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Allanea condemns the Corrheian Government!

17-06-2004, 04:29
Official Statement of the Allanean Department of Foreign Affairs

The Allanean government, together with civil rights groups in Allanea, condemns the practice of the Corrheian government in using slave labour and persecuting peaceful drug users (not even dealers).

We call on all nations to act by all means necessary, and we mean by all means necessary to cease the slaving operations at the Mao Dam.

Proof here

By the way, Corrheia, where is your nation located?
17-06-2004, 04:37
Please consider Ximea a part of your alliance.
The Freethinkers
17-06-2004, 04:59

"Allanea's going to declare war again."

"Seems in character"

"Do we care?"

"Just so long as he doesn't try and start a war....AGAIN...with UnAPS. Tell them we condemn....something....erm...intefering with national sovereignty? Yeah, sounds alright ....And we'll leave it at that. Now...whats next."

Official Statement

"We condemn Allanea's blatant but non-the-less expected aggression. How a nation chooses to deal with their prisoners is down to them, unless they are delibirately seeking to kill them outright. Once again the rules of international relations and the rights of national determination have once again been completely ignored by Allanea. We pledged diplomatic support to Corrheia"
Scandavian States
17-06-2004, 05:31
While the Imperium condemns slavery on general principle we only see criminals who the Corrheian government is attempting to rehabilitate through labor projects. Unlike gulags, where people do pointless and mindnumbing hard labor, the criminals are earning what they're given in prison by being the workforce behind a major project that will help the people who support their comfortable, if boring, life in prison.