm either dying, or they're trying to kill me!"

(Alice) "You're Roger Fabus. Someone is always trying to kill you."

(Roger) (Trying to laugh, but coughing up mucus instead) "Yes, I guess that could be so."

Alice counts out two of the pills and hands it to him. "Swallow these."

He takes the pills and swallows them

(Roger) (Holding his chest and stomach as he speaks) "You know Alice, there is something I want to tell you... I don't know how you'll react."

(Alice) "I told you to shut up, so this better be important."

He paused for a minute and hesitated, nervous, "Well Alice... I wanted to say... I wanted to... Never mind." He rolled back over on the bed.

(Alice) "If you say so. Who am I to tell you when to talk anyway?"

Roger rolled back over and then looked at her, gazing into her eyes, and then said, "Alice, I'm falling in love with you. I don't want to return to Mississippi, I want to stay here, with you."

Alice looked down for a few seconds. "Well, I want you to think about that for a while. I want you to be sure, and I don't think you are right now."

Roger sat up, holding his stomach, "I've never been more certain of anything in my life."

(Roger) "But I'll do as you suggest and think for a while."

Roger smiled at Alice as he grew weaker and then slipped in a light sleep. The phone rang, Alice wondered who the hell it was, she was getting annoyed.

Alice picked up the phone. "If this isn't important..."

(Rutledge) "Hello governor Carrion."

(Rutledge) "We're having some transport issues with the slaves."

(Alice) "Slaves?"

(Rutledge) "We won a war with Hatarian Mammalia, we took about 50 million of their women deemed fit for breeding. A few million are already here in Egypt, being auctioned off to rich men. We need to allocate more ships to get the rest here so we can sell them fast and make more money."

(Alice) "Not a single ship from Egypt will be allocated to any such project."

(Rutledge) "Well we already have auctions going on in Alexandria, I mean millions of women are already being sold. What's a few million more?"

(Alice) "Absolutely nothing. That's why we won't bother to allocate any ships to that project. In fact, that's also why we'll stop all the auctions right now?"

(Rutledge) "I'm sorry ms governor, but the law allows for this."

(Alice) "I'm sure it does. But I'm also sure that those auctions are going to be stopped right now."

(Rutledge) "You just keep thinking that governor. I have to go, I might just buy a few of them for myself. Nothing beats breaking in a fine beast, usually I'm breaking in horses, but I'd like to mount something else."

Rutledge laughed, "Well Governor, I wonder how much you'd go for! Just be glad you're a citizen!"

(Alice) "Glad is something I am not. In any case, Senator, you'd better rush there, because I'm shutting them down now."

(Rutledge) "Oh and governor, I'm still waiting for you to come to my penthouse for a personal meeting to discuss some matters of mutual importance."

(Alice) "You know, I'm pretty sure that this place records all the calls in and out, so I'll just advise you not to go any further in that vein."

(Rutledge) "Well governor, the impeachment proceedings are making progress.”

(Rutledge) "I'm sure a skilled lady such as yourself wouldn't need more than twenty minutes to convince me to derail the proceedings."

(Alice) "I'm glad to hear it, but the answer is still no, senator. Goodbye now."

(Rutledge) "Well I'll see you around governor, remember what I said... 20 minutes of your time, is all I'm asking. .You don't even have to do anything other than relax, I'll do the work."

Alice hung up the phone disgustedly.

She turned on the TV and saw the news, they were at the slave auctions in central Alexandria, a young woman was being paraded around on a platform, the guard lifted her dress above her head and the rich nobles started shouting numbers.

Roger leaned up in bed, groggy, but feeling better, "Alice, what the hell is that on the news? What is going on? What savage country is that! Selling people!"

(Alice) "That's Egypt."

He was shocked, "Good lord, you mean Mississippian Egypt? Or Parthian Egypt?"

(Alice) "Here."

He tried to stand up, but fell onto the floor, "Help me up, this must be stopped!"

(Roger) "Alice, call the office of commonwealth affairs, tell them that Roger Fabus is ordering this all to stop immediately and without delay."

Alice picked up the phone and looked around for a moment. She found a note with the number and dialed quickly.

(Man) "Hello, Commonwealth Affairs."

(Man) "Are you calling to inquire about breeding stock, well we are currently getting shipments of women deemed fit, we are getting shipments in hourly."

(Alice) "Actually, I'm calling on behalf of Roger Fabus, who's ordering that this be stopped right now."

(Man) "Let me patch you through to slave trade direction center, Senator Rutledge is handling it."

(Rutledge) "Hello."

(Alice) "Hi again, Senator."

(Rutledge) "Ah governor, call to arrange a meeting with me?"

(Alice) "Actually, I'm calling on behalf of Roger Fabus."

(Rutledge) "Ah yes, the former acting premier. What does he want?"

(Alice) "He wants this stopped immediately. That means right now, if you didn't know."

(Rutledge) "Sorry, but he is no longer in command. Last night his father resumed the premiership."

(Rutledge) "Now I could stop this, if you come by and meet with me."

Roger struggled to sit up and speak, leaning against a drawer, "Let me duel him."

Alice turned to Roger. "You will do no such thing." She turns on the speakerphone and begins talking. "Could you repeat that last part, Senator?"

(Rutledge) "I want you to meet with me, and I'm sure you can use your skills at persuasion to convince me to see things your way."

(Rutledge) "Well governor, are you going to be coming by then?"

(Alice) "How exactly would I be persuading you?"

(Rutledge) "Like I said before, I'll do the work, you just let me do the work."

(Alice) "What work would that be, exactly?"

(Rutledge) "Just lying down and doing your best to relax and enjoying the ride."

(Alice) "The ride?"

(Rutledge) "Governor, I've wanted you since I first saw you walk into the senate chamber. You're a feisty one, did anybody ever tell you that?"

(Alice) "Actually, once or twice? You've wanted me, you say? How so?"

(Rutledge) "Let's not play games governor, you're a smart girl, figure it out."

(Alice) "I'm trying to figure it out, but I'm not sure what I'm figuring out, Senator."

(Rutledge) "Just get over here and you'll figure it out soon enough."

(Alice) "Well, maybe I will, if you'll tell me what I'm going to be doing there."

(Rutledge) "You'll be enjoying what many women have, quality time with Senator Simon Rutledge."

(Alice) "Quality time? What sort of quality time?"

(Rutledge) "Governor, I'm starting to realize your brains didn't get you this job. But I can help you keep it, just come over here, lay down, when I'm done, I'll see you keep your job."

(Rutledge) "Besides, when I'm done, you can gossip with all your girlfriends about how you were fucked by Senator Rutledge."

(Rutledge) "So when are you coming over governor?"

(Alice) "I'm not."

(Rutledge) (Shocked) "Why not? Don't you want to keep your job?"

(Alice) "No, I think I'm okay with that. In any case, shut down the auction now."

(Rutledge) "The auctions will be shut down if and when you adequately convince me."

Roger struggled to shout, as loud as he could, "Rutledge! We're meeting tomorrow, outside the senate building, bring your pistol!"

(Rutledge) "Ah, a duel... I accept!"

Alice slams the phone down. "That was particularly stupid of you."

(Roger) "He needs to be stopped."

Alice knew that Rutledge had been in over 200 duels and never lost a single one.

(Alice) "And it didn't occur to you that you might not win?"

(Roger) "I could win though. I can beat him."

(Roger) "He'll probably fire in the air, and declare an apology, he won't dare shoot at me, I'm the premier's son."

The phone rang again.

(Rutledge) "Hello, governor..." (His voice was nervous and embarrassed) "I must decline the challenge, I realized who it was issuing it... I'm sorry."

(Rutledge) "But the auctions will have to continue unless you wish to do something about it."

(Alice) "Here's what I'll do about it. Tomorrow, everybody in Egypt will know that you were trying to get into bed with a superior, and that even more importantly; you'd been turned down. And yes, it will get worse if that doesn't turn out to be enough to make sure you never have any power ever again. Or you could stop the auctions."

(Rutledge) "You think the public doesn't know what I do?"

(Rutledge) "I can get any woman I want, and the people know that... Hell I've fu--ced over five hundred women and I'm not even 30!"

(Alice) "The important part is that you were turned down, Senator."

(Rutledge) (Starting to sound nervous) "Well you don't want to tell anything like that to the people... Do you?"

(Alice) "The entire public knows tomorrow ... unless, of course, you shut down the auctions right now."

(Rutledge) "Well that still leaves us with the impeachment proceedings."

(Rutledge) "Governor, you'll enjoy it... Trust me, I'll even let you be on top, I'm sure you'll really go for that."

(Alice) "Go to hell, Senator."

(Rutledge) "Governor, hear me out please."

(Rutledge) "If I start a move to ban slavery in the senate, it will hurt my greatly, all the other senators, well most of them, own slaves. Many of them have stock in the trade."

(Rutledge) "If I'm to make so many enemies... I need compensation."

(Alice) "Your compensation is your job, Senator, and your reputation."

(Rutledge) "That's not quite enough governor. Besides, what do you have to lose; you'll enjoy it... I can guarantee that... If you don't enjoy it, we can try again until you do!"

(Rutledge) "You don't have any of this on recording anyway... Nobody will believe you."

(Alice) "If you want to be able to live in Egypt without being spat on every time you leave your home, you'll shut up. In any case, Mr. Fabus certainly heard the first part of this conversation."

(Rutledge) "The people love me. Besides nobody will believe Fabus, because you've obviously got him trained."

(Rutledge) "Besides, I heard some most unfortunate news via the grapevine that Roger is ill and suffering delirium, he won't be able to swear he heard anything in his current condition."

(Roger) "Is he giving you trouble Alice?"

(Alice) "Very well then. The people will find out that I turned you down, and you'll go ahead with the impeachment process. That sounds fair to me."

(Rutledge) "There is a much more pleasant way out this... All you have to do is come here for a while."

(Alice) "I'm perfectly fine with it this way, Senator."

(Rutledge) "Well... The thing is, I'd rather nobody found out about any of this."

(Alice) "Simple way of doing that, Senator."

(Rutledge) "Well could we give my way a try first?"

(Alice) "No."

(Rutledge) "Well if you change your mind... You know where to call me... I guess that's everything thing then... Oh, tell Roger now I'm challenging him to a duel, if he doesn't accept, I'll see he is branded a coward."

She was worried now; Roger was in no shape for a duel.

(Alice) "Peculiar. Then it will be found out that you had to deny his offer before you made your own."

(Rutledge) "Well then I retract my earlier rejection, we shall still duel! And I have never lost yet, he's never been in a single pistol duel, if my memory serves me."

(Alice) "I'm sure you'll be perfectly happy to shoot the Premier's son."

(Rutledge) "Honor demands we duel... The premier will understand, besides, he has other sons if something happens to this one."

Alice realized he was dead wrong; Roger was the premier's favorite son.

(Alice) "All right. Could you pay the Premier a courtesy call, just to make sure he knows, beforehand?"

(Rutledge) (Nervous) "There is no need for that. Roger challenged me, I accepted. It was his choice!"

(Rutledge) "His choice to challenge me that is."

(Rutledge) "I'm willing to call off the duel if you're willing to be more accommodating with me, much more."

Roger stood up, and fell onto the bed, "Let me duel him, I can take him" he struggled to speak, as he grew pale.

(Alice) "I'm being very accommodating. All I'm asking you to do is to call the Premier and tell him you're about to fight a duel with Roger Fabus."

(Rutledge) "I mean more accommodating as I want you to be. As in you come over here and personally accommodate me."

(Alice) "Go to hell, Senator. If you insist, I'll make the call myself."

(Rutledge) "No I'll do it. I want to be sure he hears my version, rather than your lies!"

(Alice) "All right. I'll call him in an hour, then, just to make sure you called him?"

(Rutledge) "After Roger falls in the duel, then you're impeached and arrested, you'll come around to my offer."

Alice slammed the phone down after Rutledge started rambling on

(Roger) "Are you okay Alice? I can win the duel!"

(Alice) "No, you can't. But there won't be a duel."

(Roger) "What do you mean, no duel?"

(Alice) "Was I unclear? I said there would be no duel."
(Roger) "But he challenged me... Are you forbidding me to duel him?"

(Alice) "I doubt that it will ever get to such a stage where I would feel the need to do that."

(Roger) "So how can there not be a duel. I challenged him, he challenge me, we both accepted."

(Alice) "An hour from now, one way or another, your father will know that Senator Rutledge is out to kill you."

(Roger) "Father will not be happy. Rutledge could wind up in the Mediterranean."

(Roger) "But father recognizes honor is important. He may allow the duel."

(Roger) "I must duel him Alice, can't you see that?"

All she could see was outdated trivial games, and issues that made no difference to most people. She thought they were all carrying on like madmen overloaded on testosterone.

(Alice) "I can see nothing of the kind."

(Roger) "I'm going to duel him, because I love you Alice, and your honor must be defended."

(Alice) "Just be quiet, okay?"

(Roger) "If you don't want me to duel him just say "Roger, don't duel him." That's all."

(Alice) "I won't tell you that."

(Roger) "Do you or don't you want me to duel him. I think your honor needs to be defended, but it is your call.”

(Alice) "I will not let him brand you a coward."

(Roger) "So you think I should duel him then?"

(Alice) "I think there will be no duel."

(Roger) "Alice, I'm confused, you say you won't let him brand me a coward. You're sounding like you're protecting me from him... It is I who must protect you from him, your honor must be defended."

Try as he might to make her see his point of view, she didn't see the reasons he felt the need to risk death for a concept that meant little to her.

(Alice) "I am confident that your father will put a stop to this."

Roger started to gasp for air and then in a spasm, he coughed up some blood and mucus into his hands. She could tell he was obviously in no condition to do anything other than rest.

The phone suddenly came to life, ringing, as it had seemed to have been ringing almost without end the entire morning.

(Premier) "Hello, this is Premier Fabus. Is this governor-general Carrion?"

(Alice) "It is an honor to finally speak to you, Premier."

(Premier) "Yes, we've spoken before though, remember?"

(Alice) "Have we? I'm afraid I can't recall that conversation, sir."

(Premier) "Remember, I asked you how Roger was, you said he was good. All Fabuses are good."

(Alice) "From the few I've talked to, I certainly get that impression, sir."

(Premier) "I thanked you for making my Roger a man, remember?"

(Alice) "Yes, I do recall now, Premier."

(Premier) "How is Roger? I hear he is ill and is having an issue with a possible duel."

(Alice) "Your son feels it necessary to duel with Senator Rutledge, sir."

(Premier) "Yes, well Rutledge has contacted me. Honor is an important matter... Don't you agree?"

(Alice) "I'm afraid that I had heard very little about honor at all before I arrived in Egypt, sir."

(Premier) "I want to know, do you not like the idea of a man defending a woman."

(Alice) "With respect, sir, not when the woman is better able to defend herself than the man is."

(Premier) "Are you saying my Roger is unfit to defend you? He is a battle-hardened Republican Guards officer of my cavalry."

(Alice) "And he's recovering from tetanus and pneumonia, sir."

(Alice) "And he's recovering from tetanus and pneumonia, sir."

(Premier) "Well yes, but he is the man and he does the defending, that is how it must be."

(Alice) "If he fights this duel, sir, he will die. That is how it will be."

(Premier) "Roger is capable, he can do anything he puts his mind to."

(Premier) "Besides, it's not as though you actually care for him, is it?"

(Alice) "Sir I would prefer not to answer that right now."

(Premier) "Why not?"

She looked over and noticed Roger had fallen asleep, she could answer if she wanted.

(Alice) "Because I'm not sure what my answer would be."

(Premier) "Well I don't want you hurting my Roger. He's always been a shy boy... I guess I should have been there for him more often. But I always saw he had what he needed to succeed. I couldn't double as his mother though, she died when he was just about 5 years old."

(Alice) "Sir, if he goes out there he will get hurt. He will die, sir."

(Premier) "Dishonor is worth than death. Besides, Rutledge won't have the balls to do anything other than aim high into the air."

(Alice) "Senator Rutledge has fought hundreds of duels, sir. How many has your son?"

(Premier) "Well there is a first time for everything yes?"

(Alice) "Is this the best time for that?"

(Premier) "I suppose you are right. Tell him he may not duel until a doctor gives him a clean bill of health."

(Alice) "Thank you, sir."

(Premier) "You take care of him now, you hear... He's always been shy, holding back how he's felt, never opening up to anybody, never letting anybody in, not even myself. Roger has always been my favorite son, but he's always been one of the most troubled. I mean he's rarely gotten along well with others."

(Alice) "I understand, sir."

(Premier) "You take of yourself too. When Roger gets better, I'm sure he'll help take of you. But something tells me you're not the kind of woman who needs or wants to be taken care of by anybody."

(Alice) "You could say that, sir."

(Premier) "Well thank you for speaking with me."

(Alice) "Sir, we both know I don't agree with most of your opinons, but...this call tells me that you're a good man."

(Premier) "Thank you."

(Premier) "I never wanted Roger to have go through what I've been through, you know, worrying about being assassinated, the scandals, the media attacks... I never wanted that for him... But he was my favorite and he wanted it, and I couldn't deny him anything."

(Alice) "I can understand that, sir."

(Alice) "In answer to your question, sir..."

(Premier) "Go on."

(Alice) "I do care for him."

The Premier smiled, but she'd not know, but she could tell by the change in his voice, "That is good. I am pleased."

(Alice) "Thank you, sir."

(Premier) "Perhaps you and Roger might come to Mississippi someday... But I imagine you're busy doing the work your position demands."

(Alice) "If I'm still welcome in Mississippi tomorrow, I'll seriously consider that offer."

(Premier) "You'll always be welcome... Why would you think otherwise?"

(Alice) "As I said, sir, my opinions are not the same as yours are, and I have enemies here who would like to put that to great use."

(Premier) "Any friend of Roger's is a friend of mine."

(Alice) "Thank you, sir."

(Premier) "If Rutledge presents a persistent problem, I can have him silenced."

(Alice) "I think I'll be able to deal with him myself, sir."

(Premier) "Okay, well I have to be going. You take care, nice talking with you."

(Alice) "I am honored, sir."

Roger woke up from his nap with a loud yawn

(Roger) (Smiling at Alice) "Hello Alice, are you doing okay?"

(Alice) "Yeah, I'm fine."

(Alice) "I was talking to your father just then."

(Roger) "Yes, I've just been thinking... I'm not going to duel, at least not for a while, until I'm in good health."

(Alice) "That's good, because your father ordered you not to."

(Roger) "Ah, I see."

(Roger) "Well Alice, what now? What about Rutledge?"

(Alice) "I need to get in touch with some newsies."

(Roger) "All news is government controlled, but you can contact the one opposition news station if the government channels won't listen."

(Alice) "I'm confident the government-controlled news station will agree with what I have to say."

(Roger) "Well you have my full support and confidence."

(Roger) "For whatever it is worth."

(Alice) "Thank you."

(Roger) "So what will you do now? Will you move against Rutledge now? Or is that a plan for the near future?"

(Alice) "No, that must happen now."

(Roger) "Okay, well when you get back, if you're willing, perhaps we can sit and talk about issues of varying degrees of importance. I so enjoy talking with you Alice." Roger coughed as he was talking, he moved his hand quickly in front of his mouth, to conceal that he'd hacked up blood and mucus.

(Alice) "All right. You'll be fine while I'm gone?"

(Roger) "I think I'll be okay. Yes, I should be able to manage. You take care of yourself and watch out, political intrigue is a dangerous game."

(Alice) "I've known that for quite a while. Goodbye then."

(Roger) "See you soon. Take care, Alice."

Alice smiles vaguely and walks out.

As she was rounding the corner outside the room, she could hear Roger coughing and wheezing, he'd been waiting for her to leave to let out the coughs he'd been holding in.

She strode down the stairs and to the vehicle garage, where the driver was waiting with her limousine, he opened the door for her and she got inside. It was a short drive to the main media office, but on the way, her cellular phone rang.

She flicked it open quickly. "Yes?"

(Rutledge) "Greetings governor, how are you... I've been thinking about what we discussed earlier."

(Rutledge) "Are you there, governor?"

(Alice) "I'm here."

(Rutledge) "I think we got off on the wrong foot, yes?"

(Alice) "I don't think there is a right foot for us."

(Rutledge) "Well to show you that I would like for us to be friends, I've set in motion the events that will derail the impeachment proceedings."

(Alice) "That's nice."

(Rutledge) "Yes, I was just hoping you might forget about all that was said over the phone earlier... Although the offer still stands, if you're ever bored and in the area, my door is always open."

(Alice) "The auctions?"

(Rutledge) "Well those can be stopped, but the institution of slavery is codified into commonwealth law. It would take months, maybe years to change it, possibly cause a civil war. But I can motion to stop the auctioning, so the people who want slaves will have a much harder time getting them. But they could just go to Tobruk in Libya, buy them there, and then bring the slaves across the border to here."

(Alice) "That's fine. But you make that motion. And these auctions will be stopped now."

(Rutledge) "Well okay, I can do that. It'll mean I'll lose a great deal of money and friends, but if you insist, I guess I have no choice. Remember though, my offer to let you spend some quality time, it still stands, it's an open offer, whenever you want."

(Alice) "I heard you the first seventy-five times."

(Rutledge) "You know governor, you're the first woman who has ever turned me down. I'll consider you a challenge, eventually, I think you'll come around."

(Alice) "I don't. In any case, thanks for all that. I've some other things to attend to."

(Rutledge) "Well you take care governor... Personally, I'd wager it’ll be less than three months before you're coming over for dinner and staying for breakfast."

(Alice) "Three months? You want to put money on that?"

(Rutledge) "How does fifty sound."

(Alice) "That's fine to me."

(Rutledge) "Fifty thousand."

(Alice) "That's fine also."

(Rutledge) "Well governor, don't worry, I'll let you keep your money when you lose. Hearing you shout my name over and over will be quite enough satisfaction for me."

She was somewhat shocked at his arrogance, his sheer, utter, and unfaltering confidence in himself. He was truly a proud man, and he'd probably never tasted defeat.

(Alice) "I will have no such consideration for you, Senator."

(Rutledge) "Well governor, I look forward to winning the bet, more than you might know. I don't loose, I never loose..."

(Alice) "There's a first time for everything, Senator. Good day."

(Rutledge) "Oh really quick, I almost forgot, that whole ruin my reputation thing, that is going to be brushed under the rug, right?"

(Alice) "As long as you carry through with your promises."

(Rutledge) "Okay, understood."

He hung up and she did likewise.

She figured she might as well go back to the mansion now, and wait to see the news that he was following through on his promises.

She arrived back at the mansion and walked through the garage to the upstairs and the room where Roger was, he was relaxing, still awake, yet barely... He smiled when she walked into the road, and tried to sit up to talk, but he was feeling too weak so he just slumped back down.

Alice smiled and sat down, rubbing her eyes.

Roger held his stomach and spoke with great difficulty, "What happened with Rutledge? Media?"

(Alice) "You shouldn't speak. But everything's solved."

Roger smiled and nodded, and mouthed, "ok".

Roger tapped the bed next to him, motioning for Alice to move closer to him.

Alice nodded and did so quickly.

Roger gently stroked her hair; smiling while he did so, he was so glad that Alice was with him. She saw how he looked though, hardly the strapping young cavalry general, he was pathetic, sickly, weak, but it didn't change her opinion of him.

Alice realized Roger needed to eat something; the doctor had said to make sure he ate well and drank lots of water.

It was about the time that they usually ate, and so a servant brought a cart of food up and knocked on the door, "May I come in governor? I have lunch ready."

Alice looked up. "Very well."

The servant walked into the room and slowly wheeled the cart in as he entered.

(Servant) "Here you are governor. Shall I leave now?"

(Alice) "Yes, thank you."

The servant turned and walked out.

Alice looked at the food, chicken and fish, Roger just shook his head, motioning he wasn't hungry, she knew he had to eat regardless.

(Alice) "Look. I don't care what you want. You're eating this."

Roger smiled and then struggled to speak, "So there is no use fighting eh?"

(Alice) "No use at all."

Roger struggled to sit up in bed, then he opened he nodded his head, acknowledging he'd eat.

He struggled to speak, "Okay Alice, I'll eat it, but I can barely sit up, you'll have to help me." He hated having to admit he was too sick, too weak, to do something for himself. More than that, he had to ask a woman to help him, granted her had strong feelings for Alice... But he didn't think it was right for women to be taking care of men, but he wasn't going to object, he got to spend more time with her this way.

(Alice) "I suppose."

She helped him eat, she could tell he indeed did need her help, he was in a bad way. When she finished, Roger smiled at her and through great pain in his chest, managed to choke out, "Thank you."

Alice smiled. "Of course."

Roger yawned and then said, "Did the doctor say no snuff?"

The doctor hadn't said no, but the habit disgusted her, and she'd rather he didn't do it.

(Roger) "Alice, would you please grab me my can of snuff?"

(Alice) "No."

(Roger) (Surprised) "No? Why not? I'm sick, it's good for the health."

(Alice) "Get it yourself."

(Roger) (In a weak voice) "But I can't..."

(Alice) "Well, when you can, it's right there."

He looked at the can, a few feet away from him, on the stand, he made a feeble attempt to reach for it, but his arm dropped down, totally weak, his energy spent. He looked at Alice, almost pleading her with his eyes to help him... But she didn't want to help him kill himself slowly by poisoning his body.

(Alice) "Like I said, when you can get it, it's right there."

(Roger) (Smiling at her) "You're enjoying this, aren't you? The mighty Roger Fabus, helpless and at your mercy..."

(Alice) "Not at all."

(Roger) "Then why don't you help me?" He didn't understand, that she was trying to help him by keeping him from poisoning himself slowly with tobacco. Perhaps she needed to make that clearer to him.

(Alice) "That's not helping you."

(Roger) "What do you mean? The surgeon general in Mississippi said that tobacco is a great way to improve the health. I mean look at me... I'm in great shape." He had barely been able to get out those thoughts before he started hacking and wheezing, and spitting up mucus.

It suddenly dawned on her, there was no enforced tobacco age in Mississippi, although 14 was the posted age... They were all addicted early on, by calculated ad campaigns, and such.

(Alice) "The surgeon-general lied."

(Roger) "Are you sure?"

(Alice) "I'm very sure."

(Roger) "Then I'll stop, if you want me to."

(Alice) "All right."

(Roger) "I'd do anything for you if you just ask it of me."

Alice smiled. "You should be a little less gullible than that."

Roger smiled back, "I trust your judgement."

Roger struggled to roll over onto his side, and face her more directly, as he spoke, "Alice, I want to talk to my brother Henry, can you help me get in touch with him, please."

She was delighted that he wanted to talk with his brother who he had earlier so readily shunned.

Alice smiled. "Of course. Just a second."

Alice stood up slowly and walked over to the phone. She picked it up, thought for a second, and put it back down. She searched among her notes around the phone for a full minute and half of another one, finally found the proper label - "Henry Fabus (House Arrest)" - and dialed the number on it as she walked back over to Roger. She gave the phone to Roger, still smiling.

Roger took the phone and in a weak voice said, "Hello Henry, are you there?"

She could hear both men speaking since she was so close.

(Henry) "Roger? This is a surprise. Are you okay?"

(Roger) "I'll be fine." (Cough, hack) "Don't worry about me. Are you and Zeltzin okay? You two going to get married then?"

(Henry) "Yes, but I thought you said I couldn’t marry her, she's 3% under the 93.75% cut off to be legally white."

(Roger) "You marry who you want, you hear."

(Henry) "Thank you Roger."

(Roger) "Did you hear, dad is well again, he's back in the premiership."

(Henry) "Yes, I heard, he released me from house arrest."

(Roger) "I was getting ready to do that."

(Henry) "Thank you for helping me out in Mexico, I knew it was you who called to tell the general to let Zeltzin and me live... He might have killed us both you know."

(Roger) "I sent the mercenaries there that caused the problem, it was my duty to fix it. I know you killed the general, but I heard what he did to her, he deserved to die after what he did. I support you fully."

(Henry) "So you're not mad at me?"

(Roger) "Henry, you're my brother and I love you."

(Henry) "I love you too Roger... You sound awfully ill though, why don't you get some rest. By the way, father tells me you've found yourself a nice woman."

Alice smiled and suppressed a laugh.

(Roger) "Yes, God has been kind to me and blessed me in that I have met a superb woman. She's helping me through my illness."

(Henry) "Well I hope you get better fast little brother."

(Roger) "Little? I'm only a year younger than you!"

(Henry) "Yes, but to me you'll always be my little brother. Even though father favors you like most favor the first son."

(Roger) "Yes... I will admit it; he favors me. But don't you ever think he doesn't love you just as much as the others and me. He loves us all equally, it's just he thinks I'm the one best for the job, no reflection on your work though. You are an invaluable part of the regime."

(Henry) "When will you be back in Mississippi?"

(Roger) "Maybe in a few months, I don't know. I'd have to run that by Alice first."

(Henry) "Getting permission from a woman? My, you have changed over the last few months! I hope you're mellowed out some now that you're a man and not an over-aggressive teenager."

(Roger) "Time will tell dear brother."

(Henry) "Well you get plenty of rest, I'll pray for you. Love you Roger."

(Roger) "Thank you Henry, I love you as well."

Both men hung up their phones, Roger turned to Alice, totally spent from the energy he used to speak to his brother, he struggled to hand her the phone.
Communist Mississippi
28-08-2004, 04:54
Alice took it from him. She stood up and walked back to hang it up, but before she did so she seemed to make a decision and called the number again.

(Henry) "Hello."

(Alice) "This is Alice Carrion, Mister Fabus."

(Henry) "Ah hello... You and Roger are something of an item, from what I've heard. Yes?"

(Alice) "Yes and no, I suppose."

(Henry) "Yes and no? How does that work?"

(Alice) "It means you can think of it as yes, for now, I guess."

(Henry) "Ah, well in Mississippi a man doesn't sleep with a woman unless he is willing to accept any and all possible consequences. So Roger must be quite fond of you."

(Alice) "I think he is."

(Henry) "Well Roger always was bad with women, never even had a date in his life, nothing... I think since he lost the only woman in his life, his mother, when he was only about six years old, he was afraid to get close to any other women for fear of losing them. Father tried to help Roger along, but Roger was always a loner for the most part."

(Henry) "You must be quite some woman Ms. Carrion... To have Roger such as he is, I've never known him to act or talk like he did just now on the phone."

(Alice) "Thank you. Listen...I wanted to tell you something."

(Henry) "Okay..."

(Alice) "Don't ever let yourself get intimidated. Go on thinking what you want to think and telling it to whoever you want to tell."

(Henry) "Did you call me up just to say that? Surely there must be something more... Besides, father's made it clear he doesn't want to hear opinions that differ from his own on more than a few minor points."

(Alice) "Listen. I'm the most liberal person in the entire country, probably, and I'm the Governor-General of Egypt. So you go on with what you want to think, okay?"

(Henry) "Okay, thank you for the words of encouragement... I must say one thing though."

(Henry) "From what father has said about Roger and you, and how happy Roger sounded telling me about you... I'd not be surprised if in a few months, you became Alice Fabus. I'd be willing to bet on it."

(Henry) "How would you like being in the Fabus family?"

(Alice) "I'm sure I'd be quite the black sheep."

(Henry) "How so?"

(Alice) "I've already told you. I'm probably the most liberal person in Mississippi."

(Henry) "Yes, and Roger is one of the most right-wing, people will associate his beliefs with you, most likely. Although Roger seems to have moderated out in many of his beliefs, recently. I imagine this is due to your influence."

(Alice) "That could be."

(Henry) "And besides, there are some people more liberal than you, even bonafide Marxists and communists. They're in the camps... I mean... Oh my, just pretend you didn't hear that."

(Alice) "You think we couldn't tell something happened to them?"

(Henry) "It wasn't my idea or even done with my input."

(Alice) "I can imagine."

(Henry) "Well then Ms. Carrion, I must be going... I look forward to seeing you in Mississippi someday, and I believe it will likely be the day you become Alice Fabus."

(Alice) "That could be. Keep thinking, Mr. Fabus."

(Henry) "Well you take care of my little brother, ya hear?"

(Alice) "I will."

(Henry) "And take care of yourself too. It's been nice talking with you, thank you for the call... God Bless."

(Alice) "Goodbye."

She hung up the phone and he did likewise.

Roger turned and looked at her, "Alice, may I ask why you called my brother back? Was there something you wanted to talk to him about?"

(Alice) "No, not really. I just wanted to know a few things."

(Roger) "Okay, well that is nice you getting to know my family better. Perhaps you might want to talk to my other brothers and my two sisters..." He started to trail off as he drifted into unconsciousness

She decided to turn on the news to see if Rutledge kept up his end of the deal. She turned to the Commonwealth news channel for ME. It was announced, the slave trade auctions had been ended, but slavery was still quite legal, as Rutledge said would happen, the motion to ban slavery was defeated in the eight man committee by a vote of 6-2.

The motion was being brought up again, but it would need to be pushed through committee, and what were the odds of that. There were two senators who had the power to push it through, Simon Rutledge and Hans Luck.

The phone rang; it didn't even cause Roger to stir from his deep sleep.

Alice picked up the phone slowly. "This is the Governor-General."

(Rutledge) "Hello governor, I kept my word, the auctions are over. But as I said, it'd never make it beyond committee, that is, the motion to ban the whole practice of slavery... Well I also said they'd simply go to Libya for slaves, and that is what they're doing."

(Alice) "Okay."

(Rutledge) "There are over 20 million slaves in Mississippian Egypt, they nearly outnumber the free colonists, it's a large number. There are also over 10 million children here, as part of the Aryan relocation program, children from HM were taken to be raised by party members incapable of having their own children, and they’ll be raised in the warrior code."

(Rutledge) "Now do you understand that... There are 75 million whites here, and 30 million of them are here against their will, well largely against their will, it's better than being in the rubble piles of Hatarian Mammalia. But let me also point out, we expect the numbers of those here against their will to rise to over 80 million in the coming months."

(Alice) "What's your point?"

(Rutledge) "And you want me to put my career, my reputation, and my position on the line to do something about this."

(Alice) "Not today, Senator. You've done enough today. We've all done something today."

(Rutledge) "My question for you is how badly do you want these people freed."

(Alice) "I value it more than my own life, Senator Rutledge."

(Rutledge) "Remember, we have a bet, and I never lose a bet."

(Rutledge) "Well then surely a few minutes of your time in exchange for my moving the motion along... A fair trade, yes?"

(Alice) "Senator, I have ways that allow me not to betray everything I am."

(Rutledge) "A friend of mine, Senator Hans Luck, he would also like a few minutes of your time... Combined, him and I can get anything pushed through the senate, but if either one of us stands against it, it will likely die, if we both stand against it, it has no chance."

(Rutledge) "I can have the bill pushed through in a week, depending if you let me push something else through... I think you know what I'm talking about."

(Alice) "As I said. I have ways that allow me not to betray what I am."

(Rutledge) "You said it is worth more to you than your life, so surely 20 minutes of your time is a bargain!"

Freeing over 30 million people from slavery, was it worth it?"

(Rutledge) "Well governor, what will it be?"

(Alice) "I will not say it three times, Senator."

(Rutledge) "Well then there will be no end to this institution you so hate."

(Alice) "I disagree. Good day, Senator."

(Rutledge) "Well I have to go anyway my property is getting restless"

Alice could hear several women in the background complaining about matters of various importance. She was guessing that Rutledge had procured himself some slaves.

(Rutledge) "Well goodbye governor, you have a fun time doing whatever it is you're doing."

Rutledge hung up the phone.

The thought of Rutledge and hundreds of thousands of other petty nobles just like him, owning other people, almost made Alice physically sick. But Rutledge wasn't a petty noble, he was one of the most well known orators in the territory, and he was a vocal proponent of the right of those who wanted to, to own slaves.

She sighed and turned the news back on, it was a debate on slavery, showing footage from ML of various ME nobles right across the border in ML buying slaves, then taking them back into ME.

The phone rang again, yet again, the wretched thing that never seemed to cease ringing.

Alice picked up the phone "What?"

(Hans Luck) "Hello governor, this is Senator Hans Luck, perhaps you have heard of me.. I am from the southern-central region of Mississippian Egypt. I represent mostly commercial farmers, and rural citizenry."

(Alice) "I've heard of you."

(Luck) "I was under the impression that you want slavery ended."

(Alice) "Yeah."

(Luck) "Well a friend of mine, a senator Rutledge, has already told you how to get it ended. All you have to do is meet with Rutledge and we can work out a deal... Do you find this acceptable?"

(Luck) "Remember that without our help, the anti-slave bill will fail."

(Alice) "Sir, unless you have a different offer than Rutledge did, you will get no further."."

(Lucks) "My offer is that you come to my estate, and that you, Rutledge, and myself, spend at most an hour discussing the topic at hand. Just sufficient time for Rutledge and myself to get more acquainted with you, yes?"

(Alice) "Then no deal, Senator."

(Luck) "Well I have a bet with Simon that I can get you to accept my offer before you accept his offer... And I haven't lost a bet in three years, I don't plan to start now."

(Alice) "That bet could last quite a while, Senator."

(Luck) "Very well then, watch the news in two hours, you'll see something quite interesting in the senate."

(Luck) "Watch the news, I'll be waiting for your call." He abruptly hung up.

About two and one half hours later, the news was announcing, "The passage of a new bill, allowing masters to beat, whip, torture, and even kill disobedient servants, it passed remarkably quickly after one of the more respected senators, a young Hans Luck, threw his weight behind it.”

(TV) "Senator, do you have any words for us?"

(Luck) "Yes, only that this is a necessary measure to assure servants remain compliant."

Alice looked down. She frowned to herself, and then shrugged. She looked around, found a computer ... she didn't understood why she needed two of them in one home, but she shrugged and turned it on. She waited patiently for it to boot up.

The phone rang, again, ringing, it nearly drove her mad.

(Luck) (In a very sly voice) "Hello madam governor, how are you doing?"

She started to talk to him, while the computer was loading.

(Alice) "I'm okay."

(Luck) "Have you seen the news lately?"

(Luck) "That is the sort of power I have, I can tip things either way."

(Alice) "I see it."

She smiled as the computer began booting and she opened up a word processor.

(Luck) "Well governor, will you be coming to my estate then?"

Alice began selecting a font from the wide variety. "I'm still not thinking I will."

(Luck) "I can tip more bills, ones you'd like even less. It's much easier to have me on your good side, than to make me an enemy. I'll be honest, I've had a grudge against you since day one when you had the arrogance to march into the senate, a man's room, and declare that you where the governor-general."

(Alice) "If you were listening, actually, I asked for you to vote for me. I didn't declare anything."

She began typing, almost smiling.

(Luck) "You didn't have a problem fucking your way into the governorship. But you won't fuck to keep yourself from being impeached... We're not asking that you fuck the whole senate, just myself and Rutledge wants a go also. Fair enough, isn't it?"

She was quite offended that he was suggesting she only got her position by sleeping with Roger.

Alice paused in her typing for a second, and then continued. "No, it really isn't."

(Luck) "Why isn't it fair? You'd be getting what you want, we'd be getting what we want."

(Luck) "Consider it a business transaction."

Alice finished typing, pressed the print button and smiled in satisfaction as her short document printed at a printer nearby.

(Luck) "Well you're the sort that believes women need to empower themselves, well take advantage of your natural talents and empower yourself... What is that noise in the background?"

(Alice) "Hmm? That's nothing. I was just thinking that I don't need to empower myself."

(Luck) "Oh come now governor, deep down, you know you want it."

(Luck) "You just can't do it, because Roger is keeping you on such a short leash!"

(Alice) "Not really."

(Alice) "Could you hold on for a second, Senator?"

(Luck) "Sure thing governor. You take your time to decide, my offer is good indefinitely."

Alice hung up the phone and picked up the document. She called for a servant quickly.

As she was waiting, she signed a line on the right side of the paper, at the bottom of the writing.

(Servant) (Arriving through the door) "Yes governor? You called?"

(Alice) "Yes. Make sure this gets in the hands of someone at the Senate building."

(Servant) (Curious) "May I ask what it is governor... I've never been to the senate building before. I'm quite curious about it."

(Alice) "It's an emergency gubernatorial order. That's more than you need to know."

He nodded and then ran off to a car, and in ten minutes, he was at the senate building. He handed the paper to the speaker of the senate.

The man started to read it.

It read: "All laws in any way permissing slavery are invalidated. Those laws are to be replaced with the following wording: "Slavery or forced, unpaid labor of any kind is hereby banned." All those who were slaves are now considered citizens, regardless of race. In addition, any impeachment of the governor must be carried out by a vote of the people, rather than a vote of the senate. Signed, Alice Carrion, Governor-General of Mississippian Egypt."

The senators started to shout, "Impeachment! She cannot issue an order unless it is for the safety of the nation!"

They started to vote, immediately it was 20-8 in favor of impeachment, 14 more of the 22 votes were needed to impeach her. Rutledge and Luck could tip it either way. They were also suggesting she be arrested for treason

The phone in her office at the mansion rang.

Alice smiled and picked it up. "Yo."

(Rutledge) "Hello governor, how are you doing?"

(Alice) "I'm feeling great, Senator. You?"

(Rutledge) "Well seeing as how you're 14 votes away from being convicted of treason and arrested... I'm feeling great also, but you know what. Luck and I, we could tip it the other way... Whether we do, is up to you. Or perhaps you'd like to languish in a filth ridden prison with no light, running water, or heat."

(Alice) "On the contrary, sir. Perhaps you missed it, but you actually can't impeach me."

(Rutledge) "We are in the process currently. The commonwealth army will soon be arresting you."

She heard tanks rolling by outside, followed by dozens of BMP3s

(Alice) "You don't understand. The vote must be carried out by the people."

(Rutledge) "Have a nice day governor."

(Rutledge) "Well governor, I can end it all, derail the impeachment, and you can stay in power, it's quite easy really."

(Alice) "This is a nice day indeed." She hung up the phone and quickly called down to the SRG men below her.

The captain of the SRG detachment came up and asked her, "What are your orders ma'am?"

They TV was reporting, "Alice Carrion has been impeached by the senate, pending a vote by the people, she will then be convicted and kicked out."

(Alice) "The state senate is in the process of a coup attempt. The army movement outside is in direct violation of one of my emergency orders. As such, you will defend against them, and you have my permission to destroy as much of it as needed to do so. The federal army will assist you in a few minutes."

(Captain) "Ma'am, the units outside, they are federal and commonwealth units, and they outnumber us, there are over 20,000 of them, and scarcely 300 of us."

Rutledge had mobilized all federal commanders in the area by telling them that Carrion was plotting to hand Egypt over to blacks and jews.

(Alice) "You're in the SRG, Captain. Are you telling me you're unwilling to fight for the people in this room?"

(Captain) "No ma'am, we will attempt to hold until the 6 Republican Guard divisions scattered throughout Egypt can arrive to relieve us. Hail Fabus!"

(Alice) "Thank you, captain."

She turned around quickly and began dialing the federal forces high command.

Roger jumped up in bed, "Alice what is going on! I had an awful dream, rivers running red with blood, brother killing brother, it was awful, what is going on?" He started to cough and hack.

(Alice) "Nothing's going on." She finished dialing and waited patiently.

The phone rang in the Federal Army High Command in Jackson City, "Hello, Field Marshal Reginald Smith's office, Republican Guard branch of the AHC."

(Alice) "This is Alice Carrion. I need to talk with whoever's got the highest rank in there."

(Secretary) "That would be Field Marshal Smith. Let me patch you through to him, he is currently hunting pheasants with the Premier."

(Smith) "Smith here... This better be important."

(Alice) "You could say important. I'm in the middle of a coup attempt and your own commanders are helping it out."

She heard a shotgun sound in the background and the premier yelling, "Reginald did you see that shot!"

(Smith) "Yes, is this the lady governor of ME?"

(Alice) "That's me."

(Smith) "And what do you want me to do, tell the men to play nice... You're in a man's world, deal with it like a man would, rally your troops, inspire them with your words."

(Smith) "Command from the front."

(Alice) "I have two hundred who are bothering to listen. Do you suppose you could tell the other hundred thousand or two to do that too?"

(Smith) "The Republican Guard has six divisions in ME, they will be enough to save you. Might I ask how this crisis arose... Does it have anything to do with your refusing to sleep with Luck and Rutledge?"

(Smith) "I get bored, so I listen to recordings of commonwealth officials telephone calls."

(Alice) "It does have quite a bit to do with that. My problem is that I could be dead before the six divisions arrive."

(Smith) "Don't you think it'd have been easier for all involved to just have fucked them and got it over with?”

(Alice) "But that's my problem. Here's your problem."

(Alice) "Your problem is that Roger Fabus could be dead before the six divisions arrive."

(Smith) "Nobody would be foolish enough to harm him. I can have the premier address all of Alexandria over the speaker systems... Talk them down."

(Smith) "You must promise me, you won't go on a vengeance spree, as Rutledge and Luck are necessary to commonwealth prosperity, believe it or not."

(Alice) "Sir, this was a coup. Tell me what would happen if someone tried to take your position by force."

(Smith) "I would crush them, ruthlessly... But you did attempt to outlaw slavery, against regulations, by issuing an order, not lobbying a bill. They had every legal right to impeach you... Basically if you get any help, it won't be from me or my RG, it will be from the Premier."

(Smith) "Answer me this, would it not have been easier for you to just have fucked both of them, at least fucked Rutledge, and been done with the whole issue?"

(Alice) "Sir, what would it take to get you to fuck him?"

Smith started to laugh! "Satan himself could make me do it! I'm not gay!"

(Smith) "Besides, I'm married and have children. The only one for me is my wife."

(Smith) "You're single and in politics, what do you expect?"

(Alice) "I expect to be treated like a man would be treated. That's exactly what I would expect. In any case, I was once married, and I'm seriously considering it again." She noticed the presence of Roger, but didn't care.

(Smith) "Ah yes you mean you are considering marriage to young Roger Fabus?"

(Alice) "I mean exactly that."
(Smith) "Well I tell you what then... Rutledge and Luck are both friends of mine, good friends. I will talk them down, you grant them amnesty, and this all becomes a memory, deal?"

(Alice) "I'm more worried about the army outside my door, general."

(Smith) "I can use my phone to tap into the speaker system of Alexandria, the premier can talk them down."

(Alice) "Thank you."

Smith turned, held his hand over the phone, while he spoke, informed the premier of the situation, the premier took out his own phone, and dialed the numbers. He said, "This is your leader, Premier Fabus, return to your bases and posts, I order you to stand down!"

The SRG told Alice that the army outside had vanished almost immediately.

(Smith) "Are you okay governor?"

(Alice) "I'm fine, thank you."

(Smith) "With such powerful enemies as Rutledge and Luck, you need allies, consider joining the WKM."

(Alice) "I'm fine."

(Smith) "Good, I must go, the Premier wishes you well and says he hopes the job isn't stressing you out, he calls it "a typical day in the governorship". Funny eh? Well take care." He hung up.

Roger smiled at Alice and then in the clearest voice he could muster said, "Were you serious Alice? What you said to Smith?"

Alice turned back to him. "I'm going back to Seryown."

(Roger) "What? Why?"

(Alice) "It's not worth it, Roger."

(Roger) "Please Alice, stay, what happened today, happened for a reason... You made it through, you're a fine governor!"

(Alice) "Every day I spend here is ten years off my life. It isn't worth it."

(Roger) "Then come with me, to Mississippi, or Fabus Island, or Tennessee, please."

(Alice) "What do I have there?"

(Roger) "Donald Stahlecker handled the pressures, and you're a better governor than 10 Stahleckers combined. You can make it, I know you can."

(Alice) "I told you, Roger. It isn't worth it."

(Roger) "Then let me come with you to Seryown, I'll resign from the guard and father can name William as his heir."

(Alice) "You suggested we go to Mississippi. What's there, that means I should go there and not back?"

(Roger) "I'd be in Mississippi, we could be there together... Wherever you want to go is fine, just let me be there with you."

(Alice) "All right. We'll go wherever you say to go. Just not here. I'm done here."

(Roger) "John Stahlecker, a nice man, not like Donald Stahlecker, he was once governor here, he settled in Ohio because his wife was not safe here... How about we try Ohio, it's quiet and peaceful."

(Alice) "Ohio it is, then."

(Roger) "I'd say Mississippi, but something tells me you'd not take well to Mississippi herself."

(Alice) "I suppose so."

(Roger) "If you want to move to Mississippi herself though... I'm for whatever you are for."

(Alice) "I said we'd go where you said to go."

(Roger) "How about we try Mississippi for a few months, if you don't like it, we'll go anywhere you want then."

(Alice) "All right. Mississippi it is."

(Roger) "Could you get the servants to get me a wheelchair, I fear I will not be able to move. Also, if you would please get me a phone, I must tell father I am resigning from the cavalry."

Alice nodded. "Of course."

(Roger) "Thank you."

She called for the servants who promptly brought the wheelchair, then she handed him a phone.

He dialed the number for his father.

(Curtis) "Roger is it you? I recognized the number."

(Roger) "Yes... I'm going to Mississippi, Alice is coming with me..."

(Curtis) "Very good! I look forward to seeing you both!"

(Roger) (He just blurted it out) "I'm resigning the guard!"

(Curtis) (Enraged) "WHAT!"

He was shouting so loud, Alice could hear him

(Curtis) "She put you up to this, didn't she! To give me a heart attack!"

(Roger) "No father, not at all."

(Roger) "I was thinking, I'm your heir and son... And I mean to get married, if I were to die in a meaningless campaign, the kind you are so fond of sending me off to, it'd hurt far more people than it'd help. I've proven my courage in over 20 battles; I have nothing left to prove. Only a fool fights when there is no need."

(Curtis) "I'm glad you speak your mind with me son, that is partially why you are my favorite, you've always told me what you wanted to say, not what I wanted to hear. I respect your decision, you will remain my heir, as you and I both wish."

(Curtis) "Put Alice on, would you."

Roger handed her the phone.

(Curtis) "Ms. Carrion, hello."

(Alice) "Good afternoon, Premier."

(Curtis) "So you're coming to Mississippi..."

(Alice) "Right after I resign, yes."

(Curtis) "Well I think the people will be sad to see you leave. But it is your choice to make. I respect your decision as I respect Roger's decision to quit the guard."

(Alice) "Thank you, sir."

(Curtis) "I think that soon I'm going to have to call to Alice Fabus though... Something tells me that...”

(Alice) "It could be."

(Curtis) "Yes well I'm glad Roger has picked you, rather than some drone of a woman as have most of the generals in my armies."

(Alice) "I am glad as well, premier."

(Curtis) "Roger is still quite ill though, yes?"

(Alice) "Yes."

(Curtis) "Is he well enough to travel from Egypt to Mississippi?"

(Alice) "I think he'll make it."

(Curtis) "Good, well I look forward to seeing you both... And I know you'll make a fine Fabus."

(Curtis) "Have a safe flight, see you soon."

(Curtis) "Tell Roger the same."

The Premier hung up the phone and went back to working on papers and documents.

Roger smiled at Alice and then slowly struggled to say, "I must do one thing first."

He carefully slid out of bed and while groaning from pain went down on one knee as he struggled to clearly speak the words, "Alice, will you marry me?"

Alice looked down. "Not yet, Roger."

(Roger) "But soon, right?"

(Alice) "I hope so, Roger."

Roger smiled, as he struggled to stand up, pushing himself into a standing position by using the bed and a nearby chair.

He let out a moan of pain as he started to walk, he'd been in bed for a while and it hurt to walk, and so he used the wheelchair the servants provided, an SRG man pushed it.

Alice followed alongside, as they were moving down towards the limousine waiting outside. Alice's cellular phone rang.

Alice picked up the phone. "What?"

(Rutledge) "Hello governor, you dodged a real bullet today! You nearly were arrested for treason!"

(Alice) "Call it what you want."

(Rutledge) "Well if you want to keep your position as governor, you'll do as you're told, understand?"

(Alice) "Actually, I'm resigning."

(Rutledge) "I can hardly believe it! Whatever will you do now? Retire from politics all together?"

(Alice) "I'm thinking about it."

(Rutledge) "Oh dear me... This doesn't have anything to do with me, does it?"

(Alice) "I've decided the job wasn't worth it."

(Rutledge) "Ah so now what job will you do?"

(Alice) "I don't know yet."

(Rutledge) "I'm sure you'll find some other man who by sleeping with him, you can get to where you want. Pity though, poor Roger, how you used him, sucks for him really. Doesn't it?"

(Alice) "We're going to Mississippi together. I'm hoping to get a good vacatio there, where I can get back the decades I lost."

(Rutledge) "So you're staying with him! I had you pegged all wrong. I must apologize, I thought you were only using young Roger to get ahead... If it means anything to you, you've been the strongest political opponent I've ever faced off against."

(Rutledge) (In a grumpy tone) "As well as the only woman to turn me down."

(Alice) "Good luck, Senator."

(Rutledge) "Perhaps one day, you'll return to Egypt? Until then, good luck wherever fate takes you."

(Alice) "Thank you, Senator."

(Rutledge) "Oh by the way, I won a bet just now."

(Alice) "Which one?"

(Rutledge) "Thirty senators each took bets on whether it would be myself or Senator Luck who drove you to leave first... I guess this means it was me?"

(Alice) "No, I would say it was Senator Luck. Sorry, Senator."

(Rutledge) "Really? How'd he do it?"

(Alice) "That stupid act at the end."

(Rutledge) "You mean his "kill the disobedient slaves" business."

(Alice) "That one."

(Rutledge) "That wasn't real! He had the media report it, to make you upset!"

(Rutledge) "He'd never advocate violence like that. He just wanted to win the bet."

(Rutledge) "And I never bought any slaves, those women in the background, were all voluntary domestic servants I paid them bonuses to act upset to cause you grief! My word Ms. Carrion, we sure had you fooled!"

Alice smiled. "I guess so. In any case, I'm done."

(Rutledge) "Well, it was an unforgettable time locking heads with you in the political arena. God Bless." He hung up the phone.

Roger was being wheeled down to the car; he looked at Alice who was looking puzzled, "Was it Rutledge? What did he want?"

(Alice) "It was nothing."

(Roger) "Shall we go then?"

(Alice) "Let's."

One of the guards walking alongside his chair was smoking a cigar, Alice could see Roger eyeing it, craving it, he looked away and then told the guard, "Put that out!" he promptly complied.

The guards helped him get into the limousine and then Alice got in after he did.

Roger rubbed his forehead, "The last time my head hurt like this, was when I was in the field for four weeks and the cigars ran out."

Alice smiled. "You know, nicotine is addictive. You can't just quit. You need to actually work at smoking less and less until you don't have to."

Roger started to cough into his hands; a guard covered him with a blanket and then moved up to the middle section, shutting the privacy window.

(Roger) "I've never heard the word nicotine. They list the main ingredient as oxygen and enriched vitamins."

Alice shook her head. "Well, there's another lie."

(Roger) "Wow... I just feel, wow... The surgeon general would lie like that... It's just, awful."

Alice shrugged. "Yeah."

(Roger) "We'll be at the airport soon. Is there any particular plane you want to take?"

(Alice) "No... Why would there be?"

(Roger) "Just wondering, we could take a concorde and get there quicker."

(Alice) "I really don't care."

(Roger) "Well then a concorde it is."

(Alice) "Okay."

As the limousine is driving down the street, Alice can see that there are thousands of police in riot gear cordoning off a section of the street up ahead, and BMP-3s are arriving on the scene.

Alice stared at it. "What's going on there?"

Roger glanced over, then turned around like it was nothing, "ah probably the usual riot or something, the police will handle it."

She looked over and saw a large number of men in robes and hoods marching with signs reading, "Slavery is vile and disgusting" and a large number of men in suits marching towards them with signs reading, "Eugenics, it just makes sense!"

It was the WKM against the Society of Eugenicists.

Alice looked over again, and the scene was a melee, a massive brawl, signs being broken over peoples heads, men slammed into cars, thrown through windows.

The police started firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

(Roger) "I bet you think it's odd the WKM being against the breeding programs."

(Alice) "A little odd, yes."

(Roger) "The WKM is basically a good group, like all groups, they vary from person to person."

(Roger) "Most of the WKM are middle and lower closer, with a sprinkling of upper class. There are 3% of people in CM in the upper class, but the WKM is 17% upper class, so they join in proportions greater than their representation in the population."

(Alice) "Interesting."

(Roger) "It's basically a fraternal brotherhood, a secret society, but it also has political and social objectives. Also there is the military wing of the WKM, the trained paramilitaries, about 20 million of the over 150 million WKM are in the paramilitary units."

(Alice) "Quite a lot."

(Roger) "It's open to any White male Christian, heterosexual, with a clean record, aged 18 and older."

(Alice) "I see."

(Roger) "Then there are the youth units and the women's units."

(Alice) "So there are quite a lot of members?"

(Roger) "Oh yes, basically all high government officials are members, as are their wives and children. I'd say probably 400 million members overall, at least."

(Alice) 'I see."

Alice was wondering since Roger was a high government official and his father was the Premier, was Roger a member also... Perhaps he mentioned it earlier, but if he did, she hadn't been paying attention.

She shrugged it off and leaned back, trying to avoid the political discussion.

The limousine arrived at the airport, a guard opened the door and helped Alice out, then two guards helped Roger out and into the chair.

They got onto the plane; Roger was coughing and hacking, trying to lessen the sounds so Alice might not notice.

(Alice) "You sure you can do this?"

(Roger) "Oh yeah, I'm fine, don't worry about me."

After they got onto the plane and sat down, it started to move. They quickly buckled up, soon they were at the end of the runway lifting off into the air. Roger looked down and said, "Well Alice, there is Egypt, do you think we'll ever see her again?"

(Alice) "I don't know, really. I hope not."

(Roger) "Well then we never have to see Egypt again, we can avoid this land totally."

As the plane started to gain altitude and enter turbulence, Roger's coughing increased in frequency and severity.

(Roger) "I'm okay, don't worry."

He finally managed to control his coughing, he leaned back and looked at Alice, "I was wondering about something Alice..."

(Roger) "You want children yes?"

(Alice) "Maybe."

(Roger) "Maybe eh? Anything more definite? I mean are you leaning towards yes or towards no?"

She knew it was quite common in Mississippi for women to have between 12-18 children; she wanted nowhere near that many.

(Alice) "I'm not sure."

(Roger) "Well there'll be plenty of time to decide, eh?"

(Alice) "Yes, there will."

The plane continued on towards Mississippi, they'd not be stopping in Tennessee since Roger had clearance to land directly in Mississippi. The plane had already been searched over and had been under guard the entire time it was in the hangar. A few hours later, the plane landed in Mississippi.

After the plane landed in Mississippi, Roger and Alice were both helped out of it, Roger obviously received the most help, being in a wheelchair.

They had landed at the Premier's Stalingrad Estate in Neshoba County, he was waiting near the runway to greet them.

An SRG man was pushing Roger's wheelchair, the Premier called out, "Roger, Alice, how was your flight?"

We walked over towards them, smiling warmly at his son; he patted Roger on the back and then extended his hand to shake with Alice.

(Premier) "Ms. Carrion, it's a shame you resigned from Egypt, I think you would have been quite the leader, from an economic point that is."

(Alice) "That's possible, sir, but it wasn't worth it."

(Premier) "Well I'm currently considering reforming the structures of the government, both here and in Egypt... There may very well be a popular election in ME, and they'll elect a president who will exercise more power than the old governor-generals would have."

(Premier) "Wouldn't it be something if you won the election!"

(Alice) "I don't see that happening, sir."

(Premier) "Recent surveys suggest that if the election in Egypt was held today, you'd get 70% of the white vote and 80% of the Arab vote."

(Alice) "I can't say there's any reason that should be the case."

(Premier) "The WKM in Egypt is campaigning for you, rallying whites to do a write-in if you're not on the ballot... You could get yourself on the ballot."

