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Minor attack on Tingarian Troops

17-08-2004, 08:27
I thought I would keep you abreast of the situation relating to a small contingent of Tingarian Troops guarding a small outpost in our badlands to the west of the mountain region....

the report filed stated that the 25 Troopers from the 2nd battalion Insarian Guard's came under attack from a force of around 15, the base took incoming Mortar and Missile rounds, the troopers returned fire and requested immediate air support, two Tingarian Air Force (TAF) Helicopters where dispatched to the area but upon there arrival the insurgents had moved into the mountains, a four day search has followed the incident,

We have since increased our presence in the region, and units will be reinforcing that area.

However i appeal to the world community if you have any information on these attacks please contact me and inform me of what you know.
The Glakatahn
17-08-2004, 08:51
Fruitless. The world was becoming unlivable for a self-respecting warrior. All of the city-folk had taken to the skies, and the clansmen of The Glakatahn's Shifting Empire could little understand it. For so long a good pony and a well-made bow had been sufficient, and in recent years the rifle, well aimed, was enough to keep pace with the settled world. Enemies born by the wind however were a different matter. No one amongst the clansmen knew exactly what a helicopter might be, but it was clear to all that full-scale assault upon the probed region might not be possible by the backs of beasts alone.

Under-Kibas Getchak and Kivar regarded the wounds of their comrades with some annoyance. Two dozen idle defenders had never traditionally been sufficient to fend-off an attack by fifteen clansmen. The little horde would bide its time and return by night, perhaps the position could be taken under cover of dark... there was clearly something worth protecting, and as such worth looting...

OOC: From the tone of your original post, I gathered that the identity of the attackers was unknown and open to input, but if I have assumed too much, I shall consider this post void and offer my apologies for butting in! Should you be interested, The Glakatahn are a nomadic people, with one city acting as a capital in the badlands of New Tiamat, a continent in the Indian Ocean. From there many bands of mounted warriors have dispersed across the planet, living off the land and seeking plunder, largely ignorant of the modern world and using only what they steal from victims. Lately they have acquired the use of semi-modern fire-arms from plundering a base belonging to Andaman and Nicobar.
17-08-2004, 09:18
[QUOTE=The Glakatahn]

perhaps the position could be taken under cover of dark... there was clearly something worth protecting, and as such worth looting...

OOC: From the tone of your original post, I gathered that the identity of the attackers was unknown and open to input, but if I have assumed too much, [QUOTE]

I can assure you the outpost housed nothing more than barrack blocks and Gun emplacements, the position has been there for many years and is a survivor of the "Great Territory Wars" of the last rulers.

I must add that i will bring these rogues to justice for the 5 men the killed and 3 they wounded in there attack!!! they will be tried under my lands laws and judged accordingly.

OOC; no you were perfectly right it was open and unknown
The Glakatahn
19-08-2004, 01:19
(OOC: Jolly good. The Glakatahn know little of other nations' histories, and tend to assume things and to get carried away with the lust for blood, glory, plunder, and so on.)

In the mountains near the scene of battle, Under-Kiba Getchak slipped out of cover in the dead of night, taking with him five good men. They were out to scout the area of their first aborted raid, and would seek to kill soldiers in their beds if it proved possible, and if not, well, perhaps they'd abduct a guard and interrogate him, or at least sacrifice him to the elemental spirits in which the Glakatahn believed. To the mountains, probably, so that they might shroud the rest of the party, which contained some few dozen women and children moving with their warrior menfolk.

The six stout little men moved quickly and silently across the ground as they approached what appeared to be a checkpoint (OOC: or some such thing related to the military build-up in response to the first raid). Getchak himself had drawn a curved blade, which he weilded in his strong right hand, and an ancient revolver clasped in his left. He didn't intend to use the latter unless he was forced to. Another man also brandished a blade, this one a full blown cutting sword of some considerable length and weight, while two others scanned the area through the sights of archaic Russian bolt-action 3-line Rifles, decorated with paints, animal and human bone, and perhaps some metals and semi-precious stones fixed into the stock. The final two nightstalkers clutched elegant composite bows, likewise ornately decorated. The last men wore pistols on their hips, but the intent was to refrain from causing noise enough to alert surrounding forces.

The men, clad in leather and furs, dropped to the floor on the appearance of a silhoutte at the possible checkpoint... seconds later an arrow was loosed towards the figure's middle, and the men dashed forth in hopes of surprising any others at the scene... they did not mean to take more than a single prisoner, and would not hesitate to settle for some heads if surrender would not be given.

(OOC: For now I'm keeping it small scale because I don't want to muck with any big picture ideas you might already have.)
New Kyoto City
19-08-2004, 02:16
Shibata Nobunori, a peasant conscript in the New Kyoto army, trudged through the long grass. Past the hills on which he and the rest of the squad stood, Nobunori could see a mountain range in the distance, obscured somewhat by light fog. Abruptly, Corporal Irobe raised his hand.

"Squad! Halt!" he said. Irobe listened for a few moments, then motioned the squad forwards. They advanced slowly, keeping low in the grass. A sound in the distance checked them. It was massed gunfire. The shriek of mortar shells made them duck their heads, but the explosions were distant.

"Squad!" whispered Irobe, "Follow me!" and he began creeping in the direction of the gunfire, now more sporadic.

OOC: Hello, hope you two don't mind my intrusion, but I'd like to rp a bunch of my troops in the Badlands. They're just exploring an (Apparently) uninhabited area. It would help if I knew where it is, exactly. As I play as one city, I don't imagine we'd be up to much. Though I suppose I could call it as a Secret Government Thingy...

