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25-07-2004, 00:20
OOC: Lookin' good. Gah. Hogsweat, can I start aiding the revolutionaries in some way?
Communist Mississippi
25-07-2004, 00:22
A scout-sniper team reported relayed what they had seen by radio to the Firebase Fabus. Even though the base had enough troubles of their own, they decided that this horrible atrocity could not go unpunished. Hanging heads of CM soldiers on flagpoles? In the words of General Bon, "This will not stand." He realized the UWA backed guerillas ordered that he not use chemical weapons against them, but they had said nothing about using them against the civilians in Beting. And that is just what he would do. 20 Mi-24s and the last 8 Su-25s took off from their bombed out airfields, the Su-25s had to use flat fields because the runways had been thoroughly bombed and cratered. Miraculously all of the Su-25s made it into the air. Each was armed with 4 500lb Sarin bombs; they had been purposely loaded to the max because this was to be most likely a one-way mission. They didn't expect to be able to dodge the UWA backed guerillas SAMs and AAA weaponry on the way back. They'd have the element of surprise leaving, and would probably get out okay, but getting back in, who know.

The 5 companies of paratroopers left in Beting were told to make their way out as best they could. They were just leaving as the planes were arriving over the city.

The 5 companies were going to move on and find somewhere else to take up positions.

They all made it to Beting, they identified the major civilian quarters of Beting and began to drop bombs and fire rockets. 16,000lbs of Sarin gas was used against the civilians of Beting. 2,560 sarin rockets were fired from the Mi-24s. Damage assessment put the civilian death toll at approximately 50,000 dead and 200,000 severely injured by the gas attack. CM soldiers had been avenged. The pilots didn't mind killing civilians, especially non-white civilians. They had killed civilians before without hesitation and they'd continue to do it as long as they were ordered to or had the chance to do it.

People were running outside of their houses choking, flipping into spasms, and then collapsing down dead. It was just the latest in a long seemingly never-ending list of CM violations of the accepted codes of war. But CM codes of war allowed for anything to be done in the name of achieving victory.

The 5 companies of CM paratroopers that had left Beting could hear the screaming of the dead and dying civilians, they just erupted into laughter and made mocking impersonations of Asian people. One of the soldiers pulled his eyes tight and started saying, "Ah, you gas me good round-eye, no fair, no fair, you not follow code of war that we no follow, ah-so." His comrades almost fell over with laughter.
Communist Mississippi
25-07-2004, 00:25
OOC: Lookin' good. Gah. Hogsweat, can I start aiding the revolutionaries in some way?

Occ- I got just the idea for what you can do. You can help the UWA advisors and guerillas that are surrounding Firebase Fabus. Perhaps you can provide the guerillas with a few MiG-21s or something.

TG me or something and we can work out something,
25-07-2004, 03:59
IRAQI, what are you on about? If your a Nazi, or a Fascist, I suggest you run.... Now.

OOC: First off, don't threaten me IC. I could crush you like that. This is my l33t account. My two main accounts are both over a billion. So let's put the "run" issue and aside.

Fascismo and Nazism are two different things. Fascismo was running smoothly as mussolini heading the italian government until hitler told us..."Join us (italia was a strategic place in ww2) or we will invade you!" Italy won WW1, but it didn't pay attention to it's military. Though it's navy was the best, it lost miserably do to unpatriotic commanders. Besides, italia didn't want war.

Nazism commited genocide on the Italian people in cities like Milan. Italiano inventwed fascismo had nothing to do with oppression, so get your facts straight. If italia adopted nazism, there would be a few million northern italians left. Note that italians aren't anglo like the germans are. And also note that the population is italia is 58,000,000 +. Trust me, nazism would have had the same effect in spain.

And for reference, none of my accounts are fascist or nazism. We have our own thing.
25-07-2004, 08:58
I was talking OOC. I know the difference between Nazism and Fascism, Why did you just come here and say

"OOC: Why do you people insult my history? You are all referring to NAZISM. Fascismo? Don't worry about that. If you want to claim to have a fascismo state, then atleast act like it."

I'm not claiming to have a fascist state, i'm not claiming to have a Nazi state. Its propaganda for the revolution.

And also, the chances of you crushing me are very very very low.
Hogsweat 1.892 billion
All-consuming economy

IIRAAQII 298 million
Thriving Economy
Even if you were try to attack me (after the revolution ends) my allies would aid me too. Don't wag your tail until you find out the facts.
25-07-2004, 11:06
From: Johny Marr, Minister for Defence in The Socialist States of Meat is Murder (U.S.S.M.i.M.)

