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18-06-2004, 20:24
The following is a live television broadcast:

This just in: at exactly 2:09 P.M., Friday, June 19, 2004 A.D., the Presidential Palace in the Republic of Roach-Busters was bombed by the enigmatic, terrorist cult 'Red Dragons.' 117 people were killed and more than a thousand were injured. In response to this, President J.L. has proposed a declaration of martial law until the threat is dealt with. The proposal is being intensely debated in Parliament as we speak. And- wait, wait, one moment- uh-huh...I see...I see...folks, we have just received word that the Red Dragons are-

(Door slams open)

Reporter: Who the hell're you?

(A Red Dragon monk swiftly rushes over to the reporter and stabs deeply into his abdomen; the reporter slumps to the floor, eviscerated, wallowing in his own blood)

Reporter: Red Dr...Dragonssss....are...h-here...
18-06-2004, 20:33
Doomingsland Embassy-

"We've just recieved word that the presidential palace has been bombed, and that- the braodcasting station has been taken by the terrorists. I recomend you deploy to the station immediatly." said the ammbasador to the Reaper team.

"Yes sir!" they responded. The men headed to their barraks, strapped on their equiptment, and locked and loaded their D20k rifles. A white van pulled up to the front of the emmbassy and took the men to the station.
"We don't go in unless we are ordered to."
"Ok, sir."
"Here's the plan. Alfa will enter from the back entrance, they'll set breaching charges on the door, and clear the first floor. Bravo, you're gonna enter from the roof, and you're going to do it without detection. Questions?"
"What are we up against, sir?"
"As of right now, we havn't the slightest clue, but we expect they'll have snipers and RPGs in the surrounding buildings, that's how they've operated so far. Any more questions? No? OK, lets move out."

The ten man team got out of the van and met with the senior police officer on sight.
18-06-2004, 21:23
The broadcasting station's phones have been wired since yesterday (in the event that terrorists took it over, and in this case, they did). This is what has just went on:

Red Dragon #1: It seems that soldiers of Doomingsland are on their way.

Red Dragon Squad Leader: Well, we shall purify their sinful spirits. They
will atone for their sin of meddling in our
affairs with their own blood. May the heavens
tremble and the burning hells shudder at the
wrath of the Red Dragons!

Red Dragon #1: Sir, do you really believe we can conquer them?

Red Dragon #2: Of course. Do you doubt our divinity?

Red Dragon #1: No, I-

Red Dragon Squad Leader: SILENCE! Your treasonous banter has just
labled you a counterrevolutionary. Seize him!

After that, there were the sounds of high-pitched screams and the blaring shriek of a chainsaw. It was been silent since.
18-06-2004, 21:24
The broadcasting station's phones have been wire-tapped since yesterday (in the event that terrorists took it over, and in this case, they did). This is what has just went on:

Red Dragon #1: It seems that soldiers of Doomingsland are on their way.

Red Dragon Squad Leader: Well, we shall purify their sinful spirits. They
will atone for their sin of meddling in our
affairs with their own blood. May the heavens
tremble and the burning hells shudder at the
wrath of the Red Dragons!

Red Dragon #1: Sir, do you really believe we can conquer them?

Red Dragon #2: Of course. Do you doubt our divinity?

Red Dragon #1: No, I-

Red Dragon Squad Leader: SILENCE! Your treasonous banter has just
labled you a counterrevolutionary. Seize him!

After that, there were the sounds of high-pitched screams and the blaring shriek of a chainsaw. It was been silent since.
18-06-2004, 21:41
A sniper took position in a building far away from the scene, but still had a desent view of the building. He wasn't a member of the Reapers, he was one of the emmbassy Marines, but his skills were needed for the mission. His Barret M99 was set up on a bipod in a random window. The scope he had on in had nearly 500x maginication, and he can see the building easily. He switched on the thermal scope in time to see the terrorst cut to peices with the chainsaw.

Back at the station-
"Sir, we've intercepted a message from inside, they know we're hear."
"Tell the sniper he may fire when ready."