(Premier) "Right now in Egypt it appears that the president will be either Nasser Aref, Simon Rutledge, or you. Between you and me, I don't think Aref stands a chance to get elected as president, maybe vice-president."

(Alice) "Interesting."

(Premier) "Rutledge is an arrogant prick who acts like an ass, getting into fights in the senate chambers and such..."

(Alice) "I've realized that, sir."

(Premier) "He's out of control also, doing things without orders... I want somebody who follows orders. I'd prefer you be president, but if you don't put your name on the ballot, oh well. I guess you could win a write-in, but then you could always turn down the victory and resign again."

Roger was sitting there, waiting for his father to finish, "Father, perhaps we should go inside."

(Premier) "Good idea, let's go. Alice you'll be staying here for a while, if you'd like. You can meet the entire Fabus family."

(Premier) "Of course William is off with a young lady from TBD, I think they're going to wind up married. And Henry, he is in southern Mississippi with his fiancée."

(Premier) "My daughter Victoria just married the king of Kahta, my other daughter Eleanor would probably jump at the chance if I agreed to let her marry Paul Stahlecker. It seems all the Fabuses are getting married."

(Alice) "It does seem that way, sir."

(Premier) "Which is good, because it means grandchildren, and lots of them."

(Alice) "That's true, sir."

(Premier) "Roger and you are young, you should both be able to get me at least 15 grandchildren, maybe more." Alice was slightly taken aback by his order-like statement as to how many kids they'd have.

(Premier) "You do like children?"
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(Alice) "Not as much as most Mississippians seem to, sir."

(Premier) "Well you still like them yes?"

(Alice) "I suppose."

(Premier) "Well I suppose the most important thing is that you be a good wife to Roger, and he be a good husband to you. You two are planning on getting married aren't you?"

(Alice) "I think we're both thinking about it."

(Roger) "Yes father, we both are thinking."

(Premier) "Well I'm sure you'll both make the right choice."

They finally arrived inside the mansion, using a rear entrance door, Alice was amazed at the sight, there were statues, paintings, marble flooring, everything was so eloquent. She was mostly thinking, "Who can afford all this?" Then she thought her answer, "A tyrannical despot."

(Premier) "Do you like the decorating?"

(Alice) "Very much so."

(Premier) "A servant will help you and Roger get up to the room you're staying in. It's actually the entire 4th floor, you have it all to yourselves."

(Alice) "Thank you, sir."

(Premier) "You're welcome."

Two guards helped Roger up out of the chair and he leaned on both of them as he limped up the stairs.

They got to the main bedroom, walking passed all the paintings of various right-wing leaders; Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Antonsecu, Franco, Salazar, and several dozen more whom Alice didn't immediately recognize, lesser known rightists.

The guards helped Roger onto the bed, and then turned to leave. One of them told Alice, "Call if you need anything." Before both proceeded to exit and go down to the 1st floor.

Roger struggled to turn so he could look at Alice, "Well Alice, what now? Here we are in Mississippi."

(Roger) "You've never been to Mississippi before, have you?"

(Alice) "Never."

(Roger) "How do you like it thus far?"

(Alice) "I haven't seen any of Mississippi."

(Roger) "Well you saw some from the plane and then you saw some of the estate grounds." (Smiling) "I meant how did you like what you've seen thus far, is the estate here, does it meet your approval?"

(Alice) "It's...well, it's very big."

(Roger) "Yes, over 200,000 square feet, just this mansion, not counting the bunker underneath."

(Alice) "I can imagine."

(Roger) "So do you want to join father for drinks later?" Alice still hadn't forgotten the doctor said Roger was to have no such drinks.

(Alice) "You're not having drinks."

(Roger) "Not even one?"

(Roger) "What is the harm that could come from just one?"

(Alice) "Did I say you're not having drinks?"

(Roger) "Yes, you said it."

(Roger) "So if I'm not getting drinks, I've committed to giving up tobacco, what is there for me to do? Lie in bed all night coughing until I pass out?"

(Roger) "You'll stay here and talk with me, keep me company, won't you, Alice?"

(Alice) "All right."

(Roger) "Father seems to think you're nice, that's good that father likes you. He seems to think you're going to be elected president of ME. What will you do if that happens?"

(Alice) "I don't know. I don't think I'm going back there."

(Roger) "You know, if it's not you who wins, it'll probably be Rutledge. He could win by default."

(Alice) "Yes."

(Roger) "You don't want him to win, do you?"

(Alice) "Not particularly, but I'm trying to take a break from politics right now."

(Roger) "I understand."

There was a knock on the door, a man's voice, "May I come in?"

Roger couldn't tell who it was, he was too ill to recall the voice, he didn't want any visitors though, he shook his head at Alice.

Alice stood up "Who is it?"

(Stahlecker) "It's Paul Stahlecker, I wanted to have a few words with Roger... This is his room... Is it not?"

Alice looked at Roger, prompting.

(Paul) "Wait, I know your voice ma'am... You're Alice Carrion from Mississippian Egypt, yes! So I suppose you're here to help Roger with his sickness eh?"

Roger struggled to shout, "Paul, get lost!"

(Stahlecker) "Roger, I'd like to speak with you."

Roger was barely able to speak now, he whispered to Alice, "Tell him not now, I don't feel well. Maybe later."

(Alice) "Later, Mr. Stahlecker."

(Stahlecker) "I'll be back then, I guess you have to convince Roger to let you keep your job eh?"

Roger found the strength to yell again, "I said get lost!"

He turned and walked away.

Roger look at Alice and smiled, "I think he had a good point there though, let's do what he was suggesting we were about to do." Alice figured Roger was far too ill for something so physically demanding.

(Alice) "Not now."

(Roger) "Why not? Not in the mood eh?"

(Alice) "Just not now."

(Roger) "Well I'm going to take get some rest then... If you want, you're welcome to wander the halls and look around."

(Alice) "I'll stay here."

Roger smiled and nodded; glad she'd stay with him. He managed to find the strength to say, "You're not tired too, are you?"

(Alice) "Not really."

(Roger) "Well then what do you want to do? I mean watching me sleep will probably be quite boring. If you want, we can go horseback riding or fishing perhaps?"

She wanted to let him know he didn't have some unwritten duty to keep her entertained, especially in his current condition.

(Alice) "I'm perfectly fine here. You get your rest."

Roger leaned back and fell asleep promptly, drifting into a deep sleep, at peace, scarcely coughing from his illness. The silence of the evening was all that was heard... nothing... the cool breeze came in through the open windows. Alice had watched him sleep for about an hour, and then remembered he had to take his medication.

Frowning, she took out two of the pills before shaking him gently.

Roger stirred awake, still caught in some dream, "Not now mommy, I'm tired."

Alice frowned even deeper. "Roger, wake up."

Roger sat up, "Oh, hello Alice, what is it?"

(Alice) "Your medication."

Roger grinned as he struggled to say, "Get bored eh? Need ole Roger to entertain you?" He said the last part with a sly grin... After she said medication, his grin faded, "Oh, that."

Alice could tell Roger was probably quite eager for sex; he'd gone half a week without it. And from what she'd heard, most men in CM could scarcely go a day without sex, well that was once they became sexually active. She'd heard rumors of genetic engineering to boost muscle growth and aggressive behavior in those selected to be soldiers, and the reports stated likely side effects were increased sex drive.

But she also knew that if Roger did something so laboring, he might very well die from exhaustion, well not literally, but it wouldn't be good.

Roger was grinning and nodding, "Do you want to?" was all he said.

(Alice) "Your medication, Roger."

Roger took the medication from her, swallowed it, and washed it down with a glass of water. Then his smile returned and he said, "Well, what now?"

(Alice) “Now you get your rest."

(Roger) (In a complaining tone) "But I'm not tired now."

(Alice) "I don't really care."

(Roger) "Okay, well maybe later then eh?"

(Alice) "Maybe.”

Roger nodded and then promptly fell back to sleep.

It was starting to get late, Alice was hungry, she decided to slip out for a while and go see what dinner was.

She saw the premier sitting down in the main dinning room, readying a napkin and his plate.

The servants were bringing the cart out

(Premier) "Ms Carrion, please join me."

(Alice) "Of course, sir."

(Premier) "How are you doing? How is Roger? Is he asleep?"

(Alice) "He is asleep, sir."

(Premier) "You and Roger seem to be very close... A far cry from the first time he told me about you from the peace conference. He said, "You should see the liberal maniacs they have here, the man from DPUO is a lunatic who isn't even a good diplomat, he's a warmonger... But the Seryown diplomat, she is a radical liberal, but at least she's a good diplomat, and my word is she a pretty one." Those were his exact words."

(Alice) "I've never denied any of those three things, sir."

The Premier smiled and said, "Well you seem to be more moderate, perhaps some of Mississippi is rubbing off on you?"

(Alice) "Moderate, sir? In most superpower nations, my beliefs are moderate. Here...not so."

(Premier) "One thing, please stop calling me sir. Call me Curtis."

(Alice) "Very well, sir."

(Premier) "I think you mean well, and you have good intentions. But victory's are not achieved through good intentions. Nor are empires maintained that way."

(Alice) "You own a tobacco company, if I'm not mistaken."

(Premier) "Yes, Fabus Premium Tobacco Inc."

(Alice) "Right. Tell me, why do you lie to your people about what's in it?"

He took out a cigarette from FPT and lit it up, blowing out the smoke slowly after he savored the inhalation.

(Premier) "Lie? Who lies? This is good stuff."

(Alice) "You tell your people it's good for the health. It's not. You tell your people it's filled with oxygen and enriched vitamins, but you mention nothing of nicotine."

(Premier) "Well people choose to smoke, it's a choice. I smoke because I like it. I smoke probably 20 cigars per day, or 80 cigarillos, or 200 cigarettes... When I'm not smoking, I'm chewing at least five pouches a day."

(Alice) "Would they make the same choice, presented with the truth?"

(Premier) "I think so."

(Alice) "Then present them with the truth. Not just the people who are already addicted. Tell the people who've never smoked and let them choose when they die."

(Premier) "Besides, I don't know much about the alleged health risks. I let the surgeon general handle it. He says it's safe, I believe him."

(Alice) "He's lying. I don't know him, but he lies. And they're not alleged, sir. They've been consistently proven."

The Premier took a massive drag on the cigarette, burning it down 1/4 of it's full length in just one drag, he then slowly exhaled after passing it through his lungs. She could tell from his eyes he enjoyed it.

(Premier) "How can anything so good, be anything but good for you?"

(Alice) "Sir...I missed the logic in that completely."

(Premier) "I told you not to call me sir... And the logic is that it feels good, it makes me feel good, it relaxes me, it makes my concentration better for a while, so it must be good."

(Alice) "You're addicted to tobacco, sir. That's one of the problems with it. It's addictive."

(Premier) "Not at all, I use it because I like it."

(Premier) "Let's not argue about this, sit down and have some food."

(Alice) "Fine. You want your own early death, I'll let you. Let's eat."

(Premier) "There is no conclusive link between tobacco and an early death."

(Premier) "I wouldn't have my name on the largest CM based tobacco company, if I thought it was unsafe. Nor would I even allow it to be sold."

(Alice) "Sir, you say you have twenty cigars per day, or more in cigarillos and cigarettes? Go tomorrow. All of tomorrow, just twenty-four hours, without any tobacco at all. Just try it, see what happens."

(Premier) "Fine, I bet you, I bet you... I bet you this estate, that nothing happens."

(Premier) "What do you have to wager that is worth 200 billion dollars?"

(Alice) "I have nothing worth that much. I don't wish to bet you. I simply want your word as a Fabus that you'll go from midnight to midnight without any tobacco at all."

(Premier) "You have it."

(Alice) "Remember that, sir."

He nodded, "I will."

He finished his meal and then said, "It's not nearly midnight yet, so I'm going to get my last few smokes in. You take care."

(Alice) "I'll do that, sir."

A few hours later, it was three minutes until midnight; he was sitting in one of the smoking lounges smoking. Alice walked by and figured he should put it out and get ready to start the deal. He looked at her and knew what she was thinking, he moaned, "I still have three minutes!"

(Alice) "I'm counting."

He took a deep drag on the cigar, rapidly smoking it, about 1/3 of it was left, and he managed to smoke it to nothing in the three minutes. He put what little was left in the ashtray and then said, "Okay, here goes... Twenty four hours."

Alice sat down opposite him. "Yeah. I did some math, actually. Two hundred cigarettes is just over eight every hour. Eighty cigarillos is just over three every hour. Twenty cigars is two and a half every three hours."

About twenty minutes later, he was starting to shake; she could tell he was already starting to be bothered by not using any tobacco.

(Premier) (Noticing she sees him shaking) "I'm fine, don't say anything!"

(Alice) "I'm not saying anything."

About an hour later, he is shaking even worse, "I'm going to go... Outside, for... Fresh air..."

Alice stood up enthusiastically. "Great! Fresh air sounds perfect right about now."

(Premier) "Oh, you don't have to come along, you can just wait here and enjoy the fresh air of the smoking lounge. But if you insist..."

(Alice) "I do."

(Premier) "Fine, then let's go."

(Alice) "Of course."

He got up and walked outside, once outside, he yawned and said, "I think I'm going to go for a walk to my see my statue, I want to see how it looks in the moonlight."

(Alice) "Really? I've never seen it."

(Premier) "My statue is a pretty boring thing, you can just wait inside."

(Alice) "I'm sure I'll enjoy it."

(Premier) "If you insist on seeing it... Let's go."

On the way, Alice spoke. "So, I was doing the math, but I had a couple of other hours, so I did some quick, amateur research."

(Premier) "Yes, what did you figure out?"

(Premier) "I've been smoking since 16, smoked the equivalent of about 200 cigarettes per day for a total of over 2 million. What can you tell me? Am I going to die tomorrow?"

(Alice) "Nicotine is definitively responsible for cancer, and it's also probably related to...wait for it...schizophrenia."

(Premier) "Anything else?"

(Alice) "Well, it's an insecticide. A very good insecticide too."

She could see he was really starting to shake, "Can we just call this deal off, you win, what do you say?"

(Alice) "What do I win?"

(Premier) "You win my admission that you're right."

(Alice) "You lasted, what, a half hour? Are you willing to say that your people would be able to last longer than you would?"

(Premier) "It's been over four hours! Not half an hour." Actually they were both wrong, it was about an hour, it only seemed like four hours to him.

(Alice) "Let's go check a clock, then."

(Premier) "Fine, first thing in the morning, all tobacco packages will be stamped, "There is a high possibility this is addictive and hazardous to health, use at your own risk."

(Alice) "It's a start."

(Premier) "Well why don't we go back inside."

(Alice) "All right."

He took out his cigarette holder, about ready to take one out, his hand shaking... Then suddenly and unexpectedly, he tossed it aside

(Alice) "What was that?"

(Premier) "Just something I don't think I'll need anymore."

(Alice) "Giving up cigarettes, or smoking?"

(Premier) "I'll try to give it all up, but what are odds of that working? Maybe I can stick to chewing and cigars."

(Alice) "Chewing tobacco is the worst of them."

(Premier) "How do you figure?"

(Alice) "It does all the bad stuff the rest of them do, and then you add gum cancer."

(Premier) "But the lungs remain fine."

(Premier) "Well I've had new lungs cloned for myself every few years... Dr Schacht said it was a good idea."

(Alice) "He's the surgeon-general?"

(Premier) "No, he is my personal physician as well as a field marshal, a CEO of numerous companies, and a very good childhood friend.”

(Alice) "CEO of any tobacco companies?"

(Premier) "No. He tells me personally that tobacco is disgusting and he wants to quit, but he can never see it through."

(Premier) "He says if I want to kill myself, it's a lot easier and less painful to use a gun, than to suffer cancer when I'm 70 or so... So I guess with all he says, and all you've shown me, I'll quit.”

(Alice) "There are ways of helping someone quit smoking - I doubt they've ever been introduced here."

(Premier) "Well I need to go to sleep, I'm getting the shakes, you go be with Roger, I'm sure he needs you."

She walked back up to the room, Roger was awake, "Where were you Alice? Are you okay?"

(Alice) "I was talking to your father."

(Roger) "Well what did father have to say?"

(Alice) "Oh, we talked about tobacco."

(Roger) "What a topic, you taking up smoking?"

(Alice) "No, he's giving it up."

(Roger) "That's good, I guess."

(Alice) "Very good."

(Roger) "Well I'm feeling better now, perhaps you'll take me up on my earlier suggestion?" She doubted he was much better.

(Alice) "Not today, Roger."

(Roger) "Okay... Maybe later then eh?"

(Alice) "Maybe."

(Roger) "So what do we do now? Just sit here for hours on end?"

(Alice) "I don't know. I was going to go to sleep, seeing as it's just after midnight."

(Roger) "Well to be honest I'm too bored to sleep."

(Alice) "That makes no sense, but okay."

(Roger) "What I mean is I'm too horny to sleep, but you said not now..."

(Alice) "Sucks for you."

(Roger) "I guess so..."

(Roger) "Unless you're willing to do something about it?" (Smiling)

(Alice) "You know when I said no?"

(Roger) "Yeah, I heard you... But I was thinking, maybe you might do something for me that didn't entail me wearing myself out... If you know what I mean?"

She considered what he was suggesting to be degrading to women, and she'd never done it for anybody before... But she was considering it, thinking if it helped perk him up he might get well quicker, of course he'd have to ask in a much more polite manner.

(Alice) "Nope."

(Roger) (In a pathetic and almost pleading tone) "Would you please at least consider it?"

(Alice) "Nope."

(Roger) "Not at all eh?"

(Alice) "No."

(Roger) "So then what now?"

(Alice) "I'm going to sleep."

(Roger) "Well I won't make you do anything you don't want to... But if you change your mind, you can wake me up... I respect whatever decision you make..." (Pauses for a few seconds) "Well then, I guess I'll try to sleep as well."

(Alice) "Good."

Roger leaned back in bed and promptly fell asleep, he had lost what energy he had sitting up asking Alice to suck him. She looked at him, and couldn't help but feel somewhat sorry for him, sick as hell, not able to drink, smoke, and now he wasn't getting any... Oh well, the doctor did say he'd be better within three to six weeks...

Alice watched Roger sleeping, so peaceful and quiet, although there was the occasional coughing and hacking that had so characterized the past few days.

Alice cellular phone rang, she answered it quickly so as not to wake Roger.

(Man) "Ms Carrion, you made an inquiry about the name Nicolle a few weeks ago... I'm sorry it's taken so long to get this information to you. Records in Angola are hard to sift through; most were damaged or destroyed in the war. There is a Captain Ronald Nicolle, he served three years in the Angolan Special Air Assault Squads, his current status is Missing In Action... But get this, a guy matching his description and using his name and rank was seen at a Dersconian base... We think it's him, he's in the White Knights of Angola."

(Man) "What do you want me to do now? Is that all the information you needed?"

(Alice) "All right. I need you to contact a man named George Sallin at the Angolan Provincial Legislature office and ask him to call me back."

(Man) "Yes ma'am."

Six minutes later her phone rang again.

(George) "Hello, Ms. Carrion, I was told to call you right away."

(Alice) "George! Listen, are you in your office right now?"

(George) "Yes. I was just getting in for the day, what can I do for you?"

(Alice) "Leave it. We should talk places people can't hear you. The parking garage is a good idea."

(George) "Okay. One minute." He walked out towards the parking garage, she could hear the sounds of his shoes echoing on the metal of the stairs. She heard his car door open and then close.

(George) "I'm in my car now, the windows are up."

(Alice) "Good. I know you have ties to the possibly defecting soldiers in the Serya military - don't ask me how I know, I just do know."

(George) "Okay... And you want me to do what?"

(George) "You want my to put you in touch with the WKA, is that it?"

(Alice) "I need you to get some people into the White Knights of Angola and contact a man named Ronald Nicolle. I'm thinking it's probably a good idea to get some special forces to get to the people near the Dersconian base. Have them tell him his kids are alive."

(George) "Is that all?"

(Alice) "Yeah."

(George) "Well don't tell anybody about this... I don't need to get people into the WKA, I have made a few friends, and some of them are in it already. They're colonists from Mississippi that stayed behind, mostly ex-commonwealth soldiers."

(George) "I'll get right on that though, first chance I get. Probably in a few hours. I'll get back to you around 5 pm Mississippian time. Thank you."

He hung up the phone.

Roger stirred in his sleep from all the talking, then he slowly woke up, saying in a groggy voice, "Alice, who was that?"

(Alice) "It's nothing, Roger."

(Roger) "Is everything okay, are you doing good?"

(Alice) "Everything's fine."

(Roger) "Okay, well sleep well Alice."

The phone next to the bed rang, Alice was nearest to it.

(Roger) "Would you please get that?"

Alice did so. "Yes?"

(Wilhelm Ernst) "This is the Department of Internal Security. Is Roger there?"

(Roger) "Who is it, Alice?"

Alice handed him the phone. "Internal Security."

He thanked her and took the phone. She could hear what both men were saying.

(Ernst) "There is a problem, we need you."

(Roger) "Can't it wait?"

(Ernst) "Get ready to ship out to Western Sahara, your brigade is moving out."

(Roger) "I've already submitted my letter of resignation."

(Ernst) "It hasn't been processed yet, so you're being activated for deployment."

(Roger) "I'm barely able to walk."

(Ernst) "You won't be walking, you'll be riding your horse. Anyway, the men will need you there to inspire them."

(Roger) (Sighing) "What is the situation?"

(Ernst) "The Arabs and the blacks, they're fighting each other, it could spark a civil war in Western Sahara. We need to get the RGISA cavalry units into there ASAP."

(Roger) "Can't you send somebody else."

Roger held his hand over the phone while he told Alice, "They want me to goto Western Sahara."

Alice shook her head bemusedly.

(Roger) "What should I tell him?"

Alice "It's your choice. If you're going, go."

(Roger) "I don't know what good I'd be unable to barely move. Besides, I'd rather stay here with you, what sort of gentleman would run off to Africa to fight some savages while his lady is left in Mississippi. There is no cause for me to be in Western Sahara... I shall stay here with you."

He took his hand off the phone and then said, "Sorry Ernst, I'm not going..."

(Ernst) (Sighing) "Fine, I guess I can't force you to... Oh well, take care."

Both men hung up their phone.

(Roger) "Well Alice, I'm staying here with you." He changed his tone to make it sound like he was doing her a favor, "I hope you realize what I'm giving up by not going, I'm missing the chance to be in a great fight."

(Alice) "You're giving up the chance to die. I have no problem with that."

Roger sighed and then said, "I guess you're right."

A guard knocked on the door and said, "Roger sir, it's after midnight, happy birthday!"

Roger shouted back as best he could, "Thank you."

Alice didn't realize it was Roger's birthday, he smiled as he said, "Ah, twenty years old today."

Alice smiled vaguely. "Congratulations."

Roger had a cheerful look as he said, "Thank you."

(Roger) "Father is going to have several divisions of Republican Guard on parade to celebrate my birthday in the morning. Will you be there?"

(Alice) "Of course."

Roger smiled and said, "Good, I'm glad."

(Roger) "So, do you think you'll like it here in Mississippi?"

(Alice) "I'm not sure."

(Roger) "Well just give it a while then... I'm sure you'll like it here."

(Roger) "Oh by the way, I heard a rumor that you're expected to win presidential elections in Mississippian Egypt... It must be by write-in since you didn't put your name on the ballot."

(Alice) "Could be."

(Roger) "Well, what do you want to do now?”

(Alice) "I don't know. No idea."

Roger grinned, "I could think of a few things perhaps... If you're up for it..."

(Alice) "I said no."

(Roger) "Oh well... I guess there is nothing else to do but sleep then..."

Somebody knocked at the door, "Hello, Roger, are you there?" it was Paul Stahlecker. Roger shook his head and whispered to Alice, "I'm asleep, tell him I'm sleeping."

(Alice) "He's sleeping."

(Paul) "Very interesting, a guard just said he spoke with him... But I can come back in the morning." He walked off down the hall, to the guestroom he was saying in.

(Roger) "Thank you Alice."

(Roger) "I find that man less than pleasant."

(Alice) "I can understand why.”

(Roger) "When have you spoken with him?"

(Roger) "Oh yes, now I remember, on the phone when we were in Alexandria. But what could he possibly have said that made you so upset..."

(Alice) "Nothing."

(Roger) "You can tell me, if you want to that is."

(Alice) "Nothing."

(Roger) "Really Alice, he had to have said something."

(Alice) "It's nothing, Roger."

(Roger) "Okay. Well I'm getting tired, what about you?"

Roger yawned and then said, "Yup, I sure am tired... Well, good night, Alice, sleep well."

Roger leaned back and quickly fell asleep.

Alice whispered "Good night, Roger."
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bump for the night.
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At about 9 am the next morning, Alice was suddenly pulled awake by the sounds of elephant rifles going off outside the mansion, right outside the mansion. The Czar and his son George were shooting watermelons with elephant rifles.

Roger was sitting in an armchair in the far corner of the room, about 80 feet from the bed... He was smoking a cigarillo... He looked up at Alice when she noticed he was smoking, "I needed one real bad, hard habit to quit."

(Alice) "I can understand that. There are ways of making it easier..."

Roger exhaled a cloud of smoke and then inquired, "Such as?"

(Alice) "The most popular one seems to be a nicotine patch."

Roger chuckled, "Patches, those are for losers with no will-power... I can quit, just in a while, after this one."

Alice smiled. "That's why you're smoking that one. Cause you can quit."

Roger smiled back and said, "I can quit whenever I want... You don't like me smoking do you? I could switch totally to chewing, if you want."

(Alice) "I don't want you and tobacco to have anything to do with each other."

Roger put out the cigarillo and then said in a boastful tone, "Fine, then I can quit, quite easily too. If you wish me to quit, consider it done."

(Alice) "All right."

There was a knock at the main bedroom door, "Hey Roger, my dear brother, are you in there?" It was his brother William. Roger asked Alice, "Would you mind getting the door for him, invite him in."

Alice nodded and stood up, walking to the door. She opened it, stepping to the side.

William walked in and stopped to shake her hand, "You must be Alice Carrion, I've heard a great deal about you... I'm William Fabus."

He held his cigar in his left hand as he extended his right hand to shake.

Alice smiled. "You already know me, apparently, but it is nevertheless good to meet you."

William asked her in a friendly tone with perhaps just a hint of distrust, "Is it true what they say about you? That you’re a feminazi... That's what Paul Stahlecker is saying, that you're one of those crazy women who wants to do men's work. Is that true?"

(Alice) "If it's crazy to do so, then I'm quite insane, sir."

(William) "Well you're calling a man younger than you, sir... So you can't be all that bad... But you're from Seryown, so I don't know how you'd rank as compliant in other areas... I guess Roger would know that though. Well did you hear I'm marrying the queen of TBD, great news, isn't it?"

(Alice) "I hadn't heard. Congratulations."

William had a large smile, "Thank you... Well the important issues are all covered. I love her deeply, and she does what she is told, so it's a good deal, a good deal indeed."

Alice didn't respond

William's smile quickly faded when she didn't reply, "Is something wrong Ms. Carrion?"

(Alice) "No. Nothing’s wrong."

(William) "Well you didn't say anything for a while there."

(Alice) "I apologize."

Roger spoke up, shouting across the room, "William, leave Alice alone, she's probably tired... Come here and sit by me, William... We can talk."

William turned to Alice as he started to walk away, "You don't have to be sorry, you're just a woman, we shouldn't expect you to be too quick to think of replies." He walked over and sat down next to Roger

(Alice) "Thank God I don't have a gun, or you'd be dead now."

William and Roger started to talk, Alice could see Roger eying the cigar William was smoking. Roger asked him, "Would you mind putting that out, it's tempting me to smoke." William was visibly upset, "Ah come on, be a man, what are you afraid of a cigar now? The famous bloody saber afraid of a little smoke?"

(Roger) "I've promised Alice I'd quit."

(William) (Shocked and upset) "So you're letting a woman run your life... How low have you sunk Roger?"

Alice could hear most of what they were saying.

(Roger) "William I'm doing nothing of the sort... My loving Alice and listening to her opinions does not mean she is running my life."

William chuckled, "Oh if only that were true Roger..."

Alice turned to Roger. "I'm going for a walk."

William laughed, "See Roger, she tells you what she is doing, rather than asking for permission first." He turns to Alice, "Okay, sir, enjoy your walk." He turns back to Roger, "Well Miss Fabus, what do you want to talk about now? How you lost your manhood?"

Roger just sighed and said, "William, you're my brother, and I love you... But you talk about the order of how people defer... You're my younger brother, so defer to me, and shut the hell up."

Roger then looked at William and with a stern look firmly said,"I think you should apologize to Alice, for being so mean to her."

William looked at his boots as his legs swayed back and forth... Then he looked at Alice and quickly said, "I'm sorry."

Alice looked at him for a second and then left.

Roger told William to go follow her and quote, “Apologize sincerely, you idiot.”

Alice turned to him. "If you aren't out of my sight within ten seconds, I'm not sure I'll be able to stop myself from forcing your adam's apple so far into your throat you'll choke to death."

William jumped back, somewhat afraid... "Can't we talk about this? I mean, why are you so upset? I didn't realize you were that touchy in regards to what I said... I'm sorry."

(Alice) "Nine."

(William) "Ms Carrion, please... I'm sorry... I think we should try to get along, I mean if you're going to soon be in the Fabus family and all... I retract my earlier remarks. Honestly I feel threatened by seeing women as assertive as you. It's not meant to reflect anything on your part, it's entirely me."

(Alice) "Eight."

(William) "Surely you wouldn't harm me... Would you? I mean Roger and I are brothers."
Alice) "Seven."

(William) "Listen, please, won't you listen to me? What must I say to get you to hear me out?"

(Alice) "Six."

(William) "Ms Carrion, please... Just hear me out."

(Alice) "Five."

William started to chuckle, "Are you really going to hit me?"

Alice stepped forward. "Four."

William stepped back a few feet and popped the flap on his pistol holster, "That'll be far enough", he said, as he readied to pull out his gun.

Alice stepped forward again. "Three."

William stepped back a few more feet and drew his pistol, "Not another step forward, you hear me goddamnit."

Alice stepped forward again. "Two."

He cocked back the hammer on the pistol as he started to shake, he stepped back again, almost nearing the wall, "Please, don't come any closer."

(Alice) "Turn around and leave, Mr. Fabus."

William continued to shake as he stepped backwards and bumped against the wall.

He bumped against the wall and then spun around, facing her again, "Don't come any closer!" his voice sounded paranoid and irrational.

Alice turned away. "Don't say anything, and don't follow me."

William nodded and then turned and walked the other way, back to Roger's room to talk to him.

Alice started breathing deeply, looking surprised.

She heard Roger and William arguing, yelling louldly.

(William) "That bitch nearly killed me! She threatened to kill me!"

Roger smashed his fist into William’s stomach and then tossed him down in a chair and shouted, "You show some respect and it wouldn't happen!"

William chuckled through the pain, "So you hit your own brother to protect some foreign dog? My, what a waste you've become... George was right, you're going soft. You'll be another Henry before too long, selling out our lands like he sold out Angola... Bravo brother."

Roger shook his head, his eyes growing red with anger, "I'm not going to sell out our people. I'll fight for them until I can fight for them no longer. You brother, you are the one who needs to change. You can't treat people like animals just because it suits you. Show some respect and you’d get along in politics better."

William fired back, "Fuck politics, I want to fight."

Roger nodded, "Good, then go off to another war, you've been lucky this far, keeping alive... How long will your luck hold out?"

William gave him a dirty look and then shouted, "Fabuses never die!"

William tried to kick at Roger who was still sitting down. Roger jumped up and had to hold back a laugh, "Yes, but that doesn't mean we don't bruise!" as he grabbed William and threw him into the wall.

Alice could hear a loud commotion going on in the room and she wondered what it was.

Alice shrugged and sat down in the hallway.

Roger jumped back to avoid a blow from William, but then William kicked him in the kneecap, nearly knocking him down. Roger grabbed William and forced him to the floor through sheer strength, knocking him down and starting to hit him in the face.

She heard glass breaking and the sounds of a drawer being tipped over. William was starting to win as Roger was having trouble breathing from his pneumonia. Roger managed to get back onto his feet and motioned with his hands for William to come at him... William smiled and pulled out a knife...

Roger looked at him, "Stab your own brother now eh? Nice thought... Cain!"

Alice heard a gunshot sound from the room...

Alice stood up instantly and rushed back toward it, hampered by the odd design of the building.

Roger tucked his pistol back into his pocket, William stood there in sheer shock and terror as his knife split into two pieces. Roger had aimed preciously on and cut the blade in half.

Alice nodded. "He's going to be okay?"

William was holding a broken knife in his hands, he dropped it, his rage spent, he was calmed down now... Roger patted him on the back and then embraced him, "I'm sorry Will... I'm sorry." William sank to his knees and started to cry, "Forgive me Roger, I'm sorry... I don't know what came over me." Roger kneeled down on the floor next to him and hugged him tightly, patting his back, "It's okay Will, you go rest now, okay..."

William was crying as he nodded and stood up, slowing walking out of the room.

(Alice) "He'll be okay?"

He shut the door on his way out.

Roger looked at Alice and said, "He'll be fine."

(Roger) "Sad thing is I've got pneumonia and I still beat his ass... But I am much taller and heavier than he, and I'm older also, and more skilled in hand-to-hand..."

He said it almost at the same time that Alice was saying…

(Alice) "Well damn."

(Roger) "Damn what? Is something wrong?"

(Alice) "He'll be fine."

Roger had a shocked and angry look on his face, somewhat confused though, "Alice, are you saying you wish he'd been hurt."

(Alice) "If I had had a gun, I would have killed him myself."

Roger's face turned to pure rage and he shouted, "That is something you keep to yourself if you hate him that much. He's my fucking kid brother after all! He's scarcely over 17." Roger then stormed out of the room and walked off down the hall.

Alice shrugged and sat down on the floor again.

Roger sat down in the private bar on the floor he was staying on and started to drink, heavily... He cursed himself, and his brother, and he regretted arguing with Alice... But how dare she vocalize such hatred for his brother, a member of his family... It was fine for her to have such an opinion of William, but such things should not be thrown in his face... Roger loved his brothers, as he did his entire family... If Alice didn't like a member of his family, she could just not talk to him, not vocalize her thoughts that he should die.

Roger spent the next three hours sitting in the bar drinking, he'd drank eleven glasses of brandy before he was done.

William knocked on the door of his room about 2.5 hours after he'd stormed out. "Roger, it's William, we need to talk, please open up." The only one in the room was Alice.

William knocked on the door again, "Roger, please open up..."

Alice looked up for a second, and then looked back down, not responding.

William deftly picked the lock in about thirty seconds and then opened the door and entered... He saw Alice was the only one in the room, he said, "Oh, it's you... Where is Roger?"

(Alice) "Hell if I know."

William walked closer to her as he said, "I hope you're happy, my brother probably hates me now, all because of you."

Alice frowned and looked up. "I haven't been happy for over a year now."

(William) (Inquisitive) "Why not?"

(Alice) "That isn't your business."

(William) (His tone got high and mighty) "I knew it, you're not happy with Roger... You're merely using him to achieve a high position in our government, or perhaps for his wealth... You admitted it, you aren't happy with him..."

(Alice) "I am most certainly in love with Roger. But I am not happy."

(William) (Sitting down next to her) "Do you want to talk to somebody about it? I know we got off on worse than shitty terms... But I'm here to talk to, if you want to talk about it... I want us to get along, for Roger's sake, okay?"

(Alice) "Get the fuck out of here."

William was shocked by her language, "Surely Ms. Carrion, you know a lady isn't to use such language... Besides the point, don't you want to at least try to get along?"

(Alice) "Not particularly."

(William) "But surely, you're soon to be in the Fabus family, from what I've heard... Yes? We should make an attempt to get along."

(Alice) "I disagree."

(Alice) "Get the fuck out of here."

William was shocked, "What do you want Ms Carrion? I mean what is your goal in life? To make men miserable?"

(Alice) "Getting you out of here would be a start."

(William) "Good bye Ms. Carrion... Maybe later we might get along, doubtful though, you're as rigid as a steel beam..." William got up and left the room, a few minutes later two guards brought a drunk Roger into the room... Well that is to say they carried him in. Alice knew he wasn't supposed to be drinking anything except a few glasses of wine in his condition.

Alice shrugged and motioned to the bed.

The guards dropped him on the bed. He looked like a wreck. One of the guards said, "Well I guess he'll be absent from his own birthday parade..." The other guard said, "Nah, they'll just push the time back."

Roger leaned over in bed and vomited profusely into a trash can.

Roger looked at Alice, "Are you okay Alice?"

Alice shrugged. "I'm okay."

(Roger) "I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier. But please, don't expect me to take kindly to your saying you want to kill my brother. He is my brother, okay..."

(Alice) "I don't care what you take to whatever I say."

(Roger) "Alice, please, just promise me if you don't like a member of my family, you'll keep your hatred to yourself, or at least not vocalize it to me..."

(Alice) "I'm not going to make any such promise."

(Roger) "Please Alice, I'm asking you to do this for me, as a favor... I'd greatly appreciate it."

(Alice) "Go to hell."

Roger was shocked, "Alice, what kind of way is that to talk to me? I love you, and I've only ever been nice to you..."

Alice didn't respond.

Roger stood there for a few minutes, his anger building up, then he shouted, "Well, are you going to answer me... What the hell kind of thing was that to say to me?"

(Alice) "The same thing I would have said to any other arrogant little brat who didn't know that he was just an arrogant little brat."

(Roger) "Are you saying I'm an arrogant brat?"

(Alice) "Sounds like I said that to me."

Roger stood there in disbelief for a few seconds, not knowing what to say, "Well if you don't want to be here or with me... Why did you come? Why are you with me if you're just going to demean me when I try to be nice to you?"

(Alice) "I don't really know why I came. I think I thought anywhere would be better than Seryown. Which was not true."

(Roger) "Well I'll do you a favor then and leave... So you won't have to be bothered by my arrogance... Maybe I won't come back and you won't ever have to be bothered by it again..." He walked over to a drawer and took out a cavalry BDU, not a dress uniform, just standard camo, and then his officers cap, his saber, and his pistol...

(Alice) "Where are you going?"

(Roger) "I don't know, and I don't know anybody who would care... Somewhere where I'm not expected to say how high when father says jump, somewhere where I don't have to deal with your games... I love you Alice, why do you want to hurt me and put me through this, what satisfaction does it give you?"

(Alice) "Where are you going?"

(Roger) "Funny, I didn't think you'd care..." He walks out of the room and starts off towards the garage where his cars are kept.

Alice followed him. "Don't be an idiot, Roger."

(Roger) "An idiot am I? Well tell me why I should stay, I'm just an arrogant brat, and you don't want to be here... So why should I want to be here... I'm only here because you are here... I would have stayed in ME for you, or gone back to Seryown with you... I am here because you wanted to leave ME and this was the obvious choice for us to pick... Tell me, why should I stay?"

He coughed and hacked as he spoke, his illness starting to be more evident.

(Alice) "Because you're one of the most important people in Mississippi."

(Roger) "Important to who... A bunch of old men in smoke filled rooms who need the heir to stay safe and sound... God forbid something should happen to me.." (He coughs up mucus into his hands) "They'd have to find a new heir and fast... With William going to TBD to be king, and George not interested in politics, that'd leave... Oh no, Henry... Well I don't care anymore, if Henry wants to rule, more power to him."

(Alice) "Look, as much as I like Henry’s opinions, you leave, and you're going to die - and you think about what happens when the Czar finds out his son is dead. If all you care about are other nations, think about the retaliation for whatever it is that your father does."

Roger had to hold back crying, she could tell he wanted to, but it wasn't the "manly" thing to do... "So you don't want me to stay because you love me and want me to stay... You just want me to stay for political reasons... .Goodbye Alce." He walked off down the stairs and through the hallway that would take him to the garage.

Roger was in the garage, putting his items into a car, a favorite model car... It was a silver 1981 Eldorado.

Alice shook her head and turned away from the stairs sadly.

Roger started the car and pulled out... The guards stopped him and asked him why he was leaving without any guards... He told them, "Get the fuck out of my way" and they drove on the lawn to get around them...They just stood there, not knowing what to do.

One of the guards came up and asked Alice, "What is going on? Why did Master Roger just leave like that?"

(Alice) "I have no fucking idea."

(Guard) "He was heading east, there is nothing that way... Nothing is there..."

Another guard was walking by and said, "East, hell no, there is something there... The Legion training camp..."

Alice shrugged. "That makes sense."

About two hours later, Roger was at the gate of the Mississippian Foreign Legion camp, he did his best to conceal his coughing and hacking... He told the lieutenant at the desk, "I'd like to join the Legion, sir..."

The lieutenant chuckled, "Of course you do son, everybody wants to join the legion... Do you have a name?"

Roger started to say his real name, then he quickly stopped and firmly said, "My name is Dusan Banovic..."

The lieutenant saw his officer’s cap and laughed, "So you've been kicked out of the regular army? Dishonorable discharges mean shit to us... You're welcome in... If you can afford it, we'll even start you off as a rank similar to what you used to have..."

Roger tossed him a wad of bills and the man said, "Welcome aboard, Captain, sir... You're just in time, we're shipping out to Western Sahara in a few days... Some place called Bir Gandus."

Roger smiled as he thought to himself, "What a name, well it sounds like as good a place as any to fight in. A good as place as any to die in..."
Communist Mississippi
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Communist Mississippi
04-09-2004, 00:01
A few hours after Roger had signed up with the Legion and shipped out on his way towards Western Sahara.

The Czar walked up to Roger's room and knocked hard on the door, "Roger, open up, are you in there?"

The czar started pounding on the door, "Open this door, now!"

He told one of the guards to break the door down, after a few kicks, the door swung open... The Czar strode inside, angry as hell, the rage burning inside him... He saw only Alice, he shouted at her, practically spitting on her as he yelled, "Where is my son!"

(Alice) "Ask the guards - they know better than I do."

The Czar moved his hand back as though to slap her, but he restrained himself... "What did you do to my son that made him so upset as to leave."

(Alice) "I told him to go to hell."

(Czar) (Smiling) "Well isn't that very nice of you... You stupid woman! You're not even worthy to be with a Fabus, and yet my son accepts you, he gives you love and protects you, and you have the nerve to treat him worse than some savage in Angola!"

(Czar) "You know something, I should have you arrested and tossed into jail."

(Alice) "Do that, I dare you."

(Czar) "You have the nerve to dare a Czar, and to threaten me... What will happen if I do it?"

(Alice) "I don't know."

(Czar) "You can't even begin to imagine the sort of power I have over people in my territory, can you?"

(Alice) "But have almost none."

Curtis grinned as he spat, "I could kill you where you stand, and nobody would object, or even care..."

(Alice) "You'd lose your alliance with Seryown instantly. And you need allies."

(Czar) "I doubt they'd ever learn of your demise, or the real reasons... Our doctors would write you off as a heart attack or possibly a drowning..."

(Czar) "Besides, Mason hates you."

(Alice) "Mason's an elected official. If he wants to get reelected he'll do what the people want."

(Czar) "Well the people would never know you'd been killed... Or perhaps I could just lock you in a dungeon and let you rot... How does that sound?"

(Alice) "It's interesting. You could try it."

(Czar) "Well somebody needs to teach you some manners... That is for sure."

(Alice) "I reserve my manners for people who deserve them."

He slapped her in the face and shouted, "Insolent bitch!"

(Alice) "And you talk to me of manners?"

The guards grabbed her and held her arms behind her back, so he could hit her again.

The Czar looked straight into her eyes and grinned, "You know how the DIS would handle an insolent bitch like you?"

He backhanded her across the face, and started to laugh.

Alice's head flew to the side. She slowly brought it back up again.

(Czar) "Do you wish to apologize to me, yet? I've taken you into my home, and treated you like I'd treat any noble... And you repay my kindness with such disrespect... Tell me, what have I done to deserve such disrespect from you? You treat my son, Roger, who loves you, like shit... What has he done to deserve such disrespect? TELL ME!"

Alice coughed once. "Well, your use of the word noble is a problem..."

He clenched his hand into a fist and then punched her right in the stomach and again shouted, "Insolent bitch!"

Fabus had never been known to hit anybody like this before... Especially women, but his son Roger meant the world to him and he blamed Alice for Roger leaving.

Alice's head flopped straight downwards and she made a choking sound...once again she lifted it upwards, but even more slowly.

Fabus chuckled, "Well... Woman, have you learned respect yet?"

(Alice) "I respect..." She paused to cough again, and it took a while before she continued. "I respect equality, and freedom."

(Fabus) "You dare challenge the ideals upon which our nation is founded... We value quality above equality, and security above freedom."

Alice coughed again, but didn't respond.

He smacked her as he screamed in her face, "Answer me, woman!" saliva flew from his mouth and landed on her face... But with the guards holding her hands behind her back, she couldn't wipe it off.

Alice's head flew to the side again, and this time it took her almost a full minute to raise it, during which she did not respond.

The Czar ran his right hand through her hair, "Perhaps... I should take it upon myself to impress some manners into you, and to teach you proper etiquette. What do you think of that?"

(Alice) "I think you're a son of a bitch."

He started to laugh, "Since my wife, Julia died 14 years ago... I don't care what anybody thinks about me, I don't care what anybody does... Ha! I hardly even care if somebody finally does manage to kill me... I want to join her, I look forward to it, I only hope since I forgave what she did while we were married, she can forgive what I do now that she is gone... But that doesn't help you out at all, you're going to learn manners, one way or the other."

Alice tried to shrug but couldn't, and instead coughed again.

He smacked her in the face again and shouted, "Answer me! What do you think of that? Huh? Tell me, do you need to be taught the proper way to behave?"

Again Alice's head flew to the side, but this time it didn't come up. Fabus could see blood dripping off of her cheek.

He started to laugh uncontrollably when he saw she was bleeding... "Are we learning manners yet?" he asked, in a very childish sounding voice, meant to mock her.

Alice didn''t respond.

He pulled her head up, so they'd be at eye level. "Answer me, woman..."

Alice summoned her energy and spat in his face.

He wiped the spit of his face and then he turned to a guard and said, "That wasn't nice of her, was it?" the guard shook his head... Fabus looked at Alice and started to laugh... "hahaha, you thought that was funny eh?" he turned around again, as though to look at the guard, and then he slammed a fist right into the side of her face, and then shouted at her, "How is that for funny? Is that funny?"

The two guards holding her arms behind her back held her tightly up, so she'd not collapse.

Alice's cheek continued to bleed as her head fell downwards again.

The Czar looked at her, and held her head up as he chuckled... "Why don't you just admit you're wrong, and beg me to stop... Is begging beneath you, you wretched woman."

Alice's knees were trying very hard to buckle, and all of her weight was now being carried by the guards behind her. She opened her mouth, but all that came out was a whisper he couldn't hear.

He leaned in closer and gave her encouragement, "Speak up..."

(Alice) "Liberty or death."

He started to laugh, "Liberty from what? What do you want liberty from? Having to respect those who show you respect?"

Alice didn't reply.

The Czar put one hand around her neck and grinned as he said, "All I have to do is squeeze... Shall I do so?"

Once again, Alice didn't reply.

The Czar took out a 12 inch combat knife and held it right in front of her face, "Well Ms Carrion... All I have to do is slide this knife into you, and that ends your existence of parasitism and manipulation... That is all you do; you manipulate others... I know you've only been using my son Roger; you treat him worse than dirt... And he's a fool for letting you do so... But I won't stand idly by and let you get away with it."

He put the knife away and took his hand off her neck. He moved her head up to eve level again, and softly said, "Answer me..."

Alice opened her mouth and immediately coughed up blood.

He wiped the blood away with a nearby towel and then again said, "answer me."

Alice closed her mouth and didn't reply.

His rage has largely been spent, unless she did something to aggravate him further, the situation would soon be resolved. He motioned for the guards to release their hold on her...

The guards let loose her arms and stepped back.

Alice remained where she was for a second, and then her knees bent and she collapsed.

Fabus kneeled down next to her and looked her in the eyes, her bloodied and dirty face, her twisted and filthy hair, she looked like a wreck... But then again, she'd emotionally ruined his favorite son, his dear Roger, his beloved Roger, one of the few people he really cared for... He whispered to Alice, "Have you learned your lesson yet?" He spoke to her like a parent speaking to a disobedient child that had just been spanked.

Alice coughed against the floor. "Pointless."

Fabus held her up and looked into her eyes. He asked her, "Do you want something to drink?"

He snapped his fingers and a guard retrieved her a bottle of water. The Czar held it up for her and said, "Do you want some?"

Alice nodded feebly.

The Czar helped her drink, tipping the bottle back for her and holding it.

When she was done, he moved it away for her and then said, "There, that's better, isn't it?"

Alice swallowed most of it and coughed the rest back out and onto the ground. Her voice came back a little. "Pointless."

Fabus then spoke again, "Aren't you sorry you forced me to discipline you?" This was almost unreal; he wanted her to apologize for the beating he gave her...

Alice shook her head.

Fabus's cheerful look started to fade, "You mean you're not sorry?"

Alice shook her head again.

(Fabus) "You do realize you only got what you had coming... I didn't take pleasure in dishing that discipline out, but you needed it. You understand that, right?"

Alice shook her head a third time.

Fabus looked at her and then said, "Answer me with words, please."

He suddenly sounded concerned for her, "Will you be okay then?"

Alice smiled vaguely.

(Fabus) "What does that mean?"

Alice's smile disappeared, but she did not respond.

Fabus held up his hand again, as though to slap her, and then said, "Do you need to be reminded to answer a man promptly?"

Alice frowned.

He let his hand drop down to his side and said, "Very well, I won't strike you again... Please answer me."

Alice did not.

He held his hand back up, "Don't toy with me, woman!"

Alice raised her hand, checking the injury on her cheek, basically ignoring Fabus.

(Fabus) "Do you want a doctor?"

Alice only spat.

(Fabus) "Spitting is a filthy habit... And I asked you a question... Answer me!"

He gently held her up and then tried to untangle some of her hair, "Are you okay Alice?" His tone sounded almost normal and friendly. She didn't know that he suffered from emotional mood swings, but it wasn't too hard to figure out.

Alice looked at him for a second and blinked her eyes before they suddenly closed and her head fell, placing all of its weight in his hand.

He held her up, picked her up and took her in his arms, then set her gently down on the bed in the room... He asked her again, "Are you okay Alice?"

Alice opened her eyes suddenly. A fraction of a second later, she was lunging up out of the bed trying to reach his neck.

He jumped back and the guards immediately grabbed and restrained her... One of them smacked her across the face, another one punched her in the stomach.

Fabus suddenly flew into a rage, "How dare you betray me like this, after I was so merciful and spared you for your insolence!"

Fabus looked her right in the eyes, as the guards held her down on the bed, he cracked a smile as he chuckled, "I guess you didn't learn any manners, eh? Well if you did learn any, they've worn off quickly... What say I teach you some manners that will stick with you for a while..."

Alice continued to try to rush at him, her arms flailing.

The guards put their full weight into pinning her down.

One of them punched her in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her.

Alice collapsed again, pinned by the guards.

The Czar looked at her, this helpless wretched woman lying on the bed in front of him... For all the hopelessness of her situation, she sure was violent... He held back a laugh, "You know Alice, you're very feisty; do you know that?"

Alice didn't respond.

The Czar started to pull her pants down as he laughed, "Well Alice, anything to say yet?"

Alice tried to kick him but her legs were effectively pinned...

The Czar laughed and looked at her, "Well Alice, do you want to beg me not to proceed... Just beg for mercy, and save yourself... Or are you so stubborn you won't even beg... I guarantee, ask me politely not to go through with it, and I won't... Just think before you speak and ask nicely."

Alice looked up at him, her eyes filled with anger, but she said nothing.

He looked down at her, "Last chance..."

Alice opened her mouth, then closed it again firmly.

The Czar was about to pull her underwear down, he stopped, and then pulled her pants back up, he slapped her a half-dozen times in the face and said, "I can't do it! For whatever reason, Roger has feelings for you... And I won't harm you... But realize, I'm only not doing this for him."

He turned and walked out of the room, the guards each slapped her a few more times, before they let their grip on her ease up and then they too turned and walked out of the room.

About twenty minutes after the Czar left the room, two servants and a doctor came into the room. The servants helped Alice get situated on the bed, and cleaned the blood and saliva off of her face... The doctor checked her and asked, "Ms. Carrion, are you okay?"

Alice nodded slowly.

The doctor looked at her and said, "It seems you had a nasty fall, eh?"

Alice smiled but didn't reply.

(Doctor) "Are you hungry or thirsty?"

(Alice) "No.”

(Doctor) "Do you want anything, anything at all?"

(Alice) "No."

(Doctor) "Maybe you want to watch the news? Western Sahara is a war zone you know... The Foreign Legion is going there soon, last I heard..."

Alice shook her head.

The doctor dismissed the servants and then leaned in close and whispered, "Czar Fabus did this to you, didn't he?"

Alice nodded.

(Doctor) "I'm terribly sorry, you have my sympathies, but there is nothing I can do... Is there? I mean, do you want me to get a letter to the outside for you?"

Alice shook her head.

(Doctor) "The Czar is rambling on about Roger being gone... Do you know anything about that?"

(Alice) "No."

(Doctor) "I am a friend of Rogers... He often talked about joining the Foreign Legion and getting away from everything, you don't think he'd do something that stupid, do you?"

Alice smiled. "Roger can be very stupid."

(Doctor) "Well, do you think he'd do something so dramatic as joining the Legion? An entire division of Legion Horse Cavalry was just activated and was transported to Western Sahara..."

Alice shrugged.

(Doctor) "Roger was in the Republican Guard Cavalry, what if he joined the legion cavalry? Do you honestly think he'd do something so dumb? I mean Roger is a smart man, he always uses his head..."

(Alice) "Not really."

(Doctor) "What do you mean? Roger is a smart guy..."

Alice shook her head.

(Doctor) "Roger and I were talking a few days ago... Do you know how much he loves you... He really does, you know..."

Alice snorted.

(Doctor) "Answer me this, honestly... Do you love Roger?"

Alice shrugged. "I don't really know."

(Doctor) "Well... You came here for him... The Czar says you're just using Roger, that isn't true, is it?"

(Alice) "The Czar says I fell."

(Doctor) "Well I see your point... So if you're not using Roger, and you're not sure you love him... Might I ask what your feelings towards Roger are?"

(Alice) "No."

(Doctor) "So you don't want to talk about that eh?"

(Doctor) "I think whatever your feelings towards Roger... No offense, but you are very manipulative, and you basically have him at your beck and call... Does that sound about right?"

Alice shrugged. "I voice my opinions. It's not my responsibility to make sure nobody around me does what I think is right."

(Doctor) "So basically yes, you have Roger eating out of the palm of your hand, eh?"

(Alice) "I won't repeat myself to you. Is there a reason you think I'm interested in what you're saying?"

(Doctor) "Well I was the physician for the Fabus children from the day they were born... Maybe you'd care to hear some stories about them in their young days?"

(Doctor) "Well would you like to... I have nothing else to do right now..."

(Alice) "I am not at all interested."

(Doctor) "Are you sure? I can tell you about the first time I treated a Fabus male for Syphilis, the first time I had to remove a bullet from a Fabus... The first time I had to seal up knife wounds, and pulling sharks teeth from other Fabuses, etc.."

(Alice) "I don't give a shit."

(Doctor) "Well, you surely do have an attitude problem, but what the Czar did to you was wrong... You need to relax... Do you want me to give you some mild sedatives?"

(Alice) "No."

(Doctor) "Well, do you want anything? A drink or something?"

(Doctor) "How about some opium?"

(Alice) "No."

(Doctor) "Well you get some rest then, I'll check on you later... Night."

The doctor walked towards the door, "Do you want the light off?"

Alice shook her head.

The doctor nodded and then walked out of the room, leaving Alice in peace with her thoughts… All by herself, nothing to disturb her reflections on the day’s events…

While somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean in a C-130, “Dusan Banovic” (Roger Fabus) was heading on a one-way trip to Bir Gandus in Western Sahara… The entire 2nd regiment of the 1st Cavalry Brigade was heading on the same one-way trip as Roger was. In a few days time, the Brigade would meet the MJF in battle, well not a battle so much as an ambush… And it was the Legion who would be ambushed.
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Ic: The Czar's 777 was readying at the Stalingrad estate private airport for the Czar and his Czarina to start their honeymoon and travel to Australia... The Czar was carrying her in his arms out towards the plane when his personal bodyguard Captain Arthur Nelson, came slowly walking out, as though bearing a heavy burden... He tapped the Czar on the shoulder as he said, "Curtis... There's a problem in Western Sahara... It's about Roger... You'll want to come right away."

Ooc- This is right after the broadcast of Roger being shot by muslims, and right before the Czar found out.

Ic: Christine kissed Curtis and then said, "It's okay dear, we can wait... Let's go see what it is." Curtis kissed her back, thanked her for her understanding, gently set her down and then ran into the mansion with Captain Nelson. She ran along as well, but was not as fast as either of the two men. Once inside, the Captain escorted the Czar to the nearest television and then through the phone, ordered the media to "replay the last three minutes of broadcasting"... The media was shocked and refused, stating, "We cannot just do such a thing! We have a schedule to maintain." Captain Nelson replied, "The only you'll be maintaining is a coal mine if you don't do as you're told."

They complied and replayed the footage, the Czar sitting in an armchair, watching as his son was cruely cut down by muslims terrorists... He smashed his fist so hard against the arm of the chair it broke... His screams of, "Flatten Bir Gandus!" carried throughout the manor... Christine kneeled down next to him and patted his shoulder, he started to cry, she embraced him and rubbed his back, while saying, "It'll be okay Curtis, it'll be okay."

He suddenly jumped up out of the chair, drawing a pistol, his eyes burning with rage and hatred, he stormed towards the stairs, mumbling, "That Seryownian whore, this is all her fault!"

Ooc- All Roger Fabus RP stuff will now be continued in this thread. Thank you all for reading the other stuff that sort of branched out from this though. We continue here soon. :D
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Alice was lying in bed, still tired and weak from the beating the Czar gave her the day before, it was early in the morning, about 5 am, the Czar had just married "Christina Franco" the night before in Jackson City, and he and her had arrived back at the mansion a few hours ago... Suddenly the calm and silence that hung over the house was broken by a scream of "Flatten Bir Gandus!" it was loud enough it woke about everybody in the entire mansion.

Alice heard footsteps coming towards the room she was in. The Czar pushed the door open and walked in, he was holding a pistol in his right hand, his face betrayed such anger and hatred, he seemed insane.

Alice had sat up in her bed at the scream. She stood up. "Czar Fabus." She walked over to a cabinet with a bottle of wine on top of it. "What can I do for you?"

She picked up the bottle of wine, listening.

The Czar chuckled, "What can you do for me?" Then his tone turned to one of disgust, "Nothing, you're not God... Only He could bring my son back to me now..." His voice then became depressed and he tucked his pistol away, "Roger was killed in Western Sahara..."

Alice stepped backwards as if she had been hit. The bottle of wine went flying upwards, breaking against the ceiling. She grabbed at the cabinet, which moved backwards under her weight, and she barely regained her balance rather than fall.

(Czar) "Will you be okay?"

Alice shook her head. "You're...this is a joke...You're lying. You..."

The Czar walked over to the television in the room and turned on the news. Alice saw the clip of muslim soldiers dragging an already wounded Roger into a clearing in a the woods, the asked him "Any last words?" He sighed and then said, "I want to say this to father, don't worry, William will be a fine heir. And to Alice, I am sorry about earlier... I love you..." Immediately after that, the muslims started to laugh, one shouted "Allah Ackbar!" and then emptied his AK rifle into Roger.

His body started to twist and contort and then finally came to a rest after the muslim stopped shooting. They all had a few laughs and then turned and walked away.

Alice shook her head. "It's...this's impossible."

