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27-08-2004, 05:31
(Ok,Can I jus say something here?K,I really am not that bad a roleplayer,I just usually play better with other people already having started.Once I get the ball rolling,I not that bad.Please play with me,I'm sooo lonely!)

August 26,2004

After weeks of fighting,the rebels take control of the capital.Soldiers in the black uniforms of the rebels,carrying the cheap soviet weaponry walk the streets(best depicted by these adorable little happy face. :mp5: Just kidding),and military vehicles roll into the city.The parliment buildings have been seized,and now the image of the young,well dressed rebel leader appears on every television channel,and his deep voice reasonates from every radio station.

"People of Greater Nationia,your liberation Is at hand!We,the Neo-Emperialists,have seized the capital,and are currently destroying the remanants of the evil tyranical goverment as we speak.We have deposed the corrupt former leaders of our country,they are curently being detained by the revolutionary forces,and I,Genaral Alexander,have been instated as dictator untill the time of crisis is over.As of now,parliment is disolved and the constitution is supended until further notice.Furthermore,the Republic of Lesser Nationia,the united states of Nestle,The Peoples republic of Limes,The free nation New Nine,And greater lesser Nationia are being put under our command by the freedom fighters.No more information can be realesed at the this time for reasons of national security.The reunification of is at hand!Long live the empire!"and with that,the program ends,and is repaced by north american music videos from the eighties playing none stop until the next re broacasting an hour later.

Greater Nationia,a nation perhaps the sieze of Prussia, had been a democratic nation for 21 years,since the ousting of the socialist anti-amercan dictator Colonel Aluishis by the U.S. goverment.
Its people were relativly well off,with enough food,jobs and family bussineses,and lots of freedom.Its was run by a parlimentry system similar to that of Canada's(with considerably less corruption).Before the commencement of the reign of Aluishis,Greater Nationia was part of the Nationian empire,a small,reasonably wealthy nation consiting of it and the bordering nations mentioned earlier(being about the sieze of Pakistan,Bengladesh and Nepal all together at its peak.About).After the collapse of the empire(which happened because the goverment had run up unpayable depts while defending itself from a much larger enemy,resulting in the collapse of the economy and in turn civil war)Greater Nationia,formerly the central part of the empire,declared its independence,and fell victim Imediatly to a military coup bringing the colonel to power.

In the twenty first year of the democracy,unrest started to mount when a well know MP started causing huge arguments within the parliment grew angry and rallied his loyal supporters to deliberatly Illegaly defy the goverment decisions he disagreed with,and ended in an assasination of a prominent rival politician by one of his overzealous supporters,and him taking his troops up against goverment forces.During this period of unrest,a new faction was born(new,not the other guy).The Neo-Emperialists,led by General Alexander(a citzen,who actually originated from Canada,but keeps it on the low for the moment),armed themselves with contraband Soviet weaponry, and prepared to take control,with the goal of reuniting the Empire and bringing it too a new age of prosperity under his enleightend rule,beliving that the new goverments were weak and too strongly influenced by the states.The fighting has been going on for months,causing food shortages,high civilian casualties and severe damage to the nations infastructure.

Weeks later,The Neo-Emperialists have taken control of all the Empires former territories,and martial law has been declared(they're is now about 47 million people in all)and the Neo-Empirielists are keeping control with violently oppressive tactics.The good general makes another inspirational speech,publicly to a crowd,which is also broacast Nationaly.

"Dear subjects!Rejoice!My forces have eliminated the last of the evil tyrants that once sold out your great nation to the Americains.Also,they have re united all the traditional territories of the Empire!I now give you the greatest news of all!The Empire is re-united!The splintered nations are no more,we are now The Alexian Empire!Furthermore,I hereby declare myself Emperor Alexander the I,the elightened one!I will now set out to repair the damage done by the tyrants before me,restore the empire to its former prosperity!Long live the Empire!"

And thus the new monarch retires to the parliment buldings.

A message is sent to every country in the world appealing for economic,humanitarian and military aid and backing.The Emperor wants support from who ever will give it to him.
27-08-2004, 05:33
(well,if you want to play,go ahead.Thanks for reading this I appreciate it.Hope you like it.)
27-08-2004, 05:42
We have recieved your distress call.
We are immediantly shipping 40,000 Reiksgaurd, and 10,000 Stormtroopers.
As well as many vehicles and some prototype mech stly vehicles.
Sincerely Yours,
Colonel Ken Hari of the Cathaynon Honor Gaurd
Imperial Articas
27-08-2004, 06:26
Artican News Station, 4:30 PM

"The Emperor is about to make a statement on the subject." screen turns to the emperor at a stand. "This is what I have to say to those rebel bastards. :upyours: " "Thank you! Now time for sports, Don. :D "
27-08-2004, 06:31
Irondin will ship Biomechs out to help stableise the nation
27-08-2004, 14:13
Colonel,you reiceive a personel phone call from the emperor himself.It is recorded on your answering machine by one of your secretaries.

