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Requesting Support Weapons

17-08-2004, 22:50
Representing the Military Nation of Yensania, we are in need of a new weapons producer to supply us with support weapons to defend our region.


1.) Sidearm
2.) Automatic Rifle
3.) Support Rifle
4.) Sniper Rifle
5.) Anti-Tank Weapons
6.) SMG
7.) Light MG
8.) Heavy MG

We would also like:

1.) Fighter
2.) Bomber
3.) Tanks
4.) APC's
5.) ICBM Tech.

We thank you.

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Weapons-Tech incorp
17-08-2004, 22:53
this is our entire selection
We have new stuff to show you all. Now that we are under new management we need to have some new stuff to sell so. enjoy!

this is our new Weapons package. as you can see there are
Standard assualt rifles, carbines, shotguns, sub machian guns, mini-shot guns. this is our favorite package of weapons to offer.
genomes come with the following:
1. Genome armor
2. the newest weapon at the time of purcheas.
3. Combat computer upgrades.
4. 300,000 rounds of ammo
5. personnel supplies for 5 weeks.
6. the drop ship they come in.

standard package :$ 10,000 for 1 package
the stats are as follows:
1.(top Left) Bv-45
Caliber 223 Rem.
Upper rec. Forged A2
Barrel 16" Chrome HBAR
Bbl. twist 1 in 9"
Ft. sight 30x100 zoom
Muzzle device Recoil check
Weight 8.2 lbs.
Accuracy: 98% 500 mters-39% 800 meters

2.(top right) Bv-13
stats will be updated through out the week.

Construct:Light carbonized titianium
ammo:33 alt 6
Barrel length:1.6 foot
Barrel construct:Heat resistant techintium
Rate of fire:30 sps

then:GG-031 multirole pistol-$350

then:GAU-189 gatling shotgun 10 guage-$4000

then:XRS-51 Slineced assalut rifle with XR-56 grenage launcher-$2500

then:genome rad tech assain pistol-$500

XLR-1 (new)

a little small but thats it



Construct: light wieght titianium-technictium alloy
Cockpit:State-of-the-art auto-pilot navigation system(navi-launch qu-97 V3.09.8)
Crew:2 (pilot, Copilot.)
Powerplant:2x2 engine poplusion system. 2 for vertical lift off, 2 for travel.
engine specs:
Takeoff thrust :12,330 lbst each
Length :38.57 in
Width :23.15 in
Height: 29.79 in
Bypass ratio: 5.02
Weight :454 lb
Spin rate capability 4.5 rad/sec

armaments:50.calb. chain gun front cockpit
10 hellfire missles X2

Holding Cap. max:100 troopsprice:$ 12 million each
Genome soldiers for sell fresh from the Training center.
soldiers:$10000 each
Soldiers are trained in every form of fighting on earth. trained in every technique of stealth moves. trained to kill with everything from a sewing needle to a spoon then trained to use every weapons on earth.

These soldiers cant feel pain or fatigue. to prove this our soldiers are put through 20 years of pain and torture and extreme physical conditioning. how can you put them through all that they would be old men when they finished. wrong they are born from women that we have payed to give birth to them as soon as they are born striaght to training for them. emothional depravation is atool used by our trainers. so your soldiers feel no remorse if commanded not to feel any.

Model Type: IA MT-103
Vehicle Type: Super Heavy Battle Tank
Crew: Five (Driver, three Gunners, and Commander).
Troop Carrying Capacity: Six soldiers in full gear
Weapon Turret:
High Velocity 120 mm Rail gun:
Ion Cannon (Coaxial with Main Gun):
[2] Coaxial Rapid Fire Laser Cannon (Turret)
Cupolas on Turret (2, Left and Right Side):
[2] Cupola Fire Laser Cannon (Left Cupola)
[2] Cupola Automatic Grenade Launcher (Right Cupola):
Cupolas on Hull (2, Forward):
[2] Hull Automatic Grenade Launcher (Hull Cupola):
Variable Missile Launchers (4, 2 Rear Hull & 2 Rear Turret):
Smoke Grenade Dispenser (4):
[2] Headlights (2):
Rear Troop / Cargo Door
[3] Main Body:

Ground: Cruising speed on land is 48 mph (77.2 kph) on specially prepared surfaces and 40 mph (64.4 kph) off road maximum. Vehicle will destroy normal roads when driving on them. Only MDC concrete reinforced surfaces will allow for full speed driving. The vehicle is designed to traverse virtually all terrain and can climb at up to a 60% grade although at a much slower speed (About 10% of maximum road speed). It can also climb barriers and ford trenches. The vehicle can also handle side slopes of up to 30%.
Underwater: Buttoned up, it can travel under water at 20 mph (32 km).
Maximum Range: Effectively unlimited.

