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New Tiamat Treaty Organization Negotitations [Closed to NT]

26-08-2004, 13:38
In a large hall, in hosting Anastamber, Abydoan and Anastamberi workers put the finishing touches on the negotiation hall. In the center of the room a pentagonal table, with placards for each nation - Abydo, Anastamber, Danmarc, Shane, and Sein-et-Zeit. Wires cleverly concealed, routed back to the corner where five stations for translators were being set up. Each station bore its own placard, each corresponding to their respective country.

Each delegation waited in their own antechamber off from the main-hall, in the Abydoan chamber President Halen Gorman paced practicing his initial speech while the specially trained diplomats accompanying him exchanged notes on how the negotiations were expected to go.

"... together in brotherhood, to forge a peaceful union of military might, so that we might defend ourselves from the depredations of the self-described super-powers in our region. Far too long have we been belittled and threatened by these nations. In the past they were enemies competing with each other, their threats idle - now they have banned together, allied against us. Their threats growing stronger, and their support for rogue elements in our region waxes. We must forge a counter-balance, to bring peace and stability to the region."

A chime at the door announced it was time for the delegations to enter.
Sein and Zeit
26-08-2004, 18:17
There was grave silence in the Sein & Zeit chamber. Special Emissary Martin Z, an scrawny old man, sat by the table, his tiny black eyes focused on the door opposite to the table. Not a muscle moved in his yellow, wrinkled face; his gaunt hands lay at rest on the table.

The rest of the delegation, some of them still quite young, with pink cleanly shaven faces, others almost as old as Z, some of them bearded, also sat in silence, as noone dared to speak in his presence. The more experienced ones exchanged telling glances, as if they had known what the Emissary was thinking. In fact, none of them really had no idea. Noone could ever tell this old man's thoughts, as he almost never spoke his mind. His mind, however, was something considered completely extraordinary. There were rumours that he could correct even the most experienced intelligence analysts, without ever having looked at the data provided. Others claimed that it was really the Special Emissary who was running the whole country. These rumours were, of course, wildly exxaggerated: the Special Emissary would never have taken such a task upon his shoulders. He simply wasn't interested in running a country, as his job allowed him to manipulate the whole region.

Then, suddenly, the silence was broken by the chime of a bell. At first, not a muscle twitched in the Emissary's body. Then, calmly, he stood up from behind the desk and, turning towards the others, said in a quiet and friendly tone: "Let's go."

In 30 seconds, the room was dead quiet again.
28-08-2004, 00:44
As the bell anounced the entrance of the Danmarc delegation, it became abundantly clear the Republic was serious about this engagement. 2 by 2 the Danmarc officials marched down the great hall, led by the Secretary of the Army, the Secretary of the Navy, the Secretary of the Air Force, and the Secretary of Special Operations, each in full military formal dress. Next came selected members of the President's advisory staff, followed by the hand-selected Danmarc Delegate to NETTO, Jeordie White, walking side-by-side with President Alexandre Smedley.
After entering the Pepsi/AT&T Wireless/UPS sponsored Danmarc delegation box, the members stood, waiting for the other delegations to be seated. Danmarc security staff were scouring the outside, and have taken strategic positions around the building as to make sure there were no "issues." Let the talks begin...
02-09-2004, 03:21
With no fanfare, Minister Lyam Dres'naus, temporal and spiritual head of Anastamber, bustles through a side door, his arms full of papers. His head snaps up, and his eyes widen to see the room full of people. In a movement risking an avalanche of processed tree products, he twists his wrist to look at his watch.
"Ohh, I'm sorry," he mutters. "Am I late?"
02-09-2004, 14:05
"We were just waiting for you, Minister Dres'naus," President Gorman began, "The Schane delegates were unfortunately delayed and will not be attending. However they provided a message of solidarity, and their willingness to accept any treaty we form here today. The Schane Republic's Trade Officer did mention idly that they would prefer trade to war."

"Now, to business. Friends, we have come together in brotherhood, to forge a peaceful union of military might, so that we might defend ourselves from the depredations of the self-described super-powers in our region. Far too long have we been belittled and threatened by these nations. In the past they were enemies competing with each other, their threats idle - now they have banned together, allied against us. Their threats growing stronger, and their support for rogue elements in our region waxes. We must forge a counter-balance, to bring peace and stability to the region.