"Colonel Ken Hairi,I'd like to thank you very much for your help,it is tremoundosusly appreciated.I'd like our nations to continue close relations,if we could.Just gotta lay down a few things.The your troops must be put under the command of my generals while in my country,just a thing thats done here,ya know...But your help is greatly appreciated.But again I must ask you for more help.Anything else you could send would be great.But most importantly,I must ask you for funds to rebuild the infastructure and instituitions of my nation,which were destroyed while liberating the nation from the rule of those tyrants,and money to reibuld and reorganize our military.Could I perhaps ask you for access to the funds I would need?Thank you for your time,good Colonel,and may you Reign over your nation for 100 years to come."

A message to Irondon:(could you explain the mech situation?this is my first post ever in this forum.thanks)Great leader of Irondin,the military aid you sent is greatly appreciated,and I'd like to keep relations between our countries close.Thank you so much,your efforts will be forever remembered(and anything else would be graciously excepted.....and helpfull...).But alas,we must ask you for more.We need reibuld our infastruture,military,and practically everything else.Could you perhaps provide us with access to the funds we would need to do this?Keep in touch.May I rule my nation with at least a fraction of your greatness.

Nothing further can really be done without money,so the Emperor waits.(if anyone else want to play,like in their spare time or whatever,go ahead,unless you guys feel diferently up their.)
27-08-2004, 17:12
(um,just a question.My countries population really isn't that in the game country thing,that was just for roleplaying purposes.If I'm supposed to use the game country statistics I will.On the homepage it say 6 mill.)
27-08-2004, 17:31
(um,just a question.My countries population really isn't that in the game country thing,that was just for roleplaying purposes.If I'm supposed to use the game country statistics I will.On the homepage it say 6 mill.)OOC: Yeah, you should use the NS game as a reference to define hoe big your army is and that kinda stuff. About 5% or less is normal.

IC: Helveticuz wants to aid Alexias in the fight against the rebels. Do you wish military aid or economical?
27-08-2004, 18:15
Any and all aid Is welcome,but if I had to pick,economic.

(thanks for clarifying my question by the way)
27-08-2004, 18:18
Memo:All foreign soldiers in the territory of the empire are to be put under the controll of the emperors generals,who will also supply his own officers.The original generals and officers will be accomadated in goverment hotels until the forces are pulled out by their goverment or ejected by mine.Thank you for your co-operation.You guys are great.
Supreme Emperor Alexander I,the enlightened one.
Scandavian States
27-08-2004, 18:23
[If you run your posts through word you'll find that putting spaces after a sentence ends is a Good Thing.]
27-08-2004, 18:26
Scandavian States
27-08-2004, 18:41
[Put spaces after your punctuation, please. (Notice how I did that?)]
27-08-2004, 18:41
A message to Irondon:(could you explain the mech situation?this is my first post ever in this forum.thanks)Great leader of Irondin,the military aid you sent is greatly appreciated,and I'd like to keep relations between our countries close.Thank you so much,your efforts will be forever remembered(and anything else would be graciously excepted.....and helpfull...).But alas,we must ask you for more.We need reibuld our infastruture,military,and practically everything else.Could you perhaps provide us with access to the funds we would need to do this?Keep in touch.May I rule my nation with at least a fraction of your greatness.

Irondin has shiped 1,000 Biomechs and 15,000 Iron Warriors and 100,000,000,000 in aid to help Alexias
27-08-2004, 19:48
(I'm sorry to say,but I do not really see the diference,or the point.Sorry.

Jus a qustion Irodin,are those maned by your troops,like,to have them like
temporarily,or are they like,gifts of tanks to me gifts to me?just to clarify.thanks.P.S.The amount of money specified their,could someone write it out in words the amount cuz I got myself confused again.Sorry.I just don't know how to translate it.Please be honest and tell me thanks.)

Message to the goverment of Irondin:The Emperor of the Alexian Empire thanks you personally and on the behalf of his people for the extremly usefull aid.It will most definitly help in reibulding the country.Keep in touch.Power to you,and may the devinity and or devine power/fortune of your choice bless you.
27-08-2004, 20:01
Thats 100 Billion and the troops will return when your nation is stable or if there needed in Irondin
27-08-2004, 22:08

The Emperial Goverment sends a message to the nations of the world once again.

The Empire would like to thank all the good compassionate nations which have contributed to the fixingness.....nessnessness....... our crisis,and apologizes that we our not yet able to give you the thanks you deserve.But we are still sorely in need of more aid,espicially economic,to rebuild.Please send what you can,for the good of the international community and the poor people of the empire.Thank you.

Appeal to the goverment of Irondin:We must again thank you for your help and apologize for our inability to thank you properly.But we must again ask of you help.Could we perhaps be given access to all the money we feel we need to rebuild?I understand its alot to ask,but we are really in desperate need,and it would create a permanant bond between our two people.No hard feelings if you refuse,its perfectly understandable,espicially seeing as you have already helped us a great deal.