Statistical Data:
Height: 10.5 feet (3.2 meters)
Width: 14.5 feet (4.4 meters)
Length: Main Body: 33.2 feet (10.1 meters) With Gun Forward: 42.6 feet (13 meters)
Weight: 130 tons (117.9 metric tons)
Power Source: Nuclear (Should have an average lifespan of 10 years).
Cargo Capacity: Minimal in crew compartment, enough for equipment with crew. Six carbines and two hand-held missile launcher with four loads each are stored in a compartment in the crew compartment. In cargo compartment, up to 1500 lbs (680 kg) can be carried instead of troops or ammunition.
Black Market Cost: 58 million credits for a later model. Deduct 2 million for early models which have not been refitted.

Weapon Systems

High Velocity 120 mm Heavy Rail Gun (1): Main weapon mounted in turret. It has a long range and is very devastating. This rail gun normally fires a solid dart of MDC materials that does massive damage to targets that it hits but can also use explosive warheads against lighter targets. Explosive rounds are also effect against The turret can angle 45 degrees up and down and has 360 degree rotation. The weapon system is also gyrostablised and has an advanced fire control computer which it shares with the Ion cannon. Weapon is controlled by the main gunner.
Maximum Effective Range: 5 miles (8 km) for direct fire and 12.4 miles (20 km) for indirect fire
Mega Damage: A single round does 5D6x10+60 MDC (optional rule is that cannon gets a critical on a natural 18, 19, or 20 due to its high penetration). Can use High Explosive rounds that do 1D6x10 with a blast radius of 20 ft and High Explosive Anti Tank that do 2D6x10 with a blast radius of 10 ft.
Rate of Fire: Maximum of four per melee from automatic loader. Rounds require about a melee each to load from storage compartment
Payload: 80 rounds in main storage in an automatic loader. An additional 80 rounds can be carried in rear compartment if troops or cargo is not being carried. Rounds in storage compartment need to be hand loaded into automatic. Anti-tank rounds are most commonly carried with high explosive rounds being commonly carried for long range use against infantry.
Bonuses: Has a special fire control computer that helps to aim the cannon. Gives +2 to strike with rail gun and cannon does not have minuses to fire when tank is moving.

Sensory Equipment:

Radio/ Video Communications: Long range, directional, has a range of 500 miles with short range directional radio of 5 miles.
Laser Targeting System: Range is 2 miles and gives +1 to strike with long range weapons. Not applicable to hand to hand
Combat Computer/ Targeting Computer: Assist in the tracking of targets.
Radar: 50 miles, can identify 96 targets and track 48 as low as 500 ft. Same as robots Maxi-Radar.
Full Life Support: Protects pilot and tank from heat and radiation and gives a breathable atmosphere inside the Tank.
Spotlight: Range: 600 feet (182.9 meters)
Thermo-Imager: Range: 2,000 ft (609 m). Finds the infra-red radiations of things that are warm. Also enables pilot to see in smoke, shadows and darkness.
Nightvision Optics: Range: 2,000 ft (609 m). Uses light amplification to make a picture. Emits no light but will not work in absolute darkness. System can be dazzled by sudden bright lights but does not physically blind the pilot.
-price: $10 million each

Basic spec's

1. crew: unmaned or 5

2. Powerplant: 3000 hp s.e.r.v.e. engine-classified engine spec's

3. armaments:2 self loading 120mm cannons(modren tech)/ 2 imp Plasma cannons(future tech) , 2-4 -6 shot heat seeking rockets, 6- 10 gauge anti-personnel shotguns, 2- 12 barrel mini-guns, 2 grenade luanchers. system: weapons-tech Navi-tech weapons system version 45.78.1

5.armor: 11'' Techtianium alloy.-alloy spec's classifed.

price: $12 million

new tank under development!
new stealth bomber under construction

still being developed.
Stealth Ships

-stealth Troop transport

Our new experimental stealth fighter-X-36

New Mach 6 Transport-2 person seats.


Speeds are reported to be in the range of Mach 5-8.

110 feet (33.5 meters)

60 feet (18.2 meters)

150,000 feet (28.4 miles)

The Aurora aircraft has an airframe like a flattened American football, about 110 ft long and 60 ft wide, smoothly contoured, and covered in ceramic tiles similar to those used on the Space Shuttle which seem to be coated with "a crystalline patina indicative of sustained exposure to high temperature. . . a burnt carbon odor exudes from the surface."

Several have heard a distinctive low frequency rumble followed by a very loud roar, which could be the exotic engine used by a Mach 6 (4,400 miles per hour) aircraft. Experts say a methane-burning combined cycle ramjet engine (uniting rocket and ramjet designs) could have been developed to power Aurora. Observers in California have also reported seeing a large aircraft with a delta-wing shape and foreplanes. Some think this could be an airborne launch platform for satellite-delivery rockets or even the Aurora, before its more advanced engines were developed.

