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Soviet Imperial Japan Revolution

Soviet Imperial Japan
27-08-2004, 22:29
Source: Associated Press
In the past three hours, the newly recognized Exodus nation of Soviet Imperial Japan has erupted in a revolution. Distressed by the recent stance of their leader on the issue of the death penalty, a small yet well-armed group of Imperial Guard has taken control of the southern city of Yonabura. Observers note that this action took less than thirty minutes, which stands grim testament to the skill of this revolutionary faction. For now, this unnamed organization seems to be staying put and fortifying their position. More on this story as the situation develops.
Soviet Imperial Japan
27-08-2004, 22:41
Source: Japanese Imperial News (JIN) Feed
"My fellow citizens, I stand before you with news that weighs heavily on my heart.

In the past few hours, an unnamed terrorist group has seized control of the southern city of Yonabura. They acting in clear violation of both our laws and our principles, and will be dealt with swiftly. As I speak, law enforcement officers are converging on the city in an operation we are calling "Samurai." This terrorist group come to justice. They shall be quickly prosecuted and dealt with as the traitors they are. I recommend that all of the terrorists lay down their arms and surrender to your closest law officer. Those who give up now will be treated with the utmost dignity, but those who wish to fight will surely fall. To the citizens of Yonabura, help is on the way. We are coming to rescue you.

From opression, Freedom!"

- End Transmission -
27-08-2004, 22:45
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Soviet Imperial Japan
27-08-2004, 22:56
Source: JIN Feed
We have just received a faxed statement from the city hall building in Yonabura. While we cannot assert the authenticity of this document, it does appear to be the first communication from the terrorist group. In order to keep you covered, we will present it now.

[Origin: 1-001-***-****]
[To: 0-412-503-1993]
[Subject: We are not Alone]

We are responsible for the recent actions in Yonabura, and this is only the beginning. How one-sided it was to proclaim us the terrorists, when we are merely the instrument of change. Earlier today, our beloved Premier made it clear that we the people are not capable of making our political voices heard. For this reason, the Japanese Imperial Guard has risen to protect the rights of each and every Japanese. We do not intend to harm, but we are armed and will fight back. Operation Samurai will be a miraculous failure for the Premier, and will prove that he has little interest in nonviolent solutions. We will not give in until the rights of the people are secured.

- Hattori Hanzo, Supreme Commander of the Japanese Imperial Guard
Soviet Imperial Japan
27-08-2004, 23:02
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No I Don't Require Help at this time. If i did what do you got that i can use?
27-08-2004, 23:35
The Confederate Congress of Mestionian applauds the recent actions of the Japanese Imperial Guard in their efforts to secure liberty for themselves and their posterity. In a 2/3 majority vote, the upper house of the Confederate Congress has agreed to aid the rebellious guards in any way necessary (short of nuclear response) to preserve their cause. President Kenneth O. Johnston is expected to approve the measure within the day, at which point the Confederate States of Mestionian will stand prepared to uphold the principle of individual liberty.

-Rep. Thomas Hardding
Speaker of the Upper House
Mestionian Confederate Congress
27-08-2004, 23:50

Upon hearing of the uprising and the calll for liberty from the Imperial Guard, President Jonathon Kubrick has immediately dispatch 48 members of the Ardoran Special Service, some of the best special forces in the world. They will be inserted into Japan via submarine. Disguised as civilians, they will attempt to make their way into Yonabura and make contact with Imperial Guard. The weaponry and uniforms they will bring with them have no markings. If captured, the Ardoran government will deny al knowledge of the action.


A motion has come before the Ardoran Congress to give overt support to the rebels in Soviet Imperial Japan. Unfortunately,a small, vocal, isolationist group is filibustering the motion. Although it is expected to pass, it will remian an issue for at least 2 more days.
Soviet Imperial Japan
28-08-2004, 00:01
Source: Japanese Imperial News (JIN) Feed
"To The Leaders of Mestionian and Adora, This is a warning against the Invasion of my country.

If The Mestionian and Adoran Governments take any further action against The Peoples Republic Of Soviet Imperial Japan. Than I must take it upon my self to call up the Peoples Army Of The Republic toend this tiny one city rebellion agianst me and my government. I must also make another warning to the two invading nations i will attack you if i am provoked. This is your last chance to withdraw

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28-08-2004, 00:10
-----Secret IC-----
Prince Genral Kalt, ruler of Serti, sat before his military advisors.

"So, our plan is to give 'support' to the rebels in the form of actual troops and then back stab them for their countries land?"