Appeal to the goverment of the good Colonel:We must again thank you for your help and apologize for our inability to thank you properly.But we must again ask of you help.Could we perhaps be given access to all the money we feel we need to rebuild?I understand its alot to ask,but we are really in desperate need,and it would create a permanant bond between our two people.No hard feelings if you refuse,its perfectly understandable,espicially seeing as you have already helped us a great deal.
27-08-2004, 22:13
How much do you need in total?
27-08-2004, 22:24
Helveticuz will donate 200 million dollars to support you. We are soprry that we can't engage in combat, as we're already in war with the communist rebels at Freegoslavia.
And, if there's anything left, we will take back the rest of the money when the situation is over. If this isn't permitted, we will invade you. Pure helvetian politics..
27-08-2004, 22:58
Our finance ministry is not 100% sure,seeing as their are many variables,but when asked for a figure they estimated 8.5 hundred billion dollars.Although we do not expect you to come up with this figure,as generous as you are.

The Empirial goverment is considering refusing the money that was offered to us by Hel....somethingia(sorry,I forgot the name) goverment for the sole purpose of giving them creditbility to invade.The Emperor would like to consult with Irondin on the matter.

Could the two leaders perhaps meet and discuss all the matters concerning our two nations?
27-08-2004, 23:34
all right will you come here or will I come there?
28-08-2004, 01:19
I think it would make more sense if you came here,seeing as the countries still very unstable and it wouldn'tbe a good Idea for its leader to leave.Of course,the troops you and the other guy sent hve made sure nothing will happen,but still.
28-08-2004, 01:26
Helvetiquez,I don't really understand your actions at all.It seems sorta pointless.I'm not saying I don't want you to play,in fact please stay,I just saying I don't really get it.What if I spend every last dollar,which is likely that I would do cuz we really need money.
28-08-2004, 03:14
I think it would make more sense if you came here,seeing as the countries still very unstable and it wouldn'tbe a good Idea for its leader to leave.Of course,the troops you and the other guy sent hve made sure nothing will happen,but still.

Presadint Churchman is on his way with a squad of Biomech guards
28-08-2004, 16:19
A legion of troops armed with soviet old,cheap soviet weaponry meets you at the border,to escort you to the capital,more as a courtesy than for actuall protection seeing as you have brought your troop of bodyguard.You have travel in caravan as the traintracks and,well the train system in general is totaly destroyed.You are treated to the greatest of luxury,although you pass through the devastated countryside and cities half reduced to ruble,were children starve in the streets and looting is rampant,and goverment troops try desperatly to keep order.The journey goes without problem,until halfway through,the scouts from the legion of troops report something to the general,who then tells you he must attend to something,and the majority of the legion goes a couple miles in another direction,while leaving several squads to protect you(even though you don't really need it,its more just for show).The guides change the course slightly.Gunfire and explosion can be heard in the distance and several hours and miles later the genarl and his legion rejoin you,looking a bit smaller than it was before,and with some wounded,and bit roughed up in generl,but no one mentions anything.On arriving in the capital,Alex City,you are put up in a now goverment controlled fine hotel,protected by some of the troops you sent and a good number of local ones.The generals of the troops you sent are their aswell(the troops that the generls of the troops that the other guy sent are set up in another hotel in much the same fashion,but its not quite as well protected,seeing as a head of state is not in that hotel).The manager of the hotel tells you that all the empirial fortunes are at your disposal and that if they're anything at all you want(a pie,another hotel,whatever)just to ask him,and that the emperor and his highest officials are ready to receive you whenever you are.

(Could someone explain to me all the mech things?I'm new here,I don't really understand.Could you tell me like,what they are,all the types and what they do,ect.?Thanks.)
28-08-2004, 16:39
Helvetiquez,I don't really understand your actions at all.It seems sorta pointless.I'm not saying I don't want you to play,in fact please stay,I just saying I don't really get it.What if I spend every last dollar,which is likely that I would do cuz we really need money.
What i meant was that, IF anything is left, we must have it back. But if you spend it all up, that's ok - casue we got a shitload of money.
We are sorry for not making everything clear to you.
29-08-2004, 02:20
Oh.Now I get it.Sorry about that.

Emperor Alexander the I of the Alexian Empire would like to personally thank the Helveticuz goverment and the people of Helveticuz for their generous gift towards the welfare of the Alexian people and hopes that our two nations may continue good relations in the future.May the divinity/s/divine fortune of your choice shine opon you.
29-08-2004, 02:27
OOC Due to another RP Im going to have to teparerly cut this off
29-08-2004, 02:33
ah,too bad.Ah well,come back when you want.See you around.
29-08-2004, 03:02
"Prince-General! We haverecieved word from our agents that a nearby nation is in the chaos of Civil War. It's the perfect opportunity to invade and crush them!"


"Yes, Prince-General."

"Excellent...mobilize the troops. I want the 1st Army ready to move within the next twenty-four hours, with the 2nd army standing by as reserve. Mobilize the 1st Airborne Division! Get the Ari Fleets ready! We move at once!"