Sniper's nest-
He was able to see through the tinted windows and doors with ease. He ajusted for wind and range, targetted the head of the terrorist with the chainsaw. He sqeazed the trigger, and sent the huge .50 caliber round toward the terrorist. He fired again at another terrorist, he used about 5 rounds before there was nothing living within the room.
"Broadcasting room clear, sir."
"Good job, son."
18-06-2004, 21:56
President J.L. thanks Doomingsland, and has just announced that the sniper will be rewarded the Medal of Valor, a medal only given to the bravest and most distinguished soldiers.
18-06-2004, 22:03
Important note: Normally, in RP's you can't say how many of the enemy's
people you killed; it's up to them how many were killed.
However, in the case of the Red Dragons, feel free to say
how many of them were killed, since they are not part of
Roach-Busters or any other nation.
18-06-2004, 22:18
18-06-2004, 22:20
OOC:OK, I'll try to make this both interesting and gory at the same time then.

Alpha team was in the back of the station.
"Fire in the hole!"
"Go, go, go!!!!"
The door had been destroyed with bereaching charges, a Red Dragon machine gun position opend up on the door. The gunner couldn't see what he was hitting, due to the smoke and dust from the blast. A Marine tossed a flashbang inside the building, and rushed in after it went off. They caught the terrorists off guard, and the machine-gunner had part of his head blown off from a 5.56 round. There where AK armed terrorists who entered the room out of curiosity, and they were all cut down.

Mean while, Bravo team had picked the lock on the roof entrance, and slipped inundetected while the terrorists were distracted. They saw a group of 5 run down the stairs without noticing them, and they slaughtered them while their backs were turned. They kicked down the door to the broadcasting room, and found limbs scattered throughout the room, and 5 headless corpses from the sniper.

2 terrorists atempted to flee, but where picked off by the sniper.

Meanwhile, alpha was proceding to the last room. A terrorist came up behind them and opend up with his AK. 2 Reapers where hit, and went down, the others spun around and blew his brains out.
Alpha entered the last room with no resistance, but a note was on the table, along with the head of one of the employees, which was on a spike. (I'm not very creative, you make up what it says.)
The building was declared clear, and the police where able to secure it.

The two Marines that were hit had to be sent home for recovery, but would survive. A total of 20 terrorists where found dead in the building.
18-06-2004, 22:36
This just in: Roach-Busters' leading terrorist expert, Dr. Mattern, has just been arrested trying to deliver top-secret documents to a secret Red Dragon hideout beneath the city. We now know that he is one of their top members, has 'leaked' sensitive information regarding RB and its allies to the Red Dragons, actually planned and coordinated many of the attacks, and has ordered 200 'liberation extermination commandos' to the Doomingsland embassy to collect their 'blood debt' and 'teach them a lesson for meddling in our noble venture.' Doomingsland and all other allies are asked to exercise extreme caution. 1,500 policemen and 600 troops have been deployed to each embassy in the country to protect their diplomats. Thank you, and good day. We will keep you posted.
19-06-2004, 00:48
At the embassy-
The walls where reinforced with 10 inches of solid steel, 50 caliber machineguns were emplaced all around the compound. ZPU-23 AAAs were placed throughout the embassy incase they atempt to gain entry via aircraft. 200 more Marines were ordered to the now fortress-like embassy. Thermal sensors were placed throuhout the embassy and walls. Heavy weapons were also brought in. It is said that there is a machinegun emplacement in every window.

The Doomingsland government requests that all civilians be evacuated within 400 square yards of the embassy to make more easily defended. The government also requests that 2 Commanche helicopters be allowed to operate out of the airport to help defend the embassy. We would also like to have some time interrogating the prisoner.
19-06-2004, 23:23
UPDATE: This morning, 2 restaurants have been bombed by the Red Dragons. 79 people have been killed.
20-06-2004, 00:06
OOC:I'm bored, make them attack the embassy already.
20-06-2004, 00:13
General Jennings ran into his office just as the phone rang. "Yeah?"

