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Nisseki Oil

16-08-2004, 17:20
Nisseki Oil

Tokarev's largest oil corporation, Nisseki, has annouced today that it might be merging with the ever more powerful Yukos/MOil Corporation. Details are sparce, but it seems that Nisseki is giving Yukos/MOil free access to logistics and engineering ports in Tokarev, and they are hoping to boost profits by becoming part of the larger corporation.

The CEO, Fumiaki Watari, has not announced what will happen to the various other corporations that Nisseki has bought out in Tokarev over the past few years, though he indicates they may be part of the larger merger as well. Other corporations owned by Nissek include:

Nippon Petrochemical Company, Limited
Nippon Petroleum Gas Company, Limited
Nippon Oil Exploration Limited
Nippon Mitsubishi Trading Company, Limited
Nippon Petroleum Processing Company, Limited
Nisseki Technologies Corporation, Limited
Nisseki Real Estate Company, Limited
Nippon Oil Information Systems Company, Limited
Nippon Oil Staging Terminal Company, Limited
Nisseki Oil Concern Limited
Nisseki Oil Trading Company, Limited
Nisseki Ryoyu Engineering and Construction Corporation, Limited
Tokyo Tanker Company, Limited
Nisseki Office Service Corporation, Limited
Mitsubishi Trading Corporation, Limited
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Limited
Mitsubishi Energy Corporation, Limited
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi
Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Company, Limited
Tokyo Marine and Fire Insurance Company, Limited
Mitsubishi Rayon Company, Limited
Ryoko Sangyo Corporation, Limited
Mates Company, Limited
The Mitsubishi Foundation
Mitsubishi International Shipyards
Mitsubishi International Corporation, Limited

The Nisseki Oil Corporation produces approximately 1,200 barrels a day, including all of its subsidiary companies scattered through Russia, China, and Indonesia. Nisseki also holds 10,417 million barrels in reserve. Through its trading corporations it trades approximately 125 million tonnes of oil a year, at a profit of nearly 130 billion dollars.
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Communist Rule
16-08-2004, 20:34
The Yukos/MOil company has announced a successful merger with Nisseki Oil.

Due to current listings, the company will retain the same name.

The Joint CEOs anticipated this merger with hope.

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16-08-2004, 20:35
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Communist Mississippi
16-08-2004, 20:53
Fabus Standard Oil, which produces about 3 million barrels per day across the CM commonwealth, and owns 20% of the Ottoman Oil company, would like to discuss a possible merger with this oil giant being formed... We may talk via MSN.
16-08-2004, 20:54
"I am ecstatic that this merger has taken place, and that our company can continue to expand its' ability to market oil to all the nations of the world at reasonable prices. We are honoured by the merger that has taken place."
16-08-2004, 20:58
"CEO Fumiaki Watari has announced that all of Nisseki's assets will be involved in the merger, as announced previously. No news yet of whether there will be any change in the name of Yukos/MOil or not ..."