1st Army:

120,000 men armed with semi-automatic/bolt-action rifles complemented with machine guns, mortars, and bazookas.

950 SMX-34 Meduim Tanks

200 SRT-23 Heavy Tanks

50 SH-24 super-heavy tanks

300 Artillery Pieces

1st Airborne:

7,000 men armed with sub-machine guns and semi-automatic carbines, and machine guns, mortars, and bazookas.

Air support: 1,000 SF-4 Jet Fighters
1,000 SP-16 Fighter/Bombers (prop planes)

OOC: My army is somewhat odd because the troops are armed WW2-style, due to the fact that nearly the entire budget is given over to tank and plane technology. My airforce is a mix of jet fighters and prop planes. My tanks, however are near-future. We are talking very good tanks. Just a note. Now, let the games begin!
29-08-2004, 03:37
The newly appointed minister of National defence presents the reprsentitive of a small border farming village to his emperorship."He has very disturbing news,most enlightend one."says the minister.

"What is it,good citzen of the empire?"inquires the Emperor,to the point.

"Your emperor ship,"says the peasant,with a hint of mockery in his voice."The people of my village have confirmed that the neibhouring nation of Sertia prepares a gargatuan invasion force to crush you and conquer us without mercy.But,like idiots,their genrals have neglected to hide this.It was painfully obvious,although in their defence it is not easy to hide an invasion force of that sieze.I have pictures of many of their positions,taken by the villagers.I have presented them to your minister."

The emperor,terrified,rewards the village leader handsomly and prepares his forces to defend.The public is Immediatly informed of the unprovoked invasion,and learning of this,they turn their hate away from the emperor who was widely hated,and too their neighbour,Sertia,who has united the new Empire,cementing it into the people more succesfully then the emperor could have done in years.People clamour to join the imperial army,they prepare their(illegal)weapons to defend their cities if they are attacked,and huge numbers of them form militias and other groups,ready to commit acts of terrorism against the Sertian people.The emperor sends out a plea to the united nations,along with proof of the invasion force,and asks for defense,and help of any kind against the warmongering neighbour.

Contacts the colonel,Helvilticuz and the leader of Irondin hastilly,explaining the situation and sending pictures:Thank you for all your help,but we must again ask you too aid us in our cause.Please send whatever more you can.Thank you,please help.

Too the prince general of Sertia:I see that you plan to invade,it is painfully clear.Your unprovoked attack is foolish and cruel.You will only lose lives and money.I must thank you though.You have eliminated the seperatists and made the people love and reconize the empire.They are now united in a common cause,that being to defend their beloved empire against you.My empire is now permanant.Thank you.I thought,as a courtsey,I would point out some flaws in your plan.

1.We have now become friends with a number of nations,and I do not think they would enjoy your interference in their agendas here,espicially since they have invested quite alot of money into my nation.

2.Their are foreign troops in my country,which will defend me.Again,another thing that will bring other nations to my aid against you.(OCC:Also Irondin's head of state,but I won't tell you that for his safety)

3.Your army is rather unbalanced.You have neglected many things to inprove others,outdated weaponry ect.,you know what I am talking about.That will cost you.We have foreign troops with the best of weaponry stationed all over the country.(OCC:Bio mechs,and all the other mechs and stuff sent,but I not tell you that so as not to comprimise the generls ability too defend.By the way,no one has explained to me the mch thing.Could someone do that please?Please?)

I strongly incourage you to reconsider your foolish adventures in my country.I would very much like our to nations to co-exist,as allies and with good relations.I hope you at least consider your folly before making a most terrible mistake.
Respectfully yours,
Emperor Alexander the I of The Alexian Empire

("Let the games begin!"
Emperor Niro)
29-08-2004, 03:55
"Prince-General, they have united and are preparing their defenses."

"Ah. Well, this was not unexpected. Instead of waiting in reserve the 2nd Army will invade along with the 1st. Put the 3rd and 4th armies on alert. They will be ready for a counter-attack, should our offensive fail,or go in to help crush them. Put the Draft on code yellow. Of we fail, this could be very bad for us. In the meantime, begin firing our new V-3 missiles at military targets. We will crush them. Start the invasion."

Message to the Alexian Empire

Despite your loyal men, you will be crushed. Our primary invasion force is nearly the size of your entire army! You might as well give up. Although our troops are not armed as well as yours, it is well know that bolt action rifles out range your so-called 'aasualt rifles'. Our tanks are some of the best in the world. We will crush you. Prepare to be destroyed.

End Message

V3 Missile implacements begin to fire. Streaks of light shoot off into the evening sky. Meanwhile, on the border the two armies are given the order to move. Tank engines rumble to life and trucks begin moving. Troops climb to their feet and begin the march into enemy territory. There is a drone as troop transports fly ovehead. The Airborne are on the move. Jet fighters zip by, high overhead on their way to bomb targets. Even larger, high altitude bombers head for the industrial heartland of the Alexian Empire. Prop engine-fighter/bombers begin to make strafing runs on enemy positions. It is war.

over the drop zones paratroopers begin dropping to the ground. Canopies blossom in the night. They are to capture important bridges and road junctions. As they hit the ground they begin to assemble and head towards their objectives.

