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Equipment Storefront [By Nireva.]

18-08-2004, 18:05
List. [Detailed versions below]
Thomson TRS 22XX ( ; $10 million.
Nokia artillery calculator ( ; $1 million
Vaisala LAMS ( ; $1,5 million.
Pontoon unit 73 ( ; $3 million.
NBC protective gear ( ; $1 million = 100 of these.
Automatic gas detector m90 ( ; $1 million = 100 of these.

Detailed Versions:

Thomson TRS 22XX (

Use: Air surveillance
Combat command
Air traffic control

Range 500 km
Altitude 30 km
Frequency range S range (2 to 4 GHz)
-Distance less than 150 m
-Direction less than 0.2°
-Altitude less than 500 m
Up-to-date anti-jamming properties
Antenna size 6 x 4 m
Secondary antenna size about 9 x 1 m
Total height 10 m
Weight about 15 t
Antenna revolving speed 6 rpm
Transmitter maximum power almost 1 MW
Radar simulator

Price: $ 10 million.

Nokia artillery calculator (

Use: Artillery battalions and mortar companies in Jaeger and armoured brigades
Mobile coastal artillery battalions
Fixed coastal artillery battalions

Combined field artillery and mortar multi-function calculator
Automatically receives firing command, weather reports and measurement Data from muzzle velocity radar
Calculates individual firing data 3 x 8
Sends the firing data to the gun terminals and sends firing notification to the Forward observer
Processor: Intel 386/387 12 MHz
Total memory: 4 to 7 megabytes
Two external and two internal modems
Three 'sanomalaite' message device ports
Printer port
Electroluminescent display
Voltage 10 to 30 V
Power consumption 25 to 30 W

Price: $ 1 million.

Vaisala LAMS (

Use: Weather reports for field artillery, coastal artillery, anti-aircraft artillery and mortars
General weather reports

Receives measurement data from radio probe (air pressure, temperature and humidity)
Wind speed measurements based on probe location data
Operating frequency 1,680 MHz
- Wind speed to 1 m/s
- Wind direction to 1°
- Temperature to 0.2°
- Humidity to 2%
Probe calculator
- 16-bit processor
- Memory over 5 megabytes
Maximum range 200 km

Price: $ 1,5 million.

Pontoon unit 73 (

Use: Improving mobility of operative troops
Ensuring supply and other transport over waterways

Self-propelled unit for constructing bridges and rafts
- Carrying capacity 20 t or 60 t
- Length 216 m (20 t) or 108 m (60 t)
- Carrying capacity 40 to 120 t
- Length 13.5 to 40.5 m
- Width 6.5 m
- Pushed or towed by two motorboats
- Maximum waterborne speed 9 km/h (40 t raft)
- Construction time 20 to 60 min
The unit also includes
- Landing stages
- Tread mat for reinforcing the shore at raft boarding site or bridgehead

Price: $ 3 million

NBC protective gear (

Use: NBC danger situations
Personal protection for personnel moving or acting in contaminated areas

Protects the respiratory system and skin from the effects of NBC combat substances
Mask component of butyl rubber
Resistant to mustard gas for 2 days
Protects the face against pyrotechnical weapons
Filters combat gases and, for brief periods, industrial gases
Drink connection and vision correction device (-1 to -5)
Midlayer with active charcoal filtering
Camouflage suit
Protective gloves
Butyl rubber boots or overshoes
Cleansing powder
Antidote syringe

Price: $ 1 million = 100 of these.

Automatic gas detector m90 (

Use: Radiation measurement
Detection of combat gases

Identification of airborne toxic gases and aerosols
Automatic identification of gas type and detection of concentration
Sound and light alarm
Nerve gases, corrosive substances and generally toxic combat agents trigger Alarm
Nerve gases 0.02 mg/m3
Mustard gas 0.2 mg/m3
Hydrogen cyanide 10 mg/m3
Time to alarm
Nerve gases: less than 10 s
Mustard gas: less than 20 s
Remote alarm
Weight (incl. batteries): 6.8 kg

Price: $ 1 million = 100 of these

Some Info:

Please do your own calculations, or Nireva takes some extra money for that.
And feel free to ask questions.
Weapons-Tech incorp
18-08-2004, 18:09
OOC: How many fronts have you owned?
18-08-2004, 18:10
OOC: How many fronts have you owned?

Ooc. Currently 3. :rolleyes:
19-08-2004, 17:26
Pontoon unit 73 added.
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20-08-2004, 16:18
Tag. Since Hadulan forces will be based on logistics, this will be very useful.
20-08-2004, 16:39
Tag. Since Hadulan forces will be based on logistics, this will be very useful.

Yes, it is very useful. And they really are needed in battle.
20-08-2004, 17:25
21-08-2004, 11:23
21-08-2004, 23:58
i want 100 of everything
22-08-2004, 08:57
i want 100 of everything


You don't have enough money to buy those. , there you can see your Military Budged, and if you would buy 100 of everything, your budged wouldn't be enough.

Come back, when your nation is bigger.
24-08-2004, 13:37