The Czar sat down and sighed, "Well, you just saw it..."

Alice focused on him. " liar. This isn't funny..."

The Czar looked at her and with a tone of dead seriousness said, "It's not a lie... My boy is dead and it's because of you..."

(Alice) "Shut up! Shut up! I didn't...oh, God."

(Czar) "Oh what?"

Alice didn't seem to hear him. "Did...Oh, God." She sat down.

The Czar walked over to hear and patted her on the shoulder, asking, "Will you be okay Alice? I had no idea you cared for my Roger this much... I'm sorry about earlier."

Alice slapped his hand away. "Don't touch me." She looked down at the broken glass on the floor. "Wish I hadn't broken that bottle."

The news on the television continued, "It appears the entire 1st Brigade of the Foreign Legion cavalry has been ambushed and it seems that most of the soldiers were killed or captured... This is a grave day for the Legion..."

Footage of 12 Legion soldiers captured by muslims was being shown, 5 muslims took aim at them with AK-74s. Then after one shouted, "Allah Ackbar!" the men unloaded their weapons into the POWs.

The Czar sighed and shut the TV off, he then turned to Alice and said, "You didn't answer me Alice, will you be okay?"

Alice looked up at him. "I...I don't think I can ever...Probably, eventually...:

Curtis sighed and sat down next to her, embracing her tightly, "I know... But some of my generals say they think he might still be alive... He is often known to wear special body armor, if he was wearing it... Well I guess we'll have to wait and see, yes?"

Alice nodded. "Wait...wait...yes."

Curits held her tightly and said, "Don't worry Alice, I'm sure everything will be okay... It'll be... Okay..." He was not only trying to reassure her, but he was reassuring himself as well.

William Fabus barged through the door holding a 1911 pistol in his hands, he started shouting, "Where is that Seryownian whore who murdered my brother!"

William looked at Alice and spat only one word, "You!"

Alice looked at him. "Shoot me."

He stepped back and raised the pistol, the Czar looked at him and muttered, "Put it down, son... Now."

William looked perplexed, "Why do you want to die now?"

(Alice) "I...this is all my fault."
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William cracked a smile, mostly of disgust though, "Yes it is, isn't it?"

The Czar spoke up, "Don't be so hard on her William... She's probably suffering quite a great deal right now."

William gave him a sideways glance, and then literally spat, before asking, "Do you think she actually cared for Roger? If she did, she'd not have murdered him!"

(Alice) "Just fucking shoot me."

William tucked his gun into his holster and boldly stated, "No."

Alice shook her head.

William took his gun out and then in a tone of utter despondency, he uttered, "Do it yourself then... I'm done killing, I'm done with that sort of thing, forever..."

He then tossed his gun to Alice. The Czar immediately wrestled it out of her hands and then unloaded it.

Curtis continued to embrace Alice, to try in vain to comfort her, he then asked, "You don't seriously want to kill yourself... Do you?"

Alice pulled away from him. "Don't touch me.”

The Czar called in a unit of SRG men and told them, "Take any object that could use for suicidal purposes out of this room." After about ten minutes, the room was quite bare...

Alice stared. "Don't you understand? It's not worth it!"

The only thing they had forgotten to take was a loaded Walther PPK that Roger had in a locked glass display case in his now opened closet, he had been given it at age 15 when he joined the youth Republican Guard training program.

The Czar looked at her and smiled, "Well I guess you really did love Roger... And I know he loved you, you're welcome to stay here as long as you'd like... You'll be under Fabus protection, I won't let anything happen to you."

Alice turned away and went to the window. "Why?" She posed, as if philosophically.

Curtis walked up behind her, and motioned as though he'd comfort her with an embrace if she wanted, then he replied, "Because it seems the right thing to do... I guess." Half unsure of himself, he had originally come up the stairs intending to shoot her himself, but something inside him snapped and he just couldn't do it.

Alice continued to look out the window at the pouring rain. "My parents were killed when I was twelve years old. My father didn't think the mugger would actually shoot them."

Curtis looked at her, the looked out the window with her, not looking at her now, he choked up an, "I'm sorry... That must have been just awful... I never got to know my real father... I was the illegitimate son of the prince of the old monarch prior to the Marxist revolution and then my mother, a servant in his palace."

Alice looked at him for a second, then turned back. "My husband...well, I'm sure you'd only have to ask Peter Stahlecker about my husband."

The Czar looked out the window, "My mother was a great woman, my step-father, he was a drunk who beat her and I... I hated him, and rejoiced when he died."

Alice shrugged. "And now Roger. It seems I cannot love without killing them."

(Czar) "My mother often had the prince, my real father come around and spend time with me, I never knew he was my real father though. He was one of the nicest men... I'm not even sure if he is still alive..." he was barely listening to Alice now, instead he was going back to his childhood, happier times in comparison to what he was going through now.

He looked at her and frowned, "It's not your fault... I'd blame your nation and the way your media programmed you, if you stay here long enough, you'll wind up awakened from their programming..." he sort of trailed off as though he didn't care to finish it, normally he'd jump at the chance to convert people to his views...

Alice saw the display case out of the corner of her eye. In a sudden decision, she rushed to the case and broke it open with her hand - shattered glass tore cuts in her hand.

When he saw her do that, William jumped on her and tackled her to the ground.

(William) "Alice, you don't want to do that!"
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The gun went off. The window behind the Czar shattered, letting pelting rain come into the room.

The Czar turned around calmly and looked to see what it was, William had wrestled the gun out of her hands.

He looked down at her, William pinning her down, joined by an SRG man from the hall. And he asked, "What was that all about?"

Alice began to claw at William, trying to free herself.

The SRG man called for another guard, and then eventually two more entered and used their weight to pin her down. One of them pulled her up and then the 3 guards along with William forced her into a straightjacket.

They sat her down on the bed and then the Czar came over and sat down next to her, looking at her, he laughed, "Should I count that pistol shot as an attempted assassination against me? Or was it just your failed attempt to kill yourself?"

Alice thought for a moment. “Call it what you want. I don't care."

The Czar looked at her and then once again, "Well who were you trying to kill?"

(Alice) "If I killed you, what would it accomplish?"

(Czar) "Well it might very well destroy the Revolutionary Right Party regime... With Roger dead and myself dead... I mean young William here is the king of TBD and cannot be running back and forth to manage two duties... Henry is a moderate and would be too weak, and George is mostly interesting in intelligence work and not politics."

William looked at her in disgust, "You've already killed one Fabus today, do you really need to kill more?"

Alice shrugged. "And then some radical Stahlecker would get control of Mississippi. You think I'd want that?"

The Czar looked at her and then he embraced her while saying, "You have a point Alice... Besides, something tells me Roger might just still be alive... I'm sure if he is indeed alive, the Western Saharan special forces will get him out of there."

(Alice) "Don't touch me."

(Czar) "I thought you might need some comforting..."

(Alice) "I said don't touch me."

William looked at his father and had to hold back a laugh, "Father, I can't believe it! This whore kills Roger, and then has the nerve to tell you what to do!"

The Czar picked her up into his arms and said, "Well Alice, I think you need to see a doctor, you probably have emotional grief and such..."

(Alice) "Don't touch me!"

The Czar ignored her and carried her down to the first floor and then sat her down on a couch there, waiting for a the word to arrive from the doctor.

(Alice) "Why won't you help me?"

The Czar looked at her and said, "I'm trying to help you... What do you want me to do?"

(Alice) "Shoot me."

He gave her a look revealing he considered her insane, "Why?"

(Alice) "I...I have loved people. Every one of them is dead."

(Czar) "That doesn't mean you too should die."
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The czar patted her on the back while he said, "Don't worry, you'll be okay, Alice... Don't worry."

Captain Arthur Nelson, the Czar's personal guard, gave her a dirty look and said, "That whore murdered Roger, and she just gets off like that, it's not right... Curtis, sir, somebody should do something about that."

(Alice) "Then do something about it, captain."

The Czar gave Nelson a disappointed glance and then said, "Enough of that, she's not entirely to blame... Granted I do blame her more than anybody else... But you're not to touch her. You hear me?"

The captain nodded his acknowledgement.

The captain gave Alice another look when the Czar wasn't paying attention and he drew his finger across his neck and made a slicing sound.

Alice shrugged. "Go on. Do it."

The Captain smiled at her and then asked the Czar in a demanding tone, "Can I have her sir?"

Curtis almost flew into a rage, "I said nobody touches her!" as he smashed his fist against the table.

It had been about three hours since the Czar first learned of the incident in Western Sahara... They sat there for a while longer, watching the storm waiting. The Czar asked Alice, "Care to go for a walk outside?"

(Alice) "I'm not going to walk around in this thing."

The Czar pulled her up to her feet as he said, "I can't trust you not to kill yourself. And you'll walk if I tell you. Come on, we're going." He gently carried her towards the door after he picked her up. Captain Nelson walked closely behind them.

Alice shrugged quietly and then suddenly headbutted the Czar.

He dropped her and then the Captain slapped her.

The Czar started to get angry, enraged almost, "What the hell was that about? You engrateful bitch!"

Alice began trying to run away. She lost her balance and fell over.

The Captain dragged her back into the mansion and shut the door.

The Czar ordered him to take her into a room on the first floor. The Captain literally dragged her kicking and screaming into the room. He slapped her hard across the face and shouted at her, "Shut up!"

Alice started shouting. "I'll kill you! I swear I'll kill you!"

The Captain looked at her, as the Czar loomed over, "You'll kill nobody!" shouted the captain, as he backhanded her in the face.

The Czar motioned for the Captain to close the door, he did, and then locked it.

Alice blinked a few times. "I'll kill you all."

The Czar looked down at her, lying on the bed, "You know Alice, I've been very kind and very generous with you... But you continue to push me... Well I think you're about to get yours..." he grinned at her. He nudged Captain Nelson who also grinned and said, "Oh I get to also?" The Czar nodded.

(Alice) "Just kill me instead, would you?"

The Czar looked at her, "No, I'm going to keep you alive, you'll not get the peaceful release of death... You're going to be kept alive..."

Alice began to stand up.

The czar pushed her back down and then the Captain pinned her down.

The Captain called in two more guards; they unlocked the door, entered, shut the door, and then relocked it, this time locking it from the inside. Each of the guards helped pin her down. The Czar hovered over her, "Well Alice, anything to say? Any smart-ass remarks, feminist propaganda? Anything at all, any comments about why our system is wrong?"

(Alice) "No."
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Something came over the Czar, he waved his hand in a dismissive fashion at the two guards, they walked into another part of the room, far enough away not to hear the whispering, and they sat down. Captain Nelson sat down in a chair next to the bed...

The Czar hugged Alice and pulled her close to him, "Oh Alice... Roger's dead, isn't he? Who could survive that?" he started to cry...

(Alice) "God, you just realized that? Of course he's dead. And it was my fault, too."

(Czar) (Still holding onto her) "No, don't blame yourself... It was the Muslims, they're the ones who pulled the trigger."

(Alice) "I don't fucking care! Let the fuck go of me!"

The Czar leaned back, letting his hold on her go, he gently leaned her against the back of the bed and propped a pillow behind her, "Alice, it'll be okay... It'll be okay..." was all he said, before he collapsed to the floor and started to cry, "My son is dead!"

After a few minutes, he sat back up and then climbed onto the edge of the bed and took Alice in his arms again, "Alice, just give it time, you'll be okay... You'll see... Like I said earlier, if there is even the slightest chance he survived the we need to wait and see what happens, yes?"

(Alice) "Let go of me now."

He let his hold on her go and he sat down in a chair next to the bed, he turned the news on. The reporter was in midsentence, "Western Saharan special forces have reported they have located Roger Fabus in the mountainous regions of the southern part of the nation near Bir Gandus..."

The Czar's attention was suddenly directed entirely at the Television.

Alice didn't seem to hear - she had already shot out of the bed and was trying to open the door.

(TV) "The special forces unit reported that he was found alive, if just barely, and is currently being air evacuated to Stahlecker City in Western City for surgery..."

The Czar's face suddenly turned into a massive smile, he said to Alice, "The door is locked, I have the key... Roger is alive by the way..."

He walked up to her, dragged her to a chair in front of the TV and pushed her down into it. Holding her face so she would be watching it.

Alice stared at it. ""

The footage was of a badly wounded man on a stretcher giving a very meek thumbs up.

One of the special operators standing next to him held up the Kevlar armor he was wearing, it was punched full of holes, but it had done it's job and slowed the rounds done enough to save him. Also the ceramic plate he was wearing stopped 3 of the rounds, the 3 that would have hit his heart.

They loaded the dirty and bloodied man on the stretcher into the helicopter, the special operator next to him shut the door and another one tapped the side so the pilot knew he was good to go. The helicopter lifted off slowly into the air and then a few minutes later was out of sight.

Alice whispered, "Thank you...thank you..."

The report showed the earlier footage of Roger being shot, and then the footage of him being rescued, then Joseph Mladic was on the air, and he said, "This is truly a miracle of God that young Roger survived this incident! Praise God!"

The Czar jumped up, pulling Alice up with him, and he leaped into the air, "This is great news indeed, isn't it Alice?"

The Czar pulled out a cellular phone and dialed a number, "I want Dr. Baldur Von Schacht found, wherever he is... I think he's in Dimmimar, I want him contacted now and he is to be the chief surgeon, get him to Stahlecker City in Western Sahara, now."

(Alice) "This...this is amazing."

(Czar) "Do you want to go to Stahlecker City?"

(Alice) "Yes...yes, thank you.”
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(Czar) "Do you still need to be kept in this jacket?"

He lifted her up into his arms and carried her towards the airport at the estate, through the hallways, corridors, and finally outside the door and into the rain... His guard detachment followed behind, with Captain Nelson in the lead.

When they got to the plane, he carried her up the stairs and then once the guards were inside and the door was shut, he took the jacket off her.

(Alice) "He's really alive?"

(Czar) "Yes... There is a TV here, we should be able to see how the surgery is going thus far, the DIS will have already arranged for a live feed to be patched through, shall we see?"

Curtis turned the TV on and the footage was a hospital room in Stahlecker city... Roger was being brought into an operating room. The surgeons were standing around, one of them said, "How do you feel Roger?" He shook his head and let out a cough, and then a weak, "How do you think, idiot..."

The doctor smiled at him, "I'm sorry, that was a dumb question, you've been shot over 18 times, and we need to operate on you... Now we're going to put you to sleep and when you wake up, you'll be all better."

Roger looked at him, "I'm 20, not 12, talk to me like an adult or not at all..." he was struggling to talk, but he wanted to keep his spirits up, and he always loved a good argument.... Finally his last reserves of energy gave out and he collapsed down onto the table and let out a final, "I know you'll do well, doc."

The Czar chuckled, "That's Roger for sure..."

Alice nodded. "Yeah."

The Czar sat down in a seat and urged Alice to do likewise, the pilot announced, "We are currently taking off, be advised that we will be flying through a hurricane briefly, as it is approaching the coast off of Georgia and South Carolina... We will only be going through it for a few minutes before we divert south to eventually come to Western Sahara, Stahlecker City to be specific."

The plane took off and a few minutes later they were on their way towards Western Sahara.

The Czar snapped his fingers at a guard who promptly retrieved a bottle of brandy, he offered a drink to Alice.

(Czar) (Holding out a glass) "Here, it'll help calm your nerves."

Alice shook her head. "No, thank you."

(Czar) "Not thirsty eh? Well you want some water?"

Alice shook her head. "No."

(Alice) "I'm fine."

The Czar drank again from his flask, shrugged his shoulders at Alice, and then leaned back in his seat to nap. A few hours later, and the plane started to shake violently as they passed through the hurricane

The shaking awakened the Czar.

(Czar) "Ah the hurricane, are you okay Alice?"

A few minutes later and they were clear of the storm, Alice didn't even have time to reply to his asking her if the storm bothered her; they were through it too quickly.

Alice nodded. "I'm fine."

One of the servants brought a cart with food on it out, he handed a meal to Alice and another one to the Czar, "Enjoy" he said.

The Czar smiled at Alice, as he started to eat his meal, "This is great food eh? Well don't just sit there and let it get cold, eat up, it's good."

(Alice) "No, I'm good."

Curtis tried his best to maintain a friendly face, "The chef will feel insulted if you don't eat up, I think you should at least try some of it..."

(Alice) "No, thanks."

He chuckled, "It's not poisoned, if I wanted to kill you, I'd not do it so quick, I'd have you hanged... But I don't want you dead, so go on, eat up."

(Alice) "No, thanks."
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A doctor walked by on the plane and said, "Czar, I have some news for you. Western Saharan Commonwealth regulations have mandated all those wishing to enter must be vaccinated against West Nile Virus... Will you agree?"

The Czar rolled up his sleeve and the doctor injected him with a needle. He then used other needles to inject the guards, then finally he came to Alice, "Well ma'am regulations are regulations, roll up your sleeve."

He held up the vial and said, "See, just standard vaccination, no need to be worried."

Alice nodded and rolled up her sleeve.

The doctor injected her with the vaccine, but she didn't know there were some other things mixed in with it, from a foreign nation nobody liked, feminizing compound and estrogen agents, to make her more docile and obedient.

The doctor thanked her for cooperating and then walked back to his section of the plane.

She noticed that Curtis had to use his right hand to keep his left hand from trembling, she'd not thought about it before, but it seemed his left hand often trembled uncontrollably...

When he noticed she was looking at him, he casually moved his left hand behind his back and leaned back in his seat.

(Alice) "Are you all right?"

(Czar) (Sounding very evasive) "Oh yes, I am fine, better than fine."

(Alice) "Are you sure?"

(Curtis) "I'm fine." He then stood up and paced about the plane, all the while keeping his left hand firmly in the grasp of his right hand, after a few minutes he sat back down and took out a pipe. His left hand shook to much to fill it, so Captain Nelson filled it with opium and lit it for him.

(Alice) "What's wrong?"

He started to smoke it and his uncontrollable shaking seemed to ease and gradually stop.

(Czar) "Nothing, leave me alone... I'm fine."

(Czar) "Can't I smoke every now and then? It's just a pipe, regular Fabus Premium tobacco, leave me alone." His tone was on of great evasiveness and he was very defensive.

(Alice) "I'm sorry."

(Czar) "There is no need to be sorry."

It sounded as though he was struggling to speak, to articulate his ideas, as though something was keeping him from getting it all out clearly.

He sighed, "You don't have to be sorry... You're not the one affected..."
Communist Mississippi
07-09-2004, 00:00
(Alice) "Affected? I don't understand."

(Czar) "Parkinson’s, Ms Carrion... I have Parkinson’s..."

(Czar) "I'm sure you're happy to hear that, eh?"

(Alice) "No! Of course not. That's very serious."

(Czar) "Not too serious, I can still function... Besides, the public need not know... It would just crush them. In a while perhaps, I can retire and Roger can be Czar, he's ready for it... If he survives his surgery, which I hope he does, he will be Czar..."

(Alice) "Who knows?"

(Czar) "Myself, Doctor Baldur Von Schacht, Captain Nelson, and my wife..."

His wife "Christina Franco" was on the back section of the plane, she heard him mention her and moved up towards the front, and sat in Curtis's lap, "You'll be okay, right dear?" she asked, as she kissed him

Alice smiled for a second, and then it turned into a frown. "Your sister doesn't know?"

(Czar) "Which one? My older sister or younger sister? I have several sisters..."

He didn't like what she was hinting at.

(Alice) "I'm sorry...any of them."

(Czar) "A few might know... Something tells me they probably suspect it..."

(Alice) "I think...if I may....I think that that your family has a right to know."

He told his wife to go to the back room of the plane, he didn't want to have her hear the conversation he wanted to have with Alice. She got up from his lap, kissed him, smiled and walked back to the room he told her to go to.

(Czar) "Alice, I think you know the truth about certain things, yes?"

(Alice) "I don't know what you mean."

(Czar) "I mean about my wife..."

(Alice) "You do both seem to be very much in love."

(Czar) "Only a few people know, and they are basically Baldur Von Schacht, Bertrand Navarre, Wilhelm Ernst, and Fritz Ernst... And that is only because they grew up in the same neighborhood as my family did, so they know the truth..."

(Czar) "You really don't know? Do you?"

(Alice) "I don't understand. I don't think I know."
Communist Mississippi
07-09-2004, 00:01
(Czar) "Let me put it to you this way... And God help you if you tell anybody... Any kids her and I have will be 100% Fabus..."

(Alice) "But...that's...ew."

(Czar) "So you're a liberal and probably for gay marriage... But you don't want to see a man and woman who love each other deeply get married, just because they're from the same general family..."

(Alice) "How general, exactly?"

(Czar) "Well I mean say the mother and father are both the same, that meaning brother and sister..."

(Alice) "I suppose, if you love each other..."

(Czar) "Well George married a third cousin... Besides in nature, animals mate with any other animal, regardless of relations to each other... It's perfectly natural and normal, cats do it."

(Czar) "Now you make sure you don't tell anybody, you hear?”

(Czar) (Chuckling) "Besides, who would believe you, eh?"

(Alice) "Very true, sir."

Curtis's wife was standing in the doorway and in a sly voice called to him, "Oh Curtis, why don't you come back here for a while?"

The Czar stood up, told Alice, "Try to keep yourself busy for a while, watch a movie... I'll be back later."

He walked off towards the back of the plane where his private room was.

Captain Nelson smiled at Alice, "You don't think what he's doing is acceptable, eh?"

(Alice) "I'm not sure."

(Nelson) "Well she is the only thing that kept him alive after his wife Julia died in 1990... For 4 years after, he stayed in his mansion at Stalingrad, never leaving, he only ate about once every three days, he showered about 24 times in the 4 years... She was the only thing that kept him from suicide..."

Alice was starting to feel funny, she didn't know what it was, she felt odd, and she had no idea what it was... Perhaps a side effect from the injection?

Alice tried to shake it off. "That was very nice..."

(Nelson) "Yes, it was... Do you feel okay? You seemed distracted there for a second..."

(Alice) "I'm...I'm fine."

He smiled at her and offered her a bottle of water, she felt oddly inclined to accept it, she wasn't thirsty, but she strangely wanted to make him happy by taking the water...

(Nelson) "Here, have something to drink, it'll help cool you down." He held out the bottle for her.

Nelson nudged her on the shoulder and said, "Here, have some water..."

Alice took the bottle, nodding. "Thanks."

Captain Nelson said, "You're welcome..."

A few hours later the Czar came back up into the main section of the plane, dressed only in a silk robe. He had been in his private quarters with his wife (sister) for the last few hours. He sat down next to Alice and asked her, "How are you doing, Alice?"

Alice smiled. "I'm feeling very good, sir. You?"

He looked outside the plane, the clouds were ominously threatening and the weather seemed awful, he said to her, "Great weather out, eh?" She could tell it was awful weather, but she didn't seem to have the energy or the will to dispute his claim.

He nodded and said, "I'm great, great as the weather, eh?"

(Alice) "Yes."

The Czar smiled, "That's great, Alice, just great." He knew it was working.
Communist Mississippi
07-09-2004, 00:02
He smiled at her again and said, "You know, when I retire shortly, Roger will be Czar, if he ends up marrying you, you'll be a Czarina..." He nudged her, "I bet you like the thought of that, eh?"

(Alice) "It sounds like a nice position, sir. I'd be very happy for Roger, though."

(Czar) "I'm sure you're eager to see Roger yes, and to apologize to him... Something tells me he is anxious to see you."

(Alice) "I would very much like to see him."

The Czar looked at his watch, "Damn, time sure does fly when you're... Well never mind, time flies! We'll be there in about twenty minutes."

Sure enough, twenty minutes later (Well twenty-three minutes later) they were in Stahlecker City.

(Czar) "Here we are... Shall we go."

About ten minutes later, they had arrive at the hospital by helicopter...

There were over twenty surgeons taking turns operating on Roger, thus far they'd pumped over 200 units of blood into him and spent almost 18 hours operating on him.

They were taking a break because they feared his body wouldn't be able to handle much more surgery without a break, they had largely stabilized him... He was awakened, he lie there, quite weak.

The chief doctor told Alice and the Czar they could go in and see him.

Alice nodded and barely restrainted herself from rushing in.

She saw him lying there on the table, partially covered by a sheet because they hadn't stitched him back up because they were far from done... She saw they had thus far removed about 14 bullets from him, the mushroomed pieces of metal lie in a bin near the table. He looked up and said meekly, "Alice... Alice, is that you?"

(Alice) "Oh, god, Roger. I'm so sorry..."

Roger smiled at her, and then coughed up blood before saying, "Not... Your fault... Don't, blame, yourself..."

Roger weakly raised his hand to try to hold Alice's hand, but he missed and his hand fell limp to his side.

(Alice) "Thank you, Roger. Don't you dare die."

He smiled at her, "I won't don't worry..." He started to gasp for air and then the doctors told everybody, "Okay, everybody who doesn't need to be here, get out please..."

Alice nodded and turned around. Roger saw a frightened look on her face just before it disappeared.

She heard the monitor system going off, the EKG flat lined, and then picked back up again, flat lined, picked back up, it was odd, his heart would start and stop almost as a pattern... She stood there watching, it... Then it flat lined and stayed flat for over twenty seconds, thirty... One of the orderlies was readying a defibrillator... One of the doctors noticed Alice was still there, "Please ma'am you'll have to leave."
Communist Mississippi
07-09-2004, 00:02
Alice nodded. "All right." She said, and slowly left the room.

She heard the defibrillator sound off, and then again, then again, finally the monitor came back to life, Roger had stabilized, at least for now... They were getting ready to start the surgery again... The Czar was still sitting in the room, holding his son's hand... He turned and told one of the doctors' "Ms Carrion is welcome to stay, that is an order."

An orderly came and told Alice, "You're welcome to stay in there, if you wish, just don't get in the doctor's way, okay?"

Alice nodded. "All right."

54 hour and 300 units of blood later, Roger had been declared stable and moved to a recovery ward for close observation.

Roger was lying in a hospital bed in a private room, Henry Stahlecker was there visiting him... The Czar and Alice had fallen asleep in the operating room. The Czar woke up and the doctor told him Roger had made it and was moved to a recovery room... He nudged Alice awake and then said, "Roger made it, let's go see him, yes?"

Alice nodded. "Yes."

One of the SRG men handed Alice and the Czar each a cup of coffee, Alice didn't know it, but her cup contained more of the estrogen agent. The Czar's cup was just regular coffee with whiskey mixed in.

They walked up to the room Roger was in.

He was lying in bed... When Henry Stahlecker saw Alice and the Czar arrive, he excused himself and slowly left the room, to allow the others to visit him in privacy.

Roger looked up at Alice and found the strength to speak, "Alice, you're not mad at me, are you?"

Alice shook her head. "Never."

Roger smiled and motioned with his hand, "Come here, come here, closer, both of you..."

The Czar moved to his right side and held his right hand... With his left hand, he gripped one of Alice's hands.

He smiled as he said, "My two favorite people are here with me, I'm so happy..."

Roger's thoughts suddenly turned to his unit, he coughed up a question, "What... What happened, to the Legion cavalry..."

Alice and the Czar both didn't think telling him the unit was wiped out would do anything to help him.

(Czar) "Some of them are okay, but they suffered losses like any unit."

(Roger) "The last thing I remember..." (his voice drifts into a tone revealing his flashingback) "I remember, gunfire, suddenly, from every tree, every rock, behind every bush, all-around, everywhere... A bright flash... I was hit, in the stomach, blood flew out, I fell off my horse... A standard bearer, dragged me to safety behind a pile of dead bodies and horses... The firing continued for a few minutes, RPGS, mortars, violent fire... Nothing but noise, gunfire..." He started to shout, "Flank them! Suppressing fire! For God sake's protect the colors, don't let them take the colors!" Then he shouts in pain, "AHHH!" he was having a detailed flashback.

He shouted, "You'll never take me alive!" and then he motioned as though he was shooting a pistol, before he let his hand drop.

His father shook him back into the present. "Roger, snap out of it."

Roger was sweating profusely down his face, the hospital bed sheets were soaked by his perspiration, he looked exhausted, scared, frightened... "Alice, dad, are you there?"

(Czar) "I'm here, son... I'm here..."
Communist Mississippi
07-09-2004, 00:03
(Roger) "Dad, would you please leave me alone with Alice for a minute, I want to talk to her in private." The Czar nodded and said, "I'll be right outside if you need anything..." Then he turned and walked out, shutting the door.

Roger smiled at Alice, "Alice, you're there, yes? You can hear me, right?"

(Alice) "I'm here."

(Roger) "Alice, I'm sorry about our argument, we can forget about that, yes? You know I love you, right?"

(Alice) "Of course, Roger. And... I love you too, Roger."

(Roger) "Alice, I think father is ill, do you know what I mean? He trembles so, as though he has a degenerative condition... I've watched him for the last few years, he seems to be getting worse..."

Alice nodded.

(Roger) "I think father might have Parkinsons... I hope not, though."

Alice nodded again. "That's terrible."

(Roger) "Well if he does have it, he'll likely retire and I'll become Czar... And well, I'll want you to be my Czarina, do you know what I'm asking you?"

(Alice) "Are you..."

(Roger) "I want to know if you'll marry me, Alice... Will you?"

(Alice) "Oh, yes, Roger. Of course."

Roger smiled and then said, "That's great, we can get married whenever you want to, well once the doctors say I can leave..."

(Alice) "This is... I'm so happy..."

Roger was smiling and he sat up in bed to hug Alice, he exerted a great deal of energy and effort to do so, but he managed to embrace and kiss her, before his energy was spent and he collapsed back into the mass of pillows that the nurses had left for him.

Alice looked down. "Don't you ever do this again. Ever."

(Roger) "I don't ever want to be away from you Alice... Ever, I'll never leave your side again, if you want it that way, I do... I want to be with you."

(Alice) "I do, too, Roger."
Communist Mississippi
07-09-2004, 00:04
One of the doctors came into the room and looked at Alice, he was there on Curtis's orders... He immediately turned pale and said, "Oh my ma'am, you don't look well at all, you seem to be coming down with West Nile Virus... Probably a minor version, nothing too serious, but possibly a side effect of the vaccine, it's a weakened virus, not killed virus... Please, come right this way, with me."

She didn't want to go, but she didn't want to object, it wouldn't seem right to object to a doctor, a man in a position of authority.

Alice nodded and left. "I'll be back soon, Roger."

Roger smiled at Alice, "I'll be waiting."

The doctor escorted her to a room and said, "Okay, we need to put you under to do the procedure, it's not too complicated and won't take long, it'll help your system fight off the weakened virus quicker... Okay?"

Alice nodded. "Okay."

They put her out, she was lying unconscious when they moved her into an operating room and then they quickly went to work... They brought in some genetic experts who helped alter some of her glands so they would produce the feminizing agent in the desired quantities... The whole thing had been planned weeks ago by Curtis Fabus... Roger had no idea at all that his father was up to this.

About two hours later, Alice woke up in the room she started in. "All better." the doctor said.

Alice nodded. "Thank you."

She walked back to the hospital room Roger was in... His father was there talking to him. He turned and said, "Alice, father has told me some awful news... He does indeed have Parkinsons."

(Czar) "Yes, it's bad, but can be treated to some degree... I'm going to let Roger be the Czar, I'll resign... Roger tells me you and him are getting married... That'll make you the Czarina, and I am sure you're thrilled.”

(Alice) "I couldn't have found a better man than Roger, sir."

(Czar) "For your wedding gift..." (He hesitated for a minute) "I'm giving you Stalingrad!"

Roger was awe-struck, "Father, surely, that isn't necessary."

(Czar) "Yes it is, it's an estate fit for a Czar, which you will soon be... Besides, I imagine you and your Czarina will be needing lots of room when you start having children..."

Roger smiled at Alice, "Children, yes, what a great thought, yes, Alice?"

Alice nodded hesitantly. "Yes..."

Curtis got up and walked out of the room, as he said, "I'll leave you two kids alone to talk."

Roger looked at Alice, he detected she seemed hesitant about the mention of children, "Alice, are you okay? You do want children, right?"

Alice nodded. "Of course."

(Roger) "How many do you think you'll want?"

(Alice) "However many you'd like, Roger."

(Roger) "We can decide a number later, yes? Please come and sit by me, I like it when you're closer to me..."

Alice sat down in a chair next to his bed.

Roger smiled at her, "Oh Alice, you're so beautiful and intelligent, you know that... I imagine our children will be beautiful, smart, and strong, healthy... As we both seem to be."

Alice smiled. "I hope so."

Roger chuckled, "The doctor told me no strenuous activity for a few months, three weeks at the least... But I'm liable to want to start the procreating early. I don't know how I managed without you for those last few days, Alice... I realize now, I can't stand to be without you... I'm glad we're going to get married, and then I will crown you my Czarina. Do you like the sound of that "Czarina Alice". It has a ring to it, yes?"

(Alice) "I suppose."

The doctor came in and told Alice that Roger would need his rest and she could come back later.

(Doctor) "Ma'am, you'll need to leave now, he has to get some sleep."

(Roger) "She can stay if she wants to... Alice, do you want to stay?"

(Doctor) "Sir, you really should get some rest..."

(Roger) (Coughing) "I sleep better with the woman I love close by, and besides, this bed is quite large, she can sleep here with me."

(Doctor) "That's not really permitted, we are a hospital..."

(Roger) "You think I could do that in my condition? I can barely sit up!"

(Alice) "Roger, I have to go..."

(Doctor) "Okay, you have a point. She can stay, if she wants to."

The Doctor turned to Alice, "You may stay, ma'am, if you want."

Alice grinned. "Thank you, sir."

The doctor go an extra few pillows and set them on the large bed Roger was in... He walked out and closed the door behind him.

Roger leaned back into bed and then tapped the other side, saying, "Plenty of room here..."

Alice nodded and sat down on the bed.
Communist Mississippi
07-09-2004, 00:05
Roger was lying in bed, he started to perspire more, his heart rate increased, and she could see it on the monitor... Suddenly he shouted, "Hit the dirt!” “Mortar fire on the hill!", "Call in air support!" he started flailing his arms about and motioning as though he was shooting a rifle.

(Alice) "Roger!"

His heart rate gradually calmed down and his breathing eased... He was drenched as he snapped back into reality, "Where am I? What happened? Did we win?"

She realized he was most likely suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder.

(Alice) "You're in the hospital, Roger."

Roger smiled, "Ah I remember now.. Sorry, for a minute there it seemed so real, I was near Bir Gandus, on a horse, in the mountains... I could feel the cool mountain air, and taste the smoke from the artillery fire in the air."

(Alice) "It's all right, Roger."

Roger kissed her on the cheek and then collapsed back down onto his pillow, "Would you hold me Alice... Hold me tightly, and don't let go..."

(Alice) "Of course."

Roger smiled, "thank you."

She lay down right next to him and embraced him tightly in her arms, he did likewise with her, and then he started to fall asleep, yawning, "I love you Alice."

She realized he was asleep immediately after he said that.

Alice started to drift off asleep...

Alice began to wonder what she should do next...she reached a decision a few seconds later - whatever Roger wanted.
Communist Mississippi
07-09-2004, 00:06
In the morning, they were both rudely awakened around 8 am by a nurse shouting, "What is going on in here!"

Alice opened her eyes slowly. "Hmm?"

Roger wiped his eyes and in quite a groggy sounding voice that quickly turned angry, said, "Dangit, nothing is going on in here... I have over 18 separate wounds; you think I have the energy for anything to be going on? My soon to be Czarina is keeping me company... I suggest you leave."

The nurse apologized and then turned and left.

Alice liked the way he said, "My soon to be Czarina."

Roger looked into her eyes, kissed her, then said, "How do you like that, Czarina Alice... It's not official yet, but it will be soon enough..."

(Alice) "It's very nice, Roger."

Roger smiled as he held her hand, "I'm glad you like the idea... It makes me happy to know you're happy. You are happy, yes?"

(Alice) "How could I be sad?"

(Roger) "I was just making sure... I want you to be happy, I'll do anything to make you happy... I want you to know that."

(Alice) "All you have to do is be here."

Roger smiled, "Likewise, for me, all you have to do is be here with me."

The doctor came into the room, "How are we feeling today Mr. Fabus?"

Roger sat up and the doctor checked the monitors for his vitals. Then he had Roger cough for him.

(Doctor) "Ah, your pneumonia has cleared up wonderfully, this hot desert air worked wonders for it... Since you have stabilized, and I must say, I've never seen anybody as injured as you stabilized so quickly... You are released. You may return to Mississippi if you so like... I wonder if your lady companion's comfort helped your spirits and thereby healed you."

Roger hugged Alice and then said, "I know for a fact it's yes, you're being here with me, it saved me, Alice."

Alice smiled. "You saved yourself all on your own, Roger."

Some SRG men brought a wheelchair in and helped get Roger situated into the wheelchair. The doctor tapped him on the shoulder and said, "You're a very lucky man, you've survived an ordeal few else have, and you have a wonderful woman to stand by your side."

Roger smiled at Alice and said, "I know."

Alice smiled. "Thank you."

They got back to the plane, they were all getting situated, the Czar was pacing, his left arm trembling without end, he had to literally keep his right hand down on it at all times or else it shook. The only thing that seemed to help him was smoking opium.
Communist Mississippi
07-09-2004, 00:06
Roger was lying on a couch in a private room in the middle section of the plane. Alice was on a chair next to the couch.

(Roger) "Alice, are you doing well? Is there anything you'd like? Perhaps you'd care for a game of cards?"

(Alice) "If you'd like."

Roger sat up and took out a deck of cards; he struggled to pull a table over. They started to play poker, "What are the stakes? I mean, are we betting anything?"

(Roger) "Whoever wins the most hands out of say 9 hands, gets to decide where we honeymoon. Although I'll probably let you pick anyway, because I couldn't deny you a thing, you know that..." He said it in a very playful and friendly voice.

(Alice) "I wouldn't be able to decide."

They started to play cards, after 9 rounds, of which Roger lost 7 (he lost on purpose) he said, "Well Alice, where do you want to go?"

(Roger) "Surely there must be somewhere you'd like to go... Perhaps somewhere in South America? New Zealand? Italy? Spain? France?"

(Alice) "Honestly, you choose."

(Roger) "Personally I've always wanted to go to Spain and Portugal... If you want to, it's great, if not, well you decide where we go... It's your call."

(Alice) "That sounds great."

Roger smiled, "So Spain and Portugal it is, eh?"

(Alice) "Okay."

Roger smiled at her, "Oh Alice, if the doctors had not told me to avoid any physical activity for a few weeks, I'd love to be with you, you know... It's been a long while since we've, you know... And I so love to be with you."

Alice smiled. "Then let us hope the few weeks pass quickly."

Alice stood up and moved the table out of the way, she kneeled down in front of Roger and started to pull his short down...

Roger was confused and asked her, "What are you doing, Alice?"

She smiled and replied, "Well I just realized, I didn't get you anything for your birthday, so if you'll forgive my tardiness, consider this a belated birthday present."

Roger smiled and said, "Okay, if it makes you feel better about forgetting."

She smiled back and said, "No, I hope it makes you feel better."

When she was done, she sat down on the couch next to Roger.
Communist Mississippi
07-09-2004, 00:07
The plane was nearing Mississippi. The Czar had written his resignation speech, and he was readying to give it over the media when they got back.

The plane finally landed in Mississippi, it was a rough landing, and Alice would have flipped over the side of the couch if Roger had not have caught her... He held her tightly in his arms and chuckled, "You need to be more careful dear, I wouldn't want anything to happen to you."

(Alice) "I'm sorry."

(Roger) "There is no need to be sorry. I'm just concerned about your safety... I love you Alice, and don't want anything to happen to you."

The pilot announced they could all leave, and thus Roger said, "Well Alice, shall we go?"

Alice nodded and stood up. "Of course."

Two SRG men came into the room to help Roger get into the wheelchair, they pushed him out and off the runway into the mansion, Alice walked close behind.

They stayed at the mansion for a few days, lounging around, doing nothing in particular. Then finally, the Czar decided it was time to retire and Roger would ascend the throne. Roger was almost able to walk at this point, but not quite. It had been about eight days since he was mowed down in the Western Saharan mountains. Had it not been for the genetic enhancements he'd received early in life, he'd never have been able to heal so quickly.

The Czar was sitting in a room, with both Alice and Roger listening attentively to every word.

(Curtis) "Alice, you're going to soon be a Czarina, do you understand what this means?"

(Curtis) "What do you consider the most important job of the Czarina to be?"

(Alice) " support the Czar..."

(Curtis) "Precisely. And how do you support the Czar? What is the best way to support him?

(Alice) "I'm...I'm sorry, sir...I don't know."

(Curtis) "By obeying him... Do you understand?"

(Alice) "Yes. I'm sorry."

(Curtis) "That's okay, you didn't know."

(Roger) "Father, what has she to be sorry for? Alice is a great woman and doesn't have to apologize to you..."

(Curtis) "I suppose you are right son. Accept my apologies, Alice."

(Curtis) "Well I am about to go announce my resignation and then your ascension to the throne. Roger, you and Alice should be married as soon as you are fit to walk."

He stood up and left the room, leaving Roger and Alice alone to talk.

(Roger) "Alice do you agree with father, we should be married as soon as we can?

(Alice) "Of course."

(Roger) "This will raise another issue. Personally, I've always thought between ten-fifteen was a right number for the amount of children I'd want... What about you?"

(Alice) "That sounds fine."

Roger was wondering why Alice was so agreeable as of lately. But he figured his nearly being killed might have caused her to change, whatever the reason, he was happy and she seemed happy, so leave well enough alone was his theory.

(Roger) "That's good then, if you're happy with it, I'm happy as well."
Communist Mississippi
07-09-2004, 00:07
Curtis came back to the mansion about two hours later, Roger was sound asleep, Alice was sitting up watching him sleep. Curtis walked up to his room and gently knocked on the door. It didn't wake Roger, but it got Alice's attention.

Alice stood up and walked to the door. She opened it as quietly as she could.

(Curtis) "Is Roger awake?"

Alice shook her head.

(Curtis) "Tell him he is now the Czar, when he wakes up... It's official." He smiled, "And soon, you shall be his Czarina."

Alice smiled. "Thank you, sir."

The former Czar turned and walked away, nodding to Alice as he went.

Alice turned and walked back into the room, Roger was sitting up in bed, "What was all that talking about, are you okay, Alice?"

(Alice) "You're the Czar."

Roger smiled, "Seriously, it's official now?"

Alice nodded. "It's official."

Roger's smile grew even larger, "And soon, you shall be my Czarina."

(Alice) "Very soon."

(Roger) "We could get married tomorrow if you'd like... I feel much better and I'm certain I won't have any problems walking... Shall I make the arrangements?"

(Roger) "Well Alice, shall we prepare for the wedding?"

(Alice) "Very well."

Curtis Fabus knocked back on the door.

(Curtis) "Alice, turn the news on, the Mississippian Egyptian news channel." That was what he said before walking away.
Communist Mississippi
07-09-2004, 00:08
Alice did so, turning her attention to it.

(TV) "The results of the Mississippian Egyptian election are in. The President of the Commonwealth territory of Mississippian Egypt will be Ms. Alice Carrion, who won a landslide victory against Nasser Aref and Simon Rutledge

(TV) "Ms Carrion won via a write-in that was largely backed by the WKM Egyptian realm."

(Roger) "Alice, what will you do now?"

(Alice) "Oh dear. I suppose I'll have to resign."

(Roger) "Why will you have to resign? You can be president of Mississippian Egypt without actually having to be there..."

(Alice) "It would be quite a bit of would take me away from you..."

(Roger) "I suppose you are right... But if you resign, Rutledge will be the president of Mississippian Egypt... Do we really want that? I don't suppose it matters what happens in Egypt, as long as we are happy here, yes?"

(Alice) "Right."

(Roger) (Smiling) "I am feeling a great deal better now... What say we get to work on making an addition to the Fabus family?"

Alice nodded. "All right."

After they were finished, Roger had exhausted himself... He'd been saving his strength for the last few days for that, and he was lying next to Alice, gasping for breath... "Wow, you were great, Alice..."

He smiled at her, "I think that we may soon find there is an addition to the Fabus family, eh?"

(Alice) "Possibly."

(Roger) "Do you hope our first child is a boy or a girl?"

(Alice) "Whatever you want, Roger."

Roger smiled at her and then said, "Let's keep our fingers crossed, we have a boy... Do you have any ideas on names yet?"

(Alice) "Not yet."

(Roger) "Well we can decide a name when we're sure you're pregnant." He then chuckled, "But don't worry, it's not an if, it's when you're pregnant, believe me, I'm going to make sure of it." He smiled and then kissed her.

Roger picked up the phone said to one of the SRG lieutenants, "Alice and I are planning on getting married tomorrow, yes, call and make sure everything is moved forward in the schedule...Thank you."

Roger looked into Alice's brown eyes, "Well soon you shall be Czarina Alice Fabus..."

(Alice) "And you are already the Czar."

(Roger) "And soon you shall be my Czarina, and we shall steer Mississippi into the future, together, as Czar and Czarina."
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bump. That was a long but worhtwhile read. Good job on the writing.

Thank you, thank you. (You read it all? I am impressed you found the time and discipline to concentrate that long on such a read)

Also you must congratulate Seryown, he is an equal partner in this here RP (which isn't even finished by the way, we are working on ideas and will probably decided where this goes from here)
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18-09-2004, 23:51
Alice was lying down to sleep for the night, Roger had been pacing back and forth across the mansion for the last few hours, he had started smoking again, he told her he wasn't, but she could smell it. He was in a lower floor room when a guard came up and told her, "Roger has fallen ill ma'am, he's been taken to the hospital." Roger had collapsed from the tumor pressuring his brain, and was currently in the RG Hospital on the estate grounds.

(Alice) "Ill?"

(Guard) "He was complaining of headaches, he rubbed his head hundreds of times in the course of an hour, he smoked through over two packs, then he was standing up again and suddenly collapsed... He was also talking to himself while he paced, as though he was talking to somebody else, but not to any of us in the room... He kept saying things like, "What must I do Lord", and "I will get right on that.”

(Alice) "I must seem him immediately."

(Guard) "This way, follow me."

The guard led her out of the room and down the stairs, passed the statues and paintings, to the outside and to a waiting car... It was a ten-minute drive to the estate hospital.

Inside the hospital, Alice was looking for the main doctor, she saw a man in surgical scrubs come by, and he looked as though he was in a hurry to get somewhere... To a man in his profession, time was of the essence.

A few other doctors followed closely behind him, all in surgical scrub, readying to operate on somebody. One of them said to the other one, "I can't believe the Czar has a brain tumor." He was talking loudly and walking right by Alice when he said it, and she heard it, the words impacted against her, and she realized the full weight of the situation.

Alice looked around. Something, surely, could be done. There was something she could do...what was it?

One of the surgeons was walking by, facing backwards to talk; he bumped right into her, "Sorry ma'am... Say, what are you doing here, this is for Special Republican Guardsmen only, and no women can be in the SRG, are you here to visit somebody?”

(Alice) "My name is Alice Fabus, sir. I think that should be enough."

The doctor immediately revealed his embarrassment, "I'm sorry your Excellency, I didn't know... Forgive me; do you want to see the Czar, then? He is still in surgery, you can observe if you wish..."

(Alice) "I...yes, thank you."

(Doctor) "This way then."

He walked off down the hall to the main operating room.

Inside the room, there were at least a dozen doctors and surgeons arguing over how best to extract the tumor... Roger was sedated and lying on a table in the middle of the cold, emotionless room, spartan really, except for the equipment, top of the line.

Alice stood against a wall, watching, trying to maintain a similar, emotionless expression.

None of the doctors realized Alice was there, one of them chuckled, "Can't we just clone him a new brain?"

One of the other doctors gave him a stern look before saying, "You're not helping...”

The other doctor blushed and then stepped back a few feet.
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18-09-2004, 23:51
Another doctor spoke up, "What if we operate and fail, we could be shot, or hanged, it's not impossible you know... If we do nothing, our asses are covered, legally speaking..."

(Alice) "No, your asses are shot, legally speaking."

The doctor who made the remark turned to her, "And who might you be, woman..."

(Alice) "Do you think I would have gotten this far if I wasn't permitted to be here?"

The doctor laughed, "You must be a nurse, eh? Or do you want a job as a secretary... If you do, I can help you out, you look like the type I'd like to have working under me!" Most of the other doctors erupted into laughter...

One of them shouted, "Silence, enough! I am a Republican Guard doctor, not some civilian jackass, and my Czar needs me, I will operate, any who don't wish to join me, go outside and start saying your prayers, for the Guard will destroy you!"

The RG doctor moved over to the table and prepped for the surgery, readying to get at the tumor...

The other doctors continued debating amongst themselves, one of them waved his hand in a dismissive gesture and then started to walk out of the room.

Another one sat down and started to smoke, inside the operating room, Alice didn't think that was at all appropriate.

(Alice) "My name is Alice Fabus."

The doctor who sitting down looked as though he'd been visited by death himself, the cigarette dangled loosely in his mouth before falling out... The other doctors immediately stopped their talking; a silence fell over the room.

The doctor who called her "woman" was the first to speak, "Forgive me your Excellency, I had no idea..."

(Alice) "No."

He was laughingly nervously, "Perhaps, if we start the operation now, we can just forget about all that, yes?"

(Alice) "Perhaps if you save my husband's life, and then its still only perhaps."

The doctor nodded, the others followed suit and then they got to work on operating on Roger...

Hours started to tick by, the intense lighting in the room caused everybody to sweat profusely.

After four hours of surgery, one of the doctors started to grow weak, he collapsed down into a chair while a nurse applied a damp cloth to his head. She then gave him a bottle of water.

Another doctor turned to Alice and asked, "Excellency, may I use the bathroom? I'll just be a moment."

(Alice) "Go."

The doctor slowly walked out the door and then raced off down the hall, he was back in about ninety seconds.
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18-09-2004, 23:52
He put a new pair of gloves on and got back to work... The hours started to tick by again, over eight hours total had gone by. Several of the doctors were whining, "I need something to eat..."

One of them looked at Alice and said, "Excellency, could you get us something to eat?"

(Alice) "You save my husband's life."

One of the doctors sighed, "I can't work like this, I need a break, I've gone for eight hours straight... Do you want me to slip and make a mistake?"

(Alice) "I want my husband to walk out of this room."

They all continued to operate on Roger... One of them slowly slid away to the side and sat down next to Alice and started to talk.

(Doctor) "Excellency, you do realize the odds are that he might not be able to walk..."

(Alice) "Then you'll just have to beat the odds."

(Doctor) "You do realize he for sure won't be in any condition to walk out of this room... After an operation this complex, he'll need to be kept in bed for a few days, and I'd like for him to stay here for observation for at least a week."

(Alice) "I notice that you're not busy saving his life right now."

(Doctor) "Okay, I'll get right back to that now, I just wanted you to know that this is indeed a serious procedure."

The doctor walked back over to the operating table... The other doctors were all starting to get tired and their concentration was greatly impaired by their drowsiness.

About two hours later, they finally finished the procedure and they sealed him back up.

One of the doctors turned to Alice, "It's done."

Alice smiled. "See? All you needed was some motivation."

One of the other doctors said, "Ah shit, open him back up, I think I left a scalpel in there..."

He smiled as he looked at Alice and chuckled, "Just a minor mistake, eh, no harm done... Hehehehe."

Alice frowned. "You had better fucking hope not."

Two of the other doctors started to open him back up, the scalpel was indeed there, between the skull and tissue layer outside it. The doctor casually took it out and tried to laugh it off, "Just a simple mistake, eh?"

He was still laughing, trying to deflect the seriousness of the situation, he looked at Alice, afraid, "I'm in trouble, aren't I?"

Alice shrugged. "Possibly. That depends on how sure you are that absolutely nothing else went wrong."

Before he realized what he was saying, and that he might actually be held to it, he blurted out, "I'd bet my life on him being fine and making a full recovery."
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18-09-2004, 23:52
(Alice) "That seems like a fair bet to me."

The doctor sighed, "I hope he makes it, for his sake and mine..."

(Doctor) "Shall we wake him then?"

(Alice) "Yes."

The doctor moved over to the side of the table and shut the anesthetic off, about twenty minutes later, Roger was groggily coming back into consciousness.

(Roger) "What happened? Where am I?"

(Doctor) "You're in the hospital, you were ill, you had a tumor near your brain, we managed to get it out, you'll be fine."

(Roger) "Where is Alice? Is she here?"

(Alice) "I'm right here, Roger."

(Roger) "Are you okay?"

(Alice) "I'm fine, Roger. Are you?"

(Roger) "I feel better now... My thoughts, they're calm, and I can hear clearly now. He's gone, he's not speaking to me any longer."

(Alice) "He?"

(Roger) "He told me things, Alice, he warned me about that assassination attempt by the muslim with the grenade... I don't know who he was, he claimed to be God. I can't hear him now..."

(Doctor) "Perhaps the tumor pressure on your brain caused you to have some sort of psychic ability, stranger things have happened... I'll leave you two alone to talk though."

The doctor turned and walked out of the room, as did the other doctors.

(Roger) "Alice, what do you think of that voice... Was it just the result of my tumor? It did tell me things before they happened, but it also said I should destroy other nations, numerous nations, for their blasphemy..."

(Alice) "I...I think that you should always do what you think is right, Roger - you should never blindly follow some other voice, regardless of its location."

(Roger) "Okay, you are right.”

(Roger) "Can we go home now? It's not too far, is it, this is the SRG Hospital, we're still on the estate, right?"

(Alice) "The doctors wanted you to stay here for several days..."

Roger snorted, "Doctors, what do they know, those idiots are always botching operations, leaving surgical tools inside people, idiots, the lot of them! Except for perhaps the RG doctors, but civilian doctors, I don't trust them."

Alice nodded. "If you wish to leave, Roger..."

Roger struggled to stand up, and then started to slip as he said, "I think leaving is the best idea, I hate hospitals." He started to walk towards the door, but then he started to slip again.
Decisive Action
18-09-2004, 23:53
(Roger) "Shall we leave then?"

Alice nodded. "Let's go."

As they were leaving, a doctor in the hallway objected, "Sir, you must not leave yet, you're not nearly recovered."

(Roger) "Alice dear, I'm in no mood to argue with these people. Please tell this idiot if he values his job he'll leave me alone."

Alice nodded and turned to the doctor. "I think you should understand that if you don't shut up you'll be leaving this hospital. For good."

The doctor nodded and stepped out of the way. The other doctor, the one who called Alice, "Woman" meekly asked her, "So we're all okay now, right? No hard feelings?"

Alice shrugged. "If you stay out of my face."

The doctor immediately walked away, backwards, and then turned and ran down the hall.

Two SRG men helped Roger limp out to the car, they set him down gently in the back seat. One of them got in the drivers seat. Another one held the back door for Alice to get in alongside Roger.

Alice smiled. "Thank you."

The guard nodded, stepped in the front passenger side, and the car was off. Slowly moving towards the mansion, which they arrived at about twenty minutes later.

After the guards carried Roger inside, they set him down on the bed in his main room.

A top military commander, Field Marshal Bertrand Navarre, recently promoted to head of the entire Republican Guard High Command, arrived to speak with the Czar, he didn't know the Czar was recovering from recent surgery.

A guard approached Alice, "Excellency, Field Marshal Navarre is here, he wishes to speak with the Czar, he says it is very urgent... But the Czar is asleep and asked not to be bothered."

Alice narrowed her eyes, thinking. "Where is he?"

(Guard) "He is in the front room."

(Alice) "I will speak with him there."

(Guard) "Very well."

Navarre was pacing back and forth in the front room, smoking a cigarette. Something Alice had forbidden, smoking inside the mansion anywhere except the smoking lounges.

Navarre turned and stopped smoking long enough to speak when he saw her, "Czarina, you grace me with your presence. But I was hoping to speak with the Czar himself. Can you speak for the Czar?"

(Alice) "Well enough.

(Navarre) "Can we speak somewhere more private than this open room?"

(Alice) "All right." She motioned toward a hallway. "This way."

He followed close behind her.
Decisive Action
18-09-2004, 23:53
When they arrived in the Czar's private conference room, the two guards standing inside moved towards the exit to leave Navarre and Alice alone to speak in private.

Alice sat down. "What do you need?"

(Navarre) "There is a plot against Roger and his regime..."

(Alice) "Continue."

(Navarre) "Have you heard of the Christian Martyrs Brigade? Under the command of the Minister of Religion and the Bishop the Field Marshal Herman Von Felben?"

(Alice) "A little too well, maybe."

(Navarre) "They have set the date for the start of their coup plot. They are going to use army units loyal to them to attempt to surround Jackson City, this estate, and dozens of other crucial cities and targets."

(Navarre) "Meanwhile, the entire CMB, about two million militants, will spring into action across the Commonwealth and start a guerilla war."

Alice nodded. "Suggestions?"

(Navarre) "I would gladly give you the names of all the coup plotters, but see, I would feel like a rat for selling them out... But I suppose it must be done, yes?"

(Alice) "Yes."

Navarre started rattling off names, before he was done, he'd spoken over thirty names of army generals.

Alice frowned. "That doesn't seem to leave much room for loyal units."

(Navarre) "As head of the Republican Guard, I can honestly say, you can count on the entire RG and the RGISA, and the SRG for support. We believe about 20% of the regular army will back the coup, the rest will oppose them."

(Alice) "Twenty percent..."

(Navarre) "Don't worry, twenty percent is nothing compared to what they'll be up against. Anyway, thirty generals is hardly a dent in the armor of our officer corp. We have thousands of generals of varying levels."

(Alice) "I understand, but the damage they could do..."

(Navarre) "Just between you and I, one of Felben's main goals is going to be to capture you, condemn you as a witch, and burn you in public."

Alice frowned. "I see."

(Navarre) "He also thinks this battle will start the Armageddon and that God wants him to destroy the Earth so it is cleansed of sin... I think Felben is a lunatic and must be stopped at all costs."

(Alice) "I understand that."

(Navarre) "There is only one Republican Guard commander whose loyalty I hold in question..."

Alice raised her eyebrows.

(Navarre) "Field Marshal Francisco "Chemical" Salazar, commander of the Northern RG Defense Corp, which consists of the 3rd Republican Guard Armored Division, the 2nd and 3rd Republican Guard Mechanized Divisions, and the 5th Republican Guard Internal Security Division. A very formidable force."

(Alice) "Can he be removed from his position quietly?"

(Navarre) "No, I'm afraid not, his men are fiercely loyal to him and if he was outright killed, they'd side with the coup... Salazar is an odd man, he is corrupt, he might have a price... His loyalty is to the old regime of Curtis Fabus, he sees Roger as moderate and weak. He is unsure what to do. I've spoken with him, he seems to be leaning towards backing the coup, I'm not sure what he'll do though.”

(Alice) "If he had a price, what would it be?"

(Navarre) "No idea, he is already a rich man, money means little to him. Right now, he is mad as hell, his wife is a drunk who yells and him and his children, he is thinking of divorcing her. His womanizing hasn't helped his marital issues any."

(Alice) "Find out."

(Navarre) "I hate to mention this, but Salazar might be swayed by you personally, if you understand what I mean..."

Alice frowned. "I understand exactly what you mean. Now go find out."

(Navarre) "I can call him and tell him to come here, so we can all talk. He is conducting training maneuvers about thirty miles from here..."

(Alice) "Do it."

Navarre took out a phone and called Salazar.
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18-09-2004, 23:54
(Navarre) "Francisco, how are you my friend?"

(Salazar) "So suddenly we are friends again? I Remember what you did, siding against me over the Indian reservation issues..."

(Navarre) "Please Francisco, that is ancient history, why don't you come to Stalingrad, we can speak with the Czar and Czarina about this matter concerning us all."

(Salazar) "Fine, but remember, if something happens to me, my men will side against the Czar!"

(Navarre) "I assure you, you'll be fine."

The two men each hung up. Navarre turned to Alice and said, "Excellency, you don't really plan on sleeping with him, do you?"

