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The Austar Union to go isolationist? [Open RP]

Austar Union
17-06-2004, 05:41
It was a regualr senate meeting, the Speaker sitting at the head bench. Aleady, question time had been finished, and the Foriegn Minister Robert Quench stood to his feet;

"Mr. Speaker, as you all know, the President has been growing weary of world events. It has come to the point where the sheer scale and seriousness of things have actually began to affect his health. He has asked me to present this into the senate.

As you also know, the Austar Union has been fairly internationalist from our very foundations. What I am suggesting Mr. Speaker, is that we adopt a more isolationist attitude to world events..."

The senate erupted into and uproar of voices, many of them angry. One back-bencher stood to his feet and yelled right up to the front, "What you are suggesting Mr Senator, is that we change our foriegn policy! This would invariably make an impact on our trade partners, our allies, and even enemies!"

"This is a sacrifice we have to make. Im unsure how long the President wants to adopt this policy, but I expect it to be the length of arount 30 to 60 years...", interrupted Senator Quench.

Once again, the room erupted, this time into quiet murmer. The senator continued, "The length of time will impact the effect it has on our nation. The longer we leave it, the more of an impact it will have on us. We leave it for a 100 years, and we will gain the status of a no-name nation. But if we dont have this break at all, we will gain the status of an aggressive nation under the control of a madman."

The backbencher, now sitting down leaned forward to his microphone, "So Mr. Senator, what will this mean for our current campaigns and projects?"

Senator Quench gulped, "We will be withdrawing from many of them. Columbia was a campaign we had set before we realised the President needed a rest. We will have to withdraw from Columbia. GaalSine, we have no intention to make it into a conflict, so we will be finishing that soon. Actually, I have information to suggest that the campaign will be completed very soon."

The backbencher rubbed his head, "So Mr. Senator, when will this change take place?"

Senator Quench looked directly at the backbencher, "We are already drafting the new manifesto..."

OOC: You may wanna note that the Senate is a public building, so the international press would know of whats happening. AKA, you can RP that you know of the unfolding events...
Austar Union
17-06-2004, 05:54
A few days later, President Madison had called a meeting with the international press. At the podium, he stood firm and confident;

"Members of the world community. Myself, and my colleagues have gathered together, as leadership of our great nation, and we have decided to adopt a policy of isolationism. We will not be shrinking from the world stage completly, but we will continue to take part in minimal international politics.

This means brothers that I am hearby calling back several of our military forces, to be now stationed in the Austar Union. This includes Columbia. Our forces will remain off the coast of GaalSine for the time being.

We bid our allies and friends goodwill.

Under the terms of the manifesto, we will be adopting this policy for an unnamed amount of time, however estimates put this at approximatly 30 to 60 years.

When we do re-appear on the world stage, we wish to warn the people of the globe. The force of the Austar Union will not be rekoned with, but we will remain fairly peaceful.

God Bless."
17-06-2004, 06:05
The Chief of Staff for the Prime Minister read over the message from one of the NSC men in Austar Union, he viewed this as a minor threat but decided to tell the Prime Minister.

" Prime Minister Lewis, " spoke the Chief of Staff

" Hmm? " Replied the Prime Minister, looking up from a pile pf papers, glasses pushed down on his nose, white shirt sleeves rolled up and the young man of only 29 leaned back in his chair looking at the Former Prime Minister of the country, but now Chief of Staff.

" I thought, since your views towards isolationism are fairly well known throughout the country, that you'd like to know that a country a while away is threatening to go isolationist on the world. That is, their Senate is already in the process of creating a manifesto, I'm unaware of what that is, but I'd spose' it is like the constitution to others, or our Creed we wrote a few hundred years ago... They say it's affecting their President's health..." Adam Jackson, the Chief of Staff spoke.

" Now, that is interesting, isn't it? " Jeffery Lewis said, his elbows leaning on his arm rests. " Very well, have some NSC men get in touch with some of these Senators, no violence, just information. Have them pose as staff to some of the other Senators or something, I don't know, Greg Nappier is the Director to them, talk to him, get that set up. " Jeffery told Adam.

" Yes, sir, " and Adam began to leave.

" Adam... " Jeffery called after him.

" If a country goes isolationist, it'll do horrible things for their world, and if their President can't handle world affairs, then why is he their president in the first place, I wonder? " After a few moments of pondering, " alright, have some NSC men look into that too, as to how their chain of command goes and who ran against him and major political parties and such. I want a profile of that country in one day. Finally, send a letter to their president for me, wishing him well, but firmly stating that isolationism isn't the way to go. " Adam said, quite seriously.

" Very well, Jeff. " Adam said and then quickly left, letting Jeffery Lewis get back to his work.

The Letter went like this:
President and Congress of Austar Union;
I have recieved word from my staff as to your recent health developments, and I do hope you are doing quite well, but I must expres my concern as to the remedy to the source of your health problems.

Isolationism is a crippling disease, used by weaklings to fight their way out of world events, it cripples the economy of many countries, all of which depended on trade with you as well as your own. It can aid in rebellions, as no one wants a free standing army to question their patriotism, and it can devistate any chances of coming back into the world game.

Therefor, Congress of Austar Union, I must implor you not sign, ratify or even finish writing your new manifesto. Furthur more, I propose setting up an embassy to your country from ours and to make sure you have worthwile reason to stay in the world affairs, we will increase trade with you 100 times over.

Thank you for your time, great land of Austar Union.

