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Allanea calls for peace conference!

17-06-2004, 19:32
Speech by Pavel Nikolski, Allanean Presidential Advisor

The peace accords signed by Accord and UNAPS nations have failed to create true peace in Haven. Today, we are still sad to see that Haven is not a peaceful reagion. Accord force deployment after UNAPS force deployment, and then a UNAPS deployment again, we are digging ourselves a grave instead of laying the foundations for a home. With the recent trend of Haven nations acquiring more and more strategic arms, we fear that that grave might even be radioactive - and no flower shall grow on it.
It is with that in mind that I, Pavel Nikolski, the Allanean Presidential Advisor, have called for a peace conference. We cannot bring peace to Haven on the blades of Edolian swords nor on the bayonets of Allanean rifles. The time of fighting is over. Now is the time for talks. I invite the leaders and representatives of Accord and UNAPS members to Port-Allanea. We also invite a represntative of a neutral nation to negotiate.
The Silver Turtle
17-06-2004, 21:14
The Ineffable Palace, Ineffability, The Silver Turtle
Bob Minor looked over the report. The Great Ineffable Bob was currently away, and so it was up to him to deal with this matter.
He panicked.
He hated dealing with matters of state, as he usually got things wrong, and that meant he had to take the blame. He decided the best way to deal with this was to give it to someone else. He tapped the screen, adding a flag to the message instructing the vast data-handling machines of The Ineffable Palace to forward the message to Leda Colony, for General O'Neill to deal with. He felt a brief wave of relief as it disappeared, and returned to more routine duties.

This has been an Ineffable Tag, sponsored by Molten Boron. There's no better boron!
17-06-2004, 22:55
"We would be happy to attend any and all peace conferences, but would like to remind the Allaneans that there have been no UnAPS troop deployments, even after heavy Accord deployments to the Allanean/Edolian border."
Matthew von Pickett
Minister of Foreign Affairs
17-06-2004, 23:17
General Francis recieved word of the peace conferance as it worked up the chain of command, and felt that he would be the one to attend, as he was the official FW representative of the Accord.

"Well dammit," he thought, "what am I going to wear?" Looking through his wardrobe all he found was military uniforms and night clothes. After searching harder, he finally found an old wrinkled suit hidden in his refridgerator, and he wondered how it got there. Deciding he'd better just get a new one-his old one smelt of rotten food-he went down to the store, under heavy guard, and purchased a new, silk suit with a month's pay.

Traveling with a military defense convoy, he traveled to Yerston AFB-in the new capital of the Confederacy, Yerston, moved from Imperial City-and boarded a white 747 with a large, black, 10 sided star and a large Banner of the Confederacy-the flag-on either side of the plane.

Sitting in the fancy interior of the aircraft, now officialy (since he was on it) known as Echo 411, he took off on a comfy flight to Allanea, with a gaurd of two IF-48s and an array of high tech defense options, such as a TWAAM-01 missile battery.

Chatting briefly with a few officers about tactics, he fell aslee[ on the way.
17-06-2004, 23:21
Due to President Sutton's international tour, Credonian Secretary of Defense Mitchell A. Ferguson will be taking his place in attending this conference, if allowed to attend.
17-06-2004, 23:22
Any representative an Accord or UNAPS nation wishes to send is welcome, with the possible exception of Albert von Tusk of Edolia.

Allanean Department of Foreign Affairs Official Statement
Scandavian States
18-06-2004, 00:23
This announcement has been noted, a further response from the Imperium is forthcoming.
18-06-2004, 00:35
Admiral Antiachus will be attending on behalf of Phyrric.

OOC: when does it start?
18-06-2004, 00:57
OOC: Tomorrow evening, if nobody minds.
The Freethinkers
18-06-2004, 01:53
*Noted and TAGged*
18-06-2004, 01:56
"The Scarlet Empire will send a brother of Erik von Blatterschplitt. We expect that Hubertus von Blatterschplitt will fulfil his duties as a diplomat well and we hope that these talks will bear the fruits of peace."
Matthew von Pickett
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Scandavian States
18-06-2004, 05:11
The nation of Phyrric is not of Haven and the Imperium will not attend any talks where a representative of Phyrric is present.
The Island States
18-06-2004, 05:45
Four-Star General and Army Chief of Staff Robert Price will attend on behalf of The Island States (while we get ready to reorganize our cabinet and joint parliament with fellow USR nations).
18-06-2004, 06:39
We are appaled by the statement of the Scandavian Imperium representative. This attitude is exactly why we don't have peace in Haven yet.
Scandavian States
18-06-2004, 06:52
The Imperium does not hold lightly with traitors and butchers. Furthermore, any territory the Phyrricians once held in Haven is so much glass, and done by their own hand. If the Phyrricians wish to formally appologize and pay for the destruction of three Imperial Army divisions by way of nuclear weapons, we'd be happy to change our tune.