"Hey, General. Look out your window."

General Jennings looked out his window and saw a red van slowly and stealthily moving toward the Doomingsland embassy. The van screeched to a halt, the doors flew open, and over twenty red-robed terrorists wielding AK-47s jumped out and rushed toward the embassy.

"Hmph. I'll call 'em an' tell 'em wuzzup," General J. said. He hung up. A second later, he began dialing the number of the Doomingsland embassy...but the line was dead.

"Dammit, now how'm I gonna-"

He was interrupted by the sounds of gunfire, explosions, cursing, and screams of sheer terror.
20-06-2004, 00:28

OOC: This is fun...wonder if there's a way for a relatively peaceful, friendly nation to get involved in this....I know we talked about it, but did we ever set up an embassy in your country, or you in ours?
20-06-2004, 00:42
Not sure, Andolai. I don't think so. Well, now's as good a time as any to remedy that situation, right?
20-06-2004, 00:57
C'mon, fellas, I'm bored...somebody post something, PLEASE.
20-06-2004, 00:58
OOC: No worries about it, figured out how to work it: I have a cunning plan...

Dr. Seth Winifred got out of the taxi, paid the driver, and walked down the street. Roach-Busters was certainly a colorful country, though not as much as Andolai. He still had a few hours to kill before heading to the meeting, and thought that it was time for a little souvenier shopping. His co-wives and co-husbands would kill him if he didn't bring back a little something...not to mention the children.

Seth rounded the corner to embassy row to take in some of the sights, just in time to see a group of people swarm out of a van holding automatic weapons. He ducked back around the corner for a moment. And then the explosion rocked the sidewalk under his feet. An explosion followed by screams and the sounds of breaking glass.....
20-06-2004, 01:16
Cool post, Andolai. So, should we exchange embassies?
20-06-2004, 01:32
OOC: Way I see it? That's what Seth is there for, to help open diplomatic relations. And now he finds himself caught up in this mess....

I have a diplomacy thread lying around the NationStates forum somehwhere. Let me dig up a link for you.

Here you go:
20-06-2004, 01:36
OOC: 500x Zoom? WTF?!

The Barret M82 can engage targets at up to 1200+ feet, but even it has a 10x scope only.

For that matter, 500x zoom is larger than that of most light microscopes.
The Mighty Mattman
20-06-2004, 10:34
Transmission to The President of The Republic of Roach-Busters:

Over this secured line, I come to you to extend a hand of friendship.
With your permission, my nation, The Theocracy of The Mighty Mattman, will send 500 SFUDS (Special Forces Urban Defence Specialists) with 10 Humvees. Each SFUDS soldier is trained specifically in urban combat. Hopefully, this contribution will help to stop the spread of terrorism in your great nation.

May Mattman grant you victory in battle,
J. Ford
Secretary of War, Appointed by the Mighty Mattman.
End Transmission
20-06-2004, 15:49
We accept your generous proposal, Mighty Mattman. Thanks.
20-06-2004, 15:59
Our satelites have been scanning an area of your nation where an unusual amount of non-military troop movement has been detected. It is centered around a red monastery in a forest protected by network hidden guard posts. Coordinates are <some jumbled stuff>.
20-06-2004, 16:01
Thanks, Jeruselem. We'll get on it right away.
20-06-2004, 21:44
OOC:oops, typo, I meant a 50x zoom.

At the Embassy-
The automated 50 cal turrets spotted the van with the terrorists, and automatically opened fire. The Marines called down mortar fire from within the embassy on top of the terrorists. As the mortars started landing on the onrushing Red Dragons, limbs began to fly, and the van was torn to peices from the 50 cal fire. M240 machineguns mounted in windows inside the embassy began to tear into the pathetic rush, ripping them to peices.
"Man, now this is overkill!"

