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OOC: Anyone interested in a proper war RP??

16-08-2004, 10:54
OOC: OK, I've been watching the RPs in here with interest and to be honest, most of the wars I've seen are either number wank or concluded way too quick.. I'd be interested in starting a war, but am concerned that someone would simply decide to put 10million troops and tanks up against me.. so neh..

However, if anyone is interested in starting a war RP with me, then I would like to use the following framework..

1)Realistic armed forces and sizes - i.e let's keep it real - I have an army of 1.25 million, a third of this consists of logistics units.. so in a war, I'd have around 800,000 troops to deploy, of this I would put half into the fray, and not all at once I would hasten to add..

2)Let's establish a framework... ideally, the RP could work at two levels - a strategic level, i.e troop movements, and also at a tactical/IC level, where the movement from above has a direct impact on units - thus scripted or IC posts could be used for this..

3)Patience.. I do this thang while at work.. so bear with me.. this will be slow but it will be expansive.. I don't want it to be a number wank thing.. Imagine an RP where high command makes a decision, then we RP the direct consequences of that... i.e a bombing raid - one person plays a squadron leaders role, another that of the air defences... over the course of weeks or what ever, it would end up being more like the story of a war told through the eyes of those taking part..

4)Realism... anyone involved must be willing to take lossses, they must also give a post of what forces they will deploy throughout the ENTIRE war at the very start, though these need not be used straight away.. even if it does include divisions of geriatrics at home, ready to defend the homeland to the final bullet... Nobody is suddenly going to launch five million missiles out of nowhere...

5) Winners and losers... well, hell knows.. I personally think a third nation could be used as the theatre of war.. that way it would be irrelevant who won or lost - rather its a matter of honour or prestige rather than having your home nation trounced..(this prevents others taking over your nation etc etc..)

6)And that brings us round to nukes... from the start these will be banned, I don't care what you say but I am a firm believer in dentente... Yes, Dubya might well be considering deploying low-yield nuclear weapons but these are not current tech and to be frank if he does its gonna blow nuclear doctrine out of the water.. so this war is based on the final nuclear doctrine of the cold war, MAD, one shot and yer buggered... To make this clear, at the very start of the war all strategic commands express their desire to prevent the war going nuclear, in addition any nation threatening nukes will find an four Typhoon submarines loaded with SLBM's targeting their cities... simple.. end of story..

7) All armed forces must be near equal in number, I don't care if you're a 2billion plus nation, but hey, let's face it I doubt you in all your wisdom and intellect (when applicable) could control 1000 destroyers in 10km sq of water - go figure... I want this real so the numbers have to be real.. (for example a village is taken by 10 men, not 10 million - go figure..)

8) Tech levels - CURRENT+ - ANYTHING THAT ISN'T USED IRL OR IS NOT AT PROTOTYPE STAGE IS VERBOTEN, end of subject.. I will allow your own equipment as long as it matches current tech levels, if in doubt gimme the link and I'll yay or nay it.. Remember, I am allowing prototypes to be used as real, so there's plenty of room for manoeuvre

Right, I've probably excluded 99% of those playing this.. if your still reading, welcome...

if you want to participate, add a note to this thread..

What has to happen is as follows;

1) a map has to be made..
2) a reason for the war has to be produced
3) A pre-amble has to be constructed..

THEN, and only then, will the war start..

PS remember, this might only take place at a pace of maybe one or two posts a day, but if its kept tight and detailed it will read well and play well...
16-08-2004, 11:00
I'd be willing to participate.
16-08-2004, 11:07
OOC: Cool, I'll give it a day or two to see what the feedbacks like then make a start on drawing up plans for it..
16-08-2004, 11:09
Since I am only 3 months old I would like to have a minor role in this but I would like to learn as I go so I can become a respectible rping opponite. I dont want want yo be like Camm III or Sephroth.
16-08-2004, 11:14
OOC: That'd be cool, possibly the best way would be to send over a volunteer division or something, they can easily be RP'd into the war but like I said before, where and when could be at any time...
16-08-2004, 11:32
If we set up a good scenario, we could also keep this at a smaller scale, I mean, I don't really feel like RPing large divisions and armies, it's so unpersonal, even though you can do some tactical level RP.
16-08-2004, 11:37
OOC: That's very much the whole idea behind this... obviously there will need to be some strategic stuff taking place but by keeping the IC stuff at a local level we can RP that much more.. all it takes is an agreement amongst those playing as to what to RP.. that's why I think making it slightly turn based per se would allow this to happen..

I.e sixth army moves to city x.. Command launches counter attack..

After that phase.. we RP the taking of a building or something..
16-08-2004, 11:49

I dunno if I can join this RP. I could play the "peace-keeping" nation, like I did in the invasion of HM and Hataria. I would set up a refugee camp, and have any refugee civilians leave the war-zones.