Asiya Saleh,
Dutches Alexandria,
Director of Foreign Services
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18-06-2004, 06:59
The Inability to log in wishes to be represented in this meeting, as we hope that our Haven neighbors remain in peace, and we hope to do all we can to make sure that the continuation of this peace does not fail.
18-06-2004, 15:37
"We thank our Allanean allies for their courage, their foresight. Since the war, our nations have worked together to stop the destruction of Port-Allanea from a rouge submarine captain, particuarly saved by the efforts of young, now Lieutenant Commander Eric Carnai. Our nations have worked together to stop smuggling in violation of all international law in the waters between Allanea and Ilek-Vaad. And, lastly, and most importantly in a salient effort in signing a treaty of friendship. We welcome this overture of peace from Allanea to make permanant the peace instilled in our hearts by the Treaty of Deriksburg. The true honor of war comes not in the bloodshed, but in how we make the peace. Peace is not, truly, the lack of war, but the active state of cooperation of nations. Over the issue of a f*cking godforsaken strip of worthless land, and of the overblown issue of firearms, former allies warred and provoked, sent youth to die, used the horror of weapons of mass destruction, killed civilians. We must put an end to this, and restore the state where Allanea and the UNAOTO, now UnAPS, where friends and allies in the elysium of peace.

Ergo, the Democratic Arcologies of Feline is sending a negotiation team headed by Noah Levy. We will send, due to our close tie to both realms, if so requested, a team to mediate if no international power steps in.

To the Allanean people: It is the most sincere hope of the Feline beings that we shall walk together in peace, with Edolia, with Scandanvian States, with all of whole of Haven and the Democratic Underground. Thank you, for your time. May peace engulf all the nations of the world." said the elected monarch, King Buster Boostei.

The camera was turned off. "Alright, I've got work to do setting up the public and covert objectives for these negotiations. Clear out all the cameras, cut the power just in case, and let me get to work."
18-06-2004, 16:32
The Imperium does not hold lightly with traitors and butchers. Furthermore, any territory the Phyrricians once held in Haven is so much glass, and done by their own hand. If the Phyrricians wish to formally appologize and pay for the destruction of three Imperial Army divisions by way of nuclear weapons, we'd be happy to change our tune.

Asiya Saleh,
Dutches Alexandria,
Director of Foreign Services

What destruction? As I recall, only Ilek Vaad was hit and that matter is already closed.

As far as East Phyrric, it should still remain as it was never surrendered, captured, detained, neutralized or any subject where it disappeared or handed over. As Phyrric is alive and well, so is all of its territories and East Phyrric is of no exception. If it is gone, just another example of UnAPS way of doing business, "Can't take it, just erase it".

Allanea is an ally, on terms with the Accord, border Haven directly, involved in war with Haven, has territory in Haven, in a State of War with several nations in Haven still. Phyrric has every right to be at this meeting. So, to sum this all up in short...Scandavian States can go whine on someone elses shoulder.

Can this meeting proceed now?
18-06-2004, 16:47
Port Allanea

Presidential Advisor Pavel Nikolski looks out to the beautiful horizon of the North Allanean Sea.

"OK, people. Let's get it started. When are the diplomats arriving?"
Scandavian States
18-06-2004, 17:11
You think you can drop a 20 megaton nuclear bomb and get away with just 40,000 allied casualties? The very idea is laughable.

As far as East Phyrric is concerned, we were told that it was evactuated and then rendered inhabitable by one of your battlestations.

Your status as an ally of Allanea means very little. The only reason Allanea has a right to call a Haven peace summit is because of their possesion of Prophet.

And no, so long as there is a Phyrrician representative at this summit, there will be no talks as far as we are concerned.
18-06-2004, 17:33
Allanean Government official response

"Actually, we have the right to call for even an Arda peace summit, if we so wished. Freedom of speech, it's called. Arriving is your choice.

However, while we cannot prevent Phyrric from arriving, we do suggest they withold from sending an emissary. Videoconferencing is enough.
The Island States
18-06-2004, 21:14
19-06-2004, 00:12
OOC: SS, how old are you? Anyways, that does not matter.

Forces retreated from Lietuvska (sp?) back to East Phyrric for peace talks as agreed between UnAPS and Phyrric, unto which was never concluded. The Battlestation destroyed military compounds as not to be useful in any enemy occupation that never came. East Phyrric never was nuked by anyone. There are currently 25 million people there which 1 million of them are servicemen.

Scandavian States never, at any time, announced losses in that nuclear attack. Only Ilek Vaad stood up and made such a claim. Scandavian States was aware of the intentions before the attack, during the attack and after the attack and never once made a claim until now. Why is that? It did not happen if no claim was made at time of attack. Strange how SS is the only one making such a claim...over a month after the incident.