Jeffery Lewis
Prime Minister

ooc: Also, I forgot to add, so this is the edit. NSC is National Security Council. They're most like the Soviet KGB, as they are a small army, intelligence unit, boarder patrol, espionage. Everything. There aren't any intelligence agencies like that now-a-days, I dun think.
Austar Union
17-06-2004, 06:34
OOC: I am actually going isolationist for OOC reasons, but making an IC roleplay out of it


The President read over the reccomendation by the nation of Kelmak. Laughing, he commented to his secretary, "Im not sure what they expect us to actually do! They call this a weakling's way out of world events? I call it a break from world events! Hah!"

"Do you want me to send off a reply?", asked the Secretary.

"Bah," replied President Madison, "Dont bother. Our Senate already understands that going isolationist wont actually injure our economy. For the past decades we have been rated as one of the most powerful domestic economys of its size in our region. I dont see any reason why it should affect us. And rebellion? I dont know where they pulled that one from. Ignore it... Heck, put in in the file I made..... Jokes."
17-06-2004, 06:51
"Lord Easton, we are getting more reports on Austar Union's current move towards isolationism." an aide said to the foreign minister.

Lord Easton stood up and paced around the room. During these dangerous times, one of Hamptonshire's close friends, allies, and regionmates is turning its back on the international community.

"Send a message to our Ambassador in Austar Union, see if he can get a private meeting with the President or one of the top leaders in the Senate...and get the Austarian Ambassador in here as soon as possible." Lord Easton forcefully commands his Communications Director.

With the current "Thrace" Situation growing, the retooling of the military, and the gaining strength of the isolationist Nationalist Union party, Lord Easton knows that losing another friend won't help the current brewing situations.

OOC: So you're finally doing the isolation RP ;)
Austar Union
17-06-2004, 08:18
Ambassador Sidua sat inside his office in the embassy in Hamptonshire. Reading over the message, he thought for a second before drafting a reply,

Please make it known that we have no intention to cut ties with our allies. Hamptonshire will always be a friend of the Austar Union, and this will remain until something major happens. We are simply returning to a state of isolationism for a period of time, so that we may sort out domestic affairs within our nation, and so that we may also give President Madison a break. Of course, usually we would find another person to replace him, but in these circumstances, we will not be doing so.

I am willing to meet with the leadership of Hamptonshire, to discuss anything they wish to discuss. I would also like to discuss the possibility of our nation leaving the region of The Unforgiven, but having close links to its member-nations still. If they wish to contact me to arrange a time and place for meeting, I would be grateful, and willing to attend.

Yours truly,

Will Sidua
Ambassador to Hamptonshire
The Republic of Austar Union[/I]
Huzen Hagen
17-06-2004, 12:28
Austar Union
17-06-2004, 17:51
17-06-2004, 17:52
Hot TAGation.
17-06-2004, 17:53
17-06-2004, 19:34
The Grand Duchy of Hamptonshire was relieved upon the reception of your previous communique. The Grand Duchy deeply wishes that President Madison, the Citizens of the Republic, and the Government use this time to revitalize and reinvigorate.

No meeting with the leadership of the Grand Duchy is necessary, however it is welcome. In the next few days, our Ambassador to the Republic of Austar Union, Winston Bettleson will be hand delivering to President Madison a personal message of friendship and health. As the Grand Duchy currently holds the Consulship of the Unforgiven, We are issuing this order:

The Austar Union, no matter its location, will always be a close ally to the Unforgiven and Commonwealth nations. The Republic will continue to fall under the treaties that bind and protect the Unforgiven member nations. Until there is such time as to change this, The Republic of Austar Union will forthwith be considered an Honorary Member of the Unforgiven.


Lord Patrick Easton
Foreign Minister, President of the Privy Council
The Grand Duchy of Hamptonshire
17-06-2004, 20:07
Senior Vice President for Internal Affairs Nicole Lewis was reading the newspaper, waiting for reports coming in about the conflict with the NLA in Nellisland, when a news bulletin interrupted her favorite Motown radio broadcast.

"We interrupt our broadcast to bring you a news bulletin," the almost robotic male voice came in over the radio's speakers.

"Damn! I was just getting into this song," Lewis mumbled to herself.

"President James Madison of the Austar Union has announced that his country would become isolationist. More on the story from our correspondent in Austar Union's capital."

Lewis listened to the report with a sense of disbelief.

"Wait until Mike hears about THIS," she said. She realized that Sarzo couldn't do anything or say anything until the situation in Nellisland was resolved, but she was sure it wouldn't sit too well with him.
Austar Union
18-06-2004, 04:59
President Madison sat in his office. He had been flooded with inquiries, both from the general public and world leaders. Smiling, he prepared to publish the Madison Isolationist Manifesto.

Madison Isolationist Manifesto

Under the requests of President James Andrew Madison, the Republic of Austar Union is to enact a foreign policy of isolation.

Under this manifesto, the world powers will no longer have say in Austarian domestic affairs, no longer will they play a role in domestic affairs.

It is this manifesto's sole duty to announce a state of withdrawal from the world politics arena. This includes:

a) The signing and breaking of alliances (current alliances to be considered suspended until such time this manifesto is dissolved)

b) War and Areas of Conflict

c) International Stance on World Events and Affairs

d) Any other international role which this nation may play

This manifesto has been signed and ratified by:

- President James Madison
- Vice-President Robert Anderson
- Congress (Joint Signature)
- Executive Cabinet Members

This manifesto has been enacted as of Friday, 18 June 2004, and will be in place for an undesignated amount of time.
Austar Union
18-06-2004, 18:21