OOC: Your infrastructure is in shambles after your civil war, I expect. After all, people are starving in the streets.
29-08-2004, 13:53
(yes,that is true.All I ask is that you play fair.Everyone do that and will all get along and have fun)
29-08-2004, 14:22
(but seeing as you said my country borders yours,could you tell me a bit about it?It would make sense for me too know,unless theirs some reason I wouldn't that you can think of.Thanks.P.S. If you think that I'm ever being unfair,just tell me and we'll work something out.K?)

At the border,your ground forces encounter virtually no resistance.They can advance without hinderence across the country for a long while(but remember,moving an army that big across a country of this sieze will be rather slow,unless it is split into rather small groups).You take countless half abbandoned border towns effortlessly.(I'm naturally assuming your continuing your advance to the capital and into the heartland of the country and such.Correct me if I'm wrong.And remember,I want to play fair,you just tell me if I not fair,K?)Your missles,fired at "our positions"(of which we do not really have) mostly make their mark,those(the positions) having been cowardlyliy fleed by the goverment forces.The only deaths are really that of the people living near the bases,like the apartements near a military barracks,and the eastern half of a small town whose center was the Military base until recently.This enfuriates the Alexian populace,who promise that you will feel their anger when you try to take their city.(still assuming the army is advancing,again,if thats not true,ect.ect.)As your ground forces move deeper into the country,they find not resitance from government forces.It seems that they’ve completely disappeared.Although they do encounter a literal ocean of landmines,and although they can be removed without losing to many people(if you have the proper equipement of course),but it will slow down an army of that magnitude tremoundously.
As you conquer more towns,you seem to realize that most of the valuable have been spirited away.

The Alexian targets are virtually helpless against your planes,and are airforce is non-existent,although again,theres barely anything to hit,and a good number of civilians are killed.

So you’ve encountered a bit of trouble.But you’ll be fine.This is fun,thanks for playing my little game with me.

P.S.The food shortages,the lack of electricity and running water,the fact that the comb is missing and the car breaking down are no longer the fault of the emperor but the good prince.

P.S.S.Why have my allies sent nothing extra to help!Woe is me!Sniffle(just kidding guys)
29-08-2004, 14:26
(P.S.S.S. Could you guys explain the godamn mech please.Someone?Please?Otherwise I'll just make an assumption about them.Thats ok too though.Anyway.I had a question,but I forgot it.Sorry.)
29-08-2004, 14:50
(by the way,I hate to keep posting like this,but I forgot your partroopers.)

As your para troopers drop to their position unhindered,they find the remants and skelletons of once magnificsant structures,that were probably great feets of engineering.But,the sad truth is,Alexia has no important bridges,it has no roads,and it has no trains.They were all destroyed during the civil war.People have been having to travel by caravans for months now.These are things the emperor planed to rebuild.The only two real important bridges left standing,of huge rivers that carve up the country.These kind of bridges were once very important,as crossing the rivers is almost imposible without them.The first important bridge is found,with no one for miles around it,sitting their with an 18-wheeler on it,motionless.Upon inspection,their is the rotting body of a driver,sitting in the passenger seat,shot dead.He appears to have been a soldier,but it looks like he was deserting,as it does not really look like a military operation.It looks like the truck WAS carrying food,but is now almost entirely empty except for a few scraps.It appears that the soldier had stolen a truckfull of food,but was attacked by bandits at the bridge.It is too worn and damaged to support larg numbers of people or vehichlec crossing it a time.

The second bridge is found crawling with local militia men,who have,perhaps overzealously,packed it with explosives.They do not notice you as they are engrossed in their work.Then,your men can see sparks coming from one of the detonaters,and the militia men panick.The bridge explodes under them,before your men reach it,killing the militia men.The bombs went off prematuraly.

But know that your generls know,I'm sure they'd hastily inform you and you could stop the paratrooping operations to non-existent train stations an hydro electric dams.

By the way,these bridges are around the center of the country,so your men may have trouble returning.They could wait for the advancing army(yours) but they would have to be carefull of the angry,gun slinging locals and the ruthless bandits.
29-08-2004, 16:00
(you know I can see my TV and here my radio from the computer,its great!I'm such a genius....Being under house arrest is so boring,you have no Idea,thanks so much for playing with me guys.Just got this here)


when on holiday in your nation a senator reported back to me that your nation is in need of funds as a result of the empire becoming re-united.