Phyrric still resides in and borders Haven.

Phyrric representative will arrive as a member of Haven, in interests of peace talks, with or without SS approval or appearance.
Scandavian States
19-06-2004, 03:54
No such claim? We reported losses from the bomb early on from a lack of personel and heavy equipment once our forces regrouped, we did not report losses from any radiation poisoning due to the extended time period for full casualties to be counted. Only the field artillery and cavalry brigades from three whole divisions survived, roughly 80% losses for the affected forces.

However, I degress. We request a video conference terminal be set up during the meeting so that we may follow the talks.
The Island States
19-06-2004, 06:44
Items on The Island States Agenda during these talks:

* Discussing a possible lasting peace after what has been dubbed in TIS: "The Allanean War".

* If peace is successful, the establishment of better transportation to better connect the people of Allanea with Haven, thus encouraging an exchange of ideas, commerce and encouraging a more permanent and friendlier relationship between Allanea and the UnAPS (ergo, introduce the Haven Regional Freeway Project).

* If peace cannot be attained for any reason, work on finding ways of preventing a full scale war that are acceptable by both parties.
19-06-2004, 10:45
We would like to point the following issues as per the Island States agenda:

*It is actually the Fifth Allanean/Edolian War

*We recommend that a special Legal status be awarded to goods travelling on the Haven Regional Freeway. For example, Allanea currently exports sporting rifles into Barentsburg. Such weapons are banned in many countries the Freeway would pass through, and so, Haven waters being off-limits to Allanean shipping, we are forced to commit to air-travel, which makes the prices skyrocket.

*We further suggest that the issue of Axackal remain unresolved until later. We will unilaterally extend the deadline of the Deriksburg Accord by 30 more yeard (RL days) as a gesture of goodwill.
19-06-2004, 10:55
Only Ilek Vaad stood up and made such a claim.

That is also quite incorrect in my case also...


Hattia would be quite willing to send representatives to these talks, even though we aren't in Haven, we played a role in the last conflict in the region.
Scandavian States
19-06-2004, 16:39
I would think that since Hattia has an embassy in the Imperium that is recognized as the sovereign territory of Hattia that they should be able to attend, it would certainly meet the requirement.
19-06-2004, 16:45
Now is the time for talks. I invite the leaders and representatives of Accord and UNAPS members to Port-Allanea. We also invite a represntative of a neutral nation to negotiate.

Never does he say anything about needing to be in Haven :wink:
19-06-2004, 20:46
Do any nations have any other suggestions for Haven peaceful developement?
Ponte Vedra
19-06-2004, 20:55
Me! A big police tape line that says: "Danger--Do Not Cross". And we live like that. And I think removing Ilek-Vaad ships from the Allanean coast would be perfect. If you don't have anything threatenign your nation, why would you have to respond with more military force? That's my OOC suggestion since I'm too busy to RP.
Scandavian States
19-06-2004, 21:12
[Why would Ilek-Vaad ships be off your coast? After all, he's IGNORED the entire Accord.]
19-06-2004, 21:27
[Why would Ilek-Vaad ships be off your coast? After all, he's IGNORED the entire Accord.]

[They were there before that. That' what prompted the force deployments]
20-06-2004, 02:09
My ships, and Ilek-Vaad's ships, are there working with Allanea to stop smugglers from his country.
20-06-2004, 05:01
Dear Maria, it technically already started. Welcome

Feline: How can you have a "smuggler" FROM allanea?
The Silver Turtle
20-06-2004, 11:29
Above international waters, not far from Allanea, a red/yellow line began to cross the sky, heading towards the country. As it neared it seemed to grow larger, as the object entering the atmosphere raced downwards.
As it approached Port Allanea, the heat shield folded away back into the legs while shortly after small blue/violet flames erupted from the feet of the object, the matter/anti-matter reaction thrusters slowing the suit to just under hypersonic velocities as it entered the city, and by the time it reached the conference building it was almost to a halt.
Touching down gently, the J.E.D.I. class mech knocked on the door, before opening to release General O'Neill. As he entered the building it remained outside, on low-alert autonomous defence mode.
As the suit was on it's way down, the STSS Supernova transmitted a message to the Allanean authorities, reminding them not to shoot at it.
The STSS Supernova
General Jack O'Neill
20-06-2004, 15:30
OOC: I don't know... it was something like people from your country were taking drugs and guns to nations where they were illegal nearby. The three of us teamed up to stop it... I don't remember the name or anything, but I do remember it happening.
20-06-2004, 20:18
OOC: Not so, feline. The Allaneans only participated to stop terrorist attacks on Allanea.