To: The head of the socialist revolution (or next most high ranking dude or dudette available).

Dear [insert name],
It has come to U.S.S.M.i.M.'s attention that you are rising up against your foul plurocratic capitalist oppressors. We here in Meat is Murder prefer more peaceful ways but as you have been robbed of your liberties we do not blame you for your violence and are willing to support your efforts. We would send in our military but thanks to our nation being mostly consitant of hard line pacisfists our army is made up of a 92 year old man and a pet monkey, huge military cuts mean that they are unarmed and also wars are hardly a vote winner on our fair isle.
We do however have a large surplas of military veichles including a few fighter jet, bombers and tanks as well as a good deal of artillery shells we never got a chance to use which were going to be sold off but you need heavy support more than we need cash and we know you are going to put them to good use so if you wish for them we can donate them to your cause.

Also a group of around 300 of our less pacifistic citizens are heading to your boarders to help out your cause in any way they can, most have brought their own guns but in case any of these are substandard or in a state of major disrepair please find inclosed 100 assult rifles, 10 sniper rifles and 30 grenades.

We wish we could be of more help.

Yours faithfully,

Johny Marr
25-07-2004, 12:12
"We need back-" "ASSISTANCE NEEDED WE CAN'T HOL-" Klie'kos looked in shock, his command unit's comm link had been recieving garbled messages for a while now. He picked up the microphone for the comm unit and spoke into it, as calmly as he could, "We are retreating, rally at City Hall, now!" and with that, his command squad began to pull back to the hall, as did the other 123 men who remained, this mission had gone awry, Kriegos operations weren't meant to go awry.

Roughly an hour later, the scruffy remains of the proud Kriegos strike force of 350, now numbered in at 102, guerilla attacks had cruelly chipped at Kriegos forces, the fleeing Kriegos leaving droves of dead behind. Klie'kos looked as troops wearily climbed the rubble strewn stairs and took up positions behind the pillars decorating the front of the ancient town hall.

Klie'kos looked out over the street, flaming buildings framing the mason strewn death pit. He looked to his comrades, each one looking down the barrel of their weapon with a mix of anticipation and fear. Klie'kos' ears pricked, he heard something, a roaring, the roar of an angry mob. He heard weapons being prepped.
25-07-2004, 12:59
Attn. Guerrilla commanders. Please inform us of locations of airports to allow airlifting of ASU-115s, 2S9 artillery etc to render assistance. 2nd Airborne Division on standby. Port locations alo required. Ships on standby with 12th Naval Infantry Division ready to depart within 6 hours. Please also give locations of targets for air attack if possible, will attempt to engage with Su-34B long-range attack aircraft.
26-07-2004, 19:02
-=Post in progress=-
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Meat Is Murder
27-07-2004, 20:23
OOC: Is Sandemonia not wanted here? If so I'll be on my way. I'd quite like to aid the revolutionaries though.
27-07-2004, 21:40
the United Socialist States of Vanua gives moral support, but not military support to the Socialst revolutionaries. Should the revolution fail, they may seek assylum in the USSV, so long as they respect the authority of the government and the people of the USSV. Please remember that the USSV does not wish to become militarily involved, but must support those with common interests, this being the advance of socialism and greater freedom for the people of Hogsweat. Any refugees from the conflict who meet the standards set by the USSV department of immigration may enter for a period of time. It pains us to see the people of Hogsweat in such a situation. May the Revolution continue.

PM of USSV, Wesali Sukulevi
02-08-2004, 01:05
Council Room -- Derscon Capitol -- Kremlin Palace

"Hmm," the Czar said. "We have Catholic insurgents in our nation. I don't care about Hogsweat anymore." The Czar took the Hogsweat breifing and threw it in the furnace.

"Carpet bomb the island, void the waters of life, and get out. DO IT!"
Atlantis-class Underwater Military Base

The Admiral looked out of the pressurized port hole to see a shark swim by. Wow, these bases are useless, the Admiral thought. The nuclear power of Derscon is no lo---*BEEP!* The line to the Kremlin was blinking red. He turned wide-eyed to the line.


KREMLIN: This is Herkyavich. You are to void all Hogsweat waters of life. Use all means possible.

ADMIRAL: This is a Nuclear Asset base, sir.

KREMLIN: I know.