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President Drucker Dies!

West Pacific
18-08-2004, 05:41
President Drucker Dies!

Dies while signing important papers on internal terrorist actions, autopsy scheduled, State funeral in 3 days.

President Drucker died at 11:48 PM last night. He worked right up until his death, never wanting anything but the best for our nation, he had just signed Presidental Emergency Act #132, authorizing the military to use violent force against several terrorist groups currently residing in West Pacific, three of these groups are suspected in a series of recent terrorist attacks that have killed 587 West Pacific citizens in the last year.

Officials say that the President apparently had a stroke after only writing Erik Druc, they say he wrote the ker after having the so called stroke, the leading senators from each of the three major parties met in the early hours of the morning and decided in a 2-1 vote that the signature would be honored and that the act would go through as normal.

According to the procedure set up by Article 4 of the 37th Amendment set up by the 137 West Pacific Congress, a Council of Eight has been set up to govern the country for 1 month, they will then choose to either extend the council until a new President can be chosen. The Members are:
General Alexander-Advisor to the President on Army Activities and Funding.
General Griesler-Supreme Commander of the Army.
Admiral Hastings-Advisor to the President on Navy Activities and Funding.
Fleet Admiral Danzig-Supreme Commander of the Navy.
Lieutenant Colonel Jaegar-Advisor to the President on Air Force Activities and Funding.
Colonel Havermills-Supreme Commander of the Air Force.
Senator Leipzig-Fascist Party Leader
Senator Vladimir-Socialist Party Leader.

All flags in West Pacific are to put at half staff for 3 days per our flag code, anybody who does not comply could face a fine of up to $87. The state funeral for Drucker will be held in 3 days, unlike previous funerals, services will be held in the West Pacific National Stadium, to allow as many people as possible to witness the services. The Council has alloted $5.7 Million for the Funeral, 2.3 Million is expected to be spent on Security, $1.1 Million will be spent to put a temporary cloth covering over the stadium because the rain that started yesterday has been forcasted to continue for the rest of the week. The rest of the money will be spent on the service itself.

As you may remember the President took power during some shaky times for our nation. Shortly after he took office the Socialist rebelled, causing some discontent that nearly caused us to leave the LHS. After smashing the Socialist rebellion and holding off attacks from several other socalist nations we were able to resolve our differences with the other members of the alliance.
West Pacific
18-08-2004, 07:17
Please don't quote flaming/offensive posts
18-08-2004, 07:36
Hey west pacific

post a link to your country's page.
The Burnsian Desert
18-08-2004, 07:53
The Dugglians, metaphorically smelling blood in the water, instantly punch thru your border. Ten thousand soldiers, full of steroids and methamphetamine, roll in on tanks and on foot, spreading like a virus through the streets of the eastern town of Granola. Simultaneously, a crack squadron of para-stormtroopers swoop in over West Pacific National Stadium, slice thru the cloth covering, and grappling down to the sky box holding the high officials, instantly shooting at any and all guards present.

:mp5: :sniper: :mp5: :sniper:

Or not, you godmodding n00b.
18-08-2004, 07:54

How would you go about assaulting a recently beheaded country?
The Burnsian Desert
18-08-2004, 07:58
Ok, oh experienced webmaster.

How would you go about assaulting a recently beheaded country?

First, I would state a reason as to why. Then I would limit my use of smilies... and finally dash in some character RP.

And I'm not a webmaster, Max and [violet] are.
18-08-2004, 08:12
Hokey dokey then.

My country has no drug laws, and I've described the prime minister, Rebo Constada, as "eccentric." According to Mr Constada's psychologists, his condition has taken a turn towards drug-aggravated paranoid psychosis. Sitting all alone in the war-room for days on end mainlining methamphetamine :headbang: to keep sharp while listening to the news radio, watching news on the tv, and reading newspapers from all different countries, does strange things to a man. Before long, he's sending out attack orders to the army, on bloodspattered typeritten paper.