Anyway, the troops, as mentioned, are peasant conscripts. They've gone through the 9 week training and been given a gun each. They use the Jap 'Type 89' which is an assault rifle, but the use of full automatic fire is discouraged. There's only 1 Company (91) of them, so I hope they won't be an inconvenience.

In case you care, they've each got 3 rifle grenades, radios, and 1 in 5 also carries an RPG 7. Sidearms are Colt M1911's. They're commanded by Captain Honjo Teremune, a well-to-do chap who follows the code of Bushido.
Raven corps
19-08-2004, 04:22
19-08-2004, 13:26
Radio Transmission from a 5 tank Convoy with support elements serving with the Tingarian Armoured Corps, in sector Alpha-0569

Trooper 1: “ sector sweep complete sir, waiting for order to proceed to next checkpoint…over”

Captain Ford: “Permission granted, inform HQ and rear guard we are on the move. Over!”

Trooper 2: “ Whiskey-Alpha-Two-Nine this is Base unit area is secure complete final sweeps and move out on our……”

Trooper 3: “Sir we have movement on the Port side, looks like…six, I repeat Six men closing in on the position…awaiting your orders sir.”

(There is a sudden loud explosion on the microphone)

Captain Ford; “Sh*t!!!! What the Hell just happened….Report!!!!”

Trooper 2 : “ Whiskey-Alpha-Two-Six has been hit Sir…”

Captain Ford: “Inform HQ, Request immediate Air Support, and get these B*stard’s out of my god damn Sec….”
(second voice is heard underneath presumed to be Trooper 2 “HQ this is Charlie-Bravo, We request immediate ground support” )

(Loud Explosion, line goes dead)

Several minutes pass, all that can be heard from remaining radio contact is standard orders being issued, and explosions from tank fire.

Helicopter Pilot: “ Charlie-Bravo this is Lima-Two-Nine we’re heading in on your 3 O’clock with two more friendly’s……(silence)… ETA 30 seconds .……(silence).… Holy Crap!!!!! HQ we have a major situation here, we have three I repeat three tanks on fire, unknown on wounded but I can see bodies but no one moving. Request permission to move in closer, and we will request troop units to the area immediately over..”

(short Pause)

Captain Raith (HQ Command): Permission granted for two choppers to land and the third to remain in a covering position, units will be dispatched and sent to the area, their ETA is 20 Minutes. Your orders are to secure the area, Over and Out!!!”

OOC: I'm very new on here so i hope what i have been doing so far is ok?
New Kyoto City
19-08-2004, 14:54
OOC: Doing great. Keep it up.
19-08-2004, 17:05
Drabikstan denies aiding Tingarian communist rebels


The government of Drabikstan today denied media reports it was supporting anti-government communist rebels in Tingaria. Several unconfirmed media reports claimed the Tingarian Revolutionary Movement (TRM) was responsible for the attacks against Tingarian troops. Glakatahn nomads had been blamed for the attacks.

The small nation of Tingaria is home to the nomadic Glakatahn tribes which live in the mountainous badland regions. They had been blamed for the attacks against the Tingarian military. However, the region is also believed to be the home of the TRM rebels. The media reports claimed Drabikstan had sent military aid to the rebels while also providing safe haven for the TRM leadership.

Drabikstani President Xer Kibard denied his country's involvement. "Tingaria is already governed by a socialist government," he stated. "Why would we attempt to undermine a friendly government?"
The Glakatahn
19-08-2004, 19:42
The half-dozen nomadic warriors were baffled by the sudden explosion of fire about them. They'd hoped to carry out a small, stealthy raid that might result in a handfull of foreign deaths, and suddenly they seemed to be caught in the centre of a major battle. Between the six minds there existed several opinions- run for the hills, or take advantage and steal something!

Two ran, four, lead by Getchak, made a bee-line for the burning armour, hoping to steal perhaps a surviving machinegun or two, to strip the dead and wounded, and perhaps if time allowed to carry off a hurt prisoner.

(OOC: I think most of this is rather bigger than the Glakatahn, and I'll leave it to you as to whether men and equipment go missing, carried off by barbarians, or else feel free to find four dead, leather-skinned little men clad in skins and furs, apparently trying to carry-off a machinegun while a battle was going on :) )
19-08-2004, 19:46
OOC: Not to but in, but I take offense to "They use the Jap 'Type 89'" by New Kyoto City. I am Japanese, and I take that personally. I ask that you please refrain from racial slurs.
New Kyoto City
24-08-2004, 23:36
OOC: My sincere apologies, Turkmeny. I did not mean to cause offence, but as an Englishman, the abbreviation is more commonly used than the full.

Glakatahn: What? But your race is cool! I mean, you get all these super-modern-nuclear-powers everywhere, but in the middle of it is a bunch of Glakatahn nomads who think bolt-action rifles are a damn good idea! It's just a great rp thingy.

IC: As they neared the smoke, a rustling sound could be heard nearby, steadily growing louder. At the same time there was a rythmic thumping from the same direction. Without warning, a pair of scruffy horsemen charged from the fog, firing semi-automatic weapons and scattering the conscripts.
Corporal Irobe yelled them back together, only for them to run again from a second group of four. Irobe, however, stood his ground and fired a shot into the chest of one of the horses.
The creature screamed as it fell, it's rider tumbling with it. the pair rolled, and came to a halt with the wounded horse lying over the man's legs. He struggled to free himself, but stopped when Irobe levelled his rifle at him.

"Nobunori!" he cried, his eyes still on his target.

The young man came running, "Corporal-san?"

"Shoot that horse, then bind this man!"