(Alice) "No."

(Navarre) "Good, that would just be wrong."

They talked about various military strategies and which areas would be hardest hit by the fighting for about thirty minutes until Salazar was escorted in by a servant.

He strode into the room as though he owned the place; he knew the importance his decisions would have in the coming days.

(Salazar) "Greetings Bertrand, Czarina Fabus. How are you both doing today?"

(Alice) "Quite well, thank you."

Navarre nodded, basically acknowledging he was doing well. Then he sat silently while Alice and Salazar started to speak.

(Salazar) "Let us get down to business, yes? You want to know which side I am going to have my Corp side with in the civil war you know is coming very soon, right?"

(Alice) "Yeah."
Decisive Action
18-09-2004, 23:55
(Salazar) "To be honest, right now I'm probably going to side with Felben, unless you can convince me not to, basically, what are you putting on the table, what is your offer?"

(Alice) "What do you want?"

(Salazar) "I imagine Bertrand has already clued you in as to what offer I might find acceptable, yes?"

(Alice) "No, he hasn't."

(Salazar) "Well then why don't we go speak in private, I'm sure Bertrand has to get back to the RG High Command and go over more plans to stop the coup plotters."

Bertrand stood up and walked out of the room after he excused himself and said his goodbyes.

Salazar put his feet on the table and started to smoke a cigar, he blew a large amount of smoke near Alice.

Alice frowned. "What do you want?"

(Salazar) "I'll be blunt, if you want my support, you have to earn it."

(Alice) "How?"

(Salazar) "I've heard how you originally became governor-general of Mississippian Egypt... Something similar to that method."

(Alice) "By asking? All right."

(Salazar) "A friend of mine in the ME Commonwealth Senate tells me you gained the position by screwing Roger."

(Alice) "Your friend is wrong."

(Salazar) "Rutledge is rarely wrong... Well anyway, I think you know what I want..."

(Alice) "I'm afraid not."

(Salazar) "All you have to do is properly convince me of your position, in a manner any woman could convince someone of. Do I need to spell it out for you?"

(Alice) "Yes."

(Salazar) "If you want my support, you're going to take me to a bedroom here, lie down, and I'll do the rest. Understand?"

Alice nodded. "I understand."

(Salazar) "Well, what is your answer, yes, or no?"

(Alice) "That's it?"

(Salazar) "Well, are we going to the room, or not?"

(Alice) "Is that all?"

(Salazar) "What normally takes place in such a situation, you're a smart woman, do you enjoy playing these sort of games?"
Decisive Action
18-09-2004, 23:55
Alice nodded. "Very well."

Salazar smiled, "After you then..."

Alice nodded and stood up.

Salazar followed behind her; she led him to a nearby bedroom.

Salazar sat down on the edge of the bed and took his clothes off, and then he turned to her, "Whenever you're ready."

Alice nodded. "What do you want me to do?"

(Salazar) "Lie down and I'll handle it just fine."

Alice nodded and did so.

When he was finished about twenty minutes later, he sighed, started to smoke, and asked her in a cheerful tone, "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Alice shook her head. "No."

(Salazar) "Well you just earned yourself the allegiance of the Northern Defense Corps."

Alice smiled. "Not me. Roger."

(Salazar) (As he started getting dressed) "So you did that for him, eh?"

(Alice) "Yes."

(Salazar) "Well I can tell you this, Roger is stubborn, he'd rather lose a war than win it by having you do that... But you probably know how stubborn he is."

(Alice) "What makes you think Roger will know?"

(Salazar) "Don't you plan to tell him?"

(Alice) "He wouldn't accept me. I couldn't bear that."

(Salazar) "Well we'll just have to make this our little secret eh? So you'd better never try to move against me, like say after this civil-war is won and I'm no longer needed."

Alice nodded.

Salazar looked at his officer's cap that had been sitting on the table, aimed at the bed. He waved at it and he grinned as he told Alice, "Smile, you're on camera."

(Salazar) "The tape will remain in my possession, sort of my insurance policy against unfortunate accidents, such as your goons trying to kill me, and such."

(Alice) "I understand."

Salazar picked up his hat, then turned to leave, but turned back and said, "Someday, we might all look back on this and laugh... But for now, I must go, and by the way Alice, you were wonderful." He grinned while he said the last part.

(Alice) "Goodbye, then."

He tipped his hat to her and then walked out of the room and eventually out of the mansion to his waiting command jeep. He was going to prepare to side with the Czarist forces, as he promised.
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18-09-2004, 23:56
A guard came by and looked in the room, seeing Alice naked, he diverted his eyes and said, "Sorry, Excellency, I just didn't expect to see you in here, are you okay?"

Alice looked at him. "I'll be fine."

(Guard) "Field Marshal Salazar just left, did something he say upset you?"

Suddenly it dawned on the guard, "You and Salazar... You were... Oh my..."

(Alice) "Nonsense."

(Guard) "I can call the security crew and they can check the tapes, every guestroom has a hidden camera in it. The Czar usually looks over them from time to time, would you rather we found it, or him?"

(Guard) "Remember, foreign diplomats stay in the guestrooms here, we need to keep an eye on what they might be discussing amongst themselves."

(Alice) "Bring the tapes to me immediately."

(Guard) "I'm sorry ma'am, that is something I cannot do, only the Czar can authorize the release of the tapes..."

(Alice) "You are mistaken. You will bring me the tapes immediately."

(Guard) "Well you know, I have a son, he is almost sixteen, he wants to get into the RG youth training to be an officer when he turns eighteen, but he is having some issues with that. He isn't a very swift runner, but he is smart and has much strength. Perhaps if you push the papers through, I can help you with the tapes, eh?"

(Alice) "Of course."

The guard nodded, "Okay then, I'll go get the tapes for you."

Alice stood up and began to get dressed.

The guard walked to the secret passage that would take him through the hidden corridor to the security command office.

(Guard 1) "I need the security tapes for today... Get them now."

(Guard 2) "Today's tapes, sorry, they're gone..."

(Guard 1) "Where are they?"

(Guard 2) "The Czar is laid up in bed with nothing better to do, he asked to review the tapes."

(Guard 1) (In panic) "What floor tapes first?"

(Guard) "Upper floors first, then the lower ones."

The Guard nodded, rushed back through the passage to talk with Alice.

(Guard) "Excellency, there is a problem."

(Guard) "Excellency, there is a problem, it's urgent, the Czar is reviewing all of the tapes, as we speak. He's started with the upper floors and he'll be down to the tapes of this floor, shortly."

(Alice) "Oh god..."

(Guard) "Perhaps you could distract him long enough to get the tape away?"

Alice shook her head. "He'd notice."

(Guard) (Smiling) "Not if you had him sufficiently distracted. I could then barge into the room, apologize for the disturbance, and slip the tape into my pocket."

(Alice) "He'd see a floor was missing."

(Guard) "I could replace it with yesterday's, he never saw that one."

Alice smiled. "That... thank you."

The guard nodded and went to the get the tape he'd switch the current one for.

Alice walked to the room Roger was in. He was sitting up in bed, pillows propped behind him.

Alice smiled. "Hey."

(Roger) "How are you today, Alice?"

Alice smiled. "I'm just glad you're fine."
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18-09-2004, 23:56
(Roger) "Yes, that is always a good thing... So how have you been today? Keeping busy?"

(Alice) "Not really. I'm actually rather bored."

He kept the emotionless yet disappointed look hidden behind his smile, "Yes, bored eh, well do you want me to do something about that?"

(Alice) "Do?"

(Roger) "Well I mean what do you want to do, if you're so bored... What would you suggest we do?"

(Alice) "I don't know. I'm looking for something interesting."

Roger's tone changed greatly, "You know Alice, something interesting happened to me today, would you like to hear about it?"

(Alice) "Sure."

(Roger) "Well I was sitting here, watching a security tape of the 3rd floor, and I realized that there is a rat living my brothers spare room... I suppose there might be more where that one came from. I hope we don't have to fog the house."

(Alice) "A rat?"

He smiled before he chuckled, "But you know who is great at exterminating things with chemicals?"

(Alice) "Who?"

(Roger) "Field Marshal Salazar, we call him "Chemical" Salazar, I wonder what he is up to..."

Alice was wondering if Roger knew about what happened, it seemed he might know, or it just might be a coincidence he was mentioning him.

Alice shrugged. "I have no idea."

(Roger) "I think we should invite him over, he might like it here, don't you think?"

(Alice) "I have no idea."

Roger's tone changed again, to one of a false but well constructed facade of cheerfulness, "So nothing at all interesting happened with you today?"

(Alice) "No."
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18-09-2004, 23:57
Roger sighed, "Nothing at all, my what a boring day it's been, eh? Well what do you want to do now?"

Alice shrugged. "I was looking for something to do when I came in here."

Roger's smile turned to a frown and then he blurted it out, "Well why don't you call up Field Marshal Salazar and see if he wants to do it again, eh?"

(Roger) "Well Alice, shall I call him up for you?"

Alice started to speak, stopped, and then started again. "I...I did it for you."

(Roger) (His tone went from disbelief, to shock, to rage, all very quickly, and then back to disbelief again) "For me? For me! You screwed another man, and you want me to believe you did it for me! Do you honestly expect me to believe that?"

(Alice) ", I don't expect you to. But it's true, Roger."

Roger sighed, "What did you achieve for me, as a result of that?"

(Alice) "I...I may have...There's a rebellion coming, Roger."

(Roger) "Yes, I've half-suspected that for a while, but not a rebellion, a coup attempt... I think it'll be by religious fanatics, what do you think?"

(Alice) "The Bishop...and your Minister of Religion."

(Roger) "Felben?"

(Alice) "Yes."

(Roger) "This is indeed a problem, he has a good degree of support amongst the religious fanatics, and he is the leader of the Christian Martyrs Brigade... We're going to need to rally all the support we can get and make sure as many units as possible stay loyal to our cause."

(Alice) "That's why I did it, Roger."

Roger frowned and sighed, "But I'd rather lose a war than have you dishonor yourself and degrade yourself with the likes of Salazar... You know that... Anyway, you should have looked into his history a little more, he really wants to be a governor-general, and particularly he'd like to be the President of Mississippian Egypt. He probably thought he'd have a better chance of getting sex from you, than of getting the presidency in Egypt."

Alice frowned. "You would trust him with that?"

(Roger) "No, but I'd rather he be in Egypt, than over here bothering you."

(Alice) "I'm sorry, Roger."

Roger motioned with his hand for Alice to come lie down next to him.

Alice did so, quickly.

Roger smiled at her, then solemnly said, "It's okay Alice, don't worry, I don't and I won’t hold this against you."

Alice shook her head. "Why not?"

(Roger) "I know you didn't mean anything by it, you didn't enjoy it either, did you?"

(Alice) "Of...Of course not."

(Roger) "Well just promise me you'll never do anything like that again. There is nothing worse than losing honor."

(Alice) "I promise."

Roger smiled at her and then gently ran his hand through her long hair, he whispered to her, "You know Alice, I love you so, you know that, yes?"

(Alice) "Yes."

Suddenly something dawned on Roger, he quickly asked, "Alice, does Salazar have any proof of what happened?"

Alice nodded. "He has a tape."

Roger frowned, "We have to get it from him, he mustn’t have any leverage to use against either of us. You understand, right?"

Alice nodded.

Roger casually started to ask her, "You made sure he used, a, well you know, yes?"

Alice shook her head. "I...I didn't want to anger him."

Roger frowned, "Alice, you know better than that, anything could happen..."

(Roger) "What if you get pregnant now?"

Alice shook her head. "I don't know..."

Ooc- Terribly sorry everybody, but this is where Seryown refused to RP with me any further, he said he considered this done and over with. (Basically he got mad because he’s a left-winger, and I’m not, although I never brought up politics because I know it just creates awkward tensions. Politics are best left for those who want to discuss it) Anyway, the RP had to go on, after waiting about 5 days to see if he changed his mind, to no avail, I elected to give the role of Alice to Hadula, a nation who is OOC leftist, but doesn’t mind OOC views for Rping IC, a good guy, and a guy who’s followed the RP since the start!

Ooc- Hadula and I are going to start this soon, so expect it to continue briefly.
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bump, Hadula and I are working on the next installment, expect it up soon. :D
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Ooc- Rped between DA and Hadula. Hadula had the role of Alice. DA had the role of Roger and any other characters that might pop up (unless otherwise noted with other characters) Hadula’s narrations are in bold, DA’s are not.

Alice was rather silenced after that. If she was pregnant, with, that *man's* seed, what would that mean for her and Roger? Abortion had not even dawned on her mind as she worried, it seemed to pass her, and even if she had thought of it, it would not be acceptable. Not here.

Roger looked at her, and held her tightly in his arms, "Don't worry Alice, I still love you, I could never stop loving you... I realize you only did what you thought was best, but that's why women shouldn't be making such important decisions without asking their husbands or fathers... We're here to look out for you, you realize this, yes?"

That did not provoke a response from her. Instead, it seemed to make her keep facing foward, even as he gave her his embrace. His words only resounded in her mind again.

(Roger) "Alice, are you okay? Say something..."

She would have said something, but she decided not to say what she had first intended to.

(Alice) "I am alright. I guess I am just tired."

(Roger) "Will you be okay?"

(Alice) "If God allows it."

Roger kissed her then leaned back, "Alice, have you showered since you and Salazar... You know?"

(Alice) "No."

Roger rolled out from under her, he didn't want to be touching her if she was still what he considered, "Dirty"... She wondered why he so suddenly moved out from under her.

She looked at him, understanding what he was inferring. She slowly slid off the bed and walked away, walking into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror for a small moment, before closing the door.

Roger sat in a chair and started to smoke a cigarillo, he was smoking when she came out... She realized he'd promised her he'd stop, but the stresses she was putting him under, it was making it hard on him.

Alice, still somewhat damp from her shower, looked at Roger as she stepped towards the bed. She said nothing as she laid her head upon the pillow, watching the smoke hang in the air.

He set the cigarillo down in an ashtray and let it burn itself out, he laid down next to her, before asking, "Alice, you're okay, aren't you?"

She closed her eyes before replying.

(Alice) "No. I'm not."

Roger sighed, "What is wrong? Tell me please..."

(Alice) "I was raped. I could be pregnant. And I betrayed you. That is what is wrong."

Roger shook his head, "You didn't betray me, you made that clear, you were just trying to help me... Don't worry, I'm not angry with you."

She felt as though she was getting off easy, she wanted him to scream at her, maybe slap her, but he loved her too much to do that to her. She didn't believe him though, she knew he felt upset, and betrayed, and she knew she had betrayed him, no matter what he said, she knew it.

She gave a labored answer, her throat seeming tight as she spoke.

(Alice) "I.. I know..."

Roger nodded, stood up slowly, and walked towards the door, "I'm going to be doing some paperwork for a while, I'll be up later... You'll probably be sleeping by then, I won't disturb you."

Since they'd gotten married, not a night went by he didn't make love to her, and now he was going to be rifling through papers instead, she knew it wasn't his normal thing to do, but she didn't blame him.

She sat up as he walked from the room, only watching him silently.

Roger walked out of the room and down to his office to go over the military budget allocations.
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19-09-2004, 04:48
She lay back down, watching the smoke swirl around the ceiling. She didn't know if she should have felt guilty, sad, or even angry. All of her emotions had rocked her mind like a boat, but her face seemed intent on not showing one.

Roger was down in his office, drinking heavily, he had held back the urge to cry when he was upstairs with Alice, but now he was alone, and he let loose... She could hear muted sobbing echoing through the vent from the office below the bedroom she was in.

She sat up and walked from the bed, slowly, quietly opening the door to their room and slowly padding down the corridor downstairs towards his room. She slowed as she reached his office door, which had a small crack, the lamplight creeping through.

Roger looked up; he'd heard a noise at the door. He called out in a meek voice, "Nelson, is that you?"

She put her hand softly on the door and opened it, her slim fram illuminated by the dim lighting. She managed a warm smile as she walked silently to him, placing her arms around his shoulders. She whispered, her breath dancing upon his lobes, in his ear.

(Alice) "I'm sorry."

Roger forced a smile, he gently pulled her down onto his lap, embracing her with his warm arms. He looked into her eyes, he couldn't stay upset at her, no, not with her, anger was something he couldn't feel against her. His smile went from forced to genuine, he kissed her.

(Roger) "I love you Alice, I can't stay mad at you."

He wiped the tears and sweat from his face, the dried and caked on dirt from his hands that he'd been resting his face in.

She didn't care, she only cared that she was in his arms. She felt slightly drowsy as she left her chin on his shoulder, her soft breath tickling the back of his neck.

Roger stood up, and cradled her tightly in his arms, holding her close against his chest, he smiled at her, "Do you want to go upstairs?" he asked her, with a grin.

(Alice) "Take me away.."

Roger smiled at then carried her upstairs, where he proceeded to make love to her, no feeling gave her move joy than when he was inside of her, the core of her essence became known to her, she wanted more, she never wanted it to end, but eventually Roger couldn't hold it in anymore and he released as a wave of pleasure and euphoria rushed over her... He was exhausted from the ninety-minute marathon, he kissed her, whispered, "I love you." and then promptly slipped into unconscious, partly tired from the sex, partly exhausted from the surgery he'd recently had. He was still inside of her, the warmth and feel of him comforted her, she lay there underneath him, realizing she'd have a hard time falling asleep, but not really caring, she was with him, and she wanted that more than sleep.

The next morning, Alice and Roger both awoke at about the same time, Roger smiled at her, then kissed her, before saying, "Good morning, sleep well, Alice?"
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19-09-2004, 04:48
(Alice) "Yes, I did.."

She actually didn't, it took her a long while to fall asleep, but she didn't mind.

Roger smiled, and then realized he was still inside her, he gently withdrew, she trembled as he rubbed against her in the process. He grinned, before chuckling, "You don't want to go again, do you?"

Not exactly knowing how to reply to this easily, as she had ached for more, yet she did not want to push him, she looked hesitant.

Roger kissed her on the forehead, sat up in bed, smiled, then said, "Don't worry, there'll be time for that later, I'm hungry now, what about you?"

(Alice) "I wouldn't mind a small breakfast..."

(Roger) "Do you want to eat in bed? Or shall we get dressed and go downstairs?"

(Alice) "I would rather stretch my legs a little."

He grinned at her, "You stretched them well enough last night..."

Roger sat up and started to get dressed, his brown hair was a mess though, but he didn't care, he wasn't planning on receiving any visitors this early in the morning.

Alice slowly dressed herself in a simple, chaste outfit.

Roger lit up a cigarette after he was done getting dressed, the bluish cloud of smoke swirled throughout the room, but then the vent system carried it away.

She looked at the cigarette. She almost wanted to say anything, but she decided to let it pass.

Roger closed his eyes as he took a deep drag on the cigarette, then he set it down into an ashtray before he took out a small pouch of Fabus Premium chewing tobacco, he packed a wad into his mouth, between his teeth and his cheek.

Roger smiled at Alice, and then nodded his head, "Let's go downstairs, okay?"

She looked at him as he chewed on the tobacco.

(Alice) "And after your father's operation?"

(Roger) "What about his operation? He's fine now, well sort of fine, I guess..."

(Alice) "Roger, he's missing most of his jaw!"

(Alice) "Roger... Its..."

She quieted herself and nodded, before following him downstairs.

Roger sat down at the table, and spat another stream into a spitoon a guard had set next to him. He started to eat, keeping his tobacco wad on one side of his mouth while eating in the other side.

Alice began to quietly eat, not directly looking at Roger most of the meal. What upset her was not the tobacco so much, it was, that he would just do it, no matter what she said. She finished quickly; amazingly enough she was rather slow as she ate.
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19-09-2004, 04:49
He looked at her, "Is everything okay? You seem upset...”

She smiled at him as she scooted the chair back.

(Alice) "I'm fine, I guess I was just a little more hungry than I thought."

He spat the wad of tobacco out, then swished some water around in his mouth and spat it out as well... He looked at her, "Do you not want me to use this stuff?", he asked her.

(Alice) "Honestly, I would rather you not. It makes your breath smell horrible, yellows your teeth, and puts you at risk. I do not want that to happen."

He smiled at her, his teeth as white as ever (due to his bleaching them) "Okay, if you don't want me to, I'll stop... Seriously this time..."

She nods.

(Alice) "Thank you."

Roger smiled at her, "Well, what do you want to do now?" His question was suddenly answered by a hail of artillery shells crashing down all-around the mansion, the answer would be obvious, take cover.

One of the guards, with a radio, shouted, "It's started! Felben is attacking! The rebels are here!"

Alice froze for a single moment, but then seemed to jump from stasis into motion, quickly racing from the chair to as close to Roger as she could manage.

Roger grabbed her in his arms and raced for the basement, there was a bunker under the basement, about 800 feet below ground.

Roger stood at the entrance to the elevator that led to the bunker, "Alice, go down there, I have to command the defenses!"

She grabbed his forearm, her eyes glinting rather fiercely.

(Alice) "No! I will stand by you, I won't let you die, not unless I die with you."

He looked at her, then quickly said, "Alice, go, now! That's an order, I'll join you shortly..." She had no plans on going unless he went with her.

(Alice) "No, I won't let you go!"

Roger looked at her, not sure what to do, she'd never defied him like this before. He shouted, "Alice, go now!" The shelling was growing more intense; she could hear tanks and machine guns firing rapidly outside, mortars and artillery crashing down all throughout the estate.

Her eyes faltered, and as he pushed her away, not physically, but with his words, her graps loosened, and she gave him one last look, before leaving his grasp, never looking back.

Roger called to her, "Alice, wait!"

She stopped, and turned back

Roger smiled at her, and relented, "My place is by your side... I'll come with you, we can be in the bunker together... If the SRG division cannot stop the rebels, we shall die, but die together..."

She couldn't smile, but her eyes glinted with tears that would not fall. She almost leapt into his embrace, and they came down to the bunker together.

Roger held her tightly in his arms, the elevator mechanical and cold, took them down into the depths of the Earth, down to the bunker... They stopped on the fourth sublevel, the three levels above them each held a company of guards, most of the guards were outside fighting on the perimeter of the estate now, attempting to hold back the rebels. The SRG had at most 13,000 soldiers on the estate, the rebels had about 54,000 at least.
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19-09-2004, 04:49
Roger walked out when the doors opened, with her in his arms, holding her against his chest, he walked passed the guards who opened the blast door.

She felt slightly faint, hardly moving, and only succumbing to his touch as the world around moved in a blur.

One of the captains approached him after he'd set Alice down gently into a chair in the front room of his private floor on the bunker, the entire spacious forth floor. The captain said, "Sir, the rebels are expected to break through all across the perimeter within eighteen hours."

Roger dismissed the captain and then looked at Alice, his eyes revealed his fear, the first time she'd seem him afraid, "What do we do, Alice?"

Roger started to pace, he reached for a cigarette but then tossed the holder and lighter into a nearby trashcan...

She was silent, wondering why he would ask her. She then answered.

(Alice) "We fight. We stand. We don't let then waltz in and think they have taken us. We fight, and that is all God requires us to win."

The captain came back and called out, "Sir, not to disturb you, but the Northern RG Defense Corps under Field Marshal Salazar, they've mobilized, they're on their way here, Salazar says he will lift the siege within four days after he arrives... They'll be here within twenty-hours."

Roger nodded, and then dismissed the captain again.

That name, "Salazar" it reminded Alice of what'd she'd done, but now she realized because of what she'd done, they'd likely win this battle and both her and Roger would be alive.

The name quieted her a bit, but she was already silent as she sat in the chair.
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19-09-2004, 04:50
She suddenly felt the urge to vomit, she had to rush to the trashcan to do so. Roger held her hair until she was done; he nervously and out of concern asked her, "Are you okay, Alice, dear?"

The moment she had done it, she already knew. She looked up at Roger, breathing heavily, with knowing eyes.

(Roger) "Are you okay? What is wrong?"

(Alice) "Roger.. It is... Happening."

Roger stood there, not knowing what she meant; he asked her, "What is happening? Are you sick?"

She spat out some of the remaining chunks leaving a bitter, acidic taste in her mouth.

(Alice) "You can say that..."

Roger nervously blurted out, "I'm calling a doctor."

She felt rather nasty all of a sudden.

(Alice) "You do that.."

(Roger) "You're obviously ill with something, if illnesses are caught early, there is no problem..."

Roger dialed the bunker doctor and told him, "I want you down on the forth level, I want you here five minutes ago, understand?" The doctor rushed there and was there within about two minutes.

After looking Alice over for about ten minutes, he smiled at Alice, "There is nothing wrong with you, Excellency... Nothing at all, this is all normal."

Roger shouted, "What the hell? Normal? What sort of doctor are you? She's throwing up! She's obviously ill!"

The doctor smiled, "No this is perfectly normal, well for a woman in her condition."

Roger looked at her, "Alice, are you ill? Is there something you're not telling me?"

(Alice) "Roger... I'm pregnant."

Roger was shocked, taken totally by surprise, he wasn't sure whether to be overjoyed or racked with grief and worry... The child could either be his or... Or, it sickened him to think about, Salazar's...

He dismissed the doctor and as soon as the doctor was out of the room, Roger started pacing.

(Roger) "Alice, do you think it's mine?"

(Alice) "Honestly?"

(Roger) "Yes, honestly..."

(Alice) "It sickens me... But I think it may be Salazar's..."

Roger nervously fumbled in his pocket, looking for his cigarette holder, but he had already thrown it away... He instead took out a cigarillo and lit it up, pacing back and forth, smoking, and purposely blowing it away from Alice, so as not to affect her or the unborn child.

(Roger) "What are we going to do?" he asked, not really expecting an answer.
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(Alice) "There is nothing we can do."

She didn't dare say anything near the subject of abortion.

Roger sat down in a chair, still smoking, then he looked at Alice, and he immediately tossed the cigarillo into the trashcan, after he snuffed it out that is.

Roger looked up at her, "What do we do if it's not mine?"

(Alice) "I am not familiar with the Mississippian laws of ownership for a child."

(Roger) "The child would legally be his, but I could have him hanged for adultery... Indeed I would like to kill him with my own hands, that wretch!"

She realized if Salazar was dead, his forces would side with Felben and it could tip the balance.

(Alice) "Roger..."

That was all she could manage.

He looked at her, "Yes, Alice, what?"

She let out a sigh, and began to sway from side to side, before loosing her balance as she faints.

Roger rushed to her and caught her before she fell, he was holding her in his arms now. He lifted her up and carried her into his bunker bedroom, setting her down softly on the bed. A few minutes later, she had regained her senses.

Roger nervously stared at her, "Alice, are you okay? You gave me quite a fright..."

(Alice) "I'm, just a little sick...

He called the doctor back into the room, he barked, "My wife is sick, give her something to calm her down and ease her pain..."

The doctor looked at Roger, he knew what was going on, he'd heard their conversation through the vent.

(Doctor) "You know, Excellency, that it is a theory that if a woman has relations with a man she really doesn't want to, that her bodies defenses will prevent the sperm from reaching the egg, it has been documented in many cases, it's not a failsafe... But if sperm from two different men are inside her, they can hang around for about a week, it is believed that the man she wants to mate with, his sperm will fertilize the egg.

Roger looked at him, wanting to grab onto the hope he was offering, "Are you certain this theory has merit?"

(Doctor) "Well men produce what are called killer sperm, they seek out weak sperm from his own ranks and foreign sperm from other men that are in his woman, depending how strong the man is, his killer sperm could conceivably kill the other man's regular sperm..."

Roger smiled at Alice, "Don't be so upset Alice, it could likely be mine..."

Alice just stared, not sure what to believe, but lying to her cynical nature, she smiles.

(Alice) "We can only hope."

The doctor looked at the both of them, then he quietly whispered, weary of any who might be lurking about, "Sir, there are always ways to deal with the fetus if it is not your child..."

Roger looked at him suspicious, "Such as?"

The doctor leaned in and quietly whispered, "Aborting the fetus."

Roger's leg started to shake when the doctor said that word, then the vein in his neck and arm started to pulse larger, his face started to turn blood red....

She watches Roger with a little fear behind her eyes.

He forced himself not to strike the doctor down, and instead politely smiled, "No thanks, that isn't an option... Now you may leave..." The doctor hesitated, Roger looked at him, "I said you can leave!"

The doctor turned and quickly left the room.
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19-09-2004, 04:52
Roger sat down, looking right at Alice, his cough signified his tone would be serious, "Alice, if the child isn't mine... What would you want to do?"

(Alice) "We raise it as our own. Do you suggest another option?"

(Roger) "No... Nothing else I could think of... Are you sure you'd want to do that though, raise it as our own? There is always adoption, plenty of RG men whose wives cannot conceive would want the child."

(Alice) "It is my child. It may have come from another man, but if that is the case, isn't that how God willed it?"

Roger stood up from the chair, and started to pace, "No... God wouldn't do this to me... No, it can't be..."

(Alice) "Calm down, Roger. It may not be his child."

He looked at her, not believing what she said, "But you yourself said you suspect it is indeed his..."

(Alice) "Roger..."

She couldn't think of anything else to say.

(Roger) "Yes, Alice, what?"

(Alice) "I don't know. I just, don't know."

Roger looked at her, then sighed, "If it's not my child..." He sighed again, "I'll leave the decision up to you, and it’ll be your call."

(Alice) "We keep him."

Roger nodded, and forced himself to smile, he absolutely hated the idea of having to raise another man's child.
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19-09-2004, 04:53
Alice knew this. But she knew it was her child, and saw it as a burden she must face. A child is a child, an innocent being. Even if born from sin, it does not have to live in it.

Roger picked up a phone and called the doctor, "I want to know how long we have to wait before you can tell me if the child is mine or not..."

The doctor replied, "With the way our technology is now, we will have to wait probably six days, then I can run the tests, and then about a few hours after that..."

Roger smiled, "Good, set your watch, exactly six days from now, you're going to rush up here and get to work on collecting the necessary data for your tests."

Alice only watched

Roger set the phone down, and sighed, then he started to pace again. He headed for the door that would lead to the corridor, as he wanted to be alone.

Alice looked down as he began to leave, her air frizzed from the sudden motion. Already her mind felt faint again. But she still laid on the large bed, staring at the blank, unfamiliar ceiling.

He turned and smiled at Alice, "I'll be back in a while, I just need to walk around for a while... Okay?"

Alice turned and tried to smile at him, and nodded.

He took his hand off the doorknob, turned and walked back to the bed, sitting down next to her, he looking into her brown eyes, almost lost in them. He smiled at her, "I've decided I'd rather stay here with you, than go on any walk..." He gently held her hand.

She felt weak, but sat up to level herself with his face. She smiled warmly as he held her hand.

(Alice) "Thank you..."

Roger reclined back onto the bed and lay next to her, still holding her hand, he started to speak, "Even if this child isn't mine, that doesn't stop us from having our own children."

Alice smiled, but inside, she wasn't so sure, but continued to sunnily smile. She couldn't keep her eyes off the cold metal ceiling. Something about it unnerved her, and trapped her gaze.

Roger leaned over and kissed her, smiling while he did so, "I love you, Alice." he whispered in her ear.

(Alice) "I know" was her solemn, if reassuring reply.

Roger gently ran his hand through her long blond hair, moving it out from in front of her eyes, before he kissed her again, then he grinned, "Are you in the mood, Alice?"

Alice looked to him. She would let him take her, once again, while she was pregnant. Yet, she enjoyed it when he made her complete. But why? She would not deny him, no matter what her thoughts told her. Not hesitantly, she simply said, “yes”.

Roger slowly slid out of his pants before helping her with her own, then he got up and locked the door, so nothing would interrupt them. He walked back slowly to the bed, "You sure you're not too tired?", he asked her, as he sat down on the bed.

She shook her head lightly.

(Alice) "Just be gentle.."

Her body trembled from his touch, then he began. Roger eased his hand behind her back and pulled her into him, he was slow and rhythmic about it, but above all, he went gently, like she wanted him to.

When he finished, she was shaking from the pleasure, he fell down onto his back, next to her, and let her rest her head on his shoulder.

(Roger) "Did you enjoy it?"

She quietly closed her eyes, answering with a soft nod as she turned to face him.

He lightly kissed her on the lips and then on the forehead, he gently rubbed her stomach, "I think the child is mine... Something tells me it's mine..."

She only answered with her breath as she softly embraced him, falling into slumber.
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19-09-2004, 04:54
Roger fell asleep shortly thereafter, he'd watched her sleep for about half an hour, he realized he'd never stop loving her, no matter what happened, no matter what came their way, he could never stop loving Alice. He prayed that the child was his and that the rebels would be defeated, but he wasn't sure if his prayers mattered, he was starting to wonder if there was even any point to praying.

The next day, they both awoke around 2 in the afternoon, rather late for both of them, but they were both very tired. Word immediately arrived that Salazar's forces had arrived early and were attacking the besieging army of rebels.

Roger was smiling when he heard the news, he looked at Alice, his countenance revealed his joy, "We're probably going to make it, this is great news!"

Alice nodded, still trying to be calm. She was rather joyous on the inside, but even after resting, she had not felt like strong emotion.

The doctor knocked on the door, Roger opened it.

(Doctor) "I just remembered, we can run the test immediately, we have the equipment here... Shall we proceed?"

Roger looked at Alice, "Shall we?"

She nodded, rather relieved the tension may finally be relieved.

The doctor asked her to lay down and relax, he had to extract a sample from the fetus.

After she was ready, he gently extracted the sample and went off to run the test.

Roger and Alice sat and waited, Roger went to reach for a cigar, but he tossed the box in the trashcan, he didn't want to break his promise to Alice.

Roger sighed, "Do you think it's mine?"

(Alice) "Calm down. We just need to wait."

(Roger) "Where is the doctor? Why isn't he back yet? What could be taking him?"

(Alice) "Give him a while, he needs not to rush it..."

Roger stood up and started to pace, his hands behind his back, twitching nervously.

About and hour later, the doctor came back, he knocked on the door. Roger rushed to the door and opened it.
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19-09-2004, 04:54
(Roger) "Well?"

(Doctor) "I'm sorry..."

Roger smashed his fist against the wall, "Goddamnit!"

He started to scream at the doctor, "Get the fuck out of here!"

The doctor turned and walked away.

He started pacing, back and forth in the room, his hand was obviously broken, his left hand that is.

(Alice) "Roger! Just calm down, you just need to calm down."

He looked at her and struggled to maintain his calm, he wanted to tell her to shut up, but he couldn't, he didn't want to hurt her, but she'd hurt him in a way she'd never know. He just smiled and started to laugh, "Who's not calm? I'm perfectly calm..."

He sat down and dug his cigarette holder out of the trash, he took not one, but two out, and started to smoke both of them.

Alice saw the demon behind his glassy eyes. She fell deathly silent, and tried not to look directly at him.

He sat there, noticing she was avoiding making eye contact with him, he started to laugh, "Is something wrong, Alice? You're not looking at me..."

She looked at him. He was starting to scare her.

(Alice) "Roger.. Are you okay?"

He chuckled, "Oh sure I'm better than okay..."

(Alice) "Roger..."

He smiled at her. His face distorted, his eyes bearing a semi-insane glint,, "Yes... Alice, what is it?"

(Alice) "I'm worried for you."

His tone turned cynical and sarcastic, "Ah... How thoughtful of you to worry for me... I'm touched... I truly am... Tell me this Alice, were you worried for me when you let that, that ape, stick it in you?"

Alice's hair stood on end, her nails digging into her knees. She didn't know, but it just happened, she felt herself just stop being calm. She began to speak in a much louder, less calm tone.

(Alice) "In case you didn't notice, I did it for both of us, so we could live, so we could LIVE Roger. I am sorry, I am sorry I did it, but I did it for both of us."

Roger leaned back in the chair he was in, his energy sapped from him, he let his head come to a rest on a table next to him... He reached into his pocket and patted his pistol, he slowly stood up and walked towards the private office that adjoined the bedroom, he didn't acknowledge her.

She watched him, her anger slowly drifting from her as he left. Something came from her heart, and she felt tightness in her throat.
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19-09-2004, 04:55
She heard him in the other room, fiddling with something, the sound of a slide release moving forward and the slide smacking on a pistol.

He had locked the door to the private office he was in.

She banged repeatedly on the door, sobbing and shouting, never saying any intelligible, only shouting, sometimes managing to squeeze out the name Roger from her scratchy throat.

Roger turned and looked at the door, "Go away Alice, this doesn't concern you."

(Alice) "Roger..."

He set the pistol on the table, she heard the metal clang against the wood, "I said this doesn't concern you."

(Alice) "ROGER!"

(Roger) "It's too much, Alice... All this at once, the civil war, the insurgencies in Western Saharan, and now this... It's just too much. Now go away, this doesn't concern you."

She whispered as she slid down on her back down the door, her head dug into her hands.

(Alice) "Roger.."

She heard the report of a pistol echo from the room, it wasn't a normal sound though, it was as though something was wrong, the sound was weak, but still loud.

She turned deathly pale and silent, she could hardly breathe. She just sat there, feeling empty, alone, cold.
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19-09-2004, 04:56
Roger rushed out through the door , holding his right hand, shouting, "Goddamnit, ouch, ouch, Goddamnit!"

He rushed over to the sink and ran cold water over his hand, he turned to her, "Call me a doctor, would you?"

She looked at him, her heart jumping. She stuttered as she spoke.

(Alice) "R-roger.. Yes.."

And with a sudden leap of heart, she quickly, her hand trembling still from the icy chill that took her, dialed the number

While Alice was on the phone with the doctor, he told her, "Oh Excellency, I am so very sorry, the child is Roger's I misread the results, please forgive me, I feel so stupid..."

Alice felt like she was in a bad movie. A mixed bag was put on her heart, but she couldn't help but smile, albeit weakly.

(Alice) "Doctor, we need you down here..."

(Doctor) "I'll be right there."

He hung up and headed for their room.

Roger sat down, holding his hand, "I couldn't do it, I went to decock it, it went off, but not fully, it basically exploded in my hand... I'm sorry I scared you so, Alice, forgive me... I'll be okay with the child, I'll just need some time to come to terms with it."

Alice looked to him.

(Alice) "Roger..."

(Roger) "Yes..."

(Alice) "It's your child."

Roger looked at her in disbelief, "But the doctor said... How is that possible?"

She just stood up and smiled.

(Alice) "It's your child."

Roger smiled and opened his arms to embrace her.

He took her gently into his arms, kissed her, and then asked her, "How is that so, though?"

(Alice) "It is God. That is all"

And then the doctor arrives..

Roger held her tightly and said, "Yes, it must be God..."
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19-09-2004, 04:56
Roger called out to the doctor, "The door is unlocked, come in."

The doctor opened the door and walked in, looking at Roger, his left hand broken, his right hand covered with powder burns.

The doctor treated the powder burns and wrapped up his other hand.

As he was readying to leave, the doctor turned and apologized again for the mistake he made reading the results.

Alice smiles at the doctor.

(Alice) "How long have you worked here?"

The doctor smiled back, "Fourteen years, why do you ask?"

(Alice) "Enjoy your retirement."

(Doctor) "But... But... I'm not retiring yet; I'm planning on working at least another ten years... What are you getting at?"

(Alice) "Your wife will enjoy the extra company."

(Doctor) "I don't get what you mean? Are you saying I am fired?"

(Alice) "No... You’re just being let go. We are heading in a new direction. We are downsizing. Outsourcing. So, actually, yes, you are fired."

His smiled instantly vanished, "But... But... You can't fire me... I ... Why?"

Roger smiled at the doctor, "I think what my wife means is get your worthless ass out of here before I put a 45 caliber slug in it." He turned to Alice, "Is that about right, dear?"

(Alice) "That sums it up."

Roger smiled at the doctor, then threw the packet of test result papers at him, "Oh by the way dumb fuck, they teach you how to read in kindergarten... You should go back there."

The doctor stood in disbelief, "But... I'm a doctor, you can't talk this way to me."

Roger turned to Alice, "Remind this idiot who he is talking with, please."

(Alice) "Should I read off each article?” She is refering to their Constitution

The doctor solemnly sighed, "I'll just go."
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19-09-2004, 04:57
After the doctor left, Roger shut and locked the door, he sat down in a chair and looked at Alice, "I'm sorry about earlier", was all he said, before tears started to form in his eyes.

(Alice) "Just calm down, it is past."

He smiled at her, not knowing what to say, so he sat there in silence, he motioned with his bandaged hand for her to come sit on his lap.

She seductively came, using her slender hips to good measure.

She could see Roger's grin as she approached him, she could also see a bulge growing in his pants. She sat down on his lap and felt him poking through his pants. He reclined back in the chair and she lay somewhat on top of and somewhat next to him, there wasn't much room on the chair.

(Roger) "Well Alice, what now? What say we take a nap, I'd like to sleep here like this, with you close to me, is that okay with you?"

(Alice) "Of course..."

He grinned at her, "Unless you'd prefer to do something else first?"

She grinned as she came closer to his face.

(Alice) "What are you insinuating, Mr. Czar?"

(Roger) "Well I think I should make an effort to make sure my subjects are happy, and you're my favorite subject, so I think it should be priority to make sure you're happy, and well pleased." He grinned as he finished the last part, then he kissed her.

(Alice) "I'm open to any of your policies..."

He smiled and pulled a blanket over the both of them, he got to work. Outside the SRG was working hard, and dying hard, they were selling their lives dearly, each foot of ground the rebels gained towards the mansion itself cost them hundreds. The shells rained down above ground, while it seemed coincidentally Roger was keeping the rythm below ground with Alice. The world was falling part but that didn't matter, he was with her, the world could wait.

Genocides against all races by all races in Western Sahara, segregation riots in Egypt, billions of damages in Alexandria, nuclear bombings against rebels in remote bases in Mississippi, none of that mattered to him, all that he could think about was Alice, totally concentrated on the moment, what was at hand right now. Nothing else mattered, the world didn't even exist.

When they were done, she was lying on top of him still, she kissed him, he asked her, "How was it, Alice?"

(Alice) "I'm still trying to catch my breath."

Roger smiled at her and kissed her, then he smugly said, "So I guess that means you liked it, eh?"

(Alice) "Its not hard to reach that conclusion."
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19-09-2004, 04:58
Roger smiled, "Well Alice, what are we going to name the child? I mean if a boy, what is the name, and if a girl, what is the name?"

Roger looked into her eyes, "Well Alice, any ideas for names"

(Alive) "I have no idea, Roger, you name the child."

(Roger) "Okay... Alexander if the child is a boy... I have no idea yet if the child is a girl, let's just hope the child is a boy."

(Roger) "Do you like the sound of Alexander?"

She nods, still trying to catch her breath.

(Roger) "I got it, if the child is a boy, Alexander, if a girl, Anastasia."

Roger smiled at her, then chuckled, "Did you know that Mladic plans to name all the children he might have with names that start with a C, to honor Curtis."

(Alice) "I did not.."

(Roger) "You like his broadcasts, right?"

(Alice) "I found some of it.. Different, but my preferences do not matter."

(Roger) "Why do you say they don't matter?"

(Alice) "Mladic is a good man, despite any opinion he may have."

(Roger) "You disagree with his opinions?"

(Alice) "I just find some of them radical. Some of the tactics he uses to bait the Jewry are unneeded, but I can understand the hate he has for them."

Roger smiled, "I'm glad you see things for how they are, yes they are the mortal enemy, you agree, right?"

(Alice) "We should focus more on educating the people instead of preaching hate.."

(Roger) "We spend enough on education, but only government approved schools. We don't preach hate, we preach love, love of our own kind."

(Alice) "I see... This isn't a time to talk of this, lets just lay here, there is no need for talking.. Let us just lay here, together."

Roger kissed her on the forehead, then said, "That's a good idea, let's just lay here, it's peaceful, I'm so at rest with you here with me. I love you Alice, more than anything, you know that, I hope you know that."

She didn't answer, her touch answered it without words. She once again fell asleep, together with him.
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Ooc- Has anybody seen Hadula (His nation just got deleted for inactivity) :(

Now how will we press on with this?

Dangit! (Why does this always happen to me?)

It seems I now need to start searching for somebody else who has a good knowledge of this RP and the history behind it (only one nation immediately comes to mind. ITD)
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Ooc- Hadula is officially listed as MIA by me now, since he got deleted for inactivity. Thus I am going to post the last part of the updates he and I were working on, and then ITD and I will press on from there.

Here goes:

Alice woke up about eight hours later, still lying on top of Roger, who was still sound asleep. She looked at the clock, 7:23, she'd normally be greeted by the sunlight when she woke up this early, but only the dimmed lights of the cold and damp bunker were there. She wondered what to do, not wanting to wake Roger.

Alice lifted her head slowly from his shoulder, and tried to slide down from him as slowly and softly as possible.

Roger stirred in his sleep and rolled over in the chair, falling over the arm, he was jumped up nervously and looked around, "What's going on!" he asked in an embarrassed tone.

Alice jumped when he fell, and quickly just tried to reassure him.

(Alice) "You just fell.."

He smiled at her, "I see you're up before me, as usual, eh?"

Alice realized Roger had a habit of rolling off of things, falling, tripping, and stumbling; he was somewhat clumsy when the cameras weren't rolling. It slightly amused her.

She only smiled, feeling her hair swing rather wildly as she moved.

(Alice) "If only to see your face at rest.."

He walked over to her, lifted her up in his arms, gently kissed her, and then set her back down, "Waking up with you is the best way I can think of to start my day. Now what shall we do? Would you like to sit in on a meeting of military strategy?"

She was surprised; he'd never asked her opinion on any military matters before.

(Alice) "Oh.. Well, of course!"

Roger smiled at her, "I'm sure you'll have some interesting ideas. Let's go get showered and dressed, breakfast will be served during the meeting."

She nodded as she went to the shower first, lightly closing the door behind her, but not locking it walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

Roger stepped into the shower behind her, chuckling as he did so, "We can save water this way, eh?"

She only smiled at him, albeit a bit nervously as she turned on the shower, rather hotter than usual.

Roger helped her clean her back and her hair, she'd always had trouble getting her back and her hair cleaned, and he knew it.

When she was done showering her kissed her neck and whispered, "Squeaky clean", in an almost amusing tone.

She closed her eyes and leaned into him as he kissed her.

Roger held her tightly as he kissed her, and then as she bumped against his lower rib, he jumped back, and winced in pain. His lower rib hurt him; it was a wound from Western Sahara.

(Roger) "Sorry if I startled you, Alice, it's just that rib hurts..."

She stepped back a bit.

(Alice) "Oh, no, I am sorry, I should have been more careful."

Roger took her gently in his arms, cradling her, as he stepped out of the shower, "Nonsense, you didn't know, no need to be sorry... Well the meeting isn't for a while, and there is something I've wanted to show you."

(Alice) "What is it?"

He led her to his private bathroom; she'd been in the bunker before, but never inside here. He unlocked the door and she looked inside, it was about 2,000 sq feet in size, a massive marble bath was the main feature of the room. Roger carried her out into the middle of the bath and set her gently down on a seat near the edge.

He smiled at her, "Do you like it?"

She was rather bewildered by it.

(Alice) "Your family sure knows how to spend money.."

Roger smiled at Alice, and then waded to a position behind her, gently rubbing her shoulders while the warm water soothed and relaxed her, he brushed her hair away from her neck and then started to kiss her neck. He whispered to her, "Yes, father had all this put in here, he knows how to spend money... But that doesn't matter right now, does it?"

Her muscles seemed to melt as she slid down, her hands running down his legs

Roger caught her gently in his arms and then slowly spun her around so she'd be facing him, he pulled her close to him and kissed her, then he asked her in a serious tone, "Alice... Something is troubling me, I figure we'll win this civil war, but what do we do with the captured rebels?" She wasn’t in the mood to answer questions and talk policy, but she figured the sooner she answered, the sooner Roger would stop worrying and they could get on with other things.

(Alice) "If they surrendered, couldn't they be granted amnesty and become citizens again, but face fines or other punishment.. I mean, if they are deemed acceptable.."

Roger smiled at her, "I was thinking of something similar to that, yes, I want to be lenient with them. Father would hang them all, but I want to give them incentives to stop fighting."

(Roger) "Alice, tell me, what specifically should be done with say, the rebel leadership?"

(Alice) "Felben?"

(Roger) "Felben, yes, amongst others."

(Alice) "That decision isn't for me to make..."

Roger pulled her close to him and whispered into her ear, "You are my Czarina, you should surely have some input as to what happens. I want to hear what you think, tell me, please."

(Alice) "I.. Let the people decide his fate. They will punish him according to how they suffered.”

(Roger) "Well Felben is very popular among certain segments of the people. I will leave the matter entirely up to you, you may deal with this as you wish... Now there is just one more matter." His tone betrayed his discomfort and anger with this matter.

(Roger) "Salazar... How do we deal with him?"

She was silent for a moment. She didn't really know how to deal with him, she wanted to kill him with her own hands, but he had saved them from the siege on Stalingrad..

Roger looked at her, "Well Alice, what shall be done?"

(Alice) "I... I don't know."

Roger sighed, "Alice, you realize, I want to kill him... I want to take my knife and drive it into him... I hate that man."

(Alice) "Kill.. Kill him then. If that is what you want."

(Roger) "Do you want me to kill him?"

(Alice) "God help me, I do.."

Roger kissed her, then leaned back, "That's all I wanted to hear. I shall do it as soon as the opportunity arises. Don't worry, God is on our side, Alice... He knows that your honor must be avenged."

She laid her soft head on his broad chest, wishing she could go to sleep once again in his hands.

Roger sat down, pulling her gently onto his lap, holding her in his arms, he kissed her gently while he grinned at her, "Well Alice, we have a few hours before the meeting starts, what do you suggest we do until then?"

She let her hand answer as it fell down his chest to his lower groin, as she gave a sly grin to him.

Roger trembled from her touch, and then grinned, "Right here? In the bath?", was all he said.

As her leg raised up upon his, she wrapped it around, that was her answer, still teasing him. He could take that as a yes.

Roger stood up and lifted her up with him, letting her wrap her legs around his body. He supported her weight with his arms, his strong arms, and she was in them now. He moved her up and down on him and she was lost in the moment, the soothing hot water around her, Roger inside of her... Suddenly she was brought back into awareness by a knock at the bathroom door, "Czar, Czar, I have important news."

Roger turned to Alice, kissed her, and then turned to the door, never easing up on his rhythm, he shouted, "Go away, I'm busy."

(Navarre) "But Sir, this is Field Marshal Navarre... Felben is dead!"

Roger didn't even pay attention to the news he'd been wanting to hear for days, "Talk to me at the meeting, go away!"

Navarre turned and left, Roger and Alice finished up, he gently set her down into the water, the heat of it relaxed her and she almost fell asleep.

She sprawled herself upon the surface as she leaned up enough to lean back upon the steps. She smiled at him, but still persisted not to say anything.

She then remembered what had happened, so caught up in the moment she did not mention it. Slightly breathless she asked.

(Alice) "Felben.. Is dead?"

Roger stepped out of the bath and wrapped a towel around his waist, and then it hit him, "Ah yes, Felben is dead... I guess, oh well, Navarre will tell us at the meeting. Come, let's go get dressed so we can get to the meeting."

She slowly walked out of the bathroom and nodded, trying to hurry herself as she got dressed.

Roger had trouble getting dressed with one hand bandaged, and this made getting his tie on even harder, especially as he'd never been able to properly get a tie on even with both hands.

He helplessly looked at Alice as he struggled to get his tie on.

She calmly spoke to him.

(Alice) "Now, stop it, you clumsy beast. Just sit still.."

She playfully smirked as she helped him tie the tie much easier than he could himself.

Roger smiled at her, "Thank you, Alice... You always seem to be able to pick up the messes I make."

He put his cap on, the cap of the Commander in Chief of the Federal Army, unique, only he had worn this cap, and his father had worn his own when he was ruler. Only one man at the meeting would be wearing the white cap with the golden eagle on it, Czar Roger Fabus.

He tucked his baton under his arm and with his semi-good hand, gently held Alice's hand as they walked towards the meeting room.

Alice put on a rather serious face, though halfway there broke a smile because of the sheer ridiculous formality dealt with this event, but she quickly regained her serious look.

Two SRG men, part of the Alpha Company, flung open the massive oak doors to the meeting room, the four dozen generals and field marshals sitting at the table immediately stood up, all threw their left arms into the air and shouted, "Hail Fabus!" "Long live the Czar and Czarina!"

They were more than shocked to see Alice there, they didn't expect, nor did they want, a woman at a military meeting.
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Roger escorted Alice slowly towards the two elevated seats at which they'd be sitting. Roger's was slightly higher than Alice's, but hers was still higher than the other seats, except for his.

She could tell from the muted sighs and the stares that the "ole boys club" of officers, didn't want her there.

She was very silent, and only sat waiting for the meeting to begin.

One of the men coughed, and then raised his hand; Roger pointed to him, in a meek voice he said, "Sir... Hm... Is it really wise to, well not to offend you sir, but I mean should she be here?

Roger started to chuckle, the others followed suit. Then he clenched his semi-good hand into a fist and smashed it against the table. The room fell silent.

(Roger) "Enough! Do you question me?"

The man silently shook his head and sat back down.

(Roger) "Any other objections to my bringing whomever I want to bring, to this meeting? I didn't know that I wasn't allowed to bring my wife and co-commander of the armed forces here... Any objections?"

The entire room was silent, except for the slight sound of the air caused by the rapid shaking of heads.

Alice was pleased with how Roger had stood up for her.

Alice smiled a bit, but it was very slight, as she did appreciate him standing up for her, but she innately disdained favoritism, but in a situation such as this is was a good thing.

One of the commanders, a General Gunther Thaller, looked at Alice and sneered, "Well Czarina, tell me, how many years of military experience do you have... I am curious..."

She looked calmly to him.

(Alice) "None, except for observation."

Roger glared at Thaller, "General, how well did you like being a 2nd lieutenant?"

Thaller shook his head, "I prefer to be a general."

Roger smiled, "Then sit down and shut your fucking mouth unless I speak to you first."

Thaller swallowed nervously and then sat back down.

Roger cracked his knuckles and started to read the briefings, "Felben is dead..." he muttered, "Then the war should be over... Yes?"

The other generals and field marshals present all nodded, Thaller spoke up, "What do we do with the rebel leadership?"

Alice thought for a moment, but said nothing, waiting for the generals to speak.

Roger softly said, "Ask the Czarina, it's her decision."

Thaller jumped from his seat, "You dare let a woman decide in a matter of such importance? Are you mad!"

Alice looked to Thaller and then to Roger, fear gripped her inside, but she made nothing of it.

Roger gave him a very evil look, and he quickly start rambling on, "Oh sorry sir, forgive me, I don't know what came over me..." in a meek voice.

Alice waited until everyone quieted down, and cleared her throat.

(Alice) "I wish to first say that a war does not end when you kill the leader. Many compare the enemy to a snake; you must cut off the head to kill it. The enemy is a worm, you cut part of it off, it only grows and separates, becoming more than one. War does not end with military conflict either."

Thaller spoke up again, "Czarina... The war is over; the rebels have asked for what terms we'll accept their surrender... They've laid down their arms.”

(Alice) "A civil war, despite the way it ends, always ends up shaking the authority of the nation's leaders. We must reestablish our people's faith in the authority of our government. And I understand this, Thaller. But you must understand, the war is not yet over. Now that the call of rebellion has been sent out, people will always remember it. As such, we must instill that it should never happen.

Up and down the rows, cries of either "Amnesty, spare them", or "Hang them all!" were heard.

Navarre raised his hand and waited for Alice to call on him.

(Alice) "Quiet, please. I am speaking. I do not wish for my words not to be considered. Now, you are obviously intent on this subject. It must be dealt on a case by case situation. Yes, Navarre?"

(Navarre) "I believe that Curtis Fabus values my opinion greatly, and as such, I hope his son does... I have never done anything but serve the regime. I must say that confidence in the government has never been better; there is no spirit of rebellion. The rebel soldiers were simply under the spell of the charismatic Felben."

(Alice) "You underestimate our citizens, Navarre, with no disrespect to your opinion. As I said, no matter what has happened, the people's faith in us has been shaken, but they stay resolved. I did not say there was a spirit of rebellion. No, what I mentioned was that now there is a precedent that others may follow. We must prepare for this, and attempt to eradicate the chance."

Salazar raised his hand and said, "I could shell a few cities with gas, that'll set an example of what happens to those suspected of disloyalty..."

(Alice) "Mr. Salazar, I do not think that is appropriate. What we should do more is strengthen education and law enforcement programs to instill loyalty through other means that does not entail violence. Now, I say that the council here decides for itself the fate of the rebel leadership by a vote, with Roger and I breaking any tie. Agreeable?"

Salazar gave her an evil glance, "I am Field Marshal Salazar, or Duke Salazar, not Mr. I have earned my title, unlike you who just married into yours!"

The room fell silent, well that is after everybody gasped.
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21-10-2004, 03:58
Roger jumped out his chair, knocking in the ground, "You wretch, I should kill you where you stand! However, I will allow you one chance to apologize, I suggest you take it!"

Salazar looked at the ground, grunted, and muttered, "I'm sorry..."

Roger spoke, his voice echoed throughout the room, "The rebels will be granted amnesty, I have spoken."

The others all nodded their heads in agreement, "Yes sir. Yes indeed."

[ b]Alice nodded as well, but said nothing more.[/b]

He continued to speak, "Any who instigated the rebellion, primarily those who took part and were ranked general or higher, they will be hanged."

Roger then sat back down, "This meeting is adjourned, everybody please leave, Navarre you may stay."

They all stood up and walked out, except for Navarre.

Roger shook his hand and patted him on the back, saying, "Take care of yourself and the family." Navarre smiled in response and said, "I will sir, and you also." Then he too walked out to get back to his own estate.

As the door slammed shut after Navarre left, Roger turned to Alice, "That went well, eh?" he asked her.

Alice smiled.

(Alice) "Better than I expected. Thank you."
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21-10-2004, 03:59
He smiled back at her, and then asked, "Why are you thanking me? I did nothing other than what is to be expected, defending you from insults and accusations were I not to do such, I'd hardly be worthy to be with you. I deserve no thanks for doing my duty, it is expected or me, I also enjoy it."

(Alice) "I can still thank you if I wish. Is that a crime?"

He grinned at her, "Perhaps I should make it a crime, and then I'd have to punish you for being a bad girl..."

She saw where this was going, though she wasn't exactly in the mood, she didn't mind teasing him, then again, "teasing" never seemed to work. Unfortunately, she didn't have a clever comeback, until she began with a smirk.

(Alice) "Are you coming unto me?"

The rather blunt question was rhetorical.

Roger promptly replied, "Do you want me to be?"

An advisor stepped into the room, the doors parting as he entered.

(Advisor) "Sir, we were right with our suspicions about Salazar... He abducted the Kaiserine of Sevaris and is indeed holding her at his main estate... What are we to do?"

Roger sighed, "That bastard, we ought to kill him... But the rebellion isn't fully dead yet, if he was turned against us, he'd breathe much-needed life into it..."

Roger started to pace back and forth, "We can kill him later, soon, but not now..."

Roger walked towards the door, beckoning with his hand for Alice to follow him, "Alice, come", he said, as he left the room.

She looked to the advisor as she slipped off the elevated seat, and followed, curious.

Roger was in an operations planning room, a satellite image of the Salazar mansion and the estate was displayed. A large model of the estate had also been built and was on a table in the center of the room.

Roger pointed to various points on the model, "See that Alice... That is the main mansion on his estate..."

She looked rather befuddled at first.

(Alice) "Yes, I understand that much. What do you mean of it?"

He chuckled, "Don't worry, Salazar will soon get his, I am going to the estate with a division of soldiers to rescue the Kaiserine Yuna of Sevaris, if Salazar resists, we'll kill him... Well we're going to get him in a few weeks anyway, but I'd rather not have to kill him now..."

