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Large, Powerful Nation Seeking Alliances

The Church of Terrell
27-08-2004, 02:38
Telegram Delivered to all nations:

Hail Leaders of nations 'cross this world! I am Dmitri Isaanov, Minister of Foreign Affairs for His Holiness The Almighty Terrell of the 23rd incarnate.

Our nation currently consisting of over 840 Million citizens with a Powerhouse economy wishes to form alliances with you and your nation. We have much to bring to the table. The Most Holy Lands of The Church of Terrell is a nation with an economy built upon its two largest industries: Arms Manufacturing and Uranium Mining.

His Holiness will be glad to use his powers to trade with and fight alongside any who are interested.

I thank you for your time, and May the Great Terrell bless you.

D. Isaanov
Minister of Foreign Affairs
27-08-2004, 02:42
ooc: I'm larger and powerfuler than you.


General frequency message from the Imperial capital of Sdaeriji

TO: D. Isaanov, The Church of Terrell
FROM: Chairman Ilsuo Santite, Sdaeriji

Greetings from the Imperial Dominion. We are interested in establishing a trade treaty with The Church of Terrell. Tariff-free trade between our two powerful economies is something that is in both our best interests. Please let us know if this can be established. Thank you.

Chairman Ilsuo Santite
Imperial Dominion of Sdaeriji
27-08-2004, 02:43
Where is this "Large, powerful nation" you write of?
27-08-2004, 02:53
Do a search for him: He has about 845 million citizens and a powerhouse economy.
The Church of Terrell
27-08-2004, 02:57
OOC: My appologies for not stating earlier, but The Church of Terrell is located in the Absolutional Alliance.

Chairman Ilsuo Santite,
Your proposal interests His Holiness. Perhaps you might wish to speak about it with him directly to iron out the detail work involved. Please send us a telegram and we will respond as swiftly as possible. We wish to improve our trade, and you seem to be our best hope to accomplish this.

Terrell Bless,
D. Isaanov
27-08-2004, 16:21
Do a search for him: He has about 845 million citizens and a powerhouse economy.

Oh, I only consider nations with a population of over 2 billion large, and nations with a 'corporate bordello' economy to be powerful.
27-08-2004, 16:26
We regret to say we don't believe Terell is at all that powerful, what with its puny economy and decent sized population. They do however if conquered, would make a lovely large-scale labour camp. In fact, we are amused by him. However, it is cute that he does want an alliance with others. I suspect there will be a war later on, one which won't be profitable.

~ Reilla Fritz
Prime Minister of Kryozerkia
The Church of Terrell
27-08-2004, 21:30
To: Reilla Fritz

Such threats and innuendos are not necessary. We do not wish war, and we are aware that we are not large by the standards of other nations, merely our own. However, in the Absolutional Alliance there are 3 other nations with populations roughly the same size as my own. Should any larger nation attempt to bully us around, there will be bloodshed. And you are right Fritz, it will not be profitable for the instigators. We wish only to strengthen ourselves and become involved in world politics, not to conquer any lands or oppose the governments of any other nations. Please, try to see this.

-D. Isaanov