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Execution of Thousands of Communists

The Macabees
19-06-2004, 18:15
The camp was fairly large - about the size of Chula Vista city in Southern California. However, it was extremely crowded. Recent Macabee government programs begun by the Emperor had ordered the immediate movement of all registered Communist Party members to concentration camps. About 36 million citizens, who had originally been promised political freedom, had been shoved into these camps. This one wasn't the only concentration camp, but it had a major difference. This was also a death camp - it was a huge experiment really. Mass genocide had never been part of the Empire's internal policies, in fact the Empire had been parts of major wars against very nations who had committed a genocide of their own. However, this new emperor was unlike his predecessors. He hated communists, with a burning passion, and he loved power.

Consequently, these 36 million civilians found themselves in concentration camps... 800,000 of them in a death camp. They were squeezed in large barrack buildings, with double bunks, two to a single bunk. Spread of disease was kept under control by daily check, which would take hours, but worth it. However, the disease checking soon ended weeks later, after the opening of the camps. There was no point in checking the dead...

So, that's how it happened. And now, 800,000 communists had their ashes spread under ground after they were incenerated in extraordinary boilers. It was quite disgusting really; but the people the emperor chose to lead these camps were real sickos - mind problems... most of them insane.

How would the government explain 36 million people in concentration camps to the rest of the world? Who cared... however, the deaths were kept extremely classified and official reports stated that the people in that camp had been sent to other camps - there had been fake truck convoys and everything to provide some sort of "evidence". What would the world say?