Roger smiled at her, "Now you go lie down and get some rest, you need plenty of rest in your condition." He gently placed a hand on her stomach before kissing her cheek.

She wasn't very tired, but she didn't want to question him, he knew what was best.

Roger kissed her again, "Don't worry, Alice, by the time you wake up, the operation on the Salazar estate will be over and I'll be back... Don't worry."

She didn't question him, openly. She slowly walked to the room, smiling at him as she left. She thought on his words, but as she lay on the bed, she seemed to forget it. It is as if the memory faded like a dream. She was so unfocused she could only read the first book she could put her hands on, not caring what it was.

About five hours later, Roger walked into the room and saw she was reading a book, he raised an eyebrow and chuckled, "That's hardly getting rest, eh, Alice? Oh well, Salazar is still alive, for now, but the immediate problem is resolved, the Kaiserine was rescued..." He sat down on the edge of the bed and kicked his shoes off, before sighing in relief.
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21-10-2004, 04:00
(Alice) "Strange, done so quickly?"

(Roger) "Yes, Salazar's estate isn't too far away, besides he gave her up without much of a fight, he didn't want any bloodshed, or so it seemed."

Roger took the book out of her hands and grinned while jokingly saying, "So, you've spent five hours with a book rather than resting... It seems you've a streak of rebellious behavior, eh?"

(Alice) "I wasn't tired."

Roger kissed her on the cheek; "I would be willing to take it upon myself to help tire you out... If you're interested that is..."

(Alice) "Feeling rather adventurous, are we?"

He could take that as a yes, though she was not really as interested as usual, she was rather thinking forward. She can't always think of things such as sex. There are more important things. Like her child.

Roger sensed she wasn't really interested and he just plopped down next to her and said, "Nah... We can wait till later, so tell me, is this book any good?"

She had been reading, Simon Rutledge and Joseph Mladic's book "The Rising Tide of Color Against Mississippian World Supremacy".

(Alice) "It is rather long winded at some points."

She avoided voicing her specific opinion.

The book detailed how a non-white population boom would eventually destroy Mississippi and why Mississippi should immediately pressure women to have more than just the normal 18 children each and aim for 25 or 30. Also the book called for waging wars against non-white nations specifically to plunge them into chaos and create famines and such that would limit their growth.

Rutledge had quoted a high officer of the "Society of Eugenicists" as saying, "If fit white women won't have enough kids, they should be made to have enough kids, by any means necessary... And if fit white men cannot get their wives pregnant, other fit white men should be given the task."

Roger set the book down after glancing over the back cover, "Anything interesting in here, I mean any specifics?"

(Alice) "I did not finish it. And personally, I was not fond of everything said in the book."

Roger seemed intrigued by what she was saying, he raised an eyebrow, "What specifically did you not like?"

Rutledge had also stated, "The phenomena known as Feminism, well I can cure any Feminist in twenty minutes, all they need is sex, it's a shame really, these sex-starved women have gone insane, we need to take it upon ourselves to save them."

Mladic, known for being crude at times, stated in a chapter about feminists, "There is nothing wrong with a feminist that a good fuck won't cure. I've personally cured dozens of feminists and this method works without fail."

(Alice) "I don't really want to talk about it now, I'm getting rather tired. Reading can tire you."

Roger kissed her on the cheek and smiled, "Well then we don't have to talk about it, are you more tired than hungry? I can have the servants get you something to eat... You're eating for two now, remember." He gently placed a hand on her stomach as he looked into her brown eyes.

(Alice) "No, I am not hungry, but thanks."

Roger nodded, "well if you are, just wake me up, no matter the time, and I'll see you get whatever it is you'd like to eat. I'm tired now, so I'm going to sleep as well. Good night, Alice." he leaned over, kissed her, and then sprawled out on a large portion of the thirty foot wide bed.

About six hours later, when Alice stirred from her sleep, she noticed Roger was gone, he'd left a note on the pillow.
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21-10-2004, 04:01
"Alice, an advisor woke me from my sleep, I didn't want to disturb you, you looked awfully tired. Salazar is in Portugal, we finally have our chance. Alec and I will get him. I shall avenge your honor. Fear not, I may likely have returned before you've even awoken, in which case, this letter will have proven pointless..."

She sat around waiting for him, eight hours passed since she'd woken up, still no sign of Roger...

She tried to sleep, not eating or drinking, and when offered, she refused it, until she broke and ordered her dinner, almost ravenous with hunger.

As she was finishing dinner, a tired and distraught looking Roger walked through the fourth level bunker main door and into the dinning room.

He nodded his head, quietly muttering, "It's done... He's dead, but by his own hand, Francisco is dead..."

He dismissed all the servants and the guards from the room, and then he spoke louder, coughing and clearing his throat, "Alice, I said Salazar is dead..."

She did not know exactly what could be said. Should she thank him? It was not him that should do it. Should she be happy?

Roger sat down and put his head in his hands, wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand...

(Alice) "Roger.. Are you okay?"

Roger shook his head, "Alice, you didn't know him as long as I had, he was a good man, a great man, his wife was a drunk who ultimately drove him to drinking and drugs, the drugs ruined him, sapped the goodness... What will become of his children now? His wife is unfit to raise them, he has almost a dozen children, will they be doomed to be raised by somebody who is abusive?"

She didn't know.

(Alice) "Adoption, maybe?"

Roger looked at her, "they're nobles, Alice, elite nobles, not many would be fit to raise such important children, and not many would have the resources to care for them all... Surely you're not suggesting the children wind up in different homes, away from each other."
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05-11-2004, 09:56
Henceforth this RP is continued by ITD and DA. As always, DA’s parts are not in bold, whereas ITD’s will be in bold. (Except if the character of one player starts off the line as a speaking such as (Roger) “Words” or (Alice) “Words” then there is no bold. But you will be able to tell from other parts of the RP who is currently speaking for that character. Enjoy)

Alice sighed, "No Roger, are you saying you want to adopt Salazar's children?"

Roger nodded, "I think it would be best for them."

Alice frowned, "Roger, are you serious?"

Roger sighed, "I know you don't like their father, but it is no reason to punish his children. They didn't do anything wrong."

Alice nodded, "Yes, but there are ten of them, and two are almost adults... One is eighteen and the other is seventeen, can't they take care of their younger siblings?"

Roger shook his head, "They are too young to take care of children, Alice."

Alice frowned, "Well Miguel, his oldest son, is old enough to fight in battles and take slaves... You know the intelligence community thinks he took a slave from Emanara..."

Roger nodded, "I know, I know. He is better serving his nation in the military though."

Alice kept her frown, "I don't want a Salazar in this house, I don't want a Salazar near me... They're all swine if you ask me!"

Roger smiled, "Come on, Alice."

Alice didn't budge, "Roger, please... I don't want to be around any of his children, I'd never be able to forget what happened with he an I..." she shuddered at the thought.

Roger sighed, "Maybe they can stay with the Smith family, or maybe even Mladic, but I will not abandon them."

Alice nodded, "Yes, well they can stay anywhere but here..."

Alice suddenly had an idea, "Roger... Salazar has a wife, the kids can stay with her, she's probably a fine mother..."

Roger happened to know that she was a drunk and was abusive.

Roger shook his head, "She was never good to them. She would drink and beat them."

Alice frowned, "Well she is still their mother, yes? Get her some help, she can raise them with help from the oldest two sons..."

Roger shook his head; "I will not give them to an abusive mother."

Alice sighed, "Well, do you really want them here?"

Roger nodded, "Yes, but if you don't want them here... I will try to see if Smith or Mladic will take them."

Alice smiled, "Yes, please do."

Roger picked up the phone and dialed Reginald Smith's number, he was currently in the field with his RG Corps, helping cleanup after the Felben crisis.

Smith answered, "Hello, who is it?"

Roger spoke with warm words, "Reginald, It's me, Roger Fabus."

Reginald cheerfully replied, "Ah, Czar, how are you, your whiteness?"

Roger got right to the point, "Very well, thank you. Are you aware of the Salazar situation?"

Smith sighed, "Yes, awful news that, it must be terrible for the children, eh?"

Roger "Indeed, which is actually the reason I called."

Reginald sighed, "Sir, I think I know what you want... I'm sorry, I have enough children..."

Roger sighed, "I see."

Reginald quickly replied, "Perhaps his oldest son... Miguel, he might be able to care for his siblings, he is a very wealthy land owner in Western Sahara, he has something like fifty billion or more dollars."

Roger suggested, "Could you take some of them?"

Reginald sighed, "No, I really can't take anymore... The wife wouldn't like it."

Roger nodded, "I see. Well. I will try something else then. Keep up the good work."

Reginald smiled, "Thank you for understanding sir."

Roger "Well, I must be going then."

Both of the men hung up.

Alice frowned, "He said no, didn't he?"

Roger nodded.

Alice sighed, "Well, keep trying, please... There must be others that could take them."

Roger picked up the phone and dialed Mladic.

Mladic answered, "This is Joseph Mladic of the White Peoples Radio and Television Network... How may I help you on your path to racial consciousness?"

Roger seemed nervous, "Mladic, this is Roger Fabus... are we on their air?"

Mladic chuckled, "No... Not at all... I just, force of habit."

Roger eased up, "Ah. This is just between us then. I know you were a friend of Salazar, and that you have no children of your own yet."

Mladic replied, "Yes, I have no children of my own... But my soon to be wife and I, we are going to have children, why do you ask?"

Roger got to the point quickly, "With Salazar's death, he left 10 children behind. Now, two of them are old enough to fend for themselves, but there is the question of the other 8."

Mladic sighed, "I'm sorry, but my gal doesn't really want to raise other people's children..."

Roger sighed, "I understand. It's just that I cannot let them be left out on the street."

Mladic quickly suggested, "Czar, you could surely afford to raise them..."

Roger nodded, "I know, but you and I share a common trait in that area. The Czarina is not very excited about the notion."

Mladic chuckled, "Ah, well just put your foot down and tell her how it is going to be... You are the Czar after all..."

Roger sighed, "I try to keep a happy Czarina."

Mladic chuckled, "Ah... Well, good luck, sir. I really need to go, speeches to write."

Mladic hung up.

Roger laid the phone down, "No again."

Alice looked at him, frowning, "No also?"

Roger nodded.

Alice sighed, "Roger, do you really want to adopt them, all of them?"

Roger looked over at Alice, "We could build a separate building for them on the property."

Alice frowned, "I don't want them anywhere near me... But it's your decision, Roger."

Roger "I really cannot see any other way."

Alice nodded, "Okay, but when the boys get older, the first one that leers at me, I'm smacking him over the head with a club..."

Roger laughed, "I see no problem with that."

Alice smiled at Roger and wrapped her arms around him, then she moved one of his hands to her stomach, whispering in his ear, "Remember, Czar, you're going to be a father, you'll have children of your own to keep you busy..."

Roger smiled, "You are beautiful."

Alice giggled, "Oh Roger..."

Roger kissed her, "I love you for having our child."

Alice collapsed into his waiting arms, leaning into his kiss, after nearly a minute, she leaned back, "I'm glad to have our child, Roger... Very glad... I hope the child is the first of many."

Roger nodded, "As do I."
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05-11-2004, 09:56
Alice sighed, "Roger, you have to go to Stahlecker City tomorrow, don't you? For that FSI conference... Do you really need to go?"

Roger nodded, "Yes, I really need to go."

Alice sighed again, "Oh Roger, you could be gone for over a month, what will I do without you during that time?"

Roger "I'm sure you will think of something."

Alice whispered in his ear as she gently blew into it, "All I shall be thinking of is you..."

Roger began to run his fingers through her hair, "And I will be thinking of you."

She softly moaned, "Oh Roger..." then she whispered, "Just hurry back, okay?"

Roger nodded, "I will try."

Alice grinned, "Shall we make sure you leave with pleasant memories?"

Roger smiled, "Mmm, yes."

Alice nodded, whispered, "Then follow me..." and walked off toward their bedroom.

As Roger was starting to walk, his phone rang.

Roger answered it, "Yes, what is it?"

It was William, he seemed very nervous, "Roger... Are you there?"

Roger "Yes, you sound nervous.... what is wrong?"

William started to pace and smoke at the same time, "Roger... Roger... It's, there is internal unrest, I think this could erupt into a coup or a civil war... I don't trust Sylvia's soldiers to do anything other than rapidly defect, surrender, or die... There is only one company of SRG here, you know that... Try to station more in transport ships just outside TBD waters... She doesn't like the idea of Mississippian forces being in her nation."

Roger's smile turned to a worried frown, "Of course. Are you armed?"

William quickly replied, "Yes... I have an AKM, an M-14B, and a few pistols."

Roger offered a solution, "Do you want me to send an evac for you and Sylvia?"

William sighed, "No, she won't leave, she says this is her homeland and she'll stay and attempt to calm the people...”

Roger sighed, "And what would she do if there is a coup?"

William shrugged, "She thinks she can talk the people down if there is any trouble... And she thinks the loyalty of her military is beyond reproach..."

Roger shook his head, "Try to talk some sense into her."

William sighed, "I try, but she doesn't want to accept the fact that her military is garbage..."

Roger sighed and shook his head at the same time, "Well, try to stay safe. I will see what I can do as far as troops are concerned."

William gave one last suggestion, "Stock up on supplies in the embassy, if there is a problem, the embassy can easily support the landing of five or more parachute divisions in a matter of hours."

Roger "Ok."

Alice was growing impatient, she slid her hands into Roger's pants and started to gently rub him, whispering, "Roger, aren't you coming to bed?"

William heard somebody talking in the background but wasn't sure who it was, "Roger, is somebody there with you?"

Roger "Yes, it's Alice."

William chuckled, "Ah... I see, well you two probably have things to do, don't tell me, I can only try not to think about it... Take care."

William hung up.

Roger put the phone away and started following Alice again.

Alice led him to the nearest bedroom and shut and locked the door immediately after he was inside the room. She then pushed him up against the door and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him hard until she finally stopped to breathe... She smiled at him, "Shall we move along to the bed, Czar..."

Roger nodded, "Yes"

Alice smiled as she guided him to the bed and pushed him down onto it. Suddenly the phone rang again... Alice sighed as she looked at it, "You plan on answering that?"

Roger shook his head, "Not this time."

The machine kicked on, it was Henry Stahlecker, he was hysterical, "Oh my god! The slaves, outside the city, half our Commonwealth Army, smashed, along with the 3rd RG Armored Division, and the 29th Federal Expeditionary Corps, awful, Roger, are you there.. Pick up!"

Alice's eyes went wide, "Roger... Slave rebellions in Western Sahara... That is where your conference on FSI is to take place, don't go..."

Roger picked the phone up, "YES?!"

Henry was shouting to be heard over the artillery barrages, "Roger! Three hundred and fifty thousand died in four hours of fighting, there are over eight million slaves surrounding this very city! We're holding our own but they're everywhere around us!”

Roger stood up from the bed and started pacing back and forth, "Fuck. I will see what I can do, forces are stretched a bit thin, but I will send something."

Henry spoke again, "What about Tallmadge in Mississippian Egypt... His Commonwealth Army is over six million strong, he could spare one million at least... Right?"

Roger nodded, "I will tell them to get there as soon as they can. In the mean time, sit tight and stay ever vigilant."

Henry sighed in relief, "Yes sir, thank you sir... I already spoke to Tallmadge; he's on his way... I was just calling with you to make sure you are okay with that, yes?"

Roger "Of course."

Henry nervously chuckled, "Okay... I should be... Shit, incoming!"

He hung up.

Alice frowned at Roger, "You're not going to Western Sahara... Period."

Roger "I have to go."

Alice shook her head, "No, please, don't go... For me, don't go... Or, let me go with you."

Roger put his foot down, "You won't be going. I'm sending an army to crush the blacks anyways."

Alice frowned, "Roger, what if something happens to you... I want to be with you if anything happens, I don't want to live if I can't live with you... If something happens to you, I want it to happen to me as well."

Roger sighed, "Nothing will happen."

Alice frowned, "Then let me go with you..."

Roger shook his head, "No."

Alice smiled and put on an innocent look, "Please..."

Roger shouted, "No!"

Alice was a little scared by his growing temper, "Are you sure you don't want me to go?" she meekly asked.

Roger walked up to her, held her hands, looked her in the eyes, "I'm absolutely positive."

Alice sighed, "If you insist, it is your decision to make... But what do I do if something happens to you?"

Roger grinned, "If something does happen, I want you to make sure that every black within 5000 miles of Stahlecker City meets their bloody ends."

Alice frowned, taking a pistol out from a drawer and setting it on the desk, "If you don't come back... I'm joining you..."

Roger took the pistol and unloaded it, "No you will not."

Alice kept her frown, "Roger, are you serious? You'd force me to live without you?"

Roger sat down in a bedside chair and sighed.

Alice sat down in his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing him gently on the cheek, "What is wrong, Roger?" she asked.

Roger sighed deeper, "If something does happen, someone has to take care of our child...."

Alice shook her head, "Roger, if something happens... Please don't ask me not to join you, please don't ask me not to..."

Roger smiled, "I want you to stay alive and raise our child."

Alice nodded and meekly said, "Okay..."

Roger looked her in the eyes, "Promise me."

Alice sat quietly for a few seconds, not saying anything and then she mumbled some unintelligible words.

Roger sighed, "Alice, this is important to me."

Alice nodded and then clearly said, "I promise... I promise you Roger..."

Roger held her close, "I love you. I love you."

Alice whispered in his ear, "I love you too..."

The phone rang again, she grumbled, "Can we just take the phones out of all the bedrooms, please?"

Roger sighed and sat there holding her.

The phone kept ringing.

Roger picked it up, "What is it. Please make it quick."

It was John Tallmadge, "Hello sir, Governor Tallmadge of ME... I've heard you've okayed the the planned deployment?"

Roger nodded, “Yes."

Tallmadge asked Roger, "Only one million though, correct, no more, right?"

Roger sighed, "As many as it takes."

Tallmadge kept talking, "So... As many as it takes? Won't that compromise our defenses here?"

Roger "Send as many as you can while still maintaining safe defenses."

Tallmadge sighed, "Are you sure there is any point to this? Rumor is you intend to ban slavery soon... Just free the damn slaves..."

Tallmadge said, "Sir, is this just about honor?"

Roger "Yes… But also, I plan to free them."

Tallmadge sighed, "Sir, are you preoccupied? Hold on a second here, I have some data about the slave numbers..." Tallmadge set the phone down and started to dig through his papers at his desk.

Tallmadge found the papers and asked, "Sir, I found the papers, shall I read them to you now?"

Roger nodded,, "Yes.

Tallmadge started to read after he said, "Sir, are you okay? Do you understand what all this means thus far?"

Roger sighed, "I'm fine."

Tallmadge sighed and finished reading the papers, it took about ten minutes to read all the data on the numbers of slaves, economic impact of immediate release, cost to repatriate them to their native lands. He was trying to suggest Roger not immediately free them but rather gradually deport them out of the nations.

John finally sighed, "Sir, I have to go, okay, I've things to tend to... Take care, best wishes, Hail Fabus."

Roger "Yes. What would be the cost to deport some every month?"

Tallmadge sighed, "Overall, we'd spend about two hundred billion at least, to deport them all..."

Roger "That is much less than if we just freed them at once."

Tallmadge nodded, "Yes, it probably is, yes..."

Roger "Then that is what we shall do."

Alice was sitting in the chair looking at Roger, wanting him to finish with the phone call.

Tallmadge replied, "If you say so, sir, then so it shall be."

Roger nodded, "You may go now."

Tallmadge quickly replied, "Thank you sir..." before he hung up.

Alice smiled at Roger, "Are you done on the phone now?" She asked.

Roger tossed the phone to the ground.

Alice grinned at Roger, "What now, Czar?"

Roger stood up and lunged onto the bed.

Alice giggled as he ended up overshooting and landing on the other side, crashing onto the floor... She couldn't stop laughing but managed to finally do so and ask, "Roger, are you okay?" he was okay, but red with embarrassment.

Roger got up, "I meant to do that, really I did."

Alice nodded, "Yes... I'm sure..." She grinned, "Where do you hurt Roger? Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?"

Roger smiled and laid in the middle of the bed, "I hurt all over."

Alice nodded and pulled the blanket over the both of them.

About an hour later, Alice was lying next to Roger, she smiled at him as she whispered in his ear, "Did you like it, Mr. Czar?"

Roger rolled over to face her, he leaned in and kissed her. He lightly rubbed her back with his hand, "Yes, you were magnificent."

Alice smiled, "I'm glad you enjoyed it, as did I... We'll be together again soon, hurry back from Western Sahara... I'll be waiting for you."

Roger smiled, "I will miss you so much."
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05-11-2004, 09:57
Alice frowned, "Are you sure I can't go with you?"

Roger nodded, "Im sure of it. You are pregnant, after all. I couldn’t risk it."

Alice nodded, but then grinned, whispering in his ear, "I could keep you entertained when the talks aren't going on, such as during the evenings..."

Roger sighed, "I thought we went over this already. I cannot allow you to go."

Alice frowned, "You're sure? I don't know how I'll manage without you for weeks at a time."

Roger "You will find something to do. We can still talk over the phone."

Alice nodded and kissed Roger on the cheek before she drifted off asleep... Roger wasn't all that tired; he was worried about William's regime in TBD and the Western Sahara problems.

Roger got up and walked to a chair nearby, he sat there as he started smoking a cigarette and thinking about what would happen if the TBD troops fell.

Some of the smoke moved over the bed and upset Alice in her sleep, she woke up, and looked at Roger with a raised brow, sighing, "Roger, still smoking are we?"

Roger coughed and put the cigarette out in an ashtray, "Just every now and then."

Alice frowned, "I thought you stopped totally?"

Roger smiled, "I'm trying to gradually stop smoking, its much easier that way."

She nodded, "If you say so..."

Roger lay down in the bed and prepared to get some sleep, "I was just worrying about William and the situation in TBD."

Alice yawned and nodded, "Yes, but William is a smart man, perhaps he'll reform the TBD army, if there is time... Maybe he could hire mercenaries if his wife doesn't object."

Roger sighed, "She thinks that her army is invincible or something to that effect. I doubt that they have ever seen real combat."

Alice shook her head, "I've read about the Burnsian military, some of our intelligence reports... It's predicted that against a first world, or even second world force of conventional opponents, or a third world guerilla force, that the TBD army would collapse within two years at the most."

Roger nodded, "I have read them also, but their queen doesn’t want any more RG divisions in TBD."

Alice yawned as she groggily said, "So I hear." Before falling asleep.

Roger covered Alice up, turned off the lights and fell asleep.

In the morning, Roger was trying to slip out of bed without disturbing Alice so she didn’t bother him to let her go with him to Western Sahara again. She woke up, as he was about to leave through the door... She sighed, "Roger, are you sneaking off without saying goodbye?"

Roger smiled, "Of course not, I just didn't want to disturb you. You looked so lovely."

Alice giggled, "Oh Roger, you're far too kind..."

Roger walked up to her and gave her a kiss, "I have to go."

Alice kissed him back, wrapping her arms around him, as she looked at him with almost pleading eyes, "Must it really be you to go, couldn't you send some diplomats instead?"

Roger shook his head, "I have to go, honey."

Alice kissed him again and then sat back down on the bed, smiling, "Be safe, call me when you get there... I love you, Roger."

Roger smiled, "I love you too. Take care."

Roger walked to the door.

Alice blew him a kiss as he turned to walk out the door. She grinned as she said, "I'll be waiting for you to get back..."

Roger grinned back, "I can't wait."

A few hours later, Roger's two seater MiG-41 landed in Stahlecker City after dodging a few SAMs fired by rebel slaves around the city.

The first thing he did was call Alice to tell her he arrived safely.

Alice picked up the phone, anxiously expecting his call, "Roger, is that you?" she asked.

Roger "Yes it's me, I told you I would make it here in one piece."

Alice smiled at the sound of his voice, and then asked, "Are you okay? Was the flight nice?"

Roger answered hesitantly, "The flight was.... interesting. I'm fine."

Alice detected the uneasiness in his voice, "Are you sure the flight was okay?"

Roger "Oh, a few rebel rockets here and there, but nothing the plane couldn't dodge."

Alice's tone became one of worry, "Are you sure you'll be okay to get out of the city?"

Roger "I assure you, everything will be fine."

She smiled, "Well, if you say you are okay, I believe you, you can take good care of yourself, I know... I just, I love you Roger and don't like seeing you take such risks."

Roger nodded, "I know, I will be careful. I love you too, Alice."

Suddenly one of the diplomats called to Roger from across the room, signalling that some of the others had arrived and wanted to speak with him.

Roger spoke into the phone again after acknowledging the man across the room, "I have to go now, the diplomats are wishing to talk."

Alice quickly replied, "Okay, take care, stay safe, call me later if you have time..."

Alice then said, "Roger, stay safe, I love you, have a nice night."

Roger smiled, "I love you too."

Roger then hung up the phone and put it in his pocket.

The diplomat from one of the other countries was sitting down in a chair, smoking, he looked at Roger, not bothering to stand up or salute, as Roger approached.

Roger walked up to the delegate, "Sorry for the wait, my wife is such a worrier."

The man sighed and shrugged his shoulders, "Yeah, women, they're a nuisance, eh?"

Roger let the insult slide, "I hope the rebel uprising didn't interrupt your travel here.

The man shook his head, "No, not unless you call being shot at as my helicopter came in, an interruption."

Roger "We are in the process of crushing the rebellion... it shouldn't last much longer."

The man sneered, "Yes, crushing slaves for only seeking to rise up against their masters? What can I do to help in this grand crusade?"

Roger "Well, I have never been to keen on slavery, but rebellion cannot be tolerated."

The man nodded, "If you say so, I guess it is your right to crush rebellions in your own lands..."

Roger nodded, "I'm glad that you agree."

The man sighed, "Yes, but I'm not sure my government will agree..."

Roger "What government is that?"

The man chuckled, "Democratic Colonies..."

Roger nodded, "Democracy, how quaint."

The man nodded and pointed to the leader of the DC delegation, a stunningly attractive woman from the Foreign Affairs dpt... He whispered in Roger's ear, "I could arrange for you and her to meet more privately if you'd like..."

Roger shook his head, "I'm happily married."

The man smiled, "Aren't we all though? I mean if the wife ain't around, who cares, eh?"

Roger frowned, "I care. I could never cheat on my wife."

The man smiled, "Ah well if it's all part of diplomacy and negotiations, does it really count?"

Roger kept his frown, "I will not cheat on my wife."/b]

The man shrugged, "Ah well, your loss I guess, she's pretty good at private negotiations..."

[b]Roger sighed, "If you like her so much, you go do her."

The man smiled, "I already have, she won't let me go again though, something about co-workers shouldn't be fraternizing..."

Roger gave him a sideways glance, "Then maybe you should just drop the subject."

The man frowned, "Sorry for bothering you about that sir... But I had heard rumors about your father, the previous leader, and how he conducted diplomacy... I thought it'd still be the same way..."

Roger frowned, "I am nothing like my father."

The man nodded, "So you are different from your father eh?"

Roger nodded, "Much different."

The man nodded again, "In what other ways are you two different, if I might ask..."

Roger sighed, "That is none of your concern."

The man frowned, "So you won't tell me eh?"

Roger sat down, "Actions speak louder than words. In time the world will see how diffferent I am from my father."

The man nodded, "If you say so sir... Please tell me though, is it true about your father and Yuna of Sevaris, what happened between them?"

Roger grinned, "I will neither confirm nor deny that."

The man smiled, "Ah, I get you..."

The man then leaned in and whispered, "Fabus City, Libya... What really happened there? It was IG Virus, wasn't it?"

Roger whispered, "That is classified."

The man smiled, "Ah, I see... Well sir, perhaps you can tell me if you plan to alter your nations racial laws in the near future?"

Roger shook his head.

The man smiled, "Well I suggest that you consider keeping your stance then, for the benefit of your people... But slavery must go."

Roger nodded.

The conference hadn't really gotten started yet, it was just a few people sitting around talking. Already it was 9 pm, Roger had spent most of the day reviewing the Commonwealth units tasked with defending the city should the rebels attack it. The men sat around talking for a while longer.

The man from DC offered Roger a cigarette from his nation, smiling as he said, "DC tobacco is the best in the world, want one?"

Roger shook his head, "I quit."

The man smiled as he lit up his own cigarette, inhaling the smoke with a face of pure pleasure, "Too bad, eh? Why, if you don't mind my asking?"

Roger shrugged, "Because I felt like quitting."

The man smiled, "Ah, really though why? Nobody every just quits..."

Roger "My wife is pregnant."

The man shrugged, "And that affects your smoking how? Just don't smoke around her, simple enough, eh?"

Roger "She doesn’t like me smoking. It causes cancer."

The man made a sound like the cracking of a whip as he grinned, "Ah, I see your wife has you under her control, eh?" he chuckled.

Roger sighed, "I would rather not end up with cancer later on in my life."

The man chuckled, "Your own surgeon general says it improves health!"

Roger frowned, "What makes you so sure that your tobacco is the best?"

The man took out a cigarette from his holder and extended it to Roger, "Try it and see..."

Roger took a pack from his own pocket, "No, you try some Fabus tobacco."

The man smiled, "What say we each try the others?"

Roger "Just try the damn cigarette."

The man took it from Roger, smiling as he lit it up and started to smoke, "For a man who quit smoking you sure do have a lot of cigarettes on you still eh?" He chuckled, "Not bad, very good, perhaps even a little better than ours..."

Roger nodded, "They were just left over from when I used to smoke."

The man smiled, "Ah, well would you try one of mine to compare?"

Roger took the man's cigarettes, "Maybe later."

The man smiled and then yawned, "Ah, it's after my bedtime, I've got to turn in... Good night, sir, pleasure meeting you."

Roger nodded, "Yes."

The man walked off to his room... Meanwhile, the female diplomat sitting across the conference room, smiled at Roger as she started to walk over towards him, she sat down right next to him and grinned, "Hello... Czar, how are you?" she asked him.

Roger smiled, "I'm happily married."

The woman grinned as she said, "I don't see your wife around anywhere..."

Roger sighed, "I'm not going to cheat on her."

The woman shrugged her shoulders, "Who said anything about cheating? You read into things too much..."

Roger rolled his eyes, "Yea. Im sure.”

He then motioned for a guard.

One of the guards walked over, "Yes sir?"

Roger handed the guard a cigarette, "Have this item chemically analyzed."

The guard nodded, taking the cigarette, "Yes sir..." He then walked out of the room.

The woman stood up and sat down on the arm of the chair Roger was in, crossing her legs over his lap, she grinned at him, "Well, Czar, shall we go negotiate in the standard Mississippian fashion?"

Roger shook his head, "Maybe if my father was still in power he would oblige, but the regime had changed."

She slowly slid down the chair arm and into his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck, whispering, "Are you sure, Czar?"

Roger gritted his teeth as he said, "Get off me."

The woman frowned, "Ah, don't you want to negotiate? I'm willing to do whatever is normal for you Mississippians..."

Roger practically growled, "I'm not going to ask you twice."

She leaned in and whispered in his ear, "Well, you know where to find me if you change your mind..." And then stood up and turned to walk away.

She slowly turned around, facing Roger, and winked at him before walking off to her room.

About twenty minutes later, the SRG man tasked with testing the cigarette came back, holding it up, he chuckled, "Clean, Czar... It's clean."

Roger nodded, "Thank you."

Roger took the cigarette.

The guard looked at him, "Do you need a light, sir?"

Roger shook his head, "No, I'm fine."

Roger saw Arthur Frick walk up towards him, he leaned in and whispered in Roger's ear, "See that woman over there?" He pointed to the blonde diplomat from JRV.

Roger nodded, "Yes, what about her."

Frick grinned as he whispered, "I'm going to go fuck her... I'll tell you how it goes and if I get any useful information about her nations foreign policy stance... See you in a while, sir."

Roger nodded, "Yea."

Arthur turned around and walked over to where the woman was sitting, they both walked out of the room and towards the elevator.

Roger noticed the room had mostly emptied out, he decided to head to his room and check it out.

Roger opened the door to his large 4,000 sq foot room, he walked in, and the lights were off... He set his cap down and took his boots off by the door, after he walked into the main bedroom; he realized he wasn't alone... He looked at the bed, sprawled out on the bed was the diplomat who had been making advances on him earlier. She grinned, "Hello Czar, the man at the front desk let me in, I thought you might want some company..."

Roger snapped at her, "Get out of my room!"
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05-11-2004, 09:57
She frowned, "Ah come on Czar, are you sure you don't want some company?"

Roger shouted, "I said get out!"

She slowly stood up and then walked as though she was going to the door, she then put her arms around him and kissed him on the lips. She pulled him into the kiss.

Roger pushed her away, "Get out."

She grinned, "Are you sure?"

Roger shook his head, "Out."

She turned and walked out of the bedroom and headed for the front door, stopping when she got there, stretching her left arm up to the top of the door as she slyly grinned and said, "Last chance tonight, sure?"

Roger gave her a wide-eyed glare, "I'm serious."

She turned and left his room, shutting the door behind her.

Roger locked the door and then went back to the bedroom and sat down on the bed.

His phone suddenly rang, it was Alice calling, he recognized the number.

Roger picked it up, "Alice?"

Alice giggled, "Yes, it's me..." she was excited to be speaking with him.

She quickly asked, "How are you?"

Roger smiled, "It's great to hear your voice."

Alice blushed, "Oh, thank you Roger... Same here... I mean... It's great to hear you... How are you?"

Roger "I'm great. Are you finding something to do while I am gone?"

She shrugged, "There isn't much to do... I'm just reading some economic, industrial, and military reports and reviewing projects that people want funds for..."

She chuckled, "I hope you don't mind, the MiG-55 Super Kluxer program is now receiving fifty percent more funding..."

Roger nodded, "That sounds good."

Alice giggled again, "Oh, and the MiG-49 Kluxer is getting double funding, they'll have it ready in a few years."

Roger "I have high hopes for those jets."

Alice quickly stated, "Did you know, they say the 55 will be able to get mach 6, and the 49 at least mach 5?"

Roger smiled, "I know. It will revolutionize the Mississippi Airforce."

Alice nodded, "Yes, but don't you think we need better surface-to-air missiles than the SA-19s? Perhaps we could make a newer and better one?"

Roger "Yes."

Alice smiled, "And the T-99, T-98, and T-98W are all very nice tanks, but what if we could get a lighter material of armor that weighed like the T-99 but did all that the T-98 does? I mean, they say if we put about five hundred billion into the program for the T-RF1 tank, we can have just that, they have basic design plans already drawn up, the full designation is Tank- Roger Fabus 1... Do you like it?"

Roger smiled, "Of course.”

Alice yawned, a little tired, she's stayed up late to call Roger when she figured the days meetings would be over... "So, how are the other diplomats, are they reasonable people or leftist maniacs?"

Roger sighed, "I've only met with a few. Some are less than respectable.”

Alice seemed curious, "How so?"

Roger struggled not to speak with contempt as he was disgusted by their actions, "The Democratic Colonies representative dared assume that he could influence me by offering some floozy."

Alice gasped, "Oh my, that's awful, how did you... I mean... What did... Is he still able to walk or did you beat him too badly?"

Roger responded, "I flat out refused their advances. I will have them taken care of soon enough."

Alice seemed eager to hear more, "Is that all, how do you plan to have them dealt with?"

Roger chuckled, "Let's just say that they will never make those mistakes again."

Alice giggled, "Oh Roger... You're so decisive when you're angry..."

Roger smiled, "Being away from you reminds me how much I love you."

Alice blushed, "I miss you too Roger, I can't wait to see you again, my love. Hurry up and bully whoever you are speaking with into agreeing with you so you can get back to me."

Roger nodded, "I will."

Alice yawned again, Roger figured she needed to sleep.

Roger suggested, "Why don't you get some rest, honey."

Alice nodded, "Okay, I will... You should try to get some sleep as well, rest well, Roger. I love you."

Roger nodded, "Love you too."

Alice hung up and promptly fell asleep.

Roger heard a knock at the front door of the suite.

Roger opened the door.

It was Arthur Frick, standing there with a grin on his face, "How are you sir?"

Roger nodded, "Fine, and you?"

He smiled, "Wonderful, just wonderful... I had a private conference with that diplomat, the blonde from JRV that I left the conference room with..."

Roger smiled, "I see, and was the conversation interesting?"

Frick chuckled, "Well the conversation was rather limited..."

Roger laughed.

Arthur leaned in and whispered, "I heard you had some problems with a foreign whore attempting to seduce you, eh?"

Roger nodded, "Yes. For some reason the security allowed her in here."

Arthur sighed, "Ah, oh well, so what are you going to do about her?"

Roger sighed, "Do you have any suggestions? I could have them arrested for prostitution."

Arthur smiled, "Let me talk to her for you, I'll straighten her out, or at least have fun trying..."

Roger nodded.

Arthur turned to leave, but then turned back, "Is that all sir? Oh... How is the Czarina doing, speak with her lately?"

Roger nodded, "She is doing very well."

Arthur smiled, "That is very good, I don't think I've gotten around to congratulate you on the wonderful news that you and her are to have a child, wonderful, an heir for the throne."

Roger smiled, "Yea, its great news. I cannot wait."

Arthur and Roger talked for a few more minutes before Arthur turned and left to go find the woman.

The conference continued on for a few more weeks, Roger reviewed the troops in the city a few more times. Finally, it had been about five weeks since he'd left, the conference wasn't really going anywhere because FSI had never bothered to show up, and the rebels outside the city were starting a massive barrage into the city with artillery.

Roger's phone rang and it was Alice.

Roger "Hello?"

Alice was worried at first, "Roger, are you there? The news is saying Stahlecker City is under attack by artillery, massive barrages... I want you to leave there now, please..."

Roger sighed, "Well, the conference is getting pretty boring."

Alice got excited, "So you're coming home?"

Roger refused, "As soon as the rebels are put down I will come home."

Alice sighed, "Roger... Please, come home now...

Roger "Alice, I cannot just abandon the city."

Alice sighed, "Roger, what if a stray shell kills you? Your son is going to need a father... " She then smiled as she finished the rest, "That's right, it's a boy, they just told me a few hours ago..."

Roger smiled, "I won't be killed. I love you, I love our son, but I cannot leave."

Alice sighed, "Roger, please... Just come home, I can't go much longer without you, it's been five weeks..."

Roger "Just a bit longer, I swear. I will be safe."

Alice almost sounded as though she was begging, "Please Roger..."

Roger "I'm sorry, Alice. I have to stay."

Alice sighed, "Roger, it's been five weeks, how much longer?"

Roger "Two more weeks at the most."

She grumbled to herself, and then said, "Okay, but not a day more... See you in two weeks then I guess..."

Roger nodded, "I love you."

Alice smiled, "I love you too..." Before her tone changed to almost demanding, "Now hurry up and get whatever it is you couldn't get done in five weeks, done, so you can get home..."

Roger nodded, "Ok."

Alice chuckled, "Well then go get it done, you'd better be back soon, and in one piece."

Roger laughed, "Fine fine."

Alice then said, "Take care..." before she hung up to go rest.

Roger hung up and then opened the front door of his room to walk out.

The woman who had tried to seduce him earlier had been waiting outside his door, she pushed him back into the room and put her arms around him, kissing him, she then whispered in his ear, "It's been a boring five weeks for you I bet eh? Want to make it more interesting?"

Roger sighed as he pushed her away, "I said for you to leave me alone, and I meant it."

She grinned at him, before pulling him in closer to her and sliding a hand down his pants, she chuckled, "Ah, you say one thing, but clearly you're sending other signals..."

Roger pushed her off, "How about I send you outside the city gates so the blacks can have their chance with you."

She frowned, "You wouldn't want to do that, would you? Anyway, my nation is much more powerful than you, we don't need to negotiate, we could take you out."

Roger knew her nation was indeed more economically powerful, but their army was wholly inadequate in experience, training, dedication, and expertise, to take on the Mississippian Armed Forces.

She grinned at him again as she pushed him down onto the nearby couch and got on top of him, kissing him as she put her hand down his pants again, "you know Czar, you should just accept it this way, much easier, for our two nations to do business."

Roger pushed her off again, "I think not."

She sighed, "So what should I tell my nation, that you were unwilling to listen to reason and negotiate as a civilized person?"

Roger scoffed at her, "Civilized? You are the one coming off like a French whore."

She sighed, "So you're not interested?" She grinned at him as she spoke.

Roger firmly replied, "I am not interested in anything you want to say or do. Leave my room."

She stood up and grinned, "You sure, just try it once, if you don't like it, well it's no loss to you, is it?"

Roger frowned and pointed at the door, "Get out!"

She walked out of the room without turning back.

About ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door.

Roger opened the door.

It was Arthur Frick again, he chuckled, "Eh, I seen that woman coming from up here, you and her weren't... were you?"

Roger sighed, "No, She just cannot take a hint."

Arthur nodded, "Yes, I tried to get her, but she figured why take a cabinet member when the Czar is around... Anyway sir, no offense, but you're not really needed here anymore, anything we can get done is, well with FSI not here we can get nothing of value done... The army is about to crush the rebellion, you could leave right now if you wanted to..."

Suddenly artillery fire began crashing down all around them, blowing the roof of the hotel off. Frick tackled Roger and shouted, "We should go to the bunker, sir!"

Roger nodded and followed Frick to the bunker, grabbing his pistol on the way out of the room.

In the bunker, Roger and Frick sat around talking with the others for a few hours.. Frick finally whispered to Roger, "Sir, the Czarina must be worried sick about you, go home, this conference is dead, nothing will get done here... Go home, I can cover this until it officially ends."

Roger sighed, "I suppose you are right. Would be a good surprise for Alice."

Frick nodded, "Yes, and anyway, you need to be home to handle the TBD crisis, keep pushing them to release William... The bastards will have to listen, anyway, have you considered using commandos to get him out?"

Roger "I am considering every option."

Frick nodded, "Well then, have a safe trip back to Mississippi, sir... I'll see things here get wrapped up well enough."

Roger nodded, "Very well."

Roger then stood up and exited the bunker.

Two hours later, his MiG-41 landed at Stalingrad.

He walked into the mansion after a brisk jog from the airstrip and started to walk towards the main bedroom he and Alice used, thinking she'd be there... As he walked by a smoking lounge, he saw Alice inside, sleeping on a couch.

Roger snuck into the room and covered Alice with a blanket that was near by.

She stirred in her sleep and rolled over, facing the other side of the couch, the side facing the wall.

He sat down in a nearby chair, making sure to remain silent as to not wake her.

Alice stirred again in her sleep, moving over on the couch, leaving a large amount of room, if Roger wanted, he could lie down as well as there was enough room.

Roger saw the extra room on the couch and decided to lay down next to her. He stood up and lightly laid down next to her.

Roger ended up falling quickly asleep, a few hours later, he woke up from his nap, Alice was still awake and lying next to him, smiling, when she realized he was awake, she chuckled, "How long have you been here?" before she kissed him.

Roger just smiled.

Alice kissed him again, for about a minute, and then leaned back a little, and whispered, "Well Roger, how long have you been here?"

Roger: "I don't know. Time just fades away when I'm with you."

Alice blushed and held back a light giggle.

Alice frowned, "Roger, I was meaning to ask you, does the number One-Hundred and Eleven mean anything to you?" Roger knew immediately what she was asking about, he had, for many years, been a member of the 111s, a super secret society that was a branch of the Society of Enlightened Men.

It was indeed so secret, that he couldn't talk about it. He wondered if he should just lie to her and tell her he wasn't even a member, that he knew nothing about it.

Roger shook his head, "No, why?"

She shrugged, "I just heard something about it in one of the newspapers... Have you ever heard of something called the Council of Thirty-Three or the Council of Twelve?"

Roger gave her a blank look and shook his head, "Nope."

She sighed, "Well the paper said that you're involved with all three, and that secret societies have infiltrated every level of Mississippian financial institutions, is there any truth to that?"

Roger shrugged, "Sounds like fraudulent reporting to me."

Alice nodded, "If you say so, I believe you... Anyway, you've never even heard of those names mentioned though?"

Roger frowned, "What names?"

She chuckled, "What names? Why the Society of Enlightened Men, and the Council of Twelve and the Council of Thirty Three... What other names could there be?"

Roger "No, never heard of them before. I thought you meant that the paper mentioned actual people."

She nodded, "The paper mentioned two men, Baldur Von Schacht, the so-called "Most Learned Man" and Arthur Nelson, the so-called "Protector of the Sacred Text", Roger, those two men are in the upper echelons of your regime and government... Are they in some sort of dark cabal working against the ideals of Christianity? What sort of Sacred Text are they speaking about?" Roger had no idea of knowing what the Sacred Text was, even he didn't know, but he did know that the Twelve were involved in economic institutions and intrigue against foreign nations, however he sincerely believed them to be a model Christian group, and he had no way of knowing that the paper, published anonymously by his sister Victoria, who was an upper 3rd, 33, was quite accurate.

Roger gave a concerned frown, "Sounds like someone is trying to make the good Doctor and Arthur Nelson look bad."

Alice nodded, "If you say so... Well, how was your trip to Western Sahara, did anything noteworthy happen?"

Roger, failing to mention the woman who tried to sleep with him, nodded, "The trip was nice, despite the rebellion."

Alice nodded, "I read in some papers that one of the diplomats there tried to be a little too friendly with you, is that true, Roger?"

Alice nodded, "I read in some papers that one of the diplomats there tried to be a little too friendly with you, is that true, Roger?"

Roger sighed, "Sorta. But security put them in their place."

Most of her efforts to be too friendly had been in private, but the first effort was made in the conference room, with a paparazzi journalist hiding in the vent taking pictures.

Alice reached over and pulled out a newspaper, it showed the woman sitting on Roger's lap, with her arms around his neck, kissing him, while she had her legs crossed and hanging lazily over the arm of the chair... Alice frowned, "Care to explain this?"

Roger exclaimed, "That whore of a woman tried to seduce me, but I refused completely. I nearly had her dragged out in the street and shot."

Alice showed him one of the next pictures inside the paper; the woman was rubbing him through his pants, still sitting on his lap... She frowned, "Roger, how long does it take to completely refuse?"

Roger frowned, "I'm telling you, nothing happened."

Alice nodded, "I believe you, just, you can't blame me for being so jealous and worried... This is why I want to go with you when you go places, so if some whore tries to seduce you, I can kick her ass!"

Roger nodded, "I understand."

Alice smiled, "Okay, well other than the whore, how did the conference go, did you put fear into the hearts of our enemies?

Roger nodded, "I believe Mississippi accomplished what it set out to do."
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Alice nodded, "One more thing, have you ever heard of Project Gregory?"

Roger shrugged, "I have heard the name before, I don't know much about it."

Alice nodded, "Are you sure you don't know anything, anything at all?"

Roger shook his head, "I really don't know much about it."

Alice nodded, "Okay, well, if you find out anything, it sounds interesting, I'd like to know about it, okay?"

Roger nodded, "Of course."

Alice smiled and then kissed him gently on the forehead, "Thank you, Roger... So are you glad you're going to be having a son?"

Roger smiled, "Yes, I am quite excited about it."

Alice smiled as she guided his hand over her stomach, "Can you feel him kicking? He's due soon... Soon we'll have a son..."

Roger felt a kick, "Wonderful."

Alice grinned, "He's just like his father..."

Roger smiled, "Eager to see the world."

She smiled, "No, I meant he enjoys being inside of me... I swear he is swimming around in there or something, he's having a blast..." She then grinned, "I think you know what I mean by the connection between you and he..."

Roger nodded.

Alice smiled, "Shall we go upstairs then?"

Roger smiled, "Yes. Let's"

Alice stood up and started to walk upstairs, beckoning for Roger to follow.

Roger followed her every step of the way.

As they were entering their bedroom, the phone rang.

Roger groaned, "Damnit."

Roger picked it up, "Yes?"

It was his brother William in Hogsweat, "Hello, Roger, are you there? They're letting me have a phone call..."

Roger was anxiously inquiring "Letting you have a phone call? What has happened?"

William sighed, "I've been abducted and taken to Hogsweat by leftists forces..."

He sighed, "You know that, yes?"

Roger was asking in a sort of “if they harmed you, they’re dead” tone, "Are you alright? Have they harmed you in any way?"

William frowned, "No, I'm okay, but I haven't been allowed to do much, they say they'll let me go if you abandon the campaign in TBD and keep the VG in check there, and let Craig rise to power... They say if you try anything funny, they'll publicly behead me..."

Roger shrugged, "What do you want me to do?"

William sighed, "I don't know, MSAAS?"

Roger seemed worried about something new now, "Where is your wife?"

William shrugged, "No idea, the last I saw her, I was being taken into a helicopter, SRG operatives overran the unit that had taken her prisoner, the SRG was escorting her out of the compound, I could see it from the helicopter as we were leaving..."

Roger nodded, "She is probably safe. What I want you to do is stay alive. I will get you out of this somehow."

William nodded, "Okay, well just keep her safe... She is pregnant you know..."

Roger nodded, "I know. She will be safe."

William smiled, "Okay, well just keep her safe, I think I'll be okay, for now... Could you consider withdrawing the forces from TBD? I mean, is it even remotely possible that the Fabus monarchy can be restored there? Are we just holding to a pipe dream idea?"

Roger sighed, "Do you want me to remove the troops. I will if that is what you want."

William scratched his head, puzzled by what to do, "Well, don't remove them all, keep a half-dozen divisions or so in the embassy compound, you know, the de facto military base I let you keep in TBD..."

Roger nodded, "Ok. What I am really concerned about is your safety."

William quickly replied, "I know, but what can we do... I remember the MSAAS snatched you out of Syria when those Arabs had you, but the MSAAS getting into Syria was much easier than it'd be for them to get into Hogsweat... I don't doubt they could do it, but it might spark a war with Hogsweat and the rest of those who allied to their evil empire."

Roger "Let's not discuss that. Your captors may be listening."

William nodded, "Yes, I suppose you have a good point..." William then started speaking in the secret language of the 111s, translating roughly to, "So, do you have plans to send soldiers or commandos to rescue me?"

The 111s used a slightly altered form of Sumerian, updated using modern language rules so the language could be used for modern words.

Roger replied in the language of the 111's, "I will see what I can do. I must examine all options. I will get you home alive."

William replied, in the language, "Very good brother, I know you shan't let me down... I shall be back home soon... I must go now."

William then said in Afrikaans, "Zich niet maakt zorgen, ik weet dat u mij uit dit Ok zult krijgen, herinnert zich, indien ik moet, heb ik Republikeinse Wacht, ontsnapping en ontwijking klas. Ik zou kunnen overleven in de wildernis hier wekenlang of maanden, wacht op extractie.. Indien zij bewegingen maken om mij uit te voeren, zal ik in de hout of moerassen ontsnappen en verbergen en vindt een weg om woord uit naar uw machten te krijgen. Ik zou altijd op met witte weerstand machten hier op dit eiland kunnen verbinden."

(Don't worry, I know you will get me out of this okay, remember, if I have to, I have Republican Guard, escape and evasion classes.. I could survive in the wilderness here for weeks, or months, waiting for extraction... If they make moves to execute me, I'll escape and hide in the woods or swamps, and find a way to get word out to your forces. I could always link up with white resistance forces here on this island.)

Roger replied, "Stay strong, my brother."

William nodded, "I shall... Hail the Czar!"

Roger smiled.

William then hung up the phone as the "hosts" were coming up the stairs and he could hear them.

Alice looked at Roger, seeing the worried look on his face, "Roger, are you okay? What is wrong? What languages were you speaking in?"

Roger shook his head, "Just a code between my brothers and I."

Roger hung his head "William was captured by Hogsweat."

Alice nodded, "Yes, I thought you already knew that though? I would have brought it up earlier but I didn't want to talk about bad news with you and upset you..."

Roger nodded, "I didn't know that you knew."

Alice looked at Roger, "Oh, I know... Don't worry though; I think William will be okay... I don't know how I know, I just a feeling, God wouldn't let anything happen to a loyal soldier who carries out His will, would He?"

Roger nodded, "God takes care of all Christian soldiers."

Alice nodded, "Well, Roger, now what? You still want to... Or would you rather just get an early start on sleeping?"

Roger smiled, "I think we both had a good nap."

Alice giggled, "Yes, I suppose, well then, I guess that means the former, eh?"

Roger winked and nodded.

Alice blushed, "Oh Roger... You're so subtle..."

Roger put the phone down.

Alice moved over to the bed and waited for Roger to join her, she chuckled in an obviously joking tone, "You know Roger, it's been almost six weeks, do you still know what to do?"

Roger grinned, "I'm sure I can figure it out."

Roger walked into the room and closed the door.

A few hours later, Alice was lying next to Roger, he'd since fallen asleep, she was still up, watch him sleep, she enjoyed watching her Czar sleep, he was so peaceful and calm in his sleep. Not bothered by the various problems throughout the Commonwealth, or in other nations. She gently kissed his forehead before standing up to go get some water.

Alice came back and silently got back into bed, but the movement of the bed roused Roger from his sleep. She frowned, and whispered, "Sorry for waking you..."

Roger smiled, "No problem. What’s wrong?"

She shook her head, "Nothing, I was just coming back from getting some water... Are you going back to sleep then?"

Roger inquired, "Are you? After you drink, of course."

She shrugged, "I don't know, not very tired, I'll probably stay up..." She tipped back her glass and drank most of it down, then set it next to the bed on the nightstand.

Roger nodded, "I will stay up with you."

Alice smiled, "Thank you..."

Alice then asked, "Roger, that language you were speaking earlier, it was Sumerian, wasn't it?"

Roger sighed, "Yes."

Alice frowned, "Roger, that is the language of the 111s, isn't it? I thought you weren't in the 111s?"

Roger shook his head, "I don't know what you are talking about. I am not a member of anything."

Alice raised her brow, sighing before saying in disbelief "Really Roger. I read that the 111s and SOEM members use Sumerian..."

Roger shook his head, "Its a coincidence then."

Alice sighed, "Are you sure? Is it also a coincidence that I read all commanders of RG divisions or independent brigades are in the 111s, that is why were there are 111 of them, there is one for each of the 111 independent units, be they divisions or brigades..." She pointed to Roger, "You, Brigadier General Roger Fabus, were the commander of an independent RG cavalry brigade, were you not?"

Roger, in a tone of growing impatience, said, "Stop with this conspiracy talk, its really getting old."
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Alice sighed, "Roger, are you hiding something? You don't need to hide anything from me, I can keep a secret..."

Roger sighed and shook his head.

Alice nodded, "Okay, well then does the number 29 mean anything to you?" Roger immediately knew something had happened, somebody had told her something, 29 was his number... Alice smiled, "And you were talking in Sumerian on the phone earlier to 47, weren't you?"

Roger looked puzzled, "Where are you getting all of this from."

Alice grinned, "So is it right then? Do you admit it?"

Roger was almost in a demanding tone now, "Who is telling you all this?"

Alice smiled, "One of the 3rd level members of the Council of Thirty-Three..."

Roger sighed, "Who might this "member" be?"

Alice kept smiling, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

She grinned, "But how can there even be a member if there is no such thing as the SOEM or the Council of Thirty-Three?"

Roger shrugged, "I still have no idea what you are talking about. Sounds like someone is trying to pull a prank on you."

Alice frowned, "So your sister Victoria spends her time thinking up pranks?"

Roger nodded, "She might, if she was under the influence of a Christian hating king."

Alice shook her head, "From what Victoria tells me, the 3rd level of the 33 is not very Christian, and the 12 are not Christian at all..." Alice gasped, "Roger, your father, he's not a real Christian..."

Roger frowned, "Don't be silly. He is a good follower of Jesus."

Alice shook her head again, "From what Victoria tells me, he is anything but..."

Roger frowned, "Just drop it, ok?"

Alice nodded, and meekly said, "Okay, sorry, Roger... I was just trying to say, Victoria said you should watch out..."

Roger nodded, "I will take that advice with a grain of salt."

Alice nodded and started to reply before she drifted off asleep...

In the morning, Roger got a call from Dr.Baldur Von Schacht; he answered the phone quickly so it didn't wake Alice.

Roger "Yes?"

Schacht sounded cheerful, "Greetings number 29, how are you? Thirty-three, yes or no?" (ooc- he is offering him a chance to get into the Council of Thirty Three)

Roger immediately replied, "Yes."

Schacht smiled, "Well then, come on by in a while and we'll discuss some items of concern... Perhaps you'd like to become the 13th member of the 12, and we can become the council of 12..."

Roger sighed, "Fine. fine."

Schacht smiled, "Good, well meet us at the old abandoned car factory outside of Philadelphia, the one on the west of town, four hours, come alone..."

Roger nodded, "Yes."

Schacht nodded, "Good", and then hung up.

Alice groggily asked, "Roger, who was that?" as he set the phone down.

Roger shook his head, "Just a government official checking in."

Alice nodded and promptly fell back asleep, as she was quite tired. Four hours later, when she woke up, Roger was gone...

Inside the abandoned factory, the Council of Twelve was waiting, they were all masked in their silver robes and hiding in the shadows.

Roger fixed his suit jacket and walked into the room.

As he walked inside, two men came out of the shadows and grabbed his arms, holding them firmly behind his back. He recognized one of them from the smell of his cigar smoke, Bertrand Navarre, the other smelt like nasal snuff, Karl Von Konig...

Two other men walked out of the shadows and approached him, their hoods down so he could see who they were, Reginald Smith and Baldur Von Schacht... Schacht had a needle in his hand; he was getting it ready for something... He started to roll up Roger's sleeve, telling him, "Don't worry, when you wake up, then you'll need to worry..." he said with a grin...

Roger started to feel faint as the sedatives went into his system; his vision was getting blurry... He saw another figure approach and speak, he recognized the voice, it was his father.

He was laughing, "Don't worry son, we all went through the same, and we're fine, you will be better than fine!"
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05-11-2004, 09:59
About an hour later, he woke up strapped to a table in a laboratory somewhere.

Roger tried to move his arms, but they were strapped tight to the table.

Schacht was looming over him, fixing some IVs in place... He took out something, the side of the vial was labeled IG-BS A Strain, he put it into the IV and turned it on so it would soon start pumping into Roger.

Roger frowned, "What is that."

Schacht smiled, "IG-BS Virus, A Strain to be exact..."

Roger nervously asked, "And what, pray tell, are you going to do with it."

Schacht smiled, before his eyes started to glow red, "We're going to put it into you... Don't worry, you'll be okay, eventually..." Schacht then blinked, and Roger could see his eyes were reptilian green.

Curtis walked into the room and patted Roger on the shoulder, whispering in his ear, "Don't worry, son, you'll be fine... Look at me..." He tossed Schacht a pistol and Schacht shot Curtis in the chest. Curtis collapsed over and didn't move for a few seconds.

He then jumped back up, "Gotcha! See, I'm fine, and you'll be fine too, in fact, better than fine!"

Roger gasped, "It's not normal. It's not the way God made us."

He was grinning and smiling very widely. Roger couldn't help but notice that his father's wound had already healed up, and the blood that had come out was brown and green.

Schacht frowned, "God, bah!"

Curtis joined in, "God Roger? Do you believe that any just God would allow your mother to die before you were ever old enough to really know her well? Bah! God can go to hell!"

Roger looked at his father, "Who are you?"

Curtis seemed taken aback, "What do you mean? I'm your father; you're my son... I've made myself better, and you seek to forsake me because of it?"

Roger "You blasphemy God and you condemn your soul. The man I knew as my father would never do so."

Curtis laughed, "Oh, Roger, my arrogant boy, that is why I picked you for Czar you know, your arrogance, so arrogant enough to never see the truth, never know that the movement of the SOEM isn't about God... The WKM doesn't even know it, that Navarre, their own imperial wizard, what he believes in, who he prays to, not a false God that you speak of, but the real thing... Our old Aryan gods of Egypt shall rise up again, you watch, it is time we get back to our roots, far back, to the ancient roots."

