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Declaration Of War Against Jarridia

25-08-2004, 22:57
We The Great Country Of Draculaton Is Tired Of Your Crap. We Have Seen How You Act And Have Decided To Kill You. As Of Now Our Whole Army Has Been Sent To Your Nation. Our 500,000 Infantry Traveling Overseas On Heavly Armed Ships, Aircraft. Missles Have Been Launched To Your Nation.

Love :fluffle: ,
25-08-2004, 23:10
OOC: LOL you guys are so new... Jarridia will waste you so bad.

IC: The great nation of Quintero is outraged by this attack. However since you are a feeble people, I will not intervine. I am sure that your country of 'Draculaton' ("Who the hell is that", coming from my advisors, a laugh from the president, the great Alexander III, and a sudden scream from the cell to the left of the main chamber "Spaceships.") will lose terribly.

To you Draculaton Goodbye,
Alexander III

"Wow, their starting war? haha" Advisor.

To Terror Of The World, to you i say "Die",
:upyours: Alexander III
SuLinea Cosa Nostra
25-08-2004, 23:23
The Capo di tutti Capo de la Repubblica de la Sulinea Cosa Nostra is proud to announce a 3% discount on all weapons systems and munitions purchased by either side during your current unpleasentness. Please contact mi Bruglioni de la Guerre Fabbricatore (Arms Industry) for assistance and quotes.

Additional information about la Repubblica is available at

Don't forget to visit our casinos, cleanest in the world, nice carpets too.
26-08-2004, 00:01
The nation of Phalanix is demanding that Draculaton ether withdraw there troops or face the Phalanix army's full might (About 5 million ground troops alone. Excluding the Air Force, Space Force, Navy.)
26-08-2004, 00:10
OOC: Awwwww, the little nation of Draculation (ooo a rhyme) wanted to come out and play? This has been quite a fun day! (ooo i'm a poet and didn't even know it)


Presidential Office; Shelbin, Jarridia

Jarrod was sitting quietly in the cool evening air, sipping a cup of hot tea in the garden surrounded by Bluebonnets and roses. The wind rustled the trees slightly, and the fireflies buzzed around lighting up the skies. Keithan Weaver, the Secretary of Defense, walked slowly out to him.

"Mr. President. We have a small situation, yet quite urgent." said Keithan.

"Yes? What is it?" replied Jarrod, obviously tired of being interrupted.

"Some nation. By the name of Draculation, has declared war on us. They've sent 500,000 men to our shores." responded Keithan, "and they've launched missiles at us."

Jarrod let out a long sigh, then replied," alright know what to do. Mobilize our military, and get our defense systems in place. Immediately."

"Yes Mr. President," Keithan nodded and walked away.

Jarrod thought about this little nation and replied to himself, right before taking another sip of tea, "ah, what a shame. tsk


Well, it won't be easy for you. Jarridia has now mobilized the full scope of its national guard division, over 1,500,000 men.

In total:

1,575,000 Men (including NG)
15 Modern Armor Divisions
10 Tank Divisions

2 Carriers
4 Battleships
4 Cruisers
6 Destroyers
4 AEGIS Cruisers

50 F-14
50 F-15
50 F-16
50 F-22

10 B-2
10 B-52

50 Cruise Missile Batteries (10 ea.)


Most of the missiles in your attack were intercepted, but a few came through. Coastal cities have reported light damage, and most citizens were reported to be yawning at the sight of this attack.

OOC: Don't even worry about an invasion, I'll meet you offshore.

By the way, :fluffle: much love to you too.
26-08-2004, 00:13
We were put up to it by Terror Of The World. He said if we back off our attack he will torture our children. Please protect us. We will aid you you from now on. I am sorry for the attack. We are pulling back our troops now. We are in fear of our childrens life. Please protect us, it wasn't our fault Terror Of The World made us do it. He said he would killl and torture us if we did not. Im sorry..

The succesor Of Alexander Copeland
Jerimiah Fulworthy
26-08-2004, 00:15
All right. Phalanix will protect you from the scum and I'm sure the toher nations against T/W will help. And if he attacks we will be sure to make him suffer the worst fate's posible and help your nation recover.
26-08-2004, 00:18
Draculation, if you request help from us we will do all we can to protect you from Terror Of The World should they attack your nation.
GLA Terrorists
26-08-2004, 00:22
Puuuuuleeeaaasseeee, Oh puuuuleeeeaaaassseee don't hurt us....*sob*..our unprovoked attack on you really wasn't our fault. The naughty terrorists made us do it.

I swear, you pathetic puny snot-nosed nations anger us incredibly. You start a fight you can't finish and then cry when you realize you have no chance. Smarten up, or face an insurgency.

*shakes fist*
26-08-2004, 00:31
How do you fight wars?(Lol I am such a N00b ROFL!!!1111) :p
26-08-2004, 01:03
IC: The nation of Quintero dispises you for threatening a nation to kill some one ( :upyours: ) Terror Of the world.

OOC: booya!
Vestern States
26-08-2004, 17:02
We are now quite fed up with TOW and TIL.
I say we unite and destoy these networks from the ground and up.
It has to stop.