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LRRMFs begin crash modernization program!

Lunatic Retard Robots
17-06-2004, 01:20
Today, Duke Roberto, commander of the LRRMFs, announced that the LRRA would undertake what was described as a "major program of modernization" aimed at updating and improving LRRMFs capabilities against modern threats such as ETC cannons, tactical lasers, ever evolving stealth technology, and new, ultra high speed missiles.

As such, the LRRA is looking for development partners and technical guidance in the construction of several new systems.

Points of Interest/Improvment:

-Tactical lasers
While the LRRN and LRRAF both operate large, strategic lasers in the ABM and anti-aircraft role, they lack the utility to be transported and operated on anything besides a specialized platform. We are looking for something that can be mounted on ships as CIWS, on tactical transports, and carried on mobile platforms on the back of a turretless CV-90.

-ETC cannons
The LRRA is looking for an ETC cannon system with better penetration power than the 135mm heavy anti-tank gun on the MBT-5A, and modest power requirements (modest in that they can run off a tank class hybrid gas/electric or fuel cell system) and weight comparable to modern 125mm tank cannons.

-Sea Stealth
While the F-3 and F-4 both have stealth construction and excellent anti-stealth systems, and the LRRA uses stealth design features on tank turrets and the new CV-90 APC, the LRRMFs have no stealth ships larger than frigates. (Howlin' Wolf frigate, Robert Byrd Frigate, Skjold MOD missile boat have stealth features). The LRRN is looking for a large, destroyer sized stealth ship with a large missile capacity and guns larger than 140mm. Such a ship can include ETC cannons and lasers.

-RAMJET Missiles
The LRRAF already has RAMJET AAMs and SAMs, but there are no RAMJET ASMs or cruise missiles in the LRR inventory.

-Assault Rifles
The LRRA is in need of an upgrade in basic soldier equipment, namely a new assault rifle. The LRRA official assault rifle is the Ak-74, but the Ak-47 is still used in large numbers, as is a myriad of outdated eastern bloc weaponry. The LRRA needs a rifle with a maximum range of over 400m, a caliber of 7.62mm or 9mm parabellum (so as to conform with Ak ammunition types), a high standard of reliability, and a weight below 3lbs.

Is there anyone able to supply us with such weaponry, or the production rights to such weaponry? It would go a long way in improving the LRRMFs.