Schacht then activated the pump and it started to slowly flow down the IV, about to enter into Roger.

Roger began to grit his teeth.

Roger cried out, "Jesus, forgive me."

Curtis patted him on the shoulder, "Don't worry, hey you wanted to get in deeper than just the 111s, now you'll be a 12, well we're going to be 13 with you, 14 when we get Alice..."

Roger pleaded, "NO! Not her!"

Curtis sighed, "Why, don't you want her to live forever, and share in this great gift we're giving you?"

Roger shook his head, "This isn’t a gift, but a curse."

The virus was by now moving throughout his bloodstream, he could see his old blood being drained out in small amounts, as it replaced his current blood with the brown/green.

Roger felt a burning sensation flow through his body.

Curtis whispered in his ear, "Don’t' worry, my son, soon it shall be over, and you'll be in the Council, where you belong... And soon Alice shall join you in the Council, she seemed awfully curious, asking all those questions, I'll see she learns all the answers."

Roger's sight began to blur, his breathing and heartbeat began to slow.

Roger whispered, "I shall have my vengeance. This is not over."

Suddenly he realized he wasn't breathing anymore, but he didn't seem to need to breathe, nor did he need his heart to beat... But it still did, just for show basically... Schacht smiled, It's done, normally you'd need a few months in stasis, but as the Czar, you can't be away that long... So we'll inject you with an agent to slow the virus so it doesn't take you over too fast, it'll become one with you instead... You'll need frequent injections..."

Curtis then spoke into his son's mind, "Roger, can you hear me? Don't hate me Roger, I did this for you, for your best interests... If you don't live forever this way, you'll never live forever, I don't want you to die, like your mother..."

Roger replied with silence.

Curtis frowned, and said into his mind again, "Roger, just imagine it, never having to die, never worrying about being shot, you nearly died in Western Sahara you know... What would Alice have done had you died? Now neither of you need die, don't worry, we'll help her too..."

Roger replied in his mind, "Death is the only true way to everlasting life with the Lord."

Curtis sighed and then walked over to Schacht, "Is the procedure done yet?" Schacht nodded, "Yes", and then helped Curtis remove the straps from Roger and get him standing up.

Curtis smiled before hugging his son, "Ah, Roger, welcome to the Inner most circle of the SOEM, the Council of Twelve.."

Roger frowned, "Let me go."

Curtis sighed, "What, do you suddenly hate your father now? After all we've been through together? After all I've done for you? I made you, do you know that? I made your career, I put you where you are, I am the reason you are with Alice..." Curtis smiled as he suddenly let Roger read parts of his mind and see what the fall of Angola was really all about and what happened, the entire truth... It all suddenly became clear to Roger.

Roger began covering his ears with his hands, "Get out, get out, get out!"

Curtis smiled, "Roger, please, be reasonable, okay?"

Curtis nodded, "Roger, now are you going to get Alice here, or do we have to get her the hard way?"

Roger sneered, "Never."

Curtis nodded as he started to walk out of the room, "Okay, well I'll be back in a few hours, I have to go get her myself then, eh?"

Roger stood up and tried to leave, he had to save Alice.

Curtis moved his hand back and Roger felt himself pinned against the wall... Schacht and two others, Konig and Smith, then took over using their powers to keep Roger pinned against the wall as Curtis left...Curtis thought into Roger's mind, "You know, it'd probably be easier on her if it was you that did it... And I tell you what, if you agree to do it yourself, we'll wait the five or so weeks until she's expected to deliver so there are no complications with the child, I don't want your son hurt, okay? Is that fair?"

Roger hesitated, "..... f... Fine!"

Curtis nodded and then walked over to his son, motioning for the others to release their power hold on him. He embraced Roger and patted him on the back, "Ah, Roger, my boy, thank you, you'll be a fine addition to the Council, I know you will."

Roger "I do this only for my son."

Curtis nodded, "Yes of course... Well Roger, don't worry, you'll be fine, your wife and child will both be fine, no harm shall come to any of you..."

He then released his own hold on Roger and sat down in a nearby chair.

Curtis motioned with his hand to the door, "Roger, you may go now if you wish... But I hope you don't resent me for what I've done, it had to be done..."

Roger did not answer, he walked out the door.

Curtis said into his mind, "Roger, my son, what is wrong? Do you hate me now?"

Roger sneered, "You are not the father that I once knew."

Curtis sighed, "Roger, it's still me, just a better me, okay?"

Roger scoffed, "I will talk to you when I am good and ready to do so."

Curtis frowned, "Okay, fair enough... Remember though, no matter what happens, you're my son, and I love you... I only did this because I love you so much, I don't want to see you die, and now we never have to worry about that... I guess I'll see you again in five weeks?"

Roger shrugged, "Maybe."

Curtis nodded, "Okay, whenever you are ready, just please don't hate me, try to see it from my perspective, okay, Roger?"

Roger shook his head, "Regardless of what you believe. Death comes for us all."

Curtis sighed, "Perhaps, I suppose... But anyway, Roger, can you say it? I want you to say it?" Roger knew that Curtis wanted to hear him say he stilled loved him.

Roger frowned, "I cannot say anything more right now."

Curtis nodded, "I understand..." he then broke the mental connection he had established with Roger.
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05-11-2004, 10:00
When Roger got home, Alice was awake and wandering around, pacing back and forth... She looked at Roger, he didn't seem well, she inquired, "Roger, are you okay? Where have you been?"

Roger "I don't want to talk about it."

Alice frowned, "Roger, are you okay? What happened?"

Roger shook his head.

Alice walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, gently kissing him before asking, "Want to talk about it?"

Roger nearly snapped "No."

Alice was a little startled by his harsh reply, "Are you sure?" she meekly asked as she stepped back a few feet.

Roger started to notice that he wasn’t breathing except when he needed to talk.

Roger shook his head, "I'm fine. Everything is fine."

Alice nodded, "Oh your sister called, Victoria that is... She called..."

Suddenly Roger heard Victoria speaking in his head, "Roger, are you there brother?"

Roger nodded.

Alice looked at him, "Roger, why did you nod?"

Roger smiled, "To acknowledge what you said."

Victoria kept talking into his head, "They got me too, but I refused to join their council, I wouldn't do that, it'd be a perversion against God... Schacht became corrupted by the Necronomicon, and then he corrupted father..."

Roger replied to Victoria via his mind, "This began with Schacht and will end with Schacht. I promise you that."

Victoria replied, "No, it began with the Necronomicon, Schacht picked it up, the book is alive, it literally corrupted him, he did not want to do this, it sort of took possession of him, he can be saved, but it won't be easy... He is now pure evil..."

Roger replied, "Then the book must be destroyed."

Victoria chuckled, "Easier said than done, your own personal bodyguard, Nelson, is the protector the of the so-called Sacred Text..."

Roger "This will all end, even if it takes my last dying breath....."

Victoria nodded, "Yes, I agree it must end, but what will happen if it doesn't?"

Roger "It will."

Victoria nodded, "Yes, but I have seen things, I think they're going to bend you to their will eventually, but I can try to remind you later of who you are fighting for, and the real cause you must stand up for... I won't let them get you brother."

Roger nodded, "Yes."

Victoria nodded, "Roger, I will talk to you soon, keep safe, and yes, they are going to get Victoria..."

Roger "Yes, we shall talk soon."
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05-11-2004, 10:00
Five weeks later, Alice gave birth to their son, named Alexander... A few days later, Curtis's voice appeared in Roger's head, "Son, it's time.. Remember our deal..."

Roger ignored him.

Curtis said again, "Roger, my son, remember our deal..."

Roger replied, "Don't underestimate what I can have done to your precious council.”

Curtis chuckled, "Roger my boy, please..." Suddenly the entire council concentrated on swaying Roger to their will, it was working very well, Roger suddenly felt as though what had happened to him was fine, and he was better because of it. He wanted to do his father's bidding.

Curtis smiled, "Roger, it is time, get Alice, would you?"

Roger was under the council's sway. He approached Alice, "We have an appointment."

Alice shook her head, "Roger, what are you talking about?"

Roger "We are expected somewhere."

Alice frowned, "Roger, must we go now, I don't want to go anywhere today..."

Roger "We must. You wanted to go with me when ever I went somewhere."

Schacht said into his mind, "Just grab her already..."

Roger took Alice’s hand and led her to the door, "We must not be late."

She dug her heels into the carpet, "Roger, what are you doing, let me go... I don't want to go anywhere.." She tried to brace herself against the wall, "Roger, stop, what is wrong with you?!"

Roger sighed, "I cannot be late for this. We cannot be late. It is important matters of state."

She squirmed out of his grasp and braced herself firmly in between two walls, "Roger, I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell is wrong with you..."

Roger quickly made something up, "Negotiations for the release of William."

She shook her head, she could see through the lie, "No, I don't need to be present... I want to stay here, you go, I'll wait for you..." He was starting to get impatient; suddenly his eyes flashed red... Her eyes went wide when she saw this, and she bolted off down the hall as fast as she could run... Screaming, "What the hell is wrong with you!" as she ran.

Roger began walking after her, his loud steps echoing throughout the house, "Alice, honey, we must be going."

Alice ran into a nearby room and shut the heavy steel door... She found a pistol nearby and trained it at the door after she locked it... She shouted, "Stay away from me! Stay away! What's happened to you!"

One of the SRG men walking by looked at Roger, "Err... Sir, are you okay?"

His enhanced senses were slowly kicking in, "Nothing is wrong, leave us."

The man turned and promptly left.

Roger approached the steel door, he could hear her and smell her, "Alice, please come out."

She shook her head and shouted, "No, I'm not coming out until you tell me what the hell happened to you, this has to do with you being in a bad mood a few weeks ago, somebody did something to you... I don't know what is wrong with you, it's not natural, tell me, what the hell happened to you?"

Roger chuckled, "Nothing you wont find out soon enough."

Roger knocked on the door, "Please open it."

She gasped and cocked the pistol, "No, I'm not coming out, go away, keep away from me..."

Roger pushed the door open with little effort, "Now, honey. Put that gun down."

She trained it right at him, shocked that he could push a steel door off the hinges, "Stay away from me..." she said as she moved backwards, deeper into the room.

Roger took a step toward her.

She stepped back, her hands shaking, she shook her head, "Roger, don't come any closer, I'll shoot..."

Roger "No, you wont."

She frowned, "Yes, I will, now please, don't come any closer..."

Roger stepped forward again, "Put the gun down, please."

Her hands were shaking, she trained the gun at his chest, "Roger, please, no closer..."

Roger leaned into the gun, and smiled, "Then do it."

She gasped with fright, and stepped back a few feet, well more leaped back a few feet, unable to shoot him, but not wanting him to be that close to her... With shaking hands, she raised it again, "Not one more step..."

Roger stepped forward, his eyes were growing bright red.

She closed her eyes and pulled the trigger, as she whispered, "I'm sorry..." The bullet tore into his chest went just to the side of his right lung.

She opened her eyes; he was standing there, looking at the wound as it healed before his eyes.

Roger frowned, "That wasn't nice."

She was awe-stricken "What are you?"

Roger smiled, "We must not be late."

Alice started to sob, she moved back a few more feet, now she was up against the wall, she held the gun up and vainly threatened him, "Don't come any closer, I'll aim higher next time..."

Roger sighed, "We both know that gun is worthless. You are better off just doing as I say."

She put the gun up against her own temple, "No, I won't let you do to me whatever you have planned... It can't be good..."

Roger's eyes grew blood red, he projected his commanding voice into Alice's mind. "Drop the gun and follow."

She set the pistol down, now knowing why, but she managed to fight the urge to follow him... She shouted back, "No, I'm not going anywhere!"

Schacht's voice sounded in Roger's head, "Just grab her and drag her to your car, get it over with, today, would you?"

Roger picked her up, "We must go, now."

She started kicking and slapping at him, trying to get out of his grasp, "Roger, put me down! Let me go, damn you let me go!"

Roger started toward his car.

She kicked him right in the groin, it didn't even faze him, she sobbed, "Roger, what did they do to you?"

Schacht said to Roger, "Tell her, ‘They made me better’”.

Roger sighed, "They made me...... different."

Schacht frowned, "I said, better..."

Alice was in tears, "Who is they? Was it your father and his cronies? What did they do to you? Why are you doing this to me, Roger? Why?"

Roger smiled, "They made me..... made me.... better."

Alice was still sobbing, "What did they do to you?"

Roger grinned, "You will find out."

She closed her eyes and kept crying, "Roger, why are you doing this?"

Roger dragged her to the car and put her in the spacious trunk, "I am.... I am not doing this."

Roger then closed the trunk.

She kicked and pounded against the trunk, "Roger, let me out of here!"
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05-11-2004, 10:01
About an hour later, he was at the location above the underground laboratory. Schacht and Konig came out into the above ground cover building.

Konig looked at Roger, "Get her out, bring her in, we'll be inside..."

Roger glared, "When this is all over with. When this is all done. I will stick your heads on a pike."

Schacht and the others focused their thoughts and made him not only want to comply, but want to apologize for his remarks.

Roger grabbed the hood of the trunk and ripped it clean off the car and threw it at the wall of the building.

Schacht replied, "Unnecessary, but effective."

Alice was inside, struggling to keep him from getting her out, she braced herself against the sides of the trunk.

Roger frowned, "Don't make them hurt you, Alice."

She shook her head, bracing harder, "That is what they'll do anyway, isn't it?"

Roger frowned, "Don't make them hurt us."

Schacht handed Roger a pistol, "If she doesn't step out in sixty seconds, shoot her..."

Alice looked at Roger with wide eyes, "Roger, you won't really, will you?"

Roger crushed the pistol in his hand.

Schacht and the council focused their thoughts, "You will obey!" they said... Schacht handed him another pistol, "Cock it and point it at her."

Roger cocked the pistol; his hand was starting to shake.

Alice gasped, "Roger, what are you doing?"

Schacht said into his mind, "Toss the pistol aside, and then just get her out of there as best as you see fit..."

Roger threw the pistol, it shattered when it hit a steel beam.

Alice thought to herself, hoping Roger could hear her thoughts, "Roger, are you listening to my thoughts?"

Roger looked into her eyes, "Yes."

She thought to herself, "You can hear me, good... Why are you doing this?"

She held back the tears, "Are they making you do this?"

Roger slightly nodded.

She stepped out of the trunk, "Then I won't make it any harder..." She thought.

Schacht and Konig both left, telling Roger, "Get her downstairs when you're ready, don't take too long though... We're watching..."

Alice looked at Roger, "Roger, what is going to happen?"

Roger bit his arm, the brown and green blood seeped out. He lifted the wound so that she could see, but it healed.

She gasped, "Oh God! Are you saying, they're going to do that to me?"

Roger nodded.

She shook her head, "How can this be real? How? How can this even be possible? Is this what the Council of Twelve is?"

Roger sighed, "Yes."

Roger shook his head in disgust, "They have abandoned God to worship demons."

Alice frowned, "Oh my..."

She hugged Roger, "Don't worry Roger, we'll get out of this someday, but for now, there is no way I can avoid this, is there?"

Roger shook his head.

Curtis suddenly said into Roger's mind, "Actually she could have gotten out of this, but hell you didn't want to do the one thing that would have gotten her out... So please bring her down now, we're ready..."

Roger said to Curtis, "And what is that?"

Curtis said, "You never said it, what I wanted you to say, I wanted you to say it, but above all mean it... Oh well, it's too late for that son, just bring her down, please..."

Roger sighed, ".....Curtis Fabus is my father, and I love him."

Curtis chuckled, "Roger, you don't mean that, I can sense your hatred of me... So cut the crap, okay?"

The council finally all said into Roger's mind, "Bring her, now, comply, you shall comply, Roger.

Roger escorted her to the council.

Alice was thinking to herself as she and Roger walked down the stairs, knowing her could read her thoughts and reply, "Roger, will you always be like that, can it someday be reversed?"

Roger connected to Schacht, "Can it be reversed?"

Schacht replied, "Yes, you've already read my thoughts when we've spoken before, don't ask me questions you know the answer to, just bring her in, okay?"

Roger nodded to Alice.

The two made their way to the council's room.

Schacht patted a table, "Alice, please, hop up here..."

Alice thought in her mind as she got onto the table, "Don't worry, Roger, I still love you, we'll still be together, nothing can change that..."

Roger nodded.

A few hours later, the procedure was over, Alice stood up and then collapsed into Roger's arms, she was weak from the procedure....

Roger lifted her in his arms.

Alice whimpered, "Roger, can we go now?"

Schacht nodded.

Roger frowned at Schacht. Roger carried Alice to the car and put her in the back seat. He saw the trunk lid lying on the ground. He picked it up and bent its hinged back into place. He then spat on the ground, got in the car and drove off.

Schacht's voice sounded in Roger's head, "Don't worry, when your boy gets old enough, he too shall take his place in the council... We are a family organization after all!"

Roger sneered,"Your organization will be gone by then."

Roger added, "And you will be reduced to nothing more than a pharmacist."

Suddenly he heard the voices of Curtis and Baldur arguing, Curtis said, "We agreed Alexander would be left out of this... Hell, you originally told me we'd leave my children out of this, Baldur, we don't need more members, stop expanding, okay?" Baldur frowned, "Curtis, I found the book, it's my call!" Curtis shouted, "Yes, and I have the key for the book!"

Roger pleaded, "Father, destroy the book."

Curtis shook his head, "No, I can't, the book is the source of truth..."

Roger finally arrived home, Alice was weak and hardly able to stand up, she struggled to speak, "Roger, are we here?"

Roger nodded, "Yes, we're here...

To be continued...
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updated, posts 97 and up are new. Must read! These updates are a must read! Oh yeah!
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Ooc- Forgive me for going into the realm of unrealistic things, but if people RP about demons and beasts, zombies, etc, why not an RP with the lord of darkness himself, eh? I just wanted to go off on a tangent for a few pages worth of writing, and make some larger than life battles. After this post here, the rest of this crazy stuff pertaining to this plot will be continued elsewhere and this thread will get back to normal. And I promise, not to do another crazy “Council of Twelve” style RP, at least not for a few months.

Alice looked at Roger, who was now quite under the sway of the council, although it varied from time to time, their hold over him that is. She was still quite independent. She frowned, "Roger, what did they do to me? Why?"

Roger smiled, "All will be revealed to us in time."

Alice looked down at the ground, "Roger, what happened to you, you're not the real Roger anymore, I want Roger back..."

Roger broke out of the trance that he was in. "What?"

Alice hugged him, "Roger, are you there?"

Roger kissed her, "Yes."

Alice frowned, "Roger, they changed me, like they changed you, will we ever be normal again?"

Roger shook his head, "I don't know."

She nodded, "They made you do that then, yes?"

Roger nodded, "I am so sorry. So sorry."

Alice kissed him, whispering, "I don't blame you..."

She suddenly frowned, "What about the others? Your father, the field marshals, what happened to them, how could this happen? Can we help them?"

Roger nodded, "It was that book. That book that they have. It must be destroyed."

Suddenly Schacht said into Roger's mind, "Silence fiend! The book shall never be destroyed, tell her you will never change back, it is much better this way!"

Roger sneered at Schacht, saying in his mind, "You shall feel my wrath someday, I swear it."

Schacht focused his abilities to bend Roger to his will, "Say it!"

Roger frowned as he looked at Alice, "We are.... better this way."

Alice gasped, "Roger, surely, how can you mean that?"

Schacht was still in control of Roger, he said, "Tell her to shut up and quit questioning the way things must be."

Roger sighed, "Stop questioning their motives. They must be... so."

Schacht smiled, "Roger, tell her that you two have work to do... You need to get on with mating, so you can have a child born with the gift..."

Roger spat, "No."

Schacht exerted all his powers, being joined by several of the others, he said, "Tell her."

Roger collapsed into a chair, "We must have more children."

Alice shook her head, "No, not now..."

Roger nodded, "As soon as we can."

Schacht smiled and said; "If she won't go along with it, tell her she has no choice in the matter..."

Roger sighed, "We must."

Alice shook her head, "No, not like this not now..." She stood up and started to walk out of the room, "I'll talk to you later, when you're well..."

Schacht frowned, "Well, are you going to sit there like an idiot? Go after her!"

Roger stood up, walked over to the door and closed it. "Now..."

Alice tried to push him out of the way to get to the door. "Roger, get out of my way..."

Roger blocked her way, "We must."

Alice shoved him out of the way with a sudden surge of strength and started to move out of the room before two of the twelve started entering into her thoughts, telling her, "Alice, you want Roger, right now, it's overpowering you, you want him so badly... Go back to him, Alice..."

She shook her head, trying to keep them out of her thoughts, but she walked back into the room and smiled at Roger, helping him get up, she frowned, "I'm sorry I pushed you, Roger..."

Roger smiled, "Alice, it is ok."

Alice then wrapped her arms around Roger and kissed him, whispering, "Should we then?"

Roger nodded, "We must."

Schacht suddenly left Roger's mind, having to tend to an argument between Curtis and Konig.

Alice was still kissing Roger, "Okay, then, let's." she said.

Roger shook his head, "Listen."

Alice frowned, "Listen to what?" she asked, as she started to kiss him harder.

Roger shouted, "Damnit, listen!"

Alice pushed Roger down onto a nearby couch and climbed on top of him, kissing him again, "Roger, can't we talk later?" she asked.

Roger could hear Curtis and Konig yelling back and forth. Konig shouted, "Schacht has been deceived! This is not the book that will bring Osiris to us! This book will unleash demons and unspeakable evils! We must destroy it now!"

Curtis frowned and shouted back, "No! You can't possibly know that! This book will unleash Osiris and grant us the peace we have so long sought..."

Konig looked at Schacht, "You! You're doing this on purpose! You know it will release him from his prison!"

Roger pleaded, "Release whom?"

Roger could read Schacht's thoughts, he knew that Schacht was fully aware the book would indeed release.... Roger couldn't focus enough to read his thoughts any further as Alice was kissing him too hard.

Roger looked Alice in the eye and said to her, "Listen to them talk."

Alice shook her head, "Who cares what they have to say..." She started to undo his belt.

Roger sighed "I do."

Alice shook her head and frowned, as she started to gently massage him, "So, you'd care more about what they have to say then what I want to do right now? Is that it?" She leaned in again and pressed her lips firmly against his, placing a hand on either side of his head as she kissed him to pull him more into it.

Alice smiled as she kept kissing him; she then said into his thoughts, "Well, are you ready now?"

Roger escaped from Alice's grasps, "I cannot, will not bring some demon into this world."

Alice pulled him back down and kept kissing him, as she said into his mind, "Please, Roger, please, just take me, now..."

Roger shouted, "No!" before he pushed Alice back, firmly saying, "I will not."

Roger could still here pieces of the conversation with Schacht and the rest, Schacht frowned, "Konig, it is not true, there is no satanic conspiracy, we are working to bring Osiris out to save our people..."

Meanwhile, Alice leapt forward, putting Roger down on the floor, she was sitting on top of him, she kept kissing him, as she chuckled into his mind, "You know Roger, I don't have to let you up anytime soon..."

Roger pushed her off again; he pulled out his handgun, "Stop!"

Alice frowned, "Roger, would you really shoot me?"

Roger sneered, "Are you really you?"

She kept frowning, "You did this to me! Whatever I am, it is because of you, and you're just like me!"

Roger nodded, "I know, but we cannot behave like animals. We must stop!"

Alice knocked the gun out of his hand and pushed him back down onto the floor, pinning his hands behind his back as she started to kiss him again, whispering, "Please Roger, can't we?"

Roger growled, "No!"

Suddenly the council's argument ended, and several of them went back to bending Roger to their will, "Roger, give into her, give her what she wants." they said.

Roger shouted to Curtis, "FATHER! Stop this madness!"

Curtis sighed and thought back to his son, "This is not my doing, this is the idea of Schacht, founder of the council, I defer to him on these matters..."

The voices echoed in Roger's mind again, "Roger, don't you want your own wife? What will she think, that you've grown tired of her?"

Roger shook his head, "I will not give in."

Most of the entire council focused their thoughts, "Roger, do you suddenly not like women?" Schacht asked, "Are you gay? What would God think... Be fruitful and multiply..."

Roger snarled, "We have abandoned God."

Schacht sighed, "Well, at any rate, just get to work..."

Alice frowned as she broke her kiss with Roger, she pouted, "Don't you want me anymore Roger? You've never said no before... Do you suddenly find me unattractive?"

Roger frowned, "I am no longer Roger Fabus."

She shook her head, "Yes you are, and anyway, whatever you consider yourself, don't you want me?"

Roger, in a final act of defiance, made the sign of the cross and began to pray for his forgiveness.

Alice sighed and leaned in, kissing him again, as she gently blew into his ear while whispering, "Can we move along now?"

Roger's eyes went red, "Roger is gone now."

She smiled, "So then, can we?"

The being once known as Roger nodded.

When they finished, she kissed him on the forehead and smiled, "Thank you..." she said.

A few seconds later, Roger faded back into himself, being aware of what was going on around him now.

Roger dressed himself, he was disgusted with her and himself.

He saw his gun, he knew it was useless at this point. He instead grabbed hold of a short sword that was stored on the wall.

He shouted, "If the child we made cannot be cured, then it will not live. I assure you that."
He then spat on the ground.

Schacht looked at Roger through Alice's eyes, she twisted as he took possession of her body, his voice came from her, "Roger, what are you doing?"

Roger looked at the sword and then at Alice, "I am preparing myself for the final days."

Schacht left Alice; she twisted as he left, shaking her head... Schacht was working with the council to bring Roger back under their sway. It was working.

Schacht said to him, "Roger, remove your sword and pistol and go rest alongside your wife..."

Roger disarmed himself, and walked to Alice, "Schacht. I will kill you."

Alice embraced him and then led wrapped the blanket around both of them, before she fell fast asleep...

Schacht started to talk with Roger, "So, do you want a boy or a girl?"

Roger shook his head, "It does not matter."

Schacht sighed, "Why?"

Roger spat, "It will not live long enough to matter."

Schacht sighed and snapped his fingers, making Roger fall fast asleep.

It was about three weeks later, Roger had fully fallen under the sway of the council, they no longer needed to watch him as often, indeed hardly ever, nor did they need to tell him what to do, he'd exercise what he knew their will was.

Alice on the other hand, was better able to resist overall, which seemed odd, because she was always quick to obey Roger, but she had no intention of obeying the council though, and so she spent long hours focusing on keeping them out of her mind. Victoria, in Kahta, helped with his endeavor...

Roger suddenly got a telephone call, it was from an SRG doctor on the estate.

Roger answered, "Yes?"

The doctor responded, "Hello, Czar, how is the Czarina doing after her procedure?"

Roger had no idea what he was talking about.

Roger was puzzled "What procedure?"

The doctor gasped, "You mean you didn't authorize it? Oh my..."

Roger demanded more, "What?"

The doctor calmed himself, "The termination of her pregnancy, sir..."

Roger, struggling to speak through his boiling raged, shouted, "What!?"

The doctor nodded and replied, "Yes, just the other day sir... Yesterday evening.... I need to go though...." He was sensing the Czar was quite enraged, and didn't want to be yelled at or worse, so he quickly hung up.

At that moment, Alice came walking by the room Roger was in, he saw her walking down the hall.

Roger spat, "Murderer."

Alice turned, walking back to him. She then looked at him, "What?"

Roger screamed at her "You murderer!"

Alice frowned, "I have no idea what you mean...."

Roger looked at her in disgust, "You had it killed."

Alice smiled, "Yes, it, not a he or a she, an it, a beast, and I'd do it again in a second!"

Roger looked at her, and smiled, before it quickly faded and he backhanded her to the face.

She stood her ground firm after she moved her eyes back to look at him... She frowned, and muttered only, "I was right though... One day you'll admit it."

Roger waved his hand in a dismissive fashion, "I will never admit something so vile."

Alice grinned, "Well, you know damn well I was right!"

Roger stormed off to his office.

Alice followed closely behind him, "Roger, Roger, come back..."

Roger spat in her direction, "What does the murderer want now?"

She frowned, "I'm not a murdered! Killing a beast that doesn't deserve to ever see the light of day is not a murder!"

Roger threw the glass he was holding and began drinking straight from the bottle of brandy.

Alice grabbed the bottle out of his hand and tossed it aside, "You don't need that Roger, besides, you're not you, it doesn't do anything for you... Wonder why you don't need to eat or drink? You forget just how different you are..."

Roger sat in his chair, "Let me be."

Alice frowned and sat down on his lap, not wanting to leave him in a bad mood, "Roger, will you be okay?"

Roger shrugged his shoulders, "I don’t know."

Alice sighed, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Roger motioned at the door, "Leave me alone."

Alice shook her head, "You don't really want to be alone... Do you?" She leaned in to kiss him.

Roger looked away from her, "I wish to be alone."

Alice nearly pouted, "Roger, surely you don't mean that..."

Roger "What do you want from me?"

She suddenly kissed him, whispering, "I want my Roger back..."

Roger nodded, "I want us both back."

Alice nodded, suddenly the council managed to exert full control over the both of them, "Roger, Roger, Yuna and Alec are here, attempting to leave, stop them, stop them now! Get them to Stalingrad... Yuna is one of us, but rejects us, Alec must join us, do you understand?"

Roger nodded solemnly, "Yes."

Alec and Yuna arrived at the Stalingrad estate, they asked Roger why he was wearing dark sunglasses, he wasn't sure what to say.

Roger smiled, "Allergies."

Alec nodded and followed Roger inside, Yuna did likewise. Alice smiled at Yuna, and then suddenly leapt at her, smashing her against a wall right inside the side room... Alec suddenly went after Alice, kicking at her.

Roger threw Alec across the room, "Let the ladies have their fun."

Alice and Yuna kept fighting for a few more minutes, until Alice regained her senses, and apologized, stating the council made her do it. Roger quickly regained his senses. Alec chuckled and suggested that Yuna and Alice kiss and make up. Roger and Alice were suddenly frozen in place by the council, Alec fainted from the Council... Roger could hear Schacht's voice, "Alec had a good idea", something to that extent.

Yuna, not knowing what she was doing, moved over to Alice, and after a few minutes, she managed to pin her in place and kissed her for about a minute, wrapping her hands aroud either side of Alice's head. Roger stood by, unable to do anything.

Roger heard Schacht's voice in his head as Yuna backed away from Alice, coming to her senses... Schacht said, "Ah Roger, I wonder if your wife will want women now, eh! Wonder if she liked it?"

Roger "Your death will be slow, Schacht."

Suddenly they all heard a voice, as Schacht's retreated from the area, they were all unfrozen, it was God speaking. He told them all that Gregory had manifested into Satan; the council was deluded into believing it was one of the old false gods of the Aryan Egyptians, Osiris... Roger heard God say that all of them in the room would be cured shortly, and the virus would leave their bodies. He also told Roger, he'd need to fight Satan, and he'd need to find a sword and shield of the Fabus ancestors to do so... He also warned that Satan must not be allowed to get the Spear of Destiny, or the Holy Grail, both of which were in Spain.

Lastly, he told Roger that he must completely forgive the council, or else the losses and consequences would be terrible. He said, "Roger, you must forgive your enemies, save them, they have fallen under the influences of dark powers, if you kill any of them, you will regret it... Love them like you love yourself..."

Roger smiled, "My Lord, I shall love the sinner and hate the sin."

The voice then said, "Good, you are all cured of this plague that was running in your veins, you don't need the strength it offered, your faith shall shield you, never give up your faith..."

The curse was lifted from them, a bright light emanated from them. Their auras were as rays of light.

One last thing was said, to Roger only, "Roger, you do great for you do my work, but know this, the beasts they will surely rise up from the pits of hell, they can only be harmed by the hardened steel of a blade, your firearms will have no effect on most of them..."

Roger nodded.

Suddenly they were alone in the room, it was quiet, it seemed as the others had left... Roger and Alice were the only ones there, the others had left, the Pope had left, Yuna and Alec had left... Alice was elated, she threw her arms around Roger, kissing him, exclaiming, "We're normal again, right?"

Roger smiled, "Better than normal. We are saved."

She took out a small knife and slid it quickly across Roger's hand, he wondered what the hell for, he shouted from it, a small streak of red blood seeped out of the wound... She then did the same to herself, red...

Roger smiled, "Checking?"

She nodded, "Yes..."

Alice and Roger started to walk down the hall, he noticed the light in the room he kept an old collection of swords and armor in, was on... He walked in, there was a case that was open, it was odd, he wondered what it was.

Alice and Roger started to walk down the hall, he noticed the light in the room he kept an old collection of swords and armor in, was on... He walked in, there was a case that was open, it was odd, he wondered what it was.

Roger opened it.

He felt a slight tingle up his arm as he touched the sword and shield...

He heard gunfire coming from outside.

One of the guards came running inside the armor room, shouting, "It won't die! Sir! Sir! Run!"

Suddenly the armor room’s exterior wall came crashing inwards... It was Gregory, standing on the ruined bricks, moving slowly over the pile of them, as he had a most evil grin on his face.

Roger frowned and latched the shield to his arm. He held the sword, on it were engraved the words "Vade retro Satana"

He smiled, "Ah, so you know who I am...", he then stretched out his left hand, the fingers curled unnaturally upwards, and the moved them back towards himself, beckoning Roger to make the first move.

Roger boldly yelled, "Back to hell, Satan!"

Gregory threw both his arms back wide until they were parallel with his shoulders, he let out a death-chilling roar, and suddenly started to mutate, large claws forming out of his hands, breaking through the skin and muscle to take shape. He gained at least four feet in height, standing at about ten feet tall; red spikes and humps dotted his decaying back.

Roger held the shield, it bore the Fabus crest and the holy cross.

Satan ran his snake like tongue across his lips as he looked at Alice, and chuckled at Roger, "Ah, I'm going to enjoy maiming you, and having you watch me destroy her before your eyes, you won't be able to save yourself, and you certainly won't be able to save her..."

Roger motioned for Alice to leave, "Ogey otey hetey Unkerbey."

Alice shook her head, "Roger, I don't speak in pig latin, and no I won't go... I stand with you..."

Roger "Then grab a weapon."

Alice shrugged, "If it's all the same... I'll just watch you fight..."

Roger nodded.

Satan made the first move, sending a large streak of flames directly towards Roger, they were rising up out of the floor in a wave-like fashion.

Roger swiped at Satan with the sword, hitting his arm.

He suddenly let out a roar and outside Roger could hear the sounds of demons and spirits swirling about through the air, he could almost feel their presence around him. Satan then used his massive spiked tail to whip Roger across the room.

Roger was lying on the ground, his left arm shattered, then Satan started trying to use his tail to impale Roger.

Roger rolled out of the way before the tail was driven into the floor. He then swiped at the tail and cut it free. It turned into ash and dispersed.

The two combatants, locked in their death struggle, continued to battle back and forth. The conflict eventually moved outside, Roger and Satan circling each other, each swinging their powerful fists to try to score killing blows against their opponents.

After about twenty minutes with neither combatant having a decisive advantage, Satan jumped back as Roger swung his sword down into his right arm, severing it off with the massive blow.

He let out a roar before he leapt back, turned and grabbed up Alice with his left arm, she squirmed in his grasp, he smiled at Roger, "Now... Drop your sword and shield, or she dies..."

Alice shook her head, "Don't listen Roger... Don't do it..."

Roger shook his head, "You will not harm her, you will not harm anyone."

He started to close his hand around her, making it nearly impossible for her to breathe, he grinned, "Drop them... Now..."

Roger, making the sign of the cross, whispered, "Lord, God. Protect us."

Alice pulled out a nine-inch switchblade that Roger had given her, and she stuck it right into Satan’s left eye, he started to spin and fall, screaming, “You’ll die now, bitch!” Before he could squeeze shut his massive claws, something happened…

Suddenly she fell out of his grasp as Satan started spitting up fluids and flailing about the room, Roger noticed a large sword stuck in his back.

Curtis stepped out from behind Satan, and pressed the sword in deeper, shouting, "Back to hell, Satan!”

Satan started to spasm, swinging his massive claws about the room; he struck Curtis across the chest, sending him flying into the side of the mansion, against the pile of rubble that used to be the wall, knocking the last pieces of it out.

The beast then finally collapsed over, the spear having been driven too deep into him.

Roger walked up to the beast, "I send ye back to the fire. Burn for all eternity."

Roger drove the sword into the head of the beast.

Curtis looked up at Roger, he was coughing up blood, and struggling to speak, "Roger, Roger, forgive me... Konig... Destroyed the book, he broke its hold over us, and shortly before that, Satan had broken us all out of the prison… But then we were freed and refused to do his bidding, he left to come here…" he groaned in pain as he coughed up yet more blood, red blood, "Roger... Forgive me..."

Roger "Father, where is the book."

Curtis shook his head, "Burnt to ashes, the ashes are in the Inquisitorial Center..."

Roger nodded.

Curtis closed his eyes, and exposed his neck to Roger, "Make it clean, son..."

Curtis heard the metal impact against the floor, he looked up, struggling to breathe and speak, "You're not going to..."

Roger shook his head, "The Lord told me to forgive the 12. I will heed his word."

Curtis smiled, "Thank you... I mean to dedicate the rest of my life to heeding the word... The book, it had such a hold, it must never be mentioned lest the mere thought of it might be enough to corrupt some, and the ashes must never be allowed to reunite into the whole book form again..."

Curtis shook his head, "Roger, but what will you do about the army of the damned?"

Roger grinned, "They will be sent back to the shadows."

Curtis nodded, "Thank you son, for saving me..."
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bump, massive update to come soon, (shortly actually, not just soon, but probably tonight) anyway, this is just mostly a bump for me so I can pull this up easier in a bit to update it.

Going to lay down for a bit, when I get up, update will be posted...

Oh, the update has nothing to do with the crazy tangent of the council of Twelve, as promised, this gets back into the realm of reality and such.
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30-11-2004, 04:09
Roger had just gotten back from South Africa, where he was helping out Franz Von Schacht with a problem, he wasn't really clear what it was. He was sitting in his private bar, drinking. Alice was in another room when her cell phone rang.

Alice answered the phone, "This is Alice Fabus."

It was Yuna, she sighed, "Hello, Alice, this is Yuna... I hate to have to tell you this..."

Alice seemed concerned, "What is it?"

Yuna sighed again, "I think Roger may have a drinking problem..."

Alice quickly replied, going on the defensive for him, "He just drinks casually."

Yuna shook her head, "No, I don't think that's it..."

Alice frowned, "Then what?"

Yuna sighed, "In South Africa, he was so drunk, he had some of his guards hold me down, and he was ready to rape me up the ass... He didn't do it... But anyway, how is that for casual..."

Alice seemed puzzled, "Did you insult them or something?"

Yuna sighed, "Yes, I did... I also did something rather nasty to Franz Von Schacht..."

Alice frowned, "Well, what did you expect?"

Yuna sighed, "I seduced Franz Von Schacht, and got him to beg me for sex... I had sex with him twice, once in Western Sahara, once in South Africa... He was a virgin and wanted to keep it such, at least until he found a wife... Roger caught wind of this, and decided he had to "Learn me a lesson" (she said that part in a stereotypical Mississippian accent) but he fainted from his booze before he could..."

Alice dismissed the suggestions "I assure you, screwing you was the farthest thing from his mind."

Yuna nearly exploded, "He told his guards to pull my pants down right before he fainted... He was going to rape me... He has a drinking problem, just admit it..."

Alice sighed, "Fine, he has a drinking problem, but he wasn’t going to rape you."

Yuna smiled, "Okay, so you admit it, he has a drinking problem..."

Alice "What business is it of yours?"

Yuna chuckled, "Well when he nearly rapes me, it becomes my business... I can't very well meet with him again if I'm not sure whether he is going to be nice and polite or attempt to rape me." What Yuna was failing to mention was that she kicked Roger in the groin before he ordered his goons to hold her down.

Alice shook her head, and demeaning suggested, "Well, perhaps you shouldn’t be such of a whore around Mississippian men."

Yuna snapped, "What? Me, a whore? Just because nobody wants you, don't be jealous I have sex!"

Alice chuckled, "A married woman who goes halfway around the world to fuck someone they don't even know? That's what is called a whore."

Yuna shouted, "You just are jealous nobody will touch you with a ten foot pole!"

Alice smiled, "Roger fulfills my every need, I don't need another man in my life. Perhaps your little Alec lacks the ability to satisfy you?"

Yuna nearly went ballistic, "You redneck bitch!"

Alice fired back, "Spanish whore!"

Yuna shook her head, "Your husband destroyed your homeland, I hope you're very happy with him..."

Alice proudly stated, "My home is Mississippi."

Yuna smiled, "And by the way, I'm originally from Romania... You're Serya, not Mississippian..."

Alice spat "Romania, land of gypsies and whores."

Suddenly Roger walked up behind Alice, gently rubbing her shoulders as he kissed her neck, he then asked, "Dear, who are you talking to?"

Yuna chuckled, "Ah, the drunk is up and about, eh?"

Alice cupped her hand over the phone, "That bitch, Yuna from Sevaris."

Roger frowned, "Just hang up on her... Tell her you have to go..."

Alice held the phone back to her ear, "I have to go take care of Mississippian business, why don't you go find some other foreigner to screw."

Alice hung up the phone.

The phone rang again, almost immediately... Roger sighed, "Shall I turn the ringer off or just have the SRG block all their calls for a while?"

Alice nodded, "Block her for the rest of the day."

Roger nodded, called the SRG on a radio and then immediately the ringing stopped... He then turned to Alice, "There, peace and quiet..." She could smell the liquor on his breath as he was now facing her, he'd been drinking again.

Alice used an unthreatening tone as she suggested, "Maybe you should lay off the booze."

Roger shrugged, "What do you mean?"

Alice frowned, "I can smell the alcohol on your breath."

Roger nodded, "Yeah, so what? I'm an adult, I only had one or two..." What Roger neglected to specify was he had one or two bottles, of brandy.

Alice shook her head, "No, everyday you smell like alcohol."

Roger smiled, "Yeah, so what, everyday I have a few drinks, it's not a problem... Baldur says it's good to have a few, good for the heart..."

He then sighed, "So, what did that Sevarin whore want?"

Alice crossed her arms, "She said that you had soldiers rape her, and that you almost did the same."

Roger shook his head, "No... No soldiers raped her, they roughed her up, and nearly did..." He then added, "I did no such thing... I didn't even nearly do it... It's... If you must know, I was unconscious from drinking a bit too much..."

Alice frowned and sighed, "Maybe you should drink less often then."

Roger shrugged, "Meh... I fought hard in the wars, and drank hard, so if I want to relax every now and then and tip back a few bottles, does it really matter?"

Alice nodded, "Yes. You cannot be drunk all the time."

Roger sighed, "When is the last time you saw me drunk?" She had actually seen him drunk eight times in the last month.

Alice started listing examples, "Well, let's see. Last Thursday I found you lying in a puddle of vomit by the pool. Monday I found you so drunk that you couldn’t walk straight.... Should I continue?"

Roger frowned, "No, you've made your point... I'll try to stop drinking, Baldur Von Schacht has alcohol desire suppressing pill, do you want me to ask him for some?"

Alice nodded her head, "Yes, try them. And I'm not asking you to stop completely, just tone it down."

Roger sighed, "Sheesh Alice, I can't fight in wars, I might get killed... I can't smoke or chew, I might get cancer... I can't drink, I might develop a problem..."

He gestured with his hand, making a motion striking himself in the chest, "You might as well kill me now... What next? We can't have sex because I might get sore or tired from doing it too often or too hard? You're killing me Alice... Slowly but surely..."

Alice grinned "Hold on, who said that sex was bad for you?"

Roger smiled, "Ah, so you're not taking that away?"

Alice shook her head, "Actually, I may have to increase your dosage."

Roger grinned, "So when does this medical plan of yours start?"

Alice casually said, "Oh, its important that the treatments begin as soon as possible."

Roger swept some papers and other items off a nearby desk, clearing it completely, he said with a grin, "Well, this would be as soon as possible, yes?"

Alice nodded as she sat on the edge of the desk.

Roger took her in his arms, undressed her and himself... As they were nearly finishing, a guard knocked on the door, not knowing Roger was in the room, thinking it was only Alice, he said, "Ma'am, may I enter, Yuna is causing a stir by phoning and harassing the Department of Commonwealth Affairs, demanding you apologize to them..."

Roger sighed as he looked at Alice, whispering, "Well, what do we do? The Commonwealth Affairs can block her number if they're tired of hearing her, yes?"

Alice shouted towards the door, "Tell her to fuck off!"

The guard nodded, "Okay, I'll see she gets the message."

Alice nodded, "How is the patient feeling?"

Roger smiled, "Not quite done running the tests..."

Roger went back to the task at hand and a while later they were done. He sat down in the chair at the desk and smiled as he looked at Alice, "Well, doctor... Did I pass the physical..."

Alice grinned, "With flying colors."

Roger smiled, "That's good to know... And I must say, I'll definitely keep coming back to this hospital... The customer service is excellent..."

Alice nodded, "We hope that you return very soon."
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30-11-2004, 04:11
One of the guards knocked on the door again, "Hello, ma'am... Czarina... Now Yuna is calling the Peoples Ministry of Justice and calling them all robber barons, false judges, and denouncing our court system as a kangaroo show court... Can we just use electronic warfare to crash their telecommunications grid?"

Alice sighed, “I'll talk to her."

The guard nodded, "Okay." He then turned and left, unblocking Yuna's number so she could call Alice... Suddenly the phone rang, as it was on autodial to call...

Alice picked it up, "What do you want, Yuna."

Yuna spat, "I want an apology, and I demand you stop portraying me as a whore in your media, your propaganda, and in your schools!"

Alice boldly and honestly stated, "I would, if all of it weren't true."

Yuna erupted with rage, "How dare you call me a whore! You're just a tiny little bitch that'd I'd crush in a second... Let's fight this out..."

Alice looked at Roger, "No, men should defend the honor of their wives. We will have our husbands handle this."

Yuna immediately replied, "No... Alec has no desire to fight Roger..."

Alice shook her head, "So, he doesn’t wish to defend the "honor" of his wife. Shows how much he cares for.”

Yuna scoffed, "No! He just realizes fighting isn't the answer, neither is dueling or whatever else you might call it... We are civilized here."

Alice laughed, "Civilized? So using sex as a diplomatic tool whenever you can is considered civilized? I weep for the future of Sevaris."

Yuna shook her head, "No, you're a whore, I know full well that you had sex with Roger while you were married to another man... Our intelligence knows about Louisiana in 2001..."

Alice smiled, "I know full well how much you enjoyed Curtis. We have the tapes to prove it."

Yuna turned red with rage and some embarrassment, "I did not enjoy him.... I... I... I had to do it, for Alec and Sevaris... What have you done for your nation, huh?"

Alice proudly boasted, "Much more than you can possibly fathom."

Yuna shouted, "You're the whore! An adulteress and a whore!" And then she slammed the phone down.

Alice hung up the phone.

Roger looked at Alice, "What did the Sevarin whore want this time? Don't let her get you upset, just don't talk to her anymore, okay?"

Alice nodded, "She wanted me to apologize for publishing her dirty little secrets."

Roger smiled, "And you, being the moral and virtuous gal that you are, refused to listen to the whore, right?"

Alice "Of course."

Roger nodded, "Good, very good... I'm so proud of you; you know that... You handle yourself so very well..."

Alice smiled.

Roger smiled back, "And when I was gone to South Africa, you did a great job running things... Same as when I was in Western Sahara a while ago at the FSI conference... You're a fine politician and leader, you know that?"

Alice blushed, "Oh, Roger, stop flattering me."

Roger smiled, shaking his head, "I'm not saying anything that isn't honest... You're an excellent politician, truly Fabus quality... The Fabus family should feel honored to have you in their ranks..."

Alice smiled, "Thank you."

Roger smiled back, "Alice... I was wondering, would you like to go on vacation with me for a while? All this Yuna crap is probably stressing you out, how would you like to go somewhere? You pick..."

Alice had an idea, "How about South Africa?"

Roger nodded his head, "Great choice, it's a wonderful country there, when do you want to go? Right away?"

Alice nodded.

Roger smiled and started to get dressed, "Well we can't very well go there nude, now can we?"

Alice smiled and started dressing.

After they had finished dressing, a servant brought their infant son, Alexander, into the room, handing him to Alice.

Roger seemed a bit bothered by something, "Alice, shall we take Alex along with us or let father watch him?"

Alice sighed, "I think we should leave him here. As safe as South Africa is under Mississippi rule, I think he should remain here."

Roger nodded, "Yes, that is probably a good idea, in the awful event that something should happen to us, he'd be alive and would rule as soon as he came of age...

Alice nodded.

Alex started to cry, he was obviously most likely hungry since he didn't smell and thus he didn't need changing.

Roger smiled, "Ah, the little one is hungry... You probably want to... Well... Feed him in... Well the womanly way... I mean... I... You know what I mean..." Roger always had a difficult time talking about most things that involved the female body, he was a bit of a prude most of the time.

Alice smiled, "Don't worry. I'll feed him the "womanly" way."

Roger nodded and smiled, "Well, you feed him then, and then we can get packed and ready to go... I'll go start packing right now..."

Roger left the room and went to go get ready.

Alice finished feeding Alex, he fell asleep after she put him in his crib. Alice whispered, "Good night, little darling."

Alice suddenly remembered to call Curtis to ask him to watch Alex.

Alice stepped out of the room and dialed Curtis's extension.

Curtis picked up his phone, "Curtis Fabus here, ex-Premier and current Emperor of the WKM, for my latest book, "1984, Eleven Months of Hell and Glory, send twenty-four dollars and fifty cents to Stalingrad Estate Curtis Fabus mansion..."

Alice nodded her head, "Curtis, it's me Alice. I already have signed copies of your books."

Curtis smiled, "Ah yes, how do you like it?"

Alice smiled, "It was good, however that is not why I am calling."

Curtis chuckled, "Let me guess, you need a favor, eh?"

Alice politely told him what was going on, "Roger and I were hoping that you would watch Alex for a while. Roger is taking me to South Africa for a bit."

Curtis immediately jumped at the idea, "Ah, spend some time with my favorite grandson, eh? Of course, certainly..." Alice heard a woman's voice in the background, it wasn't Christine. (It was Julia, but Alice doesn't know Julia's voice)

Alice inquired, "Who was that? Doesn't sound like Christine."

Curtis quickly replied, "Nobody, just a servant..."

Suddenly Alice thought she heard the sound of a slap, Julia indeed slapped Curtis, the one thing she couldn't stand was being called "a servant"

Alice "Er, ok. I'll have Alex sent over when we leave for South Africa."

Curtis nodded, "Okay, good deal... You and Roger have fun."

Alice "Thank you."

Curtis quickly replied, "Just bring the little guy over when you're ready to head on out."

Alice nodded, "I'll see to that. Goodbye."

Curtis said goodbye as well and then hung up.

Roger came back into the office wearing a khaki SASAAS uniform.

Alice giggled, "Oh, you look so handsome."

Roger blushed, "Alice... You're far too kind..."

Alice smiled and ran her finger down the line of buttons on his shirt, "Oh, but you are handsome."

Roger blushed even redder, "Alice... We're never going to make it to the plane at this rate... Could you hold that thought until we're in the air?"

Alice nodded.

Roger took two flasks out of his pockets and set them down, "I'll leave these here... For you, Alice... I won't drink at all for the next week... The entire trip..." He grinned, "But you'll have to do something for me, if you want that is..."

Alice raised a brow, "What?"

Roger casually said, "Oh... It involved you and me... And well certain activities..."

Alice grinned, "Sounds enjoyable."

Roger grinned "Well for me it will be... I'm... Well I was hoping you'd... Well..."

Alice raised an eyebrow, "What?"

Roger smiled, "Well you know... I'm not sure how to say this... Get down on all fours is the best way I can think of..."

Alice sighed, "We shall see."

Roger frowned, "Does that mean yes or no?"

Alice sighed, "Yea, fine."

Roger smiled, and then kissed her on the forehead, "Thank you, Alice."

Alice shook her head, "Don't mention it."

Roger smiled again, "Okay, I won't... Well let's get moving, the plane awaits..."

Alice quickly reminded him, "We should drop off Alex and go."

Roger nodded, "Yeah, let's."

Alice nodded and took Alex, who was still sound asleep, to the car.
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30-11-2004, 04:13
Roger got in the car and into the drivers seat, chuckling, "Alice, remember, you're a woman, you can't drive..."

Alice frowned and got into the passenger seat, "Maybe that law should make an exception for royalty."

Roger shook his head, "No, can't make exceptions, you're still a woman remember... Women can't drive."

Alice considered her driving abilities to be excellent.

Alice frowned, "I drive quite well, you know that."

Roger shook his head as he pulled out, "Alice, you're just not a good driver, as a woman, you suffer from the inability to drive properly..." As Roger was backing the car out, he tapped the front bumper of a car behind his, he cursed, "Shit!" he then pulled forward fast and hit the side of the garage, "Don't say anything..." he said in an embarrassed and angry tone.

Alice giggled.

Roger frowned and backed the car out, making sure to leave plenty of room... He eventually got to Curtis's mansion.

He kissed his son on the forehead as he took him gently his arms and walked towards the door.

Alice followed him to the door.

Curtis was at the door, and he took Alexander into his arms, "Ah, my grandson... How is he?"

Alice smiled, "He could probably sleep for a few more hours."

Roger smiled, "He's fine, dad... He looks happy to see his grandfather... You take care of him while we're gone, okay?"

Curtis smiled, "You know I will."

Alice smiled.

Roger smiled, "Well Alice we should probably get going eh?"

Curtis nodded, "Yeah, you kids don't want to miss your flight.."

Roger chuckled, "It's my own plane! Dad, you know that."

Curtis nodded, "I was just teasing with you... Well you two have a good time... And Roger, let Alice drive on your way out of here, I want my cars in the driveway not ruined..."

Roger frowned.

Alice giggled.

Roger handed her the keys, "Let's go... Not a word though, I don't want to hear a word about my driving."

Roger was actually an excellent driver, better than Alice, that is when he paid it the attention it deserved, but he was usually too arrogant to drive safely.

Alice nodded and got into the driver side of the car.

Roger chuckled, "Okay, so you drive marginally better than I do, eh?"

Alice smiled, "So kind of you to admit it."

Alice started the car and pulled out of the driveway.

She ran over Curtis's mailbox on the way out of the driveway, Roger smiled, "Well, what happened there.. Mrs. Excellent Driver..."

Alice was slightly red with embarrassment, she quickly said, "It was an ugly mailbox anyway."

Roger roared loudly with laughter, "Alice... Just admit it, you can't drive as well as you thought..."

Alice frowned as she put the car in gear and revved the engine.[/b

Suddenly the car lurched forward and ran over his garbage can... Roger went crazy with laughter... "Hahahaha... You should teach at drivers training!"

[b]Alice smiled, "So could you."

Roger chuckled, shaking his head, "Just get us to the SRG airport... In one piece if possible..."

Alice drove to the airport, the car survived.

Roger smiled as he stepped out and looked at the car, "Well this is certainly beyond repair..." It had only five or six minor scratches and two dents in it.

Servants and guards had already loaded their luggage on the plane.

Alice smiled, "I believe the biggest dent is from you hitting the garage."[/n]

Roger stepped out of the car, opened the door, and picked Alice up from her seat, he put a finger over her mouth, "Shhh... Not now... Later..." He then carried her in his arms up the stairs and into the plane.

Roger looked down as they were flying over Mississippi, headed across Alabama, "Nice view, eh?"

[b]Alice nodded, "Yes."

Roger smiled as he turned his gaze to her, "An even better view..."

Alice giggled, "Oh, stop it."

Roger smiled, "Well, can't I be honest?"

Alice rested her head on Roger's shoulder.

Roger let her rest against his head, and then he casually said, "So... About what we talked about before we left... You know... Are you still going to..."

Alice decided this was a perfect chance to get the anti-women's driving laws voided.

Alice smiled, "Oh, that depends. I would hate to be violating the law every time I drove a car."

Roger sighed, "Alice... Must I scrap that law? Be reasonable..."

Alice started yawning, "Oh, I am getting so tired. So tired that I wont be able to do any strenuous activities."

Roger frowned, "Fine, the law is scrapped..."

Alice nodded, "And now for your treatment."

Roger smiled, "Okay..."

He quickly added, "But if anybody ever asks, I just scrapped the law on my own decision..."

Alice nodded, "Of course. Nobody else could make such a decision."

Roger frowned, "You basically made the decision, you realize that...."

Alice grinned, "You require extensive treatments, Mr. Czar. Several hours of therapy at the very least."

Roger nodded, "Okay, well, like we talked about before... You'll let me, right?"

She wasn't thrilled about the idea, but she had said yes.

Alice nodded, "Yes."

Roger smiled and nodded, "Good..."

When they landed in Pretoria nearly six hours later (fast flight) they were both quite tired. Roger sighed, "William has a mansion here, we could stay there, but I don't want to deal with him today... I'm too tired, what about you?"

Alice nodded, "Exhausted."

Roger playfully swatted her butt, "How you feeling, okay?"

Alice smiled, "Yea."

Roger smiled back, "Good to hear, shall we go find a hotel then or you up for a little drive to a summer estate a friend said I could use if I'm ever in the area..."

Alice "What ever you like."

Roger shrugged, It's your call, Alice."

Alice quickly decided, "Your friends estate."

Roger smiled, "Okay, the hotel it is..." Alice found it quite funny when Roger asked her opinion, and then said the exact opposite, but ended up doing what she wanted anyway, he was just saying the opposite to tease with her.

Alice playfully elbowed him in the rib.

Roger made a fake moan of , "Oh... You got me... No more... No more...I surrender." he was hamming it up.

Alice smiled.

Suddenly her cell phone rang, she could tell from the caller id, it was Yuna, again...

Alice sighed, "Ugh, its that Sevaris woman again."

Roger frowned, "Do you even want to answer it?"

Alice took the battery off the phone, "Problem solved."

Roger smiled, until his phone started to ring... He looked at it, and then tossed it into a nearby trashcan. "That solves that..."

Roger got into the nearby car that had just been unloaded from the jet, well that is he got in after he helped Alice get in.
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30-11-2004, 04:16
He started to drive off into the rural area where the estate was. On the way, Alice noticed something; a trio of blacks standing in the road ahead, Roger didn't seem to notice them.

Alice pointed "Roger, look."

Roger slammed the brakes on and swerved as a barrage of gunfire came against the car. He dove in front of Alice and ended up getting hit in the upper arm and the shoulder. Immediately after his car landed in the ditch, the SASAAS hummers following behind his vehicle opened fire with Browning M2s and killed all the would be assassins.

Roger was bleeding rather well, he looked at Alice, "Were you hit? Are you okay?"

Alice shook her head, "Roger! You are hit."

Roger sighed, "It's nothing, I've been hit worse before, you're okay, right?"

Alice quickly reassured him, "I'm fine."

His genetic enhancements started to kick in, and the streams of red became just a light trickle, and then nothing, but he was still wounded badly, whether he'd admit it or not. It was just his luck he had been programmed to have his body stop bleeding almost instantly.

Alice started wiping the blood from the wound.

Roger sighed, stifling a moan, "Alice, would you mind driving the rest of the way?"

Alice nodded and opened the door. The area was full of SASAAS, they were scouring and securing the area. Alice aided Roger out of the driver side and put him in the passenger seat.

Roger smiled as she helped him get situated, "Thanks dear." he said.

Alice walked back to the driver side but was stopped by a SASAAS soldier.

The soldier remarked, "I'm sorry, Czarina Fabus, but the law is clear about women drivers."

Roger turned to the man, "Do you want to remain in the SASAAS?"

Alice let Roger handle it, but now that she thought about it, she thought it was very odd no Hummers were in front of Roger's car, normally they were accompanied by BMP-3s, T-98s, a dozen or so Hummers.

The soldier shook his head, Roger told him "Get lost" and the man ran off back to his Hummer.