"So, I'll shut up, and let the negotiations begin."
Beth Gellert
03-09-2004, 04:38
[Don't mind the tall, long-haired, bushy-moustached, heavily intoxicated, chequered-fabric-wearing, sword-weilding Celt in the corner, he's just a GSIC agent under cover. Look, he's wearing a, "Capitalism Rox!" badge on his woven poncho.]
05-09-2004, 14:39
"I'd first like to welcome everyone to this regional conference," Minister Dres'naus announced, suddenly remembering that as the host, he should probably say something. "We have gathered here today to form a more perfect union..wait, um, hang on a second; oh, sorry, wrong speech! I meant we have gathered here today to form a union dedicated to increasing the stability of New Tiamat, able to respond quickly to halt aggression, and to intervene and help stablize failing nations. We also would like to welcome our guest, and invite him to take a load off and have a seat."

With that, an additional chair was added to the conference table, and a placard bearing the words: "tall, long-haired, bushy-moustached, heavily intoxicated, chequered-fabric-wearing, sword-wielding Celt (GSIC agent, undercover)" was placed next to a bottle of the finest Beth Gellertian vodka.
Sein and Zeit
15-09-2004, 07:05
The old man stood up and began to speak in a quiet and calm tone.

"Collegues! I think we have spent enough time on too many opening talks. Now, it is the time to finally get to the point of these talks.

We have gathered here to form an alliance. An alliance against the forces of communism that are threatening to take over New Tiamat. If we don't act soon, it might be too late. We might be deprived of our freedoms if we don't act soon.

Of course the matter is quite urgent for us, for we are already in war with communists; have been for quite a while now. Their imperialist forces, cunningly hiding behind the mask of "democratizing," have been trying to take over our land. So far, they have failed. But with the Warsaw Pact behind them, they're growing stronger. This MUST be stopped.

Until recently, we had held an isolationist line in foreign relations. We didn't interfere in your matters, you stayed out of ours. But the world has changed, and we must change with it. We are now willing to change our course, and join an alliance. And now, let's here what you have to offer."
17-09-2004, 13:23
The elder diplomat stood as the younger began passing initial drafts of the entente, "Good evening, gentlemen and ladies. Within that document, you will find our view of what this alliance should be. If you will follow along, I will summarize each section. First, we suggest that this alliance encompass both trade and military treaties, with trade being foremost. In our first draft, the entire first section is devoted to free trade agreements between member nations. The second section relates to information sharing, as it relates to NeTTO member nations, and the final section declares a need for joint-military command within the New Tiamat region.

"To this end, we suggest joint-military bases be constructed within each member nation under the command of that member nation, and at least one command under a NeTTO appointed military leader, outside a member-nation - there are several OIIOan city-platforms available for that purpose. Ostensibly, we would like to keep this alliance free of fees and dues, but we acknowledge the need for bases to be constructed and bureaucrats paid. To that end, we open the floor to suggestions. Or argument of the military, intelligence, or trade portions of the draft."
18-09-2004, 04:20
As Danmarc Delegate to NETTO, Jeordie White stepped to the microphone in front of the Pepsi/AT&T Wireless/UPS sponsored Danmarc delegation box, the UPS billboard in front of the box rolled over, to reveal a Pepsi advertisement. With that, the Danmarc delegation took their seats and the negotiations continued.
**Delegate White** "Greetings delegates, on Behalf of the Republic of Danmarc, we feel trade is as important to national security and regional stability as is a strong military. Where goods and commodities can be freely exchanged, the region is at peace. With this regional stability in mind, Danmarc would like to take a first step in offering not only to build a Danmarc defense station in each of your nations, but is interested in opening its borders to your military bases as well. These bases will not only serve as a strong foundation for NETTO Military strength, but can serve to aid your companies in importing/exporting within the region. As you will see in the binder left at each of your stations (the delegates can see a Large white binder with a Danmarc flag border awaiting them at their boothes) a plot of Danmarc territory has been set aside for each of you, in prime port cities across the island nation. Our hope is to make these NETTO bases a focuspiece during the next several years, with possible expansions later. Please take a moment to reflect on this information.

