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Governing Cabinet Disolved, Radio Chat with Extremists!

17-08-2004, 00:36
IRC 1001
"This is Barabara Walters."

"And this is Anne Coulter."

"Welcome to 'A View.' Earlier today it was anounced to the public that the Governing Cabinet of the Nation has been dismissed. Due to recent happenings within the Nation previously discussed, most of the GC had been lost to us. All but three Ministers remained in the GC. These three were dismissed this morning by newly instated Prime Minister, Sadreas Yishi, due to the reason that they are, 'Unable to perform their duties.' Tomorrow, there will be an inaguration of an entirely new Governing Cabinet."

"This is clearly a showing of the Fascist roots of our government coming back to bite us in the arse! This show of hatred for our country only means worse for our citisens, and an act of mass genocide is sure to follow! Just look at who's leading our Nation! Yishi! Us pretty-girls stand out against that sort of casual, sandal wearing, all natural, flaggrant hippie, ignoramusiesies. Yishi should be evicted for this because I say so and I am right! It's in the book!"

"Yes, well, before we get into a debate, the following are expected to be inaguarted tomorrow.

Minister of Defence, Ludvic Vladyshek Kaju

Minister of Trade, Nanoo Joel Anubi

Minister of Security, Nokona Sikitaki Chikara

Minister of Utilities, Raphael Pavilion

Minister of Re-Distribution, Desporte Ray

Minister of Law and Order, Nora Niobe Ophira

Minister of Public Transportation, Tux De'Linux Pingouin

Minister of Education, Sibyl Google

Minister of Populace, Marilyn Monroe

Minister of Foriegn Relations, Trythinking For Once."

"Pretty long list there Barbara, do you think it's a GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY?! It always is."

"And we now have calls from our listeners! Hello, you're on the air!"