Then a crack team of para-stormtroopers swoop down to the temporary cloth covering on the West Pacific National Stadium, slice thru the cloth covering, and grapple down to the sky box holding the high officials, throw tear gas thru the glass window, and open fire on the guards. :mp5: :sniper: :mp5: :sniper:
The Zoogie People
18-08-2004, 13:43
First, the death of a President hardly 'beheads' a country. It isn't a good situation, but the country isn't going to wither and be vulnerable. The President isn't standing around the country with a big sheild and a nasty spiked mace. Second, you realize that should you decide to attack West Pacific, I will make it my personal objective to smite your nation into oblivion?

Also, you need to get into the other nation. Paratroopers aren't teleported. If I'm not mistaken, you don't have the resources or the backing to invisibly ship crack soldiers into West Pacific, which is a fascist state.

Zoogiedom's foreign minister will be present at the funeral ceremony, with an entourage of other notable faces in the government and a high security detail. The President, regretfully, is unable to attend due to the need of being updated on a war situation.

We are saddened by the loss of President Drucker, and extend our condolences to our good ally.
18-08-2004, 14:50
OOC: I'm tempted to respond to Dugglandia's attack, but I'll wait to see what W. Pacific does. If you want me to bomb his country back into the stone age then I'd be more than willing.


The Hudecian government expresses its deepest sorrows over the loss of one of the best friends of Hudecia. He was a great leader and man, who's loss will be felt by all nations who knew him.

The Hudecian Foreign Minister would like to attend the funeral.
18-08-2004, 14:53
The Serconean Foreign Minister, Sara Hunter, will attend the funeral.
The Burnsian Desert
18-08-2004, 15:11
The Burnsian Desert sends five Burnsian Rose bushes to be planted outside the stadium as a gift of mourning.
West Pacific
18-08-2004, 17:42
OOC: Can I just ignore this god moding noob? If he did try to fly the 2,987 Miles from the nearest Coastline, over the capital, which is quite heavily defended and under martial law at this time for this exact reason, and land "crack" (crack apparently meaning high in this case) stormtroopers into the middle of the city, through a cloth covering that has not been put up yet, it will be 2 RL days now before the funeral, he would be destroyed, and remember, 6 out of the 8 memebers of he council are from the military, they do not mess with politics, they would just simiply start a plan to have all these men killed and launch a massive missile attack on Dugglandia.

Nation Main Page.

IC: We will be more than happy to have your natons represented at the funeral. They will be able to stay in the Hotel de la Platte, it is a five start hotel located on the River Dubbes. Plans will be put in action to protect the representatives should an attack happen against the delegates. We have several underground bunkers around the city where the delegates will be taken should the worst happen. The Council has not released ony information on the plans for the funeral proceedings, but they say it will be one to remember.

The Army has 1.7 Million troops, 3,560 Abrams MBT's, and 5,600 APC's in and around the city for protection. The Air Force has 1,345 F-22's stationed within 120 miles of the Capital, 28 will be in the air doing patrols at any given point in time, 30 will be on five minute alert at all times, 120 will be on 15 Minute alert, 140 on 30 minute alert.
18-08-2004, 18:21
Samtonia would like to send our condolences to the people of West Pacific. You have lost a great leader, ally, and trusted friend.

Rest assured, Samtonia's prayers are with you at this time and I shall be arriving tomorrow along with members of my office and one or two other councilmembers to express our condolences.

Hiriam J. Northrop, Minister of Foreign Affairs
West Pacific
20-08-2004, 03:09
The Funeral will be tomorrow, all arrangements have been made for the safe transportation of the representatives.
West Pacific
20-08-2004, 03:10
Hokey dokey then.

My country has no drug laws

Well my Army has more soldiers in it than your whole country.
20-08-2004, 03:18
From the bottom of his heart, and on behalf of all the people of the Federal Republic of Roach-Busters, President J.L. extends his deepest condolences to the late President's family and to the people of your nation. If there is anything he can do in your time of need, please let him know.
20-08-2004, 03:21
Lord Franklin of Magiodamara sends his condolences, but regretfully can not attend the funeral. Foreign Ambassador Sarah Dallas will be in attendance however. WE mourn your loss, and hope for the best for our West Pacific Brothers.