**Delegate White then pauses for the next speaker**
19-09-2004, 01:19
Minister Dres'naus works to get the sleeve from his long ceremonial robe disentangled from the vicious attack of the Danmarcian 3-ring binder, and to distract attention from his difficulties leans into the microphone and asks: "Does our tall, long-haired, bushy-moustached, heavily intoxicated, chequered-fabric-wearing, sword-weilding Celt have anything to add to the discussion?"
21-09-2004, 15:47
((Sorry, that last reply was supposed to be from Anastamber. Several of us work together & while I thought I had signed Danmarc off from the system, this was obviously not the case.))
29-09-2004, 19:31
While his superior attempted to retrieve his sleeve from the Gigantic Pincers of Doom, Minister K'bug moved to take over the microphone. "Since our celtic friend seems content to sit silently, I move to open discussion on the current situation in Occupied Quicherbichen. Our recent intervention has finally allowed a semblance of normalicy to settle over the region, but rogue elements claim our actions lack legitimacy. While many, including some gathered here, would claim legitimacy comes from our military domination of the area, the Anastambrian government believes the citizens of the former state of Quicherbichen deserve the opportunities implicit with membership of an organized state. To accomplish this, Anastamber is moving to formally annex the territory it now occupies, and to offer full citizenship, with all it's right and duties, to those now stateless. We request, as the first action of NeTTO, that you all support us in this endevor against the almost certain international outcry, with it's vested interest in maintaining chaos in the region."
30-09-2004, 05:51
Sr. Diplomat Stephen MacConnel cleared his throat, "I believe it would be imprudent to bring political plans to the table at this time - but if it pleases the Minister, Abydo supported your annexation of Quicherbitchen when you actually performed the annexation. Under the precedent we established by counter-annexing OIIO, we couldn't in good faith argue against it. Besides, if we open the floor to political concerns prior to establishing the infrastructure of this organisation, we'll never get finished.

"We are aware of both your nation's and Sein and Zeit's requests for support within your respective boundary disputes - and we support both of your nations in them, however this deliberation should really focus on how that support will come.

"The Danmarcian delegation has brought to the floor a proposal creating five independent military presences within each member nation. We submit that the Danmarcian proposal, while put forward with good intent, would only serve to enhance the inter-national rivalry and distrust. Not to mention the high cost of establishing five individual military bases within each nation. We suggest, again as before, that we establish a joint military command - in the style of NATO. Placing defence forces through-out our alliance strategically, and under the command of the government of the respective host nation.

"The Abydoan plan is five-times cheaper than the Danmarcian plan - no disrespect intended. With that savings, we can field a larger defence force - whether that force be deployed as peacekeeping forces along the Ugandi/Sein and Zeit border, or as a defence buffer on the border of Anastamber and the Badlands."
02-10-2004, 13:40
**Clearing his throat, then leaning back in to the microphone** On behalf of the Republic of Danmarc, I hereby second the motion put forth by our Abydoan friend. Our intention was to to promote some sense of individual sanctity of the troops for each nation, but after careful discussion, it is in agreement that a multi-national force would be acceptable, and economically efficient. With that in mind, Danmarc would like to propose clearance for top ranking military officials from each of the nations to have access to these international NETTO Bases. For example, our Secretary of Defense would like to make occassional visits (at least 1 per year) to the bases to check on the progress and morale of the Danmarc troops. I feel this is important to both gain the cohesiveness NETTO needs, while maintaining some autonomy as individual nations.
Sein and Zeit
05-10-2004, 19:26
Martin Z gave a nod and a junior member of the delegation stood up. With a slight tremble in his voice (it being his first time to take part in an event of such importance), he said:

"S&Z supports the idea of founding international NeTTO bases in each of the membe states. We were, in fact, going to propose something similar ourselves, but at present, we're willing to, err, go for a compromise.

However, we think that a joint military command won't do us much good without the free exchange of goods, such as the weapons and Uranium we produce. To make it short, we propose that the second T in NeTTO should also stand for "trade" -- we should establish a free trade zone. As our analysis has shown (the green binder -- you should be given one in a moment -- contains an abstract of the study we're relying on here), the current situation -- where many goods and resources are being bought from communist countries due to high taxes on export/import -- is far from optimal and can be improved. Imagine a world where none of the capitalist countries in New Tiamat are dependent on the "plans" of some Warsaw Pact country! The future will surely be much brighter for all of us."
09-10-2004, 01:57
"Well spoken Mr. Z" smiles Delegate White, as he takes a sip of his ice cold Pepsi, and then leans into the microphone. "The Republic could not be more in agreement with that statement. The key to our security, to our very future, is free trade. We will put forth every possible effort to secure the region and keep it free of barriers to trade. It is of great importance that we can reach agreemento on this topic today. The communist nations are mounting an economic attack on the free world, and must be repelled at all costs." **Jeordie White stands tall, as he speaks his strong convictions** "Our time is a great time to be free, let us rejoice at the millions of possibilities before us today. With help from each of your nations, Danmarc hopes to help guide this alliance into the future."

