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Kraknokistani Diplomatic Visit To Castillanos

28-08-2004, 00:06
"Your Majesty, wake the hell up," Bob Anderson, the Emperor's Chief-of-Staff and the only person in Kraknokistan who could swear at the Emperor said, rousing him from his sleep. Emperor Castlen rarely had time to sleep, and used every chance he could get. Those chances were usually in the car or on the plane, although his advisors were trying to fill more and more of that time with briefings. "Where are we?" He asked groggily. "Kraknokicity Army Air Force Base Number Two," Anderson replied. It was the regular location of the Emperor's personal plane, being the airbase closest to the Imperial Palace. "John and Ken are on the plane already. They're going to brief you on Castillanos." When Anderson said John and Ken, he was reffering to John Downing, Sr. , the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and current Foreign Policy Advisor, and Kenneth Taylor, the Imperial Security Advisor. Emperor Castlen asked, "Wouldn't Charles be better for this? He speaks fluent Spanish and he's met their Princess." He was reffering to his son, Charles Castlen, whom he had recently nominated to be his heir. "They asked for you specifically," Anderson said. The limousine pulled up to the VC-25A, and Castlen, Anderson, and a host of security personnel exited. As Castlen ascended the stairs to the door, a security guard spoke into his walkie-talkie. In the cockpit, the pilot, having learned that His Majesty The Emperor had boarded, informed Control that the plane's callsign was changing to Kraknokistan One.
28-08-2004, 00:38
"Your highness, their on there way...Emperor Castlen, that is," said Maria Hernandez, Princess Amelia Vespuché's assistant. "Emperor Castlen? What about Charles?" she said while stepping out of her shoes closet, wearing a very expensive Prada dress. "Not coming...why are you so mad, besides, you said that he was conceited?" Amelia stepped back into the closet looking around for another outfit. "No reason, just go make sure the Limo's ready," she said while stepping out the closet again, this time wearing a Prada suit.


Twenty minutes later, the two were on their way to the airport, which was name after Amelias father. They drove down the middle lane of the Torres Memorial Freeway in her Hummer Limosine with five of her security guards on motorcycles driving around them. The Limo turned right into the International overpass, heading towards the airport to greet the Emperor.
28-08-2004, 00:59
Castlen descended the stairway with his wife. A host of Cabinet officials, including John Downing, Ken Taylor, and Bob Anderson followed them. Castlen spotted the Hummer limousine immediately. He saw a number of figures grouped around it and singled out the one he thought likely to be the princess. Beside him, Empress Castlen had singled out the same person. Now on the ground and partially surrounded by the Cabinet officials, they made their way towards her.
28-08-2004, 01:17
Amelia looked behind her, watching the lovely Santiago Skyline, thinking to herself We need a tower... She then heard a loud thud, and watched as the VC-25A descended down the runway toward the terminal. She took a few steps forward with her security guards around her while her assistant was busy talking on the self phone. The Emperor stepped out of the plane first, followed by the Empress and a few other personnel.

She smiled at the two and waved, hoping there was enough room in the Limo. Amelia also thought of the weather, hoping that the heat in Santiago wasn't to hot as they were recently expeirencing record highs, but a soft ocean breeze blew bye, sweeping away her worries. Once the couple reached her, she put out her hand for him or her to shake.

"¡Bienvenidos a Castillanos! Mi nombre es Amelia Vespuché, princesa de Castillanos."
28-08-2004, 01:38
"Gracias. Me plazco muy estar aquí. Es un pleaure para satisfacerie." Emperor Castlen said, repeating what Ross Wilder, the most fluent spanish-speaker with them had told him to say. If Kraknokistan ended up having an embassy in Castillanos, Wilder would become ambassador. "Please forgive me, but my spanish isn't very good," Castlen said, switching to english, "Are we going to a reception or dinner or anything of the sort?" Castlen asked, anxious to get moving again.
28-08-2004, 01:52
Amelia looked at him, trying to understand what he was trying to say. Once he made the transition to english, she smiled, relieved that he spoke a language she understood. "Well actually, we are going to spend the day at El Districto Benifico, which is sort of like the Rodeo Drive of Castillanos, and then have dinner at my fathers palace in Villa Real, a town north of Santiago. So, shall we get going?" She said as the chauffer opened the door to the limousine.
28-08-2004, 02:10
"Absolutely. You know, my son Charles has expressed an interest in meeting you again. Perhaps sometime soon we could recieve you." Castlen looked forward to the rest of the day, particularly dinner. He had always found dinners to be the perfect time to meet someone. Naturally, eating together at the same table was far more intimate than meeting in an office. As such, it was perfect for a career politician like him. His mind ran over the issues he wanted to discuss later. First he decided he needed to know some more about the nation from one of its most important inhabitants. "So, what can you tell us about Castillanos? I'm quite interested." Castlen said as the chauffer drove them to the El Districto Benifico.
28-08-2004, 02:59
Amelia stepped into the limousine, sitting down in a lounge chair near the front of the vehicle. "Well, Castillanos is a very tropical country, we enjoy sports and fashion, as well as shopping and traveling. We have a very sophisticated taste in style and food, our citizens are among the most educated in our region of Europa. We are still a growing nation, but our cities are very modern and we are advanced in technology. Our economy is still stuggling, but you can see by looking out your window that we are doing very well. If you look out of your window, you can see the Santiago Business Centre ( So, anything else you need to know?" She said smiling while drinking a bottle of Coke.
28-08-2004, 03:13
"Yes. When are we going to arrive?" Castlen asked.
28-08-2004, 03:15
"Twelve minutes, La Plaza Benifico is a little far from Downtown Santiago..." She said while taking another sip from her coke.
28-08-2004, 03:19
"Alright. One more question. Do you have a Coke for me?"
28-08-2004, 03:28
"Yes, hold on." She said while opening the mini-fridge in the middle of the limo and then handing him a coke. As she said this, the Limousine slowed down and pulled up into a large parking structure.
28-08-2004, 04:00
"Is this the place?" Chief-of-Staff Bob Anderson asked as the Emperor sipped his Coke.