Power comes from conventional jet engines in the lower fuselage, fed by inlet ducts which open in the tiled surface. Once at supersonic speed, the engines are shut down, and Pulse Detonation Wave Engines take over, ejecting liquid methane or liquid hydrogen onto the fuselage, where the fuel mist is ignited, possibly by surface heating.

A vast amount of runours, conjecture, eye-witness sightings and other evidence point to an aircraft, funded as a Black Project, built by the Lockheed Skunk Works, operating out of the Groom Lake / Area 51 location. Always at night, never photographed, officially denied... This is the Aurora Project. No matter what speculation takes place, it seems the secrets that lie beyond the mountains of the Nevada desert will remain until the US military decides otherwise.

Power Plant:
At subsonic speeds power comes from conventional jet engines in the lower fuselage, fed by inlet ducts which open in the tiled surface. Once at supersonic speed, there are three possibilities for the propulsion that carries the plane up to its mach 5+ speed:

PWDE Pulse Detonation Wave Engines - Essentially, liquid methane or liquid hydrogen is ejected onto the fuselage, where the fuel mist is ignited, possibly by surface heating. The PDE Pulse Detonation Engine (PDE) operates by creating a liquid hydrogen detonation inside a specially designed chamber when the aircraft is traveling beyond the speed of sound. When traveling at such speeds, a thrust wall (the aircraft is traveling so fast that a molecules in the air are rapidly pushed aside near the nose of the aircraft which in essence becomes a wall) is created in the front of the aircraft. When the detonation takes place, the the aircraft's thrust wall is pushed forward. This all is repeated to propel the aircraft. From the ground, the jet stream looks like "rings on a rope". Another reader thinks this method is very suspicious. He goes on "a serious problem with the SR-71 and other high-speed aircraft is excessive skin heating. The last thing you want is to add combustion at or near the surface."
Ramjet - A reader points out that there is "a second possible power plant design, the Combined Cycle Ramjet Engine. Essentially, it is a rocket until it goes supersonic. At that point the rocket nozzles are withdrawn and the engines run as ramjets up to Mach 4-6. With a few minor modifications to the shape of the combustion housing, you could soup the power plant up to a scramjet, which could see speeds up to and beyond Mach 8. The fuel for this power plant could be liquid methane or methylcyclohexane, plus liquid oxygen as an oxidizer in the primary 'rocket' stage. Further data on this power plant is available through Popular Science Magazine, March 1993 issue. " However another reader feels that a ramjet is not a possible propulsion source because "the National Aerospace Plane (NASP) was cancelled in large part due to the inability to solve the materials problems with the proposed supersonic ramjets. I don't think there has been enough progress, even in the black world to solve these problems. Further, RAMJET doesn't leave doughnuts on a rope."
Regular Pulsejet - Pulsejets uses the forward speed of the engine and the inlet shape to compress the incoming air, then shutters at the inlet close while fuel is ignited in the combustion chamber and the pressure of the expanding gases force the jet forward. The shutters open and the process repeats itself at a high frequency. This results in the buzzing drone for which the pulsejet missile is named: the buzz bomb. A reader points out that "pulsejets can be cooled to solve the materials problems of supersonic ramjets. They could also generate doughnuts on a rope although this is speculation as I am unaware of any previous actual tests at high altitude."
Although it has been rumored that the Aurora is equipped with the capability of carrying air-to-ground armaments, it is unlikely that the aircraft is designed for, or able to, support armaments. It is likely the plane is equipped for reconnaissance only.

There has been some debate about this though, as there was a Phoenix Air to Air missile that was designed to be carried in the F-12 (Basically a later interceptor version of the SR-71). This missile can only be carried by the F-12, the F-111 and the F-14 Tomcat. This missile might also be usable on the Aurora.

in development stealth fighters
17-08-2004, 23:03
Our primary MBT-

Bomber produced for export- (The LTB-3)
17-08-2004, 23:11
Yensania is gracious! We thank you very much for the time you took to find our nation the weaponry. We will purchase everything you had to offer to us to fit an army of 3 million, 2 million in reserve. We need this much because it is required for every citizen to do time in our armed services. The ONLY thing our nation is unsatisfied with is the troops uniforms you had to offer. We request forest cammo, for our nation is mostly pine forest. Thank you again.

-Yensanian Secretary of War

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Weapons-Tech incorp
17-08-2004, 23:14
us or someone else.
17-08-2004, 23:28
As an ally of Yensania and fellow member of the ENA pact, I can say that he means you.
Weapons-Tech incorp
17-08-2004, 23:30
for such a large purcheas i need someone to go to our storefront and buy it all i need proof of purcheas-(it a storefront thing- thats how we prove we have money)
17-08-2004, 23:37
Storefront? Is there a Link for us to make these purchases?

-Secretary of War, Yensania
Weapons-Tech incorp
17-08-2004, 23:39