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Street Gangs
15-06-2004, 22:34
OOC: Please note this whole nation is a satire. Yo. :)


"Yo. We've got all sorts of guns here, and we will soon have all sorts of illegal stuff. And more guns, yo. We've don't have a lot of most of these, yo, except for the forty-five, the Kahr, and the TEC-9, yo. So buy fast, yo. Note that you have to copy and paste picture URLs. Yo. We also only take small, unmarked bills or goods as payment. "

Glock 17

"Yo. This is a nice, light gun. I jacked it off a cop. It's a nine millimeter. Yo. Let's say around three hundred dead presidents. Yo."

Berreta 92

"Yo. This is an army gun. It's a nine millimeter too. Big and heavy, but not has heavy as a TEC. Yo. It'll be around the price of the cop gun. Yo."

Colt 1911

"Yo. This is a forty-five. Bigger and heavier than the cop gun and the army gun. It'll shoot straight and kill 'em fast. Yo. It'll be three-hundred fifty. Yo."

Kahr K9

"Yo. This is a nine millimeter. It's really small, and great for holdups and a backup gun. Yo. It'll be around two-hundred fifty. Yo."


"Yo. This gun is da bomb for us. Yo. Nine millimeter. Big and scary for the guy behind the counter. Yo. It'll be one hundred. Yo."


"Yo. This is a smaller TEC-9. Yo. Same price, yo."

S&W Model 386PD

"Yo. This three-five-seven magnum seven shot six-gun is one sweet gun. Small, and cheap. Yo. 100 Dead Presidents, yo."

Detective Special

"Yo. Jacked this one off a cop too. Yo. Really small, yo. Thirty-eight caliber. Yo. Same price. Yo."

Colt Trooper

"Yo, this gun is da bomb. It's a three-five-seven, and comes with a scope, yo. Perfect for taking out that pesky rival on the next block from a distance, yo. 'Cause of the kickin scope, this one will be five hundred dead presidents. Yo."


"Yo, this gun is wicked, homie. Yo. Put two in your hands, and those rivals will be dead, yo. Great for drive-bys, yo. Yo. For free, we'll add in a bayonet, cause it looks cool, yo. It costs five hundred, yo."


"Yo. This gun is like the last, but smaller. Yo. Easy to hide, yo. Four-fifty, yo."


"Yo, this gun is da bomb. Yo, yo, yo, yo. Available with stock or folding, yo. Firepower is life on the streets, yo. And this commie-gun from behind the wall is, yo, great, yo. Seven hundred, yo. Pay up, yo, 'cause you need this, yo. Comes with a cool free bayonet, yo."

Shotgun, assorted types

"Yo. Pump-action, yo. 12 gauge, yo. Sawed off for free if you want it, yo. Costs five hundred, yo."

Shotgun, stockless

"Yo, like the above, but no stock, yo. Sawed off for free if you want, yo. Yo. Perfect small firepower, yo. Costs four hundred, yo."
The Island of Rose
15-06-2004, 22:41
Damn homedawg, you be jackin this shit from the popo nigga. You b how much for that fine AKM. Oh shit! It's the popo! Run nigga! Oh wait, wait!!! It's rivaside!

Rivaside bitch!

*pulls off a drive by*

They lay dead on the floor...

OOC: You are not good at being ghetto -.O
Street Gangs
16-06-2004, 17:53
OOC: No, not really. But since when is NS realistic?