At least, I think that's a good start for my nation RP'ing. Start small, then later on, involve military stuff (When I hit 100 million or 500 million, dunno).

Would this be OK?
16-08-2004, 12:00
OOC: That would be feasible, but probably at a later stage, you'd prob be at the periphery of the action but I'm sure there'd be something for you to do.. As I said, once I have some feedback for this I'll put a framework together for it, though this will be a major war so there's bound to be plenty happening!
Independent Hitmen
16-08-2004, 12:41
OOC: Very very willing to participate, sounds like exactly the kind of rp ive been looking for.
16-08-2004, 13:01
I'll Join but i am a very weak nation so i will probobly be a minor part. I am also very slow to reply and often away in the "real world".
16-08-2004, 13:19
I would be willing to join in with a couple squads of Spec Ops. Say they are trying to evact some Canan citizens from some city. Also if you would like I can make an alright map of a imagenary island, or group of islands. Also, if you have either MSN or Yahoo we may be able to figure out a reason, and a pre amble.
16-08-2004, 13:32
I would be willing to join in with a couple squads of Spec Ops. Say they are trying to evact some Canan citizens from some city. Also if you would like I can make an alright map of a imaginary island, or group of islands. Also, if you have either MSN or Yahoo we may be able to figure out a reason, and a pre amble.

Alas, I don't have messaging - remember I am at work while doing this! (I have a 56k at home and its like trying to push an elephant down the phoneline at times...) As for a map, probably one large island would be best, with plenty of room for strategic maneouvres.. I think if it was done in real time, i.e one game day = 1 RL day, then as the war progresses, conditions get worse, so by winter its just about frozen to a stop a la Stalingrad or something similar..

Regarding the preamble, I'll set the tone and probably assume the role of aggressor at first - though this won't hold true throughout the conflict, in fact I'd like to try a few defensive RPs within the context of the war for a start.. though input from others is more than welcome... just give me time to get some numbers and come up with something not too contrived.. i.e a spurious declaration of war for a start!
Independent Hitmen
16-08-2004, 13:34
I have msn, if you want to discuss anything.

EDIT:Not that that really matters now looking at Las's last post.
16-08-2004, 13:42
<BUMP - just adding I dont have messaging of any kind! >
16-08-2004, 14:15
OOC: Hmm.. one other point that should be brought to bear here is that this is not going to be about flash toys.. Yes, there will be times were superior technology will overcome but more often than not its either down to sheer numbers or ingenuity... and that's pretty much what should come across...

I mean for example, it must be remembered that during the Blitzkreig in France, the Panzers used by the Wehrmacht weren't as good as some of the French tanks but instead it was novel idea of the use of a combined force that really won the campaign.. (OK this is a gripe about people hiding behind numbers to conceal the fact they can't RP anything strategic or tactical!)
16-08-2004, 14:17
I'd be willing to participate with whatever can be scraped up with my pathetic nation of 20 million.
16-08-2004, 14:57
OOC: Shouldn't be a problem but this will prob be a long term/rather inolved RP ultimately - should it work that is...
16-08-2004, 15:50
16-08-2004, 16:42
Independent Hitmen
16-08-2004, 16:44
When you say prototypes does that mean that i can use F-22Sea Raptors operating from carriers, because they are in development right now? (I will only use 1 or 2 carriers anyway but thought id better ask)
16-08-2004, 16:46
OOC: I doubt that would be an issue, esp if its in testing currently... I'd be deploying the LAS-XF2 and LAS-XF3 which are based on the Sukhoi S37 and MiG-35 prototypes anyway... as long as its flown IRL or been tested then I'm cool with it
16-08-2004, 16:50
OOC: The whole point behind that rule is to prevent people pulling virtually future-tech fighters or missiles out of the bag...

I know this seems quite rigid but if a long RP is to take place you need to set the rules first..
16-08-2004, 16:58
Yelm is willing to participate. Telegram me if there has been any updates.
16-08-2004, 17:09
I'd like to join up if I could. I'm not a newb, I've been playing for not quite a year, but my nations keep dying. Anyway. My forces are pretty expansive for my pop, perhaps a bit too much, as I always base them on my budget (5.2% of the budget per branch, Infantry, Armor, Naval, Aerial, and Nuclear, based on the Pipian calculator). If you want a complete listing, let me know, but suffice it to say it boils down 298,752 actual fighting men, such as pilots and riflemen, with another 1,493,760 men in support/noncombat services. I'll probably deploy around a third of that during the RP, but I'll have to crunch some numbers to get something more precise.

Anyway, let me know if I can join or not. It'll be nice to play something that's not a numbers-wank.
16-08-2004, 17:36
Ok, well instead of making a totally new map I changed some things from a map I used to use for an old puppet nation. If you dont like this then I will make ya a new one.