"Yes, Prince-General. We are preparing the the 2nd Army for immediate departure. We are getting the transport ships neccessary for suh an operation. In the meantime we are sending the 2nd and 12th Ariborne Regiments to their 'aid'."

"Must you do the quote thing with your fingers everytime you say 'aid' or 'help'?"

"Yes, Prince-General."

"Ah. Carry on then."

"Right. Anyway, this is about 3,000 men. We're going to be airdropping them in as soon as we can. We'll follow up with a sea invasion as soon as possible."

"Make it so, gentlemen."

-----End Secret IC-----

Sertian News Hour on the GNN (Government News Network)

"Prince-General Kalt wishes it to be known that his nation fully supports the rebels and will be providing troops for their aid. That is all the Government would let us know, but we'll be updating you as the situation develops. ISn't that right, Tina?"

"That's rght Bob! In the meantime, it's time for our hourly Pledge of Allegiance! Would you all please rise? Remember...We're always watching!"
28-08-2004, 00:14
In response to Soviet Imperial Japan's blind agression and war-mongering, two battalions (900 soldiers per) of the Mestionian Confederate Marine Corps have been mobilized and are at present preparing to take to the sea with elements of the Confederate Navy's Eastern Battle Group (One carrier (60 assorted fighters, fighter/bombers, surveillance, and rotary wing aircraft), two cruisers, two destroyers, and one ballistic missile submarine). These soldiers will be deployed inside Soviet Imperial Japan so as to prevent en masse killing of innocents on the part of the central authority.

This peace keeping force is at present scheduled to depart the shores of the CSM in exactly seventy-two hours. If at that time the Imperial government cannot resolve this situation peaceably, the Confederate Military will be ordered to restore tranquility to your nation in the form of open conflict.

-ADM Richard Hortson
Mestionian Navy
28-08-2004, 00:17
Message to Soviet Imperial Japan
Rest assured, we will not invade your country without provacation. We simply support the Rebels ideaology, since we wish for all peoples to be free.

**Yonabura, Japan**

A small, unmarked truck drives into town, all windows are tinted. It winds through the city streets, before coming to a halt outside city hall. Colonel Mark Arkanastin hops out of the cab, nodding to the driver, and opens up the back of the truck, motioning to the black jump-suited men inside. The 46 SpecOp Operatives immediately jump out of the truck and begin unloading their weapons, as the colonel turns and walks up to the city hal, knocking politely on the door.
28-08-2004, 00:26
The Federal Concil and the Office of the Chancellor are in complete agreement on this issue, these terrorists are a severe threat to peace and security for the populus. We regret that the current regime is unable to maintain order and securtity within it's borders, and both groups of government officials agree to take no action helping the current government. Likewise, for disturbing the peace, no matter how noble the cause may be, we cannot lend our help to terrorists. Whoever emerges as the defacto ruler, however, will recieve recognition and civilian aide to re-build from the Evestrian government, the defacto ruler being whichever side can bring peace and order to the island. Both groups view this as an internal matter, and frown upon other nations taking direct millitary actions. --- Jane Westfield, Spokeswoman of the Chancellor
Soviet Imperial Japan
28-08-2004, 01:50
Source: Japanese Imperial News (JIN) Feed
"My fellow citizens, at this hour Imperial and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm The Rebels, to free the cities people and to defend the world from grave danger

To all of the men and women of the Imperial armed forces now in the Yonabura, the peace of a troubled city and the hopes of an oppressed people now depend on you.

That trust is well placed.

The enemies you confront will come to know your skill and bravery. The people you liberate will witness the honorable and decent spirit of the Imperial military.

Our nation enters this conflict reluctantly, yet our purpose is sure. The people of Soviet Imperial Japan and our friends and allies will not live at the mercy of outlaws who threaten the peace with weapons of mass murder.

We will meet that threat now with our Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines, so that we do not have to meet it later with armies of firefighters and police and doctors on the streets of our cities.

Now that conflict has come, the only way to limit its duration is to apply decisive force. And I assure you, this will not be a campaign of half measures and we will accept no outcome but victory.

My fellow citizens, the dangers to our country and the world will be overcome. We will pass through this time of peril and carry on the work of peace. We will defend our freedom. We will bring freedom to others. And we will prevail.

May God bless our country and all who defend her."

- End Transmission -
Soviet Imperial Japan
28-08-2004, 02:08
Source: JIN Feed

Moments ago, the Japanese Imperial Guard sent us communications from Yonabura.

