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The Hattian Declaration of Peaceful Means

30-07-2004, 00:07
After the battle over the Halladian Gulf between the Aegian Armadas and the Hattian Fleet, Hattia has agreed to sign and respect these terms:

Hattia recognises the superiority of enemy forces and recognises the need to solve this through peaceful methods, therefore, this will be solved through dialogue and not violence or unilateral decissions. The blockade will be over for no good can come from such an action. Hattia values the lifes of their men and will not risk then in such an operation. All the Hattian forces and its allies will leave the Halladian waters and will solve this through diplomatic means with Hallad and its allies. No hostile actions will be held against Hallad and its allies.


The Declaration seeks to avoid more senseless masacres and seeks to assure, above all, the sovereignty of Hallad.

That signed declaration, recognised by Hattia, cannot be violated under any circumstance. Grunge-France, ally of Hallad, recognises Hattia as a nation of honor. The agreement cannot be violated for it will be once again falling into an armed conflict, which is of no good to anyone.

Nations of the World: you are witnesses that this agreement exists, let´s hope there will be no crime, and that Hattia and its allies will honor it.
30-07-2004, 04:15
30-07-2004, 04:23
Hattia, however, still calls for elections in Hallad.

However, any aggression by Hallad, or their allies will render this document invalid in our eyes.
30-07-2004, 04:43
OOC: I thought we got elections in Hallad, and the True Directorate won.
Scandavian States
30-07-2004, 05:17
[Hattia, why didn't you call on the USR to help? Furthermore, why didn't you call on UnAPS to help?]
30-07-2004, 05:33
Actually, TIS sent help, but he never posted again, I believe. And I didn't want to drag you guys into another war, seeing as what the last one did to the alliance.
The Island States
30-07-2004, 22:57
Hattia: I was still sending my 1st Carrier Group when this came out, but I will honor the pact and return my fleet. However, you should have brought this before the UnAPS and let us review the situation. The USR should have also been consulted, allowing us to pool our resources and turn this situation from defeat into victory.


The Island States wishes to let the other side know, that even though we recognize this agreement as if we were bound to it, we see no reason to honor it should Hallad and it's allies decide to attack the USR (Edolia, TIS, and Hattia) and our assets overseas. While the USR does not wish for armed conflict to occur, we will not sit on our hands and talk if the other side wishes to play all of its cards instead of those agreed upon (the cards of peaceful and diplomatic action).
30-07-2004, 23:02
We will only attack if this agreement is broken.
´nough saying.
30-07-2004, 23:51
Should someone start a thread for the negotiations?
04-08-2004, 00:07
A good moment to remind everyone about this little declaration.
04-08-2004, 00:24
UnAPS isn't there to just throw your weight around. You are much to eager to go to war, Scandavian States. I blame it on your conservativeness.
Scandavian States
04-08-2004, 00:27
[I can throw my own weight around, however this situation isn't about me, it's about Hattia. And there's no such thing as being to eager to help one's allies, unfortunately that means going to war more often than not.]