And since there isnt a key on there, lets say that the large island is about W300xH550ft and the small one is W50x95ft If that is alright with everyone that is. Also I think that a good location for the island would be around the Nova Scotia, Maine region. That way the summers are still somewhat hot, but the winters are absolutely killer.

Also, I think before the rp starts that everyone who is going to be involved should have an entrance 'strategy'. When I say strategy, I just mean why they are getting involved. I know that mine will be sending in some Spec Ops to evac some citizens who are reportedly in one of the cities once the war starts.
17-08-2004, 08:30
OOC: OK, the map's cool, now I just need to formulate a structure for the RP.. I reckon if it was done on the basis of one strategic turn per week, i.e major movements of armies etc.. I reckon that would work as it would allow for several smaller IC roleplays during the week.. If anyone can come up with a number cruncher then it would be easier to predict the outcome of a battle, either that or we can come up with one ourselves..
The idea behind smaller RPs is so I can have time off and you can fight them among yourselves if need be! (Given I can only do this during the day at work and maybe on a Saturday morning! - My weekends are one long bender usually...)

As for the map scale... probably best to make it a good few hundred miles in area at least! Remember, there are going to be a lot of forces.. I'll take a snapshot of it and prob aadd some towns and roads etc
17-08-2004, 08:34
OOC: As for my entrance strategy, I reckon it would be best if I came in with my army as support for a national liberation army or something like that.. people can either side with the socialist rebels or side with the government.. that way peacekeepers can also be introduced as a third party..
17-08-2004, 11:22
<just a little bump to see if anyone else is interested.. the cut-off date for declaring interest will be 5pm GMT today.. so you got 5.5 hours to speak up or shut up! :) >
17-08-2004, 16:17
<OK a last bump to see if anyone else is interested, remember closing time 5PM GMT - so you got an hour then its shut..>
17-08-2004, 17:34

My nation would be planning on establishing a Refugee Zone, once the war begins.

The Refugee Zone would be next to the coast, for ease of transports and such. I have yet to see where the actual war would break out, but my Refugee Zone will likely be about 50 kilometers from the fighting, to avoid any "conflict of interest"

I'm willing to adjust my Refugee Zone, its location, etc. as long as its on the coast.
17-08-2004, 17:37
You know, with all these refugee zones and things you have going on, you are severly stretching your resources. Really, considering your not even a month old yet, you shouldn't be able to fund more that one large scale humantiarian aid mission.
17-08-2004, 17:51
OOCski: Since Rubberduckistan (and thus yours truly) is not into any Blitzkrieg for the moment, Duckistan will finance the Sharinas humanitarian effort, and may even participate with some peacekeepers, if thats ok?
17-08-2004, 18:16
OOC: A Panzian expeditionary force of three divisions will be sent to prop up the current government.
17-08-2004, 18:27
OOC: Ok.. I'm currently at work but finish in five minutes.. everyone that's expressed an interest, I'll get a telegram to you in the next few days.. prob start in a week or two with the preamble taking place over the coming week or two...

Can't write much more as my wrist is seizing up (no smart comments!) - I've typed about 7000 words today and I can't go on!
17-08-2004, 18:40
You know, with all these refugee zones and things you have going on, you are severly stretching your resources. Really, considering your not even a month old yet, you shouldn't be able to fund more that one large scale humantiarian aid mission.

The war in Hataria Mammalia and Hataria are now over.
17-08-2004, 21:37
Well yeah, but your money doesnt come right back to you right after a war finishes. You would still be in the hole a good bit after sending your people over seas and condicting aid missions, where you maostly paid for everything out of your own pocket.
17-08-2004, 21:53
Its worth it if it can ensure the survival of innocent people. In addition, the 3 million people I rescued from Hataria Mammalia is now paying dividends with taxes and labor for my nation's emerging industries. :D
Independent Hitmen
18-08-2004, 11:46
I dont have a clue about my enterance strategy, if anyone has any ideas please do tell me!
18-08-2004, 11:53
OOC: He he.. not to worry.. I'll get some stuff planned this week, i.e country name, little background etc and get a country created on NS.. I would do it sooner but I can barely type - I average around 6,000+ words a day!
18-08-2004, 13:41
OOC: Al-Sabir will propably use the "we are here to install a proper, democratic government" excuse to invade the country, but I'm not sure yet, so don't quote me on this later.
18-08-2004, 13:55
OOC: Not a problem, I've just been working out the exact size of my army right now..
18-08-2004, 14:12
Can I still join?
18-08-2004, 14:15
OOC: suppose so.. :)

Things are gonna be a bit slow this week and next as I'll need to do the preamble etc.. and my hands are seizing up with all the typing I've been doing.. but I'll telegram everyone with updates and a provisional start date asap.
18-08-2004, 16:30
<"Scooby did you hear that bump?"
"Nwoh Shaggy!">