**He then closes his turns his page of notes, breathes a breath of joy and promise, and then turns his attention to the other speakers, hoping their reactions will be as optimistic as his own.**
10-10-2004, 16:44
"Well, I don't know about FREE trade, I do think we should have to pay for things." Minister Dres'naus stood, his face expectant for laughter which never came. "Umm, right, ok. Anastamber also supports the idea of a free trade zone, but we are not sure if it should fall under the NeTTO umbrella. Establishing a second, independent, free trade organization would allow us to enjoy the benefits of free trade with countries we certainly would not want to be tied to militarily. Imagine if the Dominion were to want to open its borders to trade. Would we want our options to be either no trade or a military alliance? A separate trade organization, provisionally named the EU (Economic Union) could act as a buffer for NeTTO as well as a testing ground for potential NeTTO applicants. In order to become a NeTTO member, nations would have to join the EU and only after integrating economically would we allow them to integrate militarily. Oh, and we also call for a vote on the bases proposal. All in favor?"
10-10-2004, 19:45
Schane arrived today with a small, but very powerful group of represenatives and lawmakers to make the following brief statement. The following statement was made by Schane himself. "We gather here today to fully support trade over war, however, we will not tolorate bullies throwing around their "so called" power to oppress smaller nations and will, if necessary, rise to defend freedom." :sniper:
14-10-2004, 15:35
"Actually, Minister Dres'Naus, we came prepared for such a consideration, and have two draft treaties - each covering a seperate aspect of the Organization. The first, being the military alliance, which we have not yet ratified, or signed. The second, the free-trade zone agreement.

In effect, this creates two NeTTO groups, the first the New Tiamat Treaty Organization, the second the New Tiamat Trade Organization. It's convenient. Also, as stated in article 17 clause twenty-one in the initial treaty draft, future members of NeTTO will have to be sponsored by at least one permanent member, and then their acceptance of the treaties will have to be ratified by all of the permanent memb--", he fell silent as Schane entered.

"Ah, welcome Mr. Schane. We are happy to see that your aircraft difficulties have been solved."
16-10-2004, 02:39
Greetings Mr. Schane, glad you were able to join us on this fine evening. In response to the comments from our friends in Abydo and Anastamber, the Republic is in agreement that this should be a two-step process. At this time Danmarc would like to propose a vote on a two-step entry into NETTO, with the steps being as follows:

Phase 1: NETTO Trading partner- This status will be given to nations agreeing to complete removal of trade barriers with other NETTO nations, and in agreement to provide emergency medical care and/or police support to NETTO Nation merchants working in your land, equal to that offered to your own citizens through 911 services.

Phase 2: Full NETTO Alliance member- This status will be given to nations agreeing to and meeting all requirements for PHASE 1 NETTO membership, as well as providing military support for other NETTO nations, and agreement to put a NETTO military installation on your shores.

without any further questions or comments from the other delegates, Danmarc would like to propose a vote at this time.

All in favor......
17-10-2004, 03:25
Schane's Defense Minister Amas Treedar stood up abruptly and made the following statement : "What we need is a very coordinated means of communication and military action. Going further, Schane would like to see several satellite offices in each NETTO nation, each sharing information on trade and military action between it's members in a timely and consistant manner. Finally, each satellite office will be able to operate independently for maximum success. With this being implemented, Schane is in agreement."
31-10-2004, 15:54
**The Danmarc Delegate stands silent, looking from delegation to delegation, waiting for a response from someone.......anyone.....**
31-10-2004, 20:45
Minister Dres'naus removed his handkerchief from his face and stood, wiping crusties from his eyes. "Anastamber votes Aye to the formation of both the trade and military NeTTO organizations. Let today open a new chapter in our region's future."
Sein and Zeit
31-10-2004, 23:06
Martin Z plugged in the microphone and said: "Sorry for having you wait, but there was a tiny problem with this mike. Sein & Zeit votes FOR the proposition."
01-11-2004, 15:35
The two diplomats confered with each other and the Abydoan President before Sr. Diplomat McConnell leaned into the microphone, "We, of course, vote yes on both proposals on the table."
04-11-2004, 19:41
**Leaning into the microphone with a smile** "Danmarc votes YES as well. Anyone else like to add their vote??"

It appears the treaty will pass, both parts of it. The Republic has been waiting for a moment like this, where nations of New Tiamat have come together in a good cause.

**The Danmarc delegate signs the treaty, as does President Smedley. The treaty is then passed one by one to each of the other delegates for their final approval.**

"On this day, the 4th of November, 2004, NETTO has been established. Welcome friends, let us celebrate." **With that the Danmarc delegation rises to its feet in applause**