Cirsinus will offer a gift of 100 billion Tucan marks to to your nation in its time of need,we hope this will help rebuild your great empire.

also the Cirsinus red cross is on its way to offer the population medical and food aid,they will also provide the civilian population with defence when needed.

the Cirsinus red cross unit will ammount to-

5 hospital ships
3500 medical staff
3 war ships(1500 crew)
4000 soldiers

the soilders will stay for 3 months then they will be recalled.
the war ships are to protect the hospital ships,
and the red cross will stay for as long a Alexias needs them.

the funds are a gift from the federal government and will no need to be paid back,the funds are in a international banking account,the account details are

**** **** **** ****
(the 1st federal bank of Cirsinus)


(got real number,just not showing you)


The Emperor would like to personally thank Cirsinus goverment and people,on behalf of the people of the empire.These funds will aid us powerfully in our effort to rebuild.You may not have heard,but we are currently being invaded by a much larger enemy,who is trying to take advantage of our situation.Your troops may be forced to engage in combat,although we will do our best to keep them out of the field.(and,of course,to defend the aid workers which you have so genrously provided).Hopefully,this conflict will be resolved soon(although it is unlikely).Thank you so much,may you rule for a hundred years.
Gratefully your,
Emperor Alexander the I the enlightened one,of the Alexian Empire.

(thanks man,keep in touch,eh?)

Just thought I'd post it here.
29-08-2004, 17:17
OOC: Welll, Serti recently emerged from a century or two of isolation under the leadership of Prince-General Doran Kalt, a dictator. Their technology was still around WW2 levels, although their tanks were incredibly good. They begin an exchange of goods for technology and are currently upgrading their aircraft. The people in the country are somewhat oppressed, but no one complains...But that's mainly because anyone who does is whisked away and is returned several days later completly loyal or turns up facedown in a ditch or river somewhere. BTW, thanks for being such a good sport about all this.

IC: The !st and 2nd Armies continued their slow and ponderous march across the devestated country-side. They give out food and other such goods as they go. Behind them the 3rd Army begins to move in to occupy the area. Several times they are forced to stop and wait as Engineers consruct pontoon bridges or reinforce existing ines. As they begin hitting huge minefields the engineers are called forward and they begin to advance, foot by foot, inch by inch towards the capital.

The paratroopers Are reforming into larger units and begin gravitating towards Divisional HQ, which has set up it's command post in an abandoned village. Their commander is trying to get in contact with the main army by radio.

"Big Boy this is Eagle, do you read? over."

A reply comes through, faint, but clear.

"This is Tango 1 from Red Squadron. I read you loud and clear. Currently heading towards your co-ordinates. Over."

The signal gains strength as he talks and a few minutes later a jet fighter goes low overhead, wagglin it's wings. The troops on the ground cheer and wave.

"Tango One, W are establishing base here. Please advise BigBoy. Over."

"Roger that, Eagle. Over and Out."

Large bombers fly over the capital. Instead of dropping bombs, however, they drop leaflets encouraging any troops to surrender and civilians to welcome the Sertian Armed forces. They promise food and reconstruction of the country.

OOC: This is going prettty well. Thanks for the good RP. I almost feel bad for steamrolling you....But then again, those mechs will show up at some time...
30-08-2004, 02:18
(no problem man.Thanks for playing with me.I under house arrest and it very boring.You can only melt things in your microwave for so long,yah know.Plus you playing fair,and that’s all you can really ask of someone,right?.About the mechs,ya,I guess they are still around.Thanks for bringing that up.No one has yet explained to me what they are yet though.Anyhow.I know I was gonna say something else,but I can’t remember it.Ah well.We keep playing then I guess.Thanks by the way for the info on Sertia,it is a good story)

Just to say a thing,now I don’t mean to be unfair,I really don’t,but seeing as your ground forces are using WWII tech,it would be likely they would suffer heavy losses when they hit the mechs(whose positions are unknow for the moment,unless you can convince everyone that your spies would find them).Now,I not trying to be unfair,and I have been a longtime advocate of “ a bolt action rifle will kill a guy just as well a modern one.They worked then,they work fine now”,but it has been proven in real life conflicts that superior weaponry does make a huge difference.Not always a win,(as also proven on many occasions,like for example by the Britishes losses in Africa against certain tribes) but a difference,most diffinitly.Just saying.

“……….Revolverlution.Damn!Cut off the program,raise tha whole thang.Now that sounds hot,stop tha robot,we be tha pros that the pros forgot,lost and then found ex found lova’s a hip hop,finding anotha art form,goin ta rock!Beyond tha bushes I,save a lot,unda the undaground,sound a hip hop!!!!………..”Public enemy’s voice rings out from the only radio station.The government has started broadcasting again,mainly inspirational music and news reports about the atrocities commited by the Sertian army.The Emperor seems totally unconcerned about the pamphlets,which he publicly denounces as propaganda(which in all fairness,they are).He makes a number of televised and radio interviews,casualy explaining that if you want to help a nation you do not invade it,and saying that if you want to join the Sertian army and take up arms against your countrymen,by all means do it,but that you will most likely be torn to shreds by a mob of patriotic citzens.He says aswell”Do you want your children to grow up as vassals of a foreign country,ruled by the Sertian royals instead of their own people?”(by the way,why are you prince and not king?Sorry,I mean the artist formerly know as Prince….).He also announces the good news that our generls have made several victories(untrue,but still said) against the foolish and cowardly Sertian forces,but to still be ready to defend the empire.In addition,he again thanks all the countries which have sent aid.