Alice smiled, "Thank you, Roger."

Alice sat down in the drivers side of the car and closed the door.

Roger smiled back, "You're welcome Alice..."

Suddenly the full weight of what had just happened hit her, Roger had dove in front of her to protect her, with his own body, from getting hit... He could have been killed.

Roger had fallen asleep, exhausted from being shot, he had genetic enhancements but he was not super man, he was totally sapped of all energy.

Alice kissed Roger on the forehead, "Thank you, Roger. Thank you."

She then continued driving down the road.

About forty minutes later, she arrived at the estate, a Hummer that took the lead in front of her, led the way. She followed. Roger was still asleep when Alice stepped out of the car. Two of the SASAAS asked her, "Shall we carry him inside for you?"

Alice nodded, "And have the wound taken care of."

The soldiers lifted him out of the car and carried him inside, where for the next twenty minutes a medic tended to his wounds. The medic then left, the SASAAS took up positions around the estate, and about twenty minutes after the media left, Roger awoke... whispering, "Alice, Alice, are you there?"

Alice smiled, "I'm here, dear. I am here."

Roger smiled, "Are you okay?"

Alice nodded, "But, are you?"

Roger quickly reassured her, "I'm fine, you're sure you're okay?

Alice reassured him, "Yes, I'm fine."

Roger nodded his head, "Alice, what exactly happened back there... I don't remember much, I nearly passed out from the pain... I may have, I'm not sure... I just remember hearing the first shots and being so scared for you.."

Alice gently took his hand, "You took a bullet for me, and for that I am grateful. Everything is fine now."

Roger proudly smiled, "I'd take another for you, if necessary."

Alice showered Roger with kisses.

Roger smiled and let out a light moan of happiness and pleasure.

Alice smiled and laid down next to him.

Roger smiled and yawned, "Not right now though okay, let's just lie here, okay? I'm really tired..."

Alice nodded and stood up. She covered Roger with a warm blanket and turned out the lights.

Roger smiled, "You'll at least sleep by my side right? There's no need to sleep elsewhere... Lie back down if you want."

Alice cuddles up next to him and started falling asleep.

Roger whispered, "Good night my love." before he fell asleep.

Alice fell asleep with a smile on her face.
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30-11-2004, 04:19
In the morning, there was a loud knock at the door at about eight in the morning, Alice happened to be up getting a drink and using the bathroom, Roger was still asleep, the knock didn't wake him.

It was an SASAAS colonel.

The knocking persisted, accompanied by his shouting, "Hello, is anybody awake in there?"

Alice was hardly dressed to receive visitors; she was in her night attire.

Alice lightly answered through the door, "Yes?"

The colonel replied, "There is a matter of the utmost urgency that I must speak with either you or the Czar about, immediately..."

Alice whispered through the door, "Please wait a minute."

She quickly dressed in her normal clothing.

The colonel stood outside, waiting.

She opened the door and closed it behind her, "The Czar is very tired, so I will attend to this matter."

The colonel nodded, "Yes, well as you know, the Czar was shot at the other day... I don't need to tell you this, you were there..."

Alice nodded, "He saved my life."

The colonel smiled, "Yes, well there are all sorts of enemies throughout the country, ZANU, SWAPO, and ANC... From respectively, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and South Africa... Since we own Namibia and South Africa, we can handle the bandits and terrorists in there pretty well, but we can't go into Zimbabwe without high authorization... We want to send a few dozen teams of SASAAS in conjunction with an MSAAS regimental sized attack against terror camps in Zimbabwe... Would you permit this?"

Alice seemed hesitant, "I.... I guess."

The colonel smiled, "We need it in writing... Sign here please." He extended a clipboard with papers on it, towards her, he then handed her a pen, "Here you go.."

Alice took the pen and looked down at the paper. She placed the tip of the pen to the paper, "Tell me, Colonel.... do you think this is the right thing to do?"

The colonel quickly nodded, "Yes of course..."

The papers were about eight pages long, front and back, font eight.

Alice shook her head, "I will have to read these first."

Alice took the clipboard and sat down in a nearby chair to read the document.

The colonel shook his head, "I'm afraid there might not be time for that... Please, quickly, sign them so we can start the attacks..."

Alice frowned, "I must read it."

The colonel sighed, "Fine, hurry though."

Alice quickly read over the document.

Page 1 was about irrigation funding in the Cape Town region, allocating two hundred billion federal dollars...
Page 2 allowed whites to hang any and all blacks they deemed "Terrorists".
Page 3 allowed for limited SAAS attacks into Zimbabwe.
Page 4 allowed for William Fabus to be named "King" of South Africa.
Page 5 allowed for Afrikaans and the Dutch Reformed Church to be made the official language and religious body of South Africa.
Page 6 allowed to South African Commonwealth Defense Forces to form a "Strategic Weapons" program and assemble at least two thousand ICBMs and five hundred silos.
Page 7 allowed for South Africa to be given two trillion per year in federal funding for the next ten years for "Assorted expenses".
Page 8 allowed for counter-insurgency operations to begin in any and all territories under Commonwealth control or neighboring a commonwealth territory.

Alice signed the paper and handed it to the Colonel.

The colonel immediately grabbed up the paper and thanked her as he started to walk backwards away from her, "Thank you Czarina... I must be going now." He then ran off to a nearby Hummer.

Back inside the house, Roger was waking up in bed, he called out, half-asleep, "Alice are you there?"

Alice walked back into the room, "I'm here, Roger."

Roger smiled, "Did you sleep well?" he turned the radio on, it was the news.

Alice nodded, "I slept wonderfully."

Roger nodded, "That's good..." Suddenly the news reported, "It is now official King William Fabus of TBD is now the King of South Africa as well.. After it was approved by an as yet unnamed top government official... In addition, over twenty trillion dollars has been allocated to South Africa over the next ten years." Roger's eyes went wide, "Treason! I'll hang whoever is responsible for this!"

Roger jumped out of bed, landing hard on his feet, he groaned as he strained his sore arm, "Alice, get me my clothes, we have to find some government official, a man who has signed his death warrant, and see he hangs..."

Alice hung her head, "I signed it, Roger. I misread it I thought it said 2 trillion over the course of 10 years."

Roger glared at her, "You did what?"

Alice quickly tried to explain, "The colonel said the papers were to send troops into Zimbabwe."

Roger shook his head, "It's not so much the money, nobody can be king of a territory in my Czardom... I am the absolute ruler, you and I... Well at least I anyway, you are perhaps too irresponsible to be trusted with any powers... I may have to strip you of your right to imperial decree..."

Alice nodded, "I understand."

Roger sighed, "You were just trying to help, yes?"

She nodded.

Alice then suggested, "You could cancel the decree."

Roger sat down on the edge of the bed, patting his lap.

Alice sat on his lap.

He smiled as he gently kissed her on the forehead, "Just be more careful in the future when you're reading things, okay?"

Alice nodded, "Besides, Czar is a much more higher rank that a King could ever be. And you could always give them strongly backed suggestions on where and when to spend that money."

Alice smiled at him, innocently with begging eyes, "Roger, will you forgive me?"

Roger shook his head, "Don't worry... I'll handle this... And yes, I've already forgiven you..."

Alice hugged Roger and kissed him, "Thank you."

Roger grinned, "Well perhaps instead of stripping you of your imperial decree... I'll just strip you of your imperial clothing... It's in my power... I could have you walk around nude all day today... I can do it you know."

Alice inquired, "We would have to have the guards leave the main house then, no?"

He grinned, "Of course..."

Alice smiled, "Well, it is a bit hot today anyway."

Roger smiled, "I'll go dismiss the guards, when I get back, I wish to see that my order has been obeyed...

Alice nodded, "Yes, sir!"

Roger shuddered as he closed his eyes, "Ah, I love when you call me sir..." he then walked off to go tell the captain of the guards to keep his men at least three hundred yards from the house.

Alice stripped from her clothes, but wore Roger's uniform hat.

A few minutes later, Roger had drawn all the blinds and curtains in the house and he was walking back to the bedroom...

In the bedroom, the phone rang. Alice looked at the caller ID, she wondered how the hell Yuna knew where they were, and how the hell she got the number...

Suddenly the line went dead, the CIC jammed the call.

Alice nodded, "Damn straight."

Roger walked into the room, "Damn straight what? Nice hat... Are you planning on joining the army?"

Alice grinned, "Reporting for duty, mein Czar."

Roger smiled as he looked her up and down, "Well, you more than pass inspection...."

Alice gave him a playful salute.

Roger returned the salute and then he walked over and took her in his arms and kissed her. Suddenly the phone range again, it was William... Roger sighed, "Should we answer it?"

Alice nodded, "He's probably wondering whats going on."

Roger picked up the phone, "Hello..."

William was upset, "Are you mad at me? I didn't know they were going to trick Alice like that... I thought they'd argue the case for my being named king, to you, honestly... I swear." It was indeed the truth, but he didn't know if Roger would believe it.

Alice sat patiently and waited.

Roger shook his head, "No, don't worry about it... I believe you..."

William replied, "Okay, so you're not mad?"

Roger sighed, "No, but if you keep me on the line, I'll be mad... Call back in an hour..."

Alice suggested, "Make that two, maybe three hours."

Roger looked at her, "Three hours?"

Alice grinned.

Roger whispered, "Wow... Okay, three it is..." He then said into the phone, "William call back in three hours, okay?"

William sighed, "Fine... Three hours, not a minute more..."

Roger hung the phone up, "Okay Alice, where were we?"

Alice grinned "Somewhere between inspection and basic training."

Roger smiled and pulled a sheet over the both of them, about three hours later, he pushed the sheet off, "Well Alice, you know enough tactics to be an officer..."

Alice smiled back, "Just doing my duty, sir."

Roger patted her on the head, "And a very good job you've done..."

Alice smiled.

Suddenly the phone rang, Roger sighed, "William I bet, eh?"

Roger picked it up, "Whatever it is, just use your best judgement, no I'm not mad at you... Goodbye..." And he hung it up.

Alice seemed puzzled, "What was that about?"

Roger shook his head, "I don't need to hear his problems, he is a big boy, he can solve them himself... He's my brother and I love him... But we are on vacation, problems, well not too serious ones anyway, can wait for now..."

Alice nodded.

Roger chuckled, "Well my nude for the day by imperial decree, soldier, what shall we do now? Go for a swim?"

Alice nodded, "Sounds very agreeable, sir. Lead the way."

Roger led her to a nearby door, "Shall we swim in the pool outside or the nearby stream? The pool is fenced in, the section of stream we'd be in is covered by trees..."

Alice smiled, "The pool will be fine sir."

Roger smiled, "Okay..." He lifted her up into his arm, stepped outside, and then gently tossed her into the deepest section of the pool, jumping in next to her.

Roger looked at her as she broke through the surface of the water, "How is the temperature? Good?"

Alice nodded, "Wonderful."
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30-11-2004, 04:22
Suddenly Alice could have sworn she saw a flash of light, as though a glint from a lenses or something made of glass, perhaps a scope on a rifle.

Alice shouted, "Duck!"

She dove into the water, pulling Roger under with her.

A few minutes later, two SASAAS operatives came into the back, holding a young man by his arms, "Czar, Czarina, come out!"

It was a paparazzi, he had been taking pictures of them swimming nude.

Alice surfaced with Roger.

The man was pushed in front of the pool, to face Roger. The man looked at Alice, Roger barked, "Look at the ground, swine!"

The man immediately looked down.

Alice shook her head and spat out her thoughts, "How dare you photograph me!"

The man kicked the the dirt in front of him, "The media must be free, I'm not a Mississippian citizen and not bound by your laws!"

Alice pulled a nearby towel into the pool and tried to cover up.

The man kept looking at the ground, his eyes started to move up, Roger screamed to the guards, "If he looks at my wife, shoot him!"

The guards trained their OICWs on him. He immediately looked back down.

He shook his head, "This nation isn't free, it's a sham democracy!"

Roger chuckled, "No, we're open about our despotic rule, we rule with absolute power but for the betterment of our citizens, right Alice, dear?"

Alice nodded, "Yes dear."

Roger looked to her, "What shall we do with this one here?"

Alice frowned, glaring at him, "First, destroy the camera… I want him to destroy the camera."

The man took the camera out, dropped it on the ground, and then smashed it with his foot, "Are you happy?"

Alice issued her orders, "Pat him down."

The two guards ripped open all of his pockets in their efforts to pat him down. They found two more cameras, a switchblade, a few hundred dollars, and his identification, a Sevarin citizen.

Alice frowned, "So that bitch sent a snitch to track us down?"

The man shook his head, "No... But she said she'd pay me well for spying on you... I... I need to get the money... For my family..." He sighed, embarrassed he couldn't adequately support them with a decent job, "They're not well, we're not well... I... We're basically dirt poor..."

Roger whispered to Alice, "Does this change your opinion of the situation?"

Alice sighed.

The man frowned, "So... What now? You're not going to hang me, are you?"

Alice shook her head, "You wont be harmed, this time."

Roger nodded, "Yes, you won't be harmed."

The man went crazy with praise, "Thank you Czar, Czarina, you are most generous and most wise in your decisions... Thank you..."

Roger nodded, "Alice, step out of the pool real quick..."

Alice was shocked, "I'm naked."

Roger shook his head, "He'll keep his eyes closed, don't worry..." He looked at the man, "Won't you?" The man immediately nodded and closed his eyes.

The guards were looking the other way, their backs turned.

Alice sighed and walked out of the pool, she was covering herself with the towel as best she could.

Roger got out, handed her a robe, and then got back in the pool to cover himself up by staying near the edge.

Alice wrapped herself in the robe and sat down.

He then told the man, "You will open your eyes, prostrate yourself on the ground, and kiss the Czarina's feet, begging her forgiveness..."

The man immediately did as ordered, he kissed her feet and begged, "Forgive my insolence, Czarina..."

Alice shook her head, demanding an answer, "Do you swear on your families life and your own to never do something like this again?"

The man nodded his head, immediately saying, "Yes, Czarina..."

Alice sighed, waving her hand in a dismissive gesture, "Then I forgive you."

The man nodded, "I place myself indebted to you for your generosity..."

Alice smiled, "And because you require employment.... I am going to give you a job in Western Sahara, near New Bir Gandus. Perhaps your surveillance skills can be put to some use in the Mississippi Foreign Legion, Private."

The man nodded, "Yes Czarina... I am most gracious for your decision to help me."

Alice nodded, "Now get going."

The man turned and ran off, the guards following him.

Alice sighed.

Roger smiled as he jumped out of the pool and pulled Alice back in.

Alice removed the robe and put it on the side of the pool.

Roger whispered to her, as he embraced her, "It seems that there is a demand in some media to see you nude... I can't say I blame them, you should see how stunningly gorgeous you are."

Alice blushed and giggled.

Roger kissed her and then said, "I bet it was that woman in Sevaris, eh, the one we won't name... She's just jealous; she has nothing compared to you... I saw the tapes of her and Curtis, same as you saw them. You're better in all regards than she is. It just drives her insane."

Alice nodded.

Alice suddenly noticed he'd aggravated one of his wounds and there was a light trickle of blood coming from his upper arm... Roger yawned, a bit tired, "Alice, what do you want to do now? Keep swimming?"

Alice took the towel she had earlier and started washing the blood from the bullet wound.

Roger sighed, "Oh, I'm bleeding, eh?"

Alice nodded, "Just a little."

Roger smiled, "Thanks for nursing me so well... You're simply great, your bedside manner is certainly the best."

Alice smiled, "And you, sir, are my hero."

Roger kissed her and gently brushed some of her soaking wet hair out from in front of her eyes, suddenly he realized how hungry was, she could hear his stomach rumbling from under the water.

Alice suggested, "We should probably have lunch?"

Roger nodded, "Yes, but there are no servants here... You don't mind cooking, right?"

Alice sighed, "I may scald something."

Roger chuckled, "What do you mean, you can cook fine, right?"

Roger then understood it, "Oh... You mean... Right?"

Alice nodded.

Roger smiled, "The imperial decree of nudity will be temporarily removed until you're done cooking..."

Alice gave Roger a quick kiss and ran off to put clothing on.

Roger pulled himself up out of the pool and walked inside to see what Alice would be cooking.

The guards informed Alice that they had missed no less than eight calls. Roger heard this and said only, "Who cares, we're on vacation, they can all wait." Six of the calls were from Yuna, one was from the media employers of the man they chased away, and another was a wrong number.

Alice was busy in the kitchen, making food that she thought Roger would enjoy.

Roger walked into the kitchen, "May I have the Czarina's permission to smoke a quick cigar before the meal?" Alice didn't like that idea, it'd dull the taste buds and he'd possibly appreciate the food less, she'd prefer he smoke later.

Alice was offended, "You don't want to taste the meal I am preparing for you?"

Roger shook his head, "No... Why would you think that?"

Alice sighed, "Smoking dulls a persons sense of taste, didn't you know that?"

Roger shrugged, "Good point, I wasn't quite thinking of that... I can wait till later then, fair enough?"

Alice nodded, "Fine. I am making steak and.... chicken. Yes. Steak and chicken, sound good?"

Roger then asked with a smile, "Yes, they'll be great, thank you... So, is there anything I can help you with in here?"

Alice knew that when it came to cooking, the only thing Roger could make was a mess.

Alice smiled, "You can go sit and enjoy the tv. I'll finish up in here. Go relax, honey."

Roger lightly laughed as he walked towards the door leading out of the kitchen, "I know what you mean, you want the food to be edible... Hehehehe... Okay, I'll keep out of the way."

Alice nodded.

The phone in the kitchen suddenly rang, Alice could see it was Yuna, she was using a rotating frequency to try to get by the CIC jammers, it worked some of the time.
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30-11-2004, 04:24
Alice frowned and picked it up, "Yuna, what the hell do you want?"

Yuna immediately took a nasty tone, "No need to be so rude."

Alice sighed, "Fine, what do you want."

She chuckled, in a rotten manner, "I just wanted to see how the little stepford wife was doing... Are you cooking your master... I mean husband, something to eat... I can hear food cooking... Anyway, how are you enjoying South Africa, better than your savage shit hole called Mississippi, well until you took over South Africa that is."

Alice had to keep from laughing, or crying hypocrite, "Heh, you are one to talk, considering the recent Sevarin invasion of Delaware."

Yuna sighed, "Anyway, I'd like you to know that your nude little whorish form will be all over the papers in a while... Alice Fabus, the inspiration for the garment designed by Eleanor Fabus, the women's oppression garment, bathing nude with a nude male..."

Alice smiled, "We caught your little errand boy, he's on his way to Western Sahara by now."

Yuna was somewhat shocked, "What, you've kidnapped one of our citizens?"

Alice shook her head, "Actually, he willingly went."

Yuna smiled, "Did you catch both of them then?"

Alice bluntly threatened, "I guess you want your video of you and Curtis released then?"

Yuna snarled, "You wouldn't dare..."

Alice yawned "Public showings?"

Yuna scoffed, "And ruin Curtis's reputation?"

Alice grinned, "Oh, we can always edit his face out."

Yuna shook her head, "It'll... It'll... Damnit you whore! You Mississippian trash!"

Yuna then suggested again, "What say we duke it out, this will never get settled otherwise... Meet me in Spain?" Alice knew Roger would never let her travel to Spain, at least not given current DA-Sevaris relations, and he'd likely not let her fight Yuna...

Alice countered with her own ideas, "You could come to Mississippi, or perhaps Egypt."

She smiled, "Okay, we'll meet in Ottoman Egypt... Cairo..."

Alice elaborated, "Mississippian Egypt."

Yuna shook her head, "Never mind... I'm not setting foot inside your territory... Your drunk husband wants to get me up the rear..."

Alice frowned, "If you are too chicken to face me, just say it."

Yuna sneered, "No, but I have no intention of being used by the nazi Czar Roger Fabus, as he uses you, for his own perverted sexual lusts..."

Alice spat at the suggestion, "He would never want you."

Yuna nearly laughed, "Then why did he nearly rape me earlier?"

Alice nearly shouted, "He did no such thing."

Yuna smiled, "You just keep believing that... He wanted me so bad, I could tell... He wanted to get me hard... You're probably not enough for him, pity for you..."

Alice shook her head and snickered, "Nobody believes the lies of a gypsy whore."

Yuna laughed, "Tell me, do you bend over for him enough, or does he have to look elsewhere for that? Trust me, he is looking elsewhere, he nearly got me... Don't think he isn't with other women, somebody as important as the Czar... I heard he screwed a diplomat from DC at the Western Saharan conference over FSI..."

Yuna actually knew this wasn't true, but she knew it looked as though it might have been possible.

Alice frowned, "No, that never happened. He resisted that sluts advances."

Yuna smiled, "Hmmm... That's not what she tells me... She tells me they spent the entire night together, and he did her long into the night..."

Alice frowned, "That's a lie and you know it."

Yuna smiled, "We'll see... Tell me, is Roger still nine inches or has he grown any?"

Yuna knew Alice had no idea how she knew this, but the Sevarin intelligence agency had intercepted and recorded old Mississippian phone conversations of all the Premier's children, when Roger was 17, he had been yelling at Alice's husband, comparing, sizes over the phone in a shouting match... Yuna had no way to know if it was true, but it was a good shot, and it was true. The phone taps had been before Curtis followed the advice of the intelligence genius Wilhelm Ernst and setup one of the most elaborate network of jammers, counter-espionage, and other defensive measures in the world.

Yuna grinned, "Face it Alice, Roger wants to put it in me, and there is nothing you can do about it, face it, you're just not enough for him..."

Alice scoffed, "Roger would rather die."

Yuna smiled, "He'd rather die than have to spend his life with you, you're a small little runt."

Alice frowned, "No, you're a sasquatch."

Yuna chuckled, "You're just jealous that I'm a decent sized woman and you're so small I could crush you like a bug."

Alice roared with laughter, "Do they make dresses for sasquatch whores? You must have your shoes special made."

Yuna and Alice argued for another hour or so, Yuna finally said, "Fine, that's it, we're going to fight... I accept... I'll be in Mississippi in a few hours." She then hung up and immediately left.

Alice nodded and slammed the phone down on the counter top.

Alice finished making the meal and set the plates and dining ware.

Alice called, "Roger, the food is ready."

Roger went into the kitchen, kissed Alice, said, "Thanks for making dinner, it smells great.." After they finished eating, Roger and Alice immediately left and returned to Mississippi in a two-seater MiG-41, piloted by Roger, they wanted to get back to be ready for Yuna to arrive.

Yuna was ready and at Stalingrad a few days later, having taken her time to rest up.

The fight (ooc- which is covered in a thread I will link shortly) went down very well, Yuna had two teeth knocked out, one broken hand, one broken arm, one fractured leg, a broken noose, two black eyes, bloodied eyes from Alice driving her fingers into them, and two broken ribs. Alice received no broken bones, but did get a mild concussion and fell over unconscious after it ended... She was semi-conscious when Yuna stood over her, obviously contemplating violating her, but then Yuna thought better of it and eventually collapsed over next to Alice.
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30-11-2004, 04:28
A few hours later, they both woke up, a drunk Roger came staggering inside Alice's private gym, "Well you two ladies fought well, eh? Want to kiss and makeup?"

Alice frowned, "Ew, no."

Roger hadn't drunken anything in South Africa, as he promised, but they were back in Mississippi and he'd gotten drunk within a few hours...

Roger smiled, "Ah come on Alice, you and Yuna might like it... I'll sit back and watch, you two get to it." He grinned.

Alice stood up and slapped him for even mentioning it.

Roger shrugged, "Alice, what is wrong?"

Alice sighed, "Roger. Go to bed. I shall see that Yuna is sent home or something. She probably needs to see a doctor."

Roger smiled, "Alice, don't be too long..." He then left and walked up to their bedroom.

Yuna looked at Alice, "He has a drinking problem you know..."

Alice nodded, "Just drop it."

Yuna shrugged, "Doesn't Schacht have that pill thing he could take?"

Alice helped Yuna stand up, "Yes, but Roger is to proud to admit that he has a problem."

Yuna nodded her head, "Thanks for helping me up... If you want, maybe I could talk to Roger, I'm not sure what good it'd do, but Alec used to have a drinking problem, I helped him get over it. So I know what it's like when somebody you love more than anything, has a problem and needs your help. You need to get him off the booze Alice."

Alice shook her head, "I can handle him."

Yuna nodded, "Well at any rate, I should be getting back, Alec is probably worried sick..." Yuna picked up her cellular phone she'd set near by, she dialed Alec, he was passed out drunk and didn't pick up... Yuna hung up, sighing, "Damnit, he is not there."

Alice smiled, "You can stay in a guest room. We can get you home in the morning. You should probably see a doctor."

Yuna nodded, "Thanks, you've a nice woman, I guess I had you pegged wrong... You know though I'm not a whore, I only love Alec, and everything I've ever done, I've done for him and his government, the betterment of Sevaris."

Alice sighed, "Yea, I guess I understand."

Yuna smiled, "Thanks, Alice, you're a good woman. Roger is lucky to have you."

Alice nodded, "You need to see a doctor. I know I heard some bones crack."

Alice helped Yuna limp to a nearby guest room and helped her get situated in bed. They had a lengthy conversation and then Alice finally left the room to go get Yuna a doctor and go see what Roger was doing. After she summoned a doctor, she went up to her room. Roger was lying awake in bed.

Roger, still drunk off his butt, grinned at Alice, "So, how'd the fight go, did you win? You and Yuna could still kiss and make up if you want... I won't object, maybe I could even jump in after you gals get going..."

Alice frowned, "Maybe you would like to sleep on the couch."

Roger shook his head, "No, not really..." He then made a wide grin and casually said, "I was just thinking, Yuna might be lonely downstairs, maybe we could invite her up her and you two could keep each other warm."

Alice shuddered, "Roger, that’s just sick."

Roger chuckled, "Well anyway, I need a drink, care to get me one?"

Alice poured him a cup of coffee and handed it to him, "Here. Drink up."

Roger frowned, "Get me my flask would you, please?"

Alice shook her head, "No, this coffee will suit you just fine."

Roger set it down, "Coffee, it destroys the body, there are over three thousand chemicals in it... I'll never poison myself like that... I'm going out for a smoke..."

Alice poured him a glass of water, "Fine, drink this."

She handed him the glass

Roger set the water done, sighed, "Alice, get me a bottle of brandy, please..." Alice looked over and saw there were already three empty bottles in the trashcan next to the liquor cabinet.

Alice frowned, but remained polite and assertive, "You've had enough already, dear."

Roger shook his head, "I'll be the judge when I've had enough, please, just get me a bottle of brandy..."

Alice shook her head, boldly defying him, "No. Drink the water."

Roger sighed, "Fine, I'll get it myself..." He stood up and walked over to the liquor cabinet.

Alice walked over next to him, "Roger, you are drinking too much."

Roger shrugged, "So what, I work hard, shouldn't I be able to drink when I want? I kept my word; I can stop as long as I want, when I want... In South Africa I didn't drink the entire trip, what was it, a week (he was too drunk to remember the trip had been cut short), yeah, like I promised, I didn't touch any drinks there... I can stop when I want, I just don't want to..." He reached in and pulled out a bottle of brandy.

Alice was pleading now, "Please, don't. Do this for me, please."

Roger frowned, "Do you want me to stop drinking? Really?"

Alice gave him a worried smile, "I want you to sober up."

Roger kept frowning, trying to reassure her, "I am perfectly fine, Alice, you don't need to worry about me... I've been drinking since I was ten... You know that."

Alice shook her head, "It's unhealthy."

Roger sighed in a contemptuous tone, not wanting to hear what she had to say, "Fine! I'll stop drinking, for you... How long do you want me to stop for?"

Alice hugged him, "Half a year, but after that you can drink in moderation, not to excess."

Roger set the bottle back down, "Okay, but one condition... It starts tomorrow; I want to finish this bottle off, okay, deal? I'm a man of my word, I'll keep my word..."

Alice nodded, "One final bottle, fine."
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30-11-2004, 04:30
Roger smiled, pouring what was left of the bottle into his large flask before he left the room to go drink in private. In the hall he ran into Yuna who was smoking and offered to let her come back to his room and spend some time with him and Alice, she shook him by the shoulders and slapped him, telling him he had a problem and he needed to accept Schacht's help... He finally realized he couldn't get sober alone and he'd go seek Schacht's help first thing in the morning. After he finished his 12-ounce flask, he went back to his room, Alice was lying in bed reading, Roger was somewhat sober now.

He looked at her, "Alice... Thanks for helping me with my problem, make sure I follow through, no matter what I say, don't let me falter."

Alice put her book down, "I promise I will help you."

Roger smiled as he lay down in bed next to her, "Are you reading anything of interest?" She was reading the book by the 17-year-old Jean Marie Navarre, a combat diver in the RG Special Forces titled, "Through Hell For Fabus" about the 2004 summer guerilla war in Angola that resulted in Mississippian withdrawal.

Alice shook her head, "Just something I found in the library."

Roger kissed her gently on the cheek, "Okay, well I'm going to go to sleep, night." He rolled over and turned the light on his side of the bed off. Alice was upset, it'd been at least four days since they'd made love, he was too drunk or sick from drinking in the last few nights (they'd actually been in Mississippi for a few days, Yuna arrived in Jackson City and took her sweet time getting to Stalingrad) to do anything other than fall right asleep and stay asleep for twelve to fifteen hours.

Alice put the book down, "Roger, honey.... Tomorrow I was thinking that we could start working on another child, if you catch my drift."

Roger groaned, "Ah, not now, tired, sleeping, leave a message with one of my advisors..." He was obviously still somewhat out of it, or maybe that was just his migraine clouding his thoughts.

Alice sighed, "In the morning then.", and then turned out her light.

In the morning, Alice woke up at seven, Roger was still asleep.

Yuna was still in her room asleep, her injuries and sheer exhaustion had left her with little strength or will to get up early. The doctors had fixed all of her problems though, and were working on cloning her two new teeth.

Alice tapped Roger on the shoulder, "Roger?"

Roger didn't move, instead he grumbled in his sleep, "Not now, whatever it is, it can wait."

Alice grinned, "Hmmph.... I was wondering if you wanted to be on top or bottom."

Roger frowned and rolled over farther onto his side of the bed, "Sleeping, not now..."

Alice sighed, "Fine. I'll just mull around downstairs then."

Roger nodded, grumbling, "Have a safe ride dear, call me when you get there."

Alice wrapped herself in a robe and walked downstairs.

Dr. Baldur Von Schacht was waiting downstairs, smoking a cigar, he stood up and turned around when he saw the Czarina dressed in only a robe.

He then said, facing away from her, "Ma'am, I am here to talk to you about Roger and his problem, and what I can do to help."

Alice frowned, "He's upstairs, still recovering from a hangover."

She then eagerly asked, "What can you do to help?"

Schacht nodded, "Yes, well he should have taken an anti-hangover pill... Anyway, what can I do you ask? My company offers a pill, that I designed and developed, one pill will totally eliminate alcohol cravings and cure alcoholics or those with problems, all they have to do is be willing to take it, many are too proud or stubborn to admit they have a problem, that is the main barrier I encounter..."

Alice nodded her head, "Well, I think I can get him to take it."

Schacht nodded, "Yes, well you could always slip it to him if you had to, would you be hesitant to do that?"

Alice smiled, "I think he will take it willingly."

Schacht nodded, "Well then, here is the pill..." He quickly turned around and handed her a single capsule inside a wrapper, he then immediately did an about face and walked off, "I will go now as you're not in appropriate dress for me to be here."

Alice nodded her head, "Understood, so how often must he take one of these."

Schacht shook his head, "Just one... One will be enough..."

Alice smiled, "Thank you."

Baldur smiled, "No, thank you, it is an honor to help my Czar." He then left.

Alice prepared Roger a breakfast of eggs and waffles and took the food and the pill upstairs.

Roger was still sound asleep when she got back upstairs.

Alice put the tray next to him, on the nearby nightstand, "Roger. I made you breakfast."

Roger muttered, "Didn't ask for no breakfast, asked for sleep..."

Alice smiled, "Dr. Schacht just came by."

Roger shrugged and pulled a pillow over his head, "So what, I'm sleeping..."

Alice laid plain her agenda, "He gave me this pill for you to take."

She added, "If you take it, I will leave you alone."

Roger waved a hand at her, "You'll leave me alone regardless, I'll take it later, sleeping now... Please let me sleep."

Alice pocketed the pill, "Fine."

She quickly dressed and left the room.

The clock ticked by, six hours later, Yuna had gotten up four hours ago, showered, dressed, ate, and was visiting with Curtis to talk to him about curtailing the anti-Yuna and anti-Sevaris propaganda, they weren't doing anything other than talking.

Roger was still asleep, although he'd woken up to eat the breakfast Alice made right after she left the room, knowing if she'd seen him awake, she'd bug him about this or that, but after he ate, he went right back to sleep.

Alice took a bottle of Tylenol with codeine up to their room and sat it on his bedside table, "Roger, there are some painkillers on the table here, along with some water."

Alice took the empty tray and kissed him on the forehead.

Roger yawned, stretched, and finally opened his eyes, rubbing them, as he rubbed his head, "Thanks, Alice... That was a nice thing, bringing me breakfast, I feel better now, but I still could use some medication, thanks... I'll take that pill too if you still have it." He immediately downed a few of the Tylenols and chased them down with some water.

She handed him the pill, "You do know what this pill is for, right?"

Roger nodded, "Yeah, I know..."

Alice nodded.

He immediately took the pill, swallowed it, and then gulped down some water.

Alice gently kissed him, "Thank you. I'll leave you to rest some more. If anyone comes by, I'll tell them to come back later."

Roger shook his head, "Nah, I'm not too tired now... Just tell me, do you know why women have smaller feet?"

Alice was stumped, "I really don't know."

Roger smiled and chuckled, "So they can stand closer to the kitchen sink... So why don't you go get us some late lunch, and when we're done eating, I'll answer your earlier question..."

Alice smiled, "Ok, Roger."

Roger smiled back, "A sandwich would be great, nothing to fancy, just some beef and cheese."

Roger then quickly added, "White bread."

Alice smiled, "Of course. What other bread is there?"

She left the room and went to the kitchen; she then made lunch for Roger and her. She carried the lunch up to their room, along with a bowl of fruit.

Roger grinned, "Thanks Alice... I wonder if you have anything in mind for desert though?"

Alice grinned and sat down next to him.

When Roger was done eating, he smiled at her, "In answer to your earlier question... Bottom..."

Roger then asked, "You do want more children? Yes? So soon though?"

Alice nodded.
Roger looked into her eyes, "You want another child so soon then? I'm glad you want many children, you know how much I want lots of kids."

Alice put the lunch tray on the floor and rolled over on top of him, "So.... should we have a son or a daughter this time?"

Roger smiled and shrugged a bit, "Perhaps we'll have both, who knows..."

Alice smiled, "I would love to have a daughter."

Roger nodded his head, "What would you name her?"

Alice a bit hesitantly said, "Well, I was hoping to name her after me."

Roger smiled, "How about Alicia?"

Alice nodded, "That sounds lovely, yes. Alicia Fabus. If it is a boy, what would you have him named?"

Roger kissed Alice gently on the forehead as he brought her down closer to him, "Well, if the daughter is half as beautiful as the mother, she'll have no problem finding a husband..." He then thought a minute, "Hmm... A name for another boy, Louis, one of the greatest kings of France, Louis XIV."

Alice nodded, "Such a handsome sounding name."

Roger grinned "Well at any rate, we should get started on making the kids right away, yes?"

Alice slowly unbuttoned her shirt, after which she let down her hair and let it cover his and her faces as she gave him a kiss, "Yes, let's begin."

Roger shook as her hair touched his face, "Alice, you know how much I love it when your hair is done, nice and long... You should keep it that way..." He then pulled a blanket over the both of them and they got to conceiving what they thought would be their next child, but in actuality it would be their next two children, fraternal twins.
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30-11-2004, 04:32
When they were done, Alice was lying with her head resting on Roger's chest, he was running a hand through her long hair. "Well Alice, that was great, yes? I think we'll have another child in no time."

Alice nodded and said in a euphoric and soft voice, "Yea.."

Alice enjoyed it, but kissing Roger, who now had a full beard in an attempt to show he obeyed all religious morality laws, was less than pleasant. Alice never liked the idea of men having facial hair. Anyway, Roger looked like a terrorist with his beard, other than the awkward kissing everything had been excellent.

Alice smiled, "So you like me keeping my hair down?"

Roger nodded, "Oh yeah, a lot..."

Alice nodded, "I could keep it like this..... if you would keep your face shaven?"

Roger frowned, "Alice, my beard is in accordance with the law, all men must have beards, it proves their Christian piety... If I shave, I'd legally be obliged to imprison myself until it grows back in fully."

Alice complained, "I'ts just so itchy. Feels weird kissing you with that beard."

Roger kept frowning, "Alice, it's a matter of Christian piety..."

Alice sighed, "Ok."

Alice added, with a proud smile, "You looked so handsome when you were clean-shaven. So regal."

Roger smiled, liking her compliments, he then sighed, "But it's the law..."

Alice kept the compliments coming, "Like a bastion of power, a mountain of strength. Oh well."

Roger smiled, "I'll do it then..."

Alice smiled, "And I shall keep my hair long and flowing for you."

Roger grinned, "You sure can stroke my ego to get me to do what you want, yes? I'll shave in a bit, okay?"

Alice nodded, "Yes."

Alice smiled "Every word of it was true."

Roger kissed her on the forehead, "And it is true, you are a goddess, Alice, a long haired blond goddess..." He could feel her hands on him, "Hmm... I guess my ego isn't the only thing you like to stroke", he said with a grin... Then he added, "Do you want me to go shave first and then we can continue?"

Alice nodded, "I will wait for you, my knight."

Roger walked off into the bathroom and about ten minutes later came out with his face totally clean-shaven, flawlessly, not a single scratch or cut, or a single hair left on his face.

He lay back down on the bed, "Well Alice, I have returned..."

Alice giggled, "Oh, Roger. You look so knightly and handsome."

Roger blushed, "Oh Alice, you're too kind..."

Alice grinned at him, in sly tone she said, "Come here, I just want to kiss you all over."

Roger sighed before moving closer to her, "Now I have to change the law to allow men to shave if they want to, yes?"

He smiled, "You may proceed with your kissing me all over plan..."

Alice started kissing him, rapidly at first but slower and slower, "So smooth."

Roger smiled and pulled the blanket back over them, "Well if the first time didn't get the job done, the second time surely well..."

When they were done, Roger was totally exhausted, he was lying next to Alice again, she was resting her head on his chest, he chuckled, "Well Alice, I think that's all for today, tired, agreed?"

Alice nodded, "Exhausted, you were wonderful."

He smiled, and gently kissed her, "Not as wonderful as you... Anyway, I think you're probably pregnant again by now, yes?"

Alice lightly patted her stomach and smiled, "Yes, I believe so."

Suddenly Yuna walked into the room, the door was unlocked, she'd just gotten back from Curtis's, she didn't think to knock first... Her jaw dropped as she looked at Roger, "Wow... Alice you weren't lying... Oh my..."

Roger chuckled, "Yuna, do you mind?"

Yuna snapped back into reality, "Oh sorry..." She then left the room and talked to them through the door she closed, "Are you two doing well, anything much planned for the day?"

Alice shrugged, "I'm not really sure."

Yuna nodded, "Well your daily mail just got here, maybe you two want to go over some of it..." Yuna then left and went back to her guest room.

Alice dressed herself, remembering to leave her hair down.

Alice seemed puzzled, "What do you think she meant by that?"

Roger shrugged, "We get lots of mail daily, you know that..."

Alice nodded, "Roger, I think we have been pretty harsh toward Yuna lately."

Roger nodded, "Yeah, I agree, I'll make sure there are some policy changes and we picture Yuna more favorably, anyway, shall we check our mail?"
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30-11-2004, 04:34
One of the servants had brought some mail into the room, a bag of about five hundred letters. Alice opened one addressed to her, it was from a young man of 22, "Dear Czarina, I am 22, I am 6'5, 200 lbs, I have traced my white ancestry back twenty generations, I can run a mile in 5 miles, I have been tested and determined to have an IQ of 150. I was hoping you could help me get into the SRG Officer Academy. All the paperwork proving what I am saying about myself is true is included."

Alice inquired, "What do you think of this young man, he wants to be in the SRG."

Roger nodded, "It's your call, dear, you have your own SRG division, remember."

Alice nodded, "I think he would make an excellent addition."

Roger nodded, "Yes. Good call."

Alice picked up another letter, addressed to Roger, she opened it, it was from a 17 year old girl, "Dear Czar, I would do anything you ask of me if you just take me and take me hard, I've wanted you for as long as I've heard of your exploits in such places as Chechnya and Western Sahara. I hope you'll consider my offer." The girl included a nude picture of herself; she was very attractive.

Alice frowned, "I think this can be send to the incinerator, no?"

Roger nodded, "Yeah, Curtis got millions of them, it's only natural people in high positions attract such attention... Send her a reply, "I am happily married, and would never consider this offer even for a second, find yourself a nice man your own age who isn't married." That should do, yes?"

Alice nodded.

She gave him the letter but tore up the picture.

Alice opened the next letter, it was from a young nobleman, addressed to her, it was basically an indecent proposal, requesting an intimate rendezvous.

Alice frowned, "How inappropriate. How dare he suggest such a thing."

Roger took the letter she offered, and smiled, "Tearing up the picture, good call..." He grinned, the only woman I want to look at is right here..." He then turned, "What is wrong? What did he say?"

Alice contemptuously frowned, "A very indecent and vulgar proposal."

Roger nodded and handed her the next letter, it was from another male nobleman, two nobles actually, the suggestion was, "Dear Czarina, my friend and I would both like to be with you in a certain way... We could both get you at the same time if you're interested... Contact us at..." There was a number at the bottom of the page. It seemed that Alice as the most sought after woman in Mississippi, and Roger the most sought after man, but nobody would get Alice except Roger, and nobody would get Roger except Alice.

Roger looked at her, "Something wrong with that letter, what's it about?"

Alice nodded, "You are the only man who will ever be in my life."

Roger gently took her in his arms and kissed her, "And you are the only woman for me."

The next letter she opened was addressed to Roger, "Glorious Czar, I am seventeen years old and wish to be a paratrooper, I've dedicated myself to the cause since childhood and want to be a white warrior in the tradition of Curtis Fabus. Can you help me get the paper work necessary to get to airborne school?"

Alice was glancing through the other letters, "Who is it from, Roger?"

Roger shrugged, "Somebody wants in the paratroopers..."

Alice asked him, "Does he meet the requirements?"

Roger shook his head, "No, he's only been able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt 19 generations white, the records aren't around for generation 20, we could just make an exception for him, his genetic code registers as 99.8% white, more than white enough by our laws..."

Alice smiled, "Let him in. He sounds loyal enough."

Roger nodded, "Yeah, okay."

Alice opened another letter, addressed to her, from the son of the Minister of Finance it was Alfred Speer's eldest son, Karl, he was 18 and an RG officer. It read, "Dear Czarina, I am currently assigned to Internal Security duty in Mississippi himself, I want to be transferred to the most active theatre of operations that there is. Please honestly tell me which the most active area is, would it be Ohio, Western Sahara, Angola, South Africa, Lesotho, South Carolina? I want to achieve martyrdom for the cause. Please help me in this." Alice knew that there was no need for him to die and Alfred Speer would be worried sick if he knew his son wanted to be martyred.

Alice sighed, "Karl Speer wishes to martyr himself. I don't think it’s a good idea."

Roger frowned, "We'll need to talk with his father, yes?"

Alice nodded, "Yes, it would be best."

Alice smiled, wanting to add to her case, "I would hate for such a young life to be lost."

Roger yawned, "Okay I'll talk to Alfred right away, next letter?" It was addressed to Roger but Alice opened and read it first, "Dear Czar, is it true that the Czarina used to be a right-wing woman and then was brainwashed into a liberal maniac by her government, and then you saved her?" It was from a 4th grader.

Alice giggled.

Roger smiled, "What is it?"

Alice handed him the letter.

Roger read it, smiling as he did so, "Well, did I save you, Czarina?"

Alice grinned "My hero."

Roger blushed, "Oh, Alice... Next letter than?"

Alice nodded.

The next letter was addressed to Alice, "Imperial Czarina, I am interested in starting a WKM realm in Mozambique but they say it can't be done, they say we're not a Mississippian territory, and that there are fewer than 50,000 whites in Mozambique, they say we'll be killed like that... What can I do? I need funds, training, and equipment for my followers... We will fight if only you will help us to be able to fight."

Alice looked at him, smiling she asked, "Roger, how does the Mississippian Commonwealth of Mozambique sound?"

Roger smiled back, "Sounds good, but I think somebody important already owns Mozambique, I'm not sure of their policies on race though, I think they lean towards pro-white, but they are mostly neutral and let the races fight it out often.."

Alice raised a brow, "Well, we could send a some funding to the newly established WKM chapter in Mozambique, can we not?"

Roger nodded, "Yes, of course..."

Roger added, "I'll get on it shortly, next letter..."

Alice put the letter in the "Important" pile and moved to the next letter.

It was addressed to Roger, Alice opened it though, "Dear Czar, we fought alongside your father in 82 and 83 in Afghanistan, against communists, and we even sent some warriors to help in Mao Island in 1984, now we come under threat again, our people are threatened by Jewish expansionism into the Western Bank... We need help to form a jihad against them, we mainly require weapons, funds, and training camps, and stinger missiles are very important and necessary to us. Will you help us for the greater glory of God?"

Alice looked over to him, "Palestinian resistance members are asking for funds and assistance against jewish expansion. They are in the West Bank."

Roger smiled, "The MLA can help them, yes, we'll put them in touch with the MLA..."

Alice nodded.

The next letter was addressed to Alice; a nobleman was offering to pay her 10 million dollars for a pair of her panties.

Roger looked at her, sensing from her facial expression it was another inappropriate letter, "Another guy who can't keep it in his pants?"

Alice smiled, "I don't think I can spare any of my panties, except for the pair you have, Roger."

Roger shook his head, "No, no, no... I'm keeping those..." he grinned, "They're something that will one day wind up in the Roger and Alice Fabus Imperial Museum..."

Alice laughed, "Oh, really? I guess they will also exhibit a pair of your boxers?"

Roger smiled, "Maybe..."

The next letter was from a man in western Hinds County asking permission to build a minefield around the perimeter of his estate...

Alice rolled her eyes, "This man needs a little professional counseling."

Roger smiled, "Let me guess, paranoid maniac?"

Alice nodded.

The next letter was addressed to Roger, Alice opened and read it, "Dear Czar, my husband is unable to get me pregnant, would you please, as the most supreme whiteness and imperial majesty, do for me what he cannot?"

Roger frowned, "Tell her there are clinics for that sort of problem..." he sighed, "Well thanks to my father, nobody knows there are ways to reproduce without sex..."

Alice raised an eyebrow, "Without sex? Sounds ghastly."

Roger smiled, "Don't worry, it's nothing too terrible, they just take an egg from the woman and sperm from the man, inseminate the egg and put it back into the woman to develop... Anyway, next letter..."

Alice nodded.

The next letter was addressed to Alice, Alice opened and read it, "Dear Czarina, please send me one copy of the "Yuna is a Whore" essay and an information packet on the Anti-Yuna League, I am 15 years old, and a boy, and I can't stand whores! I'd also like 10 "Yuna face" pistol targets and 2 "Yuna face" rifle targets. My money order is enclosed."

Roger sighed, "What is it now?"

Alice sighed, "Just something that needs addressed. Anti Yuna material."

Roger frowned, "What will you do?"

Alice smiled, "I will send a polite letter explaining how Yuna is not an enemy."

Alice shook her head, "Nope, she is not. Unless you disagree."

Roger shook his head as he lit up a cigarette, "No, she can be taken off the enemy list.."

Alice nodded, "Thanks, sweety."

Roger put his cigarette down in his hand and then gently kissed Alice.

Alice looked down at the cigarette, "I'll let it slide this time."

Roger smiled, "So the prisoner gets a smoke eh? That's what you're turning this house into you know, a prison, no smoking, no drinking... At least I still get conjugal visits, eh?"

Alice nodded, "Especially for good behavior."

Roger chuckled "What is considered good behavior?"

Alice grinned, "That's for the warden to decide."

Roger nodded his head, "And who is this warden?"

Alice smiled, "Well, me."

Roger grinned, "And what sort of regulations does the warden have in place?"

Alice smiled again, "Oh, very strict ones."

Roger smiled, "Hmmm... Perhaps I should call an attorney..."

Alice shook her head and grinned, "Nuh uh. No attorney privileges. You are mine to do with as I please."

Roger frowned, "Hmmmm. Don't I get an appeals court?"

Alice grinned, "Maybe the prisoner wants to spend a week in solitary confinement with me?"

She then giggled.

Roger nodded, "If that is what the warden wants... I must obey... When would this start?"

Roger finished his cigarette and then took out another, striking a match and readying to light it.

Alice shook her head, "Put it down, prisoner number zero zero zero one."

Alice smiled.

Roger frowned, "No smoking eh?"

Alice shook her head motioned with her hand, "Not around a woman with child."

Roger immediately put it out, "Okay, good point..." Suddenly his jaw dropped, "You're pregnant again? How do you know so soon?"

Alice smiled, "Just a deep down feeling."

Roger took her in his arms and kissed her, "That's great... Anyway, it's a big day tomorrow warden, what's say lights out, eh?"

Alice nodded and pushed the remaining mail to the floor.

Roger looked at all the mail, "We really need to hire back the people Curtis had to sort this and go through what needs attention and such... Much of what we get is garbage, although granted it is sometimes entertaining..." Roger grinned, "I wonder how much we could have made last month alone if we sold a pair of your panties to all who offered to buy them..."

Alice raised a brow, "Don't even think it."

Roger smiled "You don't need any, I'd be fine allowing you to move about the mansion without panties on..."

Alice signed, "Except for the pair you kept for yourself, of course?"

Alice smiled.

Roger nodded, "Yes, except for those..."

Alice shook her head; "I'm quite fine keeping my undergarments to myself, thank you."

Roger grinned, "I think in a few weeks I'll make a law, anybody in this mansion named Alice must be nude when in the presence of anybody named Roger..."

Alice blushed, "I'm sure Mississippian lawyers will snicker when they learn that law."

Roger smiled, "It'll be a secret law..."

Roger laid down in bed and turned off the light on his side, readying to go to sleep.

Alice covered up underneath the blanket, "I may have to hide my underwear."

Roger smiled, "Why is that? Are you afraid they'll be taken?"

Alice just giggled.

Roger reached over and turned the light off on her side, and then kissed her on the cheek and said, "good night my love." He gently wrapped his arms around her, cuddling her closely to him, as he drifted off to sleep.

Alice smiled, "Goodnight, prisoner zero zero zero one."
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30-11-2004, 04:36
In the morning, when Alice awoke at about eight, Roger was already up and about, dressed in an old RG cavalry uniform, he was moving back and forth... He smiled at her, "Well Alice, get dressed and we can go get something to eat."

Alice walked over to the closet and noticed all her clothes were gone, she checked a drawer empty too...

Roger grinned, "Consider this a prison riot..."

Alice smiled "Ohhh, you are so going to get payback."

Roger shrugged, "Hmmm... I'm not too worried..."

He grinned and whispered, "Just between you and I, I've got the warden eating out of the palm of my hand..." He chuckled a bit as he spoke.

Alice sighed, "Well, where are you suggesting we eat? Must be somewhere exotic."

Roger had a devilish grin, "How about we go into town..."

Alice gave a single laugh, "I'm sure the press would love that."

He then smiled and let out a light laugh, "Just kidding... We'll eat here."

Alice nodded, "It's a date then."

Roger carried her downstairs and into the kitchen, where their food was already waiting. Roger sat a few seats away from her so he could smoke without bothering her. He lit up a cigarette and smoked while he ate.

Roger was eating, he stopped for a few seconds and coughed, and then the phone rang, he answered it, "Hello?" he continued to cough. It was Yuna, she'd spent the night at Curtis's and then gone back to Sevaris without remembering to say goodbye, Roger shook his head, "No, don't worry, that's okay, you didn't need to say bye, just glad you and Alice aren't hating each other still." He coughed a few more times and then hung up.

Alice frowned, "Stop smoking, it irritates your lungs."

Roger shook his head, "Nah, I'm fine."

After they were done eating, Roger grinned at her, "Well warden, shall we go back upstairs?"

Alice shook her head, "Not until the prisoner stops smoking, its not good for you."

Roger sighed, "Alice, I'm fine, okay, it's great you worry about me so much, but really I'll be okay if I smoke, okay?"

Alice sighed, "No, you won't. Smoking is bad for you, you know that."

Roger frowned, "Been smoking since I was ten, I'm fine..." He stifled a cough as he was talking.

Alice shook her head and frowned, insisting she was right, "And it hasn’t done you anything but harm."

Roger sighed, "Alice, can we just get off me smoking please?" he grinned, "I'd like to go upstairs if you don't mind..."

Alice, in a smartass tone, replied, "Then go then. I'm sure I can think of something to do down here."

Roger was surprised and caught offguard, "You're not coming as well?"

Alice slyly asked, "Whats wrong? You wanted to go upstairs, didn’t you?"

Roger sighed, "I'm going upstairs, to smoke in peace, join me when you want..." With that, he went upstairs.

Alice put away the dishes and covered herself with a blanket that she found on a nearby sofa.

A few hours later, Roger came back downstairs, he'd showered and changed his clothing but still somewhat smelled of smoke, he looked at her, "Alice, a blanket eh, isn't that cheating the system? Anyway, are you coming upstairs?"

Alice shook her head, "No, I'm fine."

Roger frowned, "Alice, what is wrong?"

Alice frowned, "Nothing."

Roger shrugged, "Okay, well come upstairs when you're tired of sitting around down here..."

Alice shrugged.

Roger sighed and walked back upstairs.

Later that night, at the time Roger usually went to sleep, Alice was still downstairs, he came walking back down, in a nearly commanding tone, he said, "Alice, what are doing down here, get upstairs, it's time to sleep..."

Alice shook her head, "I think I'll sleep down here."

Roger frowned, "Well it's past your bedtime, get to sleep..." He suddenly realized how stupid it was of him to say that, he was a bit red with embarrassment.

Alice smugly smiled, "All prisoners should return to their cells for lights out."

Roger was growing impatient, "Well, Alice, I was hoping you'd return with me... You are my wife after all..."

Alice frowned, "And I was hoping that you would quit smoking."

Roger sighed, "I don't want to quit, okay? You've already gotten me to agree to quit drinking, and I'm working on that now, you'll see I'm keeping off the booze just like we agreed... But please don't make me quit smoking..." He was nearly pleading, but she was in no mood to give ground on the issue

Alice refused to accept that, "That's the addiction talking."

Roger looked at her, almost emotionlessly as he was quite tired, "Are you coming to bed or not?"

Alice didn’t budge.

Roger sighed, "Alice, come on, let's go to bed, it's late..."

Alice sighed, "Smoking isn’t good for you, yet you persist. I don't are how many times a lung can be cloned. One is too many, you shouldn’t have to have a major organ replaced just because you are addicted to smoking."

Roger shook his head, "Alice, just come to bed, please..."

Alice was nearly pleading, "Roger, just stop smoking, please."

Roger flatly refused, "I don't want to stop, okay."

Alice yawned and laid back down on the sofa.

Roger sighed and walked back upstairs.

A week later, Alice had been sleeping in a guest room for the last week, that is after her first night on the sofa, Roger came into her guest room, "Alice, it's been a week, how much longer are you going to keep this up?"

Alice shrugged, not knowing what to say, so she said the first thing that came to mind, "Until either the world runs out of cigarettes or you stop smoking them."

Roger frowned, "Alice, this isn't right, you're my wife, you belong in my room, with me..."

Alice nodded, "Yes I do. Do something about it."

Roger sighed, "I'm not going to stop smoking, okay?"

Alice inquired, "Why not."

Roger shrugged, "I just don't want to, okay?"

Alice wouldn’t hear it, "No, its because you are addicted."

Roger frowned, "Look Alice..." He took a deep breath and continued, "Just get up and come back with me to our room, okay?"

Alice smiled, "Having trouble breathing?"

Roger frowned made a "Forget this" style gesture with his hand, and then left the room.

A little while later, Roger was on the phone.

He was talking to William; Alice was listening in.

Roger sighed, "William I don't know what to do..."

William quickly replied, "Divorce her, she's a liberal maniac anyway, at least I remember her as such, the nut nearly shot me..."

Roger immediately fired back, "Talk that way again, and I'll shoot you... Oh wait, we never explained to you why things were like that, eh? I'll tell you sometime, her liberalism wasn't her fault, you must not have known, but anyway, I'm not divorcing Alice, not now, not ever. Understand?"

William nodded, "Yeah, but really, holding out on you to get you to stop smoking, low, very low..."

Alice sighed.

William and Roger heard her, both said, "What was that?"

Roger shrugged, "Must have been your line..."

William shook his head, "No it was your line."

They argued about which nation had better telecommunications, South Africa or Mississippi, for the next ten minutes, and then got into a forty minute political debate.

Roger finally said, "I don't know what to do."

William suggested, "Turn it around on her, hold out on her, if you can't hold out that long, fuck your maid or something, that'll hold you over..."

Roger scoffed at the suggestion, "What? No! The first part perhaps, but the second part, God no!"

William shrugged, "I don't know, fuck her anyway, it's not like she wouldn't want it, she's just being difficult..."

Roger sighed, "William... From now on I'm calling Henry or George when I have problems..."

Alice smiled.

William sighed, "So, you don't like my advice, don't use it."

Roger said, "Good, I won't."

William chuckled a bit, "So, just get her real drunk and...." Roger hung up before William could finish.

William had hated Alice ever since the Western Sahara incident when Roger was nearly killed, he didn't know Alice had been messed up by liberals... He never liked her after that incident.

Alice opened the door of her room and loudly said down the hall, "Roger, come here."

Roger went walking down the hall to the room she was in, "Yes, Alice, what is it?"

Alice politely suggested, "Maybe you could try using a patch or that nicotine gum to help get you off tobacco?"

Roger shook his head, "Gums and patches are for losers."

He asked, "Do you think I'm a loser?"

Alice quickly replied, "Of course not."

He nodded, “Well what do you want?”

Alice sighed, "Maybe you can gradually get off cigarettes by using less and less?"

Roger smiled, "Good, then I can smoke, right?"

He chuckled, "Okay, I'll smoke a pack a day for the next ten years, and then fifteen cigarettes a day for the next ten after that, and the ten cigarettes a day for the next ten after that... By the time I'm, say sixty I'll be off it completely..."

Alice frowned.

Roger grinned, "You said gradual, that counts, right?"

Alice gave him a sideways glance, "If you don't want to act serious about this, then tell me."

Roger frowned, "Alice, I'm going to keep smoking, okay, just quit your childish game and come back to our room, okay?"

Alice sat down in a nearby chair and resumed watching television.

Roger sighed and waved a hand in front of her face, "Alice..."

Alice raised a brow and turned a bit, "Hmm?"

Roger frowned and in a voice of an adult scolding a disobedient child he said, "Alice, I want you to act like a grown-up woman and not an immature little girl, okay, can you do that for me?"

Alice smiled, "I'm just trying to help you."

Roger sighed, "Alice, just come back to our room, okay?"

Alice pleaded, "I'm just trying to help you, Roger. Smoking bothers you; it makes your cough and short of breath. It's hurting you."

Roger frowned, "Alice, I'm grateful you're concerned for me, just please come back to our room, okay..."

Alice was getting upset, "Is sex all you care about? I'm talking about your health, and you just want to screw me?"

Roger shook his head, "No, I miss talking to you and being around you... You've been cooped up in here for the last week..." He looked at the ground a bit, not wanting to admit his feelings, always uncomfortable about them, "I... I miss you, you must know that."