The limbs of slain terrorists were scattered throughout the street, there were a few holes in the embassy walls, but nothing serious. One Marine walked up to a wounded terrorist, and jammed a flagpole through his chest with the Doomingsland flag. This was followed by cheers of victory.
"We have slaughtered the enemies of freedom, may all of our enemies meet this fate!"

A cleanup crew is requested to pick the scattered limbs and bodies off the street.
The embassy will be reinforced even more now.
21-06-2004, 01:43
Moving through the shadows like knives through hot butter, a small group of Red Dragons, moving as silently as wraiths and as stealthily as professional assassins, crept toward the Irondin embassy.

"This will not be easy," one of them whispered to the squad leader. "These Irondinese warriors are quite formidable, according to reliable sources."

"Have you forgotten we are invincible?" snapped the squad leader, his face livid with extreme rage. "You know what happens to those who deny our divinity!"

"Y-Yes, sir," the Red Dragon replied, backing down. "I humbly beg for your forgiveness."

The squad leader drew a dagger. "Now, I shall deliver your soul to He-"

He paused in mid-sentence when an aide ran to him and said, "Sir, this is trouble! Those Doomingsland b******s just annihilated more of us! And-"

"And what?" the squad leader said impatiently, motioning for him to finish.


The heavy silence was raped by the blaring shriek of machine-gun fire, as the man slumped to the ground, blood spraying everywhere.

"Who goes there?"

No answer.

The squad leader snorted. "Hmph. All right, then. 20 of you continue on to the Irondin embassy. 20 of you come with me to the Doomingsland embassy. This time, we shall prevail!"
21-06-2004, 01:50
Seth ran to the outskirts of the embassy grounds, displaying his diplomatic passport like a shield against gunfire. Turning from the sickening display of a flagpole being shoved into the corpse of a fallen terrorist, he turned to a guard.

"I'm a doctor. I'm with the Andolaian delegation. Who needs medical attention?"
21-06-2004, 02:04
This is His Holiness Jonathan Antensen I

Requesting the Safy of My son Jonathan Antensen II

He was heading to your nation a few days ago and the last we herd He was at the border Waiting on a Request to cross Roach-Busters's border
21-06-2004, 02:07
We have not seem him, Your Holiness, but we shall inform you promptly if we do. We have thousands of policemen, military men, and volunteers scouring the nation for him as we speak. We will do everything we can to ensure his safety.
21-06-2004, 02:33
His Madjesty Expresses His Deapest thanks to you and your people for there help in searching for his son
He regrets that he can not speak in person and sends his blessings to all the Volenteers and others serching for his son
Queen Antensen Wishs to Send Her rayal Gard to help find her son She has given then orders to Follow all orders given to them by the Officer in charge of the search.

They will arive in 2 Alpha Class APCs on arival they will take orders from only one person and that will be The head of the Roach-Busters's Goverment.
21-06-2004, 02:46
The police officer stepped out of his car just as the deafening roar of an explosion permeated the air and infiltrated his aural canal, causing his eardrums to explode with searing pain. The ground shook tumultuously, he lost his balance, and he stumbled to the ground. Thick fumes of smoke filled the air. Screams of terror echoed in the night but were quickly silenced by machine-gun fire.
Instinctively grabbing his gun, the officer raced down the street to a nearby hotel, where a bomb had just been detonated. The building was in shambles and a horrific odor of death hung in the air. Bloody, mangled corpses were scattered everywhere. The wail of sirens informed him that fire trucks and ambulances were on the way.
Running over to the ruins to see if there were any survivors, he skidded to a halt when he witnessed two Red Dragon terrorists prodding a young man in the back with bayonets.
He drew his gun. "FREEZE!"
The Red Dragons froze like deer at the sight of an incoming car. The officer fired, downing one of them. The dying Red Dragon clutched his throat, as blood seeped through his fingers. The other Red Dragon drew an uzi, but was quickly gunned down before he could so much as aim it at the officer.
The officer ran over to the man. "Are you all right, son?"
The man nodded. "Yes, thanks to you, officer."
"What's your name, son?"
"Jonathan Antensen II, sir."