(thought I ought to post this two,got this message not so long ago.The Countries entire name is The Allied States of Cirsisus by the way)


yes we will be able to offer more help,Cirsinus has a number of colonize in regions all over NS
2 in the allied states of power(eine colony and zweizwei colony.
1 in fife(drie colony)
and 1 other colony (but this one is being used for an other project at the moment)

the 1st three colonies are able to sent troops and funds your way,each colony has about 10 million people in them,so our colonies are 30 million strong,they will send 2.5 million fighting men and women to you and a small fleet of 15 class B and C war ships.they will be with you soon.

the allied states will also sent 2 million soilders to you now,and 30 class A war ships.

total 4.5 million troops
52 ships(and thier crew)
almost 6000 redcross workers

P.S the cirsinus international red cross HQ in our capital has put its staff on high alert and is ready to ship its way to you if you need it.

if you need more we can see what we can do,but as for our region,it is in the middle of it own conflict and may be going to war soon too,so i dont think our region will be able to help much,but we will ask next time we are in contact with the founder.

the president wishes you all the best


(I don’t tell your character or country though.Just cuz you know doesn’t necessarily mean that they know.But its sorta hard to hide.And your spies,I’m guessing aren’t incompetent,so they report this back to you,among other things.)

(this part is concerning the Sertian invasion)

As your forces occupy more cities,the people gratefully except the food and aid offered,and often some of them will mumble something like”I’m so sorry your government got you into this.Your such a nice person,you shouldn’t be out here….” To a soldier.The occupation is met with increasing resistance,with people firing at Sertian forces,throwing bombs,rioting in the streets,and other such disruptions,doing everything we they can,one fellow even going so far as to blow himself up.The leader of the CACER(Citzen Army for the Continuation of Empirial Rule,nation wide a civilian organized group) in one of the more northern occupied cities contacts one of your generals,pleading with him to withdraw his forces for “his own good.For the love of the deity/deities of your choice,leave!No one wants to see your men get hurt!”(giving you a chance to arrest/kill him).

Message to the Prince of Sertia from the Emperor of Alexia:

My good prince and most formidable enemy,
I must thank you and your army for distributing the much needed food and medical help to my people in your occupied territory.That is a wonderfully kind act.(event though it is to gain you support,but that’s understandable)I must personally thank you for that.

Also,I must ask you a favor.Could you perhaps allow the Red Cross workers into the occupied territory?They would not interfere,at least not on my orders.Please,for the sake of the people,at least consider it.
Emperor Alexander the I ,the enlightened one,of the Alexian Empire

The Alexians have sent you a personal gift of an “Empirial pie”,but It appears to be just one of those normal boxed pies mass produced in North America.

By the way,my country page which I was told to refer to for stuff is The Empire of Alexias.It was supposed to be Alexia,but apparently that name is taken.

This post is too way long.I’m truelly sorry about that.
30-08-2004, 02:44
(you know,as nice as it was of him to send those soldiers,maybe we should just pretend he didn't.It is sort of unfair.Can you help me decide?)
30-08-2004, 02:54
(actually,I personally feel that number of troops is extremly unfair.What do you think?
31-08-2004, 15:18
(k,seeing as all those soldiers are just crazy and don't work for me on so many diferent levels,how about we say that he sent all that stuff,but just like,say 8000 soldiers and 300 billion money,k?If you agree,just keep playing,if not,we work it out,right then?
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It seems my thread has died.If you guys want to keep playing I'd be happy too continue,but it seems no ones here.Ah well.
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Ok,you guys seem to have left,I feel It is fair for me to do what I want with this forum now.Sorry.I'm going to finish this story and then use this thread as a sort of home base,I suppose.
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I finish this soon.Theirs hockey on.
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K,well seeing as you said you were back,Serti,just continue from where you left off.
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I shall use this thread for another purpose in good time then.
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And so,as the Sertian forces reached the capital,wearied and damaged from the attacks by the guerrila forces,the Alexian forces and their allies moved swiftly,taking them by surprise,and causing heavy casualities and taking many prisoners.The terrified Sertian forces fled north as fast as they could,with the Alexians and allies close behind.As the Sertians reached the raging rivers,the destroyed their temporary bridges behind them,considerably slowing their pursuers.The remainder of their once proud invasion army crossed the Sertian border just in time,and with great rejoincing,the Alexians took up defensive positions to make sure they would not return.Their were great celebrations throughout the new empire,as the Sertian enemy had united it,making them forget the old nations and crushing every chance of serious separatist rebellions,and was ten quickly dispatched.The emperor,who was once and had prepared to be seen in the eyes of his people as a crackpot dictator and an insane man with dreams of conquest,was now a war hero and the uniter of the most glorious empire.He was quick to play this,using this image to his every advantage.His first act,with the help of his allies,was to deal with Sertia.Now,his battered army could not invade it or do any thing such as that,but again with his allies help,they forced Sertia to redraw the borders,giving Alexias a good deal more land and leaving Sertia considerably less,and also giving the empire control of a good deal of Sertian cities which were unlucky enough to be so near the border to be included in the deal.Also,Sertia was forced to pay for "the damages caused by their invaision",and ended up being forced into paying much much more,which was used as the emperor saw fit,and was paying it off for many many years to come.And so,the emperor set about rebuilding the country,spending the international aid at an alarming rate,making many reforms and such,giving him not only the image of a great war hero and unifier of the nation,but as a great revolutionary,a generous and noble man,a brilliant leader and a host of other good things.I will outline some more about what happened soon,so that I can get back in the game.Thanks!
06-10-2004, 15:34
(Ok,I trully apologize,this next part is extremly repitittive and boring,I'm just writting it for the sake of having it written.This is not my best writting.)

