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Wandering Capitolistaites find home in Earth2 Madagascar

Infinite Hoarding
27-08-2004, 22:16
27-08-2004, 22:22
Earth II Madagascar is already taken. By me and 2 other nations, followed by The God Faluzu all have prior claims.
Infinite Hoarding
27-08-2004, 22:26
But check out what the God Fallou has to say about that.
What the god Fallou has to say about that: (
Infinite Hoarding
27-08-2004, 22:27
its #833 if you want to be more specific, but I guess we can share it.
27-08-2004, 22:32
Same Thread, page 42, post 623.

Um, or not share it. I'll see what the other two want to do, otherwise, well you can try to take it. By the way, all 3 of us are still mobilizing over the CM incedents. So, try a another area.
Infinite Hoarding
27-08-2004, 22:33
Plus, you already have claims to Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. Thats alot for a country with population 633 million, especially when Capitolista is a Region, not a state.
27-08-2004, 22:35
Yes, But I share Madagascar with Cereubus and Wolvanstien.
Infinite Hoarding
27-08-2004, 22:35
and, in the case of your thread, look at the first page. Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia is all you have anyways.
Infinite Hoarding
27-08-2004, 22:36
Ok, where does it say that?
Infinite Hoarding
27-08-2004, 22:37
yeah, those other guys don't show up either.
Infinite Hoarding
27-08-2004, 22:39
and spell 'em right because nationstates say that they don't exist.
29-08-2004, 22:50

I went and looked at you "Region" I think my nation alone is larger then your whole nation, but of well.
31-08-2004, 01:42
All of the invader nations have 24 hours to leave Madagascar, or they will be driven from it.
Infinite Hoarding
01-09-2004, 00:09
Well, technically, you have to be there to fight invaders off.
01-09-2004, 00:13
Were there and we just started shooting.
Infinite Hoarding
01-09-2004, 01:22
The War map is drawn out and the Capitolistite peoples strongly suggest that Voderlund withdraw its war ultimatum, and here's why: (coming up)
01-09-2004, 01:31
you did read the other thread right? The one where we started shooting?
01-09-2004, 01:46
Gross Domestic Product: $23,501,365,058,302.90
GDP Per Capita: $35,934.81
Consumption: $12,619,348,560,000.00
Total Population: 654,000,000
Defence: $3,052,290,719,578.46 28%
1 dollar = $1.7644

Capitolista Economic Statistics
Gross Regional Product: $9,297,705,302,657.69
GRP Per Capita: $15,167.55
Regional Population: 613,000,000
Regional Average GDP: $332,060,903,666.35

Your whole region is smaller then me, and my ally is still bigger then your largest nation. Good luck.
Infinite Hoarding
01-09-2004, 01:47
First of all, since it has been a while now that The original post had been made, it can be assumed that the rest of the Capitolistites have come to the rest of the Capitolistites making our number a delightful 613,000,000, just 30 or 40 so million less than your entire country. The kicker is that our rate of increase in population is over 30 million a year whereas yours will be much slower since we are alot of nations and you are just one.

Second, take into consideration all your land claims. You have Earth 2 Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. Thats 1,868,340 square miles of land. Assuming that large amount of space and considering the borders you have to protect, your total military is strained to protect your rather impressive borders and your population is very far-spread apart, making a draft to fight harder.

Now, consider if you actually HAD Madagascar and your population distribution was completely even. Only 23.7% of your forces and people would be in Madagascar, area of 581,540. Therefore, the area that I am occupying would be crushed by the forces and peoples that Capitolista has, and would easily take 1/5 or 1/4th of your population and military out.

Finally consider that Capitolista is not only a region, but was founded on the basis of religeon, i.e., the Order of Capitolista. Therefore, the people will not only fight with nationalism, but also religious fevor.
01-09-2004, 01:50
Point 1. See thread where we started shooting at you. Your down a few million at least.
Point 2. I don't claim all of madagascar.
Point 3 Uh, shut up and fight for the land.
01-09-2004, 03:42
Point 1. Give up we are way ahead of you in land defences.
Point 2. Hoggenband has yet to announce its own army
Point 3. Hoggendband's army alone is bigger than yours.
Point 4. Combine that army with 20 nations and see what happens.
Point 5. We will fight if u think you can survive
Infinite Hoarding
01-09-2004, 03:46
And you mean that you're down a few million because why the hell would I be in Northern Madagascar?

OOC: Good job with your imaginary friend Wolsnaion which you couldn't spell the first time around. I mean, if its your own puppet govornment, you should at least be able to spell its name. And don't give me that its someone else, or else someone has been playing for months and never posted. I admit I have puppet govornments like Haagendazs, but at least i spell it right.