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16-06-2004, 15:15
Endegeest is devoloping a industry for warfare wich concentrates
on quick despatchment and high mobility combined with the ability
for carrying troops. Many of these vehicles can be transported
with the common aircrafts designed for it :C-5A, C-141 and C-130 etc.
Also mostly of our vehicles can be used for all kind of tasks
Here is a small list of what we offer you :


The Cobra vehicle forms a common platform, which can be adapted for various roles and mission requirements including: Armoured Personnel Carrier, Anti-Tank Vehicle, Reconnaissance Vehicle, Ground Surveillance Radar Vehicle, Forward Observation Vehicle, Armoured Ambulance, Armoured Command Post, turreted vehicle for 12.7mm machine gun, 25mm cannon, anti-tank guided missiles such as the TOW missile or surface-to-air missiles.

A state-of-the-art 6x6 wheeled armored vehicle, LAV-300, reaches speeds of 65mph (105km/h) and accelerates from zero to 20mph (32km/h) in less than 10 seconds. The body is constructed of steel ballistic plate that defeats multiple hits by 7.62mm ammunition. The LAV-300 is fully amphibious, requiring no changeover preparation for fording or swimming. Outfitted to customer specifications, the LAV-300 is offered in 15 mission-ready configurations and is air transportable by C-5A, C-141 and C-130 aircraft

Outfitted with a low-recoil 105mm gun system capable of firing all NATO 105mm ammunition, LAV-600 is C-130 aircraft transportable. With a top speed of 63mph (100km/h) and a range of 600km, the LAV-600 can cover long distances in minimal time. Special run-flat tires combined with a spring/torsion bar suspension provide a stable gun platform and an enhanced ride.

The Gepard 35mm GWI anti-aircraft tank


The Gepard is fitted with a two-man electric power operated turret armed with twin Oerlikon KDA 35mm guns. The guns have automatic belt feed. Barrel length is 90 calibers (3,150mm). The rate of fire provided by the two barrels is 1,100 rounds/minute. Each 35mm gun has 320 rounds of ready-to-fire, anti-air ammunition and 20 rounds of anti-ground target ammunition. The guns are capable of firing a range of standardised 35mm ammunition, including the new Frangible Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot (FAPDS) rounds. The FAPDS rounds have a muzzle velocity greater than 1,400m/s. The Gepard is equipped with eight smoke dischargers installed on either side of the turret.

Endegeest is developing a missile system for the Gepard, using the Stinger surface-to-air missile system. The twin Stinger launching system will be fitted on the side of the 35mm twin gun


The Gepard is equipped with independent search and tracking radars, the search radar (S-band for the Endegeest vehicle and X-band for the deliverd vehicles) installed at the front rear of the turret, and the tracking radar (Ku band for the Endegeest vehicle and X/Ka band for the others) on the rear front of the turret. The radars provide 360° scanning with simultaneous target tracking, clutter suppression, search on the move capability and monopulse tracking mode.

The S-band search radar installed on the Endegeest Gepard has a range of 15km and sub clutter visibility of 60dB. The Endegeest Gepard tracking radar operating at Ku band has a range of 15km and the clutter suppression is 23dB.