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LRRMFs begin crash modernization program!

Lunatic Retard Robots
17-06-2004, 01:21
Today, Duke Roberto, commander of the LRRMFs, announced that the LRRA would undertake what was described as a "major program of modernization" aimed at updating and improving LRRMFs capabilities against modern threats such as ETC cannons, tactical lasers, ever evolving stealth technology, and new, ultra high speed missiles.

As such, the LRRA is looking for development partners and technical guidance in the construction of several new systems.

Points of Interest/Improvment:

-Tactical lasers
While the LRRN and LRRAF both operate large, strategic lasers in the ABM and anti-aircraft role, they lack the utility to be transported and operated on anything besides a specialized platform. We are looking for something that can be mounted on ships as CIWS, on tactical transports, and carried on mobile platforms on the back of a turretless CV-90.

-ETC cannons
The LRRA is looking for an ETC cannon system with better penetration power than the 135mm heavy anti-tank gun on the MBT-5A, and modest power requirements (modest in that they can run off a tank class hybrid gas/electric or fuel cell system) and weight comparable to modern 125mm tank cannons.

-Sea Stealth
While the F-3 and F-4 both have stealth construction and excellent anti-stealth systems, and the LRRA uses stealth design features on tank turrets and the new CV-90 APC, the LRRMFs have no stealth ships larger than frigates. (Howlin' Wolf frigate, Robert Byrd Frigate, Skjold MOD missile boat have stealth features). The LRRN is looking for a large, destroyer sized stealth ship with a large missile capacity and guns larger than 140mm. Such a ship can include ETC cannons and lasers.

-RAMJET Missiles
The LRRAF already has RAMJET AAMs and SAMs, but there are no RAMJET ASMs or cruise missiles in the LRR inventory.

-Assault Rifles
The LRRA is in need of an upgrade in basic soldier equipment, namely a new assault rifle. The LRRA official assault rifle is the Ak-74, but the Ak-47 is still used in large numbers, as is a myriad of outdated eastern bloc weaponry. The LRRA needs a rifle with a maximum range of over 400m, a caliber of 7.62mm or 9mm parabellum (so as to conform with Ak ammunition types), a high standard of reliability, and a weight below 3lbs.

Is there anyone able to supply us with such weaponry, or the production rights to such weaponry? It would go a long way in improving the LRRMFs.
Scandavian States
17-06-2004, 02:08
We believe that the various military arms companies of the Imperium can meet some of your requirements. Phoenix Defense Industries has the M56 Pulse Rifle in 6.8mm but it can be converted to the required calibre. PDI also has the Fasthawk cruise missile with a range of 1400 miles and a smaller Mach 5 ASM variant with a 1,000 pound warhead. Arkangel'skie Voennye Systemy can contribute the 120mm soft recoil ETC that is mounted on the ST-1 Firefly infantry support tank.

Websites are provided for stats.]
17-06-2004, 02:10
OOC: THIS is posted as Dontgonearthere, too lazy to change nations)
Check our store on the IM, specificaly Golan Arms, for your assault rifle needs, N-Corp and Division 6 for most other stuff that we have and you want.
Lunatic Retard Robots
17-06-2004, 02:31
DGNT, this is supposed to be modern and early post-modern modernizations, not futuretech. :cry:

Scandanavian States, would it be possible to procure the production rights for the fasthawk ASM, the 150mm ETC on the Jackson, and the 80mm ETC cannon on your APC?

I trust this is modern or early post-modern adaptable.

But yeah, this seems pretty good. All I need is the lasers, new ships, and assault rifle now.
17-06-2004, 02:43
The rifles are modern enough :P
Scandavian States
17-06-2004, 02:50
Yes, the LRRMF may. It should be noted that the ASM variant of the Fasthawk is called the Seahawk.

[The rifle I presented is completely modern tech, there is nothing futuristic about it.]
17-06-2004, 03:13
17-06-2004, 03:14
We have a tank cannon that is superior to ETC weapons:

RA-GZ15 80mm Gas-Gun Tank Cannon
Gas-guns are an interesting system used only in laboratories up till now to get projectiles moving extremely fast. By compressing a chamber full of hydrogen with a weak(by railgun standards), railgun driven piston, then igniting the hydrogen, a projectile can theoretically be moved at the speed of sound in hydrogen, which is 4km per second. Obviously outside of laboratory conditions this speed is drastically reduced to only maybe 3km per second, but stop and think; your typical 120mm abrams gun only gets a muzzle velocity of 1.77km per second. And whats even more amazing is the improved ammo capacity; all thats needed is a tank of hydrogen off to the side, because the bullets themselves need no other propellant, making it completely caseless. So we're looking at a higher ammo capacity, much higher ROF, and improved anti-armor abilities.......
Ammo Capacity: 350
Range: (Technically) 25 km
Rate of Fire: Up to 225 Shots per minute
$1.8 million

(statistics shown are for standard ammo cap in abrams sized tanks)
Link to storefront website(pic) (
17-06-2004, 03:18
GC11 Assault rifle

Basic assault rifle of DGNT, 7.62mm ammo, or laser energy packs. Each pack can be recharged via standard electrical outlet in about ten minutes. Comes with ten clips of ammo or five energy packs. Maintaining fire for more than five seconds in one shot on the laser model can cause meltdown
Cost: G545
Caliber: 7.62 DGNT
Barrel length: 21 in
Overall length: 43 in
weight: 9lbs, laser varient 7lbs
Rifling: 4 groove
Rate of fire: 650 rpm
Fire settings: 1 shot, three round burst (Projectile, .5 sec shot, three second shot, full auto (laser)
Clip: 20, 30 or 40 round

GC11 MKII Assault rifle

Upgunned GC11 to 8mm ammo, giving greater damage. What more can I say?
Price: G600
Caliber: 8mm
Barrel length: 25in
Overall length: 52in
weight: 12lbs
Rifling: 4 groove
Rate of fire: 500 RPM
Fire settings: 1 shot, three round burst
Clip: 20, 30 or 40 round

GC11 MKIII Assault Rifle

Details: Designed as a cheap, easy to use, durable rifle for those in need of supplying large armies without large costs. The rifle had as much as possible taken out, without reducing its effectiveness. Items such as foregrips, large sights, and bayonette mounts have been removed in exchange for a cheap, effective and reliable weapon. Even if it does break or wear out, it is very simple to repair, the weapon features a 'twist and break' barrel for easy removal and replacement of parts. It is the standard weapon of DGNTs militias.
Price: G200
Caliber: 7.62 DGNT
Barrel length: 16 in
Overall length: 27 in
weight: 10lbs
Rifling: 4 groove
Rate of fire: 600 RPM
Fire settings: Three round burst, full auto
Clip: 20, 30 or 40 round

Other weapon types are avalible, pics on request.