(Sorry if I was godmoding, but I just thought this was kinda cool)
21-06-2004, 02:57
UPDATE: His Holiness, Jonathan Astensen II, is now in the Presidential Palce, in a locked room with barred windows. There are currently over 50 guards watching him. He is permitted to return home if and when he wishes it.
21-06-2004, 02:57
OOC: These are really bad terrorists. :b
21-06-2004, 03:00
The Royal Gards of her Majesty Queen Antensen

This is The APC Tornado Requesting permision to cross your borders.....
Waiting for confermation of aceptance to Enter Roach-Busters.....
21-06-2004, 03:01
Permission granted, Dailey. Although if their mission is to find Jonathan Antensen II, they are wasting their time (see posts above).
21-06-2004, 03:04
Dailey, Jonathan Antensen II has been informed of the Queen's Royal Guards' arrival. He is waiting for them in the Presidential Palace. They can pick him up there.
21-06-2004, 03:07
Barret m99? BARRET M99?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
How can the sniper use a Barret m99?
Hahaha. That simple bolt-action rifle. Those things are so simple. even civilians can get them for $3,100 (actual MSRP). You've got to use a Steyr IWS 200 anti-material rifle. Check it out at:
If you need any, just TM Shissm5 if you want any. Theyr'e currently on sale for only $800.
21-06-2004, 03:09
Confermation confermed heading for The Presidential Palace ETA 20 minutes...
(A message is sent out...)

This is Comander Praxton of the APC Tornado We have come to escort Her Madjestie's Son back home

His Holeniss Jonathan Antensen I Is sending 400,000 Dailey Crowns to the officer who found his son. He is also Sending a Purple Heart of Honor to the Same Officer

APC Tornado out...
21-06-2004, 03:15
The officer bowed humbly, politely turned down the money and the medal, and said with a shrug and a grin, "Hey, no problem. Just doin' my job."
21-06-2004, 03:29
"Wow that is a first a Hero that Dose not take the money or the medal" Said Comander Proxton

Second Lutenate Delphy let out a luagh and Proxton turned to shut her up

Delphy Relizing her Mistake Says " Sorry sir and shuts her trap"
21-06-2004, 04:28
WARNING: Irondin and Doomingsland embassies are now under heavy fire!!!!!!!!
21-06-2004, 04:37
Beta Squad of the Royal Gard is going to Irondin To ambush the terrorist from a flanking posision We are the best the Dailey nation has to Offer.

Comander Praxton and the APC Tornado heads towards the border wile Lefttennate Sarah Ling and her squad of 20 Elite head towards Irondin
In the APC Domania
Ling orders all 4 MG42 turents to fire at all RedDragon Forces.

She tells her men to get ready to ambush the RedDragons from behind Atack will comence ETA 2 minutes.
21-06-2004, 04:38
If you train the best soldiers, why send them into combat with...less than disirable arms. Why dont you send them in with
state of the art weaponry that costs less to Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayers. Look no further for these firearms. Also look for our
troop support APC, IFC, and Medical vehicles[b], and our new [b]FIGHTER AIRCRAFT:
21-06-2004, 04:46
Thanks, guys! But Dailey, please don't help Irondin TOO much. I mostly put that post so he could jump in and join the fun, too.
21-06-2004, 04:50
We will hold our posision untill asked to help the Irondin embacy by Irondin there selfs
21-06-2004, 05:11
Thanks, Dailey. You can help if you want, it's just that I'd like you to leave a few RD's (Red Dragons) for him to fight himself.
21-06-2004, 16:09
21-06-2004, 16:13
21-06-2004, 16:35
Doomingsland Embassy-
"We have several wounded Marines inside the compound, we would apreciate gratley if you can help them, and we may have some wounded terrorists coming in." Seth was lead into a room within the embassy, there were 5 wounded Marines.

