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Begining of the end(Part 2 of Chaos in Nano Soft)

Nano soft
27-08-2004, 06:24
Vennor, Nano Soft
It was a beautiful day in Nano Soft and the President, Jack Lunny, was just coming back from his vacation in the north. He hadn't the clue that only a week before his arrival over ten thousand civilians had been murdered by the City Guard. And yet would he know this would be the last day of his life. His stretch black limo along with its small convoy of Armored transports where driving down a out of the Vennor International going onto a road the led to a directly to the Government building. They where passing by the huge sky scrapers in the city when a huge explosion went off in the building directly in front of them. All main foundation's of the building had been blown out and it had been made so the building would crash right in the path of the presidents limo. The huge building came tumbling down in front of the presidents limo crashing into the next building which most of it crumbled and some feel into the road on the other side. A large chunk of metal came flying at the armored car and hit it with high impact and the ammo on the armor car exploded. Guards in the other Armor cars began to disembark and scan the area for any terrorist. Two BA-01's came walking in behind the Presidents convoy and the soldiers thought they where saved until both of the Mech's started firing the guns at the soldiers and armor cars. The two remaining armor cars exploded from rocket fire from the Mechs and the President limo was flipped over and it was up side down with the back end on the shell of the first armor car. The president climbed out and began to run for the destroyed building. A sniper on top of the building behind them looked through his scope until he found the president. He aimed carefully and when he had him in sight he squeezed off the trigger of his 30-mm Sniper rifle. The bullet came flying down and went right through the back of the president's neck leaving the head barely intact to the rest of the body. Civilians who had witnessed the murder of there be loved President where out rage and they began to spread the word. Within a hour almost 200,000 Civilians in the city had taken up arms and began to attack Government out post in the city. And within a day 56,789 Civilians where dead along with 2,456 NSA troops. With the murder of the president the Defense Minister is claiming that he will now be in control of the country.

Summary of all current rebels status and such:
Rebel in Southern Islands:
They are not loyal to any one, not even Jack Lunny, and they just want independence from Nano Soft.

Recently while the president was gone and a huge protest happened in front of the government building the Defense Minister ordered that the City Guard be called in as a firing squad, they killed 16,000 civilians.

Prime Minister ordered the murder of the current President, he gained the loyalty of troops in Vennor.

People in Vennor started a rebellion in Vennor for the murder of there President which for the most part everyone loved.

Lunny family has been the people who have run Nano Soft since the beginning.

ooc: This is a open RP. Basicly is a Rp of the down fall of my country from civil war. :-)

Any one who wants to join I would rather a country over the year 2050 seeing that Im in the year of like 2150 or something like that, lost count. (.)(.)
That looks fuuny.
Nano soft
28-08-2004, 03:55
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