Armed with a great deal of foreign aid,the Emperor set about rebuilding his empire.He made massive low rent housing projects in the cities,built mines and factories,garguntuan prisons out in the countryside and inside the city,military bases,goverment buildings,factories out in the countryside and in the cities.He damned the raging rivers for electricity,and built a massive irrigation project,called the dreamway irrigation project,which made much larger crop yields,and farmers would pay to use it.He also created many massive agricultural projects,6/10 of them he gave to farmers,making them very rich,and the rest he kept for himself.He also helped small farmers,giving them money and free land.He built hospitals,welfare offices,and a nationwide,state of the art electric railway system,for people,good,and military personel(allowing him to move them extremly efficently and quickly)

He rebuilt the ports,and made massive airports.

Then he launched a campaign to encourage smaller bussinesses too pop up aswell,which was relativly succesfull.

He rebuilt his army.

Also,he created an education system.

And,in addition,he created a most glorious capital building in Alex city,which had swelled in sieze.The Emperial palace was magnificent.Situated in the center of the city,it had every modern convinence,skilled chefs,everything you could ever want,and sprawled insanly at 2.5 square kilometres as the main building.Their were hundreds of rooms for aptements for officials or as rooms for visiting foreigners(of importance.)It was the heart of the empire,with computers,phones,a garguntuan archive,library,and everything else that every wonderfull capital building needs.There was the goverment part,and a part simply for the emperors luxury and to entertain,of course.

The grounds were filled with the most beautifull gardens you could find,with shady trees and flowers(and such).There was also a military wing to the palace,with a barracks,garage for military vehicles,helicopter lauching pads,and the works.Everywhere in the palace grounds and on the roof,there were cleverl concealed anti aircraft guns(half hidden for the element of surprise,half hidden so as not to ruin the atmosphere.Around the palace,guards are also to be seen everywhere)

The Palace grounds were sourounded by a massive and insanly thick concrete wall,outside of which was a giant 40 pit,filled with spikes,(outside of the pit,there was 16 foot wall of bulletfproof glass, with barbed wire at the top,to assure no one falls in accidently).The giant concrete wall is patrolled by armed guards constantly,and every 17 feet,their is a tower with machine gun,sharp shooters and AA guns.On top of that,their are machineguns set up all around along the walls top,along with AA guns.

The emperor also created a new and glorious institution.The ASP,Alexian secret police,which had soldiers and police at their disposal,tons of money,the authority to do almost anything,and goverment payed for buildings.This organization did inteligence,and,primarily,kept track of anti goverment forces within the country.Also,media was strictly controlled by the Ministry of Alexian Media

The goverment had also lauched a massive propaganda campaign,putting propaganda all over the radio,Television,newspapers,being taught in schools,posters plasterd everywhere.The Emperor paying for parties,for free popular band concerts.The basic teachings of this were the following.

The Emperor and his lackies are great people,the emperor is a war hero,the unifier of the empire,the rebuilder,a kind and generous,compassionate man,defender of the people from threats at home and abroad,all his decisions are right,love your country,loving your country is loving the emperor,support the emperor,don't commit crime,work hard,the army is cool and patriotic.

What enssued was what looked like Chairman Mao's cultural revolution in in The "People's Republic" of China.Crime dropped drastically,their were massive rallies of support for the emperor,gangs of young men roamed around in the Alexian equivalent of the Red Guard,joining the Green protectors(I'm not very origninal),which was also sponsored by the goverment.Thousands patrioticly joined the military,going through further brain washing.

The emperor was most pleased with these results.Everything was going swimmingly.Exactly as planned.He could now continue what he'd been doing.Well,for the moment,that was building more palaces for him and his friends,but after ward,he would have other things to do.Hail to the emperor.Long life to the emperor.

He was a little worried about the fact that he had plunged the country into dept,but he'd deal with it later.

(a few notes.Like I said,this is terrible writting,not my best,just did this for the sake of writting it down.Also,this would take a great deal of time.It may not be done yet,could be just beggining,could be in the middle,whatever.I have other thing too do.I get back to you.)