As the 20-man group of RDs headed for the embassy, they came upon a most horific sight. There were limbs everywere, the limbs of people they've known for years, and then there was a flag sticking out of the body of the commander of the group. The RDs were shocked at the fact that these meddlers were capable of such evil. One walked over to try and pull the flag out of his comrade's body, but was torn to peices by machinegun fire. The RDs were nearly compelled to retreat, where it not for their squad leader. All of a sudden...
They looked behind, and saw some strange beings.
The Marines in their new combat armor, which was being field tested for the first time, opened fire on the horrified Red Dragons. Most were killed right there, but a few survived. Their hands were tied, and they were dragged into the embassy. They were brought into the basement where they will be interrogated.
21-06-2004, 22:36
The APC heads towards the Doomingsland Embassy to resuply the Embacy with food and medical suplies and then heads back out on patrol.

Leftenate Ling Opens up the hatch of the APC and waves the Dailey Flag to show that The APC is a frendly unit.

"Greetings to the Troops inside We bring Suplies from His Holiness Jonathan Antensen I of Dailey" she said.

"We Honor the allies of our ally and we will help in anyway we can if you request the help of My unit" She added before the APC opened up it's troop hatch to unload the suplies.
21-06-2004, 23:50
"We graciosly accept these gifts from you, our new ally. Bring the APC through the gates, there may be more RDs with RPGs out there."
The massive steel gates where opened just long enough to allow the APC through, then the supplies were unloaded.
22-06-2004, 21:06
The APC heads out of the Embacy to releave the skeleton defence force at Irondin's Enbacy

Ling shouts out to the gate keeper " open the gate we need to go now before the Embacy falls"
22-06-2004, 21:11
The gates open and the APC is allowed to leave, they are closed after they are gone.
22-06-2004, 21:13
Seth held back his shock at the sight of the wounded, then ducked under the table as the firing began. As the sounds ceased, he poked his head up again.

"Okay, I'm assuming medics are on their way. If they're not, then call them for Christ's sake. For now we'll set up triage. Get anyone who can't be saved over there, see what you can do to ease the suffering. But don't waste time. Anyone critically hit who has a chance, bring 'em to me. And superficial wounds I'll get to when I have a chance" He looked at the remaining guards. "This includes the terrorists. Get on it"

As the first casualty was laid on the table in front of him, he ripped off his shirt and tore it into makeshift bandages.

"And dammit, get me some medical supplies, stat! I'll need bandages, splints, antibiotics, and something for disinfectant. You have to have something around here".
23-06-2004, 00:30
5 medics assisted Seth in helping the casualties. Medical supplies were brought out. There were very few casualties, all of them could be saved. 7 civilians and 3 Marines were brought in on strechers. All of the terrorists had been killed.
23-06-2004, 01:05
23-06-2004, 01:06
ten minutes away from the Doomingsland's embacy the APC Domania is ambushed by RD troops
Message from APC Domania's Driver:
This is Ensin Robert Millings requesting help i have woonded in my Vehecle.... Ling is in dire need of medical aid and our comunications officer is dead.

Damage report

Power reserves at 40% and falling
Radar and Derectional computer offline
ammo is down to minimum amounts
armor has been compromised by a gashing hole in the right side of the Vehecle.... Dont know if we can handle another atack requesting orders of new destination and derection to travel to get there.............................................................................(Only static)....................................................................

Message cuts out............
23-06-2004, 02:38
Roach-Busters thanks Andolai, Dailey, Doomingsland, and all other nations for their generosity and courage. Workmen have been deployed to the Doomingsland embassy to help with reparations. President J.L. extends his condolences to the families of all those killed fighting for Roach-Busters' freedom.
23-06-2004, 03:15
The APC Domania was found with no one alive on bord

Amung the Dead are:

Lefttenate Ling
Ensin Robert Millings
Comunications officer Mike Mecgregry
20 of her Majesties Royal Gaurd

His holiness wishs to thank President J.L. for his condolences to the families but regrets to inform him that Lefttenate Ling had no Family and her Blood line ended with her death.

This Message was sent from the desk of Embasader Jonathan Antensen II