Lord Franklin of Magiodamara
20-08-2004, 03:27
His Honorable, President Yarwas, mourns the death of the West Pacific President and will attend his funeral.
20-08-2004, 03:29
On behalf of the nation of Teitsmania, I would like to extend my condolences to your nation.

We wish your country the best of luck in regaining political composure and restoring citizens' morale in the days to come.

20-08-2004, 03:33
As per native Hadulan tradition, one hundred and twenty black Hadulan irises have been shipped to be spread at the funeral.

- Dominus Pele Kawau
20-08-2004, 03:37
The Wazi President, Mussar Yarwas, issues and executive order that on the day of the State Funeral that there will be a nation-wide 3 minutes of silence in honor of the late President.
West Pacific
20-08-2004, 05:03
The family of the late President is very grateful for the caring words of support from the International Community, these gifts will be incorporated into the Funeral Processions.
20-08-2004, 05:08
Fmr. President Mussar Yarwas and President Amed Omar arrived from Wazistan for the State Funeral.
20-08-2004, 23:22
OOC: Sorry to catch on so late....

Imperial Vice-Regent Jack Simmons, leading a Delegation of his staff and of other Governmental representatives and their aides, is currently en route to the site of the funeral, to attend the ceremony as invited representing the nation of Falastur, and all of its associated territories. On behalf of our entire nation, the Government of Falastur offers you our most sincere condolences, and has held a one-minute silence in all non-critical Government establishments, and many Falasturian flags have been lowered to 3/4 mast (our version of half-mast for foreign persons). In addition, a company of Imperial Grenadiers has been dispatched with our Envoy, to give a military salute (firing blanks, of course) at the furenal, your permission permitting.
West Pacific
21-08-2004, 22:36
The Funeral started early in the morning, the body was put on display in the Hall of Heros, set up to remember great leaders and soldiers in West Pacific's history. Over 5.8 Million people moved through the hall so the could get a glimpse of the late president, even if it only lasted a few seconds. Several veterans of the West Pacific Civil War were scene in tears as they passed through, several stopped to salute the late president, many people brought gifts and flowers to set outside the hall as they set up a make shift memorial.

Next the casket was closed, the body was moved the 38 miles to the West Pacific National Stadium, every two miles a Howitzer was fired, one for every year the President ruled.

The Stadium, which normally seats 210,000 was filled with over 275,000 people. The Lights were dimmed as the presidents body entered the Stadium. A joint Army-Air Force-Navy band played the national anthem while the casket was placed on a pedastal in the middle of the Stadium. Several speakers made a speech about the President, even one of the Socialst Generals from the socialist rebellion made a speech on the late presidents behalf. After 3 hours of speeches the cloth covering which had been hastily put up was suddenly pulled off the stadium by Army Chinooks. "O' we the lucky few" a song about soldiers who died heroically for their country started playing. Fireworks were shot off, churches all around the city started ringnig their bells, 155MM Howiters ringed around the city started firing flares away from the city. Cities from over 90 miles away could see the flares and fireworks, planes 250 miles away reported seeing lights, one plane thought that the City was under attack and radioed the Air Force that bombs were being dropped on the city.

Finally after 25 minutes of Fireworks, songs, bells and large guns the president's body was taken out of the stadium. It would be moved 8 miles to the National Memorial Cemetary, where past leaders were barried, he would be buried next to President Vixely, Statues are placed over the grave sites with the West Pacific Flag flying over head. Drucker's grave would be unlike the other 13 presidents, he was the only non socialist president of West Pacific, all the other's had the old flag flying over head, Drucker would have the new Flag flying over him.

Finally the presidents body was layed to rest, the first guard took over watching the grave sitel. Each former president had 3 Guards, one from the Navy, one from the Army and one from the Air Force.