Alice smiled, "Ooh, I miss you too. I just hate seeing you suffer."

Roger frowned, "I'm not suffering..."

Alice sighed.

Roger sighed as well, "I've stopped drinking, haven't touched the stuff since we talked about it, I'm not giving up tobacco also..." He brought his foot down on the ground, "The foot is down, the Czar has spoken."

Alice gave him an innocent, pleading look, "Just try it for a little while.”

Roger shook his head, "No, no, no, the foot is down..."

Alice frowned.
Roger sat down next to her, "Alice, are you going to stop being so childish, you're my wife and I've scarcely seen you seven hours in the last seven days..."

Alice went on the defensive, "I am not childish."

Roger chuckled a bit, "Okay, whatever you need to tell yourself, dear, but will you stop?"

Alice seriously asked, "Will you?"

Roger frowned, "Me? Childish, not at all..."

Alice shook her head, trying to clarify, "That’s not what I meant."

Roger shrugged, "What do you mean?"

Alice gave him a look, "You know precisely what I mean, don't play dumb. Will you stop smoking?"

Roger immediately replied, "No, of course not."

Alice groaned, "Ugh, this conversation is getting nowhere."

Roger shook his head, "Alice, please, will you just stop being so immature?"

Alice frowned, "You are acting just as immature as I am."

Roger shrugged and stood up, "You Alice are acting like a disobedient child... Alice, I'm going to bed, if you'd like to join me, you know where to find me..." He then walked out of the room and back to his own room.
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30-11-2004, 04:39
About five weeks later, Alice no longer was terribly concerned with Roger's smoking, she was now concerned with the fact that they'd been sleeping in separate rooms for six weeks for a reason neither of them really remembered, and she was no longer holding out on Roger so much as it was he holding out on her, she couldn't take it anymore.

Roger was lying in his bed reading a book about the 1984 War.

He was smoking a cigar.

Alice had let Curtis watch Alexander for the day, she planned to get Roger to end his holding out streak, and that might take a while.

Roger had fallen asleep after reading a few chapters of the book, and he remained asleep for a few hours.

Roger was still asleep as she walked into their room. She quietly closed the curtains and the door, the room was completely dark. She slid off her clothes and threw them at him.

Roger stirred a bit in his sleep but didn't wake up, even when her clothes hit him.

Alice threw a pillow at him.

Roger woke up, rubbing his eyes, he looked at her, "Oh, it's you, come to torment me?" he said in a suspicious tone.

She seductively walked forward, "No, Mr. Fabus."

Roger smiled, "Mr. Fabus?"

Alice, basically admitting defeating, smiled a bit, "I must admit, it has been a while.... and I am feeling very, very.... anxious to be with you."

Roger shrugged and rolled over, facing the other side, "Hmmm, you started it, another six weeks won't kill you."

She threw another pillow at him.

Roger turned his head, "Yes? How may I help you? Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?"

Alice said in a sly tone, while grinning, "You see.... I have been planning tonight. Alex is with your father. The house is all empty except for us two."

Roger yawned, "Yup, what a night to catch up on my sleep without other people making noise, thanks dear." He then turned back the other way and closed his eyes.

Alice couldn’t take it anymore and leapt onto the bed and turned him back over. She pinned his arms to the bed, nearly commanding him as she said, "You are going to cooperate."

Roger smiled, "I am?"

Alice nodded.

Roger smiled again, "I don't suppose I have a choice in any of this matter, eh?"

Alice shook her head. “You will cooperate, and you will like it."

Roger grinned, "You'll have to let me up to get my clothes off, I could escape then you know..."

Roger then shook his head, "But, if you're sure I'll like it... Maybe I'll stick around."

Alice released his arms, "Make it fast."

Roger nodded, "Yes ma'am," and then he immediately stripped down.

About two hours later, Roger was drinking a glass of water, trying to catch his breath, Alice was thoroughly exhausted, Roger grinned, "Is that what you meant by cooperate?"

Alice mumbled something vaguely coherent but was too exhausted to string together a complete response.

Roger kissed her gently on the cheek and helped her drink some water, whispering, "Take a deep breathe, talk slowly.."

Alice started breathing normally, "I was just saying.... you cooperated quite nicely."

Roger laid back down on the bed, she rolled over and was now lying partially over him, resting her head on his chest.

Roger kissed her back, softly running a hand through her hair, "I think you did a rather nice job yourself..."

Roger then sighed, "And one more thing, I'll stop smoking, well at least cut back a bunch, okay?"

Alice nodded and immediately fell asleep, still resting on him.

Roger smiled and lay there, gently running a hand through her hair, a few hours later, she stirred in her sleep, Roger was still gently running a hand through her hair, smiling at her, "You're awake now, eh?"

Alice softly moaned, "Mmm hmm."

She wondered if Roger had been awake the whole time she'd been asleep.

Alice inquired, "Sleep any?"

Roger gently kissed her on the forehead, "No, watching you sleep was much better."

Alice smiled.

Roger kissed her again, "I've got something for you to do, it requires your cooperation..." He lifted up the sheets and looked down, "I think you know, yes?"

Alice nodded and quickly disappeared beneath the sheets.

A short while later, she was finished and came back up, Roger kissed her on the forehead, "Thank you Alice, that was quite nice..."

Alice nodded, "No problem."

Suddenly the phone rang, Roger frowned, "Alice, would you mind getting that?"

She answered the phone, "Alice Fabus speaking."

It was Yuna, "Alice, are you alone?"

Alice shook her head, "No, Roger is here with me."

Roger looked up at the mention of his name, "Alice, who is it?"

Alice quickly answered, "It's Yuna."

Roger nodded, and Alice kept talking to Yuna, he started to repay the favor for what she'd just done for him. (ooc- infer what that means)

Yuna was asking, "Alice, can we talk in private?"

Alice nervously asked, "Uh.... Is it really important?"

Yuna sighed, "Sort of, yes... It's, well... You're not busy now are you?"

Alice smiled, "Well, its not so much that I'm busy....."

Yuna sighed again, "Okay, then there is no problem, right?"

Alice shouted, "Yes! I mean.... I'm sorta busy with Roger...."

Yuna frowned, "You're with Roger right now, is that it?"

Alice nodded, "Uh huh."

Yuna then asked, "You're busy, well how long are you going to be busy?"

Alice smiled, "Not sure.... depends entirely on Roger's.... it depends entirely on Roger."

Roger whispered to Alice real quick, "Tell her we'll be busy for at least half an hour...."

Alice grinned, "At least half an hour."

Yuna nodded said she'd call back later, and hung up.

Half and hour later, Roger finished with Alice, he crawled back up and plopped down next to her, "Well Alice, did you enjoy that?"

Alice smiled and nodded.

Roger patted her head, "I'm glad... Say, what did Yuna want anyway?"

Alice shrugged, "She wanted to speak to me alone."

Roger frowned as the phone started to ring again, "Well, that's probably her... Make it quick, please, I'm tired, and you know I sleep better hugging you." He smiled at the last part.

Alice picked up the phone and walked into the hallway, "Now, what did you want to talk about?"

Yuna sighed, "Alice, the day after we fought, I got beat up again... At Curtis's..."

Alice gasped, "Why?"

Yuna shrugged, "I insulted Curtis and his wife, and then that bitch attacked me..."

Yuna sighed, "But they were involved to, it wasn't just me talking... They were egging me on."

Alice sighed, "Well... why did you insult them?"

Yuna sighed, "Well that bitch kept egging me on, and suggesting that what Curtis and I had in 1995 and 1996 meant nothing to him, I know that isn't true... He also called me a whore, and Alec a jew, that bitch of his, hell both bitches of his, are awful..."

Alice was surprised and shocked, "What do you mean, "What you and Curtis had."... that was just a one night thing."

Yuna sighed, "No, Curtis and I were in love, from February of 1995 to December of 1996... I was only 16 and he was 35 when we first met, I would have married him, but his regime's crimes, the camps, when I learned of it all, it well, it sickened me and I left and went back to Sevaris... He didn't know I didn't plan to return, so he still helped Alec's faction in the civil war, but in 98 when it was obvious I wasn't coming back, he pulled support and actually helped the government, which is why the war took over a year later, until he eventually let it go and left, leaving the government to fall."

Alice nodded her head, "Oh.... I didn't know that."

Yuna nodded, "Yeah, not many people do... We were really i love back then, he won't admit that he still has feelings for me, his owners wouldn't like that." Alice noticed Yuna had said "Bitches" she has no idea what Yuna was talking about, Curtis only had one woman....

Alice shook her head, "Curtis only has one wife."

Yuna shrugged, "I mean those two bitches of his, Julia and Christine..." It was obvious from her slurred speech that Yuna was drunk.

Alice was puzzled, "Who is Julia?"

Yuna sighed, "His first wife."

Alice dispelled that notion; "She's been dead for years."

Yuna shook her head, "No, she's alive. Schacht, something Schacht did."

Alice thought Yuna had one too many...

Alice sighed, "I think you should ease up on the alcohol. You aren't making any sense."

Yuna chuckled, "Okay... If you says so?" she suddenly hung up and fainted, she'd been upset over Alec's drinking and so she had gotten drunk herself.

Alice walked back into the room and put the phone down.
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30-11-2004, 04:40
Roger was sleeping, he'd tried to stay awake and wait for her, but he was just too tired.

Alice laid down next to him, turned the light out and fell asleep.

In the morning, Alice woke up around nine, Roger was still sound asleep.

Alice showered and dressed for the day.

Roger was still sleeping after she'd gotten dressed.

Alice kneeled on the bed and moved underneath the sheets. She put her face in Roger's lap.

Roger promptly woke up, "Good morning, Alice, I see you're up and about", he said with a smile.

She smiled at him and continued.

Alice finished she came up from the sheets, "Yea."

Roger yawned a bit, "So tell me, what was that call about last night?"

Alice sighed, "Well, Yuna was drunk.... so you have to take anything she says with a grain of salt.”

Roger nodded, "You usually have to take everything she says with a grain of salt anyway, she's a nice woman, but she can be a little odd... Say, I'm going shower and get dressed, why don't you go get Alexander back from Curtis's..."

Alice shook her head, "She said something about Christine and Julia beating her up over at Curtis'..... which was, of course, odd because Julia, your mother, has been dead since 1990. So I figure that Yuna must be really, really drunk."

Roger frowned, "Yeah, that's not funny, her talking bad about my dead mother... Awful... Anyway, why don't you go get Alexander and then bring him on back."

Alice was a bit puzzled "But the most interesting part was when she said that she had a long term relationship with Curtis, and that they nearly married."

Roger nodded, "Yes, I remember that..."

Alice was shocked, "Oh.... so she wasn’t lying about that?"

Roger shook his head, "No, I remember her living here for about two years, from early 1995 to late 1996..."

Alice nodded, "Ok, I'll go get Alex then."

Roger gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, "Okay, hurry back, but if you want, stay at Curtis's for a while and have a nice chat with him if you want, he might clue you in about him and Yuna."

Alice drove down the road and arrived at Curtis' mansion. The mailbox had been repaired. She walked up to the front door and knocked.

Curtis opened the door, "Oh, hey Alice, how are you?"

Alice smiled, "Fine, I'm here to pick up Alex, and possibly have a small conversation with you."

Curtis nodded, "Yeah, sure, of course, come in..."

Alice walked in.

Curtis walked over to a nearby crib and got Alexander out, taking him into his arms, he carefully handed him to Alice, "Here he is, I think he missed his mother the other day... He's growing bigger each day, can you tell?"

Alice nodded and kissed Alex on the forehead, "I heard that Yuna made a short trip here the other day."

Curtis shook his head, "No, Yuna was here about six weeks ago, the day after you and her duked it out..."

Alice nodded, "Yea."

Curtis smiled, making a little punching motion and noise, "You got her good..." Alexander smiled and laughed a bit when he heard the funny noises Curtis made.

Alice shook her head, "Well, Yuna and I got over our differences."

Curtis nodded his head, "That's nice..."

Alice sighed, "She said something about Christine AND Julia beating her up. I find that odd."

Curtis immediately frowned and rapidly shook his head, "No, she must have been drunk."

Alice nodded, "Thought so."

Curtis shrugged, "Well then, is that all you wanted to talk about?"

Alice nodded, "Yea, thats all."

Alice then asked, "One last thing..... How come you never mentioned your long relationship with Yuna?"

Curtis played dumb, "No, there must be some mistake... There was no relationship."

Alice frowned, "Oh, come on. Even Roger said you two had a thing. She was here for several years."

Curtis then whispered, "Yes, if you must know, I was with Yuna... She was a virgin when we met.." He grinned, "Although I quickly fixed that."

Alice sighed, "Ok."

Curtis leaned in and whispered, "You can't imagine how crazy Yuna was in bed... Wow..."

Alice was uneasy, "Well, I should be going now."

Curtis smiled, "Come with me for a second, you can see something..."

Alice followed Curtis.

Curtis led her into a nearby room where he kept paintings of various women, most were nude. He pointed to one, a large one, of a nude Yuna, it was excellently painted, "Like it?" he asked.

Alice covered up Alex's eyes.

Curtis asked again, "Well? Thoughts?"

Alice sighed, "Its.... colorful."

Curtis smiled, "Thanks... Okay, want to see some more, they were portraits of right-wing leaders... Not nude of course."

Alice awkwardly raised a brow, "I really must be going. Roger probably wants to see his son."

Curtis nodded, "Yeah, okay... Take care."

Alice left the mansion and put Alex in the baby seat. She then drove back to the main house and took Alex back into the house.

Roger had showered and dressed and was waiting, "Hey Alice, how are you?"

Alice smiled "Fine, honey. A think a someone is eager to see his daddy."

She handed Alex to Roger.

Roger took his son up and kissed him on the forehead, "Ah... How is he doing? Did he have a good time at Curtis's? How is grandpa doing?"

Alice nodded, "Fine. Yes and Fine again."

Roger tickled his son a bit and got him to laugh, "Ah... He's going to grow into a tall and handsome boy, I think he has your eyes..."

Alice smiled.

Roger smiled, "Well Alice, do you think we're going to have more kids soon?"

Alice patted her stomach, "Yes, of course."

Roger gently rubbed her stomach with one hand as he held his son firmly up against his chest with the other hand... He then took his son in both arms and sat down and started reading him a story, about eight pages total, it was a Mladic produced story book for infants, each page was in a different white language. Roger wanted his son to absorb as many white languages as he could, at an early age.

After Roger was done reading the book, he smiled at Alice, "I think the boy needs a diaper change, you want to handle that?"

Alice took Alex to the bathroom and changed him.

He was still cranky, Roger chuckled, "I think he's hungry, you're the only one equipped to handle that though..."

Alice sat down and fed him for a while until he fell asleep.

Roger chuckled lightly, whispering so not to wake his son, "Odd eh, you take them right out for him, but make me work to see them..."

Alice gave a smug smile.

Roger yawned a bit, "Well Alice, we should probably go meet with some annoying generals who want to discuss counter-insurgency tactics for Namibia and Lesotho."

Alice nodded, "Should we take Alex with us?"

Roger shrugged, "The little guy looks so peaceful and tired, maybe we should just let him rest, you can take along though... sit in the back where it's less noisy, I'll be talking with generals most of the time."

Alice carried Alex and followed Roger to the meeting.
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Roger sat down and propped his legs up on a table in the conference room of the mansion, there were a few dozen generals sitting around, all smoking cigars or pipes. Alice felt she'd choke to death on the smoke. Nobody had thought to turn the vent system on. Alex stirred in his sleep and coughed... Roger cracked his knuckles and said, "Okay, let's get down to business shall we gentlemen?"

The generals all turned their attention to him and listened for him to continue, each silently nodding, acknowledging that they were giving him their full attention.

Alice frowned, "Please turn the vent system on."

One of the men stood up and turned it on, the smoke was immediately drawn out.

Alice smiled, "Thank you."

Roger erupted, "No.... No... No… All of you, now, put them out, now, fucking out, now, fucking smoke near my wife or kid again, I'll fucking shoot you myself, you got it?"

The men all immediately put their cigars out without question or hesitation.

Alice nodded.

One of the generals spoke up, "Sir, we need permission to institute in Namibia something that resembles the Operation Purification your father did in Mississippi, it's the only way to assure total safety of all whites in the territory."

Roger turned to Alice, whispering, "What do you think?"

Alice asked aloud, "How many people are we talking about?"

One of the generals shrugged, "One million, give or take two hundred thousand..."

Alice inquired, "Can we have them deported?"

The general shrugged again, "Yes, probably, but there are over seventy million negroes in our southern African territories taken as a whole now, most are in South Africa. We need to find a solution that can deal with them all, either placate them and keep them docile, or... Wait..."

Another general spoke up, "We can make them docile by adding stuff to the water, say it's a better form of fluoride."

Alice shrugged and continued to coddle Alex.

Roger kept talking, "So... Do you have the proper forms from the Commonwealth Armed Forces of Namibia that layout their force dispositions?"

One of the generals handed him the forms, maps, dozens of papers, and such.

After about thirty minutes, Roger smiled and stood up, "This conference is over, we will all talk later... Alice, follow." he then left and headed back to his room.

Alice stood and followed Roger, "What's wrong?"

Roger shrugged, "Eh, I was getting bored, we accomplished our goals at that conference..."

Alice nodded and she slowly rocked Alex in her arms.

Roger smiled at Alice, "Are you going to put Alex to sleep for a while so we can get on with making double sure you've got another child on the way."

Suddenly the phone rang, Alice's cellular phone. It was a South African government number, meaning it was probably William Fabus.

Alice answered it, "Yes?"

William was quite indignant, "Alice... I don't need your charity, signing bills and decrees to give South Africa money, I can raise all the money we need... I don't need you charity, you insult me by suggesting we need it, get me?"

Alice shook her head, "William, I didn’t read the paper correctly. I thought it was just 2 trillion over the course of 10 years, not 2 trillion ever year for 10 years. I didn't mean to insult you."

William then sighed, "And where do you get off suggesting we need your permission to use our own SAAS to attack into Zimbabwe and make limited moves against terror camps, they border us... We'll handle them."

Alice frowned, "Listen, you sent the paper to us, ok? If you didnt want us to sign it, then why did you send it to us."

William sighed, "I didn't send it, it was an overzealous official who thought it'd be a good idea."

Alice wanted to know more, "Who?"

William sighed, "That isn't your business..."

Alice shook her head, "Well you tell that official that you are in charge over there and that you will be the one to be sending any papers to be signed."

William nodded, "Yeah, well anyway, I'm sill going to be watching you, you hear me... The second you slip up, you're through..."

Alice frowned, "Is that a threat?"

William smiled, "Oh you bet it is..."

Alice hung up the phone.

William called her right back.

Alice answered, "William, you are disturbing Alex's sleep."

William replied, "So, can we talk then?"

Alice sighed, "Yes, fine."

Roger sighed, "Why'd you hang up on him the first time? Oh well, we'll talk when you're done talking to William, take it in the other room though."

Alice had Roger put Alex to bed and walked outside the room, "What do you want to talk about?"

William immediately started spouting, "I'm onto your plan, woman, as soon as you make your move, I'll see you hang for your treason... I know you're plotting against Roger; you've wanted to finish him off ever since he survived your assassination attempt against him in Western Sahara... You drove him there, hoping he'd die, I know it, I was there when... I remember your exact words, you didn't really care that he was gone, you hate-filled liberal bitch. I won't let you do it, I won't let you kill him!"

Alice was hurt, "William, I love Roger."

William chuckled, "I'm sure you do... That's why you nearly killed him..."

Alice shook her head, "I did not."

William sighed, "You nearly shot him dead in Mississippian Egypt in the summer of 2004, when you two first went to ME, right after the Drescon conference... I remember these things, he told me all about it."

Alice promptly answered his accusations, "That wasn't my fault.... I was... I was being controlled by the Seryown government. You cannot imagine what they did to me."

William scoffed, "Sure, blame your government, a nation that was destroyed, I know you also hold that against Roger, he leveled your homeland..."

Alice frowned, "Mississippi is my home. And if you didn’t remember, they tried to kill me too."

William chuckled, unbelievingly, "Sure it is... That's why you said all that nasty stuff about us in 2001, 2002, and throughout half of 2004... Anyway, they tried to kill you to make it look good, they weren't really going to kill you, their best intelligence agent, able to weasel her way into the bed of world leaders and seduce them... How could they spare you, you were helping them control Mississippi and readying to help them assassinate Roger."

Alice was nearly in tears, "William, how can you say these things."

William spat, "You nearly killed me also, you were a few inches from killing me, don't you remember, how convenient if you forget that which you don't want to remember..."

William made a mocking imitation of her, "If I had a gun, I would have killed him myself." He spat, "Yes, I heard you that day as I left the room... Don't think I didn't hear you..."

Alice was almost speechless, "I'm sorry that I said that."

William laughed it off, dismissing her apology, "Whatever... Anyway, just know if you ever harm Roger, I'll see that you pay, okay?"

Alice was terribly insulted by his suggestion she’d harm Roger, "I would never harm him."

William scoffed, "I'm sure you wouldn't... Anyway, just realize if he dies of anything, a heart attack, choking, a stroke, or say being shot in the face, you won't rule, you'll hang... I'll see to it..."

Alice frowned, "Are you done now?"

William sighed, "No, not yet, whore."

William continued rambling on, "You were married before, yes, and yet you got married again, something forbidden by the bible..."

Alice shook her head, she was growing tired of this, "My first husband was killed in Angola."

William went on the attack again, "Yes, I know, and you're probably glad. Anyway, black widow, I'm not going to let you bump Roger off like you probably bumped your first husband off..."

Alice sighed, nearly pleading for him to believe her, "I didn't kill my first husband."

William pounced, "Ah, so you admit it, you arranged for him to be killed you just didn't pull the trigger yourself, eh?"

Alice nearly shouted, "He died in battle, I had nothing to do with it."

William spat, "Yeah sure, whatever, he's probably better off dead than with you, a woman who withholds sex to get her way... Yeah, I know how you operate with Roger."

Alice frowned, "That's none of your business."

William smiled, "Ah, I see... Well Marxist, just realize this, if something happens to Roger, you're not taking over, I'm next in line, you get me..."

Alice shook her head, "You forget, Alex is next in line."

William roared with laughter, "Your kid isn't even a year old yet..." Suddenly he gasped, "Oh.. My... You really need to talk to Roger as to who is next it line in the event he dies and your son isn't of age yet... HAHAHAHA"

Alice smiled as she attempted to intimidate him, "Maybe I should talk to him about you threatening to kill me earlier. I imagine the phone call was recorded."

William chuckled a bit, "What? Did I threaten you? Did I threaten you? You bitch, you think you scare me? Well let me tell you something, bitch, God forbid, if Roger dropped dead tomorrow, the next day, I'd be scraping your brains from off my boots, you get me, bitch?"

Alice was getting tired of this, "William, I love Roger. I would never harm him."

William sighed, "I don't know... I just don't know. I mean... I was there, I saw and heard some nasty things, but hell I don't have any tapes, it wasn't my house, Stalingrad wasn't mine it was Curtis's, if anybody has tapes, it'd be him, I just don't know... But... But, that would have been over nine months ago, the tapes are probably all gone by now, nobody stores them that long."

Alice clearly sincere, replied, "William, I hope that you can trust me someday."

William sighed, "I don't know, I just... Okay, we can talk later, I really need to go, okay... I'm sorry about what I said, if what you're saying is true, well... I have to go."

Alice frowned, "Yea, goodbye."

William hung up.

Alice gave a deep sigh and walked back into the bedroom.

Roger saw she looked very upset and depressed about something, "Alice? What's wrong?"

Alice sighed, "Oh, just the conversation I just had with William."

Roger raised a brow, "Hmmm... Care to elaborate?"

Alice shook her head, "He doesn’t trust me, he believes me to be some Marxist infiltrator or something."

Roger nodded, "Yeah, so is that all? I've known that from ever since you and he met. Quite frankly, he hates you..."

Alice sighed, "I just wish he would get over it. He thinks that I am going to hurt you."

Roger shrugged, "Nah, you'd not hurt me... Anyway, it wouldn't gain you anything... I mean... Well opps..." He was caught now, "What I mean is that well you see, if Alexander is not of the proper age, and I die, William would become leader... You understand, yes?"

She didn't understand a single bit.

Alice frowned at him, "Why not me, until Alex comes of age?"

Roger chuckled a bit, "Alice, surely you're not serious, right? I mean, you do realize something yes... You're a woman..."

Alice rolled her eyes, "What would happen to Alex?"

Roger shrugged, "Well until he came of age, you and he would just live here and wait for him to come of age I guess."

Alice inquired further, "Then what? Would he become Czar?"

Roger nodded, "Yes, unless he didn't want to, in which case William would stay Czar."

Alice asked even more, "What would happen to me?"

Roger shrugged, "You could do whatever you wanted really, you're still the Minister of the Peoples Guard Army and the Minister of Ethnology, and you'd still be royalty..."

Alice "Then we will just have to make you live as long as possible."

Roger smiled, "Don't worry, Alice, I don't plan on dying anytime soon. Okay?"

Alice smiled, "Neither do I."

Roger kept smiling, "Alice, do you want to be my heir if something happens before Alex is old enough to take over?"

Alice smiled, “Well, I would probably take Curtis' advice most of the time, or perhaps Paul Stahlecker... but I think I would make an excellent leader."

She then laid down next to him and poked him in the ribs, "I have an excellent role model."

Roger stifled a laugh from being tickled, then he frowned, "Oh yeah, that reminds me, Paul Stahlecker hates you too... But my father likes you."

Alice sighed, "Still, he would still give advice... wouldn’t he? And I could always consult your brothers.... maybe George."

Roger nodded, "Yeah, I guess you have a point... Okay, I'll make you my official heir if something should happen before Alexander is of age, okay?"

Alice smiled, "I want it to be clear, that once you have a male heir who is 16, they take control."

Roger nodded in agreement, "Okay, sounds good."

Roger then handed her some Commonwealth budget forms, "They're from Mississippian Egypt, Tallmadge wants to triple their army size and needs to figure out how many new settlers he'll need to attract and want sort of income bracket they'll need to be in, for him to do this to the army within five years... I don't think it's possible."

Alice looked at the papers, Roger added wrong, he must have been hurrying, he also forget to carry a few numbers in his multiplication, it was indeed possible for Tallmadge to do it, if he could get the the population up to at least three hundred and fifty five million whites.

Alice smiled, a bit nervous pointing out he was wrong, she didn’t like to do that, "Well, its feasible. It would take a while to get a population this high, but it is feasible."

Roger pointed to the paper, "No, it can't be done... See, I did the work there about it."

Alice smiled, "I see a few math errors, a few miscarried decimals." Alice redid the math.

Roger looked at it, frowning as he took the paper, he then smiled, "Ah... You seem to have divided wrong, but you're right, it works... Here though, you seem to have made a few errors though, but it does work, you are right about that." He handed her the paper and she realized her errors.

Roger smiled a bit, "Well Alice, I guess this means we should work together on these little problems, so we catch each others mistakes and see the work gets done properly, eh?"

Alice nodded, "A larger population would be required for this. Just means that the citizens need to make more children."

Roger nodded in agreement, "Yes, more children, that's a good idea. How do you propose the people get more children?

Alice smiled, "The old fashion way?"

Roger grinned, "I'm not sure we're on the same page, show me what you mean if you'd be so kind..."

Alice giggled, "Well, it's hard to explain. I guess the best way yo explain it would be through experience."

Roger smiled at her, "And do you have the time to show me?"

Alice smiled, "Well, my schedule is pretty clear right now. I guess we can just skip dinner."

Roger nodded, "Okay..."

Alice pulled the bedsheet over the both of them, "Now, I am going to get sorta rough."

Roger smiled, "Okay, do your worst..."

A while later, Roger was trying to catch his breath, "I see what you meant by rough, wow, very nice, Alice."

Alice nodded, "And that is how I propose the population increase."

Roger chuckled, "That might also be a cure for depression."

Alice smiled, rolled over and laid down next to him.

Roger kissed her on the forehead, "Well heir, any further input for the government?"

Alice shook her head, "I'm fine."

Roger shook his head, "You sound a little sad, I'll try my cure for female depression, tell me if you think it'll catch on..." He then slid down under the sheets for the next twenty minutes, emerging when he had finished, "Well Alice, do you think that doctors should look into recommending that to husbands with depressed wives?"

Alice smiled, "Oh, yes. A medical breakthrough."

Roger yawned, "I'm tired now, you?"

Alice nodded, "Exhausted."

Roger kissed her on the forehead, "Sleep well, my Czarina..." he said in a soft and sweet voice, and then he fell asleep.

Alice fell asleep smiling and holding onto Roger's arm.
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Alice was sitting down watching the news, Roger had been declared a saint a few days ago, and nearly a week ago he had announced that, "God has guided me to start writing my own gospel, a gospel for Him, a testament to His deeds here on Earth, against the parasite race of Judea." Although it had been nearly a week ago, he hadn't said a word to her, only locking himself in his office to work on "A new book."

Alice, having grown increasingly uneasy with Roger being called a saint, finally caved to pressure and walked to his private office and knocked on the door, "Roger, It's Alice."

Roger quickly replied, "Yes dear, what do you want? I'm working on a book, it's very important... The door is locked, so don't worry about accidentally bothering me, I've locked it so you don't have to worry about bothering me."

Alice sighed and then spoke through the door,"I'm not so sure about you being called a saint. The things that it entails. I mean, the rules on becoming a saint are pretty spelled out."

Roger nodded, "Yup, and I'm a saint now."

Alice tried to make a point for her argument, "But saints are supposed to be deceased."

Roger smiled, "I was pronounced dead four times in the hospital in Western Sahara from the Muslim attack, remember?"

Alice sighed again, whilst shaking her head, "And what about 3 miracles?"

Roger smiled a bit wider, "I predicted an assassination attempt against me, I predicted and helped Paul through his alcoholism, I killed Satan in the form of Gregory, I have heard the voice of God and felt his breath upon me, I have seen things in dreams that later come to pass... Are these not miracles, Alice?"

Alice thought she had him cornered, "What about the celibacy part?"

Roger nodded, knowing he had to be honest finally, "Yes, I have just finished swearing myself in, after I was declared a saint, that's why for the last week I told you each night I was too tired... I was going to get around to telling you later, I'm going to be a celibate for maybe two or three decades, nothing too long though, right?"

Alice was shocked, her jaw dropped, she got right to the point and shouted, "What?!"

Roger raised a brow and then walked over and unlocked and opened the door, "Yeah, I meant to tell you earlier, but I figured it was one of those things I could wait to tell you about, you know, right?"

Alice was almost speechless, "But... I want to have more kids after the twins, I don't want to wait until I'm 50."

She was nearly pleading now, "By then it may be to late."

Roger shook his head, "Don't worry, you can have kids artificially, besides, I signed you up for a program Schacht is working on, it'll keep you perpetually youthful, you still will have an average life expectancy of about one-hundred years old, but the day you die, you'll like you're at most thirty or thirty-five. I'll be in the program too, it's something I signed us both up for, I knew you wouldn't mind."

Alice raised an eyebrow, "Roger... I can’t wait 20 years."

Roger nodded, "Don't worry, you'll be okay, just pray and meditate, that'll keep the urges down."

Alice added, "I can rarely wait a week."

Roger smiled, and patted her on the head, "Disciple, Alice, discipline, condition your mind to shut-out impure thoughts and urges."

Alice frowned, "Damnit, God said for us to be fruitful and multiply, and that’s what I want to do."

Roger nodded, "Yes, so do I, but we'll have three kids after you're done carrying the twins, we'll have more later, after I'm done being celibate."

Alice kept frowning, "Roger, be realistic."

Roger suddenly smiled, "I got it, we only need to do it once every nine months, or wait, I could have you artificially inseminated once every nine months, with my stuff, and we wouldn't even have to do it until my celibacy pact is over. Right now we certainly don't need sex, you're already pregnant, this is great."

Alice sighed, "It's not just that... I like being with you.... and the idea of waiting 20 years..."

Roger nodded, "Yes, I know, but perhaps you could become a nun and take a vow of celibacy, yes?"

Alice shook her head, "It's not my calling. My calling is to be a mother to as many children as God provides."

Roger's face lit up, "Hey, you could stay in a convent for the next two decades, you'd not be around to be tempted by me, it's a great idea, I'll call you up a convent right away, okay?"

Alice shook her head, flatly refusing, "No."

Roger frowned, "Yeah, that was a dumb idea, but Alice, as Saint Roger Fabus, I have to live a life of one worthy of being classed a Saint, you realize this, yes?"

Alice gave him a pleading, innocent, helpless look, "Roger, you have plenty of time to be a saint when you have left this earth. Right now, you have to be a husband and a father."

Roger nodded, and then shook his head, "No, I can't forsake my vows... I can certainly be a husband and father without having sex, right?"

Alice frowned, "You have to be a father to as many children as possible."

Roger nodded, "Maybe you have a point, but I just don't know, I'm not sure, Alice."

Alice took his hand, "I'm sure God can make an exception for you. He is merciful, no?"

Roger shook his head, "No, God is vengeful and smites those who don't keep his word... Anyway, I need to get back to writing my Gospels."

Alice frowned, "Then as the Pope. Ask him if God would rather have a fruitful man lead the people of Mississippi, or if he would rather you not have as many children as you can."

Roger shook his head, "Remember, I'm Russian Orthodox, not Roman Catholic."

Alice sighed and suggested, "Then ask the Patriarch."

Roger smiled, "I am the Patriarch..."

Alice shook her hand in the air, making a gesture of a dismissive nature, dismissing his arguments, "Ugh... listen... I know you better than anyone, Roger Fabus. I know how long you can last."

Roger shook his head, "No, I think I can make it... Anyway, you're not going to try to tempt me from failing my vow of celibacy, are you?"

Alice grinned, "It's not a matter of discipline, its a matter of simple chemistry. You are addicted to me.”

She added with a slightly slyer grin, "And I to you."

Roger nodded, "Yes, perhaps, but a few decades won't kill either of us, yes?"

Alice sighed, "But what if.... what if you lose interest in me... or I lose interest in you."

Roger shook his head, "Nope, won't happen, I could never lose interest in you Alice, it's all I can do right now to keep from taking you in my arms, and making love to you on my desk, but restraint is an important part of life, yes?"

Alice pressed up against him, "Please don't continue this vow."

Roger stepped back a bit, "Alice, please don't tempt me not to continue, I have taken a vow, I can't just not do it now, yes?"

Alice sighed, "Please stop this vow."

Roger shook his head, "No, then next you'd ask I not write my own gospels..."

Alice quickly reassured him, "You can write those."

Roger nodded, "I know, and I don't need permission to write them, do I? Nor do I need permission to take vows, and such."

Alice slowly stepped forward, "Please."

Roger shook his head and closed his eyes, "No, Alice, I have spoken..."

Alice lowered her head and shook it. She looked at him once, turned around and exited. She slammed the door behind her.

Roger sighed and thought about following after her, but he thought better of it, and went back to his gospels.

Alice decided to go see Curtis to figure out if he could talk some sense into Roger.

She arrived at Curtis' door and knocked on it. It was growing colder and Alice forgot to bring a coat.

Curtis opened it up, "Ah, Alice, would you like to come in, it's awfully cold outside."

Alice walked in, "I'm worried about Roger."

Curtis shook his head, "Nah, Roger is fine, how couldn't he be, he is Czar, has a lovely Czarina, and has an heir, and more heirs on the way."

Alice frowned and pleaded her case, "That’s just it. He has taken a vow of celibacy. He doesn’t want to have sex for 20 more years."

Curtis nodded, "So, what is the big deal, you'll manage, right?"

Alice shook her head, "No, I don't think I can. You don't understand. The thought of not being with Roger and not sharing our love is horrifying to me."

Curtis nodded again, and then said with a wink, "If you need sex that bad, come over here every few days and I'll take care of you."

Alice frowned, "No."

Curtis sighed, "Okay, well if you say so." He then started to laugh uncontrollably, acting like an ass, it was obvious he'd had a bit much to drink... He finally calmed himself, "So Alice, what do you want me to do about this situation, do you want Roger to be unable to contain himself so that he is begging you to let him take you?"

Alice shook her head, whilst sighing; "I want him back to the way he was. I don't want to wait 20 years."

Curtis nodded, "Might I suggest something then? Roger, well as I remember him, he really liked the RG Times contest, held each year, for the woman deemed to be the ideal of Aryan beauty, I think you should run..."

Alice was puzzled, "Wouldn't that be... immoral?"

Curtis shrugged, "How? I don't see how, Adam and Eve were nude in the garden, yes? The most natural form of human existence is to be naked, it's how God intended us, yes?"

Alice raised a brow, "You really think that would work?"

Curtis smiled, "Let's just say if you were slide a copy of the magazine with yourself featured, under the door, I think Roger would quickly be using the desk for something other than writing on, and you for something other than taking his phone calls while he is writing..."

Alice nodded, "Yea. I'll do it."

Curtis yawned a bit, "Oh by the way, the magazine is sold to every RG officer, about 300,000 RG, RGISA, and SRG officers subscribe to it, and over 5,000,000 others subscribe to it, it's strictly a non-exportable magazine because it talks about RG tactics, technology, weapons, battle reports, etc... But you'd be seen by much if not the entire nation, if word got out you were in the magazine... Hell they might sell a half billion or more issues."

Alice shook her head, "Well..... as long as Roger gets the first copy. And it meets his personal approval."

Curtis smiled, "Are you sure though? I mean once you do this, the magazines will be out there for any in the nation to see... It might be easier just to wait ten years, yes?"

Alice looked at Curtis, "I cannot wait 10 years."

Curtis nodded, "Shall I call the RG Times Magazine for you, or just give you their card?"

Alice politely stated, "Call them."

Curtis picked up the phone and called them up, he talked for a few minutes, then set the phone down, "Okay, apparently Roger has a standing order against anybody even attempting to photograph either of you two nude, something about Sevarin paparazzi harassing the two of you in the past but I, as attorney general can circumvent that law without Roger finding out, just temporarily though, okay?"

Alice nodded, "Do it."

Curtis chuckled, "Well do you want me to wave a magic wand and say hocus pocus the law is temporarily on hold, I mean what is the process, who cares, okay, it's on hold... There, happy?"

Alice smiled, "Yuna won't do anything. We have collateral on her."

Curtis stood up and whispered in Alice's ear, she could smell the alcohol on his breath, "If you ever do need a good fucking, and Roger isn't in the mood or won't deliver, well you've been with the boy, try the dad now, hehehe, you know what I mean?"

Alice shook her head, "I would rather not."

Curtis frowned, "What? Why not? Something wrong?"

Alice smiled, "I love Roger."

Curtis nodded, "Yeah, I love the boy too, he's great. But hey, I don't think he'd mind, hell I did so much for him, I did some stuff for him he doesn't even realize I did for him... Anyway, I feel a bit sick, I need to lay down... You can go there whenever you want."

Alice nodded, "I'll go now."

Curtis collapsed on a nearby couch and was out like a light.

When Alice got back to the mansion, there as an SRG officer waiting to see her, "Ma'am, I'm from RG Times, Curtis called on your behalf... We've already determined you would win against anybody else, trust me, you're better in all regards than any of the competition would be..."

Alice blushed and smiled, "Why, thank you."

The man nodded, "Are you sure you wish to do this thought? Our magazine does have a large circulation... Perhaps we could just print a few of this issue? Or would you rather this be the issue that hits the stands?"

Alice was quick to suggest, "Well, print some and wait for the Czar's permission to print any more. I require the first copy for his approval."

The man nodded, "Well, would you be okay with millions seeing it?"

Alice nodded, albeit a bit hesitantly, "If it means getting my Roger back, yes."

The man yawned a bit, "You know, we could just print one, and give it to you for your own personal use, and then destroy the film and negatives, would you rather we do that?”

Alice shook her head, "Well, like I said. Print one and wait for the Czar's permission to print more."

The man nodded, "Okay, where do you want the photographing done?" She knew that Roger had a hunting room that would be perfect, lying on a large bearskin rug for some of the shots and such.

Alice smiled, "I know just the place. I'll lead you to it."

The man nodded, "Okay..."

Alice led the photography team to the hunting room. They began setting up the equipment.

She then instructed him, "If anyone asks, you are doing an interview."

The man then said, "Okay, understood."

She picked up one of Roger's RG cavalry desert caps, deciding to be first photographed wearing only that.

She began posing in various ways.

The man started taking the pictures, from various angles and such, different poses, different styles of backgrounds, Alice lying on Roger's favorite bear rug, and such. After about an hour he was done. He tucked the camera back into the bag, said, "We'll get your first copy for your review by tomorrow evening at the latest, we try to be quick with important clients, okay?"

Alice nodded.

The man then left, on his way out Roger stopped him, "Hey, who are you?"

Alice, now clothed again, was walking alongside the man.

Roger was smoking a cigarette, two actually, one in each hand.

Alice quickly responded, "He was performing an interview."

Roger nodded and sighed at the man, motioning at the two cigarettes, "I'd shake your hand but... Hey..." He put both into his mouth at once and shook the man's hand.

The man quickly said, "I have to be going, need to get back to the office."

Roger nodded, "Yeah, what paper did you say you worked for?"

The man replied, "Not a paper, sir... A... uh.. Magazine."

Roger smiled, "Yeah, what one?"

The man hesitated, "RG Times, sir.

Roger frowned, "Hmmm... I see... And what was the nature of your interview with my wife?"

The man looked to Alice.

Alice immediately tried to downplay it, "Just an interview, dear."

Roger frowned at her, whispering, "What about?"

Alice blushed a bit, "On what it's like living with the most powerful man in Mississippi."

Roger smiled, "So, what is it like?"

Alice smiled a bit wider than before, and sincerely replied, "Joyous."

Roger smiled, and then kissed her, the man then nodded his head, looking at his watch, "I really need to go..."

He quietly left as Roger was paying more attention kissing Alice.

Alice asked him with a raised brow, "So you can still kiss me?"

Roger nodded, "Yes, of course..."

Alice frowned, "Roger, I really wish you would reconsider."

Roger shook his head, "I will consider reconsidering but that is all I can promise."

Alice grinned slyly at him, "What can I do to help you reconsider?"

Roger shook his head again, "Nothing, just let me meditate on the issue and pray in peace for a while, okay?"

Alice signed, "Fine."

Roger kissed her again, smiled, and said, “Thanks for understanding, dear I'll be upstairs writing in my gospel if you need me."

Alice walked in his office a few hours later, he had fallen asleep on the couch in his office, and open book and pen lay on the coffee table nearby, he'd been writing before he fell asleep.

Alice shrugged and covered him in a blanket.

Roger stirred a bit in his sleep.

He was talking in his sleep, "Damn pope, declare me a saint without telling me first, I ought to ring his neck..."

Alice smiled.

He was dreaming about something sexual related now, she could tell, he was lightly moaning in his sleep. He smiled in his sleep and then said, "Hmmm, my dear, Alice."

Alice got closer and slowly ran her fingers through his hair.

Roger stirred a bit more in his sleep and rolled over onto his back, still asleep though.

Alice read over the Gospel that he had written so far. It resembled pretty much all over the regimes stances on various issues.

Roger then yawned a bit in his sleep and was talking, "Somebody get me a glass of water..."

Alice fetched him a glass of icewater and put it down next to him.

Roger was still asleep though, he suddenly did wake up when he realized somebody was hovering over him, without thinking, just reacting on RG training, he grabbed Alice and pulled her down close to him, he immediately apologized, "Oh Alice, sorry dear, you startled the hell out of me..." She had fallen over on the couch and was on top of him.
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15-12-2004, 03:05
Alice realized the position she was in, "Well..... isn't this interesting."

She smiled.

Roger kissed her and slowly ran his hands through her hair, "Hmmm, perhaps, but I'm still not sure this is appropriate, we are married after all, how else can I show I respect your virtue and purity by not pressuring you into doing things you don't want to do, eh?"

Alice shook her head and reassured him that wasn’t the case, "You aren’t pressuring me to do anything. I find this very enjoyable."

Roger shook his head, "No, no, women inherently don't like sex, it's a scientific fact."

Alice shook her head, "I beg to differ."

Roger yawned a bit, "Anyway, it's past the hour normal people are asleep at, we want to be normal, right?"

Alice smiled, "I want to be with you."

Roger nodded, "I know, but it's later than heck..."

It was hardly 11:30 yet.

Alice shook her head, "It's not even midnight."

Roger yawned, "Far too late to get into anything, well far too late if you've just spent the last six hours writing gospels... I'm exhausted, I'd hardly be able to do anything..."

Alice grinned, "Then let me do everything. You can relax and enjoy."

Roger shook his head, "Nah, you're probably tired too... What say we get a nice early start on sleeping and in the morning we get up early to go to church together, eh?"

Alice frowned, "I'm not tired at all."

Roger yawned, "I'm quite tired..."

Alice kissed him, "Is this helping?"

Roger smiled, "Perhaps a little...”

She continued to kiss him, she began running her hands up and down his chest.

Roger smiled and closed his eyes, suddenly he opened them and shook his head, "No, Alice, you really shouldn't... I have... Things... Whatever... Vows, that's them... To maintain..."

Alice kissed him again, "Vows you didn’t ask for. You didn’t ask to be made a saint."

Roger only nodded, "Mmmm huh..."

Roger kissed her back and then whispered, "You're right, I didn't ask for it, but how'd you know? Did I tell you earlier? I've been working too much, hardly remember what I've told to who."

Alice smiled at him, "You speak in your sleep."

Roger shook his head, "Not often, I've never had a problem with that before..."

Alice played with the buttons on his shirt, "My dear, dear Roger."

Roger yawned again, "Ahhh... What is is Alice? I'm tired..."

Alice whispered to him, "Kiss me more."

Roger frowned, "Alice, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to seduce me..."

Alice laid her head on his chest, "I love you so much."

Roger smiled and kissed her again, "I know, I love you too..."

Alice whispered, "Please kiss me, love me."

Roger smiled, "Alice, you sure are frisky, eh?" Roger kissed her again, pulling her tight against his body as he did so, wrapping his arms around her, then after about a minute he stopped, "Alice, I'm not sure if this the right thing to do, I mean, shouldn't we wait a few days, at least until I've had time to step down from the title of Saint?"

Alice just started moving slowly up and down on him.

Roger took hold of her and stopped her as she seemed intent in rubbing her body against his, "Alice, what's gotten into you, did you hear a word I said, I should officially step down from this title given to me, first, yes?"

She had heard him, but didn't really care now, he could step down later, and nobody would ever be the wiser.

Alice grinned at him, "I want you, now."

Roger shook his head, nervously saying, "I... I... I just don't know, it doesn't seem like such a good idea, you know?"

Alice started kissing his neck.

Roger leaned back a bit, "Alice..."

Alice innocently said, "Hmmm?"

Roger frowned, "Alice, you know darn well what..."

Alice sighed, "You really think you should step down? Prior to us..."

Roger nodded, "Well, we'd know, could you live with yourself knowing it was before I stepped down?"

Alice smiled, "Being with you is one of the most right things that I know."

Roger nodded, "Okay... But still, is it right?"

Alice anxiously asked, "When will you step down?"

Roger shook his head, "As soon as possible, the Pope is out of town right now, in Upper Xen, he was shot down there a while ago, and goes back every now and then to visit their leader."

Alice frowned, "Can't you just make an announcement?"

Roger shook his head again, "Nah the pope really should be there..."

Alice sighed, "Well, we will just have to get him back as soon as possible."

Roger shook his head as he started to slide her pants down, "Maybe we could just get him to date his signature on the paper creatively, yes?"

Alice grinned and nodded, "Mmmm, yes."

Roger then smiled, and casually asked, "So Alice, before we start, why did you lie to me about the reason that the RG Times magazine was here? They never interview women, the only women they deal with are posing nude... Did you pose nude?"

Alice nodded, "Well.... for you."

Roger smiled, "Hmmm... I look forward to seeing the issue..."

Alice blushed a bit, "Well, you’ll get the first one. Whether or not others are printed is up to you."

She then smiled, "You can have an autographed copy."

He slowly started to pull her shirt off, "I may get the first magazine, but I also get the model who did the posing, you know that?"

He kissed her as he finished undressing her and then couldn't even get his own tie off in the position he was in, he chuckled a bit, "Oh my, I'm... Well this is just not good, eh?"

Alice helped him remove his clothes.

Roger pulled a blanket over the both of them, he tucked his hands behind his head, and said, "Okay Alice, I'll take you up on your earlier offer, I'll lay back and relax for a while..."

Alice smiled, "Ok, dear."

A while later, Roger was hugging and kissing Alice as they had finished up, he sighed, "Oh, Alice, I'm too tired to get upstairs to sleep, you don't mind sleeping here tonight, do you?"

Alice smiled and laid down on him, "Mmmm... So wonderful."

Roger chuckled a bit, "Well, you just assured that I'm not a saint anymore... But I think my fall from sainthood, there is no other way I'd rather have fallen..."

Alice nodded.

Roger then yawned a bit, "Ready to go to sleep now? Or do you think you might be able to stay up a while longer?"

Alice yawned, "You tired me out, honey."

Roger smiled, "I think I have a bit more energy left, I could tire you out some more.... If you'd like..."

Alice smiled and nodded, "Yes."

Roger slid down under the blanket and went to work pleasuring Alice, he kept this going for nearly half an hour, finally tiring too much to go on, and Alice was too tired to handle any more. He came back up, she laid back down on him, and he asked, "Well dear, are you quite tired yet?"

Alice gave a slight nod.

Roger then asked, "You're not too tired that you couldn't get me a sandwich and some chips, are you?"

Alice nodded, "Ok."

Roger smiled, "Okay, well you go get that, I'll be in the guestroom across the hall, we can sleep there tonight, I'm too tired to walk up that massive flight of stairs."

Alice got up, dressed herself lightly, and walked down to the kitchen to make Roger his sandwich.

Roger was in the guestroom waiting for her.

She brought the food to the guest room and put it down on a nearby table.

She handed him the sandwich.

Roger smiled and took the sandwich, nodded, said, "Thanks Alice." and then started to eat.

Alice nodded and laid down next to him.

Roger turned the TV on, it was a foreign channel, there was some government official of some loser nation saying, "It's quite clear that the Czarina of Mississippi is nothing more than a whore, I don't know how the Czar gets anything done, having to constantly keep an eye on her."

Roger looked at the TV as though he wanted to shoot it to pieces.

Alice sighed, "Turn it off before you destroy another television set. It’s been 11 sets this month already."

Roger frowned, "Not true... Really, eleven? Anyway, you're not a whore, you're the best woman ever, and I trust you with my life."

Alice smiled, "Thank you. I trust you whole-heartedly. And yes, eleven sets, including one wide screen."

Roger grinned, "So if I said that over the next decade or so, we need to have at least eight or nine kids before the next ten years are gone, you'd accept that and trust my judgement?"

Alice nodded, "Eight kids sounds good."

Roger smiled, finished eating, and then kissed her on the forehead, "And if I suggested that you were to stay up a bit longer to tend to something for me..." He looked down under the sheets, "You'd trust my judgement, yes?"

Alice nodded and disappeared below the sheets.

Roger closed his eyes and enjoyed it, when she finished she came back up and laid down next to him. Roger smiled at her and whispered, "Thanks Alice." before he kissed her on the forehead, and fell asleep hugging her.

Alice fell asleep as well.

In the morning, Roger woke up, looked out the window, and his eyes went wide and his jaw dropped. The window was covered by snow, he rushed upstairs and looked out a second story window, the snow nearly covered it as well... He ran back down to the guestroom he and Alice had been sleeping in, and smiled as he gently tapped her on the shoulder and whispered, "Alice, Alice, wake up dear, you'll never believe it..."

Alice was a bit groggy, she saw the bright light being reflected in from the snow, "Hmmm? Good Lord! Why is there snow everywhere?"

Roger smiled, and helped her get up to get a better look at the window, "Alice, it's all the way up to the second floor window."

Alice put on a pair of slippers and found a thick coat in the closet.

Roger smiled, "You cold dear? The heat was turned on a few hours ago, we should be warming up soon..."

Alice nodded, "Well, We should best be prepared. Get your cold weather clothes ready. I will go check the children. Alex and the Salazar children."

Roger nodded, "Yes of course... But I get to play in the snow later, right? Right? I've never seen this much snow, it's great..." Roger sounded like an excited little kid, this truly was a once in a lifetime (hopefully) experience.

Alice laughed, "I'm sure we have a sled in the garage."

Roger started to get dressed, "Okay then... Where to now?"

Alice was stating what had to be done, sort of reading a list from her mind, "Well, I will go check the children. You should probably find out why it is snowing, no?"

Roger nodded, "Yes, of course, there must be darn near twenty feet, eh? I'll go make some calls... Take care, stay safe." he gave her a quick kiss and then walked off to his office to make some calls.

The eleven year old Horacio Antonio Salazar was sitting in the front room, smoking a cigar, wearing winter clothing... When Alice walked by, he called out, "Hey, can I go play in the snow?"

Alice nodded, "Yes, but wear warm clothes."

He nodded, "Okay, some of the SRG gave me SRG winter gear, they say it's rare stuff and not all units have it... Will the soldiers be okay?"

Alice sighed, "I'm not sure."

He frowned, "Really, they won't be okay?"

Alice shook her head, not sure what to say, "We have never had to deal with this type of weather. I don't know how they will fare."

The boy nodded, turned and walked towards the door, his older brother, Don Juan Salazar, a seventeen year old 1st lieutenant, who had flown in a few days ago from Western Sahara, was also waiting around near the front room, he'd been snowed in and probably wouldn't get back to his unit in the time required.

He looked at Alice and then asked, "Czarina, will I be in trouble for being away from my unit, it's not as though I wanted this storm to happen?"

Alice shook her head, reassuring him, "You won't be in trouble. This would qualify as a extenuating circumstance.”

He nodded, "Thank you for your kindness, if there is ever anything I can do to repay it, just ask..."

Alice smiled, "Dress warmly."

He smiled, "Yes of course, although all I brought were Western Saharan RG issue uniforms..."

Alice frowned, "I cannot send you out dressed in such a light uniform. You will remain here until a winter uniform arrives for you."
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15-12-2004, 03:07
Suddenly there was another voice, the oldest of the sons of the late field marshal, it was Colonel Miguel Antonio Salazar, nineteen years old, he'd also flown in from Western Sahara to see his younger brothers and sisters... He chuckled a bit, "Don, the Czarina probably could see to it she personally keeps you warm, if you know what I mean..." He gave Alice a bit of a stare and then said, "You know what I mean, yes?"

Don sighed, "Miguel, don't be an ass, okay?"

Alice frowned, "You would insult me? I am a lady and the Czarina. Show some respect."

He smiled, "Yes, I agree to part of that, you are the Czarina... After that, I must disagree with the other stuff you said."

Alice in a threatening tone, asked, "Must I pull rank?"

He scoffed at the notion, "I don't answer to women, I answer to generals and field marshals of the Western Saharan Commonwealth Army, and to superior officers of the Federal Army... I don't answer to spoiled bitches who think because they married powerful men, that they too are powerful, get me?

Alice kept her threatening tone, "Perhaps you would like to shovel the snow away from the house."

He grinned, "Perhaps you'd like to say hello to my father for me... I could help you get to see him you know."

Alice raised a brow, "Threatening to kill the Czarina?"

He shook his head, "No, of course not, just offering to help you speak with my father, perhaps magic, who knows..."

Alice sighed, "You are dismissed, go do something constructive."

He walked away muttering to himself, "Nothing but a high-class whore, that's all you are... You've had one Salazar in you, maybe you'll get two..." She heard most of what he said.

Don frowned, as he also heard, he looked to Alice, "Czarina, please, forgive him, father's death was very hard on him, he drinks a lot, I think he is drunk now..."

Alice nodded, "I have to go check Alex."

Suddenly Curtis came downstairs holding Alex, he smiled, "Hello Alice, when it started to snow, well I came right over, been here since early this morning, wanted to check on my grandson... Here you go..." He gently handed Alex to Alice.

Curtis looked to Don, "Hey, you're one of Francisco Salazar's boys, yes?"

Don snapped to attention "Sir, yes sir, 1st lieutenant Don Juan Salazar, sir."

Don saluted, Curtis returned to the salute, and then said, "At ease."

Don stood at ease and then turned to Alice, "Czarina, is there anything you need done today? I am willing to help with any work that needs to be done."

Alice reiterated her earlier orders, "Like I said, you will wait for winter gear to arrive for you."

He nodded his head, "I mean chores, anything you want me to do?"

Alice had some ideas to rearrange furniture in some various rooms.

Alice sighed, "Report to the west hall living room on the second floor. I have some furniture that requires moving. Move the large sofa to the back of the room and arrange the chairs so that they all face the fireplace."

Don nodded and then saluted, before walking off to do as he had been told.

Curtis sighed, "So Alice, how are you today? Pretty shitty weather eh?"

Alice nodded, "Why is it snowing down here?"

Curtis shrugged, "No idea, somebody must be tinkering with the weather, or perhaps God knew Roger was waiting for a chance to ski?"

Alice seemed a bit nervous, not so much nervous, as concerned, genuinely concerned, "But our soldiers are hardly prepared for this, and the civilians will surely be freezing in their homes. There are a million things that need to be done. We have to clear the roads, heat the homes and protect the soldiers."

Curtis shrugged, he really didn’t care for the average citizen, he hadn’t in a few years now, he was starting to become bitter towards the world, towards others, it was just a temporary phase. He said, "So, it won't affect you. The soldiers have training, they can hunker in makeshift igloos or in their vehicles, peoples cars have heating, they can stay in their garages, crack the garage door open a bit, dig air holes in the snow, and run their engines... Or use fireplaces or stay near their stoves."

Alice shook her head, still concerned, and now a bit upset with what Curtis said, "But the people could asphyxiate on the fumes from the cars."

He nodded, "Yes, keyword, could... Roger has over fifty estates across the nation, would you mind letting a few million people cram into your various estates that you rarely use, to sit the storm out?"

Alice thought it was actually a good idea, "The people can live in those homes, but keep the houses well guarded so they don't loot the places. What about the farms? Their crops are probably ruined! What will the people eat?"

Curtis sighed, "Alice, Alice, don't worry, we stock plenty of food, we plan ahead, we have millions of tons of food stored, anyway, we have crops in the Commonwealth, Mississippian Egypt, Western Sahara, South Africa, and Ohio are massive farming territories..."

Alice sighed, "You should probably go advise Roger. I have to go dress and take care of Alex."

Curtis nodded, "Yes, well, you take care, after I talk with Roger, I might go lay down for a while, I've been up all night watching Alex, I think he sensed the temperature change or something, he seems a bit nervous, and it felt like as though he might be running a mild fever, get him checked out by the doctor if you remember... By the way, I had a few doctors come over here before we got snowed in, because I thought the level of snow was such that we'd get snowed in, okay?"

Alice nodded, "Thank you."

Curtis then said, "Take care, stay safe, this is bad weather, don't go outside for any reason, anything you need can be brought in by the SRG... I'll be around if you need anything, but probably Roger and I will be in phone conferences most of the day." With that, Curtis walked off.

Alice took Alex to see one of the physicians to have him checked.

: The doctor looked at Alex, taking his temperature, "Yes, the boy is running a bit of a fever... May I give him some medication from the Schacht Advanced Pharmaceuticals Company? It's somewhat experimental, not dangerous though, it's been tested for safety standards, it is supposed to nearly immediately help the temperature return to the normal level, the only problem is in some people it just doesn't work... If it doesn't work for him, I'll try something else, okay Czarina?"

Alice "What is it called?"

He looked at it, "It's called AFSB-04, why ma'am?" (Anti-fever Symptom Blocker, 2004, Schacht believes in simple names)

Alice was a bit suspicious, "Any unusual side effects?"

He read the side affects, "In very rare cases, some people reported that it caused rash, itching, reddening of eyes, temporary loss of feeling in limbs