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Freegoslavian Civil War (Open Rp)

27-08-2004, 00:55
August 26, 2004

CNN News:

Today, The Freegoslavian Congress signed a bill making it illeagal to have the communist party present in the newly formed republic. Two hours later freegoslavian police raided a secret communist party meeting arresting several high officials. They uncovered several videos of the old Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, and Freegoslavian authorities think that he may be in hiding in the capitol, Pattersonville. Do you remember this scene?
Well the Freegoslavian authorities say that he was switched with an imposter, and when Freegoslavia declared independence he exiled unknowingly to the newly formed republic. We'll stand bye for more information, Back to you.

Two Hours Later:

A green car strolled up to the police who were arresting the communist officials. A man in the car pulled out a Colt1911 .45 semi auto pistol and shot and killed the communist leaders and the police who were on the scene. The car quickly got out of there and in a matter of minutes the whole block was blocked off and the streets were flooded with Freegoslavian soldiers wielding Kalashnikov automatic rifles. Several minutes after the Freegoslavian troops arrived several car bombs went off all around the city making a smiley face on the city map.

CNN News:

The President of Freegoslavia has declared a state of emergency calling on all civilians to stay inside their homes. Meanwhile the situation in Pattersonville got worse and worse. Freegoslavian soldiers started pulling Romanian civilians out of their homes and blaming them for the attacks shot them in the head. Several Hours after that Romanian troops intervened fighting the Freegoslav trrops street to street.
After several hours the Romanians retreated back across the boarder.
There is no idea on what the president will do next, We'll bring you more on this story as it developes.

Patterson Memorial Stadium:

Gymnastics is a popular sport in Freegoslavia but it wasnt popular today. A bomb hidden in womens locker went off killing everyone inside the stadium. The President has supported the killing of Romanian civilians," They are the only ones to blam for it!" said President Amarha in a news conference shortly after the bombing. Concentration camps have been erected and police are putting Romanian civilians in them for their own protection. But the bombings keep happening.


Romanian civilians all over have risen up in revolt taking old kalashnikovs from the Soviet era and going to the streets. This revolt has spread to other cities and Pattersonville seems like the only city not in Romanian hands. The Romanians organized and calling themselves RRF(Romanian Revolutionary Force). TV stations started to turn on messages of Nicolae Ceausescu calling for Romanian civilians to rise up in revolt. Soon the RRF will be marching on Pattersonville.

CNN News:

We have an update on the Freegoslav conflict the RRF marched on Pattersonville and took over the capital and congress. Nicolae Ceausescu took over and set up a communist state. but fighting still continues in Pattersonville. As the RRF gets closer and closer to President Amarha's position there is no where to go they are surrounded, they need a miracle.
And that miracle came when american and german civilian (app:53% of Freegoslavia's population) rose against the communist fighters and started to fight the RRF in the streets of Pattersonville. But the war is long from over. RRK forces are crushing the revolt and now the soldiers,loyal civilians, and the president of Freegoslavia are surrounded by the RRK. They are losing streets fast. One big blow could mean the end of Democracy in Freegoslavia. The President has called for defenders of Freedom to step fourth and put an end to the conflict Please help you are our only hope!