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LRRA announces new APC

Lunatic Retard Robots
27-08-2004, 04:05
OCC: I don't think WA will be very happy with me, but I have an excuse! There's, like, no pictures of the SEP anywhere. What am I to do without pictures?!?!?!?! WHAT AM I TO DO WITHOUT PICTURES?!?!?!?!

So anyway, here's my CV-90 ripoff, the APC-7 personnel carrier and IFV:

The APC-7 is in many respects similar to the SEP. It is powered by a SHD-8 hybrid diesel/electric drive unit, mounted beside the driver in the front of the vehicle. This powerplant is an off-the-shelf model with common components with most LRRA ground vehicles, from main battle tanks to trucks. Hybrid drives offer very low CO2 emissions, better than most hybrid cars with filters added, as well as a very high fuel efficency, low thermal signiture, and low weight.

The APC-7 can carry, in the APC configuration, 15 equipped troops (webbing and weapons), and in the fire support vehicle configuration 10 equipped troops. It has a crew of three.

The APC version is armed with a 12.7mm PKT machine gun and a Spike-ER ATGM launcher, which enables the vehicle to engage targets from 8km range. The fire support variant is armed with two Spike-ER missiles, two Hellfire II missiles, a 40mm cannon, and a 14.5mm KPVT for anti-aircraft firing.

Approximately 25,000 of the APC variant, and 5,000 fire support variants are in LRR service.

There is also a variant which carries the AMOS twin-barreled 120mm mortar. The LRRA operates 2,000 AMOS variants.

The APC-7 can carry six casualties and three medics in the ambulence configuration, of which the LRRA operates 6,000.

Other variants include engineering (EV-7, 2,000 in service), 155mm howitzer (1,000 in service), and a few other specials that I'm not going to mention.

The vehicle is fully NBC protected, amphibious, and very reliable. It uses composite bandtracks, instead of the usual link variety, which improve its reliability, maintainability, and its performance in soggy and rocky terrain. The vehicle uses 95% composites, and therefore is cheap and easy to build, as well as very light and easy to maintain. With add-on armor, it can withstand large-caliber autocannon rounds, as well as the new RPGs.

A fire support variant with full applique.

Cost per vehicle: 750,000 USD

The reserve divisions use older Pbv-302 MODs, as well as MT-LBs. Approximately 50,000 such vehicles equip reserve divisions, as well as older T-64Ss.
Lunatic Retard Robots
27-08-2004, 18:16
Lunatic Retard Robots
28-08-2004, 04:54
Anybody interested?
28-08-2004, 05:03
The Republic of Agrigento would like to make two orders of 500 and 350 for the APC Variant and the Fire Support Variant respectively. Hopefully these will aid both our OpFor training, as well as suppliment the vehicles we currently have in service for these roles.

Thank you, and Goodbye.
Major General Marco Polizzi
CINC Army Procurement
La Repubblica d'Agrigento
Lunatic Retard Robots
28-08-2004, 16:41
Lunatic Retard Robots
29-08-2004, 01:14