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Zealot Combat Suit™ prices: too high or too low?

25-08-2004, 19:15
Due to a series of breakthroughs, all researching is finished on the ZCS™, Stimpack™, and the HumanAugmentationSerum™.

Images of the suit and marine armor are here. the weapons are also here.

ZCS suit™ (

Zealot Infantry Armor™ (

FG55 Assault rifle™ (

P-30 auto/semiauto pistol™ (

specs for the weapons, ZIA™, Stimpack™, HAS™, and ZCS™ are below.
FG55 assault rifle™:
Length: 35 in.
Ammunition type: 7.62mm NATO
Weight: 4.62 kg
Rate of fire: 950 rpm
Effective range: 725 meters
Magazine capacity: 60 rounds
Features: 3 firing modes: single, 2-shot burst, auto
Electronic ammo counter
Laser crosshair(displayed Helmet HUD)
2x magnification(with optional scope)

P-30 auto/semiauto pistol™:
Length: 10.24 in
Ammunition type: .45ACP
Weight: 1.715 kg
rate of fire(auto fire): 150 rpm
Effective range: 95 meters
Magazine capacity: 18 rounds/25 rounds(extended clip, some jamming)
Features: 2 firing modes: auto/semiauto
2x smartscope(magnification showed in helmet view)
laser crosshair(shown in helmet HUD)
optional second grip(for improved accuracy in automatic fire)

ZIA™(Zealot Infantry Armor):
Height: depends on height of soldier
Weight: 110 pounds without occupant
Suit Abilities: stops about two or three 5.56 rounds, two plasma shots wil melt armor(metal is made from Kyprinium, which is VERY heat-resistant), can dive down to 150 meters underwater before seal breaks inside of helmet. Life suport in space(1.5 hrs worth of compressed air)(backpack)holds up to twelve 7.62mm magazines plus sidearm ammo(five .45 ACP mags.), and HUD computer. HUD in helmet provides crosshair, becomes smaller as arm movement slows to a point, to show accuracy, and becomes larger as arm movement grows. Glass is bullet-proof from 2 .357 Magnum shots.

ZCS™(Zealot Combat Suit):
Height:depends on height of soldier
Weight: 180 lbs without occupant
Suit Abilities: Doubles strength, improves movement speed by 50 percent,
stops about three or four 5.56 rounds, two plasma shots will melt armor(Kyprinium), can dive down 175 meters before seal in helmet breaks, 2 hrs worth of compressed air in backpack, HUD computer, holds up to fourteen 7.62 magazines plus sidearm ammo(six .45 ACP mags.) HUD in helmet provides crosshair, works like ZIA™'s crosshair, but also has night-vision, 2x zoom capabilities, and has a light reflector coating on outside of glass. bullet-proof glass takes about two .357 magnum shots.

the stimpack has a duration of 50 seconds; and in these 50 seconds three things happen:

Movement speed is increased by 150 percent with NO serious side effects except leg pains and headaches.
Reflexes are increades by 75 percent with NO serious side effects
and there is less oxygen needed for the nervous system to work. TWO side effects we cannot fix: Addiction to the Stimpacks™ and damage is 5 percent likely to occur in muscle tissue.

This drug is injected by way of syringe manually injected into the neck for maximum performance. a counter-serum is also in this formula so the drug does not have unintended after effects, ending in an unknown disease. the victims of this effect say they see nothing but blackness wherever they go, and show NO signs of blindness at all. there is a cure. it is to remove the eyes and have mechanical ones put in. it is greusome, but effective. the eyes have a HUD similar to that of the ZCS™ and up to 4x zoom.

HAS™ info:
reflexes increase by 300 percent, raises muscle density by 150 percent, stabilizes adrenaline output, and speeds up the flow of endorphins to wounds. Also, it will render bones 4x stronger than normal.
The rest is CLASSIFIED

Production rights for the ZIA™(Zealot Infantry Armor),ZCS™, Stimpack™, and weapons are for sale. the HAS™ production rights are not.

Production rights cost .8 billion USD/century for the ZCS™.
Production rights cost .3 billion USD for the Stimpack™.
Production rights cost .5 billion USD for the ZIA™
Production rights cost 200 million USD for the FG55™ and P-30 auto/semiauto pistol™.
25-08-2004, 19:59
25-08-2004, 20:34
Hmm, interesting. Are they future or modern tech?
25-08-2004, 20:39
OOC: NICE *cough* HALO*cough* but nice, i've got sumthin kinda like that, though that's only RP future
25-08-2004, 21:18
modern tech. i researched them so yes its modern. would you like to purchase production rights?
25-08-2004, 21:48
How much would it be for all of them. If it is under 5 billion I will buy.
26-08-2004, 01:34
1.8 billion per 50 years(50 weeks)
money will be wired upon confirmation.
26-08-2004, 02:19
26-08-2004, 03:29
26-08-2004, 16:12
Ok. Money wired. All our forces should be equipted within the next few years. (few days)/
27-08-2004, 12:40
27-08-2004, 13:33
If I were in a better mood, I'd've left this alone, however, I'm not in a good mood so....why is the suit space compatible if this is meant to be modern tech, that doesn't work. Also, barely anyone in modern tech uses plasma weaponry, the only person I know to use that is some guy with cats (sorry, i forgot your name) who has technical stuff but even that is just modified to make bigger, cooler looking explosions. Also, how can you suit double movement speed up to 50% and how can it double strength?

Ok good mood returning now, good suit apart from some godmoddish stuff, good guns but try and find some better pics, the MA5B and the M-something pistol pics have been used to death, also, just punch in "Sci-fi" armour and you'll get some good pics. It'll help you stand out from the crowd of halo clones.

Good job. (apart from the niggles)