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Tokarev Invades Korea Sign-up

19-08-2004, 19:57
The Tokarev RP can be found here:

This is the OOC thread, for any OOC comments not directly relevant to the RP or those who want to sign up.
19-08-2004, 19:59
19-08-2004, 20:02
Come on, people, is noone seriously interested?
19-08-2004, 20:15
BUMP This is pissing me off! Why is no one interested?
19-08-2004, 20:21
Seriously! Why are people ignoring this?
19-08-2004, 20:24
BUMP people read the Earth II crap and they don't read this? Gads ...
Japanese Antarctica
19-08-2004, 20:42
TAG for now
19-08-2004, 21:03
OK.. I have an OOC comment on the whole deal....

In another world (I guess) Drapol is North Korea, while S. Hanguk is South Korea, the two were at a standoff till the north invaded the south. Then, with a huge military infusion by LRR, Kilean, Hudecia and some support from chinese Xiaguo and Sino, their advance was stalled around the Pusan Perimeter.

An invasion by Japan is unlikely in our world, because, well.. it is occupied by the Asian Alliance...

So, that kinda explains my non-involvement in this RP. Personally I'd be more than willing to take part cuz it looks really interesting.
North Yaman
19-08-2004, 22:47
Sorry Tokarev...many areas of Asia are already claimed. Some are even claimed twice...or thrice...which has led to the growing debate on who controls what in China. Basically, if you want to join the only RP I know in Asia, you have to make up a place(I personally joined a ficticious peninsula just north of Korea)...though you might not want to...its all large nations in the Asian Alliance RP...big alliance, big enemies too. Also, to be honest, some people throw around way to many nukes in this rp...
19-08-2004, 23:40
LOL... hey! I wasn't the one who fired a single nuke.. that was all Drapol's doing. (oh yeah... btw.. in our world, the Korean peninsula suffered a nuclear war)
19-08-2004, 23:56
(Ehy now, Dra-pol launched retaliatory strikes while coalition ballistic missiles descended upon its home territory. Anyway yeah, the lack of response can probably be explained by the fact that Dra-pol's made a bit of a name for itself as North Korea, so a lot of nations are already tied-up in recognising that... and of course if this Korea were attacked, your force would probably suffer 100% casualties on the first page, which would probably be undesirable. Plus, I get the feeling a fair few people are still on holiday and such. Ah well, good luck finding some decent participants.)
20-08-2004, 17:05
OOC: Still, I was expecting someone to be interested. It is still a minority of nations that are involved in the Asian Alliance deally.