[Origin: 1-001-***-****]
[To: 0-412-503-1993]
[Subject: You Were Warned]

Greetings, Premier. You'll notice that you've received no word from the field commanders of Operation Samurai.

Just a few moments ago, Operation Samurai forces neared the city of Yonabura. They never made it. Perhaps, Premier Yamamoto, you didn't quite grasp the gravity of the situation. You sent a Century to destroy us. I hardly think a Century is a peacekeeping force. With modified Phoenix technology, our small force smote the mighty Samurai. You made your move, now it's time for us to make ours.

- Hattori Hanzo, Supreme Commander of the Japanese Imperial Guard

Our sources have confirmed that 1,000 soldiers and 50 attack vehicles were destroyed about five miles south of Yonabura. Images coming in are far too gruesome to televise. Soldiers were literally ripped apart by...something. Our sources indicate that nothing remaining at the location seems to have been capable of dealing this degree of savagery. Adding to the confusion is the fact that every corpse belonged to a unit that was part of Samurai. Premier Yamamoto has declared a state of martial law, stating that "What we have gathered from our reports is that these terrorists are using brutal, inhuman tactics. Surrender for these savages is no longer an option, and it is clear that peaceful surrender is no longer an option."

For now, it seems that there will be no near end to this insurgence
28-08-2004, 03:13
The Central Authority of Soviet Imperial Japan, having shamefully been defeated by the righteous freedom fighters within her borders, has convinced the CSM that her expeditonary forces are no longer necessary. In lieu of conventional forces, the Confederate States of Mestionian will begin supplying these insurgents with whatever weapons they may need to further embarass the shameful armed forces of Soviet Imperial Japan.

*Secret IC*
To be delivered to insurgents:
One hundred "stinger" anti-aircraft missiles
Thirty 70mm anti-tank pieces.
Two hundred and fifty Carl Gustav anti-armor missiles.
Soviet Imperial Japan
28-08-2004, 14:38
Source: JIN Feed
We have just recieved news that in a massive counter strike by The Peoples Army of the Republic and The Peoples Republican Military have just wiped out Hattori Hanzo and his band revolutionary Japanese Imperial Guard were mostly killed or wounded by first an air bombardment then followed by the military assault. There are over five hundred dead, 200 hundred wounded, and twenty captured.

The city of Yonabura is safe and sound there seems to be no sign of civilian deaths due to the fact that just minutes before the air bomardment all the people were either in the city bombshelter or in the city hall. From what we are hearing is that after the massive air attack it only took less than twenty minutes to qaush this as Supreme Premier Yamamoto put it "One city rebellion".

As for the Phoenix Inc. the company has denied all the statements against the corporation stateing "this weapons were not bought with cash but were stolen from our factories in the city of Yonabura". the person who was just speeking was the spokesman for Larry Blackjack CEO and founder of Phoenix Inc.

That is all for todays report on the Yonabura rebelion. Join us later for the investigation into the now susspect Phoenix Inc. Join us at 7:30 for more.

- End Transmission -
Soviet Imperial Japan
28-08-2004, 18:00
Source: JIN Feed

The leader of the Japanese Imperial Guard shall be executed today which shall be aired on the Soviet Imperial Japanese News service JIN. Hattori Hanzo was convicted of treason today shorlty after the short lived rebellion was quashed by both the The Peoples Army of the Republic and The Peoples Republican Military.

Hattori Hanzo will not only be the only one publicly executed, nineteen others
these are the prisoners taken after Yonabura was retaken by the glorious Peoples Republican Military. the executions shall take on August 30, 2003 at 2:30pm.

Glory To The Peoples Army of the Republic, The Peoples Republican Military, And Glory to our great leader Supreme Premier Yamamoto

- End Transmission -
Soviet Imperial Japan
29-08-2004, 00:35
Japanese Imperial News: Satilite Feed

This Just Supreme Premier Yamamoto has been named The Supreme Emperor by the Imperial Soviet Councel. This done just hours after the execution of Hattori Hanzo for his treasoness revolution against the former premier.

Informantion that has just been released is that Hattori Hanzo and his group was connected to enemy terrorist groups and were supplied by the countries of Mestionian and Ardora these nations acts of aggresion against the imperial crown have now been condemed by his imperial majesty.

In a state ment today the Emperor said "To the leaders of Mestionian and Ardora your acts against my nation and my people shall not be tolerated and i will make sure of it myself that you criminals are brought to justice. Any further aggresion agianst my country than i will be forced to attack for I have military forces at the ready."